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Community Relations Celebrates !

Wed Aug 7, 2013, 12:17 AM
We're celebrating our 13th birthday with a vast array of exciting events and contests! Join us as we welcome in deviantART's 'teenage' years ;)

First take a trip down memory lane with the Timeline of deviantART

Then get involved in one of the many events and contests listed below!

Contests & Challenges

:star: deviantART's 13th Birthday Contest

When: August 5th - August 14th

Learn more about the event here.

:star: dA 13th Birthday Photomanip Challenge

When: August 7th - August 10th 1PM Pacific Time 

Learn more about the event here.

:star: Photomanip Mini-Contest: It's a reBirthday

When: August 7th - August 13th

Learn more about the event here.

:star: Creatively Photograph 13

When: August 7th - August 21st

Learn more about the event here.

:star: Delectably Devious Tales

When: August 7th - August 28th

Learn more about the event here.

:star: Teenage Icons

When: August 7th - August 28th

Learn more about the event here.

Forum Events

:star: Deviant Themes

When: - August 7th

:star:ThumbShare Thumbs

When: - August 7th

:star: deviantART Birthday Forum Hunt 2013

When: - August 7th - August 10th

:star: deviantART Birthday #devart hunt!

When: August 7th - August 10th

#CommunityRelations Chatroom Events

:bulletblue: When: August 7, 2013

:bulletblue: Where:  #CommunityRelations chatroom.

:bulletblue: All times are deviantART Time (Pacific Time). Click on the event name to learn more about it!


Happy Birthday deviantART!!!

:heart: Special thanks to Thiefoworld for the amazing journalskin, and SaiyaGina for the super cute llama in the header! :heart:

A schedule of Birthday events run by the Community Relations team.
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Sunday, Day 4 of Comic-Con

Mon Jul 22, 2013, 12:35 AM
No matter how tired your feet are by what is actually Day 5 of Comic-Con, counting Preview Night, no matter how exhausted your body and empty your wallet, there's always a bit of sadness in the air when the last few hours of Comic-Con wind down.

In the deviantART booth, we witnessed something a little magical when the voice came over the loudspeaker to announce that Comic-Con was closed at 5:00 pm sharp, the remaining straggling attendees and exhibitors packing up stopped what they were doing and burst into applause. It was a mixture of relief, pride, and fulfillment of a successful convention.

Someone yelled, "See you in 365 days!" and there was a true moment of community with everyone in earshot. Sure, it's a sad sentiment, but it gives us all something to look forward to, and the months ahead will be filled with the happy memories of all we accomplished over the past week. Friends met that stop by every year, new friends, new properties to become fans of, new comic books to read and prints to hang on walls. It was truly an honor to have shared the past 5 days with everyone who stopped by our booth and anyone who wasn't able to make it but who have been following us on social media to share these special moments with us in the best way they can.

Thanks to everyone for making this week such a special, magical thing to be a part of. Until next year, everyone!

Comic Con 2013 58 By Makepictures-d6egn95 by LaurenKitsune
How many fandoms can you spot?

Comic Con 2013 64 By Makepictures-d6egnc6 by LaurenKitsune
Creating spectacular art on our Wacom tablets.

Comic Con 2013 69 By Makepictures-d6egnef by LaurenKitsune
Khaleesi and her Unsullied guards.

Comic Con 2013 41 By Makepictures-d6egmyi by LaurenKitsune
Staffers damphyr and IreneAdler76 captivate and terrify passing deviants.

Comic Con 2013 50 By Makepictures-d6egn4c by LaurenKitsune
Our dear Ayame-Kenoshi stops by to lend a helping hand and a warm smile.

Comic Con 2013 65 By Makepictures-d6egnct by LaurenKitsune
Just a terrifying Spider Queen from the makeup booth several rows down. No big deal.

Comic Con 2013 54 By Makepictures-d6egn6s by LaurenKitsune
Creating some crossover fan art, perhaps?

Comic Con 2013 40 By Makepictures-d6egmxp by LaurenKitsune
Full-contact art can have you breaking into a sweat. Creativity is serious business!

Comic Con 2013 62 By Makepictures-d6egnbe by LaurenKitsune
Sexy Sonic and Amy Rose! Only at deviantART, man!

If you missed any of our recaps, you can find them here: Wednesday's Preview NightThursday's Day 1, Friday's Day 2, and Saturday's Day 3

Thanks again for sharing our time at Comic-Con with us, even if you only visited via these Journals.

Follow along with Comic-Con as if you were actually here, as we recap each day's festivities!
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Posted on June 25, 2012 at 7:15:03 PM

We're sponsoring Artists' Alley 2012!

We're headed to Comic-Con International:
San Diego to sponsor Artists' Alley!

We Love Artists' Alley

We're back at Comic-Con!

Last year, our sponsorship of Artists' Alley was a huge success. We were able to provide a more comfortable environment for the artists, display their art on huge screens over the Alley, and let people attending the convention draw with deviantART muro on fantastic digital screens. We plan to do this and more in 2012 as we take on the great pleasure of sponsoring Artists' Alley at San Diego Comic-Con again.

Six deviant scholarships

We increased our number of scholarships from two to six this year, and have chosen our talented recipients. These six amazing deviants submitted their Portfolios to the Comic-Con group and have been chosen by DeevElliott to showcase their work in Artists' Alley. Each scholarship recipient will be able to display their work in the Alley and receive critique from top industry professionals.

:iconlarkinheather: :iconspyrosverykios-comix: :iconmleiv: :iconunderanangel: :iconmogorron: :iconsambees:

Five Kick Ass Panels

DeviantART is hosting five panels, discussing important art-related topics with extraordinary guest panelists. We'll even be giving away deviantART swag!

Comic-Con Panel by ~GreenifyME

Supercharge your deviantART profile like the masters.

AdamWarren, DeevElliott, Zubby, alohalilo, diablo2003, and yuumei are among the superstar deviants on this panel, moderated by our very own spyed. They'll be sharing how to optimize your deviantART profile like a pro. (Saturday, July 14th from noon - 1 PM)

:iconadamwarren:, :icondeevelliott:, :iconzubby:, :iconalohalilo:, :icondiablo2003: :iconyuumei:

How to examine fan art under the law: a counter-cultural disconnect?

Featuring our very own makepictures, this presentation discusses the legalities surrounding fan art and includes a review of the impact of new technologies on the genre and the confessions of a fan art fanatic. (Friday, July 13th from noon - 1 PM)

Living and creating in the deviantART world.

yuumei is here to show you how easy it is to get started sharing your art, finding inspiration, making new discoveries, and establishing yourself in the world of deviantART. (Thursday, July 12th from 3 - 4 PM)

How to better understand the sociology behind cosplay.

Join veteran cosplayer, Yaya Han, aka yayacosplay, for a stimulating discussion about the many social aspects of cosplay. Yaya will answer a number of questions, including: Why do we cosplay? How has cosplay progressed in the last 10 years and what are the positive and negative aspects? (Thursday, July 12th from noon - 1 PM)

Don't break in, break out!

DeviantART offers the world different publishing perspectives for content creators. Deviants DeevElliott, MrBabyTattoo and yuumei discuss the future for creators and publishers with techgnotic. (Thursday, July 12th from 4 - 5 PM)

Cosplay Forever

We're hosting a cosplay art show that takes place from Thursday - Saturday, upstairs near the autograph area. This collection of the best and the brightest of cosplay comes from over 15,000 submissions to deviantART. The prints will be available through a silent auction with bids starting at $10. All proceeds will go to the Schreiner Burn Hospital, which uses cosplayers to cheer up patients in the hospital.

We are also having a cosplay group photo. Every cosplayer at Comic-Con is welcomed to join our epic display of cosplay at its finest. Join us on Friday, July 13th at 4PM on the Convention Center roof. If you want to be a part of this, be sure to follow our deviantART Twitter to get the latest updates.

We'll be hosting a deviantART Benefit Art Show featuring cosplay photography and donating the proceeds.

Myoubi's eyes by ~Karim-sama

Follow Us During Comic-Con!

If you're already planning to attend Comic-Con, join us in Artists' Alley! Show your support for these artists by visiting the tables that line Artists' Alley. DeviantART will have various staff hanging out in Artists' Alley all day, so be sure to come by, say hi, and introduce yourself! We'll even have some special, limited edition deviantART swag to distribute.

DeviantART will be situated directly in Artists' Alley, which is located on the far left of the Convention Center. If you plan to attend Comic-Con, let us know in the comments below!

Deviants who are unable to join us in person can be kept up-to-date by following the journals we will post to the Comic-Con group. Join this group for updates from the convention floor, including interviews with high-profile artists. We'll also be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages while at the convention, so check back often for updates!

Attending Staff

:iconspyed: :iconheidi: :icontechgnotic: :iconmakepictures: :iconmccann: :iconlaurenkitsune: :iconmegturney: :iconayame-kenoshi: :iconaunnyd: :iconmoonbeam13: :iconxraystyle: :iconmarioluevanos: :iconshyree: :icondamphyr: :iconendosage: :iconrenonevada: :iconcrosby2: :iconaunjuli:

About Comic-Con

Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world. With panels, seminars, and workshops with comic book professionals, along with art shows, portfolio review sessions, and the various exhibits, attendees walk away with cheer in their hearts, bags of swag in their arms, and some tired, well-exercised feet. For more information, check out the Comic-Con website here.

Comics are art.

Every year, San Diego Comic-Con hosts a gallery of artists in what's known as Artists' Alley. For the second year in a row, it's with great honor that we can announce deviantART is sponsoring the Alley! We're also paying the way for six emerging artists to attend, hosting five interactive panels, and hosting a cosplay photography silent auction. Read on for all the exciting details.
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Art Under The Radar

Each day, hundreds of thousands of pieces of art are submitted to deviantART. As more and more artists join, create, and share their work, it becomes easy for high quality art to miss its chance to stand out and be seen.
Our new browse mode, Undiscovered, aims to bring new, high quality artwork to the foreground.

Finding Hidden Gems

Undiscovered focuses on recently submitted artwork that has not yet drawn attention or recognition at the levels of Popular or What's Hot browse modes. Using an algorithm that identifies patterns in community behavior when curating content, Undiscovered generates a browsing experience that draws attention to creative art and talented artists that may not receive the same level of attention from other browse modes.

Please keep in mind that the algorithm that powers Undiscovered is still new and we may make changes as it grows in use.

Discover New Art Daily

Because Undiscovered focuses on recently submitted artwork, the artwork displayed may change throughout the course of a day, frequently bringing you new art by a wide variety of artists, and giving more art and more artists the chance to be seen.

DeviantART is proud to present Undiscovered, a new Browse method designed to surface new, quality artwork that has yet to be discovered!
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Thursday, Day 1 of Comic-Con

Fri Jul 19, 2013, 1:07 AM
Thursday was the first full day of Comic-Con, and artists, cosplayers, and fans (oh, my!) strapped on their most comfortable Con Shoes and continued rocking out in San Diego. It was also the day of deviantART's first panel, "How-To: Motion Books," which was so inspiring, audience members nearly had to be physically removed from the premises because the conversations ended long after they took the microphones away.

Sitting on the panel were spyed and techgnotic from deviantART, BenWolstenholme, LiamSharp, and nunyerbidniss from Madefire, and davegibbons, perhaps best-known for his collaboration with Alan Moore on "Watchmen." The topic was an explanation of the recent partnership of Madefire and deviantART -- who met at Comic-Con just last year! -- and a quick run down of everything the free Motion Book Tool can offer the next generation of comic book artists. We wish you could have felt the energy in the room there. If the audience expected a cut-and-dry explanation of the power of this new tool, their minds were blown when panelists flung stress balls into the eager crowd and then wowed them with a film showing the true future of storytelling. 

Untitled by LaurenKitsune

What the gentlemen talked about for the next hour was truly inspirational! Here are a few soundbites from the panel. It'll be like you were there with us!

"We realized quickly that these guys [deviantART] had built THE greatest creator community, it seemed like a natural fit, and here we are."
--Ben Wolstenholme (BenWolstenholme), on hoping to get Madefire to someday work with deviantART

"As somebody who's spent a lifetime doing comics, it occurred to me that digital was where we were headed. Tablets are the perfect device for comics. When I met Ben, my Spidey Senses started tingling, and I thought this was just what we were looking for. Other people tried. Some people put a horse on a skateboard and called it a motion book. These guys built an F-150 racing car."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

"Comics are not the art of drawing or painting. They're the art of telling stories with words and pictures."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

"Comics shouldn't be mistaken for a genre. It's a medium in and of itself. We're evolving the grammar for a new medium, and we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible."
--Liam Sharp (LiamSharp)

Untitled by LaurenKitsune

"On deviantART, you have old creators like me, you have people who are just starting to create, students, fans, critics, the means by which to get published. You've got the whole culture of a publishing universe in one place, and I don't think there's ever been anything like that before."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

"Storytellers on deviantART are building an audience from moment one."
--Ron Martino (techgnotic)

"What we're trying to create is not a community of consumers, but patrons. We're all backing each other up."
--Liam Sharp (LiamSharp)

"The hallmark of deviantART is people are willing to share their secrets and reach out. Not to get too teary, but that's something I'm really happy to encourage. And you're not limited to the people in your own neighborhood on deviantART, like we were. When you get people from wildly different cultures collaborating, you can't even imagine the outcome. It's really exciting."
--Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

[An audience member asked what a writer should do if they are in search of an artist.]
"Post snippets of your chapters, interact with the artists, create a dialogue using our notes system, which is private. Start up a relationship with artists. This sort of thing is happening naturally on a large scale every single day." -- Angelo Sotira (spyed)
"It's Internet Dating for creatives." -- Dave Gibbons (davegibbons)

And now, how about some more amazing pictures from the day?

Ben's Landscape by LaurenKitsune
BenWolstenholme is not only Madefire's CEO, but an amazing artist himself!

Untitled by LaurenKitsune
Deviants love stopping by the booth to snap a shot in front of our backdrop. spyed had some fun walking the red carpet. Okay, it was black. :blush:

Loki by LaurenKitsune
Loki gives the stink-eye to an Iron-Man wannabe who stepped a little too close.

Kidz by LaurenKitsune
Deviants-in-training are always welcome to stop by the booth and let the creativity flow! And they can work a Wacom tablet better than certain staffers writing this Journal...

Portal Cosplay by LaurenKitsune
An amazing Chell from Portal towered over our booth. No word yet on whether the cake is truly a lie.

Merida ArchonEquilibrium by LaurenKitsune
"I use deviantART to go through fan art for reference of my costumes! Often the artists are more revealing of the character's true character than the official artwork." --ArchonEquilibrium

Schwag by LaurenKitsune
Anyone who stops by the booth is treated to a button of their choice, some lanyards, stress balls, informational handouts on Madefire and Downloadable Content, plus a high-five from various staff members!

Akimaro by LaurenKitsune
akimaro stopped by to sketch up an amazing Ariel. Or maybe she was just resting her -- what do you call them? Oh. Feet.

Doctor Who by LaurenKitsune
Amazing "Doctor Who" cosplays are in the air this year...

Kayandjuli by LaurenKitsune
...amongst deviants and devious staff alike! (damphyr as Captain Jack Harkness and aunjuli as Pretty Pink Dalek!)

Booth by LaurenKitsune

Finally, we thought it appropriate to end today's recap with spyed's final words from the panel earlier today.

"DeviantART was created to entertain, inspire, and empower the artist in all of us. In the spirit of that, there's nothing more inspiring than to be at the forefront of change. The world's changing, so come with us. It's gonna be great."
--Angelo Sotira

If you're at the convention, be sure to catch our next panel, "How-To: The Business of Fan Art," at noon in Room 2 upstairs. 

And if you missed Wednesday's recap, you can read all about it here! Until then, a happy con to you all, friends!

Follow along with Comic-Con as if you were actually here, as we recap each day's festivities!
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In our continuous effort to improve the deviantART experience, we're publishing weekly Site Updates to keep members informed and to gather feedback. Below is a list of recent changes to the site, bug fixes, and feedback that was brought up by members in the last Site Update.

Change Log

  • For deviants with rebilling enabled on their Premium Membership, the Rebilling page would display an incorrect setting status on the day before rebilling occurred. Fixed by yury-n
  • For a brief period, dashes would be unintentionally stripped from deviation titles. Fixed by Alisey
  • When inputting text into the Real Name field of the deviantID widget, it would only allow 4 letters of the Cyrillic alphabet. Fixed by Alisey
  • Some Gallery Folder thumbnails would only load after scrolling down the page. Fixed by lepidosteus
  • Some Forum threads were created without titles and could not be closed. Fixed by Alisey
  • In Writer, pressing backspace between two differently styled sections of text would add unnecessary markup. Fixed by Alisey

Your Feedback

Thank you for the feedback on last week's Site Update! Here's some of what you had to say.
  • Deviants were positive about the relocation of the Fan Fiction category to the Literature gallery.
  • In response to the Discuss topic, several deviants mentioned that they did not gauge any perceived success in regard to their Collections, outside of whether or not it is personally useful to them.


Welcoming New Deviants

Earlier this week, we posted a Poll asking about what most positively impacts people who are new to deviantART, be it a welcome message, getting a Favourite notification, or other things. In addition to your thoughts on that question, we'd also like to know how you think we could make the new user experience better! What do you think we can do to make new deviants feel more welcome and have a positive first experience?

Hello there by IngridTan
(Hello there by IngridTan)

Lightbulb Have a suggestion, idea, or feedback? Leave a comment here!
Lightbulb Check out a list of common suggestions!
Lightbulb Want to keep track of known issues? Check out our Status Forum!
:bug: Find a bug? Report it to the Help Desk! (Be as detailed as possible!)

This week's Site Update includes bug fixes, your feedback from last week, and a Discuss topic about how we can better welcome new deviants to deviantART!
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We're excited to announce that we just implemented enhancements to the way deviantART links display on Twitter, giving you and your artwork more prominence and exposure!

We're always looking for ways to give artists better exposure -- both on deviantART and across the web. Not only do these changes give artists a bigger presence across Twitter by allowing them to reach a bigger audience, but they also encourage proper attribution.

What's New

  • Artwork will appear larger on Twitter.
  • Titles and descriptions of artwork are now automatically included!
  • Links to Profiles, Groups, Favourites, Galleries, Collections, Journals, and items will now display inline! When profiles are shared, it pulls in your deviantID and bio.
  • Tweets including deviantART links are now eligible to show up in more places across Twitter, including Twitter's "Discover" page, their automated emails, and when embedding Tweets on other sites.
  • In Twitter search, deviantART links are now eligible to show up automatically expanded, giving your artwork more prominence.
  • Artwork will now show up on mobile devices and tablets!

Add the Twitter Widget to Your Profile Page

    Premium Members, if you have the Twitter Widget installed on your Profile Page, your Twitter username will be included whenever someone shares your artwork, Journals, or profile, allowing viewers to easily follow you.

    Remember to Use the Share Buttons

      Remember: Using the share button on deviation pages is an easy way to share content and ensures that the artist will be properly attributed with a link back to the original artwork.

      Plus: Enlarged Facebook Thumbnails

      As of a few weeks ago, Facebook implemented a change which increased the size of thumbnail images in the News Feed from 90x90 pixels to 154x154 pixels. We've adjusted the way these thumbnails display on Facebook, taking advantage of the bigger size, giving your artwork a bigger presence on your friends and fans' News Feeds.

      Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 5.17.34 PM by danlev
      (Powder-III by ~COLORCASTMEDIA)

      Thanks to aMoniker, who was the developer on this project. 

      We're excited to announce that we just implemented enhancements to the way deviantART links display on Twitter, giving you and your artwork more prominence and exposure! We're always looking for ways to give artists better exposure -- both on deviantART and across the web.
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      Final Thoughts from Clive Barker

      Odyssey. I can think of no better word to describe the journey that took place these past few months.

      With the prologue, “They’re Mad, They Are,” I began work on a vessel that was not yet ready for sea. And on that holed ship, together we embarked over open waters towards an unknown destination.

      What I then witnessed both touched and humbled me. You, the mighty crew of the HMS Odyssey, simultaneously crafted her and plotted her voyage with artistry and grace.  No small feat.

      The path we traveled was treacherous, to be sure. But we passed through the eye of the storm, and found ourselves in a new world. It was brutal, brilliant, and inspiring.

      Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. You are among the finest shipmates I’ve ever had the privilege to work beside. Make no mistake; we’ve built something beautiful.

      Though our paths must now diverge, we will forever be connected by this sweet and terrible ride through the eternal, collective universe of That Which Can Be Imagined.

      Odyssey II




      ARTWORK BY: HansNomad

      LITERATURE BY: CliveBarker

      Read Prologue

      Chapter 1

      A Shower and a Change

      ARTWORK BY: littlecrow

      LITERATURE BY: markmywords85

      Read Chapter 1

      Chapter 2

      The Host With the Most

      ARTWORK BY: David-Steele

      LITERATURE BY: HansNomad

      Read Chapter 2

      Chapter 3

      Skin Glowing From Within

      ARTWORK BY: Kimbot

      LITERATURE BY: MelissaBoreal

      Read Chapter 3

      Chapter 4

      Dreams of the Deep

      ARTWORK BY: Scodge


      Read Chapter 4

      Chapter 5

      Techno-Colored Psychosis

      ARTWORK BY: vonBee

      LITERATURE BY: HereLizaKnight

      Read Chapter 5

      Chapter 6

      Something Worse than Nobody

      ARTWORK BY: littlecrow

      LITERATURE BY: Isagiyo-Yan

      Read Chapter 6

      Chapter 7

      A Man Reborn

      ARTWORK BY: TravTheMad

      LITERATURE BY: demonsweat

      Read Chapter 7

      Chapter 8


      ARTWORK BY: Micha-vom-Wald

      LITERATURE BY: BillBlogins

      Read Chapter 8

      Symptom of the Universe

      The Vision is Getting Clearer...

      The inimitable author and artist, the fantastic Clive Barker, lent his special, brilliant madness to Odyssey Project 2.0 by writing the first “prompt” chapter of our experiment; setting the tenor for what would evolve into a weirdly wonderful and beautiful tale. We were honored by his participation.

      For marioluevanos and I, This was our second effort at creating an ultra-collaborative short story fiction, our delirious, inspired version of the “exquisite corpse” salon game once played by the Surrealists. So far this incredible community of creative artists and storytellers have given life to two amazing “monsters”. The Grand Game will continue.

      There were, once again, a whole host of minor glitches, particularly with so many entries needing to be read and fairly assessed in such a short time by so few judges (Clive himself was the ultimate arbiter this time).  All of your suggestions for improving this endeavor that have been coming in are greatly appreciated. You all have been writing the rules of the next Odyssey project throughout this process.

      “Baby steps” for now, but together, we dream mightily…

      Of all the unforeseen collateral fallout surrounding our Odyssey endeavors contest, none has been more heartening than the many incidences of participants branching off from the main narrative of the “chosen” story to continue their own personal vision. Often in collaboration with other writers and artists, they discovered their own preferred narrative vein and finished out their own separate stories. The idea behind this project has always been all about sparking creativity in collaboration, not simply winning a place in the main story.  That so many fresh new stories were born from the deviously germinated seed of a single Clive Barker chapter is precisely the magic we can all achieve together.

      Many have been asking about the hard copy publication of Odyssey and Odyssey II, as well as the attendant charitable donations to come from those sales.  I am preparing a separate article for everyone that will go out in the next two weeks which will outline the plans for publishing both works this fall. There will be digital versions as well as hard copy versions. We have also expanded the content to include a full explanation of Odyssey Project with a behind the scenes feature outlining the process and participants from the beginning. I will create a list of the timelines, elements, and structure that we can all discuss in the comments and I will also schedule a featured chat with marioluevanos and I so that we can all talk about it in real time.

      Odyssey II



      by puzzledpixel

      This body,
      against the rage of strongest winds
      and waves of virulent assaults
      will endure.
      My feet,
      through vicious aftershocks
      shall grow roots
      and when the eye of the storm
      has looked me in the eye, I
      will be left standing,
      alone, intact,
      My life is not my
      own and this body,
      is only worn.
      I am
      my spirit, ethereal
      Not by anything in this world
      can I be touched,
      you can not even bend me.
      How can you destroy me?

      A Subtle Shift in Course

      by Beatleyperson

      A subtle shift in course
      That seemed quite insubstantial at first
      Has given way, till you're far off path
      And lost in a distant trance
      What seemed inconsequential at the start
      Has now made your life slowly fall apart
      As you watch it crumble and crumple in your hands
      You feel yourself loose your grip, and go mad
      A certain paranoia sinks through the weary haze
      You desperately try and slip away
      As it grows into an uncontrollable panic
      And you begin to grow drastic
      And as the fear begins to grow
      A soft voice in your head begins to echo
      What did you do to deserve such a fate?
      But put it out of mind, because it's too late
      You're surly going to die by the hand
      That you didn't see, didn't expect, and
      The one you weren't afraid of
      Brought this nightmare to life
      And all of this came to roust
      From a subtle shift in course

      Inside Out

      by portraitinflesh

      Nausea, not me:
      I boil within
      my own skin
      is a stranger
      flaming and searing
      me, not me.

      The pain is in plain view
      if only I weren’t hidden
      if I could see me
      would I recognize
      or avert my eyes
      knowing it has all
      been taken away.

      Me, not me
      not since she,
      or it, or them

      Me, why me
      a chosen vessel
      without my consent

      I may not have been much
      but I’m all I’ve ever had
      and now, no
      nothing, nowhere.
      The skin—my skin—
      taken, broken
      bruised, flayed
      I fade

      because of her
      or it, or them
      I will end;
      even my wasted time
      is torn away.

      I’m tearing now
      she-it-they want out.
      I want to shout, scream
      But my voice is alien to me.

      Two of me
      from me
      of me
      but not.
      No longer.


      by portraitinflesh

      what’s mine is mine
      to twist or unwind
      I know what I hold dear

      the end is near
      if you had your way
      each night you’d erase the next day

      the price you had to pay
      was far too high,
      you ripped apart the sky

      no explanation why
      other than wanting to play God
      you needed no encouraging nod

      my ally was odd
      even to you, yet she
      also betrayed me

      I can finally see
      the truth you tried to hide
      I saw once I died

      so I turned the tide
      you are out of time
      what’s mine is mine

      Outside In

      by portraitinflesh

      Look at the beauty
      There is shit everywhere, every
      breath drags it into me.

      There is beauty all around
      The ground under my feet is poisoned
      I look up, and the sky is dying.

      I see what you cannot
      We avert our eyes, our
      sighs we bottle up inside.
      So much potential, so much
      A shell of protection,
      we’re so close to breaking apart.

      You ignore your treasure,
      this precious world, a shining
      reflection of infinite possibilities—
      you don’t deserve it
      and you won’t miss
      what you never noticed

      Day in, die out
      it’s all the same.
      No one knows my name,
      I’ve grown OK with that.
      Life should make sense by now
      instead, it drags me down.

      A way in, that’s all I ask—
      a path to your world, a
      chance to taste neglected wonders

      I wander through life,
      everyone does—
      it’s what we do when we don’t dream.

      A seam to rip apart;
      I’ll tear through you
      Something has entered me
      You may not make it
      but you’ll create it
      I feel so empty inside.

      The Vision is Getting Clearer... The inimitable author and artist, the fantastic Clive Barker, lent his special, brilliant madness to Odyssey Project 2.0 by writing the first “prompt” chapter of our experiment; setting the tenor for what would evolve into a weirdly wonderful and beautiful tale. We were honored by his participation.
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      Seniorityheader 2 by fourteenthstar
      This article marks the latest additions to the dizzy height of Senior members in our community. With just over 1000 deviants holding the highly saught after ` -- it's clearly a moment that deserves recognition.

      So what does it take to become a Senior? That's a question many have asked and have never really been able to get a straight answer on. Some have gained Seniority as a thank you for their time spent as a Volunteer, or to recognise their contribution to a particular project or collaborative action. Some have gained Seniority because of their community spirit, providing help and assistance to many other deviants and taking time out to promote the work of others in the community. 

      Some people have received Seniority because of their artistic endevours, having a positive influence on their peers by sharing resources, providing constructive criticism and by being a voice that stands out above the many others who deviate to be recognised in the crowd.

      Today, we present to you the following deviants who have all been awarded Seniority as part of our 13th Birthday celebrations. They have all been nominated for their efforts in the community by multiple deviants, Staff and Volunteers.

      As part of our 13th Birthday celebrations, we are honouring a number of special deviants with Seniority status.
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      Legacy of The Lens

      Fri Mar 22, 2013, 8:13 PM

      A study in artistic diversity, Bernardo Medina embodies the renaissance spirit of the consummate artist, always inspired and inspiring artists around him to create and capture the rhythms of life and beauty in a multitude of mediums.

      At the core is his love and dedication to the realism in captured moments of humanity that only the lens of photography can provide. With a background in architecture and design underpinning his artistic journey, Bernardo joined deviantART almost a decade ago and in that time has generated a formidable and impressive body of work on his own but also through collaborative endeavors with the other members of the deviantART community. He serves as a model of not only individual personal dedication to his art – but as an artist ever ready to share from his vast reservoir of spiritual support with any deviants or other artists who need only ask.

      Bernardo specializes in building teams of artists to realize his visions when imagining public spaces filled with artwork, media, and inspiration. On a recent notable project he worked with devilicious on bringing the interior of a 25,000 sq ft nightclub to devious life. On this, as with his other creations, much of the graphics, photography, modeling, design concepts, and artworks are sourced from dA when building massive public projects.

      Many are most familiar with Bernardo’s work from his collaborations and photographic journeys in association with National Geographic that have yielded such absolutely beautiful imagery.  He manages to capture the human condition and the global pulse of our living planet in an unvarnished and dramatic yet life-affirming manner. His images rank with the very best of what has made National Geographic the touchstone and authority in naturalist photography since before most of us were born.

      But of all his most treasured collaborative work, Bernardo cites as his most enduring, fulfilling and inspiring the projects he shares with his son Tomas, teemoh. Like father – like son: Tomas also began his photographic journey on deviantART. Whereas Bernardo’s life in photography has focused on capturing moments in the natural world, Tomas, with his background in video and graphic design, is achieving great things in experimenting with light, form and sound. The father & son team is currently collaborating on a media show, “My Thailand Story.” Theirs is the sort of professional and spiritual relationship that best defines and illustrates in living practice what the deviantART experience and community is all about.

      Interview with Bernardo Medina


      When did you first realize that deviantART was becoming your support system in your artistic endeavors?


      When I started meeting many talented artists in deviantART, passionate about their work and about sharing it. They have been truly inspirational during the last 10 years. I come to deviantART every day. As an evolving community, it has a rhythm of it's own. In a world saturated with social media, deviantART remains true to it's original intent, connecting people through art. DeviantART has always been a reflection of new art trends, what's new, what's viral. In the modern world of business it is useless to be a creative original thinker unless you can share what you create and benefit from it.


      Can you tell us a bit about your formal education and how it relates to the knowledge gained from an online community of photographers?


      Architect by education. We have a Studio of Design and Construction in Texas. Photography is a source of inspiration for my architectural projects. It lets me play with the perception of the outside world, it's structures, forms, colors, illusions and cliches!

      DeviantART artist/friends work with us on the artistic part of the architectural projects we do: graphics, photography, modeling, design concepts. The collab and team work is awesome!

      Recently we worked with deviantART's devilicious on a 25,000 sq. ft. night club project in Fort Worth, Texas. We produced many deviantART inspired images. Her visual concepts had a unique deviant flair. Working with devilicious (Mary) is Nirvana!


      Would you like to shed some light on your relationship with National Geographic?


      Over the last few years some of my images have received photography awards and I've traveled with Nat Geo a couple of times. We are currently working on a multi-media show that includes a photography exhibit in Houston with The TAT ( Thailand Tourism Authority ) of the 2012 Thailand trip.


      Do you feel like you’re an ambassador for the arts ethos of deviantART when you’re working in Thailand, etc?


      A humble ambassador! It's always great when you have a deviantART friend tell you that your work inspired their creativity, or that they traveled to a certain place after seeing my photo.


      What do you tell young artists about making best use of the human resources of arts communities as they begin building their careers?


      Connect, connect, connect with artist-friends. The sorcery and charm of sharing our view of the world make it one of the most treasured of all creative arts. Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron once was to steelmaking.


      Can you name a photographer on deviantART whose work you admire?


      We have followed jsmonzani for many years. The range of his work is inspiring. His work mixes photography, graphic design and cinema, and we like that!


      What relationship do you see between the magic of art and the business of art?


      To be a successful entrepreneur, one needs a vision of one's work. If we dream, we will be inspired beyond the straight jacket of the everyday world. There is a profound connection between art and enterprise, which allows businesses to overcome its limitations and break the rules. Creativity is the cutting edge of the art business.


      Do you have future projects in mind in collaboration with your son?


      We're working on a media show: "My Thailand Story."


      Can you talk about the arc of a father and son collaboration?


      My son Tomas (teemoh) joined deviantART 9 years ago. He went to film and photography school and now we work together on special projects. It's awesome! He is driven to create and has a passion for engaging with clients to turn their visions into striking images. As a video-photographer and graphic designer, he is working on several media projects experimenting with light, form & sound – the world in motion!

      Interview with Tomas Medina


      How has your Dad's arc as a photographer influenced your career personally and professionally?


      It’s very exciting to be a part of a creative family.  It gave me the tools to create my own vision of the world.  Professionally, it's a great start if you have 4 eyes!


      Can you talk a bit about your current camera set up and also offer some travel tips for the young photographer about to set out on a first trip as a paid photographer?


      We like Canon Equipment, and we travel light, but bring very selective gear to cover any lighting  condition.


      Have you ever instantly known when you’ve captured the death of the perfect moment?


      Yes. Sometimes you can feel that instantly! But also, many great photographs are made only after observing a subject, learning when it looks best, and returning to photograph it at its most spectacular. This is how you make anything look extraordinary.

      Video Narrated by Alan Watts

      CREDIT: :iconjacquelinebarkla: A Dark Horse Running in a Fantasy by JacquelineBarkla

      Questions For the Reader

      1. What happened that confirmed for you that you had chosen correctly in making the arts a focal point in your life?

      2. Have you ever collaborated with a close friend or family member?  Was it a moment of growth or did it result in a retreat.

      3. Are you in the process of planning a full commitment to a career in the arts?  Do you need to choose between many talents in the arts?

      4. Do you think there is a well of inspiration waiting to be tapped by the right artistic stimulus in every human being?

      A study in artistic diversity, Bernardo Medina embodies the renaissance spirit of the consummate artist, always inspired and inspiring artists around him to create and capture the rhythms of life and beauty in a multitude of mediums.

      Writers: $techgnotic
      Designers: $marioluevanos
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