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Please give credit when using.

Original Picture: [link]
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Art/Design by ~StrawberriesJam // Base by =PrinceProcrastinate

A Woobat adopt I bought from ~StrawberriesJam, isn't he precious? :3
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plz credit me when used. thanks!
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well...just a very little very small little chibi tutorial like wips ^^;I hope it might be usefull :heart:

:heart: A5 Black Zebra Pen,watercolours,
:heart: Commission info:[link]
:heart: Tumblr with wips and scribbles :[link]
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EDIT ;; Thank you for accepting me! ; v ; )/ I look forward to rping with all of you!!!
If you'd like to rp, please don't ever hesitate to hit me up!! I'm available through notes / skype / google docs, and I prefer to RP lit !


Gender ;;

Birthday ;;
15 Years

45kg ( ~99lbs )

Height ;;
150cm ( ~4'11" )

Nationality ;;

Year ;;

Alias ;;
Moira Atropos

Element ;;

Weapon ;;
A pair of sharp blades that very closely resemble scissor halves. Eimi is able to use them separately, or in tandem for attacks. Their wide and sturdy blades do well to double as shields, but they are unfortunately heavy due to their size, which will slow Eimi's blows.

Threadcutter ;;
Eimi’s basic attack. Eimi will swing her blades at the enemy’s weakest points, attempting to cut them up, piece by piece.
Guillotine ;;
[ special attack ] When Eimi's HP reaches critical level ( 30% ), Eimi will have the option to merge her blades together into a large pair of shears, causing her to do twice the damage she normally would.
backlash: When Eimi lands a hit on her opponent, her shears will break apart again, and the strain will cost her 50% of her remaining HP and her DEF is halved. Since she is only able to use this once per visit to the other world, if she has not defeated her opponent with this attack, Eimi will attempt to escape as soon as she's sure the opponent can still fight.

STR: 13
VIT: 15
DEF: 20
SPD: 05
LCK: 02


Personality ;;
;; [ Diligent | Meticulous | Logical | Emotionally Guarded | Stubborn | Control Freak ]

Eimi is a work-minded young lady that has no time for dilly-dally. She’s not one for play over work, either, and there is little that can persuade her away from said work to goof off. Diligent, mature, and hardworking, Eimi is the one that will be one of the first to turn in her papers, or inform her instructor that they’d forgotten to assign homework for the day, much to her classmates’ dismay. She is very good at problem solving, and willingly takes responsibility when she is needed, which often gets her caught up in moral obligations. With her meticulous ways as well comes a need to have things 'just right' or 'fine with her', which will, at times, cause her to take charge a...little more than needed. This is usually the leading cause of her conflicts with others.

As mentally sharp as Eimi is, she’s quite emotionally lacking. She is an almost strictly logical thinker, which makes her much less likely to empathize with others, especially excuses. It is difficult for her to respond emotionally to those she is not familiar with. As well, she does not like speaking much about her feelings, which makes her difficult to read for people that do not know her well.
She is horrible at dealing with emotional stress, such as guilt, fear, and sadness. When she becomes overwhelmed by any of these feelings, she will grow to be astoundingly quiet for a short amount of time, and throw herself into as many projects as she feels she's able to handle in order to distract herself with more intellectual endeavors. She often overestimates herself and ends up burning out because she'd taken on too many projects.

Likes ;;
[+] Cute, childlike fashions and accessories
[+] Oversized jackets and sweaters
[+] Finishing things early
[+] Cleanliness
[+] Warm Areas
[+] Order

Dislikes ;;
[-] Confusion/Chaos
[-] Messy rooms
[-] Slackers
[-] Cold weather
[-] Disrespect of authority
[-] Harm coming to her sisters

History ;;

Eimi, Kimi, and Chimi Yuitaba, a set of triplets that have been nigh inseparable as far as any of them can remember. Though identical siblings, the only thing the triplets seemed to share as they'd gotten older was their physical likeness. As the siblings aged, one would have expected them to grow impatient and irritable with one another through the radical difference in their personalities, but they could not have been more wrong. The triplets' differences had taught them well to utilize one another's strengths to cover for their own weaknesses. Together, the three seemed able to conquer anything.

Though it had been a welcome relief for the Yuitaba girls' mother that they'd gotten along with one another so well, their father found this as a sign to worry. The girls were young, so dependence on one another was to be understood, but there had always been the question of if they had failed to grow out of such dependence as they'd grown. What if Chimi, the youngest, were unable to speak properly without her sisters to correct her? What if Kimi, the middle, had suffered academically if she was without Eimi's help? What if Eimi, the eldest, were unable to overcome her lack of practical independence? The possibility of his daughters becoming anything less than what he'd hoped because of these flaws had the girls' father speaking to their mother about the matter, and so, the summer after the girls had turned 13, each of the girls had been separated, sent to live with a relative for a month.

Eimi had been sent to live with an aunt and uncle in Chiba, a couple with young girls of their own that were a year or two younger than she was. During Eimi's stay, she'd been tasked with helping to take care of the young ones, told often by her aunt that it would be like 'practice to take care of her sisters'. But, her sisters had been old enough to take care of themselves...hadn't they been? Eimi's aunt seemed to be quite...insistent on it. Her cousins' growing dependence on her did nothing but help reinforce her doubts.

It wasn't until a little more than a week before the eldest of the Yuitaba triplets was due to go home to her own family that her doubts had been turned into full-blown fears. Eimi's aunt had taken her and her cousins down to a small lake cabin for a weekend trip before Eimi had to leave. Eimi and her cousins had taken a rowboat out onto the lake for a little trip around the little body of water, but the younger girls were rowdy, and the smaller of the two was not the strongest of swimmers. Eimi had tried her best to keep them calm while she'd rowed, but tomfoolery seemed to have won the day, and as a consequence, Eimi's cousins ended up flipping the boat over several meters away from any kind of shore.
Her little cousin, Naomi, had almost drowned. Saying it wasn't terrifying for a thirteen year old girl to be handling such a situation would be nothing short of a lie.

Luckily, the three had gotten back to shore safely, and Naomi had gotten away from an early death without much more than a nasty cold. The girls had all been okay, but Eimi's aunt had reprimanded the girl heavily for letting it happen, asking how she would handle it if one of her sisters had been the one that had almost drowned. Eimi took the thought harder than she likely should have.

Upon returning home, Eimi had come back, a more mature and independent girl than she'd been before her month in Chiba had begun, but, as well, she'd been carrying guilt and fear that her sisters may very well have been the next ones to 'drown' if she'd not been vigilant in keeping them out of trouble. For two years, Eimi had done her best to make sure her sisters were well taken care of, but it often affected her grades, and even more, her now-budding social life. Even now, she still is unable to keep from worrying about them, but as she's grown older, Eimi's fears of leaving her sisters alone seem to conflict with her natural want of independence from her family. Should she continue to watch and protect her siblings, or attempt to move on to walking a path of her own?

;; Eimi’s decision-making skills tend to be much worse when she is highly stressed out. When unable to think clearly because of this stress, she is able to make incredibly rash and uncharacteristically uncalculated decisions. This is especially true in her other form.
;; It’s very hard to get Eimi to cry, since she tends to bottle up her emotions most of the time.
;; Eimi refuses to, under any circumstances, complain about things. Instead of sitting and talking about the problem, she’s more for fixing it with as little fuss as possible.
;; Eimi, being an identical triplet, sometimes likes switching clothing/positions with her sisters, simply to confuse people. It’s highly difficult to tell the three apart. Prepare to play the guessing game often.
;; She has a hard time remembering that her sisters are the same age as she is, and has a tendency to act more like a mother hen than a sister to them. Reactions tend to vary, depending on the sibling.
;; Eimi is highly wary of her sisters' well-being around pools, beaches, or the like. She tends to watch them more closely than she usually does.
;; She's never told her sisters about almost letting Naomi drown.
;; She and her sisters are experts in wearing ridiculously high heels to make up for their short statures.
;; Eimi has a very bad habit of using long and complicated speech in lieu of normal speech ( read: she talks like a nerd ) and can sometimes confuse people.
;; Her favorite kinds of stuffed animals are ones from UFO catchers. Not for their look, but more for the fact that, if she ever gets one, it is usually a gift from Chimi.
;; Despite being more independent from her sisters, Eimi still is quite the awkward speaker/socializer. She has a tendency to speak with utmost respect at all times to everyone, including her peers.
;; If she ever apologizes for anything, she never says 'I'm sorry'. Usually instead, she'll say something along the lines of 'My apologies', or anything similar. ( basically she switches 'apologies' for 'sorry' lAUGH--)
;; Loud noises and sudden movements cause her to overreact like the dickens--

:bulletred: Chimi Yuitaba || [link]
The youngest of Eimi's sisters. She has a tendency to dote on her more often than she does with Kimi. It's incredibly hard for Eimi to say no to her for any reason. ( Chimi's one of the few things that can pull her away from work to goof off, if even for a little while. )

:bulletgreen: Kimi Yuitaba || [link]
Eimi's younger sister and the middle of the Yuitaba triplets. They have more in common than it seems, but Eimi never fails to attempt babying Kimi as much as she does with Chimi. Kimi seems to dislike this.
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here is her color scheme if you need it : Old Ocs Chibis by rika-dono
I'm working on Chibis, more the coloring than the drawing so I searched for some linearts ( I'm Lazy 030 ) but there aren't much ! so here you go 0V0

Feel free to color it ! Don't repost or trace please =)
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Name: Niagarah
Gender: Female
Age: 5 years

species: demon (dragon wolf)
Breed: eastern dragon wolf
Status: Queen of the demons
Family: Oryu (mate), Gaara (son), Yami (stepdaughter)

Carachter: Sweet and caring, Niagara is peaceful, quiet and polite... pretty the perfect queen. hohewer, she dislikes being the queen, because she is a bit lazy, she hates to move from her lair, and she is really shy.
Powers: she can brathe fire, but doesn't, she fears fire.
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Der Standart Pokeball. So wie ihn jeder kennt ^-^
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im super inactive in this group okay
so I made a new kid to make me more active plus no shading ftw
how the heck do you draw braids

Name: Juliet Noir
Pokemon: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Docile
National Pokedex: #197

:bulletblack: Confuse Ray - Causes the target to become confused.
:bulletblack: Pursuit - An attack move that inflicts double damage if used on a target that is switching out of battle.

PersonalityBoyish | Friendly | Stubborn | Optimistic | Careless | Easygoing

:bulletblack: Wearing baggy/lose fitting clothes
:bulletblack: Video games and sports
:bulletblack: Listens to a lot of rap and hip hop music
:bulletblack: Eating

:bulletblack: Homework
:bulletblack: Sitting still
:bulletblack: Ghost stories
:bulletblack: Being sleepy

History: Juliet's background isn't as amazing or unique. She was the youngest in her family with two older brothers. Her parents were average people with average jobs, her mother was a lawyer while her father was a stay at home dad. Her dad mainly raised them and mom was the one to bring in money to support the family. When she got older, she stumbled across a flyer about the academy one day with her brothers. Curious about it, they decided to have a contest and see who could get enrolled. A few weeks passed and Juliet was the winner. Her brothers were devastated that they lost, but they encouraged their little sister to go through with it. Juliet decided to attend the school thinking it would be a new experience and be loads of fun for her.

this history is shit, don't read it

Additional Information:
:bulletblack: Stands at 4'9"
:bulletblack: Wants to grow up to be a dancer
:bulletblack: Doesn't' consider herself pretty
:bulletblack: Always has her hair in braids

:bulletblack: History
:bulletblack: English
:bulletblack: Performing Arts
:bulletblack: Physical Education
hit me up, I am available to rp for comment, notes, chat (rarely) or skype and I can do both lit/paragraph and script
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(c) =LifeStorme
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