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is so fucking accurate. 
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Thought you might like to know that I've finished the animation + backgrounds for the episode yesterday.
Sent it off to Tom and Eddie last night. Music and sound effects are being made right now and then it's all ready.
Minor things might have to be added or changed, but we'll see.

Sorry for the long wait guys! It's going to be released soon!
Here's a time lapse video I've made a while ago, in case you haven't seen that yet:

I need a break..
See you guys later. <:

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Roses are red.
Violets are blue.
Who is irrelevant ?
H H H H H H H H H H H H H A.

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The Saddest Truth about The Internet: Trolls

Did you know that anyone can be a troll? You and me can be a troll if we want to and because it's "The Internet", no one can stop us and we can escape it quickly unlike in real life cause all of us can be anonymous.

Trolling in America is legal except in Arizona where you can get arrested and be 25 to life in prison if caught trolling. Trolling is protected by first amendment which is why no reports are yet answered and why for some reason that deviantart can't do anything about it cause if it is illegal then deviantart should be focus on taking this crime act off their site if they want to keep their site up cause anything illegal online is easy to be taken down by the government.

Being a troll is completely different than cyberbullying. Most common troll tactics is to be rude, to completely state off topic comments, to cause someone to believe them, to completely ruin someone, or to get attention or response by feeding them more.

There are 2 types of trolls: A Good Troll and A Bad Troll.
Good trolls are anti-badtrolls or trolling the trolls by countering them with the same thing their doing but the Badtroll is against all odds to cause haywire, to more gain attentions and laugh at it. Well it's also freedom of speech unless it completely harms ones life or to threaten someone, it's not considered trolling. They also have art of trolling. Basically if someone can tell you're a troll meaning you're still newbie at trolling. Professional Trolls are undetected and can twist anyone when they feel like it without anyone noticing about it and yes things can be done with practice.

Before we get into more details, what exactly is trolling?

Trolling or a Troll according to Wikipedia is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Now you know what are trolls then what makes it legal? Well if you check anywhere, it's considered freedom of speech and expression meaning anyone can say everything they can to any form they felt like it whether it's a type of criticism or type of statement or type of argument, no problem. Unless the words can cause harm and terror then it's an assault and a crime but isn't some words are harmful enough to make someone crazy? Others don't see it as a major problem or consider it cyber bullying instead of trolling since trolling is just to annoy someone, not really to cause harm. When you annoy someone in real life, they're not harming you but the person who they're annoying with can harm them in return.

Well of course since 1st Amendment protects this act meaning it is legal and anyone, literally anyone including me can do this without any violation. Mostly since trolling is legal in America, you know how many trolls can be born from it. America is the biggest online user. Everyone and everything in America is now online, even getting a job is already online so you know where your popularity online starts, it's in America. I'm not saying this cause I live in America but that's the truth about users online. Many people online are from the US.

You're probably wondering again, why didn't deviantart really take actions about this. You know it's because troll aren't violating anything at all unless it's a spam, it's not trolling anymore, it's called spamming. So no matter how many times you report, you can't get any answer and that's how sad it is. Now you know the saddest truth about online trolling, the question remains now is, how can we prevent it? How can we just ignore it? How can we protect ourselves? How can we counter it? Is there a way to eliminate them? There are so many questions left but you do know that trolling can occur anywhere and anytime. You might not know I was already trolling you with this journal but yeah this is just serious this time don't worry.

I will not say this article is completely the truth only for people who tl;dr but this is based on my opinions I gathered online as I dislike trolls myself but trolls are part of internet so it's like saying I hate getting sick on which case in able to prevent one, stay healthy and don't ignore it. Try countering things with nicer things. It's not like the troll will be forever unless they have no life or really obsess over you.

So my trolls out there, how do you feel about yourselves being protected by the law? Isn't it kind weird that the law protects trolls? Lol, it ridiculous overall.

Trolls are Kingdom Hearts "Heartless"
Just like heartless in Kingdom Hearts which are born from a person's darkness, trolls are born from hatred, jealousy and wrong decision including the darkness of an innocent person. We need to get them to the light by unlocking the doors and opening it to shine light on the room of their dimmed heart and giving them love.

"There's no way on Earth can rid of Trolls until Internet exist."

Off Topic "Japan?"

Japan is advanced and better than US when it comes to technology?

This comment came from some anime forums I've been and I guess this topic is debatable. They may say Japan is more advance than US, not quite exactly. Japan get modernize and get more advance because it is shown in public and they don't spend much of their time and resources making their technologies for their military but actually for the people instead unlike in the US where mostly far advance technology is spent in the Military. If the US only share it in public, the US can be far advance or equally advance as Japan but because we're too big for this type and can be abused by many, some chose to hid it under the shadow and only for use by the military.

This is just again in my opinion but basically this is just for people who praised Japan like the best country in the world basing on their better games and because of Anime Culture. Every country has different specialities and Japan happens to be more of entertaining and looks like an awesome country to live in but I won't consider it the best in the world. I pretty much think everywhere is the best as long as you know how to live on that place. I love Japan to be honest and I want to live their for couple years than visiting yearly like I do each year since I have relatives in there but I won't say it's the best in the world as I've been there and I have more than experience than those who dream of going in there that based it off on a TV show.

Also one more thing, things you watch in Anime isn't the same as morning in Tokyo. Everyone in there each morning is minding their own business getting to school or work. No one is holding Katana anywhere cause it's consider weapon and you can get you arrested unless you're going to Kendo classes where you use wooden stick. No one in school is doing things like the thing you watch in Hentai and tentacles don't appear anywhere lol. No one has superpowers in there so if you think going to Japan gives you superpower, hahahaha good luck with that.

This is just my over opinion about people who praised Japan like God. I love Japan but seeing people obsessed about it and wishing they was born as a Japanese makes me think, are they serious about it? Don't you know Asian parents are strict? Haha lol you should know about how strict Asian parents are haha. Ever experienced getting hanged up side down on a tree? Well that happened to me twice as a kid when I didn't go home on time, how about kneeling on salt? It's torture isn't it? That's how some parents in Asia discipline their kids but who knows, probably child abuse act is now implemented but damn you wouldn't know how crazy our parents was haha. You guys probably get grounded but we get Physical Punishment. lmfao, just appreciate who you are, you don't have to be like this person to gain a good life. Get it yourself.
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The Wildlife Learning Center Indiegogo fundraiser is over, and we've named a bunny Angel, and tortoise Tank, and raised $26,515!  The vast majority of the donations came from BRONIES, who continue to amaze me with their generosity!

I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who donated and spread the word. Though we did not reach our ultimate goal, this is still a huge sum and will be a huge help for the animals WLC cares for.

You all rock!

Thanks again,
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Please look below for commission prices! And on my page for the points price!!

Commissions OPEN UNTILL MAY 25TH!

0/10 slots

Head shot Flat Colour - 10$ CAD /Full Colour 15$ CAD
OR 1300 :points:
PointCommission: 2 by XiriuSato97 

Bust shot Flat Colour - 15$ CAD / Full Colour 20$ CAD
OR 1620 :points:

Hallf Body Flat Colour 30$ CAD / Full Colour 35$ CAD
OR 2000 :points:

Full body Flat Colour 40$ CAD / Full Colour 50$ CAD
OR 2510 :points:
<da:thumb id="507580858"/>

Backgrounds are an EXTRA 5$ CAD for Half body & Full body commissions.

I will NOT draw the things listed below.
-Tentacle Porn, fetishes,
-Mecha, Inflation, Scat, Animals (Furries)

I will be comfortable with drawing is listed below
-Female characters - Curvy, Small, Muscular, Any kind.
-Male characters - (Slim build preferred) Any kind.
      (Monster Girls, Monster Boys,)
-NSFW (Only post NSFW on Tumblr. 16+)
-ecchi/pin-up poses
-Fan/group characters allowed!


First come first serve.
You must pay BEFORE i start your commission. No pay, No commission.
If you want something specific drawn you MUST tell me when you note me, If i accept your commission  i'll note you with my Email so you may send the money.
If you want a background with your commission you must say so in the note, if not the commission will automatically have a white/transparent background.
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Since all of us are leaving 2014, make it an happy ending and start an awesome year 2015, Mrfarts Last feature for 2014 will be done on coming days. Planning to get the best artworks of 2014 that need support

All you have to do is
1) Share one deviation of another artist who you think need support.
2)  Share it in the comment in this journal.
3) Number of favorites for the deviation should be less than 50

That's all.Love you all
" We raise by lifting others "

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If you don't care: stop reading.
If you'd come to my funeral: fav this.
If you'd miss me: comment a heart.
If your not scared: re-post and see
Who your "Real Friends" are.
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Hello, today I found out that this website:… Is using peoples artworks as wallpapers without permission. I did not think mine would be on there because I'm not well-known. But they are, I typed in my username and found almost all my artworks on there. 

Please spread the word, I am very annoyed about this and believe I should be ASKED to use my artworks before just using them for their own purposes. I find this very disrespectful and I feel all artists should know about this. So PLEASE spread the word and tell artists. 

You can email them here:, I will be emailing them soon to request that they withdraw my artworks. 

I found out about this through: :iconbreathlessdragon: 
Here is her journal about it:
Hello fellow deviants! I hope your day has been going well.
I was informed by :iconlolita-artz:about a website that uses many deviant's artwork without their permission and offers them as free downloads. This is considered as stealing in the art community.  
I saw this at first and thought, nah, my artwork won't be there. So I checked. And it was.
And you will most likely find your artwork there.
I emailed them to remove my artwork from the website, but they haven't gotten back to me yet.
If you'd like, you can also email them:
PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND SHARE THIS. As artists, I'm sure this is important to all of us and we all have the right to know what is going on.

Also thank you to :iconlucifersempai: for providing the link to the petition to take down…
Click the link above if you'd like to sign the petition.

The petition was started 5/25/15 and has gained over 1,124 supporters in one day. The company is apparently not responding to people's emails.

Xsafd by Kaitlin73

Update: They responded to my email. They can't even use "your" they used "ur". and it is an automated message.

Update 2: The site has been shut down. :) Thank you to all who helped! It's now site? LOL...

on a side note...thank you for 10,000 page views! :)

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