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I finally found what Ive been needing! Thanks to an awesome tutorial and great advice from the very talented artist :iconfenrixion: I was able to add a little structure to my drawings. Whenever Ive drawn this way my drawings were always messy and dark. btw, Im not sure what Des is doing exactly, but there's this triangle shaped lazer thing and he has to beat it. I just needed something for Triangle.

100 Theme Challenge
Theme 90- Triangle
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My first digital art.

Everything started one evening, when I was bored and started to draw.
The result was "My Annie", and I think it is relatively well taking into account that it is my first picture.
 It took me an eternity to finish, but I was submerged into another world.
This evening I started to love it to create something out of my own hands.

Annie from League of Legends
Made with Gimp and Mouse :x


Varus and Janna by LillaLyka Silence by LillaLyka Heart Live by LillaLyka  
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An Australian Little Corella enjoying a snack [would that be chewing gum?] as the sun rises on a spring morning
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"Members Choice at :iconmanipulatethis:"

Copyright Tag for Deviants 3 by rclarkjnr
Bamboo Pen and Touch by mchenry

Copyright © by RazielMB. All rights reserved.
My Artworks are registered and protected by
My artwork may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or uploaded in any way without my written permission. My images do not belong to the public domain.

Registration date: July 04, 2013 - 02:04 PM
Copyright number: FAJ9-LY9V-M4GE-QHNE

Stock credits:

The rest is mine created with my own resources and painted. Lighting created with my tool Knoll Light Factory.
Tools: PS CS5 and Wacom tablet.

Lady Dragon II Lady Dragon II ~ Daily Inspiration by RazielMB

Featured here :iconalightindarkness: :iconavaloncommunity: :iconmanipulatethis: :iconthe-imaginarium: :iconelevit-stock:
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The Slender Man.


EDIT 2: Holy Jesus nuts, over 1,000 faves? THANKS!

Photoshop Elements 9
Corel painter Essentials 4
Wacom Bamboo Create
Two hours

Slenderman (C) Victor Surge
Art (C) KYRA R.

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So heres the contest picture as promised :D


Hey everyone, so yeah I'm thinking on having a contest for all of my watchers to thank YOU for all of your support :D (Big Grin)). If you are not yet my watcher, you can add me, so you can participate as well :D (Big Grin). The contest is simple, i will draw a picture with multiple characters and props from TV shows, anime and cartoons. And all you have to do is find them all and make me a privet list(note) on all the things that you found. The person who finds the most will be the winner. BUT, if there was only one winner that will not be fair Right :D (Big Grin). SO we will have 3>.<. 

Requirements: You HAVE to be a WATCHER :D (Big Grin)

1. 150 points 
2. 100 points
3. 50  points

Everyone else for Participating will receive 5 point 

-I will have these contests once in a while, as community (watchers) around my Artwork grows :D (Big Grin), so stick around :) (Smile). (and the prizes will increase)

Send me a Privet NOTE with your answers. 

If you like my work please fave it, and add me to your watchers :D


    So this picture have been seen over 500 times and faved over 70 times, but only 4 people tried this contest:(. Im not sure if people realize if this s a contest or just,... to lazy to try it. But never the less, i still appreciate all of you who stopped by and seen this work and actually liked it so, THANK YOU. 


    As of now, this contest is CLOSED. I am sorry if some of you didn't make it but i DID keep it open for 24 hours so, yeah^.^. 

    Also, i will have more of contests like these as community around my artwork grows, so please stick around. 



PLACE:                 NAME:                                                                      ANSWERS GOT CORRECT:            PRIZES:

    1.                cailas-moon                                                                                   24/38                               150 Points                                            

    2.                SHSL-Game-Desighner                                                                   23/38                               100 Points                                                                                               

    3.                AVeryWittyUsername                                                                     17/38                                50 Points

    4.                Laughter-chan                                                                               15/38                                20 Points

Since only 4 people participated, i decided to make it four winners -_- the 3 , so yeah. 

Hope those who participated enjoyed this little contest of mine, tell me what you think in the comments so i can have some more ideas for the next one. 

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Gin Ichimaru, from anime Bleach. His story was one of the best, his was mysterious and it was hard to read what he was thinking. after his death it all be came clear that he only did it out of her and only her.

This picture shows everything behind his story, and why he decided to take it back from Azen.

By far i think that this is my best work. And as such i would like more people to see it .

As of 1/18/14 This work has hit 1000 favs.

Thanks everyone^^.
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:damphyr: I made a pairing name for them Kevin first or else I thought that the name sounded too strange

I tried to change my hair coloring a bit but ugh. I'm just never satisfied with my coloring style. I must practice more.

Any feedback would be highly appreciated since I am still learning digital art and I'm looking for any suggestions for me to improve in the future.

~Heart Decora-Chan Rose 

Floating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBunFloating Kawaii Hearts and Stars Divider by Pastel-BunBun

If you want to commission me, information is right here! Star! [link] Star!
Support Art Trades by Annorthacommission me stamp by otakulottiePoints Commissions Stamp by HornedStorm

Art  Decora-Chan
Arsenius  KaixChan
Kevin  Decora-Chan
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Des- She almost never smiles...

I wanted to try something different. Ive never tried this style before and was a little apprehensive, but I found a lot of great references when it came to the color and effects, and I found a short video on youtube that gave me a lot of useful tips.

100 Theme Challenge #14

Edit: Omg, I just realized, she's wearing Chris's hoodie :3
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a Yin Yang backdrop that i made. Enjoy. 

Photoshop by Dynamicz34
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