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Grandpa was always the one to do things
-with his own hands.

He built his house,
our playhouses, tepees and dream castles
with his own hands.

Age 70 he was still climbing our roof,
(the one of the real house)
repairing it,
with his own hands.

So the worst thing
     the worst thing
     the worst thing was

when he had to watch our hands
-we all had come to help-
tend to his beloved garden
while his hands could do

The worst thing was
when he died
-on the inside-

'I am so useless.'

And I wished,
               and I wished,
                              and I wished...

he would just do something,
     something small,
     something tiny
     with his hands,

as a sign that he was
still there,
still grandpa,
still alive.
This one is for my grandpa Horst. He died more than a year ago.
I have been wanting to write about my grandpa - actually both my grandpas - for ages. But now it happened while I was writing the answer piece for this piece by OHiNeedTea: Dying like a dog (It's a must read. Go read it if you haven't yet. Seriously.)

Thank you guys for all the :star: and lovely comments!!! I can't keep up with thanking everyone for the :star:, but there are still very much appreciated :heart:
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“Warning, weak and fragile!”
you labelled me,
because I broke.

“Replace when damaged!”
is your brand of trouble shooting.

You never read half the manual
before (ab)using the product,
otherwise you couldn't have missed this:

Important Safety Instructions

Note: Every human is breakable
without proper care and maintenance.

Caution: Too much pressure can cause mental injury.
Caution: Abrasive words might damage god's product.

Warning! Failure to talk things through can cause electric shock to the heart.
Warning! Persistent ignorance kills!

You didn't even read the signs written all over my face:
Caution, valuable, handle with care!
I wrote this about a week ago.

Comments are very appreciated :)
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You are the mass,
the majority,
the group.

I am the lone creature of difference.

You think the single thought
of the hive mind.
Because your strength is unity,
conformity is what you seek.

I seek the aberrant thoughts of innovation.

You despise

I embrace
and an open mind.

I am what you are not:
the non-group
the un-conventional
the in-dependent
my own self made individual.
This poem was inspired by the poem Independent by =SpriteBlayde

I finally managed to create a counterpart of this: All Together Different. While "Frozen Hive Mind" was about the differences and problems between group and individual, All Together Different speaks about bringing those two things together, creating a group as it should be.

Deutsche Version dieses Gedichts (German Version): Erstarrter Schwarm
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More persistent than
an irremovable black marker,
you engraved your words of love
into my practical stone heart.

You decorated that barren place inside of me
with flowers made of
your honest words,
your boyish smile,
your warm touch,
and the colour of your affection.

So gentle feelings began
to grow inside of me,
cracking open my stone heart,
forming a tiny gap,
just big enough for you to slip in.
I was inspired to write this by ~thegirlfromindonesia's beautiful picture I Love you rocks.

She is this weeks (week #6, see here:[link] ) Artist of the Week in the Group #DAotW.
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In case I seem strangely absent:
Please go after me and ask me how I am.
Chances are I am awfully lost.

Might be I am just busy
- lucky you, lucky you -
but please be prepared for an ugly truth.

I am likely to
                         once asked.

Then listen.
   Give me the feeling you understand
   - but don't use those exact words, they have been overused -
   and please don't give me tips on what to do – not yet.

Hug me if we are close
   - both in space and emotionally. -

Whisper to me:

   It'll be ok, it'll be ok,
       this is just temporary.

   This is not your fault,
       you can't change it now,
           and you don't need to either.

   You are strong,
       and pretty,
           and worthy,
               and anything good.
                   God loves you.

Listen to the story again
   - from the same or another perspective -
   pretend I haven't said this 100 times before.

     Ask questions so I can talk more.
     Let me find my own solutions while talking.
     Explain them to me if required.
     Insert tips here, if fitting.

Listen to my thank you and take a big hug.
Retrieving lost sheep is hard work.
This was inspired by bloodawni's wonderful poem Tips on Getting Me Through a Crisis.
I found it a wonderful idea to have some kind of "instruction" on how we want to be treated in case of a crisis.
Treat others as you want to be treated it good, but treat others as they want to be treated is even better.

Thus I would like to invite all of you to follow her wonderful example to write a piece about how you want to be treated.

Find more Crisis plans here .

Edit: Check out this Journal about writing your own crisis plans and get featured with contributing yours: Emergency - We need your crisis plan
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I am no longer tired,
but hungry.
Instead of gritting my teeth,
I will bite!
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I pray for wind
to press air into my depressed lungs,

for a gust
to blow my mind,
removing the black clouds,

for a gale
to push me forward,
out of this airless,
lifeless state of mine.

I am
nothing but a dried leaf,
crumpled on the ground.

Please god, breathe
your breath of live
into me (again).

Let me dance
on the invisible wings
of your power.
This is my entry for the #Dreamers-Welcome challenge of July: Wind
Luckily the deadline has been extended until today, so I am still in time :)

Fun fact: Did you know wind is exactly the same word in German? There's only the little difference we Germans write all the nouns with a big letter at the start. So in Germany it is actually Wind.

-> See the challenge here:
-> See all the other lovely entries:…

Air  is not your element?
Try one of those then:
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I crawled to your surface again.
I had been tangled up in
passageways carved through
the soil of my mind.

I grew new roots
to find nutrient matter
buried deeply below
shallow hearts and shallow minds,
buried deeply within
distorted fragments of broken selfs.

I feel your support again.
You gave me back solid ground
below my searching, stumbling feet.

Embracing me with your weathered hands,
you give me what I lost and found:
A place, a whole planet, a home for my soul.
This is my entry for the monthly challenge by  #Dreamers-Welcome. This months theme is "Earth".

to the challenge description ->
to the other lovely entries ->

Earth is not your element?
Try one of those then:
Air (aka Wind)
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God, god, oh god, I am so scared.
So so scared, to do what I yearn to do.

Scared, scared, oh so freaking scared,
to do what I need to do to live,
truly live – not just survive.

I am so shaking nervous
to let go of the tiny bird in my hand,
although I know holding on to it
won't do me nor it any good.

So, so, so afraid to fail
when hunting for the two in the bush,
ever evasive birds of peace of mind and freedom.

But I'll need both their wings
to finally fly.
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I am not left
nor right,

not centred,
but bent
to keep changing.

I am a landscape,
inviting you to get lost
in the details.

The thousand lives that carve my surface –
Can you feel them?

Can you see
the lingering lilac
is not my deepest colour?

Can you find
my innermost core
and grasp it
as just one
of many?
This is what I call a "reflection" of poca2hontas's fractal Liquid Metal:
Liquid metal by poca2hontas

Maybe there are other names for it, but what I call a reflection is a work inspired by an artwork of a different medium. (unlike an 'answer' which is a piece of art inspired by a piece of art of the same medium. Well, at least in my head it is ;))
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