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~2MiB, sorry ;)

Arch Linux, Compiz.

GTK: elementary EM by me
Emerald: elementary Emerald by me (modified a bit)
Icons: elementary Icons by ~DanRabbit
Wallpaper: Minimal Blue by ~Blittzd (slightly modified)
Covergloobus: PHT Nano by ~blazmir1

Running apps: Xfce4-panel, Nautilus, Covergloobus, Firefox, Sonata, Pidgin
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OS: Mac OS X 10.10
WP: Fallout 4 promotional art
- Flavours (Custom menubar)
- cDock (Custom dock)
- Coversutra (Album art display)
- Displapature (Rounded off corners)
- Weathermin w/Preset Theme 1 (Weather display)
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An edit of a screenshot from the game "World In Conflict"
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Picture is from one of the comics of Ghost Rider, can't remember which one, while the text is mine.
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Anna Selezneva - Mango Fashion 2012

:bulletblack: ROM: AOKP
:bulletblack: Theme: Black Exodus
:bulletblack: LS Wallpaper: [Link] (resized and cropped)
:bulletblack: HS Wallpaper: [Link] (resized and cropped)
:bulletblack: Weather: SiMi Clock Widget
:bulletblack: Clock, Date & Weather Text: Minimalistic Text (Code Light Font)
:bulletblack: Battery bar: T.E.A.M. Battery Bar
:bulletblack: App Drawer Icon: DOPE Icons by Filipovsky
:bulletblack: Softkeys Icons: Modified version of Metrostation by Yankoa
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Hey friends....
In my last deviation I have only given the link of the tools used to convert windows 7 in mac... :)…

Now, in this tutorial I'll give complete detail on how to use those tools... :new:

Before starting this, disable User Account Control(UAC).
Just type UAC into the start menu or Control Panel search box.
drag the slider to never notify and restart your system.

First of all, download "Universal Theme Patcher". :strong:…

It's really easy to use. After downloading it, just open it. It contain two files...
UniversalThemePatcher-x64 (for 64 bit) and UniversalThemePatcher-x86 (for 32 bit). Open it and patch all 3 files....
Restart your system.
Now u r ready to use mac theme for your windows... :w00t:

Download Mac OS x theme for windows 7 from the link given below..…
Unzip the leopard osx and copy both the files at C:WindowsResourcesThemes folder. 
Double click the theme file. 
I don't like the theme wallpaper so replace it with (depends on u)…
And wooooo u now have mac theme.
But a lot more work to do with it. :eyepopping:

Now time to convert windows white curson into mac black one. 
So download the Mac OS x cursor…
After download the setup just install it. Installing it is noob job so i'll not tell u how to do that. :censored:

Download Stardock IconPackager v5 0…
and also download iLeopard IconPackager…
Install Icon Packager and apply iLeopard Icon Package.
Now u have ur drive, folders and all icons just like mac. :p

Time to work on windows taskbar.....
First of all, if your taskbar is locked then uncheck the "lock the taskbar" by right clicking on taskbar. 
Then drag it to topmost portion of your desktop as the location of taskbar in mac is at the top of desktop only.

Now change the start orb. Download Start Orb changer…

Change it using Apple Start Orbs Pack for Windows 7…
We have to put finderbar replacing our windows taskbar.
Download mac accessories whole package…
The package contain finderbar folder also.
Open it and install the finderbar at C: Program FilesFinderbar 1.5
Now we have finder bar as in mac. Right click on the finderbar and click skin it...
But we have to config it to automatically start at windows startup. 
So create shortcut of Finderbar Engine at windows startup folder which is there in start menu.
Open start menu. Find the folder name startup. Open it by right clicking it and copy the Finderbar Engine shortcut there.
:::Finderbar ready to use::: :chew:

But what about system tray icons. Time to change them also. 
First of all, remove the time display from the system tray as i don't like the digital time display at corner of the desktop.
Click start menu and and in search box type "gpedit.msc" without quotes.
Then go to User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesStart Menu and Taskbar and enable "Remove Clock from system notification area".
And ya don't forget to remove recycle bin from the desktop.
Again open "gpedit.msc".
Go to User ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesDesktop and enable "Remove Recycle Bin icon from desktop"
Restart or log off your system to see the changes.
Now the system tray icons we have to change are
Speakers(Volume), Network, Action Center... We will also put icon of VirtuaWin and Desktop4ever icon in system tray.
So firstly we have to install these two applications as they are not present in windows by default....
after their installation, open "Mac OS X accesoriesOS X system tray for Seven" folder and copy virtuawin and desktop4ever icon
at their installed directories(C: program files..). NOTE: USE BLACK ICON VERSION.
And put VirtuaWin and desktop4ever shortcut in startup folder of start menu also. ;)
Like that only, go into the folder OS X system tray for Seven 32bit or 64 bit(depend on your system) and replace all dll files with the files in windows system 32 folder.
But before replacing those system files you need to take the ownership of those files. For that visit…
After taking the onwership of all those dll files you can easily replace them but DON'T FORGET TO TAKE BACKUP OF SYSTEM FILES BEFORE REPLACING THEM.
After replacement restart your system and you will see the changed system tray icons. :macos:

If you are getting problem in installing finderbar then you can also use rainmeter finderbar skin...…

As in mac the explorer buttons (close, maximize, minimize) are on left of the explorer top bar so for that in windows we use leftsider…
Install the exe file and copy it's shortcut in startup folder of start menu so that it can also start automatically at windows startup..

Move on to mac dock.
Download Stardock ObjectDock Plus v2.0…
Install dock and put the dock at the bottom side of screen to give exact mac look.
Now you have dock but not of mac look. So download mac icons from the link
Now put various apps link in your dock. List of apps i have on my dock are 
Firefox, Safari, utorrent, My computer, explorer, downloads, control panel, calculator, paint, start menu, clock, temp., CCleaner,
recycle bin, angry birds game, angry birls rio, Show desktop, Vlc, notepad, link of movies, songs, documents and last wmp.
Change the dock icons by right click on the dock ico > go to settings > customize this icon option > select the icon from downloaded mac icons. 
Now your dock look much like as that of mac. :thumbsup:

For getting Mac OS X Lion Launchpad on Windows follow the link and download the exe file...
After downloading it run the exe file after iinstall it...
After installation instruction to use that are packed in software itself...

You can also use mac dashboard using xwidgets. Tutorial is given on the link below…

Enjoy :party:

How to enhance our desktop??
Download Xdeskcover…
with xdeskcover you can directly access your player with a single mouse click 
and also looks good as a desktop gadget.

Then comes the rainmeter
Install rainmeter. Download skins and copy them in your DocumentsRainmeterSkins folder. 
Refresh rainmeter by right click on rainmeter icon in system tray. 
Their are many tutorials on how to work with rainmeter skins so I'll not tell you much about that.

Download these rmskin to customize your desktop
For taskbar clock…
(All credits goes to the developer of this awesome rainmeter skin)
Location of clock is Mac BarApplicationsClock

Elementary Rainmeter 1.41 (desktop as in above desktop screenshot…

FB Update directly on desktop with "FacebookForOmnimo"…

On desktop rainmeter volume control…

For websites and world clock skin download Omnimo 4.1 for Rainmeter by fediaFedia....
Here's the link…
Just download that skin...
There are lots n lots of skin in that single pack including that website and world clock skin :)

Logon screen
Just download the file from the given link below and replace the authui.dll file located at C:WindowsSystem32 folder.…
all credit goes to the person who done lot of hard work for designing the logon screen.
Use dll file according to your system(32 or 64 bits)..... 

For animated mac boot skin visit…


Post comments if you got stuck or having any problem in this Windows---> Mac job. :confused:


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Okay, I saw this awesome movie trailer for the movie Pacific Rim. The trailer alone blew my mind enough to the point where I want to watch this movie!

Here's the trailer where I took the screenshot: [link]

I don't own the video or movie.
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I love Left 4 Dead it's the pc coop game me and my mates have been waiting for along time, I highly recommend it.

As for the Dr Pepper ad it seems to fit the moment. :evillaugh:
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"I have been Babtized twice, once in water, once in flame..."

Probably one of the more notable characters in my travels of the Wasteland.

Made in Garry's mod.

Enjoy. :)
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Wallpaper: [link]
-player: [link]
-date/time: [link]
-other: Enigma
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