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Man I just realized it's been a long long time since I've done an art trade.

This is my half of an art trade with :iconpaullies: of their character Paullies with baby marshall lee and fionna. I know the two of them would never be babies together sine Marshall is about 1000 years old but that's what ~paullies requested ^^;

Also sorry for 1) taking forever on this and 2) me not being able to draw babies...just...babies o-o yeah

Adventure time belongs to Pen Ward and Cartoon Network
Paullies belongs to ~paullies
Art belongs to me

Their half of the trade
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ok, i was bored, so here you have baby!cas and baby!dean on a tardis background (background is not mine i found it somewhere in the internet)

dedyk dla Alice <3

Supernatural belongs to Eric Kripke and TheCW
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My precious babies~

Well more from Ichigo x Rukia's and Sesshomaru x Rin's and Sasuke and Hinata's xD hahaha

Hope ya'll like! Love ya!

Download if you want better qualitly

Here's their parents in gender bender xD
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In between training, missions, leading the Hyuuga clan, and being ANBU captain you'd think there'd hardly be any time to rebuild an entire clan right? Wrong! Sasuke and Hinata MAKE time, and with six kids and another one on the way I'd say they're off to a pretty good start...

Mikoto II - named after her grandmother
Shin - truth
Akane - brilliant red
Raijin - named after god of lightning, thunder, and storms
Haru - sunshine
Itachi II - named after his uncle who visits on occasion
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The lot of them as babies.

Well, he does put the XIII in Organization XIII (despite me hating him), plus I wanted to avoid the "What about Roxas" questions from Roxas fans.
And Xion isn't in it because she never really was a member and I'm not too fond of her either...

My favourite babies are Xemnas, Xigbar, Lexaeus and Demyx :heart:
But seriously, I wish baby Xemnas was real so I could cuddle the hell out of him :I

Which are your favs?
Babies are not to scale.

Kingdom Hearts©Square Enix
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:iconpapmingplz: I like the title, here have a song [link]

:bulletred: Human Info: :bulletred:

Legal Name: Miles Diaz
Age: 21
Date of Birth: July 16th
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: Brazilian/white
Country of Citizenship: United States of AMURICA
Height: 6'3''
Weight: 190lbs
Date of Death: July 16th
Cause of Death: Self inflicted damage to vital artery (sliced jugular )
History: IN THE END HE COMMITED SUCIDE. ( lol itís in the works)

:bulletorange: Shinigami Info :bulletorange:

Alias: Ray
Classification: 7000

Age: 556

:bulletyellow: Personality:

Flirt Heís the type of guy who will flirt with you EVEN IF YOU GOT A MAN. He likes complimenting girls and talking to them. However heís more of a man of action. If youíre looking for a long and intelligent conversation with a gentleman; KEEP IT MOVING, THIS IS NOT THE GUY YOUíRE LOOKING FOR. If you want laugh and do something fun and crazy, STAY TUNED.

Free spirit Heís very energetic and open. He likes being active and laughing a lot. Sometimes he doesnít take things seriously. Heíll need sense knocked into him at times. Heís very touchy feely; loves hugs and pets and any signs of affection.

Obnoxious Depending on your definition of amusement, he can come off as loud and obnoxious. Truly he just likes to entertain and get attention. But if you donít like him, sorry, his basket of fucks is empty.

Courageous or stupid? He can be seen doing some dangerous shit. Itís fun times.
Responsible He has his serious moments sometimes. Heíll only be serious when he needs to be. For example, if something has gone too far as to cause harm to a lot of newborns or destroy school property; if a fight has broken out; if students blatantly break the rules and do something stupid to get them in trouble; If thereís a general emergency (fire, medical, attack) ; or if thereís a serious issue at hand.

Pride and self confidence He has a bit more pride than needed but heís not full of himself. He doesnít like to be pitied so heíll laugh of most off his bad feels or injuries. He has self confidence and a obscenely low lack of shame. Itíll take a lot to hurt his feelings. :P

Lover or a fighter? Both, he likes the ladies and he likes fighting; especially when one has to do with the other. ďWhat? Thatís your boyfriend? What? Heís mad at me? Whatís that now? Heís coming to beat me up? KAY. TELL HIM IíLL BE RIGHT WITH HIM WHEN I GET OFF HIS MOM.Ē

Friendship/ relationship Er, he makes friends fast. Considers anyone he has a good time with at least once his friend. Heís flirtatious and open so if you wanna be his girlfriend, youíll need to overdose on some patience and have that jealous bone removed, cause this ass is a terrible boyfriend. On a serious note itíll take a really special girl.

:bulletgreen: Likes:
+Flying/ Racing
+Hearing others sing
+Making noise
+Harassing people
+Making people laugh
+Doing tricks and stunts
+Them pretty girls
+Making people laugh

+Getting in fights for no damn reason
+Having his hair/ feathers petted

:bulletred: Dislike:

-Boring, loner type people (hey if you donít want to have fun, heíll find someone who will)
-Sitting still
-Being quiet
-Bitter tasting food

More tba

:bulletblue: Additional Information: :bulletblue:
-Heís a pretty good singer.
-He sings in Spanish and English.
-heíll sing anything
-He's a strong / fast flier
-One way to soothe him is to sing him a lullaby
-Heís tough, he can take a beating and put up a good fight
-He has an obscene lack of shame sometimes
-Lights and shiny objects get his attention
-He can actually cook really well.
-He likes warm places
-He's actually pretty smart, it's just hidden under a gross amount of dumbassery.
-*He will not hit a girl but he will take abuse from a girl. (so ladies, smack him if he's being stupid) He'll only poke, or tease
-cursing is a healthy part of his vocabulary

"Tweet Tweet Mother fucker."
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Ah I loved the movie, and this was a bit of fanart that I forgot to post :P

Ain't the lil' Hellbabies cuuuute?!
:iconhellboyplz: They have their daddies appetite

Hellboy belongs to Mike Mignola


--- The almighty Star Wars Guru :jedi:
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This picture is when Homer is holding his babies in the same time as Marge does ;) But this is in the same room home. For every baby that was born they changed the color and the the other baby got an another room :aww:

Homer in the show, has actually beard when all his kids where born. But I wanted to have all Homers without beard for once. ;)

Something strange happend to the scanning, so the picture is some mess in a way, sure if I tried to fix it ;/ But I hope you will just see behind the ugly things in this picture xD

Hope you`ll guys like it! =)
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Yaaay! I spent two days on this, only cause I wanted to make sure I didn't ruin the pixel vs the smooth :"D. (I actually messed up Cherry's outfit, if you look closely her clothes are sooo blurred on the outlines </3). Everything in this picture is 100% exact to IRL but Cherry's bracelets c:. I don't any, and I hate having naked hands/wrists LOL. (I design my nails but I can't show it in this picture<////3).
Chink, my boyfriend, has got sum dayum face pewbs. I mean seriously - hes asain. He has like no body hair except his little "pokies" (I call them that, but the short hairs) on his face XD. It's so much fun to pull them out.

I got kinda lazy with his motorcycle vest though. I didn't have pictures OF his vest, so I couldn't write exact words on there LOL. Just scribble OTL. I really had fun doing this though! :"D He has such a boney face, which was fun to shade too. Only problems is I look 13 and he looks 20 LOL. I used an anime base, cause I can't think of any cute original couple ideas </3. I had such a hard time deciding which picture to do xD.

I mostly did this picture all of a sudden because Chink and I finally got a FULL day just us. I livestreamed a little bit for you guys to ask questions, but it just turned into us play fighting and him farting on me, LOL. It was a wonderful day though, his father doesn't want us together more than once a month sometimes... and he's heading into basic training for the Army for 9 weeks in August. So, before he starts working, we try our best to spend time and make sure our relationship is mature enough for being apart for so long. We've been together for 2 months though! Day of 22nd <3. Though we've forgotten the date a ton of times and our friends had to remind us LOL. (And I had to look at our skype messages for help too x"DD). It's kind of bad, but hey, thats fine with me... hes more important then some dumb number lol. We've both been in long relationships almost lasting a year, so I'm not new to this xD. Okay I should stop ranting over him... be ready for more pictures of us though :> :heart:

Here are the other two versions with effects and sparkly shit! 1)) * [link] ____ (2)) * [link]

Link to the base )) * [link]
Original base owner)) * ~Milkie-Way
Characters/Editing/Coloring)) * *Cherry-Chocoalate
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A mama flareon with her babies. Kind of along the same thought as one of my previous flareon pics from last year. xD
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