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I'm sick of this shit seriously ...

The fact that you (probably) are ALL POPULAR WITH 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999  WATCHERS doesn't allow you to ignore freaking comments !

That really disgusts me when I meet an artist who's being wished a happy birthday, and who don't even dare to reply to these wishes !

Seriously, it's not THAT HARD TO REPLY WITH A SIMPLE "Thank you !" , is it ?

I do not give a shit about how well-known you may be, I myself have quite alot of watchers, and I still reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENTS I HAVE, even when I have 150 feedbacks, because I actually show RESPECT toward my fans, this is not something impossible to do !

More and more people seem to not know what respect stands for , they always expect the best, without giving anything in return.

There's also artists who simply talk only with their 1-2 friends, and ignore everyone else, regardless of what was said...

From now on, I think anyone acting this way will get blocked as well. But whatever, it's not like they were talking with us anyway !

Alot of unknown artists would love to have as many comments as you do, so be respectful, you DUMBFUCK IDIOT !

That was another rage journal.

Skin by bradleysays. Dedicated to Moonbeam13.
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So, I was informed (props to Rosewolf86) about a place called Imagixs ->
It claims to be a site that is free coloring pages search engine. FREE COLORING PAGES, TOTALLY: That site searches (whenever the the search works, I tried it and I'm pretty sure that PERKELE coloring pages would not be suitable for kids - after that the search stopped working for me) sketches and linearts from for example deviantART, and displays them as they were free for use.
So, what this teaches to kids? It teaches that is completely okay to find any colorless lines from the internet and use it like it was free. AND THIS IS SOMETHING WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST FOR, RIGHT?! That site looks "fine" at the first glance - parents who as well don't know better may thing that those really are free linearts. They are not! That site displays lineart what it searches all around the interwebs.
So technically, maybe not a thief site - just freakin' idiotic false advertising page. If the search bar works for you, try to seach stuff that really is not "free linearts". It shows them. And for common sense's sake, never use that site to find FREE linearts. It doesn't do that, as already said.
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Seriously I love you guys.... and girls lol

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 2:14 PM
Microsoft Windows [Version 0.0.0001 BETA]
Copyright <c> 12,000 BC Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


I built some strong friendships here ... Everyday, coming here is almost as entertaining for me as meeting my real life friends.

Being on this site actually makes me feel distracted, comfortable and happy... I don't know

Since I quitted worrying about things that don't matter (such as popularity) and tried to avoid making useless "rant" journals, while writing and working on what I LIKE and not on what I NEED TO DO TO BE "popular", everything's going way better...

I'll probably never leave this site (well except if I get banned, but pray to God this won't happen ... Otherwise I think I may get into depression... )

Ending Windows session...
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I've decided I should try making a meme. You can delete this if ya want to. Just read the rules below.

1: Answer "x" if the following description describes you and answer "/" if it's only half true

3: Send link when you're done.

Wreck-It Ralph:

[] You usually wreck things
[] nobody respects you for doing your job
[] you want to be a good guy
[] you usually say "IM GONNA WRECK IT"
[] everyone thinks you're mean but you're really not
[] you wonder what it's like being a hero
[] you have a kind heart when you see people in need
[] you're jealous of someone
[] people describe you as big


Fix-It Felix Jr:

[] you usually fix things
[] you're very kindhearted
[] you are loved by everyone
[] you usually say "I CAN FIX IT!"
[] you're very innocent
[] you know how everybody has an important role in life
[] you love somebody violent
[] you kinda jump like Mario
[] you are sorta small


Vennelope Von Schweets

[] you're very hyper
[] you love racing
[] you love to joke around
[] people treat you like a glitch
[] you can use your abilities to your advantage
[] you don't like being called a glitch
[] you have a creative way at looking at things
[] you know you're capable of doing great things


King Candy/ Turbo

[] you are diabolical
[] you usually say "TURBO TASTIC!"
[] you think you're better then everyone else
[] you get jealous very easily
[] you won't let anyone steal youre spotlight
[] you're basically a huge jerk
[] you hate glitches
[] you hate anybody better then you
[] you'll try to get rid of whoever is better then you
[] you basically just a liar and a jerk


You are most like:
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  • Mood: Neglect
If you don't care: stop reading.
If you'd come to my funeral: fav this.
If you'd miss me: comment a heart.
If your not scared: re-post and see
Who your " Real Friends" are.

to make a heart do : heart : (NO SPACES)

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A good peice of Advice! optimism!

Sat Aug 24, 2013, 8:09 PM
Hey lovelies, it's Eleni! HEHHH ;D <3 --but uh- well V 
So I might do weekly journals, but I finally put into words everything that I wanna share with you to living and leading a successfull and happy life! 

Popularity, money and clothes and materials and possessions should never define your life. How about growth, the little things and realizing how beautiful life is/ and the experiences/memories! 
When you learn to be grateful and work hard in your life and make things happen AND TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR OWN LIFE, not only will you have more opportunities, lasting friendships and become more happy but you will learn to love your life. I do..and I wish that all my friends and people I love could feel this way. and if there are obstacles? you can be the strong hero/heroine 

SNOva6ycbN by LivelovelifeEleni

Img 20150227 142302 by LivelovelifeEleni

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Hiii!! :>

I'm running out of things to draw, so it will be great if you guys give me some suggestions,
it can be from an anime or an OC.

Just comment the link and I'll see what I can do :3

I'll either do it in chibi, colored etc. if I'm in the mood *this is for me to decide*

I might not do all, I'll be doing this if I have time to spare soooo.....yeah :> [but I'll do my best >^<]

Thanks and have a splendid day >^<
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-large black chair spins around to reveal Turbii slumped with a mischevious look on his face-
I have been waiting |'D

ADMIN: Yeah. He just got back from rehab.

Turbii: -fumbles forward trying to lunge at admin and falls on floor- WAS NOT!

ADMIN: :'D I know. Shh. -puts foot on his back-

TURBII: -spits-

ADMIN: We've been in solitary confinement *cough*ourmind*cough* for a while. Anyway we're happier... I guess. I apologize for going Turbo. (I hurt people. I didn't even give you guys the real story. . .) Point is I'm back and with knew knowledge I posess I promise I won't be such an idiot anymore ; o;!

TURBII: Can I get up now?

ADMIN: :iconnomemeplz:

TURBII: :iconmanlytearsplz:

ADMIN: Anyway, I'd like some space. I feel like a parrot that came back from the vet. Feathers all ruffled--not talking for 48 hours. Pff. Comparing myself to a bird...

Anyway I don't believe I'll be leaving again--not for a long time anyway. Like maybe when I'm moving to another country but that's over a year from now so shh. (or when I take vacation in another country. I won't have internet. joy!)

... You can get up now, Turbii.


ADMIN: :iconkermityayplz: Ididn'tforcehimtobecomeinnocentagainidkwhatyourtalkingabout

In other news, I'm sick (have been for 2 weeks) and coughed up some really bizarre spit earlier...

Obrut -- You don't have to login anymore :'D thanks for helping me out, brother. <3
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MERRY CHRISTMAS + small points giveaway!

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 11:18 AM

LAST RAFFLE WINNER WAS :star: :iconfinal-legend: Congratulations, hun

CHRISTMAS, CHRISTMAS, O' JOY! /W/ sorry ..getting sentimental you guys..

I know I am not a popular deviant and that I am still a bit new here, but if I can make people smile and just do what I can to help other deviants and give, honestly that is what I give a supreme damn about :heart: I want to give points to people just because..there isn't anything wrong with that eh..
I do not have a lot of points :'/o but I just like to host raffles and give points away to my beautiful/awesome watchers, thank you so much for supporting me, honestly I appreciate it so much and whomever else who thanks and appreciates their watchers a lot, you rock, bless yew! :3 30 points is all I have left, if anyone would like to donate to help keep these going, that'd be awesome but I do not wanna bother anyone.

:heart: :iconxmaslights1::iconxmaslights2::iconxmaslights1::iconxmaslights2::iconxmaslights1::iconxmaslights2::iconxmaslights1::iconxmaslights2:

THERE ARE NO REQUIREMENTS > Simply fave this journal
and post a comment to let me know you entered alrighty?
Only if you enjoy my work, watch if you like :3D

Stay humble folks, and have an amazing CHRISTMAS EVE AND CHRISTMAS DAY FAR OUT DUDES XD

Happy Holidays and a BIG HUG <3

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  • Watching: ICE AGE XD
  • Eating: going to Aunts for dinner
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Please sign the petition.
....oh, for those who don't know SOPA is the Stop Online Privacy Act that someone is trying to pass so that if anything that is copy-written is used in anything online such as fanfictions and other such things, then they can't be put online without the author being put in jail automatically
so please, help us stop this act from passing...again

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