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The move went pretty well! We only had a minor overcharge for the U-haul, the rain while we moved was generally pleasant and refreshing (we were sweating like pigs anyway right) and the unexpected third trip due to having the other u-haul place fuck up our order ended up being a blessing, because only heaven knows what mom would've been like behind the wheel of a 14 footer instead of a 10. I was clenching my buttcheeks in terror through the whole first ride.





So hi this is me
My name is mashup of lemonade + rebecca. Lemonade and keylime pie are two of my favorite desserts/treats... and since minty type things are far more popular, I decided to go with those. I LOVE SOUR THINGS! :dance: I'll probably draw up a car never later on... I'll call it The Cooler. 8-)

I think that's it, then. Glad to be back. Gonna go draw even though I should be cleaning my disaster of a (new!) room.

Drawn on paper, colored in SAI, fancy effects done in Potatoshop7, it took about forever. }:'|
Thank you for the comments, faves, and watches! :love:

oops ty did one :heart:
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OK finally wow I've been dying to get this up for the last few months!! :la:
I haven't posted up really any WWP related stuff (outside of the 30 day monster girl challenge) for a few years haha. The stuff at the top dates back to like, gosh.. at least mid 2011? maybe even earlier! with very recent stuff at the bottom that I've doodled here and there in my free time, like Riley, Rilu, Hilde, Doggybone... etc. The change in style is pretty drastic, at least to me ahh XD;

I think I've said pretty much everything I wanted to in the dump... In just a few I'll be posting the "next post" references I kept making. It's just a dump of my main WWP babies all revamped and cleaned up after a couple years of dormancy. I've been working/poking at it all year so I'm really happy to finally get it posted too, but I wanted to post this first since it had all this old design stuff in it.. ahhh so complicated, bee. “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Anyway, hope you enjoy!
Ren and Mint belong to *Tyshea, Nikki and Val belong to ~AppleVigilante, and Barry belongs to ~Cool-Epilepsy! By the time I posted them, their designs have updated, gomen (*ノ´∀`*;; )
most everything was either done on paper and colored in sai, or drawn and colored directly in sai. :>
Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches! :love:
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:iconpurplesparklesplz::icongreensparklesplz:REBLOG IT ON TUMBLR HERE!

So there was this super great prompt floating around;
Draw Yourself as A Magical Girl by artofcarmen
You can also see her post here on DA!
All you have to do to participate is draw yourself *gender identity regardless!!!* and tag it as #magical girl art :D

Then naf decided she’d give it a go too! so we did THIS and then she was like “LET’S PUT THEM TOGETHER” but I was like OH GOD MINE IS SUCH A SPARKLY ATTENTION WHORE THOUGH. ...but she MADE IT WORK ANYWAY LIKE HOLY WOW? :wow:

So her mahou-sona is actually the villain to my heroic :star: COSMIC MOTH! :star: self.
Sexual tension abounds. (you can also call me spacebug)

The prompt uses things we’re passionate about or like a lot to help figure out our outfits, so:
:bulletblue: Bee: Fairies, yellow/teal/cyan gradient, and shooting stars/space
(astrology but you wouldn't really see the constellations I was gonna put under my cloak so I’ll do it next time). I’ll think of a mascot pet later. @_@/)
:bulletpurple: Naf’s is based on Monochrome, Ninjas and FASHION. ..Also a panda. heh

I did mine in SAI, and Ty did hers in Photoshop CS5! And then she fancily merged them together there. :)
Thanks for all the faves/comments/watches! That's all for my magical girl interlude... for now. :paranoid: :heart:
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April 11th 2013:

Version 2 here: [link]

I'm getting olderrrr! Hair lopped off, achievement unlocked! (Can't believe it took me this long to get up the nerve, but what can ya do.) Now my goals are trying out hairdye for the first time (I'm a late bloomer!) and getting a few more earrings. Baby steps.... :la:

Not much to say about this one this time. I left basically everything the same caption-wise, just spruced it up a bit. Updated the 20-21's captions slightly, I think it's easier to talk about who we were than who we are now. Cause really, I don't really know/don't have much to say about myself right now while I'm still navigating through it blindly! I'll let you know in a couple years. ;P


Dec 16th 2011:

Version 1 here: [link] :noes:

Follow up to my artist comments on that version:
Well, 18 year old self, you are correct. You are a silly little angst bucket, but it's ok. We all have that phase. The manga I'm holding in the first one is most definitely Tokyo Mew Mew. I carried one of those 7 volumes with me to school every day. I don't know how many times I reread it. I was at Borders hunting for new volumes as they came out... /dreamy sigh
I think anyone who knew me in 9th-10th would agree that that drawing of myself is an accurate portrayal. Unfortunately. I was OBSESSED with really pointless "About Me" IDs. I ripped most of that <3 and </3 stuff off a real ID I made, and actually left out some of the lame stuff. Like people reeeally want to know that I identify myself as a "little kitty hamster thing." OMG what was I thinking. Did I even think back then? It is a mystery.

art and all five of my selves (c) myself?? yes myself ok just checking and also ty

Thank you for any faves, watches, and comments! :love:
blank version here: [link]
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*sinks into chair with milk and deflates* What an inactive past few weeks, gosh. HI AGAIN.

This is the second half of a very, very late birthday present, for none other than Ty herself. But she has the patience of a saint so I was forgiven for my terrible timing.

This piece proved to be quite a handful, which is bothersome, because it doesn't happen to me often for such extended periods of time. I got everything done pretty easily up until coloring, then was hit with a serious case of indecision. :T I will admit family related issues did zap my motivation out of it at times, but even when it was quieting down, I still totally drew a blank with it. RAARGH!

After moping around forever about it, I caved at Ty's request. SO.

She helped me color it. ~///__///~ I added some end details, but she descended from the heavens to help me feel out the look I wanted. And of course it's amazing now. FOR HER OWN DAMN BIRTHDAY PRESENT. Terribu, bee. Terribu.

So yes, babe, thank you for helping with that. orz/////

This was done primarily in SAI with some details and text done in PS7. When I started this drawing my hair was still long so I had to go change that, haha!

art (c) me... slow, slowpoke me
amazing wonderful flawless color assistance (c) *Tyshea
thank you for all the favorites, watches, and comments. :dalove:

Let's get the PT ball rolling again, shall we?
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Ohhh fancy new submit page! Anyways. SKETCHDUMP AGAIN! Twice in a row! :la:
Like it says, this wraps up my loose-end sketches from 2012. The last dump I have in the works is the next PT sketchdump, so hopefully from here on out I'll be posting newer works. Also thinking about updating my "sketchdump look" because Ty's SD dump is just so fly I can't stop looking at it.

This dump contains:
Fanart, pokemon, miscellaneous OCs as always, eyeballs, GPOY, magical girls, anndd fashion. Essentially my life in a nutshell.
IDK if anyone remembers her, but the OC I mixed Pepper's design with is Candy, aka Mew Candy. You'll see that someday eventually.

I'm just gonna make this big bold and clear so everyone knows:


The last thing I feel like reading is someone going off on a tangent of how ugly ____ is and people start fighting with them about it because omg opinions on the internet and DON'T DO IT ON MY ART OK OR I WILL BUST YOU FOR IT AND NEVER DRAW FANART AGAIN

:new: Because everyone likes my outfits so much, I stuck it on Tumblr if you wanna reblog it: [link]
Ash and Ren, Tayen (c) *Tyshea you stud :flirty:
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
mayshing's 1000 eyes project: [link]

Back to commissions! I can't believe January's already over/over finally/my sense of time is a vortex of confusion. My family and I are still juggling the idea of moving so it's been kinda up and down and it's hard to multitask life-type-responsibility and art-project-inspiration-type things. :faint:

And I guess that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for all the favorites, watches, and comments! :dalove:
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:star: Download to full view! :star:
Picture This: Sam&Sara
By *Tyshea and *Ai-Bee
Picture This is a collection of stories about love between girls.
These characters are specifically for Arc 1: Sam&Sara.

Picture This Progress Tumblr!

Bet you were itching to know more about these guys, right?

This is terribly terribly overdue piece, but boy am I happy with the results! :faint: It took quite some time to gather that many expressions that I was satisfied with. Some of them I'm still iffy on- but for every one I wasn't thrilled with, there were two or three that came out well. So I compromised.
I know you don't really get much plot-related insight with this post, but in due time that will change- my next long term goal will be Sara's antag illustrations to match up with Sammy's. Aside from comic making of course. Very important.

Other random trivia I'll just leave here:

:bulletpurple: Gwen:
- Is intensely sarcastic and a bit of a grouch, but she's a lot more chipper than she appears here, I promise.
- Gwen and Blaire do know each other from both of them being in Lacrosse.
- Could actually beat Blaire in a fist fight if she wanted to, but somehow restrains herself. Bless her soul.

:bulletgreen: Tammy:
- Is an interesting juxtaposition between being overly clingy with people, and being entirely awkward about being touched herself.
- Gets pimples in the most inconvenient places; on her back, chest, neck, sometimes on her arms and legs if she sweats too much.
- Wears emotions on her sleeves- both of them. In fact, she is a walking garment of emotion, and a little prone to overreacting.

:bulletpink: Blaire:
- Has two defined settings; calmly plotting your demise and gently destroying your self confidence with her words, or intimidating you outright and being a token bully without beating around the bush.
- Her displeased, shocked, or scared faces are usually short lived, and not easily provoked.
- Dropped out of Lacrosse in junior year for being too brutal... not surprising to say the least.

See Sam's Antag studies here:

Large resolution individual sheets here: [link] :star:
art (c) me!
Picture This (c) Myself and *Tyshea

Thank you for all the faves, watches, and comments! :dalove:
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Picture This
By *Tyshea and *Ai-Bee
A collection of stories about love between girls.

Picture This on Tumblr!


Sketchdump, as promised!! :la:

I apologize in advance, admittedly the bulk of this (despite how big it is...) is things already seen, especially if you follow the PT tumblr. This dump is kind of clearing out the backlog of miscellaneous doodles I've had sitting around. Hopefully it won't be long until another dump with fresh material! :blushes: And as always... I'm forever sorry the three other couples are pretty backburner at the moment; but I hope you understand why. orz//

Tumblr links for you:

:bulletorange: Summer Forgets Me
:bulletpink: Mona Fashion
:bulletblue: Birthday Jess
:bulletgreen: PT Pokemon
:bulletyellow: ATLA PT girls

As an aside, I deeply appreciate the get wells and the like about my allergic reaction, it really makes my day :thanks: Gonna do my best to power through the remainder of this sickness and lingering sore throat so I can really get some stuff done this spring. Anyways! Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches, you guys! :love:
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:bulletpurple::star::bulletblue: Happy birthday, Stella! :bulletpurple::star::bulletblue:

Sorry I've been a little quiet this month! I've been working on something you all should get to see at the end of the month! :'P
I can't believe how much my stellababy's changed since her last b-day picture. Time sure flies when you're drawing your hands off... *waves limp hands* To be fair, all of the girls have been slowly growing, and I did draw her not too long ago for PT's second anni, but even in that amount of time she's grown.

I had a very specific idea for this picture (and I only regret how small the res is... *bonks self on head*) But I've always loved the fact StellaGale's story has a very obvious astrology/astronomy and nautical theme to it (in comparison to SamSara's day/night, sky/ocean theme) because I really love Stella being my little starlet.

A lot of things have been going on this year in terms of Ty and I's personal growth and ambitions as artists within the QUILTBAG/LGBTQA* spectrum, and we both decided something really important recently... When we first made this story we ourselves were still relatively new to the idea of being truly out... but our activism has shifted the way we've been handling issues and presenting our queer characters.

Stella has been a difficult character for me to work with because I've been keeping a major part of her story marked as a spoiler, so her development has suffered for it considerably. Both Ty and I have dropped hints about it before, but I think it's important at this point to be upfront about something very integral to their story.

We are completely aware that this may change some people's opinions or preferences for Stella or this couple, and for that, we are not sorry. I hope no one feels any differently considering we have plenty of similar characters in our galleries, but if you do change your mind, I would be pretty disappointed in you.

So without further ado; for her birthday, I'm going to share a more accurate summary of what StellaGale is about.

Arc 3: Stella & Gale
Gale, a masculine cis-gendered lesbian working as a tattoo artist and a small-time rockstar, leads the hopelessly heartbroken life of a bachelor and struggles with her watered down dreams. She crosses paths with Stella, an ambitious fashion-major trans woman who has just finally found courage in her ability to "pass" to try the lesbian dating scene instead of the safe-haven of gay men she'd been accustomed to but now is finding herself alienated in because of her changing identity.

They're a truly star-crossed couple, but they both realize that it takes a lot more to completely trust and commit yourself to someone while fighting your own inner demons and limitations as a human being.

Stella and Gale are about identity, gender, and what it means to be who you want to be.

And I think that should do it. :thanks:
Thank you for all the favorites, comments, and watches!
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As a follow up from my last WOL dump:
WOL  Dump 09 by Ai-Bee
These guys are the main characters of my old wormwood project story. I've been dabbling in revamping them throughout the year and they're finally ready to post! (*´∀`*) *tiny victory flag*

:bulletpurple: Kirby Wickham | Kodiak Bear Beserker, Junior/17, 6'0"
Kirby's a prickly pear, really. He just wants to eat and sleep and be left alone most of the time. He's got a beserker-bound reputation for a bad temper, but he's really quite content if left unprovoked. When the story starts he gets reluctantly pulled into joining wrestling as a healthy outlet, and he's 1000% unexcited about it. He's besties with Charli and their little tag-along, Chryssa.
I don't know how he exactly became the main character... but that's kind of where he's at atm. ://|;

:bulletred: Charli Sillah | Asanbosam, Junior/17, 5'6"
Chuck is one cool cucumber, very easygoing and level-headed. She's got a hipster-beatnik-goth hybrid sort of style. Her great public speaking personality is only rivalled by how tech-savvy she is, landing her in both Theatre and Stagecraft. She's Kirby's confidant and bestie, and is dating a lax pufferfish mermaid, Nat/Spike.

:bulletorange: Graham Salman | Anubis, Junior/17, 5'9"
Graham's a transfer student from another school, and makes his new home and niche in dance class, becoming fast friends with a variety of hiphop dancers there, especially undead myths (since he's a protector of the dead and all!) He's generally pretty modest and to himself despite his cool guy presence, laughs easily when embarrassed and loves creating good energy in his friends and on stage.
He used to be a necromancer named Grace- Grace's story was about her gender identity and coming out as trans, but I decided to speed up the process and have him already living as male. Also myth and race change. I was unhappy with the old design so I scrapped it.

:bulletyellow: Chryssa Owens | Bumble Bee Fairy, Sophomore/16, 5'2"
Chryssa's one little bundle of clumsy joy. She's insanely timid and shy but has a huge heart of gold- which sometimes is a heavy burden. She's got very, very fragile self-esteem, which causes Kirby to be somewhat protective (and exasperated at times) of her. She has many friends and doesn't like to be alone. She's good at all kinds of homely things like cooking, gardening, sewing and papercraft, and is a hopeless romantic, which is sometimes a little blinding.
She makes an appearance in my Curves Tutorial and my 30 Monster Challenge. her weight fluctuated again... GDI /lays on floor angrily this always happens fml

:bulletgreen: Addison Nyx | Witch, Junior/17, 5'8"
Addison is a very peculiar beauty, found almost exclusively in the massive WWHS library working as an aide. She's extremely to herself and prefers the company of dusty books and quietness than the bustling gossipy hallways. She's extremely verbose and a lot of pop culture references fly over her head because she doesn't watch TV (save for a documentary here and there) or keep up with trends in basically anything. Even her music is usually classical, instrumental, or nature recordings. She's been on honor role since 9th grade but will probably not help you with your homework. She also has Aspergers, and though manageable, it causes a lot of tension and alienation at home, so she is found on campus until late in the evening more often than not.

:bulletblue: Bailey Davis | Antelope Jackrabbit Jackalope, Sophomore/16, 5'7"
Everyone on campus knows about- or will know of Bailey at some point, because she makes it her business to. She's boisterous, overbearing, hyper, and can't sit still in class- and you'll either find her a total riot or hide from her when you hear her coming. She means well and also has a pretty big heart, but gets confused easily and doesn't take to sulky people or drama very well, just wanting to have fun. She's a passionate ace sprinter, a vegetarian cooking fiend and smoothie addicted. Despite being competitive, she's a great sport and good at raising team spirit. She's no stranger to speed dating just about anyone that'll give her the time of day. However, she is not gonna steal your boo from you.

characters (c) meee! Done in SAI over the course of seventy decades. *decays*
Thank you for the comments, favorites, and watches! :love:
So tell me, who's your favorite?! :dance:
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