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                                                                                                      Ootori-Kyouya-kyoya-ootori-17734927-1018-764 by GrudgeKitty

                                                                                                                                                     (Your P.O.V)


  "Ah yes! I finally get to get some shopping done at the new Expo Mall! Maybe this will take my mind off of him." You thought as you put some of your shining (H/c) hair behind your ears. "Can't believe that jerk cheated on me. I'm more furious than depressed about it then anything." You looked over all the stands, nothing has caught your eye. "Hmm maybe If I find the map of the mall I'll find something I'd want to buy." You walked all over the first level looking for that damned map. "Ughhhh where could it be? Wait there it is!" You practically jumped for joy. You rushed over there but then you stopped. You saw a young teenager sitting right under the sign on the bench... No wait he looked like he was sleeping. He looked about your age, had raven black hair, prescription glass, and seemed to be wearing expensive clothing. "He must be rich..Wait why is a rich guy even here? And why is he sleeping here? He could get mugged. I should wake him." You approached the teenager. "Hopefully he won't get mad at me for touching him.'"You put a hand on his shoulder and shook him gently. Didn't wake up. You sighed and shook him a little harder. His head shot up, he turned his head towards you and sent you a deathly glare that ment 'Keep touching me you die.' You crossed your arms over your chest and sent him a glare. "Look sir, I am sorry for waking you up from your little nap. But judging from your clothing you must be from a rich family. I simply woke you up because you could of gotten mugged."

  "Thanks." He mumbled. He reached in his his pocket. He suddenly had a shocked expression, he put his hand in his other pocket and took it out. He pressed his head against the wall. "That damned Tamaki." Then his stomach grumbled. Loudly. You began to go in a giggle fit. He looks at you and again glares.

  "Look sir, I am used to being glared at like that, stop trying to scare me." You giggled. Reason why you were used to it? Your ex glares at you when ever you pass by him, well the past times you've seen him he hasn't glared but oh well, lets continue with this story. "How bout I take you to eat something since I woke you up."

  "I suppose, how much money do you have? Seems I don't have my wallet or phone with me." He grumbled. You rolled your (e/c) eyes and motioned him to follow.

  "I have about 100$ for my shopping." You both continued walking looking for a place to eat.'This place is sure busy...' you thought. 'Hmm, there's nicer places upstairs I bet so I should take him there since he is 'Mr. Fancy-wancy-pants ((Lol Wancy..))'" You kept walking when suddenly the stranger came to a stop.

  "We'll eat here." He pointed at a McWonderburger((Honhonhon Cant get sued now~)) I looked at him with a face that says 'Really?'

  "There is much nicer places upstairs I could take you to."

  "Well, you have only 100$ and you are here to shop, right?"

  "Okay fine, just don't complain about it being to greasy for your taste." You sighed and walked to the counter. "What do you want?"

  "Order for me." He rolled his onyx colored eyes.

  "Fine." you grumbled 'Gosh he is such a moody guy.'

  "Hello~! Welcome to McWonderburger, may I take your order please?" The cashier lady asked in her cheery voice((Imagine Ital's voice but much higer o_ o)).

  "Uh yes, two number 4's and two medium (Drink of choise) please." You ordered

  "Alright! That'll be 4.50$ please!" You got out the money needed and handed it to her, "Alright~ Your order is number 69! ((honhonhon //shot))"

  "Go find us a seat and I'll get the food." I asked the guy he mumbled something and went to a small booth 'God he is such a moody guy, but he is also handsom- WAIT WHAT ARE YOU SAYING I HARDLY KNOW HIM!' You thought.

                                                                                                                                               (Kyoya's P.O.V)

  'Well this girl is strange, obviously she has a backstory if she can stand one of my glares or my moody attitude.' I thought. 'I wonder what has happened to the girl. Wait, why am I even think about her, I dont have anything to gain from her.' Suddenly a tray of food was slammed onto the table snapping me out of my thoughts. It was the (H/c) girl who awoke me. She swiftly sat across me and started eating. I expected her to bombard me with questions, so I took a bite of a 'Hamburger' and waited. She said nothing. 'I would of thought she would start asking me why I was sleeping on the bench in the first place.... Strange. I'll break the silence..' I put the Hamburger down and looked at her, she looked back. I stared into bright pools of (E/c). "Well. I'm Kyoya Ootori, third son of the Ootori company."

  "Hmm? Oh, I'm (F/n)(L/n)." She replied and went back to eating 'Why does that name sound familiar?'.

  "May I ask you a question Miss. (F/n)?"

  "Oh sure..."

  "Earlier, you told me you where used to being glared at, what did you mean by that?" She froze a bit.

  "Oh uhm... Well I just reasently broke up with my ex a few days ago because he cheated on meand for a while when ever we saw each other he'd glare at me, a glare simular to yours. Though yesterday when I past by him on accident he didn't glare at me." She sighed and munched on some fries. 'Hmm Interesting...' We continued like this, eating and making small talk, I learned about her and she learned a bit about me. We finished up and threw away the trash.

  "I need to use the restroom, help me find it, please?." I asked, not trying to sound rude.

  "Okay!" She smiled at me, I looked forward trying to concel a little blush that I let slip past. 'Why am I blushing about her smiling. I have nothing to gain from her...' We walked for a while and had no luck for finding a rest room. "Oh look a restroom." She pointed to our left.

  "Thanks, I'll be as quick." I began walking towards the restrooms.

  "Don't worry, take as long as you need, I'll wait here." Again she gave a small smile and I quickly ran into the bathroom 'Why am I blushing, don't tell me I am starting to like the girl! I met her today, and plus, she is a commoner...'

                                                                                                                                           (Your P.O.V)

  You giggled a bit 'He must of really needed the restroom. Ha, besides his moodiness he isn't that bad. He is kinda cute, though he'd never go for someone one like me, I come from a rich family but we live like normal people. Oh well~' You stood there for a good ten seconds when suddenly you felt a arm drape around your shoulder, you looked to see who was it. Oh great it was your ex, Mathias Køhler ((//Shot)) "What do you want, Mathias?" You asked with a growl.

  "Oh nothing babe, just wondering, why is my girlfriend with another guy." He said nonchalantly, removing his arm.

  "Your EX-girlfriend. You know, the one you cheated on." You corrected him and crossed your arms. "And I can be with anyone I want to be with."

  "No relationship ends unless I say it does, now lets leave this place."

  "No. I am waiting for a new friend."

  "Lets. GO!" He grabs your (Skin tone) wrist and tries to drag you.

  "No Mathias, LEAVE ME ALONE!" You suddenly felt arms wrap around your waist and drag you back, breaking Mathias's grip on your wrist. You crained your neck back trying to see who had you in their grasp. You gasped, "K-kyoya?" He looked angry, glaring the way he glared at you when you woke him up.

  "Now sir, thats no way to treat a lady is it?" He asked darkly.

                                                                                                                                   (Kyoya's P.O.V)

  I walked out of the restroom and saw (F/n)... and some other guy with weird hair. 'Who is this moron?' I thought and continued to watch. Him and her where talking, he removed his arm from her shoulder. He said something. (F/n) looked like she said no. He grabbed her wrist and tried to drag her away. That angried me so I quickly got over there and got her away from the man. "K-kyoya?" She asked. I stood there glaring at the guy.

  "Now sir, thats no way to treat a ladly is it?" I asked darkly toward him, letting my 'Shadow King' Powers kick in. He look a bit scared but stood his ground.

  "H-hey! Don't hold my girlfriend l-like that!" He shouted.

  " Ex-girlfriend..." (F/n) mumbled. I raised an eyebrow. 'This was the guy who cheated on (F/n)? Well lets see how he like my 'Shadow King' Powers.'

  "I'll have you know, I am Kyoya Ootori, third son of the Ootori Company. We have our own privet police force and I can have you arrested for harrasment."

  "I- uh- well- uhm...FINE I'll go but trust me (F/n), You'll regret loosing me." Then he stormed off.

  "Oh uhm...Kyoya?" (F/n) asked.


  "You can let go of me now..."

  "Oh I am sorry." I apologized with a slight blush on my cheeks.

  "Well thank you from getting me away from that dork." She smiled at me. Oh god, the smile that makes me blush.

  "It was no problem (F/n)." We stood there in silence. People walked around us. Then the intercom went off.

  "We have a report of a lost child! His name is Kyoya Ootori and his guardian, Tamaki, is very worried. Kyoya has black hair, prescription glasses. He is about 5'10. Please help us bring Kyoya back to his worried guardian at the servise desk on the frist floor." The intercom lady said.

  "THAT DAMN TAMAKI! I WILL KILL HIM!" I growled. (F/n) Began to laugh loudly.

  "Well Kyoya, I guess you need to go. I hope to see you later on in life?" She asked. I laughed at this. I quickly grabbed her and I rushed over to where the servise area is. "Slow down Kyoya! Do you want to kill him that badly?"

  "Yes!" After a bit of walking, more like running, we got to the servise area, Tamaki looked over and ran up to hug me.

  "KYOYA! I WAS SO WORRIED! I FINALLY FOUND YOU~" He exclaimed overdramatically.

  "Calm down Tamaki." I sighed.

  "Hey Kyoya?" One of the twins asked. "Why are you holding the hand of that commoner girl?"

                                                                                                                                                              (Your P.O.V)

  "Why are you holding the hand of that commoner girl?" Asked one of the red head twins.

  You sighed. "I am not a commoner."

  They all laughed, except the tall guy with a kid on his sholder, lolicon much? ((//shot)) And Kyoya. "Look at your clothing though, a shirt and some jeans." The twin replied.

  "Well EXCUSE ME. I may dress like a normal person but I am the daughter of (Mothers name) and (Fathers name) (L/n), owners of the (Company name) Company." You stated. They all stared with a shocked face, well again with exception of the tall dude and Kyoya. Kyoya chuckled and tied them all up.

  "Kyoya! WHY?" The one who is called Tamaki asked.

  "It's for embarassing over the intercom and for laughing and lovely (F/n) here." He turned to you, and put a peice of your (h/c) locks behind your ear, causing you to blush a bit. "So Miss. (F/n), shall we schedual a time to meet up?"

 "Oh uh sure!" You said excitedly.

 "Well lets get going then." He held out his arm and you gladly took it.

  "Sure but shouldn't we untie them?"

  "Hmm nope." We began to walk away




So sorry for it being late! I was terribly busy!
Excuse any errors.

I own nothing but half the plot.

Requsted by: :iconamulet-voltaire:

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You sat quietly, listening to the sound of high-pitched giggles and talking of the other girls in the room. The tea set in front of you was becoming cool but that didn't bother you. What did bother you was the constant 'I didn't know he took clients' or 'I wonder why he's sitting with her, she's not pretty'. 
"Miss _(f/n)_, is something wrong?" Kyoya asked, peering over his notebook at you. 
"Oh yes, I am perfectly fine," you quickly responded while giving a same smile. He rose an eyebrow in a 'I know you are not fine' matter, but dropped the subject getting back to his writing. You stifled a sigh and took a small drink of the now cold _(fav. flavor)_ tea, brushing a lock of _(h/c)_ hair from your face. 
~~Timeskip of Time~~
The rest of the time had been spent in silence between the two of you. As the period ended, the other clients slowly walked out and left Kyoya and you alone. 
"_(f/n)_," he started, no longer needing to use any formality. 
"Yes?" you squeaked out, looking up to have your _(e/c)_ eyes be captured by his eyes. 
"Don't listen to them," he told you as he stood up and walked around the small table. He bent down and placed a light kiss to your cheek, causing your face to flush bright red. 
"You are very beautiful," he informed you and helped you stand. You smiled as you smoothed out your dress. You leaned up to return the kiss with one to his cheek, only for him to turn and fully kiss you. 
"Thank you," you finally replied, gaining a soft and small smile from him. He hooked his hand in yours and began to walk to the school's garden. 
"Kyoya, where are we going?" you questioned. 
"I have something to show you," he replied with a knowing smile.
~~Timeskip of Time~~
Kyoya had ended up dragging you to the middle of the garden and had you sit on the wooden bench. He went over to a flower bush that was hidden from your view and picked a flower, bringing it back to you and handed it. 
"But, I thought they didn't grow any in the garden," you remarked, as he handed you a _(fav. flower)_. 
"I requested that they add some in and they did," he told you, sitting beside you. 
"Thank you Kyoya," you said happily and gave him light hug.
"You very welcome," he replied, returning the hug but he didn't let go. 
"_(f/n)_," he spoke, voice quiet.
"Hm?" you managed out, your voice muffled by your head still being buried in his chest.
"I, I had my father speak with your parents," he started, turning his head slightly. "And they have decided that if we got married it would better our families' businesses."
"Oh," you stated, him already knowing how you had felt about arranged marriages.
"I hope you are not mad," he said while he tilted you head a bit for him to look into your eyes for any sign of emotion. 
"I'm not, I guess it is okay if it is you" you finally replied with a light smile. At first he looked shocked, but then it turned into a warm smile and he gave you another peck on the lips.
A little reader-insert i had been meaning to write.

OHSHC (c) Bisco Hatori
Story (c) :iconmiskuki:
You belong to :iconkyoyaplz:
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As the bell rang symbolising the end of class you smiled. You were happy that class had finally come to an end. You didn't like group work for one very simple and obvious. This reason was that you were mute. You had never spoken a word in you life. You didn't know why but you just didn't speak. You were perfectly okay with it most of the time, you had learn to live without talking. Though you had been bullied a little due to it, though you were happier after you had learn't to write, then at least you could communicate. You packed away your books and whiteboard into your bag and set off to the library. You had a mission today. You had been thinking about it all week. Well maybe a lot longer than that, but you would only admit to one week. It had all started when you transferred into Ouran a few months ago.

“And this is Miss ______ ______. She will be joining your class.” A member of staff introduced you to your class reps. You nodded sheepishly. The two students standing before you seemed very different. The girl who much later became your best friend ______, was smiling to you.

“Welcome ______. I hope we can make you feel welcome here.” She smiled. You smiled blushing slightly and nodded. The guy who had come to meet you was rather intimidating. He was quite tall with short black hair. He had cold eyes and glasses. He offered out a hand, smiling softly. Your eyes meeting in his.

“Hello Miss ______. My name is Kyoya Ootori. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

And that was it. Since that day you have been keeping your distance from him. You did so for many reasons. One was that he was very attractive. You couldn't go out with him, he was way out of your league. Another was you were a shy and nervous girl who didn't speak. Despite the odd flirts you got from some of the guys, you weren't anyone to fuss over. You were doing okay in your studies but had no plans of greatness. Today though you were going to take a big step. You had fancied Kyoya from afar for long enough and you were ready to take your shot. Your best friend ______ had suggested to go to visit the Host Club that ran everyday. You could of gone and requested him as a host, but if you did that then you'd have to share him with all the other girls that were there. Not to mention you wouldn't be able to talk to or write to him because conversations move faster than you could write. You were also worried about what he'd make of you. Taking in a breath you assured yourself you would be fine. You walked into the library and found a desk a small distance away from the main bulk. Sitting down you got out a small patterned envelope and matching paper. You pulled out a pen from your bag along with your notebook. You had decided to write a letter to Kyoya. Not a long soppy one like some girls. A serious note. One explaining your feelings in a sensible manner and giving your email address. Most girls would put a phone number. You could text him, but email sounded better also you didn't run the risk of him calling you. You took a breath and looked over your notebook with the practice letter written down. You slowly and carefully wrote:

'Dear Kyoya Ootori,

I know this may seem strange and out of the blue. But I would love to meet and talk with you. Reasons I cannot do this openly will soon become clear. I do hope and wish to hear from you soon. I don't use my phone so below is my email address. Even if you are not interested in meeting up, could you please reply with that message. Thank You.

From Miss ______ .'

As you scribbled your email address down you smiled looking back over the letter. You hoped he didn't just sigh and put it to the side with so many other girls notes he no doubtably had gotten. Well you would never know unless you try. Smiling you neatly folded the paper and sealed it in an envelope. Now the next question was how to get it to him. You didn't want to leave it in a desk. You didn't want to accidentally put it in the wrong one and have another student emailing you. You wanted to hand deliver it but you were too nervous too. As you packed up you decided you'll work out how to give it to him on your way. Putting your bag over your shoulder you headed off to the Host Club.

You stood outside the doors. Looking up at the nervously. You were trembling unsure whether you could go through with this or not. In your head a voice told you you'd be fine. Then again a sneering voice told you you would fail. Ignoring the sneering voice you put one hand on the door. You gently pushed it open. Peeking inside you saw the club was running in full swing. Everyone was smiling and chatting away. Girls were squealing as the guys were doing what came naturally. You slowly stepped into the room trying to be as inconspicuous as you can. Though it wasn't long until you were spotted.

“Good afternoon Miss ______.” Kyoya's cool voice greeted you. You jumped spinning round to come face to face with your crush. “Can I help you with anything?” You wanted to give him the envelope and run, but that would be too weird. You looked around the room, looking for something to point to. You nodded quickly as you pointed over to Tamaki. Kyoya forced a smile as he looked over to the blond. “Would you like a group or private meeting?” You held up two figures meaning the second option. Kyoya nodded and looked to his notebook. You often wondered what he had written in there. Though you would probably never know. “I can slot you in next if you want. Though it will only be a short meeting. Will 15 minuets be okay with you?” You nodded nervously. There was a reason behind your choice, but you didn't want to say... not that you could. As a bell rang the hosts swapped guests. You belied towards Tamaki and sat down opposite him. You were so determined to get there you didn't see the spiteful look Kyoya gave the blond. He watched you pull out your white board and pen. One thought racing through Kyoya's mind. 'What does she see in him?'

“It's so nice to see you Miss______.” Tamaki smiled to you. You smiled back scribbeling away.

'It's nice to see you too.' You nodded.

“Would you like some tea?” He smiled gesturing to the teapot. You nodded in reply as you rubbed out the first message and started to scribble again. You felt at ease with Tamaki. He had also been in your class from day one, though he was a lot less intimidating than Kyoya. You saw Tamaki like an older brother. He very much treated you like a younger sister. That was the way you liked it. “There you go, all fresh.” Tamaki smiled as he handed you the cup of tea. You smiled and handed over the white board with it's message. You drunk your tea nervously as he read it. You hoped he wasn't going to go over the top about it. He smiled gently to you handing back the board. He nodded to you. You beamed brightly.

'Thank You.' You scribbled quickly as you handed over the small patterned envelope.

“Anything to help out a friend.” He smiled.

You waited anxiously looking at your computer screen. You wondered if Tamaki had passed on the note in time. You hoped he hadn't forgotten. If he had done... you couldn't really be mad at him. You sighed as you turned back to your homework. No news, he must of just... Your computer dinged. Your eyes snapped to the screen reading one new message. You quickly opened the email and read:

Dear Miss ______

I'm emailing in regard to your note I received today after club. It was very unexpected. I am flattered that you would go through all the trouble to write it by hand on beautiful paper and get Tamaki to hand deliver it. It shows you put great thought into the gesture. I would love to meet you to chat. I propose I pick you up just after 6pm and we can go out for dinner. My treat. Please email back with your answer.

From Kyoya Ootori.'

You couldn't help but inwardly cheer. You jumped for joy. You had never expected that sort of a response and so quickly. You were being taken out to dinner with Kyoya Ootori! It suddenly hit you. You were going out with Kyoya Ootori. You scolded yourself. It was just a friendly dinner and chat. Nothing like that ...yet. You could only hope. In a mad dash you ran around to get yourself ready. You had to have a showed and sort out your hair. Work out what you were going to wear. But first you quickly typed up a reply to his email and hit send.

The door rang at 6pm sharp. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you heard it. You had been anticipating it for so long. Now it was finally here. You had found your smart bust casual ______ (f/c) dress and black tights. You had tamed your normally unruly hair and you were ready for anything. You walked calmly to the door and opened it slowly. The sight before you was breathtaking. Kyoya smiled warmly to you. He was leaning to one side in a sharp and smart black suit. His glasses catching the last rays of sunlight. You couldn't help but blush.

“Miss ______. You look beautiful.” He said smoothly. You almost couldn't contain yourself. Blushing even more you threw your arms around him and hugged him. You didn't care if this was fast because you couldn't tell him what you were thinking at the moment. Kyoya was surprised by your actions. He was also flattered by them. He could remember very few people who had ever hugged him. The last person to do so was Tamaki... but he doesn't count. He slowly wrapped his arms around you and hugged you gently. After a moment you pulled back and he lead you to the limo parked outside your house. You smiled clutching hold of your bag. Kyoya opened the door for you. You smiled and climbed in, scooting over to the other side. You couldn't believe what was going on. Kyoya climbed in after you and the driver set off. Kyoya looked to you and smiled. “I've bought you a present. I hope you don't mind.” He leant forwards and produced a present wrapped up in similar style paper than those you used for the letter. You blushed taking it from him. Opening it up your eyes widened. He had bought you the latest tablet. You looked up to him your eyes wide and questioning. He smiled to you. “I want to get to know you better. I find you a very attractive and determined young lady. I would hate for you to be scribbling away on that whiteboard all the time. I thought this might help.” You beamed to him, flicking the tablet on. A welcome message popped up greeting you that made you smile. You tapped on the icon that looked like a pen and paper. Kyoya watched you smiling softly as you waited for it to load. The page opened and someone had already written a message. Your cheeks went red as you read the typed words. Looking over to Kyoya in amazement. You quickly opened a new page and typed.

Request done for :iconxxshadowfan2xx:

Well I hope everyone can work out the message he gave you! You agreed to go out with him and you had a wonderful dinner. You can all imagine the rest!

I haven't written any Ouran characters in over a year so it's nice to start back with one I know so well. I am really happy it came out the way it did. I hope you guys liked reading it!

Fav and Comment if you liked it and check out my gallery for other stories!
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    “Kyoya, that girl you’ve been tutoring.. do you like her?” Tamaki asked. Today Tamaki had returned to the Ootori household with Kyoya in order to study. Kyoya didn’t mind this; Tamaki usually comes over at random times to study or just to visit and bother him. Even with such an annoying friend, Kyoya couldn’t imagine having not met the blonde, part French boy with such a flamboyant personality. Kyoya twitched, Tamaki knew that he liked silence when studying and this question made him lose his place in the textbook. Slowly Kyoya looked up at the blonde with a raised eyebrow. Tamaki fidgeted in his seat with a smile, his purple eyes glistening with curiosity. “You’ve been spending a lot of time with her and she has even come to club sometimes to sit at your table. Do you love her?” Tamaki continued and leaned forward, inquiring from Kyoya. The Ootori smirked and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose as he leaned back a bit in his chair, he crossed his arms over his chest. Kyoya picked up the Dictionary off the table and set it down before flipping it to the L section. He cleared his voice a bit as he ran his finger down the pages in search of the word. “Love- Noun. 1. A profoundly tender passionate affect for another person. 2. A feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend. Verb. To have love or affection for another person, be in love. Synonyms: adulation, affection, allegiance, appreciation…” Kyoya read aloud. Tamaki glared at him over the book and waved his arms in the air a bit to stop Kyoya. “I don’t need to know the definition, I know what it is,” Tamaki put in desperately. Kyoya paused his reading for a moment to chuckle. He glanced at Tamaki then back down at the book. “Antonyms: dislike, hate, hatred…”


    “Tutoring?” you groaned and stabbed your fork into the broccoli on your plate. You sighed and looked up at your parents who sat across the table from you. What could you possibly need tutoring for? Well, you attend Ouran High School with most of the elite schools where rich students in the country of Japan attend. You were a foreign exchange student and you were struggling with classes a lot more than you had before. Your mother smiled and rolled her eyes a bit at your childish behavior. “Don’t play with your food ___, and yes tutoring. We’ve arranged for one of the best students to be your tutor,” you mother informed you and took a delicate sip from her glass. You and your mother don’t exactly get along, she would like you to get all A’s in school and just be absolutely perfect. Slowly you moved some of your ___ colored hair out of your face and you stood with a huff. “You probably work with the family that will be tutoring or you are just using me to get closer to the family,” you told her. Your father’s eyes narrowed in controlled anger as he shook his head. “You will be tutored, now go to your room,” he instructed you. Just for one last jest, you did a quick bow rather than a curtsy and then left the room.

    You arrived in your classroom the next day and took your seat in the middle of the room. Today would be your first day of tutoring with the student Kyoya Ootori who just happens to sit next to you in this class. Normally the two of you would exchange a hello and that would be it, but today you refused to spare the boy a glance. Noticing your sour mood, Kyoya set his books on his desk and sat in his desk; calculating just how to approach you on the subject of tutoring tonight. Slowly he turned in his chair so that he was facing you and pushed his glasses up before flashing you a host smile. “Good morning ___ ___,” he said. You rolled your bright ___ colored eyes and simply start tapping your pencil on the edge of your desk. Kyoya’s grey eyes slid down to watch your pencil then back up to your face. “How are you feeling today?” he asked and opened up one of his journals to write the warm-up in, turning his intense gaze away from you. You sighed, knowing he would continue talking to you even if you didn’t answer. “I’m fine thank you,” you grumbled and glanced over at him. Despite the fact that you didn’t want to be tutored by Kyoya, you also knew he was quite smart because you had seen the grades on his test when the teacher handed them out sometimes. “Your accent is quite interesting ___, you are from ___ (country) right?” he asked as he continued writing in his note book. You didn’t want to know how he knew where you were from; you didn’t think your accent gave you away that much. Hesitantly you nodded and stopped tapping your pencil. Since Kyoya sensed he caught you off guard, he smirked with is face turned at an angle where you couldn’t see the smirk. “I will be coming over to your house today after classes to begin tutoring,” he stated now looking up at you since he had made his face blank. You frowned sourly, but nodded, your parents would probably want to see your tutor anyway. “Just for today though, your house on the other days,” you told him and pointed your pencil in his direction. Kyoya blinked at your demand. ‘Hmm, quite interesting indeed.’


    Tamaki placed a hand on the dictionary to try and cover the page. “Please Kyoya, stop!” Tamaki whined. Kyoya closed the large book on his friend’s hand. Tamaki’s purple eyes widened and tears formed in his eyes, not needing the fake tears that he and the other hosts often used in club. “Ow! Kyoya, mon ami! Why would you do that?!” he whimpered and pulled his hand out of the book, holding it to his chest protectively. ‘Idiot’ Kyoya thought with a smile. “Don’t ask bothersome, stupid questions,” Kyoya countered and placed the dictionary aside.


    You later learned that Kyoya didn’t like to do things unless they would benefit him in some way. In what way could tutoring you benefit Kyoya? You parents had met Kyoya had encouraged you to befriend him; you had been right when you had said that they hoped to be able to work with the Ootori’s. The two of you had already had several study secessions, and though you don’t like to admit it, you really had improved in all of your classes. He was a good teacher when he didn’t get impatient with you. Today Kyoya wasn’t doing tutoring due to the host club. You stopped walking and glanced up at the sign above the room- ‘music room 3’. Slowly you took a deep breath and pushed the door open to be greeted by the famous Ouran Hosts- Tamaki, Kyoya, Mori, Honey, Hikaru, Kaoru, and Haruhi. Rose petals spun and glided out the door, one landing in your hair as you stared at them in shock. ‘What…?’ you thought simply while Tamaki enthusiastically greeted you. “So you are the girl who has stolen our shadow king from us!” the blonde says good heartedly but studies you carefully. You fidget under his gaze and smooth out the yellow dress you were required to wear as the female Ouran uniform. “Uh yes, and I’m here to see Kyoya,” you told him, some of your confidence draining. Kyoya tilted his head at this and bowed. “Follow me to my table ___,” Kyoya said and flashed you a charming host smile, you still couldn’t get used to that smile of his- though you quickly figured out that, this host smile was not a true smile of his.

    You sat down at his table after he pulled your chair out for you and you narrowed your eyes at him. Kyoya sat across from you and blinked at the cold glare you sent him, it simply surprised him, even if he could much better glares. “Is something bothering you?” Kyoya asked and poured you a cup of tea. You crossed your arms over your chest and narrowed your ___ colored eyes at him. “I want to know what you are up to,” you snapped. Kyoya poured himself a cup of tea and then took a sip. ‘The little princess is suspicious of me’ he thought with a dark chuckle. “Up to something? I’m always up to something Miss. ___. What something are you referring to?” Kyoya replied mysteriously and flipped some of his black colored hair out of his face. You scooted your chair closer to the table, in turn scooting closer to him. “Why are you tutoring me?” you demanded. He placed his cup of tea down and leaned forward so his face was inches from yours. “Money,” he replied bluntly. You flinched away from him and turned to watch the other hosts and their activities. “Bastard,” you hissed and stood from the table suddenly, causing the table to wobble. Kyoya stood also and caught the table before the tea cups and silverware fell from the table. “And to think that I had started to consider you to be a not so bad person… I had even started to do so much better in my classes and I was going to be polite and thank you.. You are just like most people who attend Ouran, all you care about is yourself and money,” you shouted, not caring that other guests or hosts could hear you.  This wasn’t one of your best visits to the host club, you had been a few times but this definitely deemed worthy of your absolute worst visit. You raised a hand and slapped him hard across his cheek before storming out of the club. Kyoya blinked several times when Tamaki walked over to scold him about treating his customer carelessly and upsetting her. He rested a hand against his bright red cheek.


    The doorbell rang and both Tamaki and Kyoya look towards the front door. “I think it is about time for you to leave Tamaki,” Kyoya said and stood, gathering all of the blonde’s belongings into a pile. He handed the stuff over to Tamaki and the blonde slowly stood. “But why do I have to leave?” Tamaki complained and tried to peek out the window to see who was outside the front door. Kyoya grabbed onto Tamkai’s shirt and spun him around before ushering him out the back door. “Bye Tamaki, get rest for club tomorrow,” Kyoya said and smirked. He closed the back door in the Host King’s face and Tamaki frowned. Slowly he sneaked around the house to see just who had gotten you thrown out of his best friend’s house.


    To say the least, you avoided Kyoya for a few weeks and your grades showed it. Your parents finally got tired of your behavior and drove you to Kyoya’s house themselves one day. You climbed out of the car reluctantly and caught your backpack that was tossed in your general direction before they drove off. “Nice, ditch your daughter on the driveway of someone else’s house,” you grumbled and trudged up to the door. Before you could knock, the door was opened and the teen you had been avoiding stood in the doorway, the red mark on his cheek almost totally faded. “Your parent’s called,” he said in response of your unasked question, how had he known you’d be here. He opened the door wider and you stepped inside. “My bedroom?” he asked. Usually the two of you did the tutoring in the kitchen but clanking could be heard from the kitchen so you figured it was occupied today. “Fine,” you agree and follow him up to the bedroom. Once you sat down on his bed you pulled out your homework and spread it out in front of you. Kyoya grabbed his desk chair and pulled it over to the bed before sitting in it, back straight and ready to teach. “Look… I know you are a jerk and all… and deserved the slap, but I’m sorry,” you mutter and decide that the two of you should tackle the math homework first. Kyoya slumped down in his hair a bit and rested his chin in the palm of his hand as he studied the sheet you had handed him. You looked down and fidgeted, glancing at him from under your eyelashes. After avoiding him, you kind of forget just how handsome he is despite the fact that he his tall, thin, and pale.

    Kyoya looked up when you didn’t reply to his question after he explained the problem and caught you staring, and not paying attention. You blushed when his grey colored eyes met your own ___ colored ones and you looked away with a glare. “I have something for you,” Kyoya said catching you off guard. You watched him pull an envelope out of his uniform and he held it out to you. Now you couldn’t help but eye him suspiciously before snatching the envelope out of his hand. Slowly you turned your gaze down and recognized the handwriting on the envelope immediately, it was your parents and it was addressed to Kyoya. ‘Why is he giving me this?’ you thought in confusion and opened the envelope to see the money that your parents had sent to Kyoya for the tutoring. “You are giving me this? I thought you wanted this?” you asked and looked up at him. His usual calculating, calm gaze had changed, and you couldn’t place what the emotion was that you saw in his eyes. “In the beginning your family had seen me tutoring you as a benefit, and it has benefitted them. My parents have been doing more business with them as of recently, and I saw it as a way to get a little extra money to put into the Host Club since Tamaki doesn’t see the need to save money. I don’t need it,” he said and shook his head. You held the envelope back out to him but he refused to take it so you tossed it onto his bed beside your homework. “Then what do you see as a new benefit? You wouldn’t tutor me if you hadn’t seen a new reason to do it,” you accused him, though not in a harsh voice. Kyoya smiled, not a host smile but just a natural smile of his. He winked and continued to help you with your homework. ‘So smart’ he thought.

    The two of you had an acceptable relationship now, you didn’t hate the Ootori and you didn’t mind doing tutoring with him so much anymore. You stopped calling him a jerk he started being more polite towards you and tutored you for free. You were starting to develop a crush on the mysterious, interesting, brilliant, charming, sly, host- or shadow king. Though he could get on your nerves- he could send your emotions and thoughts spiraling and never failed to surprise you, especially one night when you had returned for tutoring a few weeks later.

    You watched the host stand and you were shocked to see him knock all your homework off the bed. “Hey! W-What are you doing?” you sputtered as he climbed onto the bed and pushed you over so you were lying back on the bed. Kyoya pressed his forehead to yours and lightly ran his fingers through your ___ colored hair like he had longed to do so many other times before. “You wanted to know what the new benefit is for tutoring you, right? The benefit I get is being able to spend more time with you ___,” he whispered into your ear.

    Your ___ colored eyes widened and you pushed his chest so that you could see his face better. “What.. you like me?” you asked. He chuckled and you blushed as you could feel both his heart beat and chuckle in his chest. “I do ___, I don’t need your money, or your family’s business. All I need is you,” he answered honestly and studied your bright red face. When you opened your mouth to say something else, he leaned forward and passionate kiss on your lips that revealed all the emotions he kept hidden from others. You melted into the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck while kissing him back and you ran your fingers through his hair. Finally Kyoya pulled away when both of you needed to catch your breath. “Well princess, want to know the benefits of becoming my girlfriend?” he asked and placed feathery soft kisses along your neck, causing you to gasp. Kyoya was no longer holding back his feelings for you and his passion practically leaked from his skin. “M-M-Maybe,” you stutter, hardly able to speak as you fidgeted underneath him. Kyoya placed a final kiss on your collar bone before looking up at you with a sly smirk. He placed a kiss on the corner of your lips and the two of you looked up when Kyoya’s bedroom door opened to reveal Kyoya’s sister. “O-Oh, this doesn’t look like studying Kyoya! Get off that poor girl, mom and dad would kill you to see how un-gentlemen like you are acting right now,” Fuiyumi gushed and Kyoya sighed against your cheek.

    The host climbed off of you and gathered up your homework off the floor as you sat up and lightly rubbed your neck where his kisses still seemed to tingle against your neck. The two of you were moved back into the kitchen to study for the rest of the week, but you had decided to give the host a chance and the two of you only grew closer and closer. He had later stated that the benefits of staying with him were as follows: he would care for you always, he wouldn't let you down, he would work his hardest, and he would make sure that you would always be able to lean on him for anything.


  You looked up when Kyoya opened the front door and you shoved a bouquet of flowers in his direction. “I think the boyfriend is the one that is supposed to buy the flowers,” Kyoya said with a chuckle but accepted the flowers. He set the flowers down and pulled you into an embrace before placing a kiss to your lips. Tamaki tripped over a lawn gnome at the sight of the two of you. You both turned to look at him and you laughed softly. “Hi Tamaki,” you told him and raise your eye brows. Tamaki blushed bright red at being caught by the two of you and he quickly stood. He laughed nervously and waved bye as he ran towards his limo where his driver waited. You look up at Kyoya and poke his nose gently. “Did you torture the poor boy again?” you ask him and laugh when he shrugged innocently. You rolled your eyes and lightly bury your face in his chest. “Why don’t you just tell him we are together Kyoya?” you asked. He placed a finger under your chin and made you look up at him.

   “Because, if I do… he’ll ask when we are getting married and claim that he should be the best man and go on and on,” Kyoya explained with an irritated face, just at the thought of how Tamaki would act. You decided that you would make your boyfriend blush since you were the only person that could. “So you aren’t going to marry me some day?” you asked teasingly with a pout. A light shade of pink spread across Kyoya’s cheeks and he cleared his throat. “Why don’t you come in, instead of standing outside?” he asked and released the embrace. Once you stepped inside, he closed the door behind you and placed a kiss on the top of your head.

    “I will marry you ___, I just don’t need that idiot telling me how to do it and when.. not that I listen to him anyway,” Kyoya promised; now both of you were blushing. Kyoya pulled a flower gently out of the bouquet you bought him and handed it to you. “I love you ___,” he whispered and placed another kiss to your lips.

I hope it isn't too confusing, I go back and forth in the story between the present (Kyoya and Tamaki talking) and the past. At first I was going to have it be your wedding day and have Kyoya remember the memories between you and him at Ouran but I changed my mind because I'm crazy like that and like to change ideas at the last minute. So this is what I cae up with and I hope you like it.

I quite enjoy getting comments ;)

Here is two other KyoyaXReader stories I've written:

I don't own Ouran High School Host Club or any of the Ouran characters. Also, I don't own the preview image.
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You absolutely loathed that girl. It had all started a very short while ago. You had simply been standing with your friends in Music Room #3, next to Kyoya, all of you watching Tamaki's continuous attempts to woo the newest addition to the club, Haruhi. A perfectly normal day in the Host Club, really.

That was, until, Haruhi had noticed the petite girl watching the group of you from behind the doorframe. Hikaru and Kaoru went to greet her, and Tamaki, always eager, was not far behind. You furrowed your brows, turning to Kyoya to ask if he knew who she was, until your attention was immediately drawn back to the door.

"No! Don't touch me, you're phony!" The dirty-blonde's shrill voice had rung out, making you flinch. She had proceeded to shower Tamaki in insults, almost bringing him to tears. The unanimous gasp from the host club was followed by the blonde teen throwing himself about dramatically, unable to believe that someone had called him a fake.

You had snickered from behind the hands you clasped to your mouth during all of this chaos, amused that this small female saying all of these things to the Host Club's "prince" seemed to take his ego down a few notches. Your muffled laughs earned you a raised eyebrow from Kyoya, but you continued despite the half-entertained, half-stern look he sent you from over the rims of his glasses.

And so, your chuckles went on until a deep voice spoke up.

"I don't suppose, you are..." The tall, attractive (that kimono somehow made him look even better) male next to you spoke.

"It's you! Kyoya!" The high pitched wail of the girl pierced through the air again. She ran over to where you stood with him, stomping on the collapsed form of Tamaki, and threw herself onto your dark-haired friend.

Who is this chick?! Why is she touching my-I mean, Kyoya?! You fumed, extremely jealous of this girl who now had her arms wrapped around the torso of the surprised male whom you had developed a crush on quite a while ago. Of course you hadn't confessed yet, but still! How dare she!


"Your fiancée?" Hikaru asked.

"Kyoya-senpai?" Kaoru questioned.

This girl, 'Renge Houshakuji, Kyoya's fiancée' your mind repeated her statement mockingly, was apparently betrothed to your crush.

Tamaki was sulking in the corner, upset that his friend hadn't told him, and you were doing no better than the blond, seething on the red loveseat across from the French girl.

The Host Club in its entirety stood behind the couch that Renge sat upon, trying to figure out what had made you so cross and Tamaki so upset. It seemed that they had just turned their attention to you before the girl parallel from you jumped up and began to blather on about how the romance between her and Kyoya was "a story of love at first sight."

Your arms were crossed over the pale yellow skirts of your uniform, and you sneered at the female who rambled on about things that Kyoya had done while with her.

Wait. Flowers? A kitten? These stories she told didn't sound like things that Kyoya would ever associate with in any kind of sentimental way. Although a civil man, Kyoya Ootori was not known for admiring flowers or rescuing injured kittens.

It all clicked when she compared him to the star of "Uki-Doki Memorial", a popular game amongst otakus. You yourself had mistaken him for the character the last time you went shopping and had passed by a game store, seeing the advertisement in the window. You had stopped for a moment, scrutinizing it, before realizing that it wasn't Kyoya and laughing to yourself. It seemed that this girl had really deluded herself into believing this was the real thing.

Yet, there was still the question of her being his fiancée left in the air.

Kyoya didn't deny it when she screeched it out, but was it true? You worried to yourself with the beginnings of tears in your eyes, looking at the dark-haired male in question whose own expression was hidden behind glinting glasses.

As Renge began to frolic around, squealing about how "charming" Kyoya was and how she "can't wait to get married", the man in question spoke again.

"I get it now. You're in love with that character. You're projecting that love onto me, and you've somehow deluded yourself into thinking that we're engaged. I'm assuming this Miyabi character probably wears glasses as well." He ended, pushing his glasses up to the bridge of his nose.

"So...she made it're not really her fiancé right?" Tamaki's unusually timid voice questioned from behind the couch across from you that Kyoya now sat on.

You perked up, waiting for his answer.

"Well no, I don't remember ever asking for her hand in marriage." His words made both you and Tamaki sigh in relief. "Besides, this is the first time I've ever met the woman."

"Thanks for telling us that in the first place, Kyoya." You deadpanned, glaring at the teen who gave you a smirk. Did he not tell everyone just to get you worked up?

You pushed the thought to the back of your mind, not realizing what Renge was saying until she shrieked out the last words of her rant.

"From now on, I'm going to be the manager of this Host Club!"

You sent Kyoya a disbelieving glance, to notice that Tamaki had already confronted him.

"Renge Houshakuji is the daughter of a very important Ootori family client, so please be polite and try not to offend her alright?" Kyoya's fluid voice informed, the owner of said voice looking pointedly and Tamaki before sending a warning glance in your direction.

Of course. Always something to do with his precious family business. Even though it was clear that the whole Host Club hadn't exactly taken a liking to the girl, they'd all have to be nice to her for the sake of Kyoya.

"Well boys, I can't wait to work with you!" Renge grinned.

You snorted, trying to hide the fact that you weren't very happy with your friend (*cough* crush *cough*), and stood, leaving the room as calmly as you could.

"I'll see you all...later." You stated before opening the door, not noticing the confused glance that a certain bespectacled friend of yours sent your departing form.


It had been a few days since you had gone into Music Room #3, which was unusual as you were usually there every day. You didn't go to be "hosted" per say, but to hang out with your friends when they weren't occupied with squealing (but less annoying than Renge) girls.

That said, you missed your friends. However, their "manager" was much too bothersome for your tastes. Plus, you couldn't stand the way she clung onto Kyoya. He didn't look like he enjoyed the way she grabbed him, but one could never tell with the quiet vice-president of the Host Club. He was anything but an open book. What if...what if he actually liked her?

You had heard earlier from a few excited girls in the library that today the Host Club was going to be filming a movie. Scoffing at the idea, you knew you had to go check it out. If your presumptions of what Renge would want were right, they would be in some kind of forested area to film a dramatic, dark scene.

And right you were, walking over to the side of the sparsely forested area in the back courtyard of Ouran Academy, you found Kyoya and the twins sitting a few metres behind a large, professional-looking camera crew.

"Really you guys? A movie?" You questioned sarcastically.

"(Y/n)!" The twins shouted when they turned to see who had spoken, jumping up to greet you.

"We haven't seen you-" Hikaru started.

"In days!" Kaoru finished for his twin.

"Yeah, yeah..." You mumbled, trying to push the red-heads away from your flustered cheeks, which they were smothering in sloppy kisses.

You thought you saw Kyoya twitch from the side of your vision, but when your eyes flickered to him he was perfectly still, and greeted you with a nod and a short smile before turning around in his fold-out chair.

When you had finally gotten the twins away from your face, you noticed that the very out of character scene which Haruhi, Honey and Mori had been filming had cut. Haruhi and Renge, along with the camera crew, were now nowhere to be seen.

The four of you all turned your heads as a crash sounded from around the corner. Tamaki, who had been standing a ways away from the group of you perked his head up and jogged over.

"What happened Haruhi?!" You heard his call as he disappeared to where the noise had come from.

"We should check out what's happening over there, they might be causing trouble." Kyoya sighed, standing up and brushing past you as he strolled towards the ruckus.

You followed, yet when you and the twins caught up to Kyoya who now stood beside the camera, all you could see was Tamaki and Haruhi kneeling on the ground, the former laughing about something while the latter smiled amicably at him, as Renge began to speak.

" tell me you got that, cameraman!" She screeched, turning to the camera crew beside you.

"Yes boss!" The man behind the large piece of equipment confirmed.

"Other than Haruhi's contact falling out, that was an ideal final scene!" The hand Renge held her script with shook violently as she became more worked up. "All it needs now is a moving narration by my sweet Kyoya!" You sneered at the last part, before Kyoya moved sharply beside you. What was that in his hand?


The lot of you gasped, turning to realize that Kyoya had smashed the camera lens with a rock. You frowned at him-he was not usually one to cause a scene-but his eyebrows were furrowed and his attention was not on you.

"What'd you do to my camera?!" The poor worker behind the contraption shouted, but the tall man beside you ignored him.

"What? Is something wrong?" Renge pouted and asked in a quiet voice.

"I'm terribly sorry, but I cannot allow there to be any record of a club member engaging in violence."  He paused for a moment, before continuing. "I think you've caused enough trouble around here, Renge, please stop being such a pest." The annoyed tone in his voice told you that he meant no nonsense.

"A pest..." Renge whimpered, devastated, before yelling at him quickly for acting so differently and questioning him. She fell to her knees with tears streaming down her cheeks, Haruhi quick at her side to comfort her.

"That was a bit harsh, don't you think?" You questioned him, feeling pity towards the annoying girl.

Kyoya turned to you, his shining glasses blocking the expression in his eyes.

"She needs to learn her lesson somehow." He replied simply.

"But your opinion matters a lot to Renge." you argued, not sure why you were defending her. "That really hurt her."

"She'll get over it. Along with me." He smirked at that last part, nodding his head towards the previously sobbing French teenager, whose tears had stopped as she stared at Haruhi.

"Sure." You highly doubted that would happen.


Several days later, you stood next to Kyoya back in Music Room # 3.

Flustered girls were scattered about the space, all gushing about the film that Kyoya had, in the end, put on sale. After some editing, of course.

The Host Club members themselves smiled awkwardly, sending hidden glares in the black-haired teen's direction.

"Good day, everyone." A cheerful, less annoying than usual voice greeted. Surprised, you and your friends turned your heads to see a smiling Renge.

"Renge? But I thought you had gone back to France already." Tamaki spoke.

The girl ignored him, and went to stand in front of Haruhi.

"I can't believe I didn't realize this sooner, it was so chivalrous of you to risk your life to protect me. I could feel the love when you lectured me about judging people!"

So that's what they'd been talking about. Explains why Renge looked so confused. You snickered to yourself.

"When you said it was fun to get to know people little by little, you were talking about me!" Renge grabbed Haruhi's hands and brought them closer to her face as she said this dreamily.

"Uh...yeah..." Your brown haired friend replied uncertainly.

Tamaki seemed outraged, most of the others in the room looked very confused, and you snorted from behind Kyoya as Renge dragged your friend out of the room, saying something about how it was time to get to know each other better.

Guess I really didn't have anything to worry about then, she switched her love interest rather quickly... You thought to yourself as you walked to an empty corner of the room, leaning on a pillar.

As if reading your mind, Kyoya appeared beside you and spoke.

"You know, (y/n), you never had anything to worry about with Renge."

Confused, you stood up straight and turned to face him.

"I mean, first off, you're much prettier than her. You're also much easier to be around. I didn't even know her well either. She never stood a chance against you, you realized that right?" He pronounced slowly, making your eyes widen.

"K-Kyoya, I-" You tried, and failed, to stutter out.

"Honestly (y/n), I didn't think you were that naïve. But, I suppose that's one of the things I like about you." He sighed dramatically.

"W-What?!" You sputtered, cheeks redder than a tomato as you tried to comprehend what he was saying.

Kyoya wasn't the playful type, you'd never heard anything like the banter he was spouting out from him before.

"What are you talking abou-" You tried to ask, before a pressure on your mouth cut you off.

The pressure, you found out quickly, was Kyoya's lips upon your own. Your (e/c) eyes widened even more, which you hadn't thought to be possible at the state they were in already. His long fingers snaked around the waist of your canary yellow uniform dress, pushing you gently against the tall pillar behind you as your eyelids finally fluttered closed and you tilted your lips further against his. Your hands travelled up to his hair, where your fingers tangled themselves in smooth black locks as he deepened the kiss.

He pulled away swiftly after a moment (a very enjoyable one, at that) and pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose.

"I'll send for you at 7." He said with an uncharacteristically large grin, before he walked away from you, back to your oblivious group of friends who were now poking fun at Tamaki.

Still dumbfounded, you smiled and sighed in defeat.

I'll never understand that guy.
Hey guys yay I'm back

I've been working on this little piece for you all so please enjoy it okay I know it's stupid but still uwu

I've got an Iceland x Reader in the works right now as well so don't hate me ok I'm not ditching my precious countries! It should be up pretty soon.

Ouran High School Host Club (c) Bisco Hatori
You (c) Kyoya Ootori
Story (c) Me
(I got the picture off the wikia wooooo)
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Kyoya X Neko Reader – Curse Gone Haywire

You and your friend Nekozawa are paging through a stack of spell books. You stop at a spell that is called the Cat's curse. You think this spell is one that will cause your intended victim to act like a cat. You discuss with Nekozawa about the curse and he offers to assist you in completing the spell as long as you got the hardest ingredient to collect and told him the results.

         It takes you and Nekozawa a day to collect the ingredients and materials for the spell. At the end of the day, you walk to the Third Music room in hopes of getting the last item for the spell. You open the door to the music room and are greeted by two reddish brown haired twin brothers. These brothers would be Hikaru and Kaoru. They are dressed as a devil and an angel. "Hello let's play guess who is Hikaru game" they say posing and waiting for you to guess. "Ummm… the devil is Hikaru" you say quickly wanting to get your task done quickly. The twins move out of your way and let you past them. You see Kyoya sitting at a table with his computer dressed as a devil. He is wearing a red dress shirt with the top two buttons undone, a black knee long coat with red material inside, black pants and black cargo boots. The jacket is pushed up past his elbows, has two belt like straps on the left arm, a set of three same belts across the front, a large belt across the waist at an angle and buckles at the very bottom of the coat. You smile happily and walk over to Kyoya.

Kyoya looks up and smiles at you saying, "________, what can I help you with today?" "I would like some tea please Kyo – kyo" you ask politely using your nickname from the past. "________, please do not use that name here," Kyoya says adjusting his glasses. "Ok," you reply with a frown and sit down at the table. Kyoya leaves to get your tea. You start to think of the past dozing off.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  "Kyo –kyo, you promised to have tea with me today" your five year old self complains.  "I am sorry, (cute nickname for you). My father made me an economics lesson for today" Kyoya says bluntly.  "B..but you made the promise with me first" you whine sadly. "I am sorry, (nickname). What can I do to make it up to you?" Kyoya asks. You look at him with tear filled eyes and state running off, "leave me alone Kyo – kyo. You haven't kept a promise yet". "______, wait" Kyoya calls going to run after you.

You run to your favorite hiding place and curl up behind the tree crying. You looked behind yourself when you ran to your hiding place. When you looked you did not see Kyoya, which made you even sadder. You fall asleep crying in your favorite hiding place.

You feel a gentle tapping on your shoulder and hear your name being called softly. You start to wake up hopping that your friend Kyoya has found you. "_____, wake up. It's me, …."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ End of Flashback ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"_______, are you ok? You dozed off. I brought your tea" you look up at Kyoya with teary eyes. "I am ok. Thank you for the tea" you say quickly wiping your tears away. "You're welcome, ______" Kyoya says gently wiping your hair out of your face and smiles. You pretend to wipe a few stray hairs off of Kyoya shoulder and smile. You and Kyoya hear Tamaki's usual arguing with the twins. "I have to go, _____. See you again soon" Kyoya sighs walking to where Tamaki is.  

You set some money on Kyoya's laptop and head on your way to meet up with Nekozawa. You and Nekozawa promised to meet at the black magic club. You walk to the club's meeting place humming softly to yourself. You walk clutching your last piece for your spell quickly.

Once you arrive to the black magic club, Nekozawa wearing his usual hooded cloak and Belzeneff sticking his head out the door greets you. "Hi ________, did you get?" Nekozawa asks with a gleam in his eye. "Yes, I did. Is everything prepared for the spell?" you ask with a mischievous grin on your face walking into the darkened room. In the center of the room is a chalk circle surrounded by lite candles and a bookshelf full of magic books. You hand Nekozawa the hair and take a cloak from him. You put the cloak on and join him in the circle. You and Nekozawa complete the spell after a few minutes. Right after the two of you complete the spell, you feel dizzy and pain all over. You whimper passing out and you see Nekozawa catch you before you hit the ground.

An hour later you, wake up to find yourself on a white bed in the nurse's office. You sit up with an irritating itch on your head. You scratch your head to find a pair of (your hair color) cat ears on your head. Nervously you look for a tail, when you find the tail, you scream into a pillow scared. You curl up in the cloak nervously and scared as you hear the soft sound of footsteps outside the nurse's office. You quickly grab the blanket and wrap it around yourself tightly. "Who is it?" you ask in a shaky voice. "_____, are you alright?" you hear a familiar voice say. "No not Kyoya. Please no, he can't see me like this" you mumble to yourself blushing. "I am ok, Kyo-kyo" you say trying to hide your nerves.

Kyoya walks to where you are and smiles. "You don't sound ok. You fainted earlier and screamed. Please tell me what's wrong" Kyoya says sitting next to you. "Err… Kyo-kyo, Nekozawa and I were trying to put a curse on you. But it backfired on me and …" you edge away from Kyoya nervously. "(Nickname), its ok. What happened?" Kyoya asks wiping your tears off your face. "Ttt-this" you say taking the hood of the cloak off your head to reveal your cat hears. You then take the cloak of so Kyoya can see your tail too. "(nickname), you look adorable" Kyoya says hugging you. He then gently pets your ears earning soft purring from you. You blush at Kyoya's words and your purring.

"Really Kyo-kyo?", you ask looking up at him with your ears flat on your head. "Yes really, ______" Kyoya replies with a smile. You wrap your tail around Kyoya's arm happily with a smile. "Kyoya, I have something I want to tell you" you state nervously. "Well, let me go first please" Kyoya asks ruffling your hair gently. "Ok," you say blushing. "When I heard that you got hurt I came here as soon as I could. I got worried that you were badly hurt like when we were younger remember?" Kyoya asks looking at you with a smile. "Yes, I do. I was trying to carry my tea set up the stairs towards your room, when your dad walk passed me quickly. I lost my balance and fell down the stairs. You carried me to your room and tended to my wounds. You even saved up your money to get me a new tea set" you reply wincing remembering the pain and horror you had when you fell down the stairs. "I was so scared that you wouldn't be my friend anymore and that I would never see you again" Kyoya states resting his chin on your head. "Kyo-kyo, Iii-I love you" you say in a hushed whisper turning red. "(nickname), I love you too" Kyoya replies turning you to face his slightly pink face. He leans in and kisses you. You kiss him back blushing bright red.

"Kyoya, what are we going to do about my ears and tail?" you ask worriedly. "_______, my cute kitten that is an easy solution. We have you join the Host Club for an event that we happen to be doing tomorrow. The event is where the Hosts dress up like animals for a day. Tamaki came up with a crazy stunt to convince the whole school to join in. And now it is contest for the best costume to be picked as the queen for a day at the Host Club. We are going to need help making the tea. Would you like to help me?" Kyoya asks smiling. "Yes, I would love to help you" you reply blushing.

The day after is just a Kyoya said, everyone in the school was dressed as an animal of some sort even the teachers. The Hosts had to ask Nekozawa, and a few other people to help out in keeping the club running. You and Kyoya were in charge of making the tea and keeping track of the number of people. Kyoya would kiss you on the cheek or your ears whenever he had a free moment. At the end of the day after cleaning up, you and Kyoya get changed to get home. "(nickname), I have something for you that will be better than that old warn out cloak" Kyoya says hugging you. "You didn't have to get me…" you state getting interrupted by Kyoya kissing you. He drapes a beautiful (favorite color) cloak on you and pets your ears. You blush bright red and kiss his cheek. "Thank you, Kyoya, it's beautiful" you say smiling and grabbing Kyoya's hand. "You're welcome kitten. I thought you would," Kyoya replies kissing your ear and pulling the hood up. The two of you walk home talking about the Host club and both of yours past. You both smile and laugh together happily.
You and your friend Nekozawa are paging through a stack of spell books. You stop at a spell that is called the Cat’s curse. You think this spell is one that will cause your intended victim to act like a cat.

I Do Not Own Ouran High School Host Club or you
I only own the story.
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Ouran High school host club x Tsundere! Tomboy! Reader: Kyouya Ootori: The cool type

'Oh dearest _____! We welcome you to the world of beauty and elegance! All of this men live to entertain you, so please tell us _____! Which type do you like the best?’

You placed your hand under your chin, as if to be deep in thought. You smiled and opened your mouth.
‘Well I obviously like cool guys,’ You said with a cocky grin, you pointed at the extremely handsome dark-haired guy, he had sharp glasses which only made you like him more. ‘Like him.’ The blonde gasped and placed a hand on his forehead.

‘How can such a beautiful maiden, choose Kyouya over me?’ He murmured, Haruhi shrugged. The boy – apparently name Kyouya – turned around at the sound of his name. He pushed his glasses back on his nose bridge, making you blush. He was really attractive. Kyouya walked over to you and held out his hand, smiling coldly.

‘I believe we haven’t met before, I’m Kyouya Ootori.’ He introduced himself, you took his hand and shook it. ‘You must be _____, the other honor student next to our Haruhi.’

‘Yeah, that’s me.’ You smiled, trying to act cool. The truth was your face felt as if it was on fire and your heart was beating like crazy. You shot daggers at the dramatic blonde, who was pouting and faking tears. ‘I’m not a maiden, jerk.’ You scowled, making Kyouya chuckle lightly.

‘Oh dear please be easy on our king.’ He stated, you furrowed your eyebrows. Why was that guy the king? He was childish and way too dramatic, you tapped Kyouya’s shoulder.

‘Why is he the king? He looks emotionally unstable.’ You said, Tamaki cried out and threw himself in the corner of the room, sulking. You smirked at what you had done, finally you could hear something else then the cries of disapproval that Tamaki made.

‘Tama-chan brought us all together! Without him we wouldn’t be friends right now! Right Takashi?’ The smaller blonde grinned, again the boy named Takashi nodded.

‘I’m sorry to interrupt or anything, but did you guys even introduce yourself to ______?’ Haruhi asked, the room was awkwardly silent. She frowned and crossed her arms, in distress. ‘Guys! How rude!’ She said angrily, puffing out her cheeks. Tamaki returned from his sulking corner and grabbed your hand, placing a kiss on the top of it. You shivered and pulled your hand back, not noticing the jealous glare from behind Kyouya’s glasses. You weren’t flustered really, but still, being in such contact with a boy made your cheeks slightly red tinted.

‘I’m Tamaki Suoh, my princess.’ He said, you frowned. This guy was a big flirt. He probably does this to every girl he met, making you cringe in disgust.

‘Yeah, yeah.’ You said, completely uninterested in the huge flirt before you. He pouted and threw himself back in the corner.

‘Allow me to introduce our hosts, miss (last name).’ Kyouya spoke, you felt yourself blush again when he said your last name. 'Focus ____! He’s just some guy, stop thinking about all of this stuff!’ You thought to yourself. Missing the smirk that was placed on Kyouya’s lips.

‘Tamaki Suoh, the prince type but you’ve already met him.’ He said pointing at Tamaki in the corner.

‘Don’t introduce me to those twins either, I already know them..’ You sighed in frustration.

‘Mitsukuni Haninozuka or Honey for short, the loli-shota type.’ He said gesturing to the cute blonde, who was now hiding behind his pink bunny. A cute innocent expression on his face.

‘Takashi Morinozuka or Mori, the wild type.’ The tall dark headed boy nodded and walked over to Honey, setting him on his shoulders. The smaller boy let out a cute little giggle as he walked off with Mori. ‘And me Kyouya Ootori, the cool type.’ He said in an extremely cool way, he was a cold one wasn’t he? He was just about to introduce Haruhi but you shushed him by placing a finger on his lips, making him give you a confused look.

‘I already know Haruhi, so don’t worry about that.’ You said, he nodded and fixed his glasses again. You were just about to ask some more questions but you were silenced by a bunch of girls coming in through the main door. After every girl had chosen a host. Kyouya walked up to you, a clipboard in his hands.

‘So ____, are you interested in making an appointment with a host?’ He asked, his glasses shining it the light. You shrugged.

‘I don’t know, it just seems a bit weird to me.’ You murmured, ‘Besides, I could never afford it anyway. I lost all my savings on this uniform.’ He looked at you with a fixed expression, not taking his eyes off you. You felt yourself getting a bit uncomfortable so you began to walk away, but you were grabbed by the shoulder.

‘Oh, Miss _____? You’re already leaving?’ He asked, you nodded. ‘It doesn’t cost any money, you do realize that don’t you?’ You turned around and crossed your arms, giving him a puzzled look. Did he really thought you were just going to sit down with a dude and talk to him all afternoon?

You sighed as you sat down on the silky couch, Kyouya managed to talk you in to sitting with him while he hosted you. Honestly you were a bit nervous. But really, what do you do in a host club? Kyouya was currently fetching you guys some tea, you weren’t really a fond of tea but whatever. A chance to speak to Kyouya all afternoon wasn’t so bad. You shifted nervously as he walked back, a tray with tea cups and a tea pot on top in his hands. You watched him as he sat down and poured you two some tea.

‘Still regretting it miss? Were just going to talk with some tea, relax.’ He said, you nodded and took the cup in your hands. He watched you as you took a sip, you cringed. God it was terrible. You placed the cup back down and wiped your mouth with your sleeve.

‘God that’s horrible.’ You spat out, Kyouya stared at you with a confused look. ‘Oh, pardon me.’ You managed to recover yourself. He placed a hand on his chest.

‘Please don’t apologize, your personality is indeed very interesting.’ He said, you sighed and leaned back in the comfy couch. The nervous feeling had already left.

‘So, what do you mostly talk about with the girls you host?’ You asked bluntly, he smiled faintly and crossed his legs. The tea cup in his hand. He took a sip.
‘Mostly talk about things, commoners like you wouldn’t be interested in.’ He said, you frowned.

‘Hey that’s rude, calling me a commoner!’ You scowled, ‘You rich fellows sure know how to distress a lady don’t you?’ You crossed your arms and looked away to the side, not letting Kyouya see your face. That was boiling with anger.

‘My sincere apologies miss.’ He said, making you glance over at him from the corners of your eyes. ‘I didn’t mean to upset you.’ You looked back at him.

‘No, it’s my fault as well. I just have a hard time getting people intentions, I was the one being rude. Sorry.’ You murmured, he shook his head and placed his cup on the table.

‘I see, but don’t worry you can be honest here. What’s being said here stays here. So don’t worry.’ He stated, you sighed and rested your head on your hands.

‘I’m not just going to pour my heart out here, you do know that right? And why do you even act friendly, it’s not like I’m a rich princess from England or something.’

‘Why would I care about that?’ He asked.

‘You know the Ootori family is well known for their connections and way of buying people over.’ You mumbled, he sighed and leaned back into his seat.

‘Don’t buy everything you hear, it is true that our family is extremely cold and has no mercy when it comes to money. But being rude to a lady is an absolute sin.’ He stated, your eyes were a bit widened. He was able to speak of his family in such a way? ‘Now miss ____, how’s your family?’

You really didn’t know how to answer him, it would be weird to just go all happy and be like: ‘Well they’re both dead! So yeah I live on my own, no siblings, uncles, aunts no nothing!’  So you just decided to ignore the question.

‘So how long have you being in the host club?’ You asked trying to change to the topic, he frowned a bit.

‘_____ please don’t change the topic, I want to know.’ He said, you sighed and ran your fingers through your (h/c) hair. Well he wanted to know so he’s going to get the full story then, you looked at him. He was patiently waiting for you to answer.

‘Well.. My family is sort of dead, not sort of they’re dead. But I’ve gotten over it already, it has being three years anyway. They passed away when I was thirteen, they got ran over by a car.’ You murmured, ‘Ever since then I lived on my own in a small apartment in the outskirts of town, I pay my rent by working at a restaurant at night.’ Kyouya was listening carefully, nodding as you proceeded to tell your story. ‘So yeah that’s it, probably think I’m a big sissy don’t you?’ He shook his head.

‘I think that you’re very brave, your parents are surely proud of you.’ He said calmly, you felt tears in the corners of your eyes.

‘Oh won’t you look at the time, got to run!’ You said nervously, standing up. You really didn’t like it when your emotions went all crazy, so you wanted to get out of there. Quickly. You wiped the tears from the corners of your eyes as you ran off. Kyouya ran after you, but you were already gone before he could get to you. Kyouya stood there a blank expression on his face, the shadow king was actually moved. He felt like crying as well, but he had a reputation as a cool guy so he held them in. By now you were running through the halls, trying to find a place to cry your lungs out. As you noticed how empty your classroom was you ran in and closed the door. You sat down on the floor, your back against the door. You slowly let tears stream down your face, sobbing quietly.

‘Sorry mom, dad. I guess that I’m just a big sissy after all..’ You mumbled, chuckling slightly. You wrapped your arms around your knees and pulled them close. You sobbed into the yellow skirt of the uniform, making it wet. You wiped some of the remaining tears from your eyes as you heard a knock on the door. ‘Who is it?’ You said in a shaky voice.

‘Kyouya.’ A voice from behind the door said, you placed your hand on your wet cheek. Feeling it warming up at the cool and calm voice.

‘Go away..’ You sobbed.

‘_____, if you’re not going to open this door I will.’ He said, you sighed and moved your back from the door. Your sad face was now facing the door waiting for it to be opened. Not wanting to let Kyouya see you like this you placed your hands over your face. You heard the door open. Kyouya stood there, a pained expression on his face. He kneeled down and placed a hand on top of your head.

‘_____? Are you alright?’ He asked, you shook your head and groaned.

‘Go away..’ You said again, he chuckled and removed your hands from your face. Revealing the soaking wet cheeks and tears in the corners of your eyes. He smiled faintly and cupped your face, wiping the tears from your eyes.

‘It’s alright, I didn’t mean to upset you.’ He spoke, you said nothing. Staying silent and looking away was the only thing you wanted to do. ‘_____, you’re so incredible.’ You looked at him with a confused expression. He smiled and rested his forehead against yours, you blushed.

‘H-Hey now no time for jokes, get off me.’ You stuttered, he shook his head and closed his eyes.

‘You were able to take care of yourself, you scored so incredibly high on tests even though you had no one there to help you. You’re one of the strongest persons I’ve ever met ____.’ He said, you didn’t know what to say. But as you opened your mouth as to say something, he kissed you. Obviously you were surprised, you placed your hands against his chest trying to push him off, but he was too strong. Your cheeks were bright red as he parted away from you, a calm smirk on his face.

‘Why d-did you d-do th-that?’ You stuttered again, he chuckled and rested nuzzled his nose against yours.

‘I think I may have fallen for you ____.’ He admitted, you flushed bright crimson.

‘W-What are you saying, i-idiot! A-And your glasses are hurting my face so get off me!’ You squirmed, he shook his head.

‘No, not until you admit you like me too.’ He teased, you shook your head and raised your arm in attempt to cover your blush.
‘I don’t!’ You spat out embarrassed, he had a devilish smile on his face.

‘Just repeat after me, “I love you too.”’ He spoke, you blushed.

‘I love you too..’ You murmured, your hand covering your mouth.

‘What I didn’t quite hear that, remove your hand please.’

‘I love you too..’ You groaned, your eyes looking away not wanting to face Kyouya. He smiled and placed his finger under your chin making you face him anyway. You blushed as he stared at you with cold eyes, he placed a peck on your nose. You shut your eyes and squeaked.

‘You’re so cute.’

‘Shut up..’

The end of Kyouya’s chapter~
Hello this one was quicker than I expected, but hey, it's cool right?
I do not own OHSCH or you, neither do I own the picture~
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     "___, wake up!" your mother shouted from the other side of the bedroom door. A groan escaped your lips and you slowly pulled your fluffy ___ colored pillow over your head. "Five more minutes," you called back from beneath the pillow. Your mom turned the door knob and stepped into the room, hands on hips. "You've said that for the last fifteen minutes now. Do you want to see the exhibit or not?" she said, obviously frustrated that you haven't gotten out of the bed yet. 'Exhibit… what exhibit?' you thought and slowly moved the pillow away from your face so that you could see your mother's face. "Well?" she demanded. You blinked your mind still fuzzy since you had just woken up. You mother watched your face and sighed, she knew that look.

    She should have figured that you would forget about the new exhibit in the museum that you had wanted to see. "Aren't you the one that begged me to take you to the medical exhibit at the museum? The one that the Ootori family allowed to put on display?" she asked with a sigh. For a moment you just laid there, trying to comprehend what she was saying. 'Ootori…? Ah!' you thought, the words that came out of your mother's mouth finally made sense."That's today!?" you asked and quickly jumped out of bed, looking through your dresser and closet for clothes to wear. A small laugh escaped your mother's lips as she slipped out of the room.


     "Mom, you are awesome!" you cheered when she pulled up to the museum. She had agreed to take you to the museum but she wasn't at all interested in the medical equipment and history. "Call when you are ready to go. Don't be out to late or I will be calling you," she warned and flashed you a smile. You nodded before jumping out of the car and running up the steps of the museum. The museum was a big white building with posters from different exhibits such as the dinosaur exhibit, the shells exhibit, and butterfly exhibit. 'Wow, all this only makes me more excited' you thought with a grin. All around you were people going in and out of the museum or waiting for others to show up, or talking on the phone. The whole area just seemed so energized, and the energy was very contagious. Carefully you weave your way through the crowds of people and into the building. 'Ah, it's even more amazing on the inside' you thought in wonder as you studied the inside of the building. The ceiling was very high and hanging from the ceiling were very large models of a butterfly, dinosaur, and fish. "Look out," someone snapped as they bumped into you because you had stopped.

    You shot a glare in their direction but moved aside and walked over to the ticket booth. "One ticket for the Ootori Medical exhibit," you tell the woman. She took the money from you gratefully and handed over the ticket."You can't get into the exhibit without that ticket. There will be a person standing in the doorway for the exhibit. Just hand them this ticket. They will punch a hole into it and you will be allowed inside," she instructed carefully. You take the ticket and study the picture of a doctor's lab coat and equipment. "Right," you reply before turning and glancing about. The museum sure was busy today. You took a deep breath; you wouldn't let the crowd ruin your day. As you made your way over to the medical exhibit, multiple people bumped into you. 'Darn it' you thought but forced a smile onto your face again. You were about to enter the exhibit when the man standing to the side stuck a hand out, stopping you. "Ticket?" he asked and you shoved your hands into your pockets, searching them frantically.

    'Where did it go? I just had it!' you thought and searched your pockets again. The man gave you a disapproving look and motioned you to step aside. 'Darn, I can't afford to buy another ticket' you thought and groaned inwardly. You looked down at your shoes and fidgeted. The man who was punching holes would glance over in your direction every once and a while but wouldn't say anything to you. When a hand was placed on your shoulder, you quickly looked up. "Is there a problem?" a boy asked, who seemed to be around the same age as you. You smiled nervously and let out a sigh. "I had bought a ticket to get into the Ootori's medical exhibit but I dropped it and can't get in now," you explained and frowned. The boy had short black hair that made his face stand out, his grey eyes studied you calculatingly as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He shoved a hand into his pocket and pulled out two tickets before handing one over to you.

    "What?! Oh, I can't accept this, why are you helping me?!" you asked frantically. You eyed the ticket; it was indeed a very tempting offer. "I believe that anyone who is as excited as you are about getting into my family's exhibit should be allowed in. Take it," he said and held the tickets closer to your face. How could you say no?! You had been looking forward to the exhibit for weeks! Slowly you reached up and took one of the tickets. "T-Thank you…" you started but couldn't finish because he hadn't given you his name, he had only mentioned that he is part of the Ootori family.

     He blinked and lightly placed a hand over his heart before bowing a bit. "Ootori Kyoya," he said and then stood upright. You could already tell that he didn't seem to smile much. "Nice to meet you, I'm ___ ___," you reply and give him a grateful smile. He nodded and studied your face, making sure that he would remember who you are, the host club he is in required him to know people well so out of habit he made sure to remember people. "___ ___, allow me to give you the official tour of our exhibit," he said and lightly held out his arm. 'He's so proper!' you thought and blushed. Slowly you hooked your arm through his and walked back over to the man that was at the entrance of exhibit. He quickly punched both of your tickets. "Great to see you here Kyoya," the man said with a smile, he hadn't expected the youngest of the Ootori sons to be here. Your guide nodded and gently pulled you through the entrance.

    "Wow," you said with a gasp, your ___ colored eyes going wide. Kyoya glanced down at you and then around at the exhibit, he didn't find it very impressive since he wasn't interested in the family business. When a phone started ringing, you looked up at Kyoya as he pulled out his cell phone and flipped it open. He placed the phone to his ear.

     "Kyoya, where are you?" his best friend shouted into the phone to be heard over all the background noise in the museum. He glanced down at you with his grey eyes then around. "Tamaki, buy another ticket," he stated bluntly. Now he remained silent, waiting for the inevitable. "What?!" Tamaki shouted, sounding shocked. Kyoya flinched because of the loud tone he had used. "Get another ticket, I'm already in the exhibit and your ticket has already been used," he explained in a casual tone. He snapped his phone shut and shoved it back into his pocket.

    You bit your bottom lip lightly, you couldn't help but have overheard the conversation. "Whose ticket did you give to me?" you asked. At one point you had heard a male yell at Kyoya and hoped that it wasn't his brother's ticket or anything of that sort. "A loud obnoxious friend of mine, everyone from a club I'm in his here today, along with my family," he told you and lightly started walking, his arm still hooked with yours. You nearly stumbled because he had just suddenly started walking, obviously not fond of the topic about his family so you decided to stop asking him questions.

     Kyoya cleared his throat and motioned around. "My family owns an immense conglomerate organization that primarily deals in hospitals and other health-related products," he said and stopped at the first exhibit. You leaned over the looked at the tools closely. "This is the Physican supplies display case. Inside this particular case is a Disarticulated Skeleton, which is basically a model skeleton that isn't put together yet. This is to show all the different pieces. There are also many charts in there that doctors in our hospital and other locations will use to explain injuries," Kyoya explained, though he didn't sound so proud of his family's business. You examined the supplies in the case one last time before looking up at him with a frown. "Excuse my bluntness but you don't sound very happy about being here," you told him honestly. His gray eyes refused to meet your own ___ colored ones. "My family and issues are not your business. I'm just here to make sure you have fun," he said after a moment.

    He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and flashed you one of the smiles he would use on the guests at their host club. The blood rushed to your face, causing it to go a bright red color. "R-Right, sorry," you say quietly. You were embarrass since you had been prying. He watched you for a moment longer before pulling you towards the next display case. On the way though, he was stopped by many people. Everyone spoke with Kyoya; congratulating him on his family business, asking about the hospital, telling him stories about how his family had helped them, asked for an autograph, or wanted a picture with him. The whole situation was just overwhelming for you.

     "Kyoya!" a voice called. The two of you looked away from the woman who was currently talking to Kyoya and towards a group of boys who were heading towards you two. "Kyoya, there you are! I've been looking all over for you," said a tall blonde headed boy. He blinked when he noticed that your arm was hooked with Kyoya's arm. A handsome and natural smile spread across his face, a smile that he, the king, would use at their host club. "So this is why I had to buy my own ticket," he said and studied you. Now he bowed, the smile not leaving his face. "I'm Tamaki Suoh," the boy said. Tamaki has light blonde hair and blue-violet eyes. He stood upright again and motion to the boys that were around him. "We are friends of Kyoya's. This is Honey, Mori, Hikaru, and Kaoru, " he said.

    He motioned to each of the hosts with elaborate, smooth arm movements. Honey is quite short for his age with a very childish face. He has short blonde hair, pale skin and brown eyes. He smiled happily up at you. "Nice to meet you!" he cheered. Mori, the man that stood beside Honey protectively simply nodded. Mori was tall like Tamaki and Kyoya, but he had black hair, onyx colored eyes, and seemed to be even more serious than Kyoya. You also got the feeling that he didn't talk much. Finally you turned your gaze to the twins Hikaru and Kaoru that Tamaki had mentioned. The two twins have short, auburn, and somewhat messy hair and greenish colored eyes. The only difference that you could find was that they both parted their hair differently. "Nice to meet you all," you said after taking in Kyoya's friends.

    You turned your gaze up to Kyoya to see his reaction to his friends. He looked slightly irritated but here was something else to the look in his eyes that you couldn't figure out. 'Irritated… but happy?' you thought. "This is ___  ___," Kyoya said and glanced down in your direction. You blushed since he had caught you staring at him and quickly turned to look at his friends. The twins by this point had moved forward to study you more carefully, to the point that they were circling you and Kyoya. "W-What?" you sputtered, confused and anxious under their gazes. They both stopped and pointed at your face. "You are actually pretty cute for a commoner. No wonder Kyoya helped you get it," they said in unison. Mischievous smiles spread across their faces as they studied you. You weren't sure what they were planning, but they were indeed up to something. Kyoya gave your arm a light tug, pulling you away from the twins.

    "What do you guys think of the exhibit?" you asked. You had a feeling that they were here to provide Kyoya with support rather than to see the exhibit. Tamaki smiled and thrust his arms into the air. "It is a wonderful exhibit, very educational and interesting," he said with a passion. You made a face at him for a moment. "You like a lot of attention, don't you?" you asked. The blonde's jaw dropped and he slowly looked down at you. He sniffled and moved away from you, crouching down behind an exhibit while Mori, Honey, and the twins tried to cheer him up.

    Kyoya laughed whole heartedly and shook his head. "You got that right," Kyoya told you and looked down at you. Admiration flashed in his eyes for a moment which caused you to blush and look away from him. Again he tugged on your arm. "Come on, he'll get over your comment in a moment. Let us continue the tour," he said. You walked beside him and glanced one last time over your shoulder at Kyoya's friends.

     Kyoya fulfilled his promise and continued to take you to each exhibit. He would answer all your questions about the tools and posters. He never seemed to get impatient with your questions like you thought he would. "Kyoya," yet another person said. You were getting used to all the interruptions by now. The two of you turned and you blinked in surprise to see men that looked much like Kyoya, you figured they were related. Kyoya stiffened a bit and didn't even spare you a glance. "___, these are my brothers Yuuichi and Akito Ootori," he said calmly. He tried to remain calm and not get annoyed but his posture betrayed him. "We asked you to come but I didn't think you'd actual do it," Yuuichi said and narrowed his eyes at his younger brother. You frowned , you knew that Kyoya said that his family issues were not your problem but there was obviously some tensions between the brothers. Both Yuuichi and Akito wore nice tuxes and seemed to look down upon Kyoya. "You don't even work in our family business, you shouldn't have bothered to even show up," Akito added with a smirk while shoving his hands into his pockets.

    This pushed your last button. "I don't care who you are but you shouldn't treat Kyoya that way. He's your family and this exhibit is about your family's work so he has a right to be here. He even knows all about your family business so he could supply just as much information as you could. Stop acting like jerks towards him," you snapped. Both of Kyoya's brothers looked at you, just noticing you for the first time. Yuuichi narrowed his eyes at you. "Who do you think you are?" he asked quietly, trying not to lose his temper. A woman, Kyoya's sister, you assumed, rushed over and put a hand on both Akito's and Yuuichi's arm. "Come on you two, mother and father are looking all over for you," she said and smiled. She pulled the two brothers away from you two and gave Kyoya a wink. "I like your girlfriend," she mouthed to Kyoya. Kyoya pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and glanced back down at you.

    "Why did you stand up for me like that? You hardly know me," he said and turned to face you. You fidgeted under his gaze and shook your head. "They were being rude and you are a very intelligent and nice guy. You've given me no reason to believe that they have a good reason to treat you like that," you explained and smiled sheepishly, kind of embarrassed about speaking out against his brothers. The two of you stood like this silently like this for a while with people trying to see the exhibits walked around you two. You continued to look at the ground and he continued to stare down at you. Finally Kyoya raised a hand and rested his fingers under your chin before gently making you look up at him. Your ___ colored eyes widened as you noticed the grateful look in his grey eyes. "Thank you ____ ___. You made me very happy, it's nice to have someone on my side that is willing to stand up for me," he said slowly and deliberately.

    He leaned forward and placed a kiss on your forehead.


     "Thank you so much for your time and the tour today Kyoya Ootori," you told your tour guide as the two of you stood outside the museum. He stood on the step a few below the step you stood on. Your mom had called to say that she was coming to pick you up and Kyoya had insisted that he should wait with you until your mom arrived, which was very gentlemen like of him. He looked up at you and raised his eye brows with a small smile. "It was an honor to get to spend the day with you," he said. You couldn't help but smile back then look around.

     Hikaru and Kaoru had been hiding in a crowd of people. "Ready brother?" Hikaru asked his twin. His brother smirked and nodded his head. They both started to move and navigate through the crowd, trying not to be seen. Then they picked up speed and ran up behind you, giving you a good shove before rushing back into the crowd of people. The twins made sure to hide in a place where they would still be able to see you and Kyoya.

     You gasped and stumbled forward due to someone… no two.. people pushing you. Kyoya's eyes widened in surprise and he moved to try and catch you. He did manage to catch you but your lips ended up meeting. The two of pulled apart with wide eyes. "I-I'm sorry," you sputtered, still lightly holding onto his shirt since you had grabbed it as he caught you. He looked down at you for what seemed like eternity before he finally shook his head. "No, don't be sorry. May I kiss you again ___?" he asked politely and quietly. You stared up at his grey eyes and knew that he was serious about the question. Slowly you nodded your head and he leaned forward, pressing his lips to yours again. The kiss was sweet and gentle which reminded you a lot of him. You weren't positive, but you were sure you heard two people laughing, though you ignored whoever they were. You weren't sure how long the two of you stood there in each other's arms, kissing, but eventually the two of you had to pull away.

    "___, did I just see you kiss that boy?!" your mom shouted from the car, she had just pulled up and opened her window. You blushed and buried your face in Kyoya's shirt briefly. "I have to go," you mumbled into his shirt. He grabbed your hand and gently wrote his cell phone number on your hand. After doing so, he walked with you down to your mother's car. "Good evening Mrs. ___, I'm Kyoya Ootori. You have a very nice daughter and I really enjoyed spending the day with her. She is very kind and such a lovely girl," he said, flashing her a smile. Your mom blinked in surprise because of how nicely he handled the situation. She nodded slowly then unlocked the car doors. Kyoya reached out and pulled the passenger side door open, once you climbed in, he closed it after you. "Have a wonderful evening ___ and Mrs. ___," Kyoya said then placed a kiss on your cheek.

     Once the two of you drove off, Kyoya dusted himself off and headed back up the stairs. "Hikaru, Kaoru," he said and glanced to his left. The twins managed to stop laughing and both gulped in unison. Slowly they came out of their hiding spots and stood before the "Shadow King" or as Tamaki called him, their mother. Kyoya narrowed his grey eyes at the two trouble makers then let out a sigh. "I will let you get away with your troublesome and foolish behavior for today, but you will be on clean up duty tomorrow at club," he said. Both Hikaru and Kaoru groaned but reluctantly agreed… they hoped they could get Haruhi to help them. The three of them stood standing there, looking at each other for a while. Finally, Kyoya nodded his head and stepped into the building to go back to the exhibit.

    Kaoru turned to his brother and wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "You know what? Clean up duty might not be so bad. Besides, did you see how happy Kyoya looked?" he asked happily. His brother looked at him then towards Kyoya as he entered the building.

    "I guess so, our meddling has paid off," he said. Slowly both twins smiled and gave each other a high five.
I had started this story a long time ago but had never finished it. I found it the other day and decided I might as well finish it. First Ouran Highschool Host Club reader insert :D. I actually liked how this one turned out, which it is rare for me to like how my stories come out XD

Here is other KyoyaXReader stories I've written:

I don't own Kyoya or any of the Ouran Highschool Host Club characters, or the anime for that matter. The picture also isn't mine, it was found on google.
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' I can't believe it has been 6 months since ___________ left Ouran' Kyoya thought to himself as he pulled on his suit jacket preparing for the annual Ouran Host Club Ball. ' No stop! stop thinking about something you cannot change!' After giving himself a thorough pep-talk he left for Ouran.

~~ Magical time skip!~~

The party was in full swing and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves apart from one. That one being a host. A host that was missing ________, the host being Kyoya Ootori.

Tamaki smiled and layed his hand on Kyoya's shoulder 'You should be enjoying yourself tonight, after-all this is what we have worked for for 3 months'  Shrugging the host king's arm off his shoulder Kyoya replied ' I'm fine, shouldn't you be up-keeping our reputation with the guests?'

Tamaki sighed ' Kyoya we all know that your missing __________' while saying that sentence a certain (H/C) girl who was walking down the stairs caught Tamaki's attention ' Well Kyoya, you never know fate and destiny may be brought upon you tonight my friend' Tamaki does his usual sparkly eyes as he walks away.

Kyoya just shook his head and looked out at the night sky once more, completely not noticing the girl walking up next to him ' What are you moping about glasses?' a familar voice asked him

Kyoya's eyes widened as his glasses fell from his face ' that voice...i know you...that voice...' Picking up his glasses he looked up slowly to see you standing there with your hair up with a curl coming down each side, you were wearing (F/C) dress that complimented your skin tone perfectly.

'Hey stranger' You smiled as he returned to standing at his normal height, which was considerably taller than you were.

Kyoya's face looked happy but confused at the same time, his eyes were full of sorrow but joy at the same time 'W-welcome back...' he managed to stutter out.

You noticed the look in those amazing eyes ' What's wrong Kyoya? Arn't you happy... i know.. i'm so sorry about saying what i said before i left i really should have told everyone sooner...' Looking at your feet you continued your apology.

Kyoya just shook his head and tilted your head up with two fingers under your chin ' I am happy to see you, and i really really want to show you how happy i am, but we are Host's right now and... and....'

Your eyes locked with his, then he leaned forward smirking and uttered your favorite phrase that got on his nervous ' screw this...Yolo' .

Kyoya pressed his lips to yours in front of the entire host club! Some whistled at you two, some fan girls let out upset sighs.

However you couldn't hear or see any of them... in that moment the world around you was blurry, all that is in focus is you and Kyoya.

Kyoya tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and smiled  it looked like he was about to say something but a crash came from the host club.

You turned your head to find your cousins being chased around by Tamaki who was covered in purple paint and confetti . You simply laughed ' I don't even want to know...'

Kyoya smiled ' so how long are you planning on staying here before going back home?'

You shook your head ' i am home, after all home is where the heart is right?'

Lets just say, you two didn't get to see the fireworks from the balcony. Oh no, you two had a first class view from the Ouran fountain which you two ended up falling into. I'll leave how you fell in to your imaginations .
Second part to the request from :iconkuranyuuki100:

I hope you enjoy this part guys!! :iconheartrollplz: i had fun writing this!! and if you want a request don't be scared to ask :D :D

part one:…

I don't own Ouran HSHC!
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Hey guys this is my first Ouran High School Host Club Fanfiction!
Please be nice! Pweety please?!  :3
Thank you! Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!!! :D


It was just another wonderful day at Ouran Academy. The birds were chirping, the sky was beautiful. You were outside eating lunch and you had the best boyfriend ever right beside you, Kyoya Ootori. You hugged his arm and smiled.

"__________, would you like more (favorite food)?" he asked.

You nodded and opened your mouth, as he fed you.

Everything was perfect!

"__________! Kyoya!" screamed a tall blonde.

You and Kyoya both twitched at the scream.

'Oh no!' you both screamed in your mind.

It was Tamaki.

You loved Tamaki (as a brother), but sometimes…….you wanted to put him on a stranded island.

He came running with Mori right behind him.

'What's going on?' you thought.

"What is it?" Kyoya asked kind of mad that he ruined the moment between you and him.

"Kyoya, I'm very sorry but we must take ________ away from you for a moment "he smiled one of those dreamy smiles that ALL the girls fall for.

Mori then lifted you off the ground, and put you over his shoulder. He was really strong. He ran for the Third Music Room, with Tamaki following.

"H-HEY! WHERE ARE YOU TAKING ME?!?! PUT ME DOWN MORI!!" you screamed hitting Mori's back, but it didn't help at all.

You just struggled (with your face like this  DX   )

Kyoya stood up, now furious.

"TAMAKI! MORI! PUT _______ DOWN!" he order, but Tamaki and Mori just kept running with you in Mori's arms.

"Sorry Kyoya! We need to speak with her alone!" he yelled and left with Mori and you.

He sighed and started to clean up; he would come for you shortly still mad that a nice evening was ruined by Tamaki. Kyoya knows that Tamaki has another crazy idea in his head that he probably wouldn't like, he would find out sooner or later what it was.

You, Tamaki, and Mori entered the Host Club's room; Mori set you down on the couch, you punched Mori and Tamaki on the arm.

Tamaki almost cried and Mori just looked at you, expressionless.

"Tamaki! Mori! What the heck was that all about?!" You shouted.

Mori just pointed at Tamaki and left to go sit with Honey-Sempai, who was happily eating his favorite cake and playing with Usa-Chan.

"Please calmed down __________" said Kaoru, smiling wickedly.

"We brought you here for a VERY good reason" said Hikaru, he smiled wickedly too.

"Tamaki, just tell __________ already" Haruhi said. You were the only girl in the school that knew of Haruhi's secret. She was your best friend and your parents liked her too, even knowing that she is a commoner. Of course you were a commoner too, but when your father started business with higher up companies, you all became wealthy.

"__________, we would like to know if you can help us out with something" he smiled excitedly.

"Ummmm, what do you need help with?" You asked.

He stood up courageously and said "We, the Host Club, would like to throw Kyoya, a surprise party for his birthday!"

Your eyes widened, you were speechless.

They wanted to throw, your Kyo-Chan, a party for his birthday. You were planning to do something similar, but they beat you too it. They really did care for Kyoya, even though they would always be scared of him.

'Kyoya I hope you know how much you mean to everybody' you

Tear fell from your (eye color) eyes.

They all looked at you weird.

"Are you ok ________?" Tamaki asked with worry.

You smiled, a couple more tears went down your face. "I was planning a party for him, but you guys beat me to it" you laughed.

They all looked at you sympathetically; you really did care about Kyoya.

You stood up, whipeing the tears away.

"Tamaki, I would be honored to help you throw a surprise party for Kyoya" you smiled cheerfully.

"YAY!!" he screamed, along with Honey Sempai.

Hikaru and Kaoru snickered and jumped up in down, dragging Haruhi to do the same.

Mori just sat there and smiled, eating some cake.

"Ok everyone! We are not to tell Kyoya anything and we must keep it a secret no matter what, OK?" Tamaki said.

You all said, "yes sir!"

"We are going to my house right after school to plan everything, alright?" Tamaki said.

"Um? Boss?" Hikaru said.


"We have to host today" Kaoru said.

Tamaki stood there, he looked like he was trying to process something. 5 minutes passed, silence.

"OH NO!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!!!! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?!?!?!" Tears started to pour out as he sat on the ground.

"Um, Tamaki? We can go after Hosting" Haruhi said.

Tamaki stopped crying and went to hug Haruhi.

"Ah! My Haruhi, you're so smart!"

"HEY!" Hikaru and Kaoru screamed. Wanting Tamaki to let go of Haruhi.

They all started to fight. ( Haruhi had that 'this is ridiculous' face)

You just laughed at all of them, until you felt a slight tug at the bottom of your uniform dress, it was Honey-Sempai.

"What is it Honey-Sempai?" you smiled.

"___________-Chan? Do you think that we should invite Kyoya's family to the party too? I mean they are his family."

Your eyes widen.

'His family?' That's right! They are family but…….

"I'm not sure Honey-Sempai, we could though" you smiled.

"Ok _________-Chan!" He ran to go eat more cake with Mori.

You wondered if you should invite his family, you know Kyoya doesn't actually get along with his family, only his sister. And nobody, except his sister, knew you both were actually dating. You both thought it was best to keep your relationship a secret from them. You knew that his father was a ass and you don't know how he'll react to the both of you dating. They hardly showed him any respect, why would he show you any? Then you asked yourself, would they even show up for his birthday? Would they even care?

You were brought out of your thoughts when you hear the front entrance door close.

Kyoya was here.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Kyoya.

"I'll take ________ back now, if you're finished with her" he gave a glare at Tamaki.

Tamaki gulped and then nervously laughed.

"Of course, we were all about to leave anyway class is about to start, right guys? Oh! Would you look at the time, got to go! See ya!" Tamaki yelled as he ran out the door.

Kyoya looked at Tamaki as he ran out the door, then turned to the rest of the Host Club.

They all gulped and ran out of the room saying there good byes.

Kyoya sighed, while you laughed.

"What was that all about?" he asked you.

"Nothing" you kissed him passionately, he of course returned the kiss. After about a few minutes of not being able to breath, you both separated for air.

"Now let's go to class" you grabbed his hand and went to class with him.

The rest of the day was ok; you had Kyoya in every class so everything was peachy.
School is now over, so you and kyoya headed towards the Third Music Room. It was full of girls and laughter. You looked at all of them as you and Kyoya sat in the back. He was on his laptop again, so you knew you wouldn't get attention for a few minutes. You were ok with that because he was working, and you don't ever want to bother a working Kyoya or a sleeping one. You shivered at thought of the last time you had to wake him up.

              ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

It was Saturday morning, 9 A.M.

You and Kyoya had to go to the mall with everyone. No one wanted to go wake Kyoya up, so they sent you. You refused a million times, you love Kyoya, but you don't love waking him up. They said you're his girlfriend, you do it. You had no choice, you groaned and went to go wake up Kyoya.

You sneaked silently into his room. You stayed as far away as possible.

"Kyoya, sweetie, it's time to wake up now"

No respond.

"Kyoya, wake up please" you were getting annoyed and nervous.


You saw a deodorant at the corner of the desk closest to you. You picked it up, and threw it at Kyoya.

You hit him in the back of his head.

'Oh crap! I just wanted to hit him in the back or arm!' you thought

Kyoya slowly sat up from his bed, turning his head to look at you.

"I-I-I'm sorry, y-you wouldn't w-wake up so I thought-"

"You would hit me with my deodorant?" he sounded angry.

You nodded. You were about to cry, you didn't want him to be mad at you.

He saw that you were going to cry, and he sighed. He motioned you to come here. You slowly walked to him, he sat you on his lap.

"I'm not mad ________, just don't do it again, alright?" he smiled, a real one.

You hugged him tightly, "I promise" you said.

You kissed him on the nose. "Now get up, were going to the mall with everyone today" with that you got off him and left. He sighed and started to get ready.

       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ END OF FLASHBACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
'That was so stupid' you face palmed yourself.

Not knowing Kyoya was looking at you. He chuckled, and then went back to work.

It was closing time for the host club, so everyone started to clean up.

We all had to meet at Tamaki's at 5:00 p.m., it was 4:40 p.m.

Mori and Honey-Sempai left first. Then Hikaru and Kaoru.

Tamaki left with Haruhi saying they had plans together. Only you and Kyoya were left.

You looked at your phone pretending that you got an important message from your mom.

"Hey Kyoya, I'm sorry I can't come over to your house today. My mom says she needs help with something. I'll call you later tonight, ok?"

"Ok _______, I love you" he said.

You hugged him tight and gave him a long passionate kiss.

"I love you too, my Kyo-chan" you giggled.

He smiled, he likes when you called him that. He hated whenever Hikaru or Ka You let go of him and left, leaving him to continue his work.

You felt bad about lying to Kyoya, but you didn't want him to find about the party.
You smiled at the thought of seeing his face from the surprise.

He would probably would look shocked and twitch.

You giggled.

Your limo came up to you.

"Good day _________" he bowed as he opened the door for you.

"Good day John" you smiled as you got into the limo.

"Please take me to the Suoh household"

"Yes ma'am, right away"
Ok so this is my first Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction!!!
I love Kyoya and never saw much of him, so I want him to have a happy ending! He deserves one :)

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club, it was all written and illustrated by Bisco Hatori. She's awesome!

Hope you enjoyed!! Stay tuned!!!! :D

Chapter 2: [link]
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