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Grim Tales
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My Influence map.

Due to mixed and negative reviews we have decided to scrap the "Ponypuff" concept, not everyone's into ponies so we'll come up with something else.

Check out the edited page of PPGD ( Sorry Pony Lovers)

Also check out the newest page of GT WHAM:
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Its Done!!!! :squee: , I like how it turned out! so much effects of fire! :la: i have a few days finishing it but I like the end result! :love: .this is my uniform for :iconbleedman-army:, im not much original with the desings , so also like as all in the army :XD:

im not good with the flags...

Art and (c) by :iconyumoe: Me
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Wow... really people? Fans hating on Ash, well defend I must! Here I go. What's up with that?
Reasons for being hated: He's not Red, been the main character for over 13 years, hasn't beat the Elite Four, hasn't become the Pokemon Master,  gets toned down every generation, not good as he was in Diamond and Pearl, catches WAY too much Pokemon, relies too much on Pikachu, doesn't train his Pokemon, Gary Stu, loses too much, doesn't evolve his Pokemon.
BAWW!!! Ash isn't Red!!!
:facepalm: Nor is Gold/Ethan, Brendan, Lucas, Hilbert, Nate and so forth... Whatever the new male protagonist for every game that comes out. Oh but that’s right!! “Red is so amazing cuz he catched all the 151 original and perfect Pokemon and he lives in a heavy snowy mountain. Alright so some WEREN'T aware that he was SUPPOSE to be Red. Yes, design wise he's clearly based off of Red but other than that they really have no connections. Heck, Ash even has more of a personality than Red does, if we’re simply going by the games here! What do you people want? For Ash to have the even blander personality of game!Red? Now, I know that in actuality, the reason why people say this is because they are fans of Pokemon Special (in which Red actually does have a personality), and wished that there was an anime for it. But come on people, as much as you like to delude yourselves into thinking so, no matter how much hate you spew on Ash for not being another character, the writers aren’t going to magically wake up one day and go “Oh, let’s turn Ash into Red”. Even if they did, you people would then bitch about how Ash is a Red clone, so either way you all wouldn’t be pleased. Yet people don't complain that Paul isn't Silver from the original Silver, Gold, Crystal and HeartGold and SoulSilver remake? Let’s face it…Red is overvalued (even when Gold / Crystal / Lyra / Nate / Rosa defeats him), more precisely Pixiv!Red because I usually see Ash being compared to him and it’s not fair to bash him in order to favor Red.
BAWW!!! Ash has been the protagonist for 13 years!!!
The Pokemon anime without Ash is the same as the Simpsons without Bart. He’s been the protagonist for so many years and (at least for me) the anime would get very weird if he didn’t appear anymore. That’s not his fault. Its the writers’ fault for refusing to just end the show. Needless to say, if this happen it would surely be the same that happened with May, Dawn and Iris that they were/are hated because “they replaced Misty” or Tracey and Cilan “replacing Brock”. If the change is for bad or good, it doesn’t matter because there would be a big amount of fans that will hate the new guy “because he replaced Ash”. Also there’s a few chapters where he doesn’t even appear (“Raikou the legend of Thunder” where Jimmy appears, for example). Ash doesn't appear in Pokemon Origins where Red is the main character or some other Pokemon special anime.
BAWW!!! Ash hasn't beaten the Elite Four!!!
And whose fault is that? W*R*I*T*E*R*S! FYI, the Elite Four in the anime doesn’t have the same function as in the games, sheesh. This function is played by the conferences as Indigo Plateau Conference, the Ever Grande Conference, etc etc etc. You won the conference, you are the new Champion of the Region… NO Elite Four and NO vs. Green, Lance, Steven, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder or Iris. I think the only Elite Four he has struggled against was…Agatha?  I suspected as much.  Because he returned to Kanto, went to Viridian City, she was replacing Giovanni as a gym leader and then she told him to go to the Battle Frontier. Feeeh anyway… back to the subject.
BAWW!!! Ash hasn't become the Pokemon Master!!!
*whacks with a wrench* 
Tell me which character is a Pokemon master now…? No, Red doesn’t count because his tittle is, supposedly, “The legendary Trainer” in the game not “The Pokemon Master”. Heck, nobody KNOWS what are the requirements to become a Pokemon Master at all. In fact, EVEN Pokmeon Company and GameFreak Inc keeps it a secret therefore will not spill the beans for anybody. At. All.  Once again, you can blame the writers for this, since they want to milk the anime for as long as they can. Also Gold/Ethan (GSC, HGSS) Crystal (Pokemon Crystal) Lyra (HGSS) and Nate/Rosa (BWII) defeats him and being the best means no losses, catching all the pokemon and blablabla.
Even Ash and the others don't know what it actually means, my god...
You all need to have some time and patience... geez...
BAWW!!! Ash gets toned down every generation!!!
Now yes, I can see why people are annoyed by this. I’m annoyed by this. But once again, it isn’t Ash’s fault, its the writers! I apologize if I sound like a broken record, but the writing isn’t always that great. Perhaps, the writers are running out of ideas. I don’t really get what it literally means “gets toned down” but I guess it means he is less aggressive and impulsive. I hardly watched Pokemon Black and White at all. I think he got hot blooded in one episode. Ex: Iris’ Dragonite vs his Charizard in Episode N. Also I just remember back in Kanto/Johto his only problem was Charizard’s Flamethrower, Pikachu’s thunder and Bayleef’s jealousy but in Unova I’ve see him burned, electrocuted, poisoned, somehow always kicked into the water by Bianca and James’s Amoonguss crushed (is that the term?) his back while protecting his Snivy.
BAWWW!! Ash isn't as great as he was in Diamond and Pearl!!!
Well yes, it’s true he isn’t that good in comparison to Sinnoh but guess what, it’s a complete new and big region with a bunch of new pokemon and moves he didn’t know about it.
Totally NOT canon so feel to ignore it as you wish, 
but also take in count the first four regions are based in Japan while Unova is based in the USA…so the change of continent may affect him more than expected or not.
BAWWW!!! Ash catches WAY too much Pokemon!!!
BAWW!!! Ash relies too much on Pikachu!!!

Helllo, Earth to Pokemon fans! Pikachu is his main battling Pokemon just like Garchomp is Cynthia's main battling Pokemon. Here's to remind you, Pikachu IS his stronger Pokemon, what do you expect? Choosing Pikachu all the freaking time is false:
 Against Lenora: Oshawott and Tepig.
His battle with Elesa he didn’t want to use Pikachu in battle but Pikachu practically yelled at him because he wanted to do it.
Against Clay: Oshawott, Snivy and Roggenrola/Boldore.
Against Brycen: Krokorok, Scraggy and Pignite
BAWWW!!! Ash doesn't train his Pokemon!!!
False, Ash practically stop in every Battle Club he founds to train his pokemon and if not, then he trains where he can, alone or with Iris/Bianca’s help. Obviously, he trains them like you do in the games.
BAWW!!! Ash is a Gary Stu and loses too much!!!
I outta get the Titans to devour you alive... This has been tossed around with Mary Sue, slut and whore... Say with me:
Mary Sue/Gary Stu isn't a term for a character you don't like!
Ash has his flaws. End. Of. Story.
There's dozens of times where he lost and had trouble making new Pokemon to become obedient. New regions, new Pokemon, new moves...
Came in the Top 8 of the Unova League when he placed in the Top 4 last time
Which is normal because he never get used to Unova… also who said Sinnoh League and Unova League are at the same level?
BAWW!!! Ash doesn't bother evolving his Pokemon!!!

✿ Pidove  Tranquill → Unfezant

✿ Tepig → Pignite

✿ Sewaddle → Swadloon → Leavanny

✿ Roggenrola → Boldore

✿ Krokorok → Krookodile
Teaching kids that it's alright to lose.
Stamp template© chirilas (
Sources:  fyeahcontroversialcharacters.t…
Pokemon©GameFreak Inc
To sum it up: Ash is STILL only 10 years old, people. But you're more than welcome to write a fanfic where's he's 18 or older or whatever teen year you can come up with, I stopped watching Pokemon since Diamond and Pearl ended honestly but I rarely watch Pokemon the series XY nowadays. My God, stop comparing him to Red. FYI, Pokemon ISN'T Bleach, Naruto or One Piece.

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Sugar Bits stamp I made.

Sugar Bits by :iconbleedman:

Grim Tales stamp:[link]

PPGD stamp:[link]
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For those who support :iconbleedman:. :heart:

Art © *bleedman
Stamp Template © ~Kencho
Stamp © ~RainbowStamps
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Misty is my fave female character on Pokemon and I just had to draw her! :love:, though I kind of messed up on her ^^;, I gave her big boobs when she's flat-chested |D, eh if people can give Sakura huge boobs, then so can I with Misty! XDDDDD, besides Misty's hair was a real challenge and I'd hate to start over again since I love how it came out :cries:, well I hope ya'll enjoy! :love:

Misty Waterflower © Nintendo

Base © :iconjustsomebases: [link]
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Draw this again Meme
"Blazing Chainsaw"

A couple years improvement huh. :3

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Yin se siente un poco asustada de los rayos y desea dormir con Yuu >3> , ¿tendra miedo o estara actuando? >w> , yo digo que ambas -w- . Yin quiere mucho a Yuu y Yuu quiere a mucho a Yin , ademas de que se odian , se tienen un poco de cariño :meow: . Es el estilo de dibujo de bleeman, solamente a ese estilo lo dibujo por diversion XD, ademas de practicaro , me gusta mucho ese estilo :3

- hoy es el dia del amigo -_- , me escondere bajo mi cama y no saldre hasta mañana q3q

-Yin , Yuu Art by me :iconyumoe:
No bases No traces No copy

Quiero furtilla con crema *¬*

My Twitter:
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My facebook Page:
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The ~AshGaryMisty-Club:iconashgarymisty-club: fights with the Misty/Kasumi-Fans for Misty's Comback in the show. Please help *Da-Wabbit and ~KateRayearth for their petition. We thank for every single signature!

Original Stamp by *Da-Wabbit:iconda-wabbit:
Stamp belongs to the ~1stPokeTrio-Club:icon1stpoketrio-club:
Link to the Original Art: [link]
Pokémon (Misty/Kasumi) belongs to (c) Nintendo, Satoshi Tajiri
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