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noun     /rītər/

A writer is a person
Who sees the world differently
From a high perspective of understanding
To an easily balanced imagery

They stand at the edge of the cliff
And run that extra mile
To gain what a normal person cannot see
And to obtain the hope that they wish to cherish

A writer is a person
Who buries their ego and places boulders upon it
They learn the rules, follow the rules, and will break the rules
And make writing their own

They lay upon the dusty old ground of a graveyard
And do an annual ritual to free the inspiration that has been pinned down
They want to show their abnormality to everyone around
And make this journey an unforgettable experience

Writers are masters of inspiration
And will set aside whatever may ruin the ecstasy of their writing
Which they will forever embrace
And will fight to claim the title author

In their world of words
Their stories are set free
Some are killed to bring back a greater life
And return like a dazzling Phoenix
So, I made my own definition for a writer because other definitions were too vague. ;) This is just a basic of being a writer!
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Dearest reader, please think twice before you try to speak
Words can be like knives that cause the victim to grow weak
Thoughts can be as bullets shooting freely through the sky
Injuring the innocent with every spoken lie

Please forget my laughter, please forget my broken heart
Please do not remember how you tore my life apart
Leave me as a memory that slowly fades to grey
Spend your days as usual, and I shall fade away

Listen to my cry for help, although it is too late
I've become the monster that you struggled to create
Trying to be perfect was a wonderful mistake…
Now I mustn't worry about which chance I will take.

Please erase all memory of who I tried to be
Please do not remember how I tried to be set free
Please do not be saddened under any circumstance …
What's makes now so different from when you still had a chance?
comments? :)
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‎"Are you okay?"
No. I'm dying. I have to push myself to wake up in the morning, and when I finally do, I want to go back to sleep. Even my best dreams are becoming nightmares. I can't taste food, I can't stand the things I used to love. I'm breaking. I'm fading. I'm dying.
"I'm fine."
something real quick i wrote...
Thanks for reading :)
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Empty twisted promises within a world so dead
Memories of heartache cradle thoughts inside my head
Wounds continue bleeding on forgotten storybooks
Listen to your nightmares and the happiness they took
Can't you see the shadows with the knives inside their hands?
Watching you as they invade your secret wonderland
Silence won't protect you from the thoughts inside your mind
Nobody can save you from the torture on rewind
I can't see the people, but they're always seeing me
Anywhere and everywhere… they never let me be
Sometimes they stand quietly behind my bedroom door
Sometimes it's the microphones they hide under the floor
Sometimes it's the cameras in the ceilings or the wall
This time it's the photo frames… they'll kill me if they fall.
Everybody tells me that it's all inside my head
All I'll ever know is that I'm better if I'm dead
Maybe it's imagination gone completely wrong
If it's just my own creations, why are they so strong?
Maybe I can fight the tears and other things I dread
But how do I escape the living things inside my head…
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Shadows burn beneath my soul
Into a life you'll never know
This is what i'm forced to be
Through the world's eternity
Demon on the wall
I hear your angry call
So sink into my thought
And let me breathe again

Let me win the war and
Fight the silver swords and
I'll release the demon
I have kept within
Tell my every villain
I have found a way
I can see solutions
I'll eliminate
Skies of grey...
a song i wrote a while ago :) comments?
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Hush the youngest children, for the demon in the skies
Treasuring the very thought of anyone's demise
Glitter fades to black and shining moonlight fades to dust
Every cruel man's wonderland is built of poor man's trust
Tragic, empty melodies and blood beneath the air
Fearlessly escape the wind and drown without a care
Treasure death as platinum, as silver and as gold
Every cruel man's wonderland is built of poor man's gold...
<3 Comments? Critiques?
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The hand on your shoulder
The whispers in your mind
The words on your tongue
The voice in your throat
And the feelings in your soul

To drive to madness
To seduce the insane
To draw the blood
And dull the senses
To plague the memories
Of damage done
To fake safe haven
As the character changes

Light the anger and fuel the rage
Another mind to feed
A second shadow
To take you into eternity
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The recipe for building a loving relationship:

Prep. 1 month Bake: years Makes: 2 serving

2 cups love
1/2 tsp. listening
1 cup acceptance
1/4 tbsp. support
1 tsp. romance
3 cups of understanding
1/2 cup honesty
1/4 tsp. affection
3/4 tbsp. loyalty

1. Stir all these ingredients together except the phrase "I love you".  Leave that out for 3 month or whenever it feels right.
2. Bake for years and don't ever let it cool down.
3. Never add cheating or abuse to the mix or else the recipe will fall apart.  If done correctly results should end in marriage and children.
Written: today, about 2 hours to write due to distractions & perfectionism
Note: I actually wrote this one down first but posted The recipe for a happy life ([link]) first. If things are simliar it's just a coincidence. I also kinda find this ironic considering I'm not in a relationship...unfortunately :hmm:
:iconlive-love-write: 's weekly prompt: A recipe for...

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Delving into the origins
Of what makes an individual
Who are you? Who am I?
There’s a lack of understanding,
Yet we jump to judge
And claim to know
That which we could never understand

Attempts are seldom made
To investigate the unknown
To strive to discover
Those we claim to know
From the inside out
Extract the innermost thoughts

In place there is an idealist mirage
To which our beliefs shall cling to
In desperation, or disbelief

It’s the construct of our mindset
That leads us all astray
In essence, this is a short piece about people, and our lack of understanding of each other.
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Feel the broken heartbeats ripping through your troubled soul
Tearing through your very skin to take complete control
Hear the words among your tongue through voices not your own
Slicing through the air and fighting for the golden throne

Sorrowful, you disappear into the shadows thick
Blanketing yourself with thoughts so cruel, so cold, so sick
Knowing that if only you had someone to be near
Every aching memory would likely disappear

Shattered bits of moonlight shine upon the broken earth
Proving once again how much an echo may be worth
Let the damaged hearts unite and save them from the lies
Let them see that love is not always a dark disguise…
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