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I'm sick of this shit seriously ...

The fact that you (probably) are ALL POPULAR WITH 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999  WATCHERS doesn't allow you to ignore freaking comments !

That really disgusts me when I meet an artist who's being wished a happy birthday, and who don't even dare to reply to these wishes !

Seriously, it's not THAT HARD TO REPLY WITH A SIMPLE "Thank you !" , is it ?

I do not give a shit about how well-known you may be, I myself have quite alot of watchers, and I still reply to EVERY SINGLE COMMENTS I HAVE, even when I have 150 feedbacks, because I actually show RESPECT toward my fans, this is not something impossible to do !

More and more people seem to not know what respect stands for , they always expect the best, without giving anything in return.

There's also artists who simply talk only with their 1-2 friends, and ignore everyone else, regardless of what was said...

From now on, I think anyone acting this way will get blocked as well. But whatever, it's not like they were talking with us anyway !

Alot of unknown artists would love to have as many comments as you do, so be respectful, you DUMBFUCK IDIOT !

That was another rage journal.

Skin by bradleysays. Dedicated to Moonbeam13.
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What if DeviantART was real ?

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 30, 2013, 3:48 PM

Let me sum DeviantART up for you :


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Seriously I love you guys.... and girls lol

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 17, 2014, 2:14 PM
Microsoft Windows [Version 0.0.0001 BETA]
Copyright <c> 12,000 BC Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.


I built some strong friendships here ... Everyday, coming here is almost as entertaining for me as meeting my real life friends.

Being on this site actually makes me feel distracted, comfortable and happy... I don't know

Since I quitted worrying about things that don't matter (such as popularity) and tried to avoid making useless "rant" journals, while writing and working on what I LIKE and not on what I NEED TO DO TO BE "popular", everything's going way better...

I'll probably never leave this site (well except if I get banned, but pray to God this won't happen ... Otherwise I think I may get into depression... )

Ending Windows session...
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Note: This was before Angie and Chuck got divorced!

Written by: Princesscat12

Title Suggested by:GreenKawaiiPig5

Special thanks to:

1. MajesticBlueCocoa and penguinlover505 for role-playing with me for the past few weeks to get this story written.

2. GreenKawaiiPig5 for the title. :)

Plot: Angie finds out that Marcus (Bomb's Brother) is in love with her by going into his room and sees a portrait on the wall next to his bed. She reacts to it by blushing...

Characters: (In order)

    ·         Angie(Main character, belongs to me)

    ·         Bomb(belongs to Rovio)

    ·         Marcus(main character, belongs to me)

    ·         Emerald (Mentioned, belongs to MajesticBlueCocoa)

    ·         Matilda(belongs to Rovio)

    ·         Chuck(Belongs to Rovio)

    ·         Chess(Mentioned, belongs to me)

    ·         Red(Mentioned, belongs to Rovio)

    ·         Terence(Mentioned, belongs to Rovio)


    ·         Maria(belongs to me)

    ·         Marty(belongs to me)

    ·         Chad(Mentioned, belongs to me)

Here we go! Enjoy this story. If you don't like MarcusXAngie, then please at least give this story a try. :)

    It was a beautiful day in Piggy Island when Angie finds a letter that had her name on the envelope. She was curious. She quickly opened the letter and read it.

"Dearest Angie,

                You may be married to Chuck but I like you. You have a good personality. Your hair is beautiful and you have the kindness no other girl has. I think we should be together...please accept me...I love you more than any other person...even more than my own brother...

From Yours Truly,


    Angie blushes dark red and sees Bomb. She yelled his name. "Bomb!" she cried. He heard her as he runs to her. Angie showed the letter to him and told him that his brother, Marcus wrote this letter to her. Bomb blushed.

    "Angie, he must have dropped this because he told me about how much he loves you and wanted to keep it a secret,"  Bomb said as he puts the letter in his pocket. Meanwhile, from far distance, Marcus saw the event from the two and blushes.  They got me, he thought.

    Few minutes later, Emerald read the letter and said that is was from that guy in an orange turtleneck. Marcus covered his blushing face but everyone can see him. "Hey, Marcus," Emerald smiled. "Are you in love?" Marcus didn't answer, which made her, Angie and Bomb run up to him.

     "Marcus," Angie asked. "Y-You love me?" Marcus didn't want to admit it. "No," he said. "You're j-just a good friend to me." Angie was confused.

"What do you mean no," Emerald blinked. "This is your hand writing!"

"S-Someone asked me to w-write it for them," The shy turtleneck answered.

"Now, I know that is a lie," Angie giggled.

    She then kisses Marcus hardcore and had he blush dark red.  He slumped onto the ground. Angie was shocked, "Marcus?!"

Bomb laughed, "He fainted from that is classic!"

    Angie giggles as she pets Marcus' fainted head.  He woke up from a brief slumber, finding Angie petting his head.

"Hi, love," she whispered.

Marcus contradicted, "No, just call me Marcus..."

"You're in denial..." his little brother, Bomb sighed.

Angie then ran to Marcus' room, scanning it. On one of the walls there hung a portrait of her, decorated with hearts. Marcus soon followed. It was too late to stop her. Both he and Angie blushed.

"I see.... you do love me...." she whispered, stuttering.

"No, you're just.... a friend..." Marcus said.

Angie firmly commanded, "Explain the hearts all over it!"

"Uh..." Marcus said, "You're just a good friend of mine."

    Bomb was pretty nosey. He went in and held Marcus' journal filled with his entries about each day. "Then, explain all those writings in your journals, the crying thinking about Angie and telling me how beautiful she is," he said.

    "Uh... that was... satirical," Marcus said as he blushed. Bomb face palmed. Angie takes Marcus' journal and reads it. As she does, she blushed red as a cherry. Bomb joined Angie reading Marcus' journal. Later, when they both read his journal, Marcus collapsed due to the fact that he has a heart problem. Angie screamed his name and she and Bomb rushed Marcus to the hospital.

    Few hours passed and he woke up thanks to Angie's resurrection powers. Bomb told him repeatedly to tell her. The patient told her, loudly, "I THINK YOU'RE A REALLY GOOD FRIEND!"
Angie frowned and gave up. Bomb yelled at his older brother to tell her already and stop messing around. Marcus then knew he had to say it. He didn't like seeing Angie sad anyways.
"Angie," Marcus said. "I love you..."
Angie blushed and froze. Oddly enough, she loved him back. She gave Marcus a passionate kiss that neither of them will forget. The kiss had the two blushes like it was no other. Bomb's pupils were so big, he cheered, loud enough for many people of the hospital to hear. Angie and Marcus smiled.

"How much do you love me," Angie asked.

"A lot," Marcus smiled weakly.

"That you dropped this letter and founded me reading it?"


"It's beautifully decorated."

"Like you, Angie." 

Angie kisses Marcus for a long time which made him blush red.

    After a few months of dating, he planned to do something special for him and Angie.

It was around 8:50 PM as Marcus was about to leave his house to go to the park. However, he called Angie to invite her to the park.

She answered, "Hello?"

Marcus smiled, "Hey, Angie…wow...I love to hear your voice when you answer…"

Angie giggled, "Aww…you…"

"Hey, Angie. Can you come to the park? I have something for you…"

"Sure. I'll be right over!"


When Marcus arrived to the park, Bomb was struggling with his bowtie on his thick neck.  "Damn it! This bow tie is too damn tight!"

Marcus laughed, "You and that thick neck, bro."

"Yours is thicker, man!"


Matilda smiled. "You can switch jobs with me, Bombie. You can cook," she said.

 Bomb smiled. "Thanks, Tildy!"

Matilda gave Marcus the engagement ring case and wished him good luck.

    Angie arrived in a black and red dress with devil red lipstick and black jewelry. Marcus froze and blushed. Angie giggled and waves hi to Marcus. Marcus smiled back and waved back.

"What do you think," Angie posed in her dress.

Marcus smiled. "Well... uh... it's interesting," he said. "Like you, it's beautiful…"

Angie smiles and blushed. Bomb laughed, "Hey, Marcus, you getting horny?" Marcus stared at Bomb as Angie walked to the table and sat down. She took off her light jacket, which showed a bit of her "busters". Marcus' whole face blushed.

"Are you alright, Marcus," Angie asked. He was too busy staring at her busters. "MARCUS!" she yelled. He snapped out of it, "Huh? Oh! I'm fine, yes! I was- I was just staring at a blue rose." Angie knew what he was really staring at. "Well, darling, you'll get it later…" she said.

                Later that night, Matilda whispered into Marcus' ear, "Now is the time." Marcus nodded and stood up, "Uh, Angie..?"

Angie smiled, "Yes, Mar-Mar?" Her eyes glow.

He smiled, "I've wanted to ask you this.... for a long time...."

Angie giggled, "Yes…?"

"Well," he goes on one knee and shows the case in his hand. "See this?"


"Angie," He opens the case. "Angie…will you be my wife?"

Chuck interrupted the moment. "YOU ARE NOT MARRYING MY ANGIE!" Angie used her magic to get rid of Chuck. Then, she smiled, "I will…"

Marcus' eyes glows orange with happiness. He places the ring on Angie's finger while having happy tears.  "I love you," he smiled. "I love you forever and always…"                                                                                              

Few weeks later, Marcus was standing at the altar while Bomb is crying with joy. Marcus smiled as the bride walks down the aisle. Angie smiled. Once she was where Marcus is, Chess started the speech.

Once the two was pronounced man and wife, the couple kissed under the moon light.

A year later, Marcus was sleeping with a book on his face, meaning that he was bored. Angie had amazing news. She tried to wake up her love but he wasn't waking up. Angie knew the only thing that wakes this guy up. She gets a bucket of cold water and dumps it all over Marcus. He freaked out.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," Marcus yelled.  "What is it?!"

Angie smiled, "Marcus…I'm pregnant…"

Marcus blushed, "A b-baby?!"

Angie nodded.

"YUS," Marcus cries with joy. Angie hugged the crying with joy, Marcus.

7 months later, Angie was getting pretty heavy and feeling upset…

"What's wrong, love?" Marcus asked.

"I feel so upset," Angie started crying. "I feel so fat! And I'm so damn ugly!"

Marcus smiled, "You're not ugly Angie…you're a beautiful girl, even when you're pregnant. Even when you're fat, I still love you." Marcus rubs Angie's belly. "You're the most beautiful girl I ever saw…and this baby will be too." Angie smiled and hugged Marcus.

The baby was giving a hard time for Angie to move around. She needs Marcus around her to get some help. Now it's been nine months and Marcus, Bomb and Chuck were painting and decorating the baby's room.  A few hours of working and now the room is finished. Marcus went to find Angie, which she was in the garden.

She was exploring the garden, especially seeing the blue roses she loves. Marcus came in and sees her. "Angie," he smiled. "The nursery is finished." Angie smiled and went to the room with him.

Few minutes later, she came in the room and gasps happily. "Oh, Marcus, it's beautiful," she squeals. Marcus smiles and hugs his pregnant wife. "This room is just as beautiful as you are, my love…" he smiled.

    For the last few weeks of her pregnancy, Angie was in the garden meanwhile Marcus and Bomb are playing football with Chess, Chuck, Red, and Terence and Emerald was listening to her music while watching. Red threw the ball to Bomb, which hit him the "no-no".  

"OW!" Bomb yelled. Red and Terence laughed while Chuck helped Bomb up.

"You alright, Bomb?" Chuck asked.

"Yeah," Bomb smiled. "I HATE YOU RED!"

    Red just kept laughing. Chess brought over some cookies and waters for the others. The mob runs to the cookies, mostly, causing Chess to fall on the ground.

Meanwhile back at home, Angie felt a kick and smiled.  She continued to explore in her garden. The mother planted roses, daisies, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peas and other flowers veggies she planted. Thus, she felt lonely without Marcus. I hope he comes home, she thought.

    At a full moon night, Marcus arrived home and sees Angie. He rushes to the garden to see her.

"Angie," he laughed. "What are you doing outside?"

She smiled, "I'm looking at the stars. They glow as much as your adorable, orange eyes." Marcus and Angie cuddled under the stars. Few minutes later, a thunderstorm came and scared Angie.

"Eeek!" she cried. "Mar-Mar, hold me!"

"Don't worry, my dear," he smiled. "I'm here to protect you." The couple went into the garden house since it's the safest place for them. Marcus had then made a beautiful bed, big enough for the mother to rest on. Angie had a contraction.

"Ahh! Oh, god, not now," she cried.

Marcus jumped.  "My dear Angie, what is the matter?!"

"H-Honey," she moaned in pain. "I think the baby's coming!"

Marcus froze and started to panic. Angie yells in pain. It was time. He had her rest in the bed, which was near her favorite flowers, which were blue roses.

Twenty minutes of labor pain had Angie feel the urge to push. Thankfully, Marcus was there to help her deliver. She was ready to push…

"Do a big push, Angie. You can do it." Marcus smiled. Angie began to push. She became to have struggle delivering her baby and screams as she pushes.

"C'mon, Angie, just do one more big push! You're almost there," her beloved husband smiled. "That's my girl!"

    Angie did a big push…Then soon enough, she had given birth to a healthy baby girl. The thunderstorm stopped and the sun came out with flowers changed colors and bloomed for the little gift Angie brought to the world. It was so indeed, a beautiful day… The little baby though was crying louder than a car horn. She was then cleaned up and was held in Marcus' arms. The cute baby had her mother's head and tail feathers, her feather color, and eye marks followed by her father's orange eyes and has the Long QT Syndrome from him, but it seems she'll be a happy baby for the first few years of her life. Few minutes later, Angie was holding her new child with tears of joy, smiling.

"She's beautiful," she said. "I'll name her…Maria."

"Maria?" Marcus said.

"It's close to my middle name, Marie," Angie smiled.  "I'm so happy, Marcus…"

"I'm happy too," he smiled. "I'm happy that I have her because I married you." Angie and Marcus kissed at that moment.

    Even though Angie is with Marcus and had Maria, she still loves her husband, Chuck.  Chuck though, he didn't like seeing Marcus be with his sweet Angie. Even it's so because he and Angie had six kids, including a step-daughter from he and Red had. Don't ask him why though. Anyhow now, for a few months, Angie took time off from her potion lab to take care of Maria while Marcus came back to work in The Angry Birds Hospital.

                Few years passes by…ending up Angie pregnant again for this time, a little boy who would be considered as adorable, and full of magic. The beautiful 4-year-old Maria cuddles her mother's belly as her new unborn baby brother is kicking. Which the kicking made Angie giggles and smiled.

                Nine months flew like time. Chuck was taking care of Angie while Marcus was working. He had to work overtime to make up all that time off.

"So, Chuck," Angie smiled. "You missed me?"

"Well," Chuck frowned. "I always miss you. Especially that the fact is that it's been a few years. The kids grew up a few inches and they all miss you. Now you have Maria and now this baby. I must've never let you go to the park when you were pregnant with our son, Chad. Then, none of this would've happen." 

    While he kept yapping, Angie felt contractions, causing her to breathe rapidly and holds Chuck's hand. Chuck blushed and assumed that he is loved again, but he realized that she was giving birth.

"Oh, crap," yelled the canary. He went to get some towels and one was cool enough for Angie's head.  She hollered and pushed. Chuck was gonna panic but instead, he helped her push.

"Oh, my God, Chuck! He's almost out! This freaking hurts, Chuck!" she cried as she pushed.

"Don't worry my wife! I'm here! Just keep pushing!"

Few minutes later, a beautiful baby boy came to the world. He appeared to look like his father but with Angie's green eyes. The boy cried loud as an alarm clock. Angie smiled and cried with joy.

"I'll name him, Marty," she cried happily. "He's beautiful…"

Later at around 1:00 am, Marcus arrived home completely tired. He opened his bedroom door and sees his wife holding her new son. He opened his eyes wide.

"Angie…" he said. "Is that our baby?" Angie just smiled as she looked up and said, "Yes. Our little Marty is born."

Marcus smiled.

    Few years later, Angie felt terrible that what she had done was wrong. Without anyone else knowing, she glows rainbow colors. She was rewinding back the time she was at a picnic with Marcus while being pregnant for her and Chuck's son, Chad. That was about 9 years ago.

    Angie was packing her water bottle and a blanket for the picnic. She kissed Chuck goodbye and left the house happily. The park was a beautiful place for Angie and Marcus to have a picnic to. She met him at a corner near a tree, where Marcus loves to eat at, mostly. She smiled and hugs Marcus, then so, she helped set up the picnic.

Few hours passed by as they cleaned up after a nice picnic lunch. Marcus offered her to come to his place for some games. Angie didn't want to screw the family up so she nicely denied.

"Aw, it's alright then," Marcus smiled. "Chess and Terence are gonna be over anyways and play the game with me and drink a few beers. Well you must be going now, yes?"

"Yeah," Angie laughed. "My baby needs me to get home and rest." She hugged Marcus and went along home.

    Well, the love story between Angie and Marcus was a wicked story if you ask me. However, after having Chad, the letter that Marcus wrote to Angie and dropped was founded and read by her once more. She blushed. She might have forgotten that she was supposed to avoid this again. Why? Well, the white bird went on like you're reading the first few paragraphs of the story again. Looks like she'll do this again and after Marty, she would be having twins...anyhow. If you think they are meant to be together, it might happen. The girl and Marcus might be meant to be together to me. Who knows….? :XD: What would you think if you were either two? Don't know? I see…  :XD:


Inspired Song For this Story:

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i have good news and bad news...

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 1, 2013, 10:33 AM

the good news is that when i was step mothers friend was a nurse who worked at the hospital..she sticthed up my wound when i was blacked out and that i took a flexaril, muscle relaxer, advil, and pain killer and that ill be fine but be bleeding some but i will be alright..

the bad news is that i cant be up and walking around to much..i mean i can sit on the squishy chair that my moms friend gave me so i wouldnt get hurt..but i cant sit for long so ill be going online and offline and stuff..but i can still be able to talk to you guys to check up..and also i gotta watch out with the stiches..cant streach or move around like dancing or whatever..

but im just glad that i wont die or anything..and last night..IM STILL SCARED..

and another good news from the old man ~which i call dad~ that i might go to the hospital tomorrow morning to get my side checked..i hope i dont have to stay there all morning ._...and i swear if they give me a gonna squeal like a fucking pig >n<

fuck..its like some people want me to die but i dont wanna die >,n,<

Well..anyways guys..good thing im not dead..and thank you for those who are praying for me..i needed it..i love you guys so much..:iconmajgenblack: said like..everyone was worried and freaking out..i can see that..but lets all be happy that im alive and good and recovering..i love you all <3..thank you..

Skin by CatWits
Art by SaekiSekai
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For my profile project (pws) I wanted to do a little survey. It's mostly about Pokémon, but also a bit about Harry Potter. So eh, it could help me out if enough people fill it in. Only a few minutes of your time :3
(the site is Dutch, but the options should be in English)
If you care enough to make some time for this, I'd really appreciate it. But, no way I'm forcing you, obviously;) (Wink)… 

Edit: Please, I need more people to fill this in. Only 4 responses as of writing:( (Sad) 
Even more edit: 4 more responses, thanks TPP chat Wink/Razz 

Edit, edit, edit. Donated some points to dAhub for a feature, in the hope of more responses :)
Edit galore; 29 dec: 17 responses, can we get moreI am a dummy!

Final edit: Thanks to all the 32 people who were kind enough to help me fill this in~ I've come at the part where I'm gonna need to use the result, and I have enough people who filled it in. I'm really grateful for y'all! 
As promised in the second to last question, I'll hand out some points later today (or at least, soon). Well, here go my hard saved points ;p Gotta divide between 20 people who filled their usernames in, gonna figure out later how many I'll give everyone (probably between the 1-10 range, I have 184 points. It may not be much but a bit is a bit ;) ). 1 person will get more points as she was kind enough to advertise this journal, thanks again!
So, thanks all! 
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Holy shit, check this out !

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 6, 2013, 2:05 PM



Look what DeviantART Did ! An epic Worldwide survey ...


lol so many favs.




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Can I commission anyone/Request/Art Trade?

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 21, 2013, 3:13 PM

Art Trades Closed Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx atm, I don't have enough time to do art trades ;n;
Commissions Open Stamp by xMandaChanStampsxI have around 3000:points: and I don't know what to do!
Requests Open Stamp by xMandaChanStampsx If you could draw Indifference that would be sooo awesome ;u;

What I would like:
Art of my OC Indifference as a pony or anthro or human
It can be any medium.

but please no base art. (unless it's detailed)

Infomation on Indifference

Name: Indifference
Gender: Female
Species: Earth Pony
MLP - OC Indifference [Reference] by CindryTuna
Indifference's CM: Indifference CM by CindryTuna

Also check out the images at the bottom of my profile and here for more… AND…


I can draw ponies and some sort of anime style. You can see my art in my gallery and in here:

Thanks to :iconpoisonlicious: I've gotten a 1 month premium hngggg I'm still super excited and thank you so much again
I've worked up to 2396 points EXACTLY but I kinda want to commission some people to draw my OC or if people are doing free requests can you please draw my OC? Or an art trade?

Thanks for reading this!

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So, I was informed (props to Rosewolf86) about a place called Imagixs ->
It claims to be a site that is free coloring pages search engine. FREE COLORING PAGES, TOTALLY: That site searches (whenever the the search works, I tried it and I'm pretty sure that PERKELE coloring pages would not be suitable for kids - after that the search stopped working for me) sketches and linearts from for example deviantART, and displays them as they were free for use.
So, what this teaches to kids? It teaches that is completely okay to find any colorless lines from the internet and use it like it was free. AND THIS IS SOMETHING WE ARE FIGHTING AGAINST FOR, RIGHT?! That site looks "fine" at the first glance - parents who as well don't know better may thing that those really are free linearts. They are not! That site displays lineart what it searches all around the interwebs.
So technically, maybe not a thief site - just freakin' idiotic false advertising page. If the search bar works for you, try to seach stuff that really is not "free linearts". It shows them. And for common sense's sake, never use that site to find FREE linearts. It doesn't do that, as already said.
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> OOC. Fix-it Felix Dealer

So I was at a car dealership and the new guy, he looks like real-life Felix! I swear xD
Except taller and instead of a hat he had sunglasses. He had the same personality, too. Except slightly depressed because the senior dealers make him make all of the popcorn and all of the other appointements he had to sell cars were no-shows. Aha. He was inside all alone. . . I made him buy me water and ate all of his popcorn. I'M SORRY IT'S TURBII HE INFLUENCES ME THAT SONOVAGUN.

And if I'd been drinking water at the time I'd have spat it and fell over laughing because suddenly the Mario theme song came from him. (turned out to be his ring-tone. AHA X'D)

Ahh... Felix... You amuse me so.
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  • Drinking: ALSO NOTHING.
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