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Trick or Treat Contest - WINNERS!!
Halloween is coming up fast and the Artisan Crafts CV team wants to throw a special contest in it's honour. At the same time we want to promote the Artisan Crafts community so all of the entries will have to be categorized as such to be eligible. 
The contest starts on September 18th and ends on November 1st 2013.
If your entry does not follow these rules, it will be automatically disqualified!!!
1 entry per category maximum.
Artisan Crafts only!!Entry must be created on or after start dateLink to this contest so that we know you've read and understood the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Categories & Prizes
Just as the title says, we're looking for the best pumpkin carving. It needs to be carved by you.1 year subscriptio
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The Make Ugly Contest

How To EnterSubmit EntryRulesView EntriesView Semi-finalistsView Winners13+ US Only

Make Ugly. Get recognition.
What's the ugliest truth about Big Tobacco? truth® wants to find out and you can help. DeviantART is calling for submissions of your ugliest monster, giant, mutant or undead art. Download the facts for inspiration and get in on the ugly action. Winners get cash prizes and will be included as a part of the truth® Artist Collective.
The Facts
To draw public attent
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Insidious Chapter 2 Contest Winners Announcement

We challenged you to add a shadowy twist to a 'normal' daily experience, and you responded with some absolutely terrifying entries! Director James Wan was so impressed that he kept going back and forth trying to determine a winner because the entries were THAT good! However, he did complete his difficult task and the winners are now in
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Pimps and Whoas - September 14, 2012
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Fan Art Law
:bulletpurple: Site Update: New Mobile Site for Beta Testers
:bulletpurple: How we Debug in DT
:bulletpurple: 4 Artists and Their Journeys
:bulletpurple: Stories
:bulletpurple: Remembering 9/11
:bulletpurple: S
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Dodge Dart Contest Winners
The designers at Chrysler had some tough decisions to make. The semi-finalists in both of the Digital and Traditional categories presented a wide variety of approaches and techniques all inspired by the new Dodge Dart. The three winners for Digital and Traditional were selected after much deliberation and consideration. They will soon be on display in the lobby of the Dodge-Chrysler headquarters.

by ~iron-maiden-art
When you first look at this mural you're amazed by the artistic use of color to create the scenic picture of the Dart and everywhere the Dart can take you. Then – to surprise you even more, when you look closer you realize that this art is actually made out of hundreds of pieces of colored paper! What amazing c
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deviantART's 13th Birthday Contest!
deviantART's 13th Birthday is August 7th, 2013. It's time to celebrate - in the form of art! :hooray:
The Contest
It's simple - create a deviation for the 13th Birthday category.
Browse the popular section of the gallery to get an idea of what can be submitted for the contest. You can create some deviantART fan art, bake a birthday cake, or anything else relating to deviantART's 13th Birthday.
Your submission should be relating to deviantART and/or deviantART's 13th Birthday.
Your entry must be for this contest. You can't enter a deviation that you have made for another communityrelations sponsored birthday contest.
All mediums are accepted.
You're welcome to submit to a different category if your entry won't submit into the 13th Birthday gallery (ie. jo
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Big Annual Contest - And the Winners are...
:bulletblue: WINNERS :bulletblue:
Congratulation to every participants. We have 48 entries for this theme, this is wonderful !! So I decide to give for every entrant a llama badge to thank him/her for his/her interest ♥
Well, it is time to reveal the three creations which enjoyed the most. And the winners are...
1st Place :bulletred:

:bulletorange: 2nd Place :bulletorange:

:bulletyellow: 3rd Place :bulletyellow:

:bulletblue: INFORMATION :bulletblue:
Every century in our world holds different degree of beauty, even human's interpretation of beauty changes along the course of time. Artists, photographers and writers here in deviantArt have displayed marvelous works depicting their interpretation of beautiful wonders - The elegance of a woman, the solitude of an emerald forest and even the beauty of falling in love. Yes, beauty is a big subset for all things. That is why we
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Community Relations Celebrates !
We're celebrating our 13th birthday with a vast array of exciting events and contests! Join us as we welcome in deviantART's 'teenage' years ;)
First take a trip down memory lane with the Timeline of deviantART
Then get involved in one of the many events and contests listed below!
Contests & Challenges
:star: deviantART's 13th Birthday Contest
When: August 5th - August 14th
Learn more about the event here.
:star: dA 13th Birthday Photomanip Challenge
When: August 7th - August 10th 1PM Pacific Time 
Learn more about the event here.
:star: Photomanip Mini-Contest: It's a reBirthday
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Sweet and Toxic - Contest winners
:bulletpink:FAQS - Website - Commissions OPEN  - Blog Index - Shadowness -  Tutorials  -  Thumblr - My Daily Deviations - Resources RULES - Dark Portfolio -society6 -  Behance - Instagram -
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Fotolia 4: Stockpocalypse Winners Annoucement

~clowneee will also receive
$1,000 USD$100 USD of credits at stockproject.fotolia.comWinner's choice of either the Wacom Intuos5 touch Large Pen Tablet or The New IPad (16GB black)6,000 deviantART PointsdA Pro Digital Artist BackpackDeviantART hoodie of winner's choice*1-Year Premium Membership to deviantART
*subject to availability
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Contests and Chances
Contests, projects, and the like help you to get known within the community, not to mention a great excuse to make art! Find new friends and win prizes! :)
News with Awesome Contests
:bulletorange:This journal is updated once a week by DrinkTeaOrDie. If you want your contest or other information posted here please note the group! :aww:
:bulletorange:It is best to note us well in advanced with your contest information so members have plenty of time to enter. Content should not be time sensitive because this journal is only updated once a week. Sorry for any inconvenience!
:bulletorange:Periodically the entries in this journal will be sorted through, and commissions that seem closed or offers that seem to have ended will be removed from the list. If a mistake has been made and your information was wrongfully removed, please send the group a note and your information will be added again.
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A Personal Cause
Since it's inception in 2002, I have participated in the Weekend to End Women's Cancers.  This event involves a 60km trek and a personal fundraising minimum of $2,000. Over the last 10 years I have been involved, I have raised over 50,000 and it's never been easy.  The last couple of years have been particularly difficult because, let's be honest, there are a bunch of causes to support and only so much money to go around.  I completely appreciate that there are numerous causes banging on your door,  however, I will plead my case!  Over the years there are certainly numerous causes that have come to my attention and, like you, I have a limited budget. My cause is pretty simple - it's Cancer.  In my lifetime I have lost family members and it's tried to take my mother, twice.  
I witnessed my grandmother's fight first hand and I can't express the helplessness one feels when y
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CR Newsletter - November/December 2012
Director of Community Relations :iconmoonbeam13: :
Table of Contents
1. Happy Holidays and Merry New Year
2. Volunteer Openings in Community Relations
3. Community Projects
4. Official Contests
5  Project Educate 2011/2012
6. Art History Project
7. News from the Chats and Forums
8. News from the Galleries
1. Happy Holidays and Merry New Year
As the old year begins to fade into the sunset, it is customary to reflect on the passing year and make plans for the upcoming one.  Some do this in the form of resolutions, some people make action plans, some people just swing into the new year the same way they swung out of the old one :) Whatever way you intend to welcome in 2013, I hope you're surrounded by love and that you do it safely!
I've been reflecting on the year and like many, with some focus on the unimaginable events of the last few weeks. Specifically, the shooting in Newtown.  I know that it's "human nature" to want to find
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Why you feature stolen work?!?!
Lately there seem to have been a few myths flying around in particular with regards to how we as Community Volunteers, give Daily Deviations. Many people seem to think that we sit at our desks in dark little rooms and let out evil laughter whilst we purposefully feature stolen work. The dark rooms and laughter - well I can't say yes or no on that one! But I can promise you it's not our intent to give exposure to people who have stolen work. I recently featured a piece of work that turned out to be stolen. However I went into extensive conversations with the artist before I featured it, and with added metadata and dates, it's difficult to know where to draw the line. I've given people the benefit of the doubt before - and it's worked out nicely as their work has been legitimate. Below are some comments I have seen being thrown around the past few days - and hopefully an attempt to bust the myth.
"I thought at least that you people would check to make sure the work was the
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MAMA Scared Stiff Semi-Finalist Announcement
In the MAMA Scared Stiff Contest, we challenged you to channel your most frightening childhood memory, and the entries were truly terrifying!    
These 25 hair-raising deviations sent a chill down our judges' spines, and have been chosen as the Semi-Finalists. It's now up to the true visionaries of horror, MAMA filmmakers Andy & Barbara Muschietti and Guillermo del Toro, to decide on the top 3 winners, who will receive their share of $10,000 USD, as well as Points, deviantART Gear, and Premium Memberships!
The remaining 22 Semi-Finalists will receive:
  :bulletblack: 2,000 deviantART Points
  :bulletblack: Three-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
Congratulations to all!
Read Contest Article
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November Daily Deviation Roundups
Once again we've compiled a blog of all of our Daily Deviation Roundups so that you can browse the articles much easier! Enjoy :heart:
:bulletblue:General Photography from 3wyl
:bulletblue:General Photography from Kaz-D
:bulletblue: Conceptual Photography
:bulletblue: Cosplay
:bulletblue: Darkroom Photography
:bulletblue: Horror & Macabre Photography
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Gallery Makeover Project
Hello everyone :)
Recently my team and I worked tirelessly on a project to help improve the gallery descriptions and thumbnail examples.  While that project was indeed tedious with almost 4,000 categories in our system, it was also educational.  What I learned from sorting through thousands and thousands of categories was that we have a lot of redundancy and a lot of categories that seem to have been created on a whim that are now simply homes for junk.
Over the years, the desire to appease niche communities and people who just wanted a specific area has led to some categories that go up to 4 levels deep, and it's really no wonder it's so confusing for people to figure out where to submit their artwork.
The conclusion I've come to is simplicity.  While I'm not about to rip apart everything and make 6 stand alone categories, I do believe that there is a lot we can do to simplify the category tree.  That includes some of the following:
1. Merging categories that ma
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Undiscovered (Beta): Unearthing Quality Art
Art Under The Radar
Each day, hundreds of thousands of pieces of art are submitted to deviantART. As more and more artists join, create, and share their work, it becomes easy for high quality art to miss its chance to stand out and be seen.
Our new browse mode, Undiscovered, aims to bring new, high quality artwork to the foreground.
Finding Hidden Gems
Undiscovered focuses on recently submitted artwork that has not yet drawn attention or recognition at the levels of Popular or What's Hot browse modes. Using an algorithm that identifies patterns in community behavior when curating content, Undiscovered generates a browsing experience that draws attention to creative art and talented artists that may not receive the same level of attention from other browse modes.
Please keep in mind that the algorithm that powers Undiscovered is still new and we may make changes as it grows in use.
Discover New Art Daily
Because Undiscovered focuses on recently submitted artwork, the artwork displayed m
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Pimps and Whoas - February 9, 2012
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - February 2012
:bulletpurple: Pin Up From Objectification to Empowerment
:bulletpurple: The Great Valentine Exchange
:bulletpurple: Site Update Comment Counts on Thumbs and More
:bulletpurple: Giving Your Stacks an Introduction
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MAMA Scared Stiff Contest


Guillermo del Toro presents MAMA, a supernatural thriller that tells the haunting tale of two little girls who disappeared into the woods the day that their parents were killed. When they are rescued years later and begin a new life, they find that someone or something still wants to come tuck them in at night.
Now, the MAMA filmmakers in conjunction with deviantART invite you to bring your scariest childhood memory to life! Is it u
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The Riddick 'Rule the Dark Fan Art Contest'

How to Enter
Download Assets
Submit Entry
View Winners
View Semi-Finalists
View Entries
18+ US Only
Submission Deadline: August 16, 2013 At 11:59 PM, PT - Los Angeles Time.
The infamous Riddick has been left for dead on a sun-scorched planet that appears to be lifeless. Soon,
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Pimps and Whoas - August 2, 2013
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - August 2013
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Sales Statistics to Beta Testers
:bulletpurple: The New deviantART Comments
:bulletpurple: Uplifting the Profile Tabs
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Insidious Chapter 2 Semi-Finalists Announcement
In the Insidious Chapter 2 Contest, we challenged you to create artwork depicting seemingly everyday situations that can terrify us to our very core, a twist to "normal" daily experiences that suggests danger is always closer than you think.
Our judges had the terrifying task of selecting the top twenty-five artworks, which will now be sent to Insidious Chapter 2 director James Wan to select the final three winners. Congratulations to the 25 Semi-Finalists below!
The remaining 22 Semi-Finalists will receive:
Three-Month Premium Membership
2,000 deviantART points
Read Contest ArticleRead Official Rules
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Pimps and Whoas - August 14, 2013
Official dA News
:bulletpurple: deviantART on our Lucky 13
:bulletpurple: Seniority Announcements - August 2013
:bulletpurple: Site Update: deviantART's 13th Birthday Keywords
:bulletpurple: Site Update: Uplifting the Profile Tabs
Official Contests
All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:59 PST on the end date. This applies to all Community Relation run contests and all deviantART sponsored contests.
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