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I posted this on my Tumblr some time ago, but I figure there's no harm in putting it up here too, even if it's only to scrap it later.

I'm knee-deep in games right now, but I want to dip my toes in comics at some point. I'm pretty tired of stereotypically-shaped main characters, but at the same time, I don't want the character's shape to define them completely. It's a balancing act I've been interested in for a long, long time, and while I don't know that I can pull it off properly, I'd like to try.

So anyway, meet Alanis. Her personal details are a little fuzzy at this point, save for the fact that she plays hockey for fun. A friend of mine wrote a character profile that you can read if you click the Tumblr link, however it's not official.

Moleskine and Manga Studio 4.

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Sketch with some color of this "lucky" fisherman
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Quick sketches of Lune, I feel like she should be a little chubbier though.

I've had these characters in mind for years, but their story was kind of awkward (not in a good way), then recently everything started falling into place, it's a nice feeling ^^
Though at that pace, I won't start pencilling it until 2015 u_u;;;

Sky Village [link]
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Awww, ain't she purdy? I wonder where she gets her good looks from.

Was going to do a generic Weck... but there's no such thing! And covering Weck in general would be too cluttered. So I went with a Wood Weck.

If I had more room, I'd do more Wecks.

Species: Wood Weck (wehck)
Genus: Magical Humanshape
Form: Flesh, magic, clothes
Element: Nature

Height: 5' - 6'5"
Weight: 50-70 lbs

Physical Features:
:bulletblue: Human female-like appearance
:bulletblue: Wood-like skin and skin engravings

Disposition: Hostile; Man-eater - Danger Rank C-A
Habitat: Forests
Diet: Beauty essence of young female humanoids

Mob: "Group" - Weck in general are rarely seen in groups, and never in more than 3. Usually do not work well together. Very territorial.

Sex: All physically female, but biologically ungendered. Weck do not reproduce. It is unknown how a Weck comes into existence (I seriously have no idea).

(statistics based on 0-20)
Strength: 4
Fortitude: 4
Intellect: 11
Agility: 10
Magic: 15

:bulletorange: Spellcaster: Knows a wide range of spells.
:bulletorange: Higher Threadweaving: They create their own clothes with pure magic.
:bulletorange: Human Tongue: Weck can fluently speak human languages.

Weck are purely evil-born creatures, and Wood Weck are no exception. They are made of pure magical energy and resemble witches. They have powerful assortments of spells corresponding to their element.

Weck are known for their appetite of young and cute girls. Weck thrive off of the beauty and life that they absorb from their prey. They live in such seclusion, that they're often believed to be just an old tale to scare children.

Wood Weck, specifically, follow an earth tone color scheme, and their fashion follows hooded robes, decorative zig-zag patterns, and fine silk and cotton -like fabric.

Mythology: KNICK!, Knick's Adventure, Dungeon Tale, Guardian Sagas, Heartblade, just about everywhere.

Wood Weck, Weck (C) by I, Nick Roger/*The-Knick. Do not copy or distribute.

BATTLE THEME: [link] (Warning! Pony-related! But ignore them, the music is what matters)
Next Monster: #4: Buffalofish [link]
Previous Monster: #2: Mopher [link]
All Month Monsters: [link]
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Here's a sketch I did of Anma yesterday. These markers make my head spin :<

Anma is a character I helped create with a bunch of buddies (~Yoji00 and ~starvingartistcomics to name a few) in high school. If you look WAAAAY back in my gallery, I'm sure you'll find some Anma artwork somewhere... Oh the horror!

The Dead Anma Project

(Skip the horrible web design and check out the gallery!)
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Early exploration for the hunter in my twist on Little Red Riding Hood. I'll be unrolling some more development in the next couple of days!
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Some drawings of random characters. My favourite is probably the dude in the top right corner lol.
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Some stuff from tumblr and blogspot.
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