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Confused? See here: [link]
Used resources: [link] + [link] + [link]

And before anyone asks: No, I don't hate alicorn Twilight. It's just a parody.
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*Added sound effects*

Yay finally done! I started undertaking this one just before Christmas, which was a bad idea. But anywho, it's all done now that all the festivities are over.

Wings were provided by the wonderful puppet rigs found at :iconflamingorich: Everything else in this animation was drawn and animated by me.

Hope ya'll enjoy!

Music: Cutie Mark Crusaders Crusading (Created on Mario Paint) by Tekaramity…

Also check out:

Pinkie Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-Pony Avast! Fluttershy at 150 BPM (+Screensaver) by The-Paper-Pony
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"A retro-futuristic land in which robots blindly serve their pony creators.
However, the robots eventually rebel against their cruel dictators and leave them in search of a better life..."

After buying the latest album from Rainbow Rooted - Four's Fall Down, I fell in love with pretty much all the songs! One in paticular came to mind after I was browsing through my favorites~ I just had to take the opportunity to make this flash! Simple enough, but it brings back the retro-gamer in me... how i miss the 8-bit side-scrolling days! :roll:

I'm slowly getting better at this pixel-drawing thing! Even more so animating it! :D

Original artwork comes from =Tsitra360's My Little Pony-bots

I simply pixelated and animated it

Song from Rainbow Rooted album's ' Four's Fall Down' (Bandcamp link)
E-Questria by Interrobang Pie (Youtube link)

Tumblr - Twitter - YouTube - Livestream ~ TWITCH.TV

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Presenting the game of everyone's favorite princess: Princess Celestia Princess Twilight Sparkle (You thought I would write "Princess Cadance", didn't you?)

Why is every enemy a flat shape? Because Twilight is in the land of evil shapes*!!!
(*not really, the real reason is that I can't draw and that there aren't that many foes in MLP, or do you want to fight 20 waves of Gildas?)

A "Thank you!" goes to these people for creating stuff for the game: Grizzly for creating the music, Penta Studios, FronyZX, sigmavirus1 for creating vectors and Yavos for getting some resources from official MLP flash games. And of course to all other people listed in credits for making stuff to be used.

Be sure to check out the game OST (But be aware: spoilers!):…

As always: Feel free to use this on your personal website, distribute or make videos.

Huh? This game has a 'secret cheat code'? :icontwilightconfusedplz:

Version 1.5 changes:
* Stage 2 is a bit easier now
* Stage 5 boss buffed (again)
* Twilight's explosion bullets do a bit more damage
* No bit drops and no shop once you bought every upgrade

Version 1.4 changes:
* Stage 1 is a bit easier now

Version 1.3 changes:
* Some lag fixes
* Stage 5 boss buffed

Version 1.2 changes:
* Fixed lag in stage 3 and 5 (even less lag if you disable additional effects)
* Save code will not be shown in level 1 because it doesn't give any useful information anyway

Version 1.1 changes:
* Space key now enables autofire (for those who are having problems with their keyboards not registering many key presses at once)
* Stage 2 is a bit easier now
* Stage 3 background transition lag somewhat fixed
* Other small fixes
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I already made a game about Trixie, she doesn't need any more. Even though this is based off of her new episode, it's about Twilight. Because I wanted to.

I'm not usually the one to make short little minigames based directly off of episodes, rushing to make them before they become irrelevant. I've tried to do it before, but they were both kinda awful and didn't get very far, so I stopped. Still, when I saw Twilight throwing animals into the air I decided to make a game about it. Besides, all the cool flash game makers create episode-based games, and I'm totally one of the cool ones, right? Right? RIGHT?!?!



Fluttershy House - iOVERD

Angry Fluttershy - StarshineCelestalis

Scared Twilight - JunkiesNewb

Trixie - Aoonka

Man, I used more vectors than usual.

Various sounds from Super Mario Bros. 3 & SSBB
The Carnival Master - Bagpipe Brony [link]
Click Clock Wood (Spring) - Banjo-Kazooie
Mini-game Instructions - Mario Party 3

I seriously hope Nintendo doesn't get mad at me for using their decade-old music all the time.

And I get a lot of pictures and stuff by Google searches, so if I failed to credit you for something please let me know.

EDIT: So as it happens, the super secret special stage I added to this game might be a bit too secret. I think somehow the means to properly unlock it broke, because none of the comments have even mentioned it. In order to play the extra stage, press "T" a few times at the score screen. Then click, and that should probably do it.
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iOS: AppStore

Surprise! A new game!

A quick one I made out of boredom.

Sweetie Belle sprite from :icondesktop-pony-team:

The link to the music is in the main menu of the game.

Version 1.1 changes:
* Added a right click menu to disable background animations (reduces lag)
* Added an explosion counter

You can use this game on your personal website if you like.
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An actual working timer. A bit buggy, but I think I'll manage to optimize code later.
Also I made an .apk file, but it wouldn't work on devices with armv6 processor and it needs AdobeAIR to work:
And .swf version that maybe will work on your mobile phone:
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Original comic by DeadParrot222: [link]
Music by Fifths: [link]
Scootaloo, Applebloom voiced by Kagome: [link]
Rainbow Dash voiced by Mina: [link]

I guess I'm good for something as an animator again, huh?
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Recent additions:
*Drawing with Sweetie Belle game
*Rarity's gem chest
*multiple letter replies from Celestia (20 total)

Welcome to Ponyville!
Twilight Sparkle has just returned from Canterlot on royal business, and now has time to relax and play with her pony friends. Play games with Applejack, hang out with Rainbow Dash, visit Rarity, see what Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are up to, or just spend a relaxing afternoon in Twilight's library.
What do YOU want to do?

**On some computers there seems to be a problem with slow movement in Fluttershy's and AJ's "2d scroller" scenes, making their walk cycles appear off. It works fine on all the PCs I've tested it on(with firefox and IE). This might be a computer or browser issue, since the code dictates the scroll movement by pixel.
**I'm aware that in Twilight's book game a small book can get stuck behind a larger book. I haven't found a way around this. you'll just have to start over, sorry.

People seem to have explored everything there is to explore! If you can't seem to find one of the hidden "easter eggs," look through the comments because others have pointed them out. =)

WOW. Finally done! I learned so much about animation while doing this project, and I feel like I improved my skills a lot in the process. It was a lot of work and the code got really frustrating at times, but it was also a lot of fun. I learned a ton about actionscript, because I started this project knowing basically none!

Made in Macromedia Flash 8 Professional(actionscript 2)

Thanks EqD for the post!
Thanks everyone who's vectors/backgrounds I used.
See "credits" on the main menu for list of contributors and links.

~My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro. I claim no ownership of anything here.
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Day 28 entry for the Newbie Artist Training Grounds II at Equestria Daily.

It's true for all unicorns!


Okay, this is the most bizarre thing they've made me do.

The task was to "Draw a pony moving on/Draw a pony charging", I was lazy so I took the 2nd lamest pun. I animated it to spice it up tho! =P


Converted to a Screensaver by :iconaeonswing: [link]
Apparently someone did turn this into a GIF: [link]
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