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The only thing I could hear was the sound of my footsteps and the beating of my heart racing.  The yellow pattern was the ground flashed before my eyes. Every hallway looked the same. Candle lights were filled making it the only source of light. My shadow raced with me. "Knock knock" I knocked fiercely at the door making it budge. The room was empty like every single one I seen. Hope was still in my heart though. He has to be here. I grugeted in anger. I ran back to my pace. "He's not in here" a pink-haired chunin said shutting the door like it even mattered anymore. So many pathways I feared I would choose the wrong one. I checked another room which its only opputation was a bed. "Damn it he's not in here either" Soon my lungs burned from running for who knows how long.  "Where the heck are you?" I yelled. "We finally made it this far" "where...are you" sweat dripped off my face but I didn't care. I didn't care about anything right now except on my promise.

"Where are you…..Sasuke!!!?"  I screamed my lungs out. At that exact moment a loud boom entered my ears.  Everything shocked like an earthquake. I looked back and forth trying to figure out where it came from. I finally saw a faint bright light coming from the end of the endless hallway. I ran quicker and quicker I didn't care if I fell down or not. I saw Sai looking up at the sky. Questions went in and out of my mind. "Don't worry Naruto-kun… you'll see him" a friendly voice said as I remembered the dark-haired girl ran besides me. I could tell her hands were shaking uncotrolling I nodded as my eyes were blinded by the light. I soon saw Sakura, now they both stared horrifying at something. What's happening!! Im almost there. A word escaped from sakura's lips "sa…sasuke" I made myself stop my pace and looked up. My eyes wided. Hinata came next to me. The wind brushed passes my sweating neck. I couldn't stop looking. He's here. Everyone was quiet. As stood before us….Sasuke Uchiha.

He…he looks so different but familiar at the same time. I wished this was a dream but also a reality I didn't which was what now. He stood 10 feet in front of me. Pieces of grabble from the explosion was everywhere on the floor. Like pieces of glass. Sasuke and I stared at each other like if we could read each other's thoughts at this moment. A single word buttered out of my lips. 'Sasuke" he answered right away knowing I would say something first. "So its you, Naruto…?" Sasukes's voice replayed in my head like if he said it yesterday.

Flashback: "You don't even have any parents or siblings…What do you know about me!?" "You been alone from the start!" "What do you know about me!? Huh?! "Its having a bond that makes it so painful!" "you have no idea what's it like to lose something like that!" "You're right about not having parents or siblings…"

I came back to my senses feeling the dread from that again. I could feel the nervousness from everyone.  In my memory I could see sasuke's younger face staring at me with cold eyes. "Why…Naruto" "why go so far for me!" "To me it's a bond I finally been able to establish…" "That's why im going to stop you!" I repeated again "If that's the case why didn't you…" "Then I'll just break that bond!" Sasuke yelled in my flashback.

"Why didn't you kill me back then!!?"  I shouted loud enough for him to hear every single word I said. "Is this how you wanted to break that bond?" "Sasuke!" I kept yelling wanting to cry. "The reason is simple…its not that I couldn't break the bind with you..." Sasuke simply said.

Sasuke's POV:

"You who might be able to use the same magneto shairigan as mine..." My brother Itachi said. "However there's one condition..." "You must kill your closet friend" those words echoed throughout my mind making sure it will never fade from me.
End of flashback

"It was irrating obtaining power according to the method about from him." "You're only alive because of my passing whim" I said staring at my old comrades. I swopped down catching everyone's attention right away which I kind of wanted in the first place. I slowly and softly placed my right hand on naruto's shoulder. Sakura turned around in surprise saying "when did he…?!" I smiled at this comment. My comrades were still so naïve after so many years apart. Hinata which im surprised of was here. She grunted fearless. "TO come to think about it didn't you have a dream to become hokage?" I said knowing it stringed. "If you have the time to chase after me you should've spent that time on training or something" I whispered in his ear. "Right….Naruto" I said as he stood still. 'And that's why this time around…you're going to lose your life" I gripped my sword and slowly pulled it out shining with the light.  "Because of my passing whim" I could feel naruto's eyes trembled. "there's no way a guy who cant even save one friend…can ever become hokage" my sword was released from its hold. Everyone stepped back getting prepared for something to happen. I could tell Hinata wanted to say something. My smiled wided. "Isn't that right …sasuke" Naruto said kind of catching me off guard. I almost hesitated but the arch of my sword curled towards naruto's back. I knew he won't budge.

Naruto's POV:
I arrived to a place im sadly been to a lot. The giant metal gate stood lurking at me. "Naruto..." it welcomed me with open arms. "Show him…our…powers" I closed my eyes not wanting to see his face. Silence creped us as I slowly opened my eyes. "Whats the matter?" it seemed he wanted to talk today. Cold water sunk my ageing feet. Soon red bubbles popped coming closer and closer to me. I didn't move as I slowly wanted its power. After a short period of time the bubbles already created the fox's face. "What's the matter?" the voice still scared me. "You need my power right?" it said as the bubbles formed his smile. I still kept quiet though looking straight at him. "Now then…" the fox said knowing what I wanted. "Who do you want to kill?" the words absorbed inside me. Kill..? "You should know" the fox's smile went wider and wider by the second showing its sharp teeth. "That you can't go anything on your own" "break the seal completely!" the fox urged me on. "I'll grant you all my powers" it pursued me. I raised my arm about to do it before I realized someone was behind me. "How?" I said surprised as Sasuke raised his hand giving the message stop. No one has being in here with me until now. "I can see it now" Sasuke said seeing his sharigan. "So this is your unknown power" "who would have thought you would have something like this inside of you" he said making me feel guilty. "So you're an uchiha hm" the fox said interpreting our conversation "o my how you grown" the fox said like he personally knew sasuke. "To think you'll be able to see me within naruto that's loafsome shairgan" "so that's the power of the cursed clan" the fox kept on talking. I stood by silent. Sasuke finally responded to it "so it seems it isn't your first time seeing the shairgan then you must be the...9 tailed fox" he put the pieces of the puzzle together. I lost my breath he already figured it out… "That vision and chakra more ominous then mine…it's just like…Madara Uchiha from long ago" the fox answered making Sasuke's statement true. After that sentence the fox made sasuke eyes were darker and grabbed the bubble formed nose and squeezed it so hard the whole firgure of the fox popped. "Heck if I know that person" he said obviously angry at the mention of Madara.

Hinata's POV:
It was a beautiful day like every other day in Konoha. I enjoy going to the town to buy food even though sometimes my father would disapprove saying that I don't have to do it but I told him many times again that I enjoyed it and breaked me from stress. I walked slowly knowing I was in no such hurry. I already had a handful of bags in my left hand. I still looked around window shopping. I heard cries suddenly and plates crashing to the means of gravity. I looked around finding the source of it. Konoharmaru and his gang was making trouble again. I giggled thinking back to my memories that seem not long ago. Before I knew it I fell to the ground making the food spill across the dirty busy roads. "We're sorry!" they yelled running trying to chase something. I got up wiping off the dirt that was attached to my pants. I waved knowing whatever I said it wouldn't enter their ears. I could still hear the cries of the people who were they new victims. I gather back all the food sighing that the loss of food. "Need some help Hinata chan?" a voice said behind me. I recognized the voice. "kiba-kun!" I said smiling. Kiba was my comrade and usually with his dog Akamaru. His dog barked along with him. I still remember the dog's younger self being small but now as big as kiba himself. I pated Akamaru on his head and he smiled a toothy grin. "Yes of course Kiba-kun" I answered going back to picking food. He kneed down helping me putting large handfuls of food in the bag. "I guess kids will be kids hmm" he said finishing up acting like if we were elders. "We were kids too not long ago kiba" I said speaking my mind.  "I heard Naruto is coming soon" Kiba said realizing what person he was saying that too. I blushed that the mention of his name. It's been like 2 and half years since Naruto-kun left with Master Jiraya for training. I wondered how he was. I couldn't wait to show him my skills I developed. "Um Hinata-chan?" Kiba said as I knew I daydreamed again.  We walked along the shops. "O well I hope it's soon then" I said. "I know you like Naruto already its too obvious im surprised Naruto doesn't even know" Kiba said teasing me. "Stop it" I said making me blush more. He laughed "im sorry" "what are you even making to buy so much food Hinata?" Kiba asked holding 2 bags. "Im making a big dinner for my family tonight" I said as Naruto was in the back of my mind now. "Well got to go Hinata bye!" he said leaving me. "Bye" I waved. I hummed as the day was going good. I fell down again. How many times will I fall today? I blinked as I saw orange. Huh? I opened my eyes as they focused. I face turned bright red as Naruto-kun himself was standing before me.
its in shippuden time. Naruto comes back to the hidden leaf after 3 years. Hinat's feelings for him still grows. will Hinata step up and say 3 words she always wanted to say?
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RECAP: I fell down again. How many times will I fall today? I blinked as I saw orange. Huh? I opened my eyes as they focused. I face turned bright red as Naruto-kun himself was standing before me.

   When Kiba-kun said Naruto was coming I didn't know this would be this SOON. I didn't know what to say or do. My head felt light as a feather as it usually does around Naruto. I wanted to faint so badly but I wanted to see him after 2 and half years apart. "Hey aren't you that girl named Hinata-chan right?" Naruto first words said. I nodded as my throat was stuck. A glow of happiness went inside me. He remembers me. My thoughts were soon canceled as a man with spiky white hair, and red lines going down his face like if he was crying red tears stood besides Naruto. I could tell it was naruto's sensei master jiriaya since girls had a description of a guy who peeks into the girl's restroom. "Naruto why haven't you introduced me to this beautiful lady~" he said.  Naruto ignored the last part of the comment "Sorry this is Master Jiriaya and Jiriaya sensei this is Hinata-chan" I stood up my legs wobbling at the mention of my name. "Hi nice to meet you" I said bowing. "Why have you been hiding her from me Naruto trying to keep her all to yourself hm?" He said making both Naruto and me blush. The awkward silence broke as a voice loud and clear said "Naruto…is that you!" I looked over my shoulder seeing the pink-haired Sakura running over with konoharmaru. I waved but was purposely ignored as they passed by me. I felt out of place right there. "When did you get back Naruto?" Sakura asked as Naruto was glad for a distraction. Konoharmaru followed sakura footsteps with his scarf waving like a flag along with his gang. I suddenly wondered why they were making trouble earlier to drop my food "just now" Naruto answered coming closer to the small gang "no long no see Sakura" he said. They both giggled almost in sync. I felt a bittersweet taste in my mouth. I wanted to leave already since I didn't really belong with this reunion of his. "Hey! You gotten taller" Sakura said smiling. "O yeah I have" naruto said making sure. "So you think I've become womanly?" Sakura said blushing. I wanted at the same time hear, but not hear the answer. "You're fine you haven't changed a bit!' Naruto guartenned. Eh!? I thought. "Brother Naruto1" Konoharmaru said interrupting their conservation. Without letting Naruto a chance to reply back a poof of smoke covered everyone's vision. I looked back seeing what appeared. In Konoharmaru's place was a half naked girl with brown hair posing. Before my train of thought happened I fainted as darkness enveloped me whole. I could only hear a few words "See what you did Konoharmaru!"

Naruto's POV:
I stood strong not really feeling the weight on my arms. I looked down seeing Hinata's calm face. She looks so much younger not saying she looked old or anything. But she seemed at peace. I smiled I admit I don't really know hinata a lot but I always felt we had a small connection. I could hear her soft breathing. After the thing with konoharmaru I decided to carry hinata home since it would be simply rude to leave her. I counited walking. Sakura told me kiba should take hinata since old granny tsuande wanted to see me when I went inside town which ended with a bruise on my cheek. It was dawn the clouds setting towards the never-ending distant sun. I heard a voice realizing it matched hinata's. "Na-naruto-kun" she whispered sleep talking. I laughed as she said my name. She sure is weird. I reached her house or so should I say temple. I didn't want to disturb the people so I secretly jumped inside. I was surprised there were barely any guards in sight. "Her room is 3 doors down" a voice said in a low voice. I didn't look back and nodded. 'Thanks" I said. I followed the directions and slowly creaked the door wide open. I was afraid partly I would awake hinata but no movements ever came from her. Her bed lay in the middle of room nicely tucked with a fluffy pillow. I kneed down putting hinata lightly down. "Aren't you suppose to be at lady hokage's office by now?" the same voice said. "I know" I whispered leaving the room silent.

Hinata's POV:
I unhurriedly winded my eyes open. I looked around an unfamiliar room until I comprehended it was my room. Huh? How did I end up here? I reclaimed my memories. I told myself I wouldn't faint but I guess I couldn't do without it. I could tell it was barely dawn from my window. A knock came from my door. "Come in" I responded. Neji walked inside wearing his usually white clothes but wearing a grim face. "Hinata-sama your father wants to speck directly to you" he said I nodded and walked out of the room uttering "thanks Neji-kun"

Naruto POV:
I was welcomed by a hard punch whirling me into the wall making a huge dent. "Your late Naruto!" the pink haired chunin said veins popping out from her head. "Well sorry" I said defending myself. "Hmp!" she said crossing her arms stubborn. "It's been a while since I seen you two" Granny Tsunade said. She still looked the same due to the justsu she uses or else she would look her original age. The purple diamond was still in the center of her temple. I forgot the presence of jiriaya sensei standing next to the still mad sakura. "im sure your training produced good results right?" She said. "You think we came back without making back any progress?" Jiriaya sensei replied back. "It went perfect!" I added with thumbs up. "Then show me the results immediately" she said smiling. What was her sleeve now? "Show. You?" I said confused.  "You will take on a particular man." She said adding mystery to us hoping we'll guess all day long. 'I didn't send him on any missions for the past several days" she counited "and had me standby for this very purpose" my mind was blank. "Your opponent will be..." before she could answer there was a knock on the door wanting to come in. "come in" she said happily. I stared at the door seeing which person im going to battle very soon. "Oh!" standing in the doorway was shikamaru, and temari. "Shikamaru, temari look whose here!" Sakura said like showing me off. "Naruto" Shikamaru said with a blank face with no expression of happiness to me. "Hey that's you isn't it naruto!" He said I guess realizing it was really me. "Shikamaru"I replied back. He grown a lot taller then before and seemed more mature. 'so your back?" "yeah just this morning" I said starting conservation. "You don't as stupid as before" shikamaru said like it like the comment was good." "I mean hey have you changed?" he changed his sentence. I laughed. Sakura whose purposely wasn't trying to hide it saying "no he hasn't" "o I thought so" he said not surprised that all that my unchanged self. Everyone in synced laughed. "Wait does that mean you're my opponent Shikamaru?" I said remembering the previous conservation with granny hokage. "Opponent? What do you mean?" Shikamaru said confused by my words. "I just came to deliver these documents" huh! You're not my opponent Shikamaru" I said back at square one. "Then..." I said looking at Temari who still stood tall in the door frame. "Who are you again" I said remembering her name not her. "you don't remember me?!" she said getting annoyed. "Naruto that's not your opponent" Granny hokage said. "He's out there" pointing to the window which would give me the answer. "I opened the window and on eh side of the window stood Kakashi-sensei!
Okay first off so no one is mad. these pictures ARE NOT MINE i simpily found them on the internet so if its your picture then awesome!

anyway Naruto-kun comes back what will Hinata do finding her mostly by herself with her crush?

sorry for the wait i really glad people liked it and im so happy getting ur favs too! >.< sorry for misspelling or anything if you spot one plz tell me so i can fix it right away!
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Naruhina108: Hi again I wanted to make a one shot for Christmas I hope you enjoy it! >.</


In the Hidden Leaf, there was barely any snow. People were clearly surprised at the fact of that since this year even Sunagakure had already 5 inches of snow. "Where the snow mama?" children would ask but mothers couldn't give an acceptable answer to satisfy them. Today was Christmas for god's sake too. Days before, the town was literally populated by the local townspeople buying gifts for their loved ones. But this was the day where people would open their presents under the tree decorated by bright lights of glowing green and red. I held a present wrapped by lime green paper with a neon red bow on top like frosting. 'Should…I give it to him?' I thought thinking about the other choices I could possibly take.  

I dug it into my pocket even afraid to look at the nicely wrapped gift. You might think it was strange walking in the middle of town by myself, but my family wasn't really a big fan of Christmas you may say. Our family was kind of divided up since my father thought of me as a "failure" to the clan, and moved on to my younger sister Hanabi. Kiba and the others were with their own families obviously. But I thought about Naruto, he never had a family to begin with, I wouldn't be surprised if he hated holidays like these…
Ever since I could ever remember he was by himself I often looked at him with sadness. My father along with my elders told me almost everyday "don't mess with troublesome things Hinata it will bring you no fortune" I never listened to them, people treated him like he was nothing when he was a human being himself with feelings. Why do I always babble about these things…?

I woke up with a sigh. I looked at my calendar seeing today was the famous holiday, Christmas. My clothes were wrinkled and my hair was ruffled up wildly. 'Another Christmas is going to go by fast again.' I thought as I knew everyone had plans to spend this day with their loved ones and celebrate well except for me…. its weird how I developed more friends but I still feel alone on days like these. 'Guess I should at least get some exercise' I put on from my closet a jacket. 'Wait I forgot there's no snow huh' I thought but to lazy to put it away.

I was in no hurry so I walked slowly. It still seemed weird to me that there was no snow on special days like this. Even a single snowflake would make a huge impact right now, without snow didn't seem like Christmas either. I excepted to find the village deserted but something surprised me as a single person was indeed there. 'Was there actually someone like me all alone on Christmas?' I thought exactly. 'Well they probably feel the same way then…?' I thought to myself. The closer I got the more the picture got clearer.

Standing 20 feet away from me was an indigo haired girl. I realized this was "Hinata-chan!" I yelled as I almost tackled her to death. "Naru-Naruto-kun! You scared me half to death" she said as I could tell I did by the tremble of her voice. "I'm sorry!" I said not meaning to do any harm. "Its okay… it's no deal" she said. "Want to come to my place?" I questioned her quickly. "Um…are-are you sure?" she asked caught off guard. 'Well it's not like I have company or anything so it's perfectly fine" I said eager to have someone. "the-then sure why not right?" she said walking besides me. Ever since I knew Hinata-chan she always stuttered in all of her sentences. I still wonder why today why she has such a weird hobby. "Hinata-chan, why are you here alone?" I said knowing that she had her own family at home.

"Well my family is really strict and focuses on training though the whole year with no exceptions." She answered with almost a serious tone. "Gosh I guess they worse then Rock lee then huh!" I said as we both laughed almost like if we knew we would. I never saw Hinata laugh alot but it was a nice laugh. "You should laugh more ya know" I said as I truly meant it.  "I long as I'm with you" She said without a stutter.

'Wow I actually said something to Naruto without stuttering!' I said happily as I was quickly getting used to being with him. We finally arrived at his apartment. There were no such decorations like lights if you count 2 empty cups of ramen. 'I never been inside his house' I thought nervously for some reason. To my amazement, the place was clean. I half suspected it to be filled with piles of clothes and trash filled up to the limit but none of that existed here. "Do you want some ramen?" he asked politely as he threw off his jacket onto the floor like to make a homey touch to the place. "Yes I would thanks" I said welcoming myself to sit down at the dinner table. He prepared the ramen with such skill as you excepted from ramen master. Soon minutes later streaming hot ramen was made onto the table. "It smells delicious!" I said nicely.

"You don't have to praise me too much ya know!" he said joking around as I giggled. We quietly ate the food. "Hot!!" I heard suddenly as I realized the broth spilled on Naruto's shirt. He swiftly pulled off his shirt as he relied of the salvation. I blushed madly seeing his bare chest. I looked away at the first sight. "Oh! I'm sorry let me change really quick" He said now knowing what he done in front of me. 'Calm down Hinata you don't want to faint don't you!' I muttered repeatedly over and over. "I'm back!" he said as he wore a white t shirt where the symbol of the hidden leaf stood directly in the center. 'That was too close!' I thought sighing.

"Well I guess we're done eating!' he said taking our bowls back into the kitchen. "I'll help clean… if you want" I said not wanting to take advantage of his hospitality too much. "Well you don't HAVE to I mean you are the guest but I guess I can't hold you back" he said making room for me. "Help me with the dishes first!' he ordered me smiling. I swished the bubbles around, while he piled up the plates together. "Hinata-chan turn around!" he said. I did as told but in turn he placed a ball of bubbles on my nose. "Hey!" I said as I grabbed more and threw it on his head. We cracked up as we kept doing the epic fight. We ended up on the floor with bubbles around us with no results of cleaning.  'This is the best Christmas ever…no more like the best day ever'

I never had this much fun for so long. Hinata, I figured out was not as shy as I thought. For the first time I did not want Christmas to end I wanted it to last forever.  A color captured my eye. A small box wrapped in green paper with a pretty red bow was settling on the floor besides Hinata. "What-"I said but Hinata snapped it out of my grasp. "That's nothing!" she said blushing, "I get it you have someone special don't ya for Christmas Hinata-chan?" I said teasing her.

"Well…this is actually….for you Naruto-kun" She said looking away from me. 'For me?' I thought. No one really gave me a present before. "Thank you Hinata-chan I really appreciate it a lot" I said feeling guilty. "You didn't have to I mean… I didn't even get you a gift" "It's okay because you already gave it to me" she said smiling. "I….did?" I said not knowing what she was talking about. "But I never wrapped anything" I said. "You're silly Naruto... You gave me the courage to laugh again you also gave me the best Christmas I could possibly have with the person I most wanted it with too…" she said coming closer. Now I was blushing 'does it really mean that much for her?'  "Open your present now Naruto-kun" she said now willing to give me the box. I softly grabbed it and torn up the wrapping. A white box was discovered.

I lifted the cover, in the process of, I stared in confoundment. Inside was a necklace with a kunai engraved with "The future 6th Hokage". "Do…Do you like it?" Hinata asked looking at my expression. I hugged her "I love it Hinata-chan!" "I'm…I'm glad you're eager about it" she said less stressed. I placed the necklace around my neck. "It's perfect ya know!" I said with a thumb up. Now that I think about it I do have one present for you Hinata!" I said knowing exactly what to do now.

Naruto-kun has a present for me?! I was now more anxious then before. "Okay first you have to cover your eyes completely before I give it to you" He said hiding my eyesight with his hands. We walked around but my sense was cut off. "Where are we going?" I kept asking. "We're almost there be patient!" he would always say each time. It felt like hours but before long we stopped. "Okay open them!" Naruto-kun replied as I saw again. We were by the old swing set by the academy. "Isn't this where-" I said but he cut me off "Yes this is where we met" "Hinata I need to tell you something you see… I been a fool" he started. I knew this kind of situation should not be interrupted as he made a deliberate countenance.

"You always been there for me but I never noticed until…well now Hinata-chan about how much impact you make in my life." 'What is Naruto-kun trying to say' I comprehended. I become conscious that I was pinned up against the tree.  "I should probulary stop talk-" he said but I stopped him. 'I can't believe I'm going to do this but no regrets right?' "Naruto-kun kiss me already god damn it" as I pulled him to me. His hands slided onto the bark of the tree. Our lips grew closer. 'I'm so scared right now' my mind screamed. Before we kissed I whispered loud enough for him "I love you" Our lips finally touched. He was so gentle. There was no time for thoughts or words. I closed my eyes.  

My hands ruffled his blonde hair. We finally broke from our touch. "I love you too Hinata-chan." He said staying in the same position. Fireworks exploded inside my chest. 'This is all I ever wanted.' My smile creped onto my face. "Look Naruto-kun!" I yelled as we stepped out of the tree's shadow. It was snowing! Hands intertwine into my mine perfectly like it was made for each other. "It's a Christmas mircle"he agreed as kids flooded out of their warm houses catching the snowflakes into their mouths. "Shall we finish what we started?" Naruto said as I heard a hint of elation in his sentence. "Yes we may" I said as I put my arms on his shoulders. "You're my Christmas miracle Hinata…"

Naruhina108: well this is my first romantic one-shot so go easy on me please ;D please review so I can improve my writing! >.</ Merry Christmas!!
this is my first one shot kay! this is about when Hinata is alone on Christmas day when she wishes to spend it with Naruto. Well her wish comes true! rated T just in case!!
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NaruHina: Blush- Chapter 1

Sakura, Hinata and Ino were called in to Lady tsunades office.

Lady Tsunade: I have a mission for you three.

The three girls looked around.

Sakura: Excuse me, Tsunade-sama but is it only going to be us?

Lady Tsunade: Im sorry but every one else is out on a mission…But I do have two other girls. I bet you haven't met them yet!

Sakura: Tsunade-sama..?

Lady Tsunade: Enter!

Two girls walks in through the brown door.
One of the girls have long blond hair and the other one have short red hair.

Lady Tsunade: Welcome girls!
I want you to meet Sakura, Hinata and Ino.

Sakura looked at the new team members with a confused look and then turned to Lady Tsunade

Sakura: Only….girls? And besides, we don't know anything about the other girls jutsus.

Lady Tsunade: You got more members to the team and now you're complaining about no males in your team?
I told you, everyone else is on a mission. That's why I had to assign two random girls.
I know it's a little bit stupid that you don't know anything about them but I'll have no other choice.
Although, I have one male left that isn't assigned to a mission but Im not so sure that I want to send him with you. Especially not when captain Yamato isn't here.

The girl with the short red hair starts to whisper in the other girls ear.
" She's like really over protecting that boy she's talking about. She must be his mother or something since she doesn't want to leave him without some sort of body guard."

The two girls started to laugh but soon enough, they saw that everyone was staring so they quit.

Lady Tsunade sighed out loud.

Lady Tsunade: I guess I have no other choice…
Okay its decided! I assign him to your team!

Ino: Sorry Tsunade- sama but who?

Lady Tsunade:  Naruto Uzumaki of course!
Alright! Its settled. You guys go ahead and pack your things. Remember to take necessary things to camp with you.
And since you wanted an extra guy, you all will have to go and get him yourself.

All the girls were about to leave when Tsunade threw out some more words out of her mouth.

Lady Tsunade: Sakura, I want you to hold Naruto in a short leash just in case something would happen. And I want all of you to look after Naruto so he doesn't do anything reckless!

All the girls quietly leave the building. When they come out, the new girls decide to introduce themselves.

It appeared that the shorthaired girls name was Aru and that the shorthaired girl was named  Miriu.
They also talked about what their jutsus was and such.

Sakura: Okay since im the team leader, I'll give the orders.
First we'll go home and pack our things and then we meet back here when we're done.
I'll tell you what we should do next when we meet up here later okay?

The other girls agrees and hurries away to pack their things.

A half hour later, they all met where they had scattered.

Hinata: What are we going to do now Sakura-san?

Sakura: Well we need to inform Naruto about this…I guess we have no other choice but to go and get him.
Follow me!

They followed Sakura to Naruto's apartment. When they got there, Sakura turned to face Aru and Miriu

Sakura: First of all Aru and Miriu, I would just like to say that Naruto is…a real knucklehead.
So don't get "hurt" by his stupid words. He doesn't mean it…

Aru: hah yeah I bet he is. And that hokage of yours is she like his mother or something? She treats him like a baby. Its probably because he cant do anything by himself

Aru had a bitchy tone in her voice.
Sakura formed her hand into a fist and squeezed it real hard
Ino laid a hand on Sakura's shoulder and quietly told her that it was a waste of time.

Ino started to knock on the door as she called out Naruto's name.
Naruto did of course not open.
Both Ino and Sakura were now knocking violently on the door.

Ino: Okay I think he's sleeping… *sigh*

Miriu: You mean dead right? If he was sleeping, he would be awake for a long time ago.

Sakura: Naruto is seriously deaf when he sleeps…
We'll have no other choice but to break in.

Sakura takes a deep breath and kicks the door opend.

All the girls slowly walk into the apartment.
There's dirty clothes and half eaten food on the floor.
Then they see a bed with a boy on it.
As they get closer they see that he has both his arms at different ends and legs apart. Almost like a star.
All the girls have now surrounded the bed, watching Naruto sleep.

Aru: So this is…Naruto Uzumaki, huh?

Naruto starts to move his head back and forth as he mumbles something.

Hinata: I think Naruto-kun is having a nightmare..

Sakura: should we wake him up?

Ino: No wait I just want to see what happens

All of the girls start to giggle a little bit since they all were a bit curious.

Naruto: Sas….Sakuke
Im…im not letting Orochimaru take you…no matter if I…if I have to BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY!

The girls were a bit afraid but then they found it kind of cute that he screamed while he was sleeping.

Naruto started to growl. Louder and louder.

The girls seemed confused.

Naruto was now growling really loud and his fangs started to grow.

Sakura: Oh shit!

Sakura quickly grabbed Naruto's shoulders.

Naruto suddenly went up to a sitting position facing all the girls who seemed really scared.

Naruto's eyes were red and he had long fangs and more whiskers that usual.
He was growling.

After a minute he saw where he was and he realised that some girls were surrounding him.
He took a good stare at them. They all looked like they've seen a ghost or something.

Sakura: Naruto calm down…

Sakura had tears in her eyes and her voice wasn't very stable.
She slowly patted Naruto on his back.
Naruto put his head down, facing the bed that he lied in.

Naruto slowly raised his head again, facing the confused looking girls.
The girls expected the worst but…
His eyes were sea blue and had three whiskers at each side of his face and his teeth were back to normal.

The girls didn't look so upset anymore.

*awkward silence*

Naruto: sooooo….
*Naruto scratched the back of his head*
What are you guys doing here?
…And who are they?

Naruto pointed straight at Aru and Miriu.

Aru and Miriu bitch looked at Naruto because they thought he just was a real big noob, using weird jutsu's while he's asleep.
Because it was a jutsu…right?

Naruto: Fine don't say anything…

Sakura: Naruto we're going on a mission and you're going with us.

Naruto looked around in confusion.

Naruto: Am I the only male??

Hinata: Yes N-Naruto-kun. The other males already are on missions. You're the only one that doesn't have a mission.

Aru: wonder why…hahah

Naruto: Hey! Naruto stood up and his blanket fell to the ground.
Naruto now realised that he had no shirt and got embarrassed.
All the girls stared.

Naruto noticed that the girls eye sight slided down to his seal mark.
Quickly, he grabbed a shirt and covered it and scratched his head.

Naruto: heh..hehe so uhm should we start the mission?

All girls shook their heads from the "distraction"

Naruto: You guys can go to the port, I'll have to pack some things and I'll have to change.
But I'll see you there.

Sakura: Of course..!

The girls left the apartment and walked to the port.

Miriu: Hey, Aru? What do you think that mark on his belly was?

Aru: I don't know but he sure is weird.

Okay, so there wont be any NaruHina until later lol xD
Sure, they're talking a bit to each other on the mission.. but yeh. You guys have to be patience!
Not that much later but maybe one MAYBE two chaps until the real deal starts ;D
But I would say 2 SHORT chapters until the real NaruHina things starts to flow 8D

Second of all...I know that his seal mark only appears when he uses chakra but..lets say that he used some fox/Kyuubi chakra recently xD

I know that its not very well made but still ^_^

Naruto, Sakura, Hinata, Ino and Lady Tsunade belongs to kishimoto

Let me know if you want more! :D

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It was a beautiful day in Konoha… it was a beautiful snowy day… five days before Valentine's Day. Normally, it was just a typical week but this week, the high school was getting a new transfer student… a supposedly 'bad boy'. The rumors had started out with him being in some kind of gang, that he had robbed and had killed a man in some kind of gun fight.

That he only cared about himself and no one else…

My friends had warned me not to go out with him, that he wasn't good enough for me… but it's like what people say, you can't fight what your heart desires… and mine desired him to love me back… But what would someone like me have to do to get him to love me when I was one of the shyest girls in the school?

Maybe, I could be brave enough to go through with it… I have to at least try…


The snow that fell from the snow was so white and pure… it made a young woman think about what would happen within the next five days… it was going to be Valentine's Day, and yet she didn't know who to get a gift for… Sighing softly, the young woman pulled on her soft lavender coloured hat over her blue hair from the soft cold breeze…

Looking up at the tall white building, the young woman just stared at the beauty of the school with her beautiful lavender coloured eyes… no matter how many times she stared at the school; she just couldn't get over how beautiful the school was… As she ran toward the school, Hinata bumped into someone, and fell into the snow…

"Ow… I'm sorry…"

Rubbing her forehead, Hinata looked up and blinked at what she saw… Standing above her was a tall man with spiky blond hair… beautiful sparkling ocean blue eyes that made Hinata think of the scenery just outside of the beach house that her family owned. On his cheeks were three whisker marks… his face seemed calm, yet he had a goofy grin… Looking at his clothes, she saw that he was wearing a white button down shirt with a few buttons undone, and in the middle of his chest was a blue crystal with two steel like pearls… it was the most beautiful piece of jewellery she had ever seen…

Looking at the rest of his clothes, Hinata saw that he wore black pants, and a matching jacket that touched the ground… On his forehead was a black headband with a red swirl on his center of his forehead… She had never seen a more handsome man in her life… Before she knew it, the man grabbed her arm and helped her to her feet. Blinking in confusion, Hinata looked at the boy and wondered why he wasn't wearing a winter coat…

"You should be more careful, next time you might not have had bumped into a nice guy." With that, the young man started to walk toward the school, Hinata couldn't believe what was going on… though, what she could tell was that she felt a warmth starting to build up in her cheeks… she didn't understand why that was but… what she did know, was that she wanted to know who that guy was badly…

Shaking her head, Hinata grabbed her bag and ran on inside to hurry up and get ready for class. Though, when she had reached her locker, the young woman had started to hear the rumors of the transfer student.

"Did you hear we're getting a new transfer student?"

"Yeah, they say that he was in a gang…"

"I heard that he beat the toughest gang in town!"

"I had heard that he killed someone in a gun fight."

"Oh? I heard that he robbed someone once…"

Hinata didn't believe any of those rumors… there was no way that rumors were true… what was the point in listening to them anyway? Shaking her head, the young woman got rid of her hat, her jacket, her mitts and boots. Revealing that she was wearing a white blouse with black pants, since it was winter, there was no point in wearing her usual sleeveless shirt and shorts…

Looking around, Hinata wondered if she would see the blond man again… though, she didn't see any sign of him. Sighing, she grabbed her books and headed off to class, normally, she would chat with her friends Sakura and Ino, but since she was a little late coming into school, they must have gone to class already. Though, no matter where she went, the rumors kept on flying about the 'bad boy transfer student'.

Sighing softly, the young woman arrived to her class and saw a girl with long blond hair wearing a purple sweater and matching purple track pants, her eyes was a sky blue with no pupils, almost like her own. The girl next to her was someone a little shorter with short bubble gum pink hair, green eyes and wore a pink t-shirt and black pants.

"Hinata, what took you so long?" asked pink haired girl with a small smile.

Hinata could only smile as she took her seat and looked at her friends. "I bumped into someone on the way into school."

"Oh? Who was it?" asked the blond girl.

"I'm not really sure Ino, I saw that he had spiky blonde hair, blue eyes and whisker marks on his face… otherwise, I don't know who he is…" Hinata said with a sigh, placing her chin on her palm as she looked off into the distance… thinking about him, made her face turn a light pink.

Though when she looked up at her friends, she saw that their skin was ghostly white… Why? Tilting her head, Hinata asked "what's wrong? Your faces are really pale, you guys sick?" Hinata didn't know why they were looking so frightened all of a sudden, but what she did know, was that it couldn't have been a coincidence that they would turn pale cause of what she had said… right?

"Hinata… I think that was the transfer student that you bumped into…" said the pink haired girl…

"Sakura, if that was the transfer student than why was he so nice?"

"It must have been a trick! Haven't you heard the rumors?"

"Yeah, least some of them… Why?"

"He's dated a lot of girls from his last school and they were never seen again!"

Hinata just stared at her friends as if they were crazy. There was no way that was possible, come on… he could have been like that, there was this aura around him that told her that… Turning away from her friends, Hinata stared at the front of the class as the teacher came in. A tall man with gravity defying grey hair, a face mask and his one eye closed. He walked in with the same man that she had seen earlier…

"Class, this is the new transfer student Naruto Uzumaki, please make him feel welcomed."

Staring at him, Hinata couldn't believe it… the boy that she had bumped into was the transfer student? There was no way that it could be possible, all of the rumors… they couldn't be true, they just couldn't be! He was so nice to her, helped her up when she just sat down on the cold snow like an idiot! It just can't be true!

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki, don't get in my way or piss me off or I'll kick your ass."


Since Naruto came yesterday, everyone seemed almost afraid of him. Some of the jocks would pick fights with him and lose cause of his yo-yo. But, there was something that bothered her… whenever he saw her, he would only smile… and that itself made her blush so badly that she almost fainted…

Okay she has fainted about three times in the last few hours.

But, it seems that no matter what she does… Hinata can't bring herself to speak to him again… It seemed that no matter what she did, that it just wouldn't work for her… Sighing softly, the young woman walked to her locker and was just grabbing some of her books for math class since she had wasted her lunch period on thinking on how to approach Naruto…

Just as she closed the door turning to her left there stood the man she was thinking about. He just stared at her with a calm expression.

"You're Hinata right?"

Hinata's face went into a soft pink… Not sure what to say… Though, all she could do was nod. Why was he talking to her…? Was it because she did something to irritate him? Sure she had heard about the rumors but she didn't believe them… A part of her wanted to know if the rumors were true but at the same time… a part of her didn't. Fearing that they could be true, but deeply, she hoped that it wasn't true…

"I wanted to know… why aren't you afraid of me?"


"Everyone else runs at the mere sight of me, but you do not… Why?"

Hinata didn't know how to answer him… for even she didn't know… Maybe, it was because she believed to give someone a chance rather than just assume the worst of people from what she hears. Taking a deep breath, Hinata was about to say something until the bell rang. Naruto looked up and sighed before walking away. Hinata could only frown… she had… just about told him what she had thought… Maybe, she couldn't tell him with words but with a gift instead? Yeah! That's what she'll do! Smiling, the young woman thought that she should make him her home made chocolates!

'That is something I can do, it might cheer him up!' Hinata thought with a bright smile and a soft giggle.

Today just might be a good day after all… All she had to do was get home, make some of her home made chocolate without the girls knowing her plans and she could sneak the chocolate into Naruto's locker without him knowing… sounds simple enough… But maybe it was tougher than it sounds? Nah… But at least Hinata didn't faint this time that was a plus for her.

Smiling, Hinata walked into math class and got ready for her test… Least Naruto wasn't in this class… wait… was he? She had been so focused on trying not to faint that she was never in math class yesterday to find out! Turning toward the door and saw Naruto slowly walking through the doors. His expression was blank and emotionless… just as it was when he first entered homeroom yesterday…

'Why does he always look like that' thought Hinata with a frown, not really sure why he always looked like he was shielding his emotions but when he was around her, from what she has seen that he would show a little bit of emotion… It made her wonder why that was…

Taking a deep breath, Hinata looked up and noticed that Naruto walked over to the seat that was next to hers. Blushing crimson, the young woman didn't know that she was the one sitting next to him… it didn't make sense but at the same time it did… the seat next to her was the only one that hadn't been taken yet. Naruto sat in his seat, leaning back a bit as he just stared boredly at the chalk board.

Hinata stared at the board, not sure what she was to do… all she knew, was that she had to keep herself from fainting… But, he was so close… so very close… Her face went crimson as she tried to think on what she should do to keep herself from fainting…


Eyes widening, Hinata slowly turned around and saw a pair of big blue eyes looking back at her… Naruto was mere inches away from her face. Which had caused the poor girl to just stare back with a crimson coloured face, why was he so close? What was he trying to do?


"You have something on your face…" Hinata didn't know what to say… it was as if her voice was gone from her vocal cords. Naruto leaned in closer and closer… seeming like he was about to kiss her. Her face kept on getting darker and darker thinking that he was going to place his lips upon hers.

Naruto placed his hand on her chin to hold her still. Hinata couldn't look, she just couldn't…

Her eyes were tightly shut, Naruto still held onto her face with his hand… but, she felt something on her cheek… Slowly, Hinata opened her eyes and saw that Naruto was smiling at her. "You had a piece of rice on your face." He said, holding up a single grain of white rice and tossed it into his mouth. Hinata couldn't take it anymore; he was just so close…

Her face got so warm that it would have burned anyone's skin. Hinata soon saw nothing but darkness as she blacked out.


Hinata had woken up in her own home… strange… She didn't remember walking on home after math… Shaking her head, the young woman got up and walked out of her room, and down the stairs. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, she saw a little girl with long brown hair, the same eye colouring as Hinata and wore a brown muscle shirt and the same colour of pants that reached her knees.

"Hanabi, what time is it?"

"It's four-thirty… You've been asleep for a while Hinata… Neji had to bring you home. Why did you faint in math class?"

Hinata couldn't answer… how could she answer her little sister something like that? Shaking her head, Hinata started to walk away, not wanting to deal with answering the question as to why she fainted… Dang… why did she faint? Even she didn't understand about the reason why, only that it had something to do with Naruto…

Did she like him?

Shaking her head, the blue haired woman knew that she can't keep thinking about that, knowing that if she did that it would drive her insane. Taking a deep breath, Hinata walked into the kitchen and grabbed her favourite apron. As she looked through the cupboards Hinata was thinking on how to get this into Naruto's locker… How was she supposed to get a small box of chocolate brownies into a locker?

Sighing softly, Hinata kept on looking, till she found a small card that had the instructions on how to make the brownies.

Milk powder - 1 cup
Cocoa powder - 3 tsp
Icing sugar - 1/2 cup
Condensed milk
- 2 tbsp
Butter - 1 -2 tsp
Cashew Almond powder - 1 tsp
Milk - 1/4 cup

This looks easy enough. Smiling brightly, Hinata giggled softly and started to get to work… After all, cooking was one of her many talents. Though, she still hoped that Naruto liked chocolate.


'Come on Hinata, you can do this… Naruto is just like any other guy… Sure, Valentines isn't till Friday but… I don't even think about who you're giving it too, but just… like giving it to a friend…'

Taking a deep breath, Hinata walked over to Naruto's locker, after sweet talking the office for it… Least they knew that Hinata was a good kid… Looking at his locker, the young woman listened carefully as she tried to crack the code… It didn't really take all that long, thanks to her enhanced hearing… Once the locker was open, Hinata slid the box of brownies on the top shelf in plain sight, along with a small note.

Smiling at her work, Hinata closed the locker and left after locking it back up so he won't get upset if someone tried to steal his jacket. As soon as Hinata turned the corner, she had heard footsteps, a sure sign that someone was coming near. Smiling, the young woman turned and saw Naruto opening his locker…

His eyes still looked at blank as usual, it was so sad to see his eyes like that… why did it make her heart ache?

Shaking her head, Hinata blinked when she saw Naruto gasp in shock. Tilting her head to the side, she looked over at Naruto and saw him reading the letter that she had left him. Though, there was something that she hadn't expected… for his face to turn into a light pink. He shook his head and started to open the box and took a bite of the brownies only to smile brightly.

Naruto closed his locker and started to walk away while munching on the brownies.

Hinata couldn't help but smile, least something good was happening sometime this week… Taking a deep breath, the young woman started to walk off to go to her art class. Now, she had to make sure that she kept this a secret to herself and not tell her friends for if she knew them as well as she does, than they would just panic and worry about her and try to tell her to stay away from him…

Sadly for her friends, that isn't going to happen at all, there was no way that she was going to let them find out and even if they did, well… there was no way that she was going to let them tell her what to do… it was her life, not theirs.

Once in art class, Hinata sat down and smiled as she started to get to work. Only for her to spray paints all over her canvas when Sakura and Ino grabbed her shoulders.

"What are you guys trying to do?"

"Hinata, we heard you left brownies in Naruto's locker! Just what are you thinking?" Angrily whispered Sakura to her blue haired best friend, Hinata could only sigh, this was something that she didn't need… she didn't want her friends to worry so much, it was just a gift, not like he was going to do anything harsh to her, sides, Naruto looked like he really enjoyed her gift.

"It was only brownies Sakura. Naruto looked like he liked them, sides it wasn't like I did any harm…" Hinata said with a frown, she only wanted Naruto to feel welcome, nothing more… though, she'll admit, it would have been nice if she could get a date for Valentine's Day, but had a feeling that it wouldn't happen no matter how hard she tried.

"He's no good Hinata. He'll only hurt you in the end." Calmly said Ino, though her voice was mostly filled with sadness and worry, rather than anger like Sakura it was something that she had gotten used to by now, but it would be nice if they didn't worry so much… there just wasn't a point too, Hinata knew how to defend herself.

"Just promise that you won't go overboard alright? We don't want to lose you, or let anything bad happen to you."

Nodding, Hinata knew that they only wanted what was best for her… but what if Naruto was what was best for her? That, was something she knew would be better for her was to give it a try… and the only way to find out, was to wait…


So far, nothing… Hinata thought that Naruto would ask her out yesterday to… well, repay her for the brownies… But maybe, he just didn't really care as much. Sighing softly, Hinata was at her locker getting her books for her next class trying to think of another way to help Naruto feel a little more at home.

Yet, nothing came to mind for her at the moment.

Sighing, the young woman closed her locker only to see Naruto standing by her. Blushing softly, she said "um… hi Naruto…" She hadn't expected to see Naruto here… the idea that he was near her made her heart flutter in her chest. Twirling a lock of her hair between her fingers, she asked "can I help you?"

Naruto just gave her his goofy smile as he said "I wanted to thank you for the brownies. You'd make one man a lucky wife someday." Hinata blushed at that… she'd make a good wife? Blushing all the more, Hinata looked up at Naruto through her lashes, wondering what he would want… there was no way that he was only coming here to compliment her cooking. Right?

"Is there… something you wanted?"

"Oh right, I wanted… well… see… I wanted to know if I could take you out somewhere tomorrow…? Like… well… a date." Naruto said as he scratched the back of his head in a nervous gesture…

He… he was asking her out on a date! For Valentine's Day! This was a dream come true for Hinata. It made her so happy that he wanted to ask her out on a date, and it gave her some time to find some nice clothes to wear tomorrow too instead of being told at the last possible minute. Least he had some manners.

"I'd love to Naruto."

Naruto smiled more and nodded as he said "great, I'll pick you up tomorrow around… three?"

Hinata nodded to that and grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down her address before handing it to Naruto. Her face was tinted a soft pink as she smiled up at him. Today couldn't have gotten better could it? Not only did she have a date for tomorrow but it was with the transfer student. Now, all she had to do was pick something nice to wear that would let her be warm, but not over dressed for the weather…


Minutes Before

Naruto was going to do it… he knew that Hinata was mostly being nice but… the brownies were wonderful. He just had to ask her out but, worried that she would say no. That she would think that he was only going to use her, just like what was in those stupid rumors that people spread about him.

Sighing, he looked at Hinata's locker, it was still empty, a sure sign that she hadn't arrived yet. Taking a deep breath, the young man knew that he could use this time to relax himself. Though, before he could even begin to calm himself, Naruto felt someone's hand on his shoulder. Narrowing his eyes, he turned around and came face to face with a pink haired girl…

'Isn't this one of Hinata's friends?' thought Naruto with a blink of his eyes. Tilting his head to the side, Naruto calmly asked "can I help you?" Sure, this girl was one of Hinata's friends but there was no way that he was going to let this girl ruin anything… he had to ask Hinata out…

"You're not good enough for Hinata Naruto. She is out of your league. Anyone could agree, who would want to be your girlfriend with your reputation?" said the pink haired girl, who had only made Naruto narrow his eyes into slits. There was no way that he was going to let her talk down to him like that. Sure, Hinata was beautiful… smart… kind… caring… but damn it he was caring too, he would do nothing to harm her no matter what.

Taking a deep breath, Naruto tried to keep himself calm… He had to speak to her calmly or risk people thinking he was going to hit a girl that really did deserve it. Staring at her with calm eyes, he said "why do you say that? Has it ever occurred to you that I want to get to know her more?"

"You only want to hurt her."

"I do not! I would never hurt people."

"Like how you shot someone?"

"That is a lie."

"Oh yeah, prove it. Oh wait you can't cause the guy is dead!"

"Shut up! You know nothing about me!"

"Stay away from Hinata. You'll hurt her, I know you will. And there is no way in hell would you be able to take her out on a good date."

"You know what? Just to prove you wrong I'll take Hinata out on the best date of her life! We'll do whatever she wants to do and you won't stop me." Naruto growled out before turning to see that Hinata was at her locker, now was as good as a time as any wasn't it? This was his last chance to ask her out…

And, to make sure that Hinata had the date of her life… nothing and he means nothing is going to stop him at all. Not now, not ever.


Today was the day, the day that she was going on a date with Naruto Uzumaki… but, Hinata was nervous as hell… She's never been on a date before, and she wanted to look her best when on her date with Naruto.

Taking a deep breath, Hinata looked through her closet in the hopes to find something that she could wear for her date. It had to be something warm, but also nice… and that was saying a lot… She didn't have a lot of clothes that had both… Grabbing a pair of black dress pants she tossed that onto her bed as she tried to find a nice shirt…

Something that would go well with the pants that she had chosen for tonight, though… the shirt she found looked perfect! It was a simple white shirt, the sleeves ending at her elbows. There were swirls of light pink and purple around the arms and the bottom near her waist, which the swirling colours also flow around her waist and goes upward on her back to her shoulders.

It wasn't perfect but it would have to do for today…

Once Hinata got herself dressed, she grabbed her purse and walked down the stairs as she grabbed her coat. Naruto should be here any time now… Though, she didn't tell her father that she had a date… Not like he would have listened to her anyway… he was so busy with work that he didn't have time to listen to her.

Ah well, least she left a note to tell her father where she had gone… sides, nothing bad could happen right?

With that, the doorbell rang and Hinata opened the door to see Naruto wearing an orange dress shirt and black slacks. He also still wore his headband and his black jacket. She couldn't help but blush at him… the headband and jacket fit him perfectly no matter what else he wore.

"Ready?" asked Naruto with a big grin on his face.

Hinata just nodded, walked out of the house and locked it up before leaving. Naruto offered Hinata his arm and she, of course accepted it as they started to walk down to wherever they were going. When Hinata looked up at him, she noticed that he looked… confused?

"Is something the matter Naruto?"

"Nah, well… I'm just confused about something. Why did… well… why did you make those brownies for me? Aren't you afraid of me? Cause of those rumors around school…?"

"That depends, are they true…?"

"Part of it true, but… well… they were just mistakes."

"Like the whole 'you being in a gang' thing?"


Hinata blinked, least she was getting some answers. It made her smile that he was trusting her enough with some of these… there were still other rumors that she had to know if they were true or not… "Did you really beat up a gang?"

"Yeah, but because they were trying to hurt some kids that were in the wrong place at the wrong time," Naruto ran a hand through his hair as he stared at her, giving her a small smile… Hinata could tell… just tell that he was starting to feel a little better about telling her what really happened, and how the rumors were really being spread…

Trying to remember what had been said was tough… Taking a deep breath, Hinata laid her head on his arm as she tried to think on what else had been said over the last few days. "Did you really kill someone?"

Naruto sighed softly and he looked like the memory itself pained him. "I was walking home from the store one day… There was some sort of gun fight going on and a guy walking out from his home and he got hit… I kicked the shooters ass and one of the guns happened to have slid toward the poor man and I knelt next to him wanting to make sure that he was okay. I even called for an ambulance… but… they thought I killed him. Even though my finger prints weren't on the gun, and my name was cleared at the police station, the rumor took place… No matter what I do, they just assume that I've done bad things in my past."

Hinata couldn't help but feel sorry for Naruto. It seemed that his whole life was filled with nothing but bad luck and nothing more… Frowning, Hinata hugged Naruto wanting to help comfort him. It had to be tough being accused of so many things in his life for something he didn't even do. Looking up at him, Naruto gave a small smile as he said "let's go get something to eat kay?"

Hinata couldn't help but smile as they walked toward a ramen restaurant. She didn't mind ramen, but it sure did seem to have made Naruto happy in the least. He deserved it after telling her the stories behind the rumors. When they had sat down, there was a large group sitting a few rows away from Naruto and Hinata… So, they would have to wait a while before their meal arrived.

"So, what would you like to do while we wait Hinata?" asked Naruto with a bright and cheerful smile on his face. It seemed like he had completely forgotten all about the rumors for now. That was good; Hinata wanted Naruto to have fun, maybe just as much as he wanted her to have fun.

"So, what's it like in art class?"


"I mean, what's it like at the school? No! I mean… uh…"

Hinata giggled, Naruto thought that talking about school was a good conversation. Reaching out, Hinata held Naruto's hand as she said sweetly "calm down Naruto. Relax okay? Just be yourself…"

Naruto just sighed softly, trying to help calm down his nerves. This was his first date, Hinata could tell… so the other rumor about those other girls was a lie as well. She knew it. Smiling, Hinata calmly asked "so, what do you like to do in your spare time?"

"Well, when I can I help my dad with the company."


"Yeah, my family own the Uzumaki Metal Company."

"You're rich?"

"Didn't you know that?"

"No, you don't act like those rich snobs that come to the school." Hinata said with a smile, giggling softly, she gave a cheerful smile as she said "I'm glad that you don't though. Or else I wouldn't have given you those brownies." She couldn't help but laugh at that. The idea of Naruto being a snob made her laugh; it was just so strange for him to be anything other than the person she knew. But, it was quite a surprise that he was rich.

Remember the feelings, remember the day,
My stone heart was breaking, my love ran away.
This moments I knew I would be someone else
My love turned around and I fell,

Hinata blushed when the song started to play. Sure, this was her favourite song but it was just so strange that this would be playing on their date. Sure, Naruto is in a way a bad boy, but from what she can tell so far, it's mostly just in his style… For, it seems that Naruto likes the 'bad boy' style rather than dress up like most guys his age.

Be my bad boy, be my man,
Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend.
You can be my bad boy, but understand
That I don't need you in my life again.

"May I have this dance?" asked Naruto as he smiled at Hinata. She couldn't help but blush at him but nodded as both of them got up and started to go onto the dance floor. Since, it wasn't a slow song they couldn't dance like that but… least they could do something while waiting for their food to get here right?

Won't you be my bad boy, be my man,
Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend.
You can be my bad boy, but understand
That I don't need you again.
No I don't need you again.

Naruto and Hinata stood next to each other; instead of just doing strange moves… they danced with what appeared to be… fighting styles? Everyone cheered them on as they danced. Naruto and Hinata were having the time of their lives at this moment. It was as if their own relationship was built on the ordinary… maybe that was what made it so interesting…

Bad boy!

They froze on the ground, as if trying to figure out their next move. As if they were really in a war rather than just dancing and having the time of their lives. But, it seemed that was what was really making their dance interesting… more fun… unique… just like them.

You once made this promise to stay by my side,
But after some time you just pushed me aside.
You never thought that a girl could be strong,
Now I'll show you how to go on.

Naruto and Hinata did back flips, side flips, you name it, and they did it. Both had smiles on their faces as they moved. Naruto grabbed Hinata by her hands and spun her around before having her land on her feet once more. Both teens smiled at each other with calm yet loving emotions written all over their faces. Taking a deep breath, Hinata slid on the floor, as did Naruto.

As if they were really flowing with the beat.

Be my bad boy, be my man,
Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend.
You can be my bad boy, but understand
That I don't need you in my life again

Hinata and Naruto both did cart wheels on the dance floor; both had smiles on their faces. Hinata knew that the song was coming to an end, and it almost made her sad that it was. Though, least this was building up her appetite at the moment… Giggling to herself, Hinata failed to notice the wet spot on the floor, and slipped.

Won't you be my bad boy, be my man,
Be my weekend lover, but don't be my friend.
You can be my bad boy but understand
That I don't need you again.
No I don't need you again.

Naruto gasped softly, slid on the floor, landing on his knees as he grabbed Hinata's wrist holding it high up and her back landing on his legs. Both teens blushed as the position they were in… though, everyone thought that it was part of their routine and clapped and cheered them on.

Gulping, Naruto helped Hinata up and went back to their table to get something to eat.

Their ramen arrived, and Naruto and Hinata both ate in silence, neither of them knew what to say after the way their dance ended… Sure, Hinata had fun but she feared that Naruto thought that she was a klutz… That was the last thing that she wanted for Naruto to think… well, one of the many things that she didn't want him to think about her.

Once they finished their meal, Naruto and Hinata both walked out of the restaurant, (after Naruto paid of course) they both decide for a nice walk through the park to finish off their date. Hinata looked up at Naruto and saw that he looked a little upset about something… but what could it be? Why would he be upset? Did she do something wrong?

"You alright Naruto?"

"Yeah it's… it's just that I felt like the date was horrible for you…"

"What are you talking about? You've been a gentleman, and this was a perfect date for my first one." She said with a smile, and she only smiled more when the young woman saw the blonde's cheeks turn into a light pink. Which, to Hinata was really cute on him, giggling softly, she stood up on her toes and kissed his cheek as she asked "what about you, did you have fun Naruto?"

He could only nod, least it was an answer… just not a vocal answer. Taking a deep breath, Hinata laid her head on his arm as she smiled softly. Today was the best Valentine's Day of her life…

The only problem was when they heard a voice that she hadn't expected to see till Monday…

"Hinata? Why are you out with Naruto?" asked Sakura as she walked through the park with a small shitzu puppy.

"On a date." Calmly said Hinata as if it was an everyday sort of thing, though when she looked up at Naruto… Hinata couldn't help but wonder why he looked so angry.

"Hinata, Naruto isn't good enough for you! You should go out with Kiba, least he'd treat you right."

"But Naruto has treated me right! He's been a complete gentleman the entire night." Calmly said Hinata, thinking that Sakura is being just a little over protective, almost like an older sister. But it still didn't give her the right to tell Hinata who she could or couldn't date.

"Hinata is right, I've treated her properly, and you have listened too much on those damn rumors about me when they're not even true! Just leave us alone and let us enjoy the rest of our date. And stop treating Hinata like she's five already!" Shouted Naruto, anger was clear in his voice, it should have frightened Hinata… but, she knew that he had every right to be angry…

Hinata squeezed his hand for a moment, hoping to help calm him down. Naruto looked down and smiled softly at her before walking on ahead, leaving Sakura with her mouth wide open in shock at how she had just been treated… no one had ever yelled at her before, since everyone knew that she could easily kick their ass…

Naruto and Hinata walked through the park toward Hinata's home…

Though, Naruto didn't want this date to end… it was so nice… so perfect… but he knew that it would have had to end at some point. Sighing, Naruto walked over to Hinata's front door and looked over at her for a moment. Giving a small smile, he calmly said "guess… I'll see you Monday huh?"

"If you want too… you can see me again tomorrow?" Hinata said with a small blush on her face. A blush that made her so adorable that Naruto couldn't resist… Smiling, he nodded before wrapping his arms around her and kissed her softly.

Naruto blushed crimson as did Hinata… both hadn't expected the kiss till the second or third date but… to them; it was just the end of a perfect date, and the beginning of a beautiful relationship…

The End.
okay, first off, this idea was from :iconrosetiger: so thank her/him for giving me the idea, now, this story took me either almost 2 weeks or almost a week, I don't know XD. Now, the ending didnt go as planned but I just really wanted to end it already T-T well, I hope you enjoy this ^^
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Stupid Contest! Chapter two

“Deidara, it’s your turn now”
“Finally!” Sasori said hoping he would give him a horrible task like his.
“Un?!” He said turning to leader-sama
“You will have to……….”

A/N: Here is more randomness XD ROTFL and I know Tobi is indeed talking a lot in here but he is funny XD Also *word of the day: Baka* I use this word a lot in this chapter with no reason…

“You will have to…………”

It was very quiet you could hear the wind slithering down the room. Everyone huddled together around the two like seeing the turning part of a movie.

“LEADER-SAMA I JUST REALIZED SOMETHING!” Tobi yelled waving his arms as to catch everyone’s attention. This broke the silence completely. “That he is a baka?” Zetsu said.

 “What is it Tobi?!” Leader-sama said wanting to use almighty push on all of these crazy people that surrounded him daily. He swore he was interrupted like 4 times already.

“Where is Kakazu?”


No one actually knew. “I thought he was at the meeting?” Kisname said (He finally gotten over his mini depression)

“Wasn’t he sitting next to Hidan?” Zetsu answered.

“Maybe he didn’t attend at all?” Sasori included the possibility while shrugging his shoulders.

“OMG LEADER-SAMA WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO!!” Tobi, the baka shouted running across the room back and forth. He threw off papers and chairs trying to look for him.  Every object was his new victim. In less than 30 seconds the room was unrecognized.

He may be a baka but he could do things rather quickly

“Um…Tobi I’m pretty sure Kakazu wouldn’t be under a chair either a paper…” Konan said wondering what mental things ran though that Akatsuki member. She was quietly crying over the papers that were on the floor now. She kneed down quietly whispering to herself

“Its okay babies mommy has you…”

“IS KAKAZU STUCK IN THE WELL AGAIN!?” the masked man said looking around the room.

“Tobi we don’t have a well….”  They reassured.

“Yes Tobi made one the other day!~” he said clapping his hands together merrily.

“Nani?” everyone said at once wondering what Tobi does on a daily basis now.

“See look!” Tobi said making them look outside.

Under a patch of dead grass was a small opening in the ground. Laid next to it was a shovel with pieces of dirt attached to it as a sign of evidence.

“EH!? THAT IS JUST A HOLE IN THE GROUND YOU BAKA!” Deidara said making Tobi crotch lower as if it would turn down his anger

*reminder: Word of the day Baka*

"Would Kakazu be in there? I wonder…” Itachi said maintaining a low voice. He went down on one knee next to the hole.

“Does Itachi one of the smartest people here really think that?” Kisname his partner thought staring at him weirdly.

‘Maybe Tobi’s stupidness is contagious!’ He thought more

“Kakazu?” Itachi said at the hole almost poking it with a stick. His eyes narrowed.


Good thing no one saw the Uchiha do such things.

Well he was going blind but Itachi refused to get glasses. Uchihas had too much pride.

So you can imagine what was going on. A crazy orange masked man was running around making the room a huge mess. Hidan sleeping on his chair while sometimes chanting “The ceremony is complete…” (Yes Hidan was STILL sleeping -_-“”) meanwhile the members were standing there doing nothing at all but give Tobi amazed looks. Itachi was still yelling out Kakazu’s name in the “well”. Konan was picking up the reminders of her ‘babies’

“Are you guys seriously stupid!? I am right here next to you!!”

Everyone whipped around to see indeed Kakazu was right behind them the whole time.

His cold eyes stared at every one of them giving them each a large proportion of anger.

“Oh there you are Kakazu! Were you playing hide and seek again?” Tobi said trying to hug him but his efforts were useless with the strings that inhabited in Kakazu body.

“No I don’t play such childish games like you do baka” He replied letting Tobi go from his straggle. “I swear I would kill you all if it wasn’t for boss” Kakazu said meaning it.

“Like he hasn’t already told us” Zetsu said trying to hold back his laugh from further getting Kakazu angry.

“Even if you tried you couldn’t catch me!” Tobi shouted teasing him.

“Kakazu! I decided! From tomorrow you will have to endure paying everything... expensive” Pein said not wanting to keep this facade any longer than it should be.

‘Did leader-sama just say the forribean word?” Kisname whispered into Itachi’s ear. He successfully made it back from the ‘well’ before somebody noticed his absence.

“Sadly yes he did” The Uchiha agreed with a small nod. Kisname was glad he went back to his cold, silent personality.


“It’s not that bad as others….” Sasori said as he couldn’t believe someone immortal like him would have such a weird weakness for money.

“Kakazu, I could make it worse” Leader-sama said almost preparing his black poles for battle underneath his coat.

“……..” Kakazu was already sulking about it even though it wasn’t set until tomorrow. He looked to his partner who was currently almost drooling on his chair. His scythe hung low as his hand barely gripped it. Kakazu walked swiftly to the Jashin- worshipper. He raised his right hand and made hard contact with Hidan’s skull.

“OW WHO DID THAT!? I WILL FUCKING KILL YOU!!” Hidan yelled who was very grumpy. Well who wants to be waken up with a slap?

“YOU GUYS RUINED THE BEST FUCKING DREAM I EVER FUCKING HAD!!” he shouted with veins popping out everywhere.

‘Oh shitez!!’ every member thought of this. Hidan would kill anything in his path to find the person. “It’s me baka” Kakazu said. “Does Kakazu want a death wish?” Zetsu said to his other half. “But isn’t he immortal?”

“Good point”




The members were already used to their daily fights but sometimes they thought they did it on purpose…

Then something unexpected happened…..

“Guys, shouldn’t we stop this non sense?” a voice said in a deep voice.

It…it was Tobi who said this to the zombie combo. He stood between the two of them

“NANI? WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TOBI?” Hidan said forgetting about the incident already.

Still in his ‘deep’ voice

“Don’t you rather see what Deidara has to do?”


Did Tobi have a spilt personality like Zetsu??!

He started laughing like crazy rolling on the floor. “Sorry guys I just couldn’t keep up that deep voice!~”

“Maybe if he acted more like that he would be useful in the Akatsuki…” Kakazu said.

“Nani!? What about Deidara??!” Sasori said as he couldn’t believe everyone got off tracked by Kakazu and Hidan even him which he was guilty of.

“Damn it Sasori! You just had to remind them un!” The artist aruguring with his competitor in terms of art. “Either way you should have to meet your punishment.” Sasori said as he kind of had a point there leaving the bomb terrorist silent.

“You tried to crawl yourself out of trouble hmm Deidara that’s low even for you” Kisname said teasing him.

“Shut up tuna!” He snapped back hitting the right part. “Tuna….Tuna…..” Kisname muttered under his breath. He was rocking back and forth nervously. I guess seafood was a new taboo word for the fishie man!

“Darn it and he had just gotten over his depression….” Itachi said wanting so badly to activate his sharigan.

“You do speak the truth Sasori” Pein said looking at Deidara.

‘Gosh what with people nowadays and staring contests?’ Deidara thought not wanting to participate in such a stupid game.

“Deidara, you destroy everything even if it isn’t nessacessy:

“Art is an explosion un!” he protested

“Dei-sempai blew up Mr. FutterCotton!!”

“Who in the fucking hell is ‘Mr. Flutter cotton?’” Hidan said always putting in ‘fuck’ in any way possible.

“He was my plant!! Well was….”


“Calm down Zetsu!” Konan said.

“Why are you mad!? It was just a paper plant un!” Deidara said not afraid of the carnivore Venus fly trap.

“…Paper? I thought it was a plant Tobi?” He said.

“Well Konan-chan made me a flower out of her origami!~” Tobi said.


Now currently 2 people were depressed (Kisname and Zetsu).

“ANYWAY you will have to use a different type of clay that is less…destructive you may say” Pein said.

“Like what?” Deidara said terrified if it was bad.


“Play…doh? What’s that?” He said as the name came out blank to the thought of it.

“This” Pein took out a small neon yellow cylinder-shaped container. It had a red top covering it. The label ‘playdoh’ was written on it. Leader-sama threw it into his hands so he could further investigate it.

He opened it seeing it has red clay.

“Why is it red?” He asked touching the substance.

“It comes in every color” Sasori said.

Sasori tried to keep back his misvious smile from surfacing.

“Ha! Sasori, my man turns out I didn’t get things as bad as you did!” Deidara said rubbing it in his partner’s face.

‘He really doesn’t know a clue huh…?’ Sasori thought looking away.

Everyone snickered as quietly as possible.

“What’s so funny un!” he said sad that he wasn’t in on something,

“Nothing!” they said wanting this act to go on by letting his knowledge at a limit.

“So meeting is dismissed then!” Pein ordered like a teacher.

Konan and he were already one foot out of the room. “Wait a second” “Is there more questions or comments you wanted to add Itachi?” Leader-sama said knowing the calm voice belonging to.

“Not in mind right now but shouldn’t you also participate?” “You are the one that suggested this contest in the first place…leader-sama”

‘Damn it’ ‘God’ said hoping his comrade Konan would say a good excuse.

*Konan’s thinking while this*

I swear I am going to kill Tobi!! He almost killed my poor babies! I wonder why Itachi is giving me an evil glare, now Pein is looking at me!

“Um…well we have to supervise you guys so we don’t time for such things” Konan managed to say hoping it was good enough. She lingers on the papers closer to her body. Pein was nervously scratching his cheek with his pointer finger looking away.


The boss quieted the ‘good boy’ and whispered a thousand of words into his skull.


“Shut up!” Pein said as he noticed he said that one too loud


The damage was now done….

“NANI! You mean you were sleeping while we are hunting the Jinnuruki!?

“I didn’t mean to! I felt really sleepy after lunch” Boss said still trying to back out.

“Oh!~ that is my fault!” Konan said raising her hand

“How??” Everyone asked.

“Well I accidental put Nyquil in the drinks….” Konan said acting to act innocent.


“I thought it was the kool-aid mix….” I guess even Konan had her blond moments…. (No offense to blond people XD)

“Anyway you will have to join in” Sasori said happy. Since leader-sama got me a horrible task I’ll make sure to get my revenge!

“But! I AM GOD!”


“Ugh I guess so…..” Pein said annoyed his words couldn’t let him get out of this situation. He was so sure that quote would work.

Every person (well of course not including Pein, and Konan) gathered into a circle whispering. Even Zetsu and Kisname! I guess the thought of those doing the contest made them feel better. Plus they were probably already done sulking around. They would at anonymous times look at them with evil smiles plastered on their faces.

“Alright un! We decided upon our decisions!” Deidara said as the representatives as the circle broke up.

“Leader-sama you will have to wear contacts!”

“Con...tacts!” Boss said realizing what they meant. “But I’m not blind like Itachi!” He said as Itachi glared at him. Or rather the wall behind him..? Itachi was blind as a bat now. Maybe he had to buy a dog so Itachi wouldn’t hurt himself…

“We know but we think you show off your Rinnagan way too much un!” Deidara said knowing he will have to do so order.

“Now its Konan-chan turn!!~” Tobi shouted with a happy face. (As they thought since he has a mask -_-“)

“You will have to not do origami I mean you do use up all of the papers we run out more quickly.”

“I do not use that much paper! You’re being too dramatic!”

“Dramatic huh? Is this dramatic!” Sasori said taking on a giant bag.

He spilled out the contents as thousands of origami various to swan, butterflies, and birds. “Though aren’t mine!” She said. “Plus what would I do without it!” “Find a new hobby maybe”

“I have needs to just like Sasori and his weird deed puppets.”

“Do not make fun of true art!”

“Yeah yeah whatever” Konan said ignoring him leaving the puppet master more irrated.

“Sorry babies I have to go  away for a while….” Konan’s thoughts were exposed at the slip.

“Babies???” They said.

“Don’t question Konan she has always been that way” Pein said used to it already.

“Already I repeat you have to do your missions so exactly 24 hours! So let’s see who wins we did set up cameras everywhere so you cant escape. “Leader-sama said with all of the members had hunger in their eyes.

“Eh? Even fucking cameras? You can’t trust us that much, talk about fucking paranoid” Hidan said with his giant red scythe on his shoulder.

“No, I should trust eight insane rogue ninja” Pein said knowing he spoke the truth.

“Well NOW you are dismissed” Boss said glad this meeting was over and done with.

So it is official! Now the crazy begins!!


Just in case you forgot some of what they have to do here is a list!

Sasori- has to use Pinocchio
Hidan- Cant cuss
Kakazu- Pay everything expensive
Pein- Wear contacts
Konan- No origami
Itachi- no hair products
Kisname- eat seafood
Tobi- no dangos
Zetsu- no pranks
Deidara- Use play doh

A/N whew allot of freakin randomness I tell ya!~ XD
Next chapter to Stupid contest! It is where the Akatsuki will have to get over their fears, bad habits, etc. in an contest! who will win? WARNING alot of randomness and some cussing (Well it is Hidan XD)

First chapter <-------[link]
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NaruHina: Snow Fall OneShot
A/N: Spoilers for people who haven't read Naruto chapter 615.

Winter-- Hinata's favorite season. She hated going out into the cold, sure, but she loved the season anyway. Hinata loved snuggling up under a blanket with hot chocolate, either reading a book or with her loved ones gathered around having a good time. Hinata loved the Holiday season and how it brought those around her even closer together. Mainly though, Hinata loved snow. She loved how pure it was and how it would cover Konoha in a blissful white blanket, and as it melted, it left behind a fresh, clean feeling.

Sadly, though, it didn't snow much in Konoha. This didn't bother Hinata, though. As she hoped for snow, she spent more time with her friends, and when it did snow, that just made the snow even better. This was Konoha's first winter since the Fourth Ninja World War. It took a lot of work, and there were unfortunately many casualties, but Hinata couldn't help but be happy with how much closer she and Naruto have gotten.

Hinata still couldn't help but miss her cousin, Neji. So, after she prayed once more for snow, she made her way to the cemetery on a cold winter night. It was overcast, but still it was light out. Hinata walked alone to the cemetary, carrying white lilies, Neji's favorite flower.

On her way she couldn't help but think about Naruto. She thought she made progress with him during the Pein attack and the war, but he's been so distant lately, Hinata  couldn't help but wonder why. Had she done something wrong? Was he angry at her for some reason? She didn't know. She shook the thoughts out of her head, she was on her way to visit Neji's grave, she shouldn't be thinking about this.

Hinata finally made it to the graveyard, and she made her way over to his grave. Hinata knelt down in front of his grave and placed the flowers there.

“Hi, Neji-nii-san. I'm sorry I haven't visited in a while. You know how hectic winter can be. I've been helping rebuild the village, tend to the injured, you know, that kind of stuff. I haven't talked to Naruto-kun in a while, it seems almost like he's avoiding me. But, that's not important right now. The clan's been alright; Hanabi and Father are doing well, and I'm expected to take up my position as head, soon. I'd really wished you could've been there with me to see me as head and help me take care of the clan. I know I'll need you're advice for something, you were always so strong and level-headed. I miss you so much, Neji-nii-san....” Hinata couldn't continue. Tears were streaming down her face as she sobbed silently.

Hinata suddenly heard some rustling behind her. She whipped around, stood up, and activated her Byakugan.

“Don't bother hiding! I can see you! N-Naruto-kun?!” Hinata said.

Naruto stepped out from behind the tree as Hinata hurriedly wiped away her tears.

“Hey, Hinata,” Naruto said sheepishly.

“What are you doing here, Naruto-kun?”

“I was visiting my parents' graves, and I was about to visit Neji's grave when I saw you were here, so I decided I'd wait until you were done.”

Hinata couldn't exactly know why, but for some reason, Naruto's explanation left her crushed. Why did Naruto feel like he had to wait for her to leave before he could approach Neji's grave? What did Naruto want to say to Neji that he couldn't say in front of her? Had she really made no progress with him at all? More tears began to silently stroll down Hinata's face as she turned away to leave.

“Okay, well, I'm done. I'll be on my way now,” Hinata said almost coldly as she began to walk away.

“Hinata, wait,” Naruto called after her.

Hinata stopped. Naruto walked up to her, but Hinata didn't turn to face him.

“Hinata, please turn around.”

Hinata obliged, but she still didn't look up at him. Naruto hugged Hinata.

“You didn't let me finish, Hinata. We all miss Neji. I was waiting for you to leave so that... I could tell Neji I intended to ask you out. I haven't been avoiding you, Hinata, I've just been busy with Hokage training. And since you were so busy with helping out the repairs and the injured in the hospitals, I didn't want to disturb you until things calmed down a little bit.”

Hinata's eyes widened as Naruto talked. She looked up at him and his sheepish grin. She was shocked, he was blushing, his grin was shy and sheepish, instead of goofy as it usually was. She was also shocked at his words. He was going to ask her out? He wasn't avoiding her? Hinata suddenly realized how closely Naruto was holding her and she blushed.

“That's not all, Hinata. I wanted to thank Neji for saving you when you saved me. Because of his sacrifice, you're still here. Not only that, but because of what Neji did, I was able to realize I had fallen in love with you. I couldn't tell before, but when you saved me from Pein, I was starting to think about you more. I can finally give you an answer; I love you too, Hinata.”

More tears began to stream down Hinata's face. Now it was Naruto's turn to be shocked as he wiped the tears away from her face.

“Hinata, why are you crying? Did I do something wrong? I'm sorry! Please stop crying, Hinata!”

Hinata grinned as she looked up at Naruto. She threw her arms around his neck.

“Do you mean it?!” She asked, excitedly.

“Well, of course I mean it, I'd never lie about something like that, Hinata.”

Hinata and Naruto turned to Neji's grave as Naruto payed his respects.

“Hey, Neji,” Naruto began. “I just wanted to drop by and thank you for what you did. You saved Hinata, and you helped me realize I'm in love with her. I want to take her out on a date. I promise to never hurt her, or let anything happen to her. If you could give us a sign of your approval, that'd be awesome.”

“Naruto-kun, I think Neji-nii-san already has. Don't you remember his parting words?”

Hinata placed her hand on Naruto's shoulder as he stood up.

“Yeah, I guess you're right, Hinata. So, do you want to go out with me Friday night?”

“I'd love to, Naruto-kun.”

Naruto grinned as he picked Hinata up by the waist and spun her around. She giggled as he set her on her feet. Naruto laughed, he leaned down and kissed Hinata. Hinata was caught off guard, but she started to kiss back.  Hinata felt something cold and wet land on her face and pulled away from Naruto. She looked up at the sky and grinned. Naruto, confused, followed her gaze and grinned when he saw what Hinata was looking at.

“It's snowing!” Hinata exclaimed, practically bouncing up and down with excitement.

“You really like snow, huh, Hinata-chan?” Naruto asked.

Hinata nodded as she continued to look up at the sky. She suddenly blushed.

“!” Hinata asked as she tore her widened lavender eyes from the sky to look at Naruto.

“Well, yeah, I figured since we're going out...why, do you not like it?”

“I love it, Naruto-kun,” Hinata said.

Hinata leaned up and kissed Naruto again as it continued to snow. They pulled apart. As the couple was about to leave, Hinata turned back to Neji's grave.

“Thank you, Neji-nii-san,” Hinata said, and off they went.

Naruto and Hinata walked toward Hinata's home, under the snow, holding hands.
I really enjoyed writing this, I haven't written anything in a while, so it felt nice doing so again. Anyway, tell me what you think!
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Ever since mama and papa died, Naruto and I have been living alone in the house. At the

time, I was 13 years old. Naruto was 2 years older, for a 15 year old he tried everything

to help provide for us. He worked day and night, he would come home stressed out. He would

always say, " Its alright Hinata... Big bro is here for you. " Onii-chan has always helped

me. Once when I was 8, a group of elementary kids made fun of my eyes and hair. They

called me weird. I started to believe them, until Onii-chan came. " My sister is no

weirdo, she is unique in her own way. " He had said. Ever since that day, when the bullies

were gone and Naruto held out his hand, I felt something. My heart would beat so fast when

He would look at me with those gorgeous eyes. I don't think its wrong to love Onii-chan

more than a brother, because we arent related by blood. However, He only sees me as....

his little sister. Nothing more than that. Im scared to tell Naruto how I really feel. Its

been 8 years. Im now 16 years old. Im a 3rd year. Naruto graduated high school, and works

for a small buisness. Thats where he met.... Sakura Haruno. Before I knew it, she would

come over multiple times with Naruto. At first it was for work reasons, but it turned into

something else. They started dating. I was heart broken. I thought to myself... what if

Onii-chan marries Sakura? What if he leaves me here? I became a bit distant because of how

heartbroken I was. I cried myself to sleep, thinking Onii-chan could never look at me as

more than just a little sister. It could never happen. Thats when I realized my goal. I

didnt care if Naruto doesnt love me like I love him. The most important thing right

now.... is to tell him.... how I truly feel. But its not that easy, theres Sakura...

theres my shyness.... and Naruto is always busy.. I dont have much confidence, but I have

to tell him. Thats when I met Sasuke Uchiha. He became my best friend. I told him all

about my problem, I was happy he listened. At first he was a bit confused because... we

are siblings. As I told him we arent blood related, that still doesnt change the fact that

we are siblings. Though, that day Sasuke and I made a promise... He would help me along

the way... and would stay by my side till the end. It sounds corny but.... if Onii-chan

leaves... I need someone like him who could stay by my side and care for me like he did.

Honestly, I feel Sasuke is more of a big brother. Onii-chan, is someone I love deeply...

or should I say... I'm i-in love with him ....

Chapter 1
Onii-chan and Me

" Onii-chan!! Wake up! " I shouted. I stormed into his room. " Hmm, Hinata? " He mumbled.

He pulled me into his arms. I started to blush. " O-onii-chan what are you do--? " I

whispered. " Hmm, give big bro a hug.. " He mumbled. Argh, he is still half asleep. I

broke out of his arms and pulled his blanket. " Onii-chan! Get up! " I shouted. " Hmm...

Okay okay... " He mumbled. Naruto took his glasses and put them on. He smiled and patted

my head. " Hinata, Thank you. Get ready now. " He mumbled. He had such a kind and gentle

smile. " Haii! " I said. I went to my room to get dressed. Onii-chan was already

downstairs making breakfast. I ran down the stairs with my bag. " Whats for breakfast? " I

asked. Naruto smiled. " Toast, bacon, and eggs. " He said. " Yummy! " I said. I sat down

and started eating my breakfast. " Onii-chan... " I mumbled. " Hmm? What is it? " He

asked. " Arent you going to.... put some pants on? " I asked pointing at his boxers. "

Gahh! " He shouted as he ran up the stairs blushing. " Hahaha " I laughed. " Alright Im

good! " He shouted. " Onii-chan... dont forget to put on your contacts! " I shouted. " Oh

crap! Thanks Hinata! " He shouted. I giggled. Its nice to be like this. I wish it could

stay like this forever... Naruto ran down the stairs and took his brief case. " Hinata. Do

you want me to take you to school? " He asked. " No. Im walking to school with Sasuke-kun.

" I said. " Sasuke-kun? Is he your boyfriend? " Onii-chan asked. " N-No!! He isnt! He is

just a friend... " I shouted. " Haha, alright... whatever you say. " He said as he got

into the car. Great... now he thinks that Sasuke is my boyfriend. Im supposed to confess

to him... this isnt helping at all. " Alright, Hinata. Have a great day. Dont forget,

today Sakura-chan is coming over for dinner. " He shouted as he drove away. I just smiled

and waved. After he left, I started walking over to Sasuke's house. " Ptt.. why does

Sakura have to come today.. " I mumbled. I arrived at Sasuke's house. " Sasuke-kun!! Come

on! " I shouted. I waited for a few minutes, when I saw Sasuke running out the door with

toast in his mouth. " C'mo-n Le's go! " He said. I rolled my eyes and smiled. " Sasuke,

eat the bread already.. " I said. He went over to his motorcycle and pulled it out. He ate

the bread and walked over to me. " Get on! " He said. " Ermm... Im not good with

motorcycles... "  mumbled. " Dont worry, just hold on to me.... " He mumbled. I bravely

got on and wrapped my arms around his waist. " T-This is embarrassing... " I mumbled,

blushing. Sasuke laughed and drove off. " Ahhh! Sasuke! Dont go so fast! " I shouted. He

just kept laughing. Actually, It was really fun. The breeze brushed my face. The sun was

shining, the lake by the bridge sparkled. We past by gardens, beautiful flowers blooming.

" Wow.. " I mumbled. We arrived at school. " Gahh! We might be late for the opening

ceremony.. " I said. I got off the bike and ran into the gym. " Hinata, wait for me! "

Sasuke shouted. Luckily, we got there on time. After the ceremony, class started. " Sasuke

are you in class B-3? " I asked. " No... but Im in your history class. But we will see

eachother in P.E. and in the cafeteria.. and after school. So dont worry. You'll make lots

of friends, Hinata.. " Sasuke said. I nodded. " Okay! " I shouted. " alright, wheres B-

3... B-3... B-- " I mumbled. " Unff! " I walked right into someone. " I-Im so sorry... " I

said. " Hey look... " a voice said. I looked up. Oh no.. its a group of guys. S-Scary

looking guys.. " Look what we have here. " one of the guys said. He cornered me and

slammed his arm on the wall. He looked into my eyes. His hair was white and his eyes were

golden yellow. " Whats your name? " He asked. I looked away and crossed my arms. I boldly

started walking away. The guy grabbed my shoulder and viciously turned me around. He

pinned my arms on the wall and stared into my eyes. He looked up and down. " Im Akihito..

I'm in class B-3 also. " He said. My eyes widened. " L-Let go of me.. " I mumbled as I

struggled to get out. " Hinata... Uzumaki... neh? " He said. " Your brother is Naruto

Uzumaki... " He smiled. " H-How do you know Onii-chan.. " I asked. He let go of my arms

and leaned against the wall with is hands in his pockets. " Guys leave " He commanded. The

guys left without a word. He stared at me. He gave me a devious smile and held my chin. "

Hinata, someday.. I'll " have " you... " He whispered. He laughed and walked away. I stood

there frozen. " Wh-what? " I mumbled. The bell rang. " Oh no! I gotta get to class.. b-

but where do I go?! " I shouted. I finally found B-3. I breathed heavily. After class, it

was lunch. As I took out my bento, I stared at it and started to fantasize. " Onii-chan..

here I put all my love into your box lunch. I-I hope you like it.. " I said. Naruto

blushed and held me tight. " Hinata.. I love you.. " He whispered and kissed me. I started

to get a nosebleed. I started laughing like a creep. Everyone stared at me. " Hinata...

What the hell are you doing? " a voice asked. "Gahh! " I shouted. I snapped back into

reality. " S-Sorry... " I mumbled. Sasuke rolled his eyes. " Come on... " He said. We

walked up to the roof. " Wow, you have it all set out huh? " I said. We sat down and

started to eat. " Hinata, Whats your plan? " He asked. " Well, Im not sure.. Im pretty shy

and plus.. Naruto has a girlfriend.. She is so much prettier than me.. " I mumbled. Sasuke

laughed. " I'll be the judge of that. Honestly, I havent met anyone more beautiful than

you. " He smiled. I blushed. " Aww.. thanks Sasuke-kun. " I mumbled. He laughed. "

Anyways.. they have been dating for 3 months now. Naruto really likes her. I dont know how

Im going to confess! " I shouted. I heard the door creek. " Uhh! S-Sorry! " a voice

squealed. I turned around. " Huh? N-No its alright. Who are you? " I asked. " Ayumi

Furuchi. Class B-2 " She mumbled. She had long red hair and green eyes. She is so pretty.

" May I ? " She asked. " Of course.. " I mumbled. Sasuke was staring at her the whole

time. " Sasuke? " I asked. " Huh what... " He mumbled. " Hmm... " I gave him a devious

smile. " Sasuke.... you were staring at her werent you.. " I said. " Huh? What N-No! " He

shouted. Ayumi giggled. " Wow.. I've never had friends who were a lively as you guys. Or

should I say never had many friends in the first place... " Ayumi mumbled. " Its alright..

we're your friends now! " I shouted. We ate and talked until the bell rang. Time went by

fast, school was over. " Hinata come  on. " Sasuke said. I ran up to him. " Hi Hinata-

chan, Hi Sasuke-kun. " Ayumi said. We waved. " Are you walking home? " I asked. She shook

her head. " My dad is picking me up. " She replied. " Ahh there he is now. See you

tomorrow! " She said and waved goodbye. " She is really nice, eh? " I said. " See.. "

Sasuke mumbled. " Hmm? See what? " I asked. " You made a friend " He mumbled. " Yeah.. I

guess I did. Thanks, Sasuke-kun. " I mumbled as I dozed off. " Hinata-chan? " Sasuke

mumbled. He turned behind and smiled. " Falling asleep on me eh? " He said. He started to

drive off. My arms were tightly wrapped around him. " Hey, Hinata.. " He mumbled. " Hmm? "

I said half asleep. " I **** *** " Sasuke said. " Huh did you say something? " I opened my

eyes. Sasuke was blushing. " N-No! " He shouted. " No you said something! " I shouted. "

Nothing! " He said. We finally arrived at my house. " Good luck. " Sasuke said. I nodded

and waved goodbye. I walked inside. " Im home! " I shouted. " Onii-chan? " I asked. " Oh

Hinata. How was your day? " He asked. " G-Great.. " I mumbled. " You meet anyone new

today.. " He asked. " Yeah. Ayumi and.... Akihito. " I said. Naruto turned to me

concerned. " Why the long pause? Whose Akihito? " He asked. " N-Nothing.. I'll get ready

now for Sakura to come over. " I mumbled. " Oh no need. Sakura is sick today. She cant

come over. " Naruto said. I felt relieved. I walked over to Naruto, who was watching tv on

the couch. " Onii-chan. " I mumbled. " Hmm? " He said. I went behind the couch. " Get up

for a second. " I mumbled. Naruto got up. " Hmm? what is it? " He asked. " Bend down.. " I

demanded. Naruto did what I said. Chu~~ I kissed him on the cheek. " I love you, Onii-

chan. " I said boldly. Naruto smiled and patted my head. " I love you too, Lil Sis. " He

said. I frowned. I gathered up all of my courage and said it. I cant believe I wasted such

a moment. I went to take a long bath. As I washed my legs, I slumped into the water. What

if I said.. his first name... " N-Naru-- " I had a hard time saying it. I blushed

everytime. " Naruto-kun! " I whispered. I sighed. " Phew... but how do I say it to his

face. " I mumbled. I started to practice. " Naruto-k-un.. I know you only think of me as a

little sister but.. Im... i-in love with you.. " I whispered to myself. Thats it! Thats

what I have to say to him. Though, its so embarrassing! I let out a sigh. I need a

plan....... After I was done taking a shower. I quickly put on my pjs and blowed out my

hair. I walked down the stairs when I heard a knock on the door. " Who could that be? "

Naruto said. He walked up to the door and opened it. There soaked and wet, was no other

than.... Sakura... Haruno.... I clenched my shirt. " Why is sh-she here? " I mumbled.

TO BE CONTINUED...............

Next: NaruHinaSasu: Onii-chan!! Chap. 2 Secret Exposed?!
Hope you like it <3


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NarutoXHinata: Finally
Hinata stood quietly as she used her 64-Palm-Protection on a training dummy, blasting it to smithereens with her chakra. Her arms moved in a fury, never pausing, never stopping. Her eyes were closed in deep concentration. She stopped and opened her eyes. She looked at what once was a training dummy and at the newly created crater she was standing in. You would think the Hyuga girl would be delighted. However, she sighed and buried her face in her hands for a brief moment. She grabbed her long hair and shook it out. She turned to walk home before her father got mad at her. She didn't have her Byakugan activated, so she didn't notice him watching her.
Naruto watched Hinata walk away. He recently returned to Konoha and he came here to train, but this was the first time he'd seen Hinata since he left. He was amazed at her improvement in strength since he left. He watched her train and was surprised to see her seem so disappointed. He was thankful she didn't see him, but he realized she didn't have her Byakugan activated. After Hinata had walked away about twenty yards Naruto chose to follow her. He liked the girl more than he realized and he really liked how she had changed. He loved how strong she had gotten and was proud of his great friend. What he really loved about her was how she had physically changed. He loved her hair, her height, her legs and her hips. He also loved how much her…um… chest cavity had grown, he'd been spending too much time with Ero-sennin.
Hinata heard a noise when Naruto carelessly stepped on and snapped a stick. She continued to walk but activated her Byakugan. She gasped when she noticed it was Naruto following her. She kept walking without giving any notice that she saw him. She made it home and walked inside her house. She went into her lavender bedroom and closed the lavender curtains before she changed into a purple nightgown. When she finished she opened the curtains and the window. She crawled into bed.
"Good night, Naruto-kun," Hinata said loud enough for Naruto to hear and no one else in her house. "And welcome back." Naruto was shocked that she'd seen him, been bold enough to call him out on it and grown out of her stuttering. First Naruto thought of leaving, but then another idea popped into his head. He slipped into her room and silently closed her window. Hinata was half conscious when Naruto's strong arms wrapped around her waist. Her eyes snapped open.
"Good night, Hinata-chan." Naruto whispered seductively into Hinata's ear. Her eyes widened.
"N-N-Na-Na-Naruto-k-kun!! W-what are y-you d-doing?!" Hinata stuttered. Just when she had gotten that under control, too!
"Can't I get that 'welcome home' in another form, Hinata-chan?" Naruto whispered. Hinata's cheeks got so red her face beamed like a red nightlight in the near pitch blackness of the night.
"Come on, Hinata-chan." Hinata had had her back to Naruto and rolled over. She stared into his blue eyes quizzically. She had to admit he did look good. He lost all of his baby fat and he grew about a foot in height. He had gotten pretty muscular too. She could tell his training had really paid off. However none of this had broken her resolve to tell him what was on her mind.
"Naruto-kun, why now?" she asked him. Before he could ask her what she meant she continued. "I've liked you since we were kids as more than friends. All you've ever thought of me as is a friend. You left for two years and this is the first I've seen you since then. You've never shown any interest in me. You get back and you watch me train, follow me home and sneak into my bed? Why? Why now?"
"Hinata-chan, I never realized I like you until now," he responded. "Seeing you again, as stunning as you are by the way, watching you train, seeing how much stronger you've gotten and how much bolder you've gotten." Hinata sat up and Naruto did too.
"Naruto-kun, do you want to be with me?"
"Yes, I really do, Hinata-chan."
"Well that's good." Naruto leaned in and kissed Hinata. She kissed him back. At first, it was slow and soft, but began to heat up. Naruto and Hinata fell over, Naruto on top of Hinata. Before it went any farther, Hinata pushed Naruto off of her. This time, he looked at her quizzically. "Naruto-kun, I really want to be with you, but right now, this is too fast. When the time comes for me to lose it, you are the one I want to lose it to, but not now. I mean, you only like me. I love you, Naruto-kun." Naruto was taken aback for a moment, but then regained his composure.
"Hinata-chan! I never said that I didn't love you! I was scared to say it because I was worried you wouldn't love me back, but you do and I'm so happy!" Hinata smiled.  
"Me too. But I still want to take it slow. I love you Naruto-kun but I'm not ready for that. I mean you haven't even—" Hinata was interrupted by a knock at her bedroom door.
"Hinata-sama," the voice of her cousin, Neji, started. "Are you okay? I thought I heard some noises."
"Yes, Neji-niisan, I'm fine."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, now could you please return to your own room? I'm trying to sleep."
"Yes, Hinata-sama." Hinata waited for Neji's footsteps to fade before she continued.
"Anyway, Naruto-kun," Hinata started. "We're moving too fast. I mean, you haven't even asked me o-on a d-date yet, and you snuck into my bedroom. I mean, where do we go from here? I don't know what to do now."
"Hinata-chan, do you m-maybe…" Naruto trailed off. Hinata's eyes gave him the courage to keep going. "D-do you m-maybe wanna g-go out with me o-on Friday?" Hinata placed her right hand on Naruto's cheek. She kissed him.
"I would love that, pick me up at 6:00. Now can you please go home?" Hinata yawned. "I really need some sleep."
"I can't sleep here?" he teased.
"Nope, now get out." Naruto did as he was told, closing the window on his way out. Hinata waited until she couldn't see Naruto before she laid back down. As she began to drift off she murmured to herself: "I'm finally going out with Naruto." And she fell asleep.
My first NaruHina fanfic.This is a one-shot. I'm proud of it. The characters belong to Masashii Kishimoto. PLEASE comment. >_<
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                                  7 minutes in heaven
                                   (Akatsuki flavor)

'Why does this happen only to me?!' You thought. You were just walking and stumped upon a cave. You just wanted to explore it, until 6 weird guys stop you with a friendly greeting. They all wore the same clothing, black cloaks with red clouds on it. "Hey! Pein this is the probulary the newbie Zetsu talked about!" A blonde haired guy said as a long bang covered his right eye carrying you deeper inside the cave. "Really! That's a certain surprise" A man said stepping out of the shadows as I saw he had a lot of piercings located all over his face. "Ya!~ and it's a girl too" A masked man said almost dancing full of joy.

You were going to explain to them that you weren't any newbie they thought you were until you remembered the last phrase the masked man said. "Eh! What do you mean it's a girl too!?". A silver haired guy with light purple eyes came up whispering to you "Its because there's only one girl but boss over there always has dibs on her" "I heard that!" the "boss" said "Almighty push!" he yelled as the guy with silver hair crashed into the nearest wall. "Ow! You know that fucking hurts!" He said as he leaned his right hand onto his injured head. "Hmp what's the newbie's name then?" A red head said as you didn't noticed him standing in the corner the whole time.

He looked probulary the least weirdest and normal out of all of them. "Oh well I am ________" "oo!~ _______-chan! I'm Tobi, a good boy" the masked man said as you just realized his real name. Soon all the guys gathered around telling you all of their names. "So you're Itachi, Deidara, Pein, Sasori, Hidan, and Tobi" you said as you repeated their names to memorize them into your mind. "Well we're missing 4 people right now" Sasori included. "Ooo!~ Tobi got a good idea! We should have a party~" He said as he already had a party hat on his head. 'Eh!? When did he…!' you thought but ignored the simple thing to the back of your mind. Everyone looked at the boss like asking for his permission. "Why not" he said not wanting to let everyone spirits down. "Yeah so amazing might as well play 7 minutes of heaven!" Sasori said joking around.

Well that leads me to sitting down on the floor around 7 guys I barely just met in a circle. 'Well I guess you can't get out of this pickle _______' you thought almost sighing, "Tobi has the bucket!" he said with a hat instead. "Um...Er…isn't that a hat?" you say confused by his words. "Or is it!" he said answering your question with a question. "…eh?" you mutter. "You get used to it un" Deidara whispered into my ear as he leaned to you.

"What's with all of the noise!" A guy said appearing inside the living room. He had dark coal eyes and raven hair. 'Well I guess he isn't much of a morning person' you thought. "Sasuke-kun! Come join our party!~" Tobi said trying to hug him. "Or I'll tell everyone about your secret~" He muttered loudly at Sasuke. "Fine" he said giving up as he sat across from you. 'He didn't ask about me' you thought. "Since you're the newbie you pick first _____-chan!~" The masked man said sweetly as he gave you the "bucket" that looked like a hat. You after 10 seconds pick up a…

Hi guys this is my first 7 minutes in heaven kind of thing. If you want just suggest what guy you what me to do! I wanted to do something with Akatsuki since they are awesome XD anyway reviews are gladly welcomed ^o^/
When a girl stumbles upon the Akatsuki base and gets mixed up into the game of 7 minutes of heaven! O.O" *gasps* XD
Suggestions for members you want are welcomed!

Tobi ----> [link]

Sasori -----> [link]

Itachi ----> [link]
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