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Name: Kazari (meaning "ornament" after learning a new language)
Nicknames: Kaz
Gender: Mare
Pony Type: Earth pony
Age: 21

Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown

Cutie Mark: 3 different colored ornaments

Hometown: Fillydelphia
Current Residence: Canterlot

Occupation: Holiday decorating

Kazari © BlueRainiPony
Base © Sakyas-Bases

Comments are greatly appreciated!
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It's so cold. >w< Here, have a Morning Dew in a hoodie.
(Without the bows this time.)

Base © TheSardine
Original Image © masemj
Fishy Tail species © HinamoriMiku and me (NinjaProperty)
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EDIT:I'm done with this when summer is almost gone XD
Sorry it took this long but my house was in some sort of renovation and the computer wasn't in it's usual place and it was kinda hard to work and lately my internet connection was so slow I couldn't upload anything and the connection keep failing every 5 mins, yesterday and today I had no internet connection. Now I hope my internet connection won't start acting up again ;A;

Base by ~Aqua999


1. Part done by *BlackStarsShineToo
2. Part done by *Jam-Pixels
3. Part done by *Useful-Toxican
4. Part done by ~FaithForTheFallen
5. Part done by ~NarikoX
6. Part done by ~doris4u
7. Part done by ~sonxfanchara


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second commission for :icontannyo:
hope you like :3

Base(c)~CrappyBases aka me
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Base: [link] ~UriPixelBananas

This is a new character, more info on her coming up soon. Her name is Zoe cause my first best friend was named Zoe and she said she always wanted pink hair
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Amy: All right! I finally finished this darn thing, and it only took me... a week! ^^; So it's the cover for the new comic thing I'm gonna attempt to do called Emerald Adventures. A Sonic Anthros/Sonic High School/Sonic Action and Adventure type thing! This cover fits most of the characters... Except Shade, cause I forgot to account for her. ^^; I mostly did it because I wanted to give a preview of the characters designs. Note: Rouge usually wears legging that go up past her knees (a which is quite common in manga), but I left them out in this picture because otherwise, her leg would've blended in with the sleeve of Sonic's jacket. ^^;

Credit for the base I used goes to: :icongroup-bases:

Original base: I can't post the link because the artist has left DA. ^^;

So here is an in-depth bio of the characters (I'll add Shade's later.):

Sonic Hedgehog:
Currently thinking: “Why is Rouge pushing Amy into me?!”
Bio: At age 15, Sonic is a high school sophomore, and is officially the most popular boy in school. He hit it off with the ladies right away, and then gained the boys’ respect when he exhibited his talent in sports. However, Sonic couldn’t care less about being a popular jock; he’d rather hang out with his friends than the “in” crowd. He competes in Track, Field, and Gymnastics and is the captain of the Track team (although he won this position only because he is more well-liked than Shadow). His best sports are 100m, 4x100m Relay, Marathon, Pole Vault, and High Bar (Horizontal Bar).

Miles “Tails” Prower:
Currently thinking: “Oh dear.”
Bio: Yeah, he’s eight-years-old, and he’s in high school, let’s face it, this kid is a genius (he could be in college if he wanted to be). He also happens to be Sonic’s best friend and adopted brother, but despite that, he’s not nearly as popular as Sonic. Although he is technically a jock considering he competes in Track, Field, Aquatics, and Gymnastics, he fits in better with the “nerds” of the school, and as such, he tends to get teased by a lot of the more popular kids; when Sonic isn’t around anyway. It probably doesn’t help that he’s the captain of the school’s academic team. His best sports are the same as Sonic’s (they must train together), with the addition of 100m freestyle in Aquatics.

Amy Rose Hedgehog:
Currently thinking: “Whoa!”
Bio: Considering she’s twelve and she’s a high school sophomore, Amy’s intelligence is pretty high as well. However, unlike Tails, Amy isn’t really the nerdy type. She’s girly to the core and loves to be up to date on the latest fashion trends. She also has a major crush on Sonic and loves to glomp him, even though, as far as she knows, he doesn’t return her feelings. In order to spend more time with Sonic, she tried out for several sports, although there are actually some she competes in which Sonic does not. Amy is the captain of the girls’ Track, Field, Aquatics, and Gymnastics teams and competes in Beach Volleyball, so she is actually a more well-rounded athlete than her crush. Despite being fashion-forward, a talented athlete, and good friends with Sonic, she’s actually not that popular. She might not be nerdy, but it’s still hard to fit in when you’ve skipped three grades. Plus, just about every girl in the school (with a few exceptions) is into Sonic, so they view her as competition, especially since she’s one of the only single girls who happens to be friends with Sonic, and he gives her a ride to and from school every day. Her best sports are 100m Backstroke, Synchronized Swimming, Balance Beam, and Rhythmic Ribbon.

Knuckles Echidna:
Currently thinking: “Ouch!”
Okay, he’s not the brightest bulb, but somehow he managed to make it to 11th grade despite his lack of formal education. Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald and lives on Angel Island with his twin sister Heather, and their two older adopted sisters, Savannah and Miranda. Living on a remote island in the sky means he has to travel quite a distance to get to school, but he manages. Like Sonic, he is considered to be a popular jock, as he competes in Track, Field, Aquatics, Gymnastics, Tennis, and Soccer, but he doesn’t care much to be around people for the most part, so he mostly just hangs out with Sonic, Shadow, Tails, his sisters, and his girlfriend Shade. His best sports are Javelin Throw, Hammer Throw, and Rings and he is the captain of the soccer and swim teams.

Shadow Robotnik:
Currently thinking: “I can’t believe Savannah and Rouge talked me into striking this ridiculous pose.”
Bio: Shadow was created 50 years ago by Professor Gerald Robotnik, but his physical age is 15. Considering what his real age is, he’s actually way too old to be in high school, and with an IQ of around 200, he doesn’t really need to be, but GUN placed him there as an undercover agent for some reason. Shadow is mostly a loner, though not completely. He spends much of his free time around Rouge and Knuckles’ sister Savannah, who happens to be his girlfriend. Despite his aloofness, he is nearly as popular as Sonic, at least with the girls, due to his talent for sports. He competes in Track, Field, Aquatics, Gymnastics, and Basketball. The majority of the guys at the school like Sonic better since he is friendlier than Shadow, but they respect Shadow (for that matter, they’re slightly afraid of him), and admire his athletic ability. For this reason, he is the captain of the Water Polo, Gymnastics, and Basketball teams. His best sports are 110m Hurdles, 1500m, 3000m Steeplechase, Triple Jump, Shot Put, 10km Marathon Swim, Water Polo, Floor, and Trampoline (note: These are the sports in which no one is able to beat him).

Rouge Bat:
Currently thinking: “Get closer you two, act like you like each other, cause we all know you do.”
Bio: Rouge is easily one of the most popular girls in school, and at 17, the only senior of this group of friends. She is a part-time government agent and often works with Shadow, in fact, she’s his best friend and one of the few people who understands him. Because GUN gives her immunity from her habits as a jewel thief, Rouge has a tendency to believe that the rules simply don’t apply to her. As a result, she often forgets to dress within the limits of the school’s dress code. ^^; She likes to tease Amy and Knuckles for no reason at all, but she’d stand up for Amy if somebody was truly picking on her. Unlike Amy, Rouge is actually quite popular with nearly everyone in their class. Many of the girls try to earn her approval and friendship (only to fail), while many of the guys are practically falling at her feet. However, Rouge is mostly just seen with Shadow and Savannah, and Sonic and his other friends on occasion. It’s not that she stays with her friends because she’s a snob and thinks other people to be uncool, she just has no interest in being friends with a follower. Like her friends, she is a talented athlete, competing in Track, Gymnastics, and Aquatics, and is also Amy’s Beach Volleyball partner. However, she is somewhat annoyed that Amy is considered to be a better athlete than her. Her best sports are 110m Hurdles and 100m Backstroke.

Savannah Hedgehog:
Currently thinking: “Rouge, leave Sonic and Amy alone.”
Bio: Savannah is Knuckles’ oldest adopted sister and Shadow’s girlfriend. She is also the same age as Rouge (however, she is a junior like her siblings), and like Rouge, she is quite popular. Multiple guys attempt to flirt with her and ask her out almost daily, much to hers and Shadow’s annoyance. Being Shadow’s girlfriend and one of Rouge’s best friends has made her popular in general, but like Rouge, she has little interest in hanging out with people who only want to be part of the “in” crowd. Unlike Amy and Rouge, Savannah pays very little attention to fashion trends and wears whatever she likes. Her style is a mix between girly, preppy, and rocker, and she likes to wear pink and black a lot. Like her two friends, she has a fondness for hearts. Savannah competes in Track, Field, and Gymnastics. She joined these sports mainly to be able to spend more time with Shadow. She is also a member of a Taekwondo club and a Kung Fu club (she studies Viper style) and competes with them regularly. Like Shadow and Rouge, she has a job outside of school working in a newsstand near the train station in Central City. She also helps Knuckles guard the Master Emerald.

Miranda Cat:
Currently: Really excited for some reason. :XD:
Bio: Miranda is the middle child of the family of guardians. She can be rather excitable at times (just look at what she did to Knuckles!), but cares deeply for her friends. She is a tomboy for the most part and loves wearing jeans and t-shirts. Being that she’s a cat, she is sometimes a little easily distracted. Miranda is not unpopular at school, but she’s not super popular either. However, she is comfortable with being right in the middle. She is currently dating Jet Hawk. The only school sport in which she competes is Rhythmic Gymnastics. However, she is a member of a Karate Club in Central City. She also works part-time at a hospital as a nurse’s aide and helps Knuckles to guard the Master Emerald.

Heather Echidna:
Currently thinking: “Miranda! Calm down!”
Bio: Heather is Knuckles’ twin sister and is also a junior in high school. Like her sister Miranda, she is a tomboy, and while she is not extremely popular, she has enough true friends that she isn’t lonely. Heather is somewhat of a scaredy-cat compared to her siblings, but that doesn’t mean she’s not brave. She’s actually in her school’s military program, and she does help her brother to guard the Master Emerald. Heather likes to be able to compete alongside her brother, and so she joined the school’s coed soccer team and is also Knuckles’ tennis partner. She is also on the school’s academic team alongside Tails. In addition, she competes in Fencing and Jujitsu outside of school.

First page of manga: [link]
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