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I did not draw this, I only colored it. This was drawn by :iconagra19: and the original can be found here [link]

This was fun, it was a pretty simple coloring that I really like :D
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This time it's DB sketch dump.

It's not that big, probably because most of my DB sketches are in the sketchbooks that I don't want to destroy in order to scan it properly. Maybe someday

So let's begin, like always from left to right

Row nr 1:
- Vegeta and Bulma valentine project, newer finished yet I like the way Vegeta looks. I know he's taller then Bulma on that picture, but I want it to look that way XD
- 18 with guitar
- Vegeta random sketches
- Chibi 18

Row nr 2:
- Goku, Vegeta and 18. I really like the 18 drawing. We can almost every time see her so serious or with murderous intent on her face. I wanted to do her more cheerful. After all she's a mother, and that's probably how Marron shes her mother a lot, smiling to her ;)
- Old Halloween contest project, Bulma as Felicia from Darkstalkers and Chi Chi as Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters.

Row nr 3:
- Vegeta and the way he really thinks about Trunks (and we all know it ;) ). I had problem drawing trunks face that's way it's the only part that's still unfinished and also the reason I never finished the picture
- this is a little bonus. Right now I'm working on my OC characters and this are my two designed for my Sayian girl, still nameless XD
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Aww ain't it cute??? She's only 11 and it's starting drawing fanart
>.< yeah instead of doing our homeworks we were doing this xDD I'll update it when she finishes the colouring.
Then I'll upload mine xD but don't laugh at the coloring of the skin, it's my fault xDDD I gave her the colours and she copied the shading I was doing.

Dragon Ball Z (c) Akira Toriyama.
Art (c) My little sister xD
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I used a screenshot as a ref pic. The screenshot was taken by :iconstonedtodeath:
This one was quite a challenge. I liked the expression on Android 18's face, so I had a go at drawing it :P I had heaps of fun with this :D

Android 18 is a character in Dragonball Z and belongs to Akira Toriyama
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Date: 05/08/2011
Program: Photoshop CS5
Hours: 5 hours

This is the struggle between the number 18 and Vegeta. After she broke him arm.

I hope you like! :D

Drawing by © Sersiso
(Dragonball™ © Akira Toriyama)
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Juuhachigou simple pic ^^;

I just love her~! :heart: But she's so hard to draw XP"
I have scanned on the PC one pic of her which I think it's pretty good but... Those are only outlines... And I do't know if I should add it in this form... I know, I KNOW - I SHOULD colour it... but I'm sooo lazy~ T..T' Maaayyybeee I'll compel to it soon... ^^; I hope so... Keep Your fingers for that! :giggle:
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Saku Ookami, my Dragonball Z OC, swinging mojo (aka the Hammer of Garm).

Name: Saku Ookami
Nickname: "Saks" (only by Jeice)
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Height: 5'6
Name Play: Her species' names are a pun on alcoholic drinks e.g. Saku (Saki)

Homeplanet: Midgard, a generally cold planet with a great deal of the land mass dominated by mountainous regions. Midgard is made up of four distinct kingdoms, each dominated by the four types of Warg found on the planet. Midgard has three moons. The largest moon is said to be ruled by the Great God, Fenrir, while the two smaller moons are ruled by the fire God, Skald and the storm God, Managarm. It is said that Managarm drinks the blood of fallen warriors.

Species: Grey Warg. Wargs are a race of wolf-like people found on Midgard. A hardy race due to their planet's generally bleak conditions, but Wargs are by no means an uncivilised race, specialising in engineering and ship building. Technically, Wargs have no second form as the Ice-jin, Changeling and Saiyans do. However, at a young age Wargs must learn to separate their more violent animal aspects into a single entity, visible either in their shadows or as a small canine creature. If not for this, Wargs become uncontrollably bloodthirsty and violent, much like the Saiyan when it transforms. A Warg and their animal entity can be separated, however, if either one dies so does the other.

Warg types generally mimic wolf types found on earth. The northern kingdom is dominated by white Wargs, the Southern kingdom by black, the Eastern by red and the Western by grey.

Family: Large. A freaking litter. Saku is the eldest of 13 brothers and sisters.

Weapon: Mjöllnir (nicknamed JoJo XD) - rumoured to be the hammer of Managarm, the Storm God. Saku of course nicked it.

-Martial arts
-Wolf's Bane: an ability that allows her to consume and absorb ki attacks. This ability of course depends on the power of the ki attack.
-Raigeki no Tusme (lit. lighting claw)
-Kaminariha (lit. thunder blow)

Personality: Saku's reckless lifestyle, monstrous eating habits, laid back nature and eye for a bargain initially strikes people with the impression that she is somewhat of a simpleton, but she is very cunning and by no means stupid. She reasons that it's better people take you for simple; that way they won't know what's hit them. Saku is also the sort who will push a button just to see what it will do and her shadow has been known to eat those who ignite her often volatile temper. Shares a little too much in common with Ginyu, really.

Warg entity: A small, blue, creepy dog-like... thing named Prusa. Creeps Jeice out a lot.
Friends: Raffy, Caithion, Prince Trunks, Son Pan, the Ginyus, Deceptedo
Enemies: Everyone else.
Likes: Beer, meat, fast ships, fast men, money, adventure, being right (even when she's wrong)
Dislikes: Not getting paid for jobs, being wound up by Caithion, taunted by Vanity, spoken down to by Zarbon, missing happy hour at the pub and vegetarians.

Relationship: Her relationship with Jeice is, in a word, ridiculous. Saku made an enemy out of Jeice (who was trying to make it as a galaxy famous bounty hunter) when she foiled his plans. Continuously. Ultimately, they wind up grudgingly traveling with each other.

Occupation: Despite being planet Terrada's (a small planet comically referred to as the "Neon Star" due to its infamously dodgy nightlife) notorious information broker slash Jack-of-all-trades, archaeologist, booze-hound, irritating optimist, adventurer and pilot of The Earnest Vice to name a few, Saku's intentions are mainly good. Occasionally works as a 'hero for hire'; a job ill-suited to her personality as her short attention span means anyone whose problems take less than a minute to explain might as well sod off.

History: Saku originally left Midgard after an incident involving one of King Kold's loyal officers, the witch Sage, Vanity. Vanity began a blockade of Midgard after the planet refused to do business with the Kold family's growing business, the Planet Trade. Seeing that the Ice-jin's power was growing at an alarming rate, Saku was inspired by her studies in archaeology to travel the galaxy in search of ways to hinder the Planet Trade's progress, (namely the mythical Dragonballs of Namek). While she remains a stubborn rebel against the Kold family and her search for planet Namek continues, she likes to earn a buck or two along the way, even if that means occasionally helping out the Ginyu Force.

Saku's character and race are primarily based on Norse legend.

Ref from a screenshot of Ayla from Akira Toriyama's "Chrono Trigger".
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I draw this picture because when I was looking at the Ultimate Tenkaichi Game character roster can you guess how many males and female characters there are?

I'll tell you.

There are LOTS of male characters in that game.

There's only ONE female character starting Android 18!!!

It happened once since Budokai 1 and twice in Brust Limit....and now AGAIN in Ultimate Tenkaichi.

In Raging Blast 2 there are 3 female fighters starting 18, Videl and Zangya.

At least in Budokai Tenkaichi 3 there's MORE Female Characters along with 18, Videl and Zangya are - Fasha, Chi-Chi (Kid) the adult Chi-Chi is in Super DBZ game, Pan (GT), Arale Norimaki (Dr Slump)

I'm drawing this picture for fun!! Hehehehe

Base: [link]§ion=&q=sign+base#/d1dnzwq
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