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Today Benji's new wig arrived. It still needs to be cut and styles but I love the colour. Benji is gonna get a make over. New hair, tattoos and a face up. New wig arrived so soon i'll redo his face up :la:

Benji is a Ball jointed doll.
He;s a Soom Dia boy ( Yes a boy, I know.. a verrrry girly one)
If you want to know more about these dolls, please check my FAQ…

Logo is made by the awesome :iconivypanda:
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Dollisseum challenge 1

Product: Jacket/coat

The product shown in the picture is a jacket. I choose this jacket/coat because is very stylish and I think it’s a nice product for the targeted audience. The model is making himself look very strong and big. I made the picture a little bit brownish to match the models hair and the jacket/coat.

MODEL INTERVIEW (What was the most difficult thing about this shoot?)
“As you can see I needed to smoke in this picture.. I don’t smoke and I can’t handle smoke very well. Well it was fun and I think I gave my photographer the day of her life.. The faces I made when I almost choked myself in the smoke…”
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Yaaaay for my random title.. *boks*

Last weekend I had a meeting at :iconamariexciryatan: and I've made this picture in her backyard. Last time I checked my gallery I saw that I needed to spam Monroo more... So here is a little bit of Monroo spam :la:

O yeah I gave my boy some tunnels. I made a pic of it and placed it on my instagram. So of you're intrested..Soft_poison is my instagram name.

O yeah I have a question.. I really want to have a logo/brandmark for on the pictures I post so I was wondering if there where some people around who would like to make me one. I'm very bad at it T^T Like reallllly bad :cry: So if you like it and have the time you could make me a logo/brandmark.*puppyeyes*
What's in it for you.. Well, my photo's get +- 1000 views.. and I'll put beneath every photo I post that the logo/brandmark is made by you :la: If you're intrested in making me a logo send me a PM :) Thank youu :heart:

This is a Ball jointed doll.
He can be bought at
His sculp is a Migidoll Cho

All credits belong to Soft_poison
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I had a meet last saturday and made some pics of the dolls who I took along. I really liked this one, because the colors look really soft :la:

Leslie is a Switch Ruyn-R
He's a ball jointed doll and a male.. (yes girly.. i know)
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Sorriezzz. SPAM
Here is a (almost) full body shot of my new boy.. he does look like a hipster :la: I even have those awesome blue nikes for him ,but my room kinda sucks so when I go outside I'll make some beter pics of him with his awesome blue nikes XD
So to all the doll owners is the Netherlands.. Who wants to go outside with me to make some dollpics.. I don't like going alone :cry: XD

And mohair wigs are love :heart: So soft and fluffy :la:

Leslie is a Ball jointed doll.
He's a boy and a Switch Ryun-R
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Full Name: Leslie Juxe
Gender: Male

Nationality: Canadian
Languages: English, German, Dutch
Age: 23
Birthday: Apil 18

Eyes: Blue/green
Hair: Red

Sexual Orientation: Bi
Relationship Status: Single

Special Skills: Photography, Pro instagrammer
Good Traits: Easy going, Friendly, creative, outgoing, honest
Bad Traits: Lazy, instagram junkie


If you pass the preliminaries, you can only bring two things to comfort you into the Top Model House, what are they?
My laptop, Mobile and photocamera..

What will you miss the most?
Nothing really. Everything can be replaced.

What is the craziest thing you've ever done?
Painted my hair black. It looked like an afro.. Men, I could just have jointed the jackson 5..

What is your biggest regret and biggest achievement so far?
Phoe...getting my Driver's License?I don't know.. still needs to happen.

What is the one thing you cannot stand?
My hair early in the morning. It just looks like a birdsnest..

What kind of person do you like & dislike?
Like: People who are easy going, love life and share it though instagram. Dislike: Mean pleople.. I don't know. I'm not a hater.

Are you faithful or easily tempted?
When I'm in a relationship I think I'm pretty faithful.

On a scale from 1 (no control at all) to 10 (complete control), rate your ability to control your sexual drive/impulse.
When I'm in a relationship a 8. And when single.. maybe a 3. Sex is good for the health right.?

Are you envious/jealous or you are just happy for other people's great achievements?
I'm not a jealous person. If you worked hard for something I'm more than happy to share that happyness with you. Always in for a party.

Can you handle stress or you crack?
What is that stress??

Are you too sexy for your shirt and know it, or do even though people say you are sexy you don't believe them?
Hahaha too sexy for my shirt haha I like that. Well I know I'm good looking. Does this awnser the question?

Are you the tidy type, or you leave things where they fall?
Well I'm not that good at cleaning up so i'm more the 'drop your stuff where you stand' kinda guy.

Do you clean after yourself and others or you just ignore and hope it will go away?
I always hope that it will just go away.. But too bad it never did.. so in the end i'll clean up.

What is your relationship with food?
Food fills me up hahaha We have a very intense relationship hahaha

What's your relationship with animals?
Uhhmm.. I like cats..

Why do you believe you can win this competition?
Because people like to touch my hair. And if I win you can touch my hair allll day long.. Hahaha nough said ;)
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Here is a picture of Cooper. I changed his hair back to black, because thise fits his character beter :) And I gave him light blue eyes because... I can hehehe XD No, i love blue eyes with black hair. Now almost all my dolls have blue eyes exept Candy *shame* Well my new doll is gonna get green eyes :D I also wanted to photoshop his joints on this pic but it didn't turn out well with his tatts and I'm very lazy.. soo.. next time ;)

Cooper is a Migidoll Jina boy
He's called a ball jointed doll
You can buy his at
Face up, tats, wig made/styled by me
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Dollisseum challenge 1!

Product: Shoes/Boots

The product shown in the picture are shoes. Everything in the picture is white except the shoes. This is how I tried to get your attention on the shoes. The model is dressed in a classy way. The clothes are young and the shoes show power and strength. I also tried to make the model look more male than usual. This way the shoes will fit his image better.

MODEL INTERVIEW (What was the most difficult thing about this shot?):
“My photographer told me that I needed to look more ‘manly’ and ‘cool’. I’m not really used to that because I always try to be cute and colourful. But I think did pretty well. And I needed to show my naked chest. It made me feel kind of awkward *giggle* All those people looking at you, but after a while you won’t notice those people anymore. I did have a lot of fun and I’m happy how the picture turned out *0*/”
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Hiya peepz..

Yes another headshot.... The only photo's that turn out well are the headshots. T^T Why...When I see alll those awesome pics you guys upload I get so much inspiration and I get the most awesome ideas everrrrrrrr, but when I see the pics on my pc the always suck..

So here is another headshot of Monroo. I don't know why I upload this... O yeah, his face looks pretty :la:

Buttee.... do you guys have some tips or tricks for me?? My pics are getting more boring by the day. They all look the same T^T I really, really want to improve So every little bit of feedback is welcome :D :D
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This doll belongs to me. (Benji)
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