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:star: CLOSED, thank you so much, everyone! ;v; <3 :star:

ends: May 15th, 11PM EST

omg h-hi guys long time no see
i thought i'd finally give an adoptable auction a try!! i hope i'm doing everything right hghfhhhh


paypal only; please reply to the "BID HERE FOR" comments with your bids!
Starting Bid: $5
Autobuy: $25
autobuy comes with a bust in the similar style: [link] [link] [link]

minimum increment is $1 uvu <3

#1 cat [BID HERE];
AB'd by Memento@fa

#2 angel [BID HERE];
AB'd by cherrybunbun@fa

#3 unicorn [BID HERE];
AB'd by =SoukiAdopts

:bulletred: please do not trace, copy, or redistributed the designs ^7^
:bulletred: autobuy reservations/holds are available for 24 hours max
:bulletred: please, do not resell

:bulletred: once won, I'll send you the full sized picture without the background <3
:bulletred: after I've sent them to you, they're completely yours to tweak (gender, designs, colours, etc.), but please do not claim the original design or art as your own!

:bulletred: please take care of my children <3

I'd also love love love to see what you do with them, should you ever create or receive anything of them! ^7^ <3


As always, I'd love to hear some ideas for my next set <333

Thanks! :heart:
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asdjsf trying Military themed this time :iconlazycryplz:
Terms of Use:
- Please wait for my reply to ensure you won the auction
- Once I confirmed it, please pay immediately ( you'll have 24 hours since my reply)
- Please pay the paypal's tax (by selecting "I'm making personal payments" at the description) YES WE FIND THIS IMPORTANT SO WE SHOULD BOLD IT ESPECIALLY
- I will give you the bigger version (in 24 hours from your payment)
- You can do anything with them ( personalize them, change clothes, recolor it, etc)
- Don't resell it

Auction. Paypal Only.
Starting Bid: $10
Auto Buy: $20

Date start : 10 May 2013
Date closed : 15 May 2013


White Rose Legion, consist of soldiers who are specialized in strategy and long ranged combat. Is a rival with Black Rose Legion who are close ranged combat.

Black Rose Legion:

Left: ABed by :iconeikomi:
Middle: HB by :iconninja-mascherata: $ 12
Right: HB by :iconninja-mascherata: $ 14


Designs, color and lineart by :iconwanyaagoadopts:
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Um yeah theyre all bois //shot
but of course if you want they can be gurls :iconheplz:

First come first serve
you get to do whatever you want with the design once its yours

1200 :points:/$12 each

1. Sold to =PileOfJunk
2. sold to :devtiny-zombeh:
3. Sold to =PileOfJunk
4. School girl boy-open
5. Sold yo *Sunny-Noodle
6. sold to :dev
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Dont like any of the characters here? my commissions are open!

Species: (From left to right)
1 Candy Demon Pending to :iconsundropxx:
1 Aqueous imp Belongs to :iconrollie-fola:
1 Honey bear Belongs to :iconzafdrawsstuff:

- Once purchased the character belongs solely to the buyer
- The Character cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission first. (A Fee would be introduced and would be discussed)
- Do not claim the character design as your own creation. You do not need to credit me every time you use the adopt but dont say you created it yourself from scratch.
-Personality, age, and other details are up to the owner.
- you can pay via paypal or DA points, the conversion is 100DA points=$1.00 (since DA takes a percentage)
- if there's two people bidding the same amount, whoever bids with money would be the highest.
- For an extra fee, color palettes and certain minor edits can be done to the character.

Price Rules:
The price for each character is $15 (1500 points)
there is slight haggle room, but dont get your hopes up too much :C.
Once a character is sold their name on the species list will be scratched off.
once you buy a character i will note you, please dont send points or pay in any way until i say so.
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Hi everyone I wanted to try an adoptable auction,since ive seen people around deviantart doing them
since I've finished and sent out some commissions I thought i'd try XD

Starting Price: $10
Buyout Price: N/A
Minimum bid increment: 2$

Please reply to the BID HERE top comment by me to bid.

You must have the money on hand,if you when i'll send you a note with my paypal,and i'll hold it for 24 hours
If there is no answer I put the adoptable back up for auction.

If you win this auction I will send you the full un-water marked version , I will also send you a version without the background,

Anyway I think that's about it, this auctions is opened for three days. WILL END ON TUESDAY,MAY 7 TH AT 12:00
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Adoptable auction - Ending sometime between 7:30 and 8:00pm EST on Wednesday May 15. :)

Bid starts at $8 USD.
Minimum bid increase: $1

1. Current bid: $10 by alighting
2. Current bid: $8 by oOanubisOo (@ FA)
3. Current bid: $8 by Kiihay (@ FA)
4. Current bid: $9 by Retiquis

:bulletwhite:In order to bid, reply in a comment to the previous bid. (unless you're first, of course. Because there is no previous one! xD)
:bulletwhite:You are allowed to change whatever you want about the adoptable once it's yours.
:bulletwhite:The winner will sent the larger, unwatermarked version of their adoptable in a note.
:bulletwhite:Paypal only!
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I've been slow at drawing and making adoptables lately. Testing out this neat base! Got it from here: [link]. And sorry, I'm keeping number 4, I rarely keep adopts I made, but I don't want to give this design away!

Points only again. Offer over 60 points and I'll chose the best offer in a couple of days, I'll tell you when you've been outbidded.

Status and Characters
1. Space Angel
Owner: *Tailzy24

2. Striped Bunny
Owner: ~ophiuchimuku

3. Candy Demon
Owner: *Moon--Rabbits

4. Pink Demon

Rules and Things to Know
- Stealing is bad.
- You may change the design a little.
- May resell (for equal or lesser price) and trade.
- Mention me when you first draw them.
- You get the unwatermarked version of your adopt when you buy.
- You may do whatever with the character, go nuts!

Character designs (c) *LizardBat
Base (c) =LinoleumItalics
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edit : AB added

I don't know what to think of this one, aha...
very tempted to keep #3 and idk I feel like this is one of the worst design(s) I've done... Might be because I'm still drowning under homework and things but ahhhh
Once again though, I'm really in love with =LinoleumItalics's base.

I'll probably make a set or draw//offer//trade to adopt much later in the year when school//life is less stressful "OTL;;


{ I ) - CLOSED [link]
Starting bid : $7 // 700 pts
Minimal increment : $1 // 100 pts
Autobuy : $25 // 2500 points
HB : *LizardBat - SB

{ II ) - CLOSED [link]
Starting bid : $7 // 700 pts
Minimal increment : $1 // 100 pts
Autobuy : $35 // 3500 points
HB : =Saygo-pohm - AB'd

{ III ) - CLOSED [link]
Starting bid : $7 // 700 pts
Minimal increment : $1 // 100 pts
Autobuy : $40 // 4000 points ( tempted to keep )
HB : =masolulu - $20

Rules :
[1] Please respond to "bid here" to bid, notes and other comments will be ignored. I will TRY to update on bidding;;
[2] Do not steal, resell, or claim design as your own. credit when possible ovo, once is fine <3
[3] Slight colours//design tweaks can be made after purchase. Naming and Personality can be added//changed completely.
[3] Will send unwatermarked link after payment is received.
[4] Once auction ends, the highest bidder should pay within 24hrs. USD // points
[5] Auction ends 24 hours after last bid has been made. { TBA )

Thanks for viewing <33
only art and design(c)*poisonous-mush
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Still not back yet from the wonderful land of ice and snow and polar bears but I had these babies in stash c:
Did anyone go to Anime North? *________*

Starting from left to right ---> now flat price :3
{Moon bunny cake}: :iconmaequri:
{Fruit cream puff}: 400:points:/4$
{Tiramisu}: :iconamaicandy:

:bulletblack: Please bid only on the BID HERE, any other bid comments will not be counted.
:bulletblack: I will tell you if you are outbid
:bulletblack: Highest bidder will get the larger unwatermarked/white bg version, which you can claim as your own character but please do credit me, *Miehana for the original design (:
:bulletblack: Once bought, buyer can alter the design/colour whatever
:bulletblack: You cannot resell or trade but gifting is fine! (Just tell me)
:bulletblack: Please only bid if you have the money handy~

:bulletblack: Auction will close 3~4 days
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$10 USD adoptable character designs. Paypal only.

1- Magical Heart - Unavailable
2- :star: Magical Pure - Bidding period over! Winner: :iconmonochromeillusion:
3- Magical Charm - Sold to :iconnomakai:
4- Magical Dream - Sold to :iconashourii:

:damphyr:Once purchased, you're allowed to change colour schemes, names, and any tweaking that you see necessary. Reselling is prohibited! The buyer will also receive a fullsized image for reference.
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