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Spain sat in the living room playing with the  now three year old triplets of Italy and Germany, “Aww Romano we shou—” “NOO!” Romano yelled from the other room knowing what his boyfriend was gonna ask.  Spain sighed Ferdinanda was playing with blocks with her sister Ceila while Amato Their brother watched Barney.  “Romano why can’t we have a baby?”  Spain asked while the triplets played. Romano glared at him, “No bambinos,” He said before walking. “Sissy give,” Amato whined as he fought with his sister Ferdinanda over a stuffed bear. The toy tore a flew hitting Amato in the face. “AHHH,” Amato screamed a ran off crying. Spain looked at Ferdinanda who stuck her tongue out at her brother and throw the toy. “Ferdinanda, Time out now,” Spain said pointing to the chair in the Conner of the living room. Ferdinanda screamed and Spain sat her in the seat he went to get Amato as Romano walked out with him, “Go play with your sissy sweetie,” He said as Amato ran off to play with lego's  with his sister Ceila. Romano kissed Spain and whispered in his ear, “Tonight we try for a baby,” He then left the room. Spain smiled happily.

*3 weeks later*

Romano woke and rushed to the bathroom to throw up. Spain rubbed his back and Romano looked at him, “Get the test,” He said. Spain left and gave him the pregnancy test.  Romano smiled when the test showed. He ran and hugged his lover kissing him, “It’s positive were gonna be parents,” Romano said happily. Spain kissed him again, “Thats wonderful Romano, I’ll call Roxy to sat up ultrasound check ups,” He said happily. Romano smiled and went to call his brother.

*1 week later*

Romano was a month pregnant he was at home with the triplets and Svana and twin boy Freddie and Jason. Svana and Amato were playing with blocks while Ferdinanda and Ceila played with dolls. “That one goes on top,” Svana said as she helped her best friend build a pyramid. Freddie and Jason ran over. “Svana look a picked you a flower,” Jason smiling at his baby cousin. “I did to,” Freddie said. Romano smiled at the twin boys. They were really close with their cousin. “Did you two get those out of the backyard?” He asked. “Sawry Romano,” Freddie said. “It’s ok just tell me next time,” Romano said as he  focused back on the t.v. Svana smiled at her cousins, “Thanks,” She said. “Wanna play blocks,” she asked. Freddie and Jason nodded. Amato smiled and laughed with Svana and her cousins they four of them were close friends.

three hours went by and the kids were picked up by there parents. 2p America spun his son Freddie around. Romano looked in shock. “2p America what the fuck are you doing here,” Romano yelled unaware that the 2p was married to Roxy. “Roxy couldn’t make so she sent me to pick up the boys,” He said. Jason ran over, “Daddy can we watch child’s play tonight,” He asked. “Ask your mom,” 2p America as he  showed his sons towards the car. “Thanks for babysitting,” He said before leaving.

Romano kicked Spain in the face when he went to touch his feet. “Don’t touch me you bastard,” He grumbled. Spain rubbed his cheek. “That hurt Romano,”  he said. “Don’t touch me then,” Romano grumbled rolling over  on his side. “but were having a baby together,” Spain said. “I don’t care if were having a bambino or not don’t touch me,” He said.  Spain sighed and lied down on bed next to the pregnant Italian. Romano fall asleep whit Spain next to him
finally finished baby overload Spain and Romano are asked to babysit for not only Roxy's twin sons but Italy's triplets and June's daughter Svana
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Romano was seven months pregnant. Today was the day he was gonna renew his vows with Spain. He looked at him self in the mirror when he felt and pair of arms wrap around him. “Your beautiful as always,” Spain said kissing him softly on the cheek.
Jason ran around playing tag with His best friend Nathan. Svana Danced with Her mom as Nick and Kishi watched in awe. Freddie was dancing with his mother. Amato sat with Jenna and Fj. his sisters danced with their mother and farther. Romano walked out with Spain. Roxy smiled and looked at both of them. Svana sighed and stopped dancing with her mom she took a seat next to her best friend. “Whats wrong?” Amato asked. “It just fells like theres someone missing in my family. Mommy always leave my party after I blow out my candles,” Svana said. The others over heard her conversation. “June I think its time Svana new,” She said. June nodded. “Come here baby girl,” He said. Svana ran over and sat in her moms lap. “Whats wrong mommy?” She asked. June took a deep breath. “It’s time you knew. When you were born you had a twin brother. He—he didn’t make it. He passed away when he was born,” June said. Svana looked at her mother noticing that he was crying. She kissed him on the cheek. “Its Ok Mommy Ies still loves you,” She said. Iceland hugged them both. “And we love you Svana,” June said.

*An a hour later*

Spain fed Romano a piece of cake. Nathan was dancing with his mother America. Freddie stayed with his mother dancing. Amato sighed seeing that everyone but him was dancing with their parents. Svana yanked him on to the floor. “Come a Servant should dance with his Princess,” She said. Amato smiled as He Danced with Svana. Nick and Kishi grumbled under their breath. “That should be me,” They said simultaneously. June tapped Iceland. “Would you look at our daughter,” He said. The others turned to See Svana Dancing with her best friend. Svana smiled. “I’m your princess,” She said. “And I’m your faithful Servant,” Amato said. Nathan tapped Jason. “Looked at your cousin,” He said. Jason grumbled. “No fair,” He whined before flipping over the table with the cake on it. The cake flew into Svana's hair. “AH,” Svana screamed and began to cry. 2p America grabbed his sons wrist and got straight his face. “You listen and You listen close one more out break like that and I’m taking your play station three away and your cable You understand I’m sick and tried of your crap,” He said. Jason began to sob. Roxy looked at him, “You shouldn’t be acting like that. Your farther is right,” She said. 2p America let go of Jason wrist a red mark was left. The other looked in shock. Roxy kissed 2p America. “I hate punishing,” He said quietly. “Sweetheart your just doing what any farther would  and his behavior is out of control,” Roxy said. Jason cried an ran up stairs. “I wish you and mom never met,” He yelled as he ran up stairs.


A eight month pregnant pissed Romano lied in bed screaming. Spain was sitting in a chair as Romano held his his hand almost breaking it. “I FUCKING HATE YOU. YOU FUCKING BASTARD,” He Yelled. “Will you stop complaining and push,” Roxy said. Romano pushed one last time before he heard his second daughter whale and sob. Roxy cleaned her off and rested her next to her sister. “Ok You ready to deliver your son?” She asked. Romano nodded and on his next contraction pushed. He screamed tighten his grip on Spain’s hand. “GET THE FUCKING KID OUT,” He yelled. Roxy glared at him. five minutes went by before the third baby was born. He sobbed as Roxy cleaned him off and rested him with his sisters. Romano passed out afterwards. Roxy smiled. “Let him rest,” She said quietly. Spain nodded and walked over to look at his three newborn infants.  “Their beautiful,” He said. His first daughter had Romano’s eyes and Spain’s hair. Their second daughter had Romano’s hair minus the curl and Spain’s eyes. Their son had Romano’s eyes and hair with a curl on the same side as Romano’s.

Romano woke and looked at his triplets. “Give me my son,” He said. Spain smiled and handed his son over to Romano, “My little bambino. Pablo Carriedo,” He said kissing the infant on his forehead. Spain smiled and picked up his first born daughter, “How about Maria Carriedo?” He asked looking at Romano who nodded. “And Isabelle Carriedo,” He said happily. Spain nodded and picked Maria up. Pablo smiled at Romano.“My three little angles,” He said. Spain carried over the girls to meet their mother. “Our family,” Spain said kissing Romano on the cheek.
their will not be a 5th part to this because I want to start the squeal when the kids are older. also Nathan is Russia and America's son. the squeal will be very long since its all my Mpreg stories squeals mashed together
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Italy rested in bed he hadn’t been felling so well for at least a few weeks. Germany watched as his lover lied in bed. He had been worrying after the fact that Italy stopped being in the mood for pasta. He wanted to take him to the hospital but Italy had always said he was fine. Germany sighed. He wished his lover would go to the doctor even just for a little while but he with Italy it was hard. The Italian hated doctors especially hospitals. Germany decided that It be best to call a special doctor.
Roxy was the doctor for all the countries. She was one of the few doctors the for only countries. Germany decided to call her but he waited until Italy was asleep. They decided on an appointment in a week. Roxy had been busy supervising Prussia and Canada who had a newborn baby boy.

Germany decided not to tell his little Italian bride about the appointment knowing he would try to get it canceled. He walked into the bedroom where Italy lied in bed. “how you felling Italia?” Germany asked as he stroked his cheek. Italy looked up and slightly smiled. “~Ve, I fell better when you take care of me Doitsu,” He said. Germany smiled and gave the Italian a sweet kiss. “Vhat you want to eat?” Germany asked. Italy sat up quickly. “PASTAAAA,” He said enthusiastically. Germany laughed at the smaller boy. “Ok,” He left to start making some food for his husband. Italy sat on the bed when a wave of nausea hit him and he rushed towards the bathroom. Germany was just starting to boil the water when he heard Italy throwing up. Germany heading towards the bathroom. Italy was hanging onto the toilet As he throw up again. Germany walked over and rubbed his lovers back. “Come on Italy. Lets get you to bed,” Germany said as he lifted up Italy bridal style and carried him to bed.


Italy was sleeping not able to coop with his nausea he decided to rest for the time being. Roxy had visited hours earlier and was now talking to Germany about what he had to do. “Make sure he does do anything drastic or any heavy lifting until the baby is born, also try to keep him clam and under no stress it could very fatal to baby. I’ll be back in two weeks for an ultrasound,” She said. Germany sighed. He couldn’t believe it, Italy was pregnant and with his baby.
Germany and Italy had always talked about having kids sometime but with them being so busy it seemed that they never go throw with it. Germany decided to go out and buy some parenting books while Italy slept.

Hours later Germany got home with three large bags full of books and one special  bag for his beloved pregnant Italian. He rested the bags on the coffee table. “~Ve Doitsu, Your home.” The Italian walked into the living room. He was on the phone with his older brother Romano. “Ja,” Germany walked over and gave the Italian a kiss on the cheek. “~Ve, is that for the bambino?” Italy asked dropping the phone and rushing over to the bags. Germany smiled he wrapped his arms around Italy and pointed to the only blue bag in the group. “That’s for you a the baby,” Germany said as he heard someone Pound on the door.Germany sighed and released his lover as he head towards the door.
“YOU DAMN POTATO-EATING BASTARD. "I’LL KILL YOU,” Romano yelled as he pounded on the door. Germany opened the door as Romano attacked him. He punched him in the stomach. Italy let a worried, “~Ve.” He was sitting on couch with bag Germany had said was for him. “Fratello, Please don’t kill Bambino’s papa,” Italy whined. Romano stop and looked at his brother. Germany walked over to his husband ad sat next to him. He was sadly pushed away when Romano decided to set between them. Italy began to open the present. He let out a excited “~Ve,” and smiled. Inside the bag was tons of baby toys teething rings a bottles. Germany grabbed the bag and took out one last surprise. A bid that said ‘I’m there lovechild.’ Italy smiled, “~Ve this is wonderful Doitsu grazie,” Italy said.

Soon after Romano went home and the two expecting parents settled down to watch a movie. Germany smiled happily. “~ve, Doitsu I can’t wait for the Bambino to be born,” Italy said ecstatically. Germany wrapped his arms around him. “Ja, the baby will have the best parents,” Germany said as he rubbed his lovers not yet showing belly. Italy smiled he rested his head on Germany’s shoulder as they watched the movie. Soon enough Italy had passed out. Germany picked him up a carried his lover to bed. He got Italy into some comfortable P.J’s and got into bed next to the sleeping Italian.
First part of GerIta:Mpreg there will be more I'll update as soon as I can I wish I knew how to put up links if someone could tell I'll definitely put links up
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*First trimester*

Italy was lying on the couch. He was being praised and congratulated by his friends. Canada and Prussia had brought their son Jackson over. “~Ve, Your son a such a cute Bambino,” Italy said as he bounced the baby up and down on his lap. “Ja, Mein sons as awesome as Canada and me,” Prussia began to gloat about how awesome his son was as the others talked about the new baby on its way. “Have you dudes started the baby room yet?” America asked. Italy smiled happily a stood up. “~Ve, not yet. Doitsu wants it to be a surprise and is gonna do the Bambino’s room by himself.” Italy said happily. Germany had been really nice to Italy after finding out he was pregnant. He didn’t know why but didn’t complain either.
 Canada rocked Jackson who had started to whale and throw a tantrum. “Oh, Baby boy please stop crying, Mommy’s tiered,” Canada whined. Jackson hadn’t slept a wink. “Here give him here,” Prussia took Jackson and rocked him until the sobbing baby calmed down. Canada sighed as he sat in the chair. The others all ignored the fact of Canada and Prussia. “Vere going home,” Prussia said knowing Canada was about to pass out.
 The others said goodbye to the two countries and their son. Italy decided to go to bed. The baby had been taking up a lot of his energy. He headed upstairs while  the others talked with Germany about becoming a dad. all of them had tons of questions. “Are you ready for this?” Hungry asked, “I know that you and Italy had been talking about becoming parents but not for a long time.” 
Germany agreed that it was a little soon to start a family bit he was a hundred present positive that he would be ready for the new arrival that is if he lived that long. Romano stared at him from across the room.
“well It’s getting late by guys,” Germany decided to cut the get together short so he could live another day.


Italy was nearing the end of his first Trimester. He had started to get a lot weight. It seem he was a little big for a person only three months pregnant. “Italy you already eat,” Germany yelled to the Italian who was stuffing his face one more. “~Ve, but the Bambino is hungry,” He whined. “You are eating a lot for someone just having one baby,” Roxy said. Her, England, America, Spain, and Romano had arrived only a minute earlier. Roxy was setting up a monitor to start the ultra sound. Italy sighed he sat down the bowl of food England had made for him. “~Ve, I wish the others could see the Bambino,” Italy said as he lied down on the bed. “I can print enough pictures for everyone,” Roxy said. Italy nodded happily.

Roxy started the ultrasound and the picture of the baby slowly moved into vision. “The, Baby seems healthy. And its developing nicely with any luck you be able to give birth naturally,” Roxy said. Italy smiled, “~Ve Doitsu look at our bambino, Isn’t it adorable?” Italy looked at Germany. “Ja, The beautiful baby’s beautiful Italia,” He rested his hand on his lovers leg as they looked at the ultrasound. “Is that what the kid really looks like?” America asked looking at the picture on the screen. Roxy Laughed, “Yes America, Well for now soon it well more human so to speak,” Roxy said as she finished the ultrasound and handed Italy towel to wipe the gel off. “~Ve, Roxy how far along am I,” Italy asked. “Twelve weeks, You still have a long time to wait.” “~Ve Thank you.”
Roxy handed out the pictures of the ultrasound. She gave extra to some of the countries so they could give the other theirs. She they left.

As soon as everyone was gone Germany slipped into bed with Italy. He rested his hand softly on Italy round stomach and smiled. “~Ve, the bambino just kicked, Did you fell it Doitsu?” Italy ecstatically. “Ja, I felt the baby,” He gave the italian a kiss. Italy snuggled closer to the German and they slowly fell asleep.
Second part of GerIta Mpreg. I might do a squeal called 'GerIta family,' so keep a look out sorry I still don't know how to put up links yet
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*last Trimester*

Italy was was now nine months pregnant. He would barely get out of bed and complained even more now that he was gonna have a baby fairly soon. “~Ve, Doitsu my back hurts,” Italy whined. Germany sighed he sat on the couch and made Italy turn around so his back was facing the German. Germany carefully rubbed the Italian’s back.  “~Ve I wish the bambino would come already,” He whined. Germany laughed. He turned the pregnant Italian around.
He lied him down a rubbed his rounded stomach. “Hello, little one your Mutti is getting a lit anxious, We can’t vait to meet you,” He cooed and kissed Italy tummy making him giggled. Italy a quick, “~Ve,” and sat up fast. “Vhat’s wrong Italia?” Germany asked quickly. “~Ve, I have to go pee,” Italy whined as he rushed off towards the bathroom. Germany relaxed for a second when he heard a pounding on the door. “OPEN THE DOOR YOU POTATO-EATING BUSTARD,” Romano yelled angrily. Germany sighed he got up and opened the door. The angered Italian glared at him a stormed in. “where’s Fratello?” He asked shockingly clam for him. “He went to the bathroom,” Germany praying that Romano wouldn’t kill him while Italy was in the bathroom.
Romano grumbled underneath his breath. “I HATE YOUR GUT YOU POTATO-EATING BASTARD. WHY DID IT HAVE TO BE YOU,” Romano grabbed the German by the neck angrily. ‘OUT OF ALL THE PEOPLE THERE IS HE CHOSE YOU. YOU DAMN BASTARD I’M GONNA KILL YOU,” Romano shouted but before he could he was yanked back. “Romano, Don’t leave him alone,” Spain held back Romano who squirmed and tried to brake free of the Spaniard's grip.

The atmosphere seemed tense. Germany wished Italy would hurry up in the bathroom. “~VEE DOITSU,” Italy yelled. “Vhats wrong Italy,” Germany asked as he walked down the hall towards the bathroom. Spain and Romano fallowed behind him. Italy opened the bathroom door he clenched his stomach. “~Ve, Call Roxy,” He whined, “It’’s—It’s time, The baby is coming,” Italy whined. Germany Looked at Spain and Romano, “Spain can you get some fresh towels and a bowl of varter?” Germany asked. Spain nodded a rushed off. Germany helped Italy to the bedroom. He striped the bed of it’s sheets and helped Italy on to it before calling Roxy. Italy screamed as a contraction hit. “Roxy will be her soon. Italy complained as Germany got him read for the delivery. Spain ran in with towels and bowl of water Germany asked for. Ger used one of the towels to cover Italy’s bottom half.

Half and hour later Roxy made it to the house. Italy cried loudly as she got to the room. She pushed Spain and Romano out of the room and closed the door. “THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT, I HATE YOU GERMANY I HATE YOU,” Italy screamed as he tried to coop with the pain.

*5 exhausting hours later*
Germany called the other countries as he looked at Italy. Who not long ago had giving birth to triplets. Germany was shocked at the fact that he had not one but five lives. to take care of now.
two of them where girls the last was a baby boy. Germany set the phone down and sat next to Italy. He picked up one of the baby girls. She had Italy’s brown eyes with Germany’s blonde hair, and no curl. She whimpered softly and Germany smiled. He rocked his baby girl in his arms as Romano and Spain entered. “Triplets,” Romano looked in shock at the three bundle of joys in Germany’s and Italy’s hand. “What are their names?” Spain asked looking at the three babies.
“Vell, This one is Celia Beilschmidt,” Germany said looking at the baby in his arms. Italy “~Ve the other baby girl is Ferdinanda Beilschmidt,” Italy said happily, “and our son is named Amato Beilschmidt.”
Spain smiled, “Are their so cute.”
Amato looked a lot like Germany except for the small curl on the same side that Italy’s was on. His hair was as blonde as Germany’s and Italy’s brown eyes. Ferdinanda had Italy’s brunette hair and curl, She had  Germany’s eyes but seemed. Roxy walked back she had finished writing down the birth certificates and sat them on the table.

Soon the other countries got to the house to meet the three new borns. “their adorable,” Finland said. Italy smiled happily. “~Ve would you guys like to hold one of them?” Finland smiled and held out his hand. Germany showed him how to hold the baby as he handed him Amato. “Aww he’s adorable, Sweden do you think will ever have kids?” Finland asked. Sweden looked at him with a straight “Uh—Maybe one day,” He said.

After everyone got to hold the babies they went home. Luckily for Germany and Italy while everyone was cooing over the babies Roxy bought two extra beds and fixed the baby so all the babies would be comfortable in the nursery. Italy rocked the smallest and last born Celia to sleep as Germany set up the mobile’s and the nightlight. “~Ve, look at our bambinos Germany aren’t they adorable,” Italy said. “Ja, Their perfect Italy,” Germany said tucking in Celia.
After the babies were asleep both new parents headed to bed a went to bed.
Finally the last part of GerIta (Italy x Germany): Mpreg. I'll be making a sequel for it and I'm gonna be making a SuFin and FrUk for [link] hope you enjoy the last part a like the surprised ending also I'll will draw the kid of the pairings
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  PRUCAN (Prussia x Canada): Mpreg
         how Jackson was born part 5


Canada whined as Roxy helped him with his wedding dress. “I don’t see why I had to were the dress?” Canada complained. “Well you are the uke and the one that's pregnant,” Roxy said. Canada pouted and crossed. “Gah, Not to tight Roxy you’ll hurt the baby,” Canada complained as Roxy yanked on the strings. “Sorry Canada,” She laughed and finished tying the back of the dress. “There, You look beautiful  Canada,” Roxy said. Canada smiled happily. “Oh, Did you and Prussia think of a name for the baby yet?” Roxy asked softly. “Uh yeah Jackson Beilschmidt,” Canada said. Roxy smiled, “Well I’ll meet you out there,” She said before leaving.

The wedding started. There wasn’t may people on the brides side and that was mostly because everyone usually forgot Canada.  The music started to play and Canada walked down the aisle. Prussia smiled from the arch. As the Music stopped Canada stood in front of his husband to be. “Your beautiful,” Prussia whispered. Canada slightly blushed as the priest began to talk.

After reciting there vows the priest started to speak again, “Do you Gilbert Beilschmidt take Matthew Williams to be your lawful wedded bride to have and behold from this day on, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?” The priest turned towards Prussia. “I do.” Prussia smiled happily.
The priest turned towards Canada, “And do you Matthew Williams to be your lawful wedded husband to have and be—,” Before the priest could finish Canada let a scream. “Gah,” He grabbed onto the podium and his stomach.
Prussia looked at him, “Canada are you ok?” He asked freaking. “The—The baby is coming,” Canada whined clenching his stomach. Prussia helped him up. and rushed him over to the car. Canada screamed as Prussia helped into the back of the car.

By the time they got back home Canada contractions were really close. Roxy sighed “Ok, Canada when your next contraction comes push,” She said. Canada screamed. He Grabbed Prussia hand squeezing  it until He heard it crack. “THIS HURTS,” Canada yelled. Roxy sighed, “Just Push,” She said. Canada cried but did as Roxy said. “I HATE YOU PRUSSIA I HATE YOU,” Canada yelled. “Clam Canada, It’ll be over soon and we can see our son,” Prussia said. Canada sighed. “I see the head your almost there,” Roxy said before turning to Prussia. “When the baby comes you need to be over here to cut the Umbilical cord,” She said. Prussia nodded and walked out of the room to wash his hands. “OK Canada one more push,” Roxy said as Prussia walked back.

With the last push Canada took a deep breath before hearing his newborn baby cry. Prussia got to help Clean him up and Roxy weighed him and wrote out his birth certificate. Prussia walked over and sat on the edge of the bed with the infant in his hands wrapped up in a blue blanket that Roxy got him. His eyes were closed for the time being. Canada smiled at his new white haired albino son. “He’s perfect Canada,” Prussia whispered pecking Canada softly on the lips. “Talk about a wedding crasher,” Roxy said walking back in, “You guys have some friends and family who want to meet the new arrival.” She called the others in. Jackson’s eyes finally opened and Prussia smiled, “He has your eyes Canada,” Prussia said happily. Canada nodded before passing. Prussia almost freaked. “Clam down he’s just tiered from the birth he’ll be fine in a couple hours,” Roxy said.

When Canada woke he was happy to see Prussia sitting in the small rocking chair feeding their new son, “Thank you Canada, Jackson is defiantly and always will one the awesomeness a best presents I’ve ever gotten,” Prussia said. Canada smiled and sat up, “let me see my baby,” He said in his sweet voice. Prussia smiled and handed Jackson over to Canada so he could their son for the first time. Roxy walked in holding a camera. As Prussia was about to sit back down in the chair she called to him, “Get Over so we can get a picture of the whole family.” Prussia smiled and sat next to Canada. After the picture was token Roxy framed it and gave to them.
The last part of PruCan mpreg finally up. I hope to make a squeal soon and please tell all your favorite hetalia yaoi couples because I'd be glad to dedicate a story about them to you
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Romano rested on the couch his head resting on Spain’s lap. He was as big as a blimp. Svana and Amato played Princess and and Hero while the two lovers relaxed. “Shh lets go up stairs a play,” Amato whispered realizing that his Uncles were dead asleep. Svana nodded and fallowed Amato upstairs quietly.  

Spain woke along with his lover. He rubbed Romano’s stomach. Amato walked down stairs along with Svana. “Can we have a snack?” Amato asked sweetly.  Romano nodded. “Sure,” He said. Spain got the kids a snack. “Now you two play quietly upstairs,” He said. both Svana and Amato nodded an ran up stairs. Spain sat back down with his lover who glared at him, “Get me some tomato’s you bastard,” He yelled. Spain sighed and grabbed Romano his own snack. He sat back down once again and Romano snuggled close to him kissing sweetly on the cheek before eating his food.

When the kids went home Spain and Romano smiled finally able to have some alone time. Romano sat in Spain’s lap kissing him. He smiled happily, “I’m so happy where together,” Romano said. Spain smiled and kissed Romano sweetly. “Soon will have three little kids,” Romano said sweetly. Spain rubbed Romano’s stomach.  Romano smiled softly as Spain rubbed his bulged stomach.

Romano laughed as Spain blow on his stomach. “Stop that Spain it tickles,” Romano laughed. Spain smiled happily. Romano looked at Spain and felt the babies kick. Spain looked at him happily and rested his hand on Romano’s stomach.  “Hello there babies. Hi I’m your dad and Me and Mommy can’t wait to meet you,” Spain said talking to Romano's stomach. Romano smiled he couldn’t wait before he met his babies.  

*3 months later*

Romano was six months pregnant. He could rarely get comfortable and  could never get up by himself. “Spain help me up you bastard,” Romano complained.  Spain helped his lover onto his feet. Romano looked at him for a second. He waddled outside. “Where are you going?” Spain asked. “For a walk I’ll be back later,” Romano said. He left not looking at his lover.

Romano sat on the bench. “I’m fat,” He whined as he heard a familiar voice. “ROMANO!” Spain ran over to his lover.Romano wiped his eyes, “What do you want you bastard?” He sniffled. “I was getting worried whats wrong?” Spain sat next to his lover who sniffled again. “I’m fat,” He whined. Spain wrapped a arm around his lover. “Your not fat,” He said holding Romano close. Romano looked at him when he heard a voice. ‘FREDDIE!” 2p America’s voice ran throw the park. Both men sat up and rushed to find what was wrong. Roxy was fishing her son out of the lake. 2p America glared at Jason as Romano and Spain got over. Roxy used CPR and got Freddie breathing the young boy coughed and shivered from the fall breeze hitting him. 2p America wrapped his jacket around his son and Roxy picked. “I HAD IT WITH JASON,” She yelled. ‘YOU CAN FOR GET ABOUT GOING TO HORROR MOVIE FEST YOUR GROUND UNTIL I SAY,” She yelled her her second son close. Romano looked in shock. “But mommy,” Jason whined. 2p America looked at him. “Son your mother is right you know your brother can’t swim and you pushed him into the lake.” Spain looked at the twins. Jason kicked Roxy in the leg and ran off, “I hate you,” He yelled. 2p America kissed Roxy and ran off to get his other. son. Romano took of his jacket realizing that Freddie was still freezing. “Here,” He said. Freddie looked at them as his mother wrapped the second jacket around him. “Th—thank you,” He said before coughing and passing out.

When Freddie woke he was on the couch of his house. Spain and Romano were in the love seat his head lying on his lovers lap 2p America was by the stairs to stop Jason from coming down stairs before his time out was over. Freddie sat. everyone smiled and Roxy hugged her son. Jason tried to come back down. “GET BACK UP THOSE STAIRS NOW YOUR GROUNDED,” 2p America yelled before hugging Freddie. “Thank god your alright,” Roxy said. The other countries so visited to see how Freddie was doing. Jason tried to come down stairs again and Roxy glared at him. “Jason you better not be coming down those stairs your still grounded for trying to drown your brother,” She said in a calm tone. Jason sighed a walked back to his bedroom. Roxy sighed and sat down. “I don’t understand why he’s acting like this Freddie was ecstatic to hear he would be an older brother,” Roxy slumped in her favorite recliner and 2p America kissed. “EWW,” The kids said. 2p America smiled. “He just need time to get use to the fact of another baby in the house,” America said. June was shocked. “Your Pregnant sis?” He asked. “Yes with a girl,” Roxy said. 2p America smiled. “Can I name my sissy?” Freddie asked. Roxy and 2p America looked at each other and then at their son and nodded. “What name do you have in mind?” They asked. “Megan, Meg for short,” Freddie said. 2p America smiled. “Thats perfect sweetie,” Roxy said.


Romano sat up in bed. “Whats wrong?” Spain asked. Romano sighed. “What if our kids act like Jason what if one of our babies tries to kill another?” Romano couldn’t erase the fact that Jason had tried to kill his twin brother. “It’ll be alright,” Spain slipped closer and yanked Romano into a hug, Romano sighed resting his head on Spain’s shoulder. Spain took something out of the dresser drawer and hid behind his back. “I have something for you,” He said in a sweet charming voice. Romano looked at him. He should him the small box. “I promised you an engagement ring three years ago,” Spain said. Romano smiled at his lover. He looked at the dime incrusted ring. Spain kissed his forehead, “Romano our wedding anniversary is in a month will you renew our wedding vows with me?” He asked. Romano nodded and kissed his lover on the lips. “I love you Spain,” He said. He felt the babies kick. “And I love you to bambinos,” He told his babies. “I love you to Romano and I love our babies,” He said.
Finished part 3 YAY thanks to the people who have given me good Ideas. and Tell me if theres and Amine yaoi couple you like it doesn't have to be Hetalia
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          FRUK MPREG
               PART 1

England lied in bed sick. “Ugh, I hate that bloody frog,” He grumbled trying not to remember who he had woken up next to. “What happened last night?” He questioned. The only thing he could remember was drinking at the bar and then waking up next to France. “Ugh,” England shock his head trying to shake the Image. “That bloody frog, If I see him again it’ll be to soon,” England grumbled.
He rested trying to get rid of the migraine. He decided a nap would be the best for the migraine.

*2 weeks later*

England hung onto the toilet. He had been throwing up for the last eight hour since he was awaken by a blast of  nausea, “Bloody hell.”  England got up when another wave of nausea hit him. There was a knock at the door. “England, You home,” France’s  voice ran throw the house. “GO AWAY YOU BLOODY FR—,” England was hit by yet another wave of nausea. France entered the house and walked towards the bathroom where England was. He was hanging on to the toilet. France walked over. “You ok?” He asked. “DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M OK YOU BLOODY FR—,” England throw up once again. France bent down next to him a rubbed his back. “You Should call Roxy,” He said. “I did she’s busy she’ll be here later,” England said. France sighed he picked England up. ‘PUT ME DOWN YOU FROG PUT ME DOWN,” England grumbled. France lied him on the bed. England rolled over not wanting to look at France. “This is your fault,” He muffled underneath the blankets. “How is this my fault you probably just got drunk last night,” France said turning away from England. England whined, “France can you get some water?” England uncovered his face and looked at France. “And I have drink since that day,” He complained. France walked out of the room. “England Roxy’s here,” France walking in with Roxy behind him. England sat up. “Ok lets see whats wrong with you,” Roxy started to sat up. She turned towards them. “England since apparently men can get pregnant I brought a pregnancy test take it or suffer,” Roxy said in a joking voice. England grumbled.

He took the test after an hour of arguing with Roxy. “Your a great motivator,” France said. “How’d you do it England hates you?” Roxy asked knowing that if England was pregnant it be  France’s baby. “He was drunk,” France confessed. “So you took advantage of him? Wow you really are desperate  for love aren’t you?” Roxy teased. A angered Brit stormed in. “I’M GONNA KILL YOU FRANCE,” HE grabbed the frenchmens and started to strangle him. England stopped and began to sob hugging France.  “I’m pregnant,” He said. France looked at him for a second before England tried to strangle him, ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT TO BLOODY FROG I’M GONNA KILL YOU,” England was stopped by Roxy, “Your stress levels are way to high you’ll have a miscarriage. Stress is bad,” Roxy said. ‘I DON’T WANT A KID WITH THIS FROG,” England screamed. “I’m having a baby,” England rested his hand on his stomach. France put his hands on England’s shoulder. “Well have fun also England I’m sending my brother over to make sure you don;t drink while your pregnant and keep your stress down,” Roxy said leaving.
England looked at France and began to sob again. “Whats wrong England?” France jumped thinking England would try to strangle him again. “I’m just happy, I’m gonna be a mum,” He said. France smiled happy that England wasn’t going to try to kill him.

England whined, “Why?” He had been begging France for a drink for an hour. “Your pregnant, You can’t drink,” France said handed him some water. “YOU FROG IF YOU DIDN’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ME I COULD STILL DRINK,’ England yelled. France hit his face with hand. Nine months of this he wouldn’t make it throw this month alone. England complained  and whined.  France sighed  praying that he could make it throw this.
Finally finished the first part of FrUk mpreg. England is very hormonal throw out the whole thing and is have one of those hate love relationships with France
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*2 trimester*

Italy woke around midnight. “~Ve, Doitsu! Doitsu,” Italy shook the sleeping Germany until he woke up. “Vhat,” Germany sat up and looked at the Italian. “~Ve, Bambino and I are hungry. Can you get the pasta and chocolate syrup. Please,” Italy asked. Germany sighed, “Can’t you wait till morning,” Germany asked as he rolled over and hid under the covers. “~VE,” Italy began to cry, “Doitsu doesn’t love me. ~VEE.” Germany sat quickly and wrapped his arms around him. “Ok, Ok don’t cry Italia I’ll go get the pasta,” Germany said he quickly jumped out of bed and headed down stairs to get the food that his pregnant Italia had asked for. Italy Sat up and bed and rubbed his tummy. “Don’t worry Bambino, Papa’s getting you some yummy pasta,” Italy said as the baby kicked.
Germany rushed back into the bedroom the a plate of pasta cover in chocolate syrup. “Here Italia,” Germany handed his pregnant Italian the food who ate in a one huge gulp. “grazie Doitsu,” Italy said. Germany lied back down. Italy sat the plate and lied his head on Germany's chest. Germany smiled before wrapping his arm softly around Italy. He stayed up until Italy was sleeping. “Night Italia,” HE whispered. He gave Italy a soft kiss on the forehead and fell asleep.

Germany got up around five thirty. He carefully slipped out of bed not trying to wake his pregnant sleeping husband. He gave him a soft kiss and walked off. He walked into the soon to be nursery. “I still have time,” He said deciding to get started on the baby room. It took about three hours just to paint the completely. “DOITSU,” Italy yelled from down stairs in the living room. Germany  walked towards the edge of the top stairs. “Ja, What is it Italy?” He yelled down. “England and America are to talk to you,” Italy yelled. Germany ran down stairs. He looked at the two countries. “~Ve, I’m gonna go take a nap,” Italy said before walking off. “Hey dude, We were thinking about throw a surprise baby shower for Italy,” America said.  “A Surprise baby shower, Vell Ok. Hey could you guys help me?” Germany asked after agreeing to the boys plan. “Yeah, What is it you need  help with?” England asked. “Vell I need to finish the nursery but I don’t want Italy seeing it till I'm done,” Germany said. “We can distract him dude. Will take him out to pick out some baby clothes,” America said. Germany thanked both boys and headed back up stairs to start the rest of the baby while America and England took Italy shopping.

*5 hours later*

Italy got home around five thirty. He allowed America and England inside and yelled to Germany. “Doitsu! Doitsu! I’m home,” Italy started heading upstairs. “Wait dude tells us how long before your due,” America said trying to  stop Italy from seeing the surprise Germany was working on. “~Ve, I wanna see Doitsu,” Italy whined as he head up the stairs.
Italy let out a loud excited “~VE,” As England and America quickly made their way up stairs. “It’s perfect Doitsu.” Germany smiled and finished centering the Crib in the middle of the room. “I’m glad you like it Italy,” Germany wrapped his arms around the sweet pregnant Italian.
The room was perfect the crib lied in the center of the room. the changing table was on the left of the room and a a rocking table was far of in a the corner of the left side of the room.
“Hey dude can we talk with you?” America asked interrupting the parents to be’s moment. “Ja, Italia why don’t you head to bed I’ll be there soon,” Germany said. Italy nodded  and ran off to bed.

Germany sat in the living room with America and England talking about the surprise baby shower. “I’ll get him out of the house it’s been avhile since me and Italy went out. Can I trust you guys to get the place ready?” Germany asked. “Corse dude, and don’t worry I won’t let England anywhere near the kitchen.” Germany laughed at the American’s joke about England. “Ok, Well have the party a month from now,” Germany said.
The others agreed and Germany told them who to invite. Mostly everyone was invited. America and England decided to saying goodbye after setting up the baby shower date and invitations.

Germany headed upstairs. Italy was already sleeping. Germany slipped into bed next to him and snuggled him. He rubbed the small Italian’s stomach. “~Ve, Doitsu,” Italia yawned softly. “Go to sleep Italy I’m right here if you need me,” Germany whispered and gave him a soft kiss on the cheek.
Third part to GerIta (Italy x Germany): Mpreg. Hope you like please comment and don't be rude
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          FRUK MPREG
               PART 2


England rested in bed he rubbed  his slightly bulged tummy. “Hi little baby, I’m your Mummy. I can’t wait to meet you,” England smiled. He’d remembered Roxy saying that the baby could hear voices while in the womb. “FRANCE WHERE IS MY BLOODY FOOD,” England yelled. France walked in with a plate of food. “Here Iggy,” France sat down next to him on the bed. France waited for him to finish breakfast.

France sat the Plate on the bed side tabled and lied his head softly on England stomach. “Hi there little baby, I know you don’t how i am but I’m your daddy,” France said. The baby kicked hard. “Ow,” France jumped and England laughed, “The baby doesn’t like you thats for sure,” England laughed. France pouted, “Why?” He whined. England sat up and put his hands on France’s shoulders wrapped them around his neck lightly so he wouldn’t strangle him. He lightly pecked him on the cheek. France’s face turned bright red. “The Baby doesn’t hate you it was just saying hi,” England reassured him. He took the Frenchmens hand a rested on his stomach. the baby softly kicked. “See,” England smiled. France rubbed his stomach, “Hi there little one, It’s your daddy again. Please don’t kick so hard you hurt daddy.” England laughed, “Yeah let mummy do that,” England smirked.

France lied next to England who not long ago fell asleep. “Hi their baby, It’s your daddy again, Your mommy will only let me talk when he’s in a good mood. He’s sleeping right now, I love you baby and I love your mommy.” France stood up and left the room when the doorbell rung. “Hu, Roxy’s early,” He said as he opened the door to a young boy. “Who are you,” France looked at the boy he looked exactly like Roxy. “I’m Roxy’s twin brother  June,” The boy smiled, “Roxy couldn’t make it so she sent me instead.” France sighed. “Well ok, England’s upstairs sleeping,” France said.

After a few hours of explaining who June was and England sleeping they started the ultrasound. “Ok lets see,” June moved the wand around as the picture became to easier to see. France looked in shock with England at the picture, “Well congratulations you two your having twins. Would you like to now their gender?” June asked. England looked at France who was still in shock from the news, “Umm, Yes,” England said finally. “well the first one is a boy, and it seems like your having a girl as well,” June said. France looked at England who smiled he took France’s hand. June finished the ultrasound and allowed England to clean the gel off before he left.

England laughed as France blow on his stomach kissing the small bump. “Hello Babies, Daddy loves you,” France said. England smiled and laughed again, “Mummy loves you two,” He chuckled as France kissed his stomach. For once England didn’t want to kill France.
Took forever but finally finished a New OC is in this two June Roxy's twin brother. If you got a favorite hetalia couple please tell me I love writing
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