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Into The Mental Abyss:

To the edge of the very abyss I have travelled.
With worn feet, gone bloodied and bare;
Dragged upon stones that stretch like sharpened spines,
Leaving tattered spoils of flesh in my wake...

Even so, I am incapable of halting;
Like a zombie, I remain numb and hypnotised.
Shambling ever onward, toward the glimmer of light.
Eager to be behold the 'she' that awaits me:

A wonderous wellspring of inspiration and knowledge;
Perfect, yet fragile, in both shape and form...
It is her majesty, her radiance,
That leaves me drained...

Alone in the depths, I am humbled and awed.

Yet the admiration that I feel soon turns corrupt,
It renders my thoughts both dark and cracked...

For if any other were to find her,
They would wield her as a weapon.
They would have no need for inspiration.
Creative thought would be an utter simplicity:

Leaving a perfect world, without opportunity...

Indeed I could never share such a thing.
Jealousy leaves me ugly, but still I cannot share!
Instead I must hide it, deep beneath the earth.
A safe location, one that is far from prying eyes.
Only when it is buried, gone for an eternity,
Then shall I be at peace.

But where oh where, in this tattered hellscape,
Shall I hide a thrashing body?
Okaaay everyone, NEWEST piece out. You can read the journal about the Captain's situation but first I have to share this with you.

This is the result of his recent madness and I must say it is deliciously evil. Something about the darkness is fresh and new, probably reflecting his new experiences. I look forward honestly to seeing what else will come from this.

From the Captain himself, here is a quick comment:

"Imagine that you have found a wellspring of ideas of knowledge. In an age where information is power, would you share it with another? I certainly would not, for it is mine. My PRECIOUS..."

At this point he did the gollum thing, so that's all I have as a comment ^^;

Hope you all enjoy it~ pyon!

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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What Are You To Me?:

I have walked in this world,
And they have told me of kings.
Of brave rulers who make the tough choices,
Men of example and outstanding character.

But it was then that they said,
What is a king to a God?
What is a mere mortal to a higher power,
One who holds our fate in his hands?

They said he was benevolent and kind,
Wrathful and jealous, magnanimous and selfish alike.
He was the perfect ideal, embodying all things
And we were made in his image...

It was then that I was laughed at,
By he who asked this question:
What is a God, to a non-believer?
One who lives by the truth he sees...

He is the man who acts as per his morals.
He lives through his eyes and is judged by his fellows.
He submits to no higher being, not a one does he fear;
Comfortable with his own conscience...

But all three, I beg; I ask ye this:

For what is a king to a God,
A God to a non-believer,
And all three of them in comparison,
To the madman who watches the world burn...

"I think it makes a pretty fire, don't you?"

-Chen Yuan Wen, 19th July 2013
I have a bit of business to attend to tonight, so my co-captain shall post this on my behalf. As you can see I don't even have time to use my piratey accent, the shock of it all I swear.

In any case, I am always finding discussion on the interwebs about why you should not believe, or why you should believe and though I hold my tongue (since the discussion would go nowhere), I figured I should offer a third opinion.

In truth, nothing would matter to the man that accepts his madness. He understands he might burn in the flames for a thousand years or more. He understands that belief is foolish in some circumstances. Most of all however, he simply doesn't give a damn.

The energy spent thinking and promoting such things, could be directed to more immediate pursuits. There are people dying in the streets and you see fit to bother with trivialities?

I believe that this man would much rather carve the ancient runes in his flesh and bring forth an infernal plague of demons. True, he would herald the destruction of the world; yet, after centuries of bickering, you would all have at least one reason to stand together.

It would be us against them and after your bones have been crunched and your home shattered. The bodies of thousands littering the debris that surrounds you. Would you see another human as being defined by his colour, ideal or flag; or might you actually see him as a welcome comrade in arms. A fellow human to die at your side.

Heroes, at the end of the day, are meaningless, for it take a villain to give them a true place in history.

*Clears throat* Okay sooooo like...who wants to help me wake an ancient God that MAY or may not be sleeping under the earth. We create some broodmothers, make some darkspawn, get into blood's all good right? :3

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

P.S. Sorry, I can never be serious for too long, without some comedy I think we'd all just walk around lookin' like we had a stick in our ass xD.
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Secrets Should be Silent:

What is in the nature of a secret?
It is not to be known, nor to be seen.
It is that which we bury beneath layers of deceit.

Why then, do we bury poetry?
why then, do we bury prose?

Why secret that which is meant to be seen,
And showcase that which is meant to be secret?

Are the words of our soul less important,
Than mere phrases designed to seek attention?
Are the words that we carve from experience,
Taken as less than a general phrase of emotion?

...No, I would hope not.

For I do as any other might,
And my skeletons are kept under lock and key.
For a secret displayed remains secret no longer;
Merely a gossip's fancy.

-Chen Yuan Wen, 6th July 2013
So the Captain is a little too busy to post today, but when I talked to him about the recent situation with DA secrets he did this piece and said the following:

"A secret is a secret because it is not seen by the world nor acknowledged by the general public. For it to be open to the world, makes it gossip I believe. Now then, get t' work lass, I'll have ye spread me word tonight!"

Yes, he changed accents in between x3

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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The Flower of Evil:

Evil is but a blooming flower,
Alluring, captivating.
It is born from a humble seed
And grows to corrupt a forest.

To watch its infection spread;
To be a part of its existence...
I can think of no better prospect,
Can you?

Indeed one might baulk at the idea,
Of seeing millions suffer.
To watch worlds scream and writhe;
To see them suffer and die, with living eyes...

Yet there is a mysterious beauty in such devastation,
Fear that shakes me to my very core;
Is transfigured into a twisted pleasure:
As I am frightened, so too am I aroused.

I am addicted to the ephemeral sensation;
To the borderline between rapture and rupture.
To see my own blood soaking from splitting wounds;
Leaves me maddened amongst these blooming flowers

-Chen Yuan Wen, 1st May 2013
Alright, so as always the Captain is extremely busy, but with quite a lot of pestering, and some snacks, I managed to squeeze this poem out of him. I find it to be quite chilling, and excellently written, and I hope you all agree!

Also, when he sent me this he made a comment; "1st of May is Madness Day"

I'm not sure what this means, so I hope you guys could explain? xD

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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Are We Not Free?:

Ye say that nothin' changes;
That all we're tryin' t' do is fer naught.
Ye say that nothing's wrong,
That we should be acceptin' of our fate.

But why should we simply accept things as they are?

Are we no' a free people?
Are we no' allowed t' speak our minds?

Every man, every woman in this land,
Has the freedom t' choose their own path.
If our ideals must beg us differ,
Then that too is a part of the change that grips us.

What exactly do ye have t' fear?
If yer stoic in ye ideal that nothin' will ever change.
Why not simply ignore us;
A passin' flight o' fancy that we are...

Yet still ye try, ye attempt t' change our minds.
Ye pacify us with the notion of acceptance,
Highlightin' the fact that the world is fine.
Ye say that this is the way that things should be!

That m'friend, is yer personal freedom;
I'll not impinge upon it, fer it be yours.
I only ask, if ye could kindly mind,
Not to treat us, like we're bleedin' blind...

-Chen Yuan Wen, 18th July 2013
If you enjoyed this piece, don't ferget t' click th' fave button eh?


Aye maties,

Scottish accents are always th' best fer this sort of speech-makin'. Anyway, a lot of people like t' always say 'this is fine' or 'that is fine', 'just accept it'.

Well clearly if it was satisfyin' everybody there wouldn't be dissent. The thing is, does it really matter if someone doesn't agree? If they don't, they don't. That's their choice. Ye'll feel all sorts of emotions about it, but at the end of the day, if ye really believe in somethin' stand fer it. Attemptin' t' change a point of view is like bringing down a wall with a tiny stone. Sometimes ye hit the right spot but more often than not ye fail.

Course, yer free t' try endlessly if that's what satisfies ye; just remember that the other guy has the right t' right the same.

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

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Under You:

Beneath the surface of the water,
There is silence, peace and darkness.

Blessed silence.
To mute the mouths of men,
To drown the voice of the world.
Surrounded by ignorance,
I choose not to hear your whispers.

Blessed peace.
Without death or pain,
Without birth and life;
Surrounded by denial,
I reject this sense of self.

Blessed darkness.
Without colour or light,
Denying all that is around me;
Surrounded by emptiness,
I am blind within this cage.

Muted, ignorant and blind,
I sleep beneath the surface of the lake.
Eternally drenched, eternally drowned,
I am the you beneath the surface.

-Chen Yuan Wen, 8th July 2013
As the Captain put it simply:

"Turnin' crappy secrets inta poetry since they wish to take our category. Bonus points if anyone can recognise them, not that ye should be able to at least. Bwaha!"

So, while the Captain is busy packing (He's flying back to Singapore on the 12th YAY!), enjoy his transformation of simple secrets into real poetry.

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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The Real Writers:

There are those who sit with their laptops and tablets,
Clothed in a scarf and an artistic hat of some sort.
They ponder; leaving a stack of books beside them,
Sipping their decaf as though they are literature personified.


What works do they prepare, other than blatant copies,
Perhaps a half-baked romance designed to woo a lady.
So convinced are they, of their own aptitude;
They are blinded by the beams of their burgeoning ego.

For the writer is not the man who is tapping away at keys,
He is not the man fervently reading with lensless glasses.
He is not the hipster debating ancient literature.
For he is a monster, wearing human skin.

He is the deranged madman, eccentric, uncanny.
He is the one who sits catatonic;
An entire world of fantasy playing in his mind.
He has gone through millions of scenes,
Thousands of scenarios, hundreds of plots
And dozens of characters.

He is not the man you expect him to be,
For a true writer is utterly WEIRD.

"So please do not offer me your shakespearian sonnets, kind sir,
For the world of Arrindor is calling to me! (*3*)/"

-Chen Yuan Wen, 4th April 2013
Direct from the captain himself~ x3

"Know the difference between the hipster and the writer. Often I seem many groups of 'artsy' individuals hanging outside the local coffe place drinking whatever strange blends they might concoct and thinking themselves professional.

If one has learned anything from 'Family Guy' its the fact that Brian griffin, who happens to be a bad writer, often does the sort of things you'd expect from these folk. They tap away at keys for a little while and feel accomplished.

No, that's not real writing. Real writing is seeing everything happening around you. You must constantly be living in the world you are trying to create.

For there is no better aid to writing, than to be living the fantasy you wish to live."

And that was all the coherent words we could get out of him ^^; Look forward to more wisdom/insanity tomorrow while we attempt to stop him from looking like a gremlin amongst the dust and boxes~

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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You try to breathe, but you're barely breathing,

You can't think clearly; you can barely speak.

Your mind is filled with needless thoughts.

Your cheeks are red and feverish...


You know what you must do,

But you can't bring yourself to do it.

Instead you jump into a thousand distractions...

Mindlessly seeking the thrill of the 'anything',

You cringe at the progress of time on the clock.

And with lips gone dry from an internal hell-fire

You continue to evade what you cannot face...

-Chen Yuan Wen, 22nd June 2013
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Author's Comment:

Aye maties,

How many times have ye lived while feeling the weight of mental pressure?

It rips yer motivation apart and rather than doing your best, you fumble. Honestly, acknowledging this is one of the best ways t' get over it, but it can still break ya easy.

-Captain Chenbeard of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:

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A Midnight Weary

Amongst twinkling stars,
Much like a cricket's chorus;
Panicking student,
Types his essay:

"Failure is red,
My parent's say;
An Asian get 'B'
Is shameful display!"
So .3. I've been talking to the Captain, and he's very busy at the moment, but I managed to get him to send me something to post for everyone

This is what he sent me xD

He must have written it on the spot, cause it sure seems to match his current situation haha xD

Well, I hope you guys like it!

Wish the Captain luck with his work!!!

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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Player versus Player:

Elemental artisttry, as lightning weaves through the air.
I see the bloodthirst in his eyes, the hunger for victory.
A demand to be recognised, yet soon to be silenced;
Perfect and perfunctory - my opponent made defunct...

As I stand above this dying creature;
The flicker of life soon fading from their eyes.
I smile and whisper a word of parting,
For the fool who fell where he lies.

-Unfinished piece by Chen Yuan Wen, 10th April 2012
Okaaay everyone <3

Back here again with another unfinished piece for you. This was written by the Captain as a humour piece originally but we never ever got to the humour bit xD.

The word we were supposed to choose was the word 'PWNED', but we never found a way to insert it without making the poem look and sound inferior.

In any case, I hope you enjoyed it ;3 More coming tomorrow and almost everyday (well, when I can bother the Captain at least) because he's got 2 exams next week and so he's studying his little asian arse off.

See you all tomorrow~ <3

-Co-Captain Bunny Hayes
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