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This is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and yes I am aiming to do all Showa and Heisei Riders, including antagonistic Riders. And if you want me to do a particular Rider/series, say so and they may be bumped up my to-do list, otherwise I'm going to be doing the Heisei Riders in reverse-chronological order, then the Showa Riders in chronological order (meaning Hibiki to Kuuga, then Ichigo to J).

From left to right, by row:

Kamen Rider 555
Kamen Rider Blade
Kamen Rider Hibiki
Kamen Rider Kabuto
Kamen Rider Den-O
Kamen Rider Kiva
Kamen Rider Decade
Kamen Rider W
Kamen Rider OOO
Kamen Rider Fourze
Kamen Rider Wizard
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All spots are taken. If you would want to participate as well then be sure to write your name down in the comments. That way I can contact you when there should be a spot open.

People have decided and they picked pixel city as our pixel project. But since pixel grid was so close then I'll try to combine these two and give you what you wanted. Right now I added 64 squares because I don't know if we will even fill it. But I have some plans to make it even more awesome if you guys are interested. I will also add some city objects and buildings step by step, as the city grows.
I hope that this will turn out to be a epic project. If you like this then be sure to let others know about this as well, so that it would grow bigger and bigger.

But before we start, here is a little story of this place and what happened and is happening so that you would get a better overview what's going on.


How things started...
Welcome to Cytherion, an ancient land once protected by Cytherion army. This land has seen many great and devastating wars in a battle for Cytherion Citadel, what once was a landmark for all the powerful and majestic. But just like all the other things in this life, often the most precious things are the ones that seem to go too fast.
Now many years have passed and what once used to be the hub for all the traders, warriors and travelers has slowly turned into wasteland of no life and happiness. But this is all about to change because we together will embark a new journey. Journey that will once again make Cytherion what it was before and prove to the world that good things can last many lifetimes.

And now...
Now, historically Cytherion hasn't been fortunate with it's location, because tribes that have been surrounding this area have always been unstable. North from Cytherion you will now find a modern country what is ruled by humans like us. This country is rich and powerful, often described as a blessing from the gods themselves but in reality often driven by money and greed. However life over there is luxurious, mostly funded by the government. So it doesn't matter if you work or not, you are still rich no matter what.
South from Cytherion you will find another country, unfortunately not so rich and powerful. But they have something that other's often don't have - love and happiness no matter what. They support each other and try to get over life obstacles together. Most of their living comes from farming and metal work, but some more fortunate have worked their way up to being shopkeepers that is given on generation by generation. Also worth mentioning is the fact that this country isn't populated by humans but their nemesis, emoticons.

Why Cytherion...
Cytherion symbolises hope between these two countries, that peace isn't only a word we are talking about, but actually something that can be achieved by hard work and respect towards each other. Cytherion is a new home for people who decided to give up their good life or for emoticons who think that they can support their family better over here. Both of them, no matter what their cause is, respect each other and have an agreement that we, no matter who, can live together and respect each other as we are.
Therefor with the money they had and hard work they put into it, Cytherion is once again turning out to be as majestic as before. They have finished building roads and other important things for life, now it's time to move in and live the new life.

Your task...
This is where you come in. It doesn't matter who you want to be, human or emoticon, be who you are. Prove us that Cytherion can once again be this awesome place that it was before. Build your home, shop, garden or what ever you want. There are no limits, you are the one who shapes the future.

Rules and guidelines

But there are some rules in Cytherion that we all have to follow.

1. When you build then try not to block too much of the surrounding squares. There is no height limit but be mindful.
2. You can claim more than one square and build these squares together.
3. There is no limit for claiming squares, you can own as many as you want but you can't get more squares before you have built on the ones that you have already claimed.
4. Keep it clean, no offensive stuff please.
5. You are free to build what ever you like, it doesn't have to be a building.
6. Please don't use colors out of original context aka too bright colors or neon colors.
7. Try to keep your work in a same scale as everyone else.
8. You have to use isometric pixel art.
9. Use this template as your guideline. You don't have to build on top of it but it is here, so you wouldn't go over the lines.

10. Read before posting.

I try not to interrupt your ideas but if something is way out of place then I might ask you to fix it before it is added to the project.

One thing that you have to promise me is that if you claim a square then be sure to complete it. You don't have to do it with 1 day or even 1 week. You can take a month or two if you want to. But if you know that you can't do it within couple of months then please don't claim a square and do it when you are ready.

Future of this project

I don't know how well this project will go because over the years it is proven that only some of the projects last longer than few months. Therefor most of the project never get completed. I will tell you right now that I will try to keep this project alive as long as possible and do what I can to make it happen. But I can do only so much to make it a success. I can provide you with templates, scenery and support, rest of the stuff comes from you.

Development and Growing
If it should happen that this project is more successful than expected then of course I will make the original map bigger by adding new locations like for example an island or gated community for people who have already proven themselves to be worthy citizens. Possibilities are endless.

Major updates

January 28, 2014 - Our town is grown to be bigger than expected, so some cosmetic updates were needed.
- added lamps and traffic lights to all streets.
- town got itself a brand new bridge as well as the area around it.
- big overhaul to how buildings are displayed.


:bulletgreen: 1. r0se-designs --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 2. Web5teR
:bulletgreen: 3. vanmall --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 4. Jordan9909
:bulletgreen: 5. StrawberryYashi --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 6. mintyy
:bulletred: 7. LizToonsewe
:bulletgreen: 8. Xipako --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 9. Lost-in-Underland
:bulletred: 10. radiantcomet
:bulletred: 11. Lost-in-Underland
:bulletgreen: 12. princesscheetos --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 13. InuyashaRules6596
:bulletgreen: 14. ThePrettyArtist --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 15. Oobiedoobs
:bulletred: 16. LadyMidnightSolace
:bulletred: 17. AIternativeBunny
:bulletred: 18. Shink0u-chan
:bulletgreen: 19. AIternativeBunny --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 20. PixelatedV
:bulletgreen: 21. A5P1D --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 22. Kurokodile
:bulletgreen: 23. AIternativeBunny --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 24. Riony-Yagameratsu

:bulletgreen: 25. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 26. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 27. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 28. TheGalleryOfEve --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 29. Solar-Beam --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 30. robinmcdiarmid
:bulletgreen: 31. ligula --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 32. ShadOBabe
:bulletred: 33. robinmcdiarmid
:bulletred: 34. wensly
:bulletgreen: 35. acefecoo --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 36. Jordan9909
:bulletgreen: 37. NeoZ7 --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 38. Hardrockangel
:bulletgreen: 39. princesscheetos --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 40. KururuRyu --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 41. Kunniki --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 42. Shirei-Shou --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 43. Kunniki --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 44. Kunniki --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 45. GreenBombAngryBird
:bulletgreen: 46. Nilmrots --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 47. Skyfishz
:bulletred: 48. Peppermint-Pinwheel
:bulletred: 49. Honeywave
:bulletgreen: 50. trenico --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 51. JotaShonen
:bulletgreen: 52. trenico --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 53. DrRevolutionary
:bulletred: 54. MafiaVamp
:bulletred: 55. Pixacious
:bulletred: 56. Pixacious
:bulletgreen: 57. JEricaM --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 58. JEricaM --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 59. ioanacamelia2000
:bulletgreen: 60. robinmcdiarmid --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 61. ZellaRoss
:bulletgreen: 62. r0se-designs --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletgreen: 63. spring-sky --> Click to see the deviation!
:bulletred: 64. avisceral
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Updated Version: [link]
Here's a list of all the Kamen Riders shown [left to right]
First Row:
X Rider
Black RX
2nd Row:

I'll be uploading other chatacers,alt. forms, and custom states for Fourze soon.
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iw been hearing allot of cute music lately sooo, so i had to animate something to the beat!
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Thought it's time for a new meme, and cause I'm also not much happy anymore with my old "self advertisment" [link]
I decided to make a Genre Meme, that you also can use as a challenge. Just try to find (or create) a picture, from you, for any genre in this meme. The XXX-part is optional, cause this is clearly something not everyone do, if you have a picture for that, just take care you don't show to much, okay?
Hope you use and enjoy this meme. ^^
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Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile! ♥
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"The Power Rangers have vanished. Lord Zedd, their greatest enemy, has been defeated. The world is saved. Tommy Oliver, no longer the White Ranger, is in exile; running…hiding…waiting…for evil to find him again.

The world has moved on. Now, 20 years later, Lord Zedd has returned - stronger, faster and nastier. Slowly regaining his powers and at the helm of a new army, he is looking for revenge against Tommy.

Haunted by his past and having given up on fighting for the world, Tommy is tracked down by Zedd and his minions. But with the help of a mysterious woman, they discover that Zedd is looking for more than revenge...much more.

Now, to stop the forces of evil, Tommy and this mysterious woman seek help in stopping Zedd : an underground street fighter looking to do battle with anyone and everyone, twin sisters as different as night and day, seeking to protect the earth more than its people, and a police officer who’s no stranger to villains.

Together, Tommy and his new team are all that stands between Zedd and the end of the world. Will they triumph, or will Zedd finally destroy his greatest threat once and for all?

Reformed, repowered, the POWER RANGERS are back."
(Source: )
First of all the Black, Green, and White are unconfirmed design as on now. THIS IS A FAN FILM. Here their homepage: and Kickstarter page:

Now before you ask, here are some facts or ideas about this movie:
:bulletred: Both Robert Axelrod and David Fielding will be reprising their voicing role as Lord Zedd and Zordon respectively.
:bulletred: Ron Wasserman will be the composer for the film.
:bulletred: This is a gritty and dark sequel.
:bulletred: This take place in an alternate timeline.
:bulletred: In this film Zordon is not dead.
:bulletred: Presumably Zeo (and maybe MMPR3) and onward did not happen.
:bulletred: Tommy Oliver will return as the Green Ranger.
:bulletred: The government (or something like one) is trying to reverse-engineer Ranger tech and know about Zordon.
:bulletred: The Blue Ranger will be female.
:bulletred: Morphers are now gauntlets.
:bulletred: JDF will not be reprising as Tommy.
:bulletred: Yellow and Pink will be played by acutal twin sisters.
:bulletred: And yes, an African American guy will play the Black Ranger. (For those who will not let it go.)
Original Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers/Zyurangers/KibaRanger SD was made by :iconrobinosuke:
Also this is going to be my last art related to MMPR for a while.
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September submission ohhhh yeah. This one packs a ton of effects, so many in fact that death is on the list!

The only thing old in this scene is Rainbow Dash's Cutie Mark. I built it a year or two ago and never edited it. I'm pretty sure I have a more modern version somewhere with way smoother sides....

A little story about this whole scene. The scene actually changed DRAMATICALLY at least 3 times. The changes were so intense that the entire scene is rendered upside-down. For the scene file itself, the VERY FIRST version was actually for the WOTW Typography theme competition, so I just threw in the worlds "Friendship is Magic". I threw it out a few minutes later as I figured it wasn't colorful enough, so I then spawned in 6 words of harmony. It stayed that way for a looooong time - well over a week. The scene was going to be similar to the 'big words on dark floor' theme I usually have going on, but it just didn't 'wow' me. I decided to play with Particles, particularly Pyrocluster, to get a new looking effect going. It looked cool because it looked like all the words were sleeping on the clouds. I had a thought and decided to hide the floor and flip the camera upside down and man did I love the way it looked. I was talking to my friends on voice communications at this point and one of them, ~Gweskymane , suggested that I add some grass to it and switch the particles to a fog look. I re-flipped the camera to zero rotation and tossed in realistic grass. Now, the problem with this move is that a LOT of these effects don't go well together. Global Illumination and Hair/Grass render don't play well together. Global Illumination and Particles don't play well together. Particles and Hair/Grass I have never tried before. With all three of these effects in play, my render times suffered. It was taking 20 minutes at a time just to get a preview and my computer was obviously under immense stress. Coincidentally, I lost control of my computer because one of my hard drives failed (my D: drive). It would seem like the unworldly workload on my computer murdered my hard drive, but the two events are just coincidental. The drive that died was one that I found (in a trashed computer). Pulled the drive out and all was well. I lost all my icons and my vector files but all my 3D stuff was safe.

Because of this unexpected death, I had abandoned the scene for a long time. I eventually missed the competition deadline the render was due for. Luckily, the following week's theme was Clouds and Mist. By falling behind, I was a step ahead. Since I no longer needed words, I took out all the words and replaced them with one word, Loyalty. I exploded them, gave them a rainbow spectrum and inserted the cutie mark dead center. Added a full light-rig, custom created rain, and voila. The final product.

No task within this project was easy, but it sure payed off.

Rendered on AMD Phenom 1090T x6 3.2Ghz & AMD FX-8350 x8 4Ghz. Total render time 11 hours (and that's with a TON of optimization).
Cinema 4D R14 using Physical Renderer at MEDIUM settings (not even high)!

If anybody needs a LARGER size, leave a comment with the requested resolution and I'll render it out. It'll only take about a full day.

I had just forgotten that September 7th marks the day I had joined DeviantArt and submitted my first piece of work - another Rainbow Dash bit. Back then I was still using Photoshop with Cinema 4D as a backup. Now, I don't even have Photoshop anymore and Cinema4D is my main runner. A lot has happened in two years, comparing both Sep7 works. Thanks for over 7,000 page views.
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Actually this is a scene from long-long time ago, when Morgue and Dax already met, but non of Morgue's boyfriends appeared yet... and Alessandro wasn't even a character then, that long ago :XD:
They don't look much different, I know. But actually Dax is much smaller, just can't see it here, has less spots, shorter hair and rounder face. Morgue looks the same for about last 500 years.
Morgue always was a cry baby - that is truth, but he hates crying because instead of tears he cries with blood and it's very dirty :D
As you can see, Dax always was there for him.

PS, when I draw a room with pink and blue and everything is in flowers, know - it's Morgue's room :giggle:

Guys are my OCs.
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Just an idea I came up with rummaging through my old Legos. I stumbled across one of my favorite things as a kid, the first and second generation Toa/Toa Nuva from Lego's Bionicle series. Since the line shares some similarities with a Super Sentai/Power Rangers team, I thought it would be interesting to actually make them into one. Of course, this mean making the pieces in a pixel manner. And there in that lies the hard work and detailing.

"Legend of Fire! Toa Red!"
"Legend of Water! Toa Blue!"
"Legend of Air! Toa Green!"
"Legend of Earth! Toa Yellow!"
"Legend of Flowers! Toa Pink!"
"Legend of Light! Toa Silver!"

"Bionicle Sentai! Toaranger!" (or Power Rangers! Toa Assembled!)

The coloring is is somewhat based on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger's designs. That's why there's gold lines on their chests and silver 'cuffs' on the arms. I wanted to make the design cater to the sculpting on the actual pieces, rather than kind laid ontop. So any designs in colors follow along ridges and grooves you would find in actual pieces.

I tried a simpler shading method with this as well. Usually I use a six, sometimes seven tone range for colors, this time I went with five, the darkest being an outline color. It kinda makes it smoother I think and looks a little more like plastic than more shades would have. However, I did have to make darker tones for indentations and shadows, most apparent on the chests.

I didn't want to use the same elements and genders from the Bionicle series. Instead, their gender and color combinations are based on Gokaiger, so red, blue, green, and silver are males while yellow and pink are females. I kinda always thought the Bionicle series was odd for having an ice and water elemental and earth and rock, so I changed that bit up too.

Here, the masks don't mean any special powers or anything. I just made a few and decided who got what. I didn't mean to, but the girls got the Noble Kanohi masks the Turaga had while the guys got the Great Kanohi worn by the first generation Toa.

The black visors are just to make them more similar to a Super Sentai team. I kinda imagine it would just appear atop the masks and show the colors of their eyes rather than be completely opaque.

That's about it. I may be making more Bionicle pieces in the future now that I have the basic components, but I may not. Time will tell.

Everything here is my hard work. Please don't touch anything without permission. Thanks.
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