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well...just a very little very small little chibi tutorial like wips ^^;I hope it might be usefull :heart:

:heart: A5 Black Zebra Pen,watercolours,
:heart: Commission info:[link]
:heart: Tumblr with wips and scribbles :[link]
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EDIT: Darkened and added better shadows. The gray colors, while showing where the highlight/shadow of the iris are, also shows if that eye style gets color. Not all eyes get shadows/highlights because they are too small for you to see them. Keep this in mind.

I was drawing my fakemon the other day, and I realized that the way I was drawing eyes was weird. So I sat down, looked at various official Sugimori artwork, and attempted to recreate the more common eye styles I saw. I think it helped me a lot.

Anyways, I thought that I should upload this. Maybe it'll help someone who's having trouble drawing Pokemon-esque eyes ^-^ But it's a good idea to do the same thing I did: go find some Sugimori artwork and copy how you see the eyes go. It took me about 3 hours to make this :l

These are NOT all the styles of eyes. In reality, there's a lot of versions that are just variations of these here... so I didn't want to end up drawing all 600+ eyes >.>

Pokemon (C) Nintendo
This... thing drawn by yours truly.

I can't remember which Pokemon I used for some of these x.x
oh, "Cute" means basically the popular Pokemon (i.e. Eevee, Charmander, Pikachu, etc).
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alternative title: trap chibis with long hair that float on nothing the movie- by gio

a person i was working on a design trade for requested an albino and that made me want an albino too so after much tinkering I made this guy. quick 45 minute sketch, I'm still hammering out his design. I don't know if I want to stick with the gold and red tho because I use it so often but the pink tints look too cute on him. I should probably try blue or blue green. Hm. I love complicated outfits apparently. The heels are a bit modern but until I can think of something else I'll have them stay.

tl;dr- explanation that really only i give two hoots about. Hoot hoot.

He was born to a kingdom of the east into royalty where the sun beats on the desert. Instead of being scorned for his abnormality, he was praised and regarded as a gift from the gods. Henceforth, he was treated like a prized possession with the pomp grooming of a prince and cut off from most of society- sent to learn the craft of witches and warlocks and scribe the future. Under his oracle eyes and magic, his family's kingdom flourished and prospered and grew monumentally across the map.

Since he burns so easily, he is hidden behind curtains and drapes always and when he is moved from place to place he is stowed away in caravans thickly draped with ornate cloths to block out the sun. He is rarely seen by anyone outside the royal family and it is forbidden for peasants in the streets to look at him as he is regarded as one of the city's most holy of relics. Kidnappers have attempted to steal him away, often for the ransoms other rival kingdoms have offered but thank to his magic, they meet gruesome deaths before the come close.

As such- he is isolated from most human interaction and has become cold, detached and apathetic to the quarrels of man, only partaking in matter when his duties require it of him. Caring little for most company or contact, he regards most others with bored looks and tones of disinterest. He spends most of his days learning magic and acquiring new scrolls. He enjoys caring for exotic birds that suitors he has no care for bring him. He is fond of literature and learning about different cultures' theologies and wishes he had the stamina to ride horses across the sands.

oops wrong account
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PBG= Pink, Blue, and Green :XD: lol Running out of titles! :lmao:

Wanna use it? Go for it! Just please send me a link to what you've used it for and give me some kind of credit for making it ^_^
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Art/Design by ~StrawberriesJam // Base by =PrinceProcrastinate

A Woobat adopt I bought from ~StrawberriesJam, isn't he precious? :3
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im super inactive in this group okay
so I made a new kid to make me more active plus no shading ftw
how the heck do you draw braids

Name: Juliet Noir
Pokemon: Umbreon
Gender: Female
Age: Sixteen
Ability: Synchronize
Nature: Docile
National Pokedex: #197

:bulletblack: Confuse Ray - Causes the target to become confused.
:bulletblack: Pursuit - An attack move that inflicts double damage if used on a target that is switching out of battle.

PersonalityBoyish | Friendly | Stubborn | Optimistic | Careless | Easygoing

:bulletblack: Wearing baggy/lose fitting clothes
:bulletblack: Video games and sports
:bulletblack: Listens to a lot of rap and hip hop music
:bulletblack: Eating

:bulletblack: Homework
:bulletblack: Sitting still
:bulletblack: Ghost stories
:bulletblack: Being sleepy

History: Juliet's background isn't as amazing or unique. She was the youngest in her family with two older brothers. Her parents were average people with average jobs, her mother was a lawyer while her father was a stay at home dad. Her dad mainly raised them and mom was the one to bring in money to support the family. When she got older, she stumbled across a flyer about the academy one day with her brothers. Curious about it, they decided to have a contest and see who could get enrolled. A few weeks passed and Juliet was the winner. Her brothers were devastated that they lost, but they encouraged their little sister to go through with it. Juliet decided to attend the school thinking it would be a new experience and be loads of fun for her.

this history is shit, don't read it

Additional Information:
:bulletblack: Stands at 4'9"
:bulletblack: Wants to grow up to be a dancer
:bulletblack: Doesn't' consider herself pretty
:bulletblack: Always has her hair in braids

:bulletblack: History
:bulletblack: English
:bulletblack: Performing Arts
:bulletblack: Physical Education
hit me up, I am available to rp for comment, notes, chat (rarely) or skype and I can do both lit/paragraph and script
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extra parts count: 17
Layer count: 65 + test bg layer

and this is the final version, im no longer working with this lineart :3 so have fun with it! ^^


May be used for adopts (points and free only! no real moneyz), character sheets, breedables, or just as practice victims
NO frankedolling!
Don't make a Paint-friendly version of this, i already did that and it is avaiable for FREE here: [link]
Don't resell the bases! if you bought it, it is four your and YOUR use ONLY! (collabs are ok, just as long as the other person doesn't keep the clean base)
Credit me for the base every time you use it

some examples: [link] [link]

so yeah, enjoy! ^^
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Simple Chibi eye tutorial for Easy Paint Tool Sai...even though I suck at explaining stuff :iconmingtearsplz:
Well I hope at least you guys can do something with it :iconhecoolplz: //runs into the sunset
If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask me~ I'll answer them as far as I can :iconsmilieplz:

pfff sorry cloudylicious for abusing your oc for this tutorial...haha :iconotlplz:

Finished Chibi:
Kane~ by Lanahx3
Process of the eye:
Eye Process by Lanahx3

.: CdR - App Sheet - Kane :. by cloudylicious

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WARNING: big file size!

:bulletpink: I was playing around with photoshop brushes, and I accidentally discovered how to make a spray of circles-like brush. So I messed about a little and finally discovered how to make that really pretty bubble-art effect I see in a bunch of desktop wallpapers I love! :bulletpink:

:bulletorange: So, of course I had to make a tutorial to show everyone else how I do it (or how I did it, at least!) And sorry if there is already a better tutorial out there for this--this is just my method of going at it! :bulletorange:

:bulletyellow: SOME ADDITIONAL THINGS YOU CAN DO: :bulletyellow:
- Try locking the transparency of your bubbles layers and then using the gradient tool to turn your bubbles into rainbows or any other gradient you want
- Add another layer of bubbles under your first two, and blur it twice to add more depth
- Try adding a drop shadow to your bubbles layers or an outer glow by double clicking the space to the right of the layer's name in the layer dialogue box, and toying with the layer styles box

:bulletpink: If you use this in a work on deviantart, totally put it in the comments below so I can check it out! :bulletpink:

EDIT: I fixed the spelling on a few parts

EDIT: CHECK OUT MY NEW Rain Effect Tutorial for photoshop!

Fav and comment if you like, lots of love, :iconthundybear:.
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