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Mechanized special force. :)
Design and illustration practice, make a bunny girl tough and cool and sexy. :)

All possibilities (armor plate taken off)(>> AX-1 見抜く | あのモンニ [pixiv] [link]
For people who love guro R-18G>> AX-1 Fails | あのモンニ [pixiv] [link]
Painted with SAI

Thanks for all the favs and supports. :)
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The new design of the OC, her represents the "bright".
Her sister - Chulan on behalf of the "dark"
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CIA Agent "Lou" Higgins somewhere in the Lybian desert doing what is necessary in a very complex mixed up world to protect the interests of truth, justice and the American way. If she has to crack a few heads along the way, so be it. But, she is always careful to protect her sensitive skin from the sun... while getting a killer tan.

Daz3D->Reality->Lux render with v4 model and the desert-storm vehicle from DAZ.

I'm still evolving this character but she is getting closer to where I want her.

Agent Higgins can be any where any time:

For the original version of this character and her background click on below

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Uh oh...;

You're in trouble now...

My version of Poser 5 refused to render this using the Firefly render engine; so I rendered the women in the P4 engine, and composited in some of Deadhead's excellent textures.
It's not how I'd like it to be; but "it's close enough, for rock 'n roll".

... others in this series can be seen here...:
and here...:

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Here's Part 5 - you can read Part 4 by following this link…

The illustration doesn't 100% fit the chapter action but I figured better to post it than not!

Part 5

Several months along and ISS Guard Jenna Cepelak couldn’t believe how fat she’d gotten as she walked across the skyport terminal. She’d joined ISS after leaving the Corporate Worlds Shock Troopers and, like the vast majority of ISS staff, had ballooned. Six months back she’d been promoted to Corporal with Sergeant Gleeson favoring her as a result of her shock trooper experience. Jenna wasn’t so sure how much use that was any more. At her weight she was every bit the over fed civilian her fellow guards were. Most days she just wanted to work through her shift so she could get back to her home entertainment system, boyfriend and whatever else was going on in her life.

Her weight gain had been spectacular. The former Shock Trooper was bulging in all directions with a hefty belly, thick thighs and a super sized ass. There had been a time when she could run miles. Now she would struggle to run anywhere. Not only was she fat but she had a waist line to match any other ISS guard at Messina. The former badass Shock Trooper had wanted to gain weight and now she’d gotten what she’d wanted.

Pausing at the Galaxybucks outlet she bought two venti extra shot coffee’s and headed for the security bubble. Normally Jenna worked the perimeter patrol but with another staffing screw up she was pulling four hours over time. Taking a sip of her coffee she stepped into the elevator and went up. Ripley Karson and Kendra Peterson were sat in front of the monitors looking down on the terminal. Kendra was spending the afternoon at a surveillance training seminar so Jenna was filling in for the second part of her shift. The two squeezed past and Jenna sat down.

“Hey, you brought me Galaxybucks!!!” exclaimed Ripley.

“You bet, extra shot too” said Jenna, handing over one of the cups.


Settling down Jenna logged onto the surveillance equipment and her side of the console burst into life. Data on the collection of passengers and workers down in the terminal building began to flow. It constantly amazed Jenna how much information the ISS systems contained on each citizen on Kane Alpha. No doubt it was Big Brother gone crazy.

“Okay, any BOLO’s?” asked Jenna. It was a standard question for the start of any surveillance shift with BOLO meaning Be On the Look Out.

“MPD sent their usual list, that’s it.”

The BOLO list was sent daily to ISS from the Messina Police Department. It was a list of all suspects who were considered a reasonable flight chance. Most hit the skyways but some made for the skyport. A shuttle ride to Kane City and they would be lost in the metropolis or make it onto the Vanguard and they would be on Logan Spaceport. Jump on the next intergalactic vessel and they would be long gone from the Kane Star System.

“Okay, got it” said Jenna whilst sipping her Galaxybucks.

“This dude looks kinda freaky” said Ripley, pointing at a mug shot.

“Yeah, he ain’t Mr GQ is he?”

Ripley laughed whilst Jenna tried to get comfortable. The seats were made to accommodate the wider load posteriors of ISS personnel but her belt continued to dig into her middle. Eventually Jenna reached under her belly hang and unbuckled her belt. Liberated her girth popped forward.

“That’s better” sighed Jenna.

“Gotta let it hang!”

“Lookin’ pretty fatso yourself” said Jenna with an eye to Ripley’s own bloated middle. A thick gut rested over the girls lap and it was pushing the buttons on her uniform tight and small gaps were appearing as her seated figure spread out. Jenna could make out the detail of the white t-shirt Ripley wore under her uniform shirt.

“I know!!” said Ripley with a pat to her middle.

“Rumour has it your pretty sweet with the hunky guy who manages the Mega Burger?”


“Any hot action?”

“Non of your friggin’ business!”

“So not yet?”

“He’s shy!” protested Ripley.

“Or he’s after more than a basic level ISS guard? I mean face it Rip, our job is hardly like a big deal. Is it?”

Ripley gulped and nearly chocked on her coffee. She hadn’t thought about Julio like that. In her head he was a cute but slightly clueless guy from some frontier planet. But no doubt he was changing. He had bulked up big time from the gym, had a cool hair style and got on with people. He was now managing the Mega Burger outlet and had a promotion on the way. Hardly major league in the scheme of things but then Ripley herself was far from a big shot. She was a pretty regular Corp girl. Genetically perfect, but then most middle class Corps were, but not rich enough to pay for the surgery that would make her unique. Hopefully he liked her personality? Maybe he had a thing for ex Powerball athletes who gave their pick-up trucks macho names?

Jenna noticed the expression change. In her early thirties she was older than Ripley and have seen other star systems in her travels as a Shock Trooper. Mostly blowing the hell out of terrorist groups resisting Corporate Worlds expansion on other star systems but it gave her a perspective. She could sometimes say things a little too bluntly and didn’t want to knock Ripley Karson’s confidence. The girl was far from the sharpest knife in the drawer and needed building up, not knocking down.

“Hey Rip, I didn’t mean it like that! You’re really cool but I’m just saying….”

“I know what you’re sayin’!” cut in Ripley.

“One gal to another, make your move on that boy quick cos he’s too hot and smart to stay single for long.”

“Gotcha” nodded Ripley.

Moments later the attention alarm kicked in on the monitors. Whilst they scanned the passengers below the security bubble itself was scanned by ISS headquarters in downtown Messina. An alarm kicked in every time the guard’s attention drifted too far from their work. The pair rolled their eyes and returned back to the monitors. Ripley tried to focus but her mind was fixing on Julio. She had a break in an hour and maybe she could talk to him?

An hour or so later Julio watched Ripley head out on her break. He watched her make her usual trip to the ladies room and then head over to the food court. She looked hotter than hell in her beige uniform and Julio felt his heartbeat quicken. Over the past months he’d gotten to know her through the gym and her drag racing and he liked her. She could be loud and every bit the jockette but she had a good heart and was easy to get on with. With his improved bulked up and cool looks Julio was getting plenty of attention but he still had a crush on Ripley. Deep down he knew she was the one for him.

But how did he move things forward? She was a good buddy and they had fun together but she’d never made a move on him. Was she some closet racist? She didn’t seem to be and Julio knew Ripley’s own mom was an immigrant to Kane Alpha. The planet had only been settled by humans for a couple of hundred years so there was no such thing as a completely native Kane Alpha family. So it was something else.

A light bulb clicked in Julio’s head. Ripley lacked confidence. Crazy as it was that the big Corp girl who could lift amazing weights in the gym, had played college Powerball and walked around with a plasma gun on her belt most of the day lacked confidence. Julio took a breath. It was time to take charge.

“Yo Julio” said Ripley.

“Hey Rip, head back here because I want to talk to you.”


Curious she walked behind the outlet counters into the backroom. Usually he dished her up a burger and fries but this seemed to be different. She checked out his new muscles and hefty middle. He was going to need a new Mega Burger shift soon. She trotted into Julio’s small office. He closed the door behind her.

“What’s up?”

Using the strength he’d gained from hours in the gym Julio pushed her against the wall and planted a kiss on her surprised lips. He paused for a second to give her the chance to push away. She didn’t. He dove back in. They kissed long and slow. The pair continued to explore each others hot spots until the comm link of Ripley’s utility belt kicked in and Corporal Jenna Cepelak said:

“Hey Rip, sensors are picking up some hot action behind the Mega Burger. Seeing as you’re around there can you go check it out.”

Ripley pushed Julio away and said into the comm link.

“Sure I’ll check it out.”

She was on duty and making out was definitely against regulations. Jenna was both covering for her and making it clear she needed to stop. Julio fixed her with a smile and said:

“You can’t make out on duty?”

“No” laughed Ripley.

“You gonna cuff me and taser me?”


“Shall we cut the crap?” said Julio.


“I think your hotter than hell and I’m gonna ask you out tonight. Let’s get some beers, load up that big ass truck of yours and head out under the stars. How does that sound?”

“Awesome!!!” said Ripley with a beaming smile.

He kissed her lips again and said:

“Okay get your ass outta here before the SWAT team burst in on us.”

“I’ve still got ten minutes of my break, so…”

“I’ll fix you a triple Mega Burger, okay?”


Sitting down in the food court Ripley wolfed down her Mega Burger meal; knowing full well Julio was checking her out all the time. After blitzing the burger Ripley headed back to the security bubble. Sitting herself back down she logged back onto the system and unbuckled her belt. She had a cheesey grin across her face that she couldn’t wipe off. With a deadpan expression Jenna said:

“So how was your break?”

“It was okay”

“You bust the two horn dogs behind the Mega Burger?”

“Yup” nodded Ripley whilst trying to keep a straight face.

“I guess you just gave them a caution, no arrest?”

“Yeah, they just kinda moved on” replied Ripley.

The two smiled at each other. The conversation was for the benefit of whoever was monitoring them. Jenna held her fist out and they discreetly fist pumped. Lunchtime with Julio had been a touchdown and that evening she planned on a conversion.
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The XM-387 Infantry Combat Hardsuit promised to redefine ground warfare, with a highly configurable modular loadout system and heavy armor, all carried by a powerful, yet compact back-mounted generator, granting infantry enhanced battlefield vitality and firepower.

However, the promise was never quite fulfilled- even if any of the technology required for the power supply existed, the armor itself was suspiciously revealing, and was intended to be worn by girls between the ages of ten and twenty years old. When questioned on that matter, the designer- according to sources- "just sorta looked down and twiddled his thumbs a bit".

Needless to say, the XM-387 never saw combat. However, the concept proved to be invaluable in groundbreaking legislation in regards to decency of experimental designs, and played a major part in seeing its designer put out of work.

The girl posing in this image is Marie Alvarez. She's not significant in any way, actually; she was working as a photography model at the time the picture was taken to help pay for college. By now I think she's a chemistry major at San Diego State, with a minor in child psychology. She also plays the bass in a band she formed with her roommates- she's not any good at it, though, but she insisted on playing the saxophone.


Includes work with line cleanliness, hard surface shading, and a personal animu style that's not trying to be somebody else's for the sake of fanart. I am mostly pleased with the result; feedback appreciated.
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"Get Your Gear ;]" She said.

ARISA in berserk mode mechanical suit!

Her name is ARISA (Active Reality Intelligent System Agent. She work as intel agent that's finding a way to hack the most intelligent artificial intelligent in the world that control the government, so she can take over the world.) XD

More from this OC

Drawn with Copic Sketch and edited with photoshop.

Wallpaper version now!! >>
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Its been almost 1/2 year since my last update... 林雨霞
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About damn time I post something, wasn't it? I know I say this in pretty much all of my deviations' description but those art blocks had been getting hard for me.

So, here's some random good looking girl operator with a FN SCAR-H rifle and probably combat-unworthy shorts. Hope you like 'cause it really was the best I could produce in two months of efforts.
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Gift for :iconpauldy:
Character design:[link]
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