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Grim Tales
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My Influence map.

Due to mixed and negative reviews we have decided to scrap the "Ponypuff" concept, not everyone's into ponies so we'll come up with something else.

Check out the edited page of PPGD ( Sorry Pony Lovers)

Also check out the newest page of GT WHAM:
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Its Done!!!! :squee: , I like how it turned out! so much effects of fire! :la: i have a few days finishing it but I like the end result! :love: .this is my uniform for :iconbleedman-army:, im not much original with the desings , so also like as all in the army :XD:

im not good with the flags...

Art and (c) by :iconyumoe: Me
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Sugar Bits stamp I made.

Sugar Bits by :iconbleedman:

Grim Tales stamp:[link]

PPGD stamp:[link]
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The ~AshGaryMisty-Club:iconashgarymisty-club: fights with the Misty/Kasumi-Fans for Misty's Comback in the show. Please help *Da-Wabbit and ~KateRayearth for their petition. We thank for every single signature!

Original Stamp by *Da-Wabbit:iconda-wabbit:
Stamp belongs to the ~1stPokeTrio-Club:icon1stpoketrio-club:
Link to the Original Art: [link]
Pokémon (Misty/Kasumi) belongs to (c) Nintendo, Satoshi Tajiri
Comments disabled by owner.
Sorry for two rants in a row, I just feel in a ranty mood, I guess. :/

Misty isn't in the group picture...
Because she's not a pokegirl.

I hate seeing group pictures with all the trainer girls (like Touko and May), and then seeing everyone in the comments go
"Where's Misty?"
"omg misty is mah fave y u no drew her?!"

If you can't tell from the picture, it's not a group of all the known girls in Pokemon.
It is a pic of all the female trainers from the Pokemon games.
Is Misty a trainer? No. She's a gym leader. So shut it.

I understand that some people might mix it up with "Group picture of all of Ashes hoes all of the girls who traveled with Ash in the anime"
But it's not.
Because, as far as I've seen, Green and Touko and ThatOneGirlWithTheHatWho'sNotEthan have not traveled with Ash.
The only trainers who have traveled with Ash are May and Dawn. 2/5
So how you would mix that up, I don't know.

Please learn the difference between the anime girls group and the game girls group, and stop complaining about Misty.

I miss her too, you guys, she was the best ho partner for Ash, but she's gone now. *sob*
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I take no credit for these "screenshots" whatsoever, they are merely tracings of KyoAni anime screencaps done just for giggles!!

I don't know how I let myself spend literally all day on this I ? ? ? A-Also I know we were supposed to make the story surround our character but I still found it very self-indulgent and embarrassing afjdslghh I'm sorry for taking liberties with everything and everyone and hbhghhh :iconkawaiilazeplz:

M-A-G-E: The Animation
Studio: Kyoto Animation screams I wish
Episodes: 24 (Season 1)
Genre: Magic, School, Drama, Adventure, Romance
Rating: PG-17+ (violence & profanity)
Synopsis: Cato, a tomboy who charades as a boy, is brought, along with many other children to the mysterious and elusive Fyr'stcercle Academy of Mages and Magic! What secrets and dangers lurk in the corners of Fyr'stcercle, why were Cato and the others brought here, and what unfathomable truths will they learn about what it means to be a mage . . . and more importantly, themselves?

1. Welcome Mages
It's everyone's first day at Fyr'stcercle Academy! Cato moves into her dormitory and meets her roommate Aelia. Soon after she meets Felix whom she's immediately wary of and they butt heads. Everyone in the class learns a bit about magic and how to be a mage, though no one seems to know why they've been brought here or who one another is. When Cato and some class mates are exploring the town after school, monster cats appear! The mages must transform and engage in their first monster battle. A civilian girl is killed and just as her body turns into a strange orb, a mysterious cloaked figure comes to take her away. This place may be more than what it seems . . .

2. Funeral
Everyone's a little shaken up from the first battle, but classes have them distracted. The mages learn about the scheduled funerals and how common they are here. To most of the mages, the situation seems very unreal. At the funeral, Cato finds herself confiding in Felix a little about death, and the two seem to get along better. All the while she has trouble forgetting the image of the cloaked reaper. They all go to the bath house afterwards to refresh their spirits and Felix scolds Cato. She realizes he knows shes a girl, but he promises to protect her secret. Afterwards Cato waits for the boys to leave so she can change and on the way home she finds an orb in a puddle of blood, remembering the reaper once more. Scared, she takes it home and tells no one.

3. Friendship
As classes start moving along and things start to fit into place, Cato and everyone's spirits seem to lift a bit. Felix, however, seems to be behaving more distantly than usual. . . Curious, Cato follows him one day to find him sleeping around the back of the school. He seems to have a nightmare and suddenly wakes up and attacks her. He apologizes but tells her to leave. Cato asks Aelia to go out with her to get her mind off of it, and the two talk about the meaning of friendship and spend time together pleasantly, getting to know one another. While they're out they run into Felix and his friends, Parfait and Pier, who are all caught up in a monster battle. They join the mages and defeat the monster; Pier saves Cato's from receiving a possibly fatal blow.

4. No Matter What . . .
Cato goes to the hospital to properly thank Pier. On the way out, she runs into Parfait who calls her a girl, and Cato unfairly assumes Felix was telling people her secret. Cato accuses him and they get into an argument. Aelia walks in on Cato changing, who then confides in Aelia about being a girl and Aelia tells her that Cato is Cato no matter what. Cato realizes she'd been wrong and makes up with Felix.

5. Kimodameshi! // An Unfamiliar Place
The class decides to do a test of courage in the school's old building. Cato, Aelia, and their classmates Diele and Jamie all get put in a group together. As the four explore the abandoned building they find a strange orb. By touching it they end up being transported to parallel world with strange ruins. They learn about the curse of the runes and get caught in a dangerous battle with an Undead Cat! Just as they finally escape and make it back, some upperclassmen and teachers catch the other classmates and everyone is scolded. Cato talks to her upperclassman Ruzai in private about the ruins and the orb she'd found.

6. Cheer up Party!
Cato and the others decide to throw a party to help ease all the recent tension. While shopping for baking supplies Cato runs into Aether and they fight over the last carton of milk. He agrees to let her have it if he can come to the party and eat whatever she cooks with it. After the party, Cato finds out that Aelia got cursed with the runes and gets angry at her for keeping it a secret. That night an Undead Cat appears in the town.

7. Fight for the Cure
They have a grueling battle with the cat. In order to kill it, Ruzai tells them they must feed it a mage's orb. Cato remembers the orb she'd found and feeds it to the cat, but in the process it eats her arm. While she's in the hospital she dreams a little about her past. Meanwhile in battle, Felix gets cursed with runes but manages to hide it. Some of Catos friends who are not too injured come to visit at the hospital. Aelia visits last and tells her that they split the cure to buy more time. She's been worried about Cato, too. They make up and hug and cry.

8. Forgiveness
Some time has passsed since Cato left the hospital, and she's adjusting to life with one arm. She still hasn't seen Felix, who's been avoiding her since the battle. Felix is upset about Cato's arm and when she confronts him they get into a fight. Cato goes to the roof to cool off and meets Ruzai who comforts her. Later on, Cato goes looking for Felix to make up and she runs into Parfait. The two begin to fight and it gets physical. Cato panics, haunted by her past and her fear of men. The next day after class, Pier comes to apologize on both Felix and Parfait's behalf, and they go out together for a bit. She tells him shes a girl and apologizes for having kept it a secret.

9. Love & Fate
Confused about her feelings towards Pier, Cato comes to Felix to discuss the meaning of love. Cato confesses that Felix is the most important person to her; she loves him like her family. There's another grueling battle and this time Aelia is successfully cured; Felix over exerts himself and feels his runes spread and burn him. At the next funeral, Cato feels guilty that she can't help feeling relieved that none of her friends have been the ones to die in battle. The next day, a mysterious new student comes to school named Kendrix!!

10. Breather (recap episode, plus some new scenes)
The students catch Kendrix up on everything that's happened at the school so far. Cato also recalls some events privately on her own. Cato shows Drix around the school and town and the two spend the whole day having fun together.

11. Battle at the Pool!
Everyone goes to the pool to play and have fun, that is, until monster birds break in. There's another battle and Drix transforms for the first time. Cato's a little bit frightened by his size and strength, but remembers he's her friend just like everyone else. He gets really injured and she goes to the hospital to visit him. Meanwhile Felix's runes are getting a lot worse.

12. . . . Date?!?
Cato thinks that Aelia and Felix are going out on a . . . date ?!? Determined to get to the bottom of things, Cato asks Aether and Pier and the others if they know anything about it however they all behave somewhat strangely. Cato gets Drix to tag along and follow the two to spy on their "date", however Cato and Drix end up having too much fun on their own date and lose track of them. They finally confront the two only to wind up at . . . Cato's surprise birthday party!!

13. Let's Have a Ball!
The upcoming Ball is announced and all the girls in school are talking about it. Turns out even some of the boys are, too. Cato considers asking Pier but feels too shy. While helping put up decorations around the academy, Cato meets Raquel and the two spend the day decorating together and become friends. Later, Cato hangs out with Drix, and much to her surprise, he invites her to the ball. She's even more surprised to learn he'd always thought of her as a girl. Confused, she consults Felix about it only to realize he isn't his usual self. He confronts Cato and attacks her, triggering her traumatizing memories. When he comes to his senses he flees.

14. Fear
Drix and Pier notice respectively that Cato and Felix aren't in class, which seems very unusual since there haven't been any battles lately. The two go searching for Cato and Felix only to each find the other person instead. When Drix finds Felix, however, monsters suddenly break into the school and the two get cornered fighting them. Meanwhile Pier finds Cato. She rejects him at first but he persists until she finally conquers her fear of males. She realizes her feelings for Pier are those of intense admiration rather than romantic love. After hearing a commotion, they go to find the others and aid in the fight.

15. A Promise Between Men
Drix and Felix and the others are fighting monsters, but Felix's runes are causing him a lot of pain. He becomes seriously injured and Drix takes him to the hospital. He remembers Cato telling him about the runes curse and asks Felix about it. Felix tells Drix not to tell anyone and to take care of their friends. Meanwhile Cato and Pier rejoin the others and defeat the monsters together. Cato goes to find Felix in the hospital and make up with him. They reveal the truths about their pasts to one another. She finds out about his runes anyway and starts to worry but he assures her he's going to get better.

16. Redemption
Aden asks Aelia to the ball and Cato decides to make dresses for both Aelia and herself. The two talk and deepen their friendship. Cato goes to meet Felix when he's discharged from the hospital to show him her dress. They dance together and she sings a song for him that she remembers her mother used to play. That night Felix wanders alone into town, reflecting on his dark past and his younger brother, wondering if he's finally atoned for his past sins. A monster appears and engages him in a death match. Though he seems victorious, he's severely injured and his runes have completely enveloped him. Felix passes away, and . . .
a mysterious figure collects his orb ? ? ?

17. Goodbye, Felix
It turns out that the mysterious figure is none other than . . . Felix's younger brother Steiler!! Cato and Steiler meet only for Steiler to deliver the news about his brother's death. The two of them have a long, painful talk. After a few days of shutting herself in, Drix becomes worried about Cato and comes to check on her. He spends the day with her cheering her up and the two become closer. They go to the funeral together and Cato realizes they must smile for Felix's sake. Everyone shares their fond memories of Felix.

18. A Day in the Life of Kendrix Baston
An episode from the perspective of Drix in which he gives us a tour of Fyr'st Academy through his eyes (there is some brief recapping here and there, but only a few minutes). A couple weeks have gone by since Felix's funeral and things are getting back to normal, as normal as they can be. Cato's been spending a lot of time at his place since that day he cheered her up, but he doesn't mind. The two spend the day together as usual but that night Cato suggests they sneak on top of the school building and go stargazing. Cato asks if they seem like a couple which makes Drix step back and re-evaluate their relationship.

19. He's a Girl!
After classes, Cato goes out with Racquel and Aelia and can't help noticing how cute and feminine they each are in their own ways. Aelia covers for Cato and pretends she's a boy in front of Racquel, but Cato feels guilty. She considers more ways in which she can try to be more feminine, knowing it's not fair to keep hiding her gender, and reflecting on Aelia's words, "Cato is Cato no matter what". Feeling frustrated, she decides to sneak into the bath house during closed hours for a private bath, only to find Myras is already there. After talking, Cato learns that Myras is also, in fact, a girl, and Myras imparts some of her wisdom to Cato. That night, the school is attacked by several monsters.

20. Under Attack
The mages battle to protect the school. Some of the students don't want to fight anymore and try to leave but the barrier prevents them from leaving. The mages speculate what the real truth is behind Fyr'stcercle as they battle, everyone sharing their own beliefs and reasons for why they're there and why they fight. In the various battles Myras and Pier are killed, and many more are badly injured, including Drix. After the battle, still unaware of the death toll, the two retreat to the safety of Cato's room where she treats his wounds.

21. Stranger
It's time for the next funeral, and everyone's extremely sad. Cato and many others are startled by the news of Myras and Pier, not yet knowing their comrades had fallen. Steiler gets angry with Cato for crying at the funeral and the two of them fight a bit. After talking to an equally if not more upset Jamie, however, Cato realizes Steiler was just trying to tell her to be strong. She resolves not to lose her strength to grief. A mysterious masked boy appears atop the school's main building . . . ? ? ?

22. To Disphere!
The masked boy calls himself "Cen", appearing before students whenever they're alone. He seems to mysteriously know a lot about everyone, but doesn't attend classes, so Cato and the others aren't sure if he's a student or a mage. Preparations are finally completed, and at last it's time for the long awaited Ball. The students climb aboard the transport to another, moonlike dimension called Disphere. Everyone gets settled in to their rooms and goes exploring before the ball the next day. Some of the kids realize they have access to the bar, and drink. Others go to the lake to fish and hang out. It seems like everyone can relax a bit.

23. Confession
Cato spends some quality time with Aelia before the ball. They talk about love, Cato explaining that her love for Drix has become pretty different than the kind of love she feels for Aelia and her other friends. Aelia replies that she just likes everyone. Everyone goes to the ball and has fun, dancing and playing games. Cato and Drix dance a little bit before she asks him outside to talk. Before she can confess, he kisses her. They confess their feelings to one another. Suddenly, though, there are monsters at Disphere! Everyone goes into battle mode for the last epic battle of the season!

24. The Forbidden Form
The enemies are tough, but everyone works together. Cato unlocks a new mage transformation form, her Forbidden Form. She grows a monster-like appendage where her right arm used to be and therefore regains the use of her arm in battle. Together everyone defeats the enemies and enjoys the rest of the ball as best as they can--thankfully there are no fatalities or serious injuries. Cato and Drix shyly spend the rest of the time together before it's time to go home . . . but when they get back to Fyr'st, they find the place . . . in ruins ? ? ?

To be continued in season 2!
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Yin se siente un poco asustada de los rayos y desea dormir con Yuu >3> , ¿tendra miedo o estara actuando? >w> , yo digo que ambas -w- . Yin quiere mucho a Yuu y Yuu quiere a mucho a Yin , ademas de que se odian , se tienen un poco de cariño :meow: . Es el estilo de dibujo de bleeman, solamente a ese estilo lo dibujo por diversion XD, ademas de practicaro , me gusta mucho ese estilo :3

- hoy es el dia del amigo -_- , me escondere bajo mi cama y no saldre hasta mañana q3q

-Yin , Yuu Art by me :iconyumoe:
No bases No traces No copy

Quiero furtilla con crema *¬*

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For those who support :iconbleedman:. :heart:

Art © *bleedman
Stamp Template © ~Kencho
Stamp © ~RainbowStamps
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