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Don't bother trying to figure out what this game is about, just play it and enjoy it. I'll explain the story in a bit, the goals I had and all that good stuff, but first the credits.

Art by Kevin Barrios
Programming by some dude named David Silver.

Ok now thats out of the way, here's the basic story:
Its the sequel, so it picks up where we left off. Dino has evolved a bit, he's a come a long way and I felt he needed a tail and some angry eyes to make him a little more manly. So you're running around in the forest, jumping on these goo things that seem to have made it their home. Dino stomps the baddies, and then goes into a cave where he meets some big black thing that wants a mushroom. What for? I have no clue, but he wants it, and Dino being such a good dinosaur seems to feel like risking his life to go get it. You come back and throw it into his mouth. Mushrooms of course, have some weird side effects, and he starts wigging out and shoots you with his laser, which in turn sends you into the future. The rest you'll have to play to see.
The game was requested to us by Armor Games (Dan Mcneely) and we agreed since we were lacking a new project to work on. Anyways, once we had started, I set out a layout that looked nice, the character was all shiny and new or whatever and I was ready to go. The story wasn't really developed until I had already started, and it originally went other ways, but we stuck to the one have as of now. A bit into creating the game I got the idea of sticking in some pop culture references in since our goal was to somewhat reflect the future. I threw some robots in there of course, but the real essence was more about the future as of now, with the little hints of other games and stuff you find all over nowadays. The art was pretty easy to come up with, it was all there for me, just had to mess with it a little really. The backgrounds were the most fun to do cause I tried to make them all completely different. Since in the first game every level had a different color scheme I figured I could do something similar for this game. Anyways, I'm not even sure how this came to be, and I don't remember making half of the sprites and whatnot, all I know is it was a painful process and we hope you enjoy it.

- Kevin Buzzwerd Barrios


arrow keys to move
space or up to jump
a to stomp
s to pick up and throw items
p to pause and check your kill status

Also, we put a easter egg somewhere in the menu. (Secret Ending :O)

Space to fire

Up or Space Twice to double jump as Yellow DIno

a to slap
s to shoot
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Alright, I don't think there are any more bugs; we're ready for primetime!

This one's pretty hard. The series isn't going to get any harder than this, I don't think. Still, we'll see.

Well, enjoy. Oh, and don't ask me for help. You won't get any. =P

And thanks to everyone that favourited Hapland 2 and helped get it Daily Dev'd. You're great!
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Controls: Arrow Keys/WASD to move, mouse to fire and aim.
Guide your player through 50 waves of colorful enemies and explosions. Each level features tougher challenges and enemies to face. Use different power ups like lasers and companion players to clean up harder levels. Hope you enjoy! -John (jmtb02)
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Counting sheep, sounds boring doesn't it. It is, don't even try it.

No seriously, we think the simplest games are always the most fun. The first few levels are just to get you used to the gameplay, but a few levels in you'll find yourself barely able to keep up. Have fun, and don't forget to blink.

Programmed by Nicholas Barrios
Art by Kevin Barrios (Buzzwerd)
Music by Stephanie Fung

Sponsored by Armor Games.
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instructions: use the arrow keys to control gubby. collect the leaves.

ok guys please don't take this game seriously

i never thought i was even going to upload it, because it's more of a test then anything, just to see what i could do or something, i mean i didn't even bother shading, you know?

there is really no challenge or anything

it was really fun to make :( but i'm not adding any more levels or anything, so,

the song is called "Lucky Bugs Win Prizes" by Hassle Hound from the Childish Music comp [link]

i will make a better game soon
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:pencil: Quick Links: Play this game! | Comments and Feedback? | Highscores

:idea: Recent Updates!
There have been a bunch of minor updates to the game that fix various things and implement a couple of suggestions that have accumulated during the time I had the game online. There's nothing *major* being changed, but there were a couple of issues that needed to be addressed (like, it was possible to get unlimited lives in the level where you meet Celina's parents, on some versions of Flash player it would just show the background and nothing else, plus if I reply to someone's feedback now, they get a notification in the game, and stuff like that), that's all :aww: Sorry if devArt made it show up in your message centres once again.

:star: Description
An evil, evil sorcerer, who lives deep down, in the haunted woods, in a land faaaar far away, has bewitched loads of creatures and had nothing better to do than to sic them against the unsuspecting world! The only one who can stop him now is ~Phiyrr, a little fox-girl with a love for scarves and goggles, who did not hesitate a second, and immediately jumped in her plane to take on the sorcerer. ;P

Can you help Phiyrr to make her way through thirteen different levels, passing deserts, oceans, islands and volcanoes, to fight back the sorcerer's minions? ^^;

:bulletblue: How to play:

Use the arrow keys to move around, and the space key to shoot either bubbles or fireballs (careful with moving fast though, since Phiyrr's in a heeeavy plane, flying in the air, you can't stop it right at the spot). You can always pause the game by pressing the Escape key. If the game runs slow, try lowering the quality (you can do that in the Pause screen or at the title screen :aww: )
The game has two main weapons you can use - bubbles and fireballs. Each one can be upgraded many times throughout the game - you get to choose which one you want to concentrate on, in the second level :3 The fireballs might be harder to use at first, but become very powerful after a while. The bubbles are a lot easier to use, but don't become quite as powerful as the fireballs - it's your choice ^-^

Whenever you complete a level, you get a password which you can use to continue your game later on, with the same score, the same weapons and same everything, where you left off (the entire story of the game takes place in two days - level one through seven happen on the first day, level eight through fourteen on the second day).
The game starts pretty slowly, so you'll have plenty of time to practice, no worries ^-^ If the game starts too easy for you, you can use "hazelnut" as password, to start right off at level 3 (though if you're going for a highscore, you might want to play the first two levels to rack up some points :giggle: ). If you barely play games, or if you want some extra practice, you can give the in-game tutorial a shot, otherwise it's nooot really necessary ;P

Comments, critique and feedback are greatly appreciated ^-^

:bulletgreen: About the game:

The entire game is about a month and a half worth of work - so if you wondered why I didn't submit anything - here you go ;P Not that you think I was lazy or something. This is actually my first Flash game (inspired by the Flash games ~googley makes), sooo bear with me ^^; Everything in the game, all the pictures, the foes, the backgrounds, the effects are all drawn by me (so technically the game has a lot of pictures in it - for example, the pause screen, or the title screen, oor the screen you see when the first day ends, and so on), with ~googley and =Bungie95 providing loads of suggestions on how to make the game better ^-^

(the game uses a couple of techniques such as modular-loading - so if it messes up, just drop me a note, or a comment, and I'll look into it as soon as I can ^^)

:sing: Commenting
How can one comment on a game?! Really, there are lots of ways - the entire game is made of pictures, drawings and much more - and not only that: was the game too easy? Too hard? Unfair? Did you expect some levels to be longer, to give you more practice? Or would you have liked them to be shorter? Or maybe you have some really cool ideas you'd put into the game - those are all things you can comment on, and more. So, if you have comments or thoughts, I'd love to hear them. I have disabled comments only because I want to keep everything in one place - you're more than welcome to leave them on the original picture on my site: [link] . Don't forget to fill your name in, so I know who you are! ;P If you like to watch these drawings, I also made a watch-thingy [here] ^-^

~Phiyrr is © , a very nice friend of mine, and used with permission :aww:
Comments disabled by owner.
you can also play it at my site: [link]


XD here's the finish version of my senior mentoring project.. which was more of a self project because my mentor didn't know very much about Flash. o_0; finished around may 2007.

anyways, I had to do all the art, coding, etc.. I picked the music loops from the awesomest site ever: [link]

it was supposed to be done over the course of a year but i kind of procrastinated and had to rush. XD;;; so don't be too critical, i just made this to learn some simple commands/coding of actionscript. ;3 it's pretty much my first time using flash.


the plot probably makes little to no sense to most of you because its set in my highschool and the intended audience was supposed to be some of my highschool friends. n_n



edit: theres plenty of bugs and glitches in there, i'm too lazy to fix.. =u=;;;
and yes you get to play as me 83~

edit2: you're not supposed to survive the food fight. ;D

edit3: bonus points if you get my word play on the title of the game lol
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Look at it go! I think this one's much harder than the original. S'fun though. Try it.

I'm not giving anybody any hints.

Oh, and if you like this game its official page is at [link]
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French Harvest moon style game I made for my Macromedia Flash class. Simple but fun!
About 30 hours of work.
BTW, the sheep and chicken both eat chicken food. You must have empty hands to pick up yor vegetables. Magasin=Shop. Marché=Animal shop.
Also, I know, I didn't include a number so you know how many you have of each item. Sorry :)
All graphics were made by me! As well as all the programmation.

Tell me what you think heehee.

I'll be working on a more complete harvest moon style game this semester! To be continued :)
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If the screen is blinking and saying it's Loading and Paused, that means your browser can't run AS3 and that YOU ARE NOT USING FLASH PLAYER 9. GO GET IT.

Pressing any key will pause/unpause the game
Right-click / Control-click to bring up the context menu for more commands

In addition, when you "rub" the ball, it's actually finding the angle between the mouse and the center of the orb and measuring the change in that, so tiny circles around the center works well (as does "scribbling"). Also, you can charge while the bolt is sailing, so do that.

This is firstly a test for me to code in Actionscript 3, and secondly a mini game, so don't expect like, a full blown set of stuff like options and story and a way to beat the game.

Anyhow, here's the backstory:
Abby Scratch the Third is rummaging through her grandmother's possessions in search of tic tacs when she comes across a crystal ball. She discovers that not only can it open a gate to the netherworld, but more excitingly, it can spark! Putting two and two together, she decides to electrocute ghosts. Naturally.

Okay, so that's it. The point of the game is to rack up as many points as you can before her grandmother realizes what's happening. Bigger ghosts mean more points, but also bigger penalty for letting them by - eventually some'll be instant death for you.

Oh yeah, and not mentioned in the instructions: The alert will slowly drop at a constant rate, the orb will automatically charge itself if it drops below the needed charge for one shot, and a bolt that's been sailing longer will gain a boost in its explosive power. Rubbing left and right will give you better charge than up and down. The dog's name is Charleston.

So, after this experience, some of you aspiring programmers might be asking, "So, what are your thoughts on AS3?" to which I might reply, "It a bitch."

Well, enjoy. Sound effects were made from whistling, snapping, and clapping. Completed in 3 days.

Made in Flash

EDIT: Made the beginning easier and the latter portion harder. They should come at you faster and with more life now. Around 10000 points or so you should notice your charge will start to increase on its own, though slightly. At this point I figure your hand will tire, so I'll help you out a little.
EDIT2: Fixed a line of code so that the enemy will actually have that boosted life I mentioned earlier. Now it won't be possible to play forever.
EDIT3: Added difficulty levels and the option to mute the sounds from the context menu (that is, right click menu)
EDIT4: Fixed the problem where ghosts congregate at the left.
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