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Impromptu contest!

Mon Aug 12, 2013, 1:18 PM by itsfrits:iconitsfrits:

How are we all doing, Europe?! :dummy: As summer is in full force right now, it's about time for another contest!

Submit your favorite summer art to the special Summer 2013 folder in our gallery, and we will award the best three submissions with a three months subscription or the equivalent in points (that's 636 :points: points!).

We will also award two lucky deviants who add this blog to their favorites with 500 :points: points! No strings attached. You don't even have to be a member of europeans to be eligible for this prize! :eager:


What would a contest be without some (boring) rules? ;) To keep it simple and fun we've kept it limited to a few simple points:
  • You need to be a member of europeans to participate in the contest;
  • Any user of deviantART who favorites this blog is eligible to win the 500 points giveaway;
  • You are allowed to enter the contest once a week until the contest ends;
  • No resubmissions. We will disquialify all art uploaded prior to June 21, 2013;
  • All art forms represented on deviantART are accepted! Be as diverse as you'd like;
  • You have until August 24, 2013 midnight CEST to submit your art to the contest folder. After this period, the gallery folder will be closed.

After the contest closes, our team will vote to determine who will win the contest. We will pick the winners of the giveaway through a randomization script, to ensure it's done in a fair way.

Good luck to all! :heart:

Like europeans? Please donate to europeans-donations!
We also accept Ðogecoin: DKsXaNCL8n4oAtAMWy1Gkmu6JDSoMk68ac
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Bueno estoy aburrida y prometi hacer un concurso cuando alcanzara los 10 puntos y ya tengo 56 asi que Are un concurso x3
:heart: Reglas
Esta parejita para los que no saben:
Mi otro yo by llazlin Vercion Hora de aventura
Pareja Oficial by llazlin

:la: Para participar tienes que hacer un journal avizando sobre este concurso
:la: Tienes que dibujar a mi Ocs cindy con Javier x3 y se puede poner un Ocs extra (max 4)
:la: Puede ser cualquier estilo PnF ,Hey arnold,Adventure Time,etc
:la: dibujo tiene que ser dijital o tradicional

Fecha limite:  20 de septiembre  ^^       
5 dibujos dijitales,30 :points:,1llama Y 3 sketch

2do: 3 Dibujos Dijitales,20 :points: y 2 sketch

3ro: 1 dibujo tradicional y uno dijital y 1 sketch
3 :points:

4to: Una llama Un dibujo tradicional y 1:points:

Solo yo :iconllazlin:

:iconfan1pyf: Se decidio xDD
Concurso de Llazlin by fan1pyf:heart:
:iconkeilita-smile: Journal
Concurso de Llazlin by Keilita-Smile:heart:

:iconmiriammelody: Journal 
<da:thumb id="395415884"/>:heart:
:iconanyi13: Journal 
<da:thumb id="395902886"/>:heart:
:iconizzym19: Journal

<da:thumb id="396392535"/>:heart:
:iconthescotica: Journal
Imagen del concurso de llazlin by TheScotica:heart:

:iconwizlizz: Journal
<da:thumb id="396302703"/>:heart:
:iconep2403: Journal ^^
Para el concurso by ep2403:heart:
:iconmichipnf: Journal
Dibujo xD
:iconisanicole: Journal
-----concurso_Llazlin----- by isanicole
:icongenesareth: Journal 
<da:thumb id="398213142"/>
:iconjmstylekiss: Journal
:iconceliaa26: Journal
:iconangi-delavega-97: Journal
:iconazu-adopts: Journal
<da:thumb id="398429206"/>:heart:
:iconvale-hime-chan: Journal
Concurso - Cindy and Javier by Vale-Hime-Chan:heart:
:iconphinnyflynn011: Journal
Concurso- Cindy X Javier by llazlin by PhinnyFlynn011:heart:
Suerte :heart:
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Me toco la letra...

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 1, 2013, 9:24 AM
Me toco la letra: E :dummy:

Te gusta alguien con esa letra: Esteban! :heart: Y creo que nadie más :iconheehee-plz:

Te comiste a alguien con esa letra: En Chile ''comerse a alguien''' puede significar........:iconhurrhurrplz: Esteban :iconimhappyplz:

Conoces alguien con esa Letra: Esteban! :iconevildummyplz: y un compañero Emilio :iconyushplz: y a :iconsam-ely-ember: Eliana :iconiseeplz: No sé quien más :iconmierdamierdaplz:

Favea esto y te daré una letra! :iconla-plz:

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A Whole New World Contest Winners!

Thu Jun 7, 2012, 1:25 PM

On behalf of communityrelations, and the two galleries of Fan Art and Cosplay, I share with you our winners for the A Whole New World Contest!!!


[1st] Place

Fairly Odd Parents - Tooth Fairy and Jorgen by theDevil-photography

Fairly Odd Parents - Tooth Fairy and Jorgen by theDevil-photography

Your Prizes are --
:star::star: || Super deviant Bundle by deviantARTGear // The Super deviantWEAR Bundle


:star::star: || 3800:points: deviantART points


[2nd] Place

Romantic atmosphere by AppolinaryI

Romantic atmosphere by AppolinaryI

Your Prizes are --
:star::star: || Super deviant Bundle by deviantARTGear // The Super deviantWEAR Bundle


:star::star: || 2000:points: deviantART points


[3rd] Place

Vocaloid: Luka 2 by Amapolchen

Vocaloid: Luka 2 by Amapolchen

Your Prize is --
:star::star: || Fella and Llama Plushie Set by deviantARTGear // Fella and Llama Plushie Bundle


:star::star: || 1000:points: deviantART points

:squee: | Thank you for your participation, everyone!!! I will \:note:/ you shortly about your prizes. | :squee:


Honorable Mentions

Durarara!! - Bye Bye Bee by TrustOurWorldNowEuterpe by kazekoSheryl Nome :  To be stronger by thebakasaru


Our Amazing Contest Entries

The winners of the 'A Whole New World' Contest are announced!
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You should try to:
- Instantly listens to quick prompts / direction.
- Be open to any critique mid or after shoots!
- Have a decent understanding of what the photographer is looking at (light/framing)
- Pose naturally and (if in Cosplay) act in character .
- Be confident for the duration of the shoot.
- Avoid being self concious.
- Be aware of the direction of light (to avoid unflattering shadows, etc)
- Loosen up! Literally. Shake your limbs and relax your muscles from time to time.
- Avoid squinting. If the sun is too bright you will naturally squint. Close your eyes and ask the photographer to do a count down.
- Throw ideas at your photographer. Be creative.

So there you go.. If you want to make life incredibly easy for your photographer try and nail the above points.
While I'm shooting I need 100% trust from my subject. I also can't have anyone disagreeing with my requests however odd they are (unless I ask em to do something dangerous, lol).
This completely breaks my creative flow and mindset.. and can often take a while to get back.

I hope this helps somewhat. If anyone has any questions feel free to ask me here. I'll try my best to help.
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Chinese Cosplay Magazine Cos Top New Issues

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 5, 2013, 10:41 PM

Ok, its already passed more than 3 months after my last journal entry, so I want to post more news about cosplay magazine and YOUR photos :3
I am gladly represent Chinese cosplay magazine "COSTOP", its very well-known at Southern China, have a lot of awesome photos and usefull stuff, but, sorry, Chinese only :( You can buy it online from taobao store, well because magazine dont have any English translation we are not sure that foreign readers will be interested on only-Chinese texts TAT But maybe we will do something about it...

So, back to the deal. Magazine want to made spotlight for non Chinese cosplayers and publish photoshoots in each issue. If you have interest in publishing your photos in magazine, you can send me photos via e-mail (please, write "Cos Top Magazine" as topic of your email).

Also looking through your awesome photos, we are happy to receive interview from cosplayers, crafters, photographers, everyone who have passion to cosplay, and can tell us more about cosplay in their country.

What kind of photos magazine need

1. Please, first send small photos as preview (around 600x800 px), magazine editors will look through photos and I will contact you back, if your photos will be chosen.  After that I will ask you for the big resolution photos (best is not smaller than 2574x3875 , small photos is bad for printing as you know.) So, please dont send photos that you dont have in a big resolution.
2. It must be COSPLAY photo, not original creation. No offensive, pornographic, unlawful, threatening, menacing, abusive, harmful content.
3. Please write names of anime/game/manga etc and characters in your e-mail. Name of cosplayers, photographer, MUA, seamstress (everyone who you want to credit) and which country are you from.
After publishing magazine will be sent to you.
4. Please add photos to your e-mail, or DA links. Facebook, twitter and a lot of other web pages are blockes in China, so when you send links on webpages with photos, sometimes we dont have any chance to look on it content.
5. If you already sent me photos and dont receive any answer it means that your photos werent chosen. Pity, but I dont have enough time to answer everyone. Of course if you photos will be published you will get an instant answer. Dont be upset you can try another time with new photos. Magazine have only around 6-8 pages for foreign photos, so we cant publish as much as we want.

Few words about magazine

You can look on my previous entry to get more info, here I only want to tell few words about last 3 issues. (Number 23-25). Here are the covers...

We had two foreign interviews. One of :iconcalssara: who are one of the cutest cosplayers, I saw on DA <3

Another one with Germany cosplay photographer :iconthedevil-photography: (you can learn a lot ;)

And a lot of photos...





And tutorials! (But only Chinese, yeah...)

Have questions – feel free to ask in comments.
And if  you are interested don't be shy to send photos ^^


  • Listening to: Van Canto
  • Watching: SAO
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Last Updated: 3/14/14
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Last Updated: 4/3/13

:iconilikeitplz::iconiloveitplz::iconiloveitmoreplz::iconiwantitplz::iconilavplz::iconiheartitplz::iconilovekrissiplz::iconblush--plz::iconiloveyoutooplz::iconiloveyouplz::iconblushingplz::iconawwehplz::iconexcitedflirtplz::iconimblushingplz::iconurajerkplz::iconmouthbleedplz::iconyoucardplz::icondesireyouplz::icondesiremeplz::iconimbishieplz::iconchuuplz::iconflirtplz::icondaawplz::icondesufaceplz::iconhoplz::iconimhachuneplz::iconheybbyplz::iconblush-plz::icondizzyblushplz::iconwthewwimblushingplz::iconwthimblushingplz::iconwth3plz::iconwth5plz::iconahahumplz::iconohisthatsoplz::iconitllbefineplz::iconthisisnothingplz::iconilikeplz::iconimhappyplz::iconimrlyhappyplz::iconurhappyplz::iconawesomenessplz::iconemoishappyplz::icononeeyeplz::icongoofygrinplz::iconimhighplz::iconimhappyraveplz::iconimhappierplz::iconimhappiestplz::iconimevenhappierplz::iconimtoohappyplz::iconimapuppetplz::iconimsohappyplz::iconurhighplz::iconxd--plz::icongrin--plz::iconsmile--plz::iconohboyplz::iconsecretplz::iconvictoryplz::iconthefonzplz::iconradicalplz::iconlolwhutplz::iconwaggleplz::iconrlyplz::iconlarryplz::iconhappylarryplz::iconmrslarryplz::iconoriginallarryplz::iconlarryseeswhatyoudid::iconheadbandlarryplz::iconjarryplz::iconohjoyplz::iconchuwyplz::iconsocuteplz::iconveryhappyxplz::iconlionplz::iconxp-plz::iconimtearyplz::iconimseriouslytoohappy::iconimsarcasticplz::iconcrosseyedclapplz::iconcrosseyedclap2plz::iconsothereplz::iconthisisamazingplz::icongeraldplz::iconyayfaceplz::iconihappycameplz::iconsmirkplz::iconawwplz::icongivemesmilesplz::iconxd-plz::icondawwplz::iconwhatbombplz::iconcutesmileplz::iconoldtimeyplz::iconf3plz::icongrinfaceplz::iconowo--plz::iconheheplz::iconewplz::iconalaughplz::iconicameplz::iconyoucameplz::iconiultracameplz::iconichaincameplz::iconimegacameplz::iconiepiccameplz::iconiultimatecameplz::iconiextremecameplz::iconiinfinitycameplz::iconmovingicame::iconhurrplz::iconpervyplz::iconimpervyplz::iconheeplz::iconleleleplz::iconraepfaceplz::iconufufuplz::iconultimateplz::iconultimatehighplz::iconicameepicallyplz::iconirapeitplz::iconnghplz::iconimsexyplz::iconimsrspervplz::iconohohohoplz::iconilickitplz::iconstudmuffinplz::iconicouldntcameplz::iconididntcomeplz::iconpervieplz::iconimseriousplz::iconimveryseriousplz::iconimrealyseriousplz::iconimultraseriousplz::iconimepicseriousplz::iconimultimateseriousplz::iconimnottrustingyouplz::iconohseriousmplz::iconimarvelplz::iconimsupersurprisedplz::iconoo-plz::iconomg--plz::icongwahplz::iconredgwahplz::iconorangegwahplz::icongreengwahplz::iconbluegwahplz::iconpurplegwahplz::iconfacemelterplz::iconhighgwahplz::iconravegwahplz::iconohshitplz::icono-0plz::iconohwhyplz::iconwtfisthatplz::iconbwahplz::iconimtwitchingplz::icontwitchplz: :iconimpressedplz::iconimhorrifiedplz::iconimshockedplz::iconimspeechlessplz::iconomg-whutplz::iconsaywhaplz::iconipoopedplz::iconimrepulsedplz::icono3oplz::iconofuckplz::iconemmplz::icongitfaceplz::iconscaredface-plz::icondhaplz::iconbarry2plz::iconhappytimeplz::icontonguewaggleplz::icondurrhurrplz::iconhurrdurrplz::iconhurrhurrplz::iconyoucanhasitplz::iconretardiloveitplz::icondumbkawaiiplz::iconretard-plz::iconfangtasticplz::iconmerpplz::icondontkillmeplz::iconboopplz::iconboowahplz::iconimthinkingplz::iconretardthinkingplz::iconimsureplz::iconthinkingplz::iconwaiprettyplz::iconwant--plz::iconwant-plz::iconeggfaceplz::iconeheheplz::iconehehplz::iconlaaavplz::iconaresistblushplz::iconatphilfaceplz::iconididagooddeedplz::iconcanttakeitanymoreplz::iconliketeeheeplz::iconflirtyericplz::iconfem-kyotoplz::iconyorismileplz::iconahuhplz::iconilurvitplz::iconilovehimplz::iconwhatdidijustplz::iconmnrthumbsupplz::iconmnrderpplz::iconyawndroolplz::iconmassivesquishplz::iconmassiveitchplz::iconmassiveemotebumpplz::iconoww--plz::iconteeth--plz:

Misc. Smilies
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Cosplay Photoshoot Etiquette

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 27, 2012, 8:32 AM

Welcome to my site. Feel free to have a look around. :)

Photos © 2004-2013 by Hexlord. All rights reserved.
Layout credit: kuschelirmel-stock

Journal Entry:

My good friend hikaraseru has written a very good guide on how a standard cosplay photoshoot should be conducted in a conducive manner. I got her permission to post the entire article up, so hope you guys like what she is presenting to us.

Want to plan a cosplay shoot, but somehow things just don't turn out right? Maybe the photos were not how you visualised them, or that the photographer seemed to be extra grumpy, or you just don't know what's going on? Read on for how to get the best out of your cosplay shoot:

The 4 Ps:

1. Plan
Having a plan is essential and should take up the most time overall in your shoot. Speak to the photographers closely, because they will be the ones producing the photos that will be the end result; make sure they are aware of the concept and background of the series you're shooting. Some photographers will want to do their own research prior to the shoot (reading the manga/watching the anime/looking up reference photos) - so make sure they get enough time to do so. Always provide at least a few reference photos of suggested poses or atmosphere.

2. Please and thank you
Photographers often do cosplay shoots for free, so please acknowledge this by requesting their services politely and thanking them afterwards. Make sure they are aware of your needs, and also make sure you are aware of theirs, especially their schedules. Many photographers are also professionals in fields other than cosplay, which means they may have paid clients, university lectures or day jobs that will most certainly take priority over your shoots. Be understanding. Build a good relationship. Photographers are doing you a favour by taking time out of a busy schedule for you.

3. Punctuality
When you plan a shoot, please, please show up on or before the agreed time. Yes, a lot of things can go wrong during a shoot's preparation - so it is up to the cosplayer's responsibility to allocate at least two hours beforehand to get everything sorted out. Letting a photographer wait for hours is not acceptable, unless these are unforeseen circumstances. Waking up late, or being delayed by makeup and (non-last minute) faulty costumes are not included.

Remember, in normal professional shoots, many photographers charge by the hour.

4. Patience
Once again, photographers are often people with day jobs or clients that will most certainly take priority over the results of your shoot. Be patient. Work out a time frame with the photographer at the end of the shoot on how fast you expect photos to be delivered, but also be flexible as real life is often unexpected. Refrain from constantly messaging the photographer to ask for shots. Remember, a happy photographer is more likely to deliver carefully edited shots than a rushed one. If self-editing is preferred, a shorter time frame is acceptable; but basic editing is still (more often than not) needed for every shot to: a) resize them so you won't be getting a 5GB file in the mail; b) do minor tweaks to colour, lighting and crop. Trust me, these make a lot of difference.

[To add: I got a question on this and yes, I think it's perfectly fine - and has happened before- for cosplayers to have an unedited set of photos right after a shoot as long as both sides agree to it and know who'll be doing what. :) If I were to sum this whole note up, I'd say it's ultimately an issue of communication so both sides know what to expect from each other.]

Disclaimer: The writer has been a cosplayer for 5 years and a photographer for 3 years with experience in the UK, Malaysian and Singaporean scenes. The above advice was written from personal experience and input from those around her. Any other perspectives are welcome :) Thanks for reading!

Black Rabbit Shooter

Princess by hexlordSengoku Basara - II by hexlordThe Moon King - I by hexlord
The Void by hexlordThe Fanged Wolf by hexlordOriental Fashion - IV by hexlord
Nunnally - Her Endless Dreams by hexlordCity of the Night by hexlordLucifer: Before the Fall by hexlord
Shana Gaiden - IV by hexlordElfen Lied - End by hexlordShana III - Solitude by hexlord
Pierce the Heavens by hexlordShana Redux - III by hexlordThe Harbour Bridge by hexlord
The Tale of Odin's Daughter by hexlordChristmas Miku by hexlordVocaloid: VN02 - TWO by hexlord
Sandplay - I by hexlordA.B.A - I by hexlordCrona - 01 by hexlord

The Panasonic FZ30 days

Touching the Past by hexlordFury of Blood by hexlordDiva by hexlord
Namine by hexlordSaya Otonashi - 1 by hexlordKyou Ou Shushou - 2 by hexlord

Photographic Interests

  • Abstract
  • Buildings & Landscape
  • Cosplay
  • Fashion
  • Nature
  • Portraiture
  • Street/Candid

Thoughts On Photography

  • To use your Eye, your Mind and your Heart to capture a piece of memory that will be remembered for all time.
  • Good photography aren't really about buying the most expensive equipment, or having the most beautiful of people posing for you. Instead, it is more on how you convey your emotions in the photos that you take.
  • Being humble is a must. There are always people better than us around.
  • There are no such things as lousy photographers. Only lazy ones.
  • Finally, have fun!

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Roxette
  • Watching: Another
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Art thief WARNING

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 1, 2013, 7:21 AM
Hello my dear fellows

I spotted out a company making profit with stolen artworks, it wasn't that hard though since they are going around on DA with an aggressive self promotion.
The poor quality mess itself is quite fishy but I contacted artist I recognized and he didn't give permission for usage. There are a lot of other artworks I don't know so if you recognize any of the authors please contact them and help with spreading this journal. Aside the online shop there are kickstarter projects and DA group and personal page as well.
You can find all the links below

The only way to stop art thieves is to not buy any of their products, if you want to support your favorite artists buy a print with great quality from the official stores.

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