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A papercraft of Terui Ryu/Kamen Rider Accel from Kamen Rider W, which has to be my favorite toku series. Attracted to all the leads *w* I would have started with Philip or Shoutarou, but Terui seemed like the least pain in the ass to design (FEDORAS D8). This was an experiment with a new model base, and I think it came out pretty good. Not terribly happy with the angle the arms attach to the body, but other than that he came out really cute!

The really nice thing about this kind of model is that the hair/face/body aren't glued to each other, allowing you to switch out faces/outfits! So you really only need to print the first three pages to get everything, but print the fourth if you want two whole dolls.

Pattern includes:
- Three Faces
- Two outfits (Red version and Blue Version)
- Extra hands (if you don't want one to be for holding things)
- Accel/Trail memories
- Driver
- Engine Blade

Please let me know if the instructions aren't clear or if there's anything off with the pattern so I can fix it!

More Pictures of the Finished Product

Based on this pattern: [link]

Programs Used: Paintshop Pro 8
Time Taken: 24+ hrs
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(Full view is required!)

To note, this is a "Design" tutorial, intended to teach people about different ideas on how to make an unique Mewthree character. This is not a "How To Draw" tutorial, so anyone hoping I can teach you the fine points on actual drawing, this is not that type of tutorial.

As being one of the long standing Mewthree artists, I have had a lot of time to look at other peoples' work and see a multitude of different types of Mewthrees. After so many years I've come to notice some consistencies in the designs, as well as many copies, or Mewthree designs being inspired by other Mewthree designs (such as my Mewblade). The other thing I noticed is that despite the fact that the Mewthree is the most popular Fakemon species of all time, there have been no guides on how to make one yourself. I decided to use some of my knowledge and do what the community needed, which is a tutorial on Mewthree designs.

Actually making this was easy. Draw a base, then edit the living daylights out of it. Thought this would take me forever, but actually whipped it out really, really quick. I love being able to pull Mewthree designs at random.

If you have any questions, you can comment, Note me, or email me at

Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS4.
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Being a writer (or trying to be), I looked up a whole bunch of deviantART guides on writing and other related articles. 

So if you are in the same boat I am (one that is quickly sinking into shark infested waters). I have some tips for you, or rather, I have a list of other people's articles you should read. (With a little commentary from me. :D ) These aren't in any particular order, so don't assume the first article will be much more helpful than the sixth or seventh. I like the guides that talk to the reader and make it personal. Like "I know from personal experience that writer's block can be a challenge. God, don't we all know. But I have some great tips." So go ahead and check out all of these great resources. 

:bulletblue:This is the most brutally honest writing guide I've read yet. It is also one of my most favorite. Their description on different types of writing is extremely accurate. I really love this guide. It covers the misconceptions of writing and becoming a "professional writer". I found that this writer expressed my personal feeling towards writers and writing in general pretty well. 

:bulletblue:While this piece covers everything from proper formatting to knowing your action scenes, this guide goes much farther than to just say, "Use proper grammar, spelling, etc, etc." Nobody likes those guides. (I know I don't.) Simply because spelling issues can be fixed easily, while having a successful story takes much more than knowing the difference between "your" and "you're". (But you really should know the difference. Incorrect uses of homophones is annoying.)

:bulletblue:This piece covers many helpful topics and gives excellent examples to help you understand each section better. It also covers (and I have a problem with this) "killing your baby." Of course I don't mean murdering an actual small human, the term refers to changing a part of your story that you are particularly in love with. The guide also covers seven other topics with related subtopics.  

:bulletblue:This one talks about everything from having another job to back you up to not getting to attached to any one character, setting, etc. As the title suggests, there are 20 tips. Don't worry though, its not a big rant that is impossible to finish. 

:bulletblue:Another really helpful piece. I laughed a little when I read this, but in a good way. There are 8 tips covered in this piece and I found it odd how little recognition this guide had. Its not the most famous guide ever but definitely worth the read.

6) Writing HORROR

:bulletblue:This wasn't necessarily helpful to me, but overall it is an informative piece. The very beginning is helpful in creating a psychopathic "monster". One of my favorite movies is one I've seen recently, American Psycho, and that's the type of character that the first part of this piece helps you create.

Then it goes on to talk about scenes, other characters, and helps you create your own horror story. Very good guide. 

:bulletblue:Alright. This one isn't necessarily about how to write. Every writer needs constructive criticism. That's how people know what to fix in their stories, but you have to tell them first. I recently rewrote a good 50% of Part 1 of my "book". ( The Elliotville Slaughterer  ) Why? Because it didn't make sense, and the details were sparse. It seems obvious that two or more sentences that are describing the same thing would go together. 

As the only example I can come up with right now: 

The man's body was cold and still. His lips were blue and his eyes were frozen in a petrified stare. His shirt was stained with blood, the obvious hole in his chest being the cause of death. 
Red splatters made the warehouse floor look like a Jackson Pollock painting. "The man had clearly been standing when the bullet entered his body. Otherwise we wouldn't have splatter patterns like these." The detective stated grimly as he stood over the corpse. 

Would it make any sense if the sentences went like this?

The man's body was cold and white. The hole in his chest probably being cause of death. His lips were blue and his eyes held a petrified stare. His once fine shirt was soaked in blood. He had a tattoo of a cobra on his left arm. Blood covered the floor. While his corpse was still and cold. It looked like a Jackson Pollock painting.

The detective stood over the body. "The man had clearly been standing when he was shot. That's why the blood looks like this."

Not only do the sentences seem out of order, but they contain details that we don't need or are being restated. (Also, purposefully trying to make a really awful example is hard.)

That's how my details of the corpse were ordered. Why didn't somebody point that out? It aggravated me that no one had offered up a simple suggestion such as...

"I like the beginning, good start. Now I notice that your sentences don't have an order. All (or most) of the details about each part of the victim should be described together. Otherwise the reader may get confused or you could end up repeating yourself. Also there are a few small grammar errors. I hope this was useful."

That's all a writer asks for. Simple, kind, and honest critiques. We know its not an insult to us personally, its just helpful feedback. Try to give a comment on everything you fave. You are favoriting it for a reason, tell them why. 

8) Guide to Advanced Critiques  

:bulletblue:To go with number seven, is another critiquing post. This is not just about critiquing writing. Its about all forms of critiques. I know its a tad bit out of place in this piece but trust me on this one, okay?

Here's are a few deviantwriters who write a lot of writing guides. 




:star: That's all the guides and resources I have! (Perhaps I will do this again though, eh?)

If you find another amazing guide on how to write, put a link in the comments and I'll either save it for another piece or add it to this one. (Only articles from deviantART please. I'm trying to feature writers from this community.) But only ones that go farther than just how to correct your grammar. :star:

Miss Cupcake.
*chuckles* Sorry I did a mini rant on that one resource. I've been wanting extra feedback, and not receiving nearly as much as I had hoped for.

Anyways, I'm not saying I know everything about writing. Clearly I don't if I'm looking up writing how-to's on the internet, right? But I thought I would share a short list of what information I could find. 

Would you like to see another list of writing tips, and resources?

Should I write my own list?

Are there any awesome articles I should include?

Were these articles indeed helpful?
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Finished Model:

The first request from the series NARUTO.
I don't even remember who requested. Sorry it took so long.

This is Namikaze Minato, also known as the Fourth Hokage/Yondaime. I don't know anything about him except that he's Naruto's father.

Parts were recolored from :icontsunyandere: (DesuBunny's) various papercrafts.
Thanks a bunch!

NARUTO (c) Masashi Kishimoto.
This recolored model (c) me.
The parts from this recolored model (c) DesuBunny.

- To make that rectangular piece that's supposed to be his coat collar... Fold ONLY along the gray lines. You must glue this piece on the bottom of his head so the gray lines align with his face. Then you can glue the body to the square of this rectangular piece.
- You can give him those special kunai if you want, but I was lazy and decided not to.
- That red line is the string thing that holds his coat together (you know, rather than using a zipper, they wanted a string).
- The side of his pants with the white and purple stripe goes on his right/your left.

If you want to print the pattern out, you can copy and paste the downloaded image onto Microsoft Word (or a writing program) and make the image larger.

If you need help, you can leave a note for me or a comment on this page, or you can look at DesuBunny's tutorial:
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Photoshop 7
12 brushes.

The rules is simple:

don't use my resources containing,original works to others Artists, Photographs, Painters
to make your owns creations.

you can use in dAprints and outside dA

and use your imagination.

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I decided to draw all official dreamworld pictures as lineart.
Check out my other lines if you want :)

They're for free use, so you can colour them, just follow this rules:

:bulletwhite: give me credit
:bulletwhite: leave a comment so I can see your finished colouration ^o^

Lineart me.
Pokemon artwork Ken Sugimori.
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The instructions for the Phoenix Wright papercrafts I got off of court-records and also made my recolors from. Someone commented that the instructions on court-record's site were down so I decided to post them here for those that need help. :)

Phoenix Wright(C)Capcom
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Special thanks to Stephanie (aka redheadstock [link]) for allowing me to convert and host this set of brushes she created! Please stop by her site and tell her thanks! She deserves the credit, not me. Please make sure you use these brushes in accordance with the terms and conditions listed on her site.

The original set of PS brushes can be found here:

You can also visit her on the web at this location: [link]

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Merchant Resource: Get Grunge

This is a resource for commercial and personal use.
You can purchase it here [link]

Whats Included:

- 60 800x800 Seamless Tiles
- Each one 300DPI

ALL of these .jpg tiles will pattern seamlessly, you can overlay them onto your favorite floral fabrics, leathers, prints and more for a unique effect and a grungy worn look. Perfect for use in creating clothing textures for models, perfect for creating papers and backgrounds!

This is a merchant/artist resource, you may use this resource to make new items for sale.

Create artworks, images, greeting cards, website templates and layouts, and more with this versatile package!

Create for both on and offline projects!
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Update 1.1:

  • Added what is now step 1

  • Added further explanations in some places

  • Added green highlights to make text more readable

This took a hell of a long time to put together and with Corel Draw crashing on me on more than one occasion I'm seriously surprised I even made it this far.

At any rate, I wish you enjoy this tutorial a lot more than I enjoyed making it.

You may repost this tutorial or modify it as long as you credit me and share it forward.

If you have questions or requests please leave them in the comments.

P.S. Yes, that is the new PS :D - I'm trying it out.
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