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Xemnas and Terra are the exact same person.

Despite his original name being Xehanort, he uses an anagram of his mentor's name: Ansem, due to Xehanort stealing the name prior to discarding his heart and body. Terra watched as Master Xehanort unlocked his own heart, explaining it was time to find a younger and stronger vessel to see what lay beyond the Keyblade War. Terra tries to protect himself from being possessed by Master Xehanort's heart by donning his armor, but it proved useless; a new Xehanort was born and Terra's armor discarded.


Models: :iconvalforwing: :iconsanaez:
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I am actually quite a fan of this couple since 358/2 Days... thanks to a little incident between my friends and I, it actually edged me to do this.... Heh..


(C) Tetsuya Nomura, Square Enix, Disney

Riku: :iconheleannor:
Xion: :icondramakid99:
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Robin Williams may have left our world, but look at all these memories he left us with!

Sora, Agrabah: :iconkazuki9484:
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:bulletblue: Credit me
:bulletorange: Link back
:bulletgreen: All edits OK
:bulletred: Frankendolling is OK with permission from other base artist
:bulletblack: have fun!!!!!

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my friend :iconanime-fanboi: did this being Xion's my RP character from Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days
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    I walk through the halls of Beacon alone like I normally do. It’s not that I don’t have friends or that I’m antisocial. I to take the long route to my classes and most people want to get to their class on time. The teachers hate me for my tendency to be tardy...but they would never dare kick me out of Beacon. My dad is practically the sole funder of the place. If I get kicked out, they’ll lose his precious money. And we all know how much people love money.

    I think the class started four or five minutes ago...oh well. I walk into my classroom as soon as I get there, easily interrupting the instructor. The old guy doesn’t even notice until the door slams shut behind me. He sends me some snide remark, but I don’t bother listening to him. I don’t even really want to be here. All of the kids in the room watch me--many of them glaring--as I make my way to the back of the class. It’s not like I need their approval.

    “Why is that kid even here?” some girl with white hair sitting in front of me asks. The girls sitting next to her all shrug. She wouldn’t know anything, now would she?

    “That kid’s name is (y/n) (l/n),” the girl with the black bow mutters to what I guess is her friend. “(y/n)’s father has more money than your father could ever dream of. His company builds weapons used to kill Grimm. It probably made your Myrtenaster, Weiss.” She looks back at me, eyes squinting slightly as though she’s actually trying to hide her resentment of me. “And on the side, his father runs an underground operation, hiring hitmen out to kill any Faunus that a human is willing to pay to be killed.”

    I scoff at that last one. “You know that hasn’t been proven,” I spit at her from my seat. I know that it’s true. But that doesn’t mean that everyone does. This girl just wants to go around causing trouble for me.

    “There have been five cases against him already,” the black haired girl tells me. Like I don’t already know that? Every time my father has a case brought against him, I get most of the repercussions. “More people believe him guilty than innocent.”

    “Is that really my problem?” I ask her as I brush my (h/c) hair out of my face. “I can’t control what my father may or may not do.”

    “Maybe not, but you could at least try to care.”

    “You mean pretend?” I ask her softly. She just scoffs and looks back to the front of the class. Some people just don’t know how to keep out of other people’s business.

    Her name was Blake. Blake Belladonna. I didn’t do too much research on her--the last thing I want is to pry into her personal life like she did to mine. I wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite. So I had one of my dad’s employees look over the Beacon’s first year students this year. I told him to look for a girl with a black bow--he found her pretty quickly. He was willing to dish out a ton of  personal stuff, but all I wanted was her name. Prying her open on my own will be so much more fun.

    I almost feel bad for the girl. She’s caught my interest so easily. I doubt it will be so easy for her to get rid of me now.

    I find her sitting alone at breakfast, probably waiting for her friends. She doesn’t look all too thrilled when I sit down across from her. I rest my chin in my hand, smiling up at her annoyed, amber eyes. “Hello there, Miss Belladonna,” I coo as I look over her breakfast. There’s not much there. Maybe that’s why she always looks annoyed.

    The girl looks up from her book and glares softly at me. “What are you doing here, (y/n)? What do you want?”

    “Where do you get your information?” I ask her softly. “How do you know so many rumors about my father?”

    She sets her book down and looks into my eyes. “I read. A lot.”

    “Is that so?” I ask her with a smirk. “I thought you were just antisocial.”

    Blake is about to reply but she’s rudely interrupted by the loud jeers coming from a table close to ours. We both look over at what the fuss is. A group of guys surround some helpless girl, teasing her about something. I can’t even really see the girl because two of the guys are blocking my view completely. But when one of them moves just enough so that I can see their victim’s face, I understand it all. The poor kid is a Faunus. “Idiots,” I grumble as I turn back to Blake. Well...I turn back to her breakfast. Maybe she’ll let me take an apple or something. She probably won’t be happy about it...but I can get away with it.

    “Why do you say that?” Blake suddenly asks me. I look up at her, confusion riddling my face. She looks so interested now. Those amber eyes are so intense.

    “Why do I say what?” I ask her quietly.

    “You called them idiots,” Blake tells me. “Why?”

    I smirk at her. She’s probably beginning to think that I might just be a good person. There are two ways I go now. I could tell her the truth, give her a little insight on who I really am. If she takes the bait, she’ll be quick to open up to me too. But I could also lie. It would be easy to keep up my facade. Blake might hate me for it, but I’m pretty sure she already does. Eh...I kind of want to keep this at least a little challenging. “If you’re going to pick on a girl,” I start as I look back at the sad, cute little bunny girl, “pick on her for a good reason, like if she’s ugly,” I turn back to Blake and grab the book from her hands, “or a bookworm. Not because she has cute little bunny ears.”

    Blake takes her book back from my hands, not making any eye contact with me. I wonder if I offended her. “That’s not something I would expect a (l/n) to say.”

    I sit back a little, shocked that she would say something like that. What does that even mean? “Oh,” I say softly as I look back at the sad Faunus who was being picked on. “Because you think my father organizes hits on Faunus, you also think that anyone in his family must hate them all too.” I stand up and stretch, taking a moment to look at the time. Class might be starting soon. I snatch the apple off of her breakfast tray and head out of the cafeteria. “See at class...maybe.”

    “Where are you going?” she asks me. Have I actually peaked her interest?

    “I don’t know,” I tell her as I take a bite out of what was once her apple. “I think I’ll just take a walk around campus.”

    I walk in late to class again. Everyone is staring at me, but something is different. I can actually feel their stares for the first time. It’s a little uncomfortable. I think it’s mostly one pair of eyes that I feel rest heavily on my form as I make my way to my seat. Blake. Those dang cat eyes of hers. It’s like...every time she looks at me, she’s staring straight through my soul. I don’t like it. I want to be the one to have that effect on her. Not the other way around. But I guess I’ll just have to suck it up until I have some information to hold over her.  

    I sigh heavily as I a plop down in my seat, staring ahead at the blackboard in an attempt  to see what I’ve missed so far. It doesn’t look like too much. The whispers start up again, not that I mind. At least Blake isn’t talking shit about me like she was yesterday. I wonder what happened. She should be spreading the rumors that I’m only attending Beacon so that I can  learn enough combat to be a hitman for all the anti-Faunus humans my father works for. Eh...I guess everyone kind of already thinks that. Oh well. Perhaps my abrasive and careless attitude doesn’t really help that.

    “(y/n) (l/n),” the professor suddenly calls. It’s that annoying one...Port or something like that. He has such a big mustache. “Why don’t you come down here and show us all what you’ve been learning while being tardy to my class...again.”

    I stand up silently. There’s no point in antagonizing the man anymore. “What would you like me to do?” I ask him softly. Kids are giggling behind me as I make my way to the front of the classroom.

    “You’ll see in a moment,” Port tells me. I think he’s smirking...but I can’t really tell under that mustache. “Ready your weapon,” he says loudly. “I want to see you fight a pet of mine.”

    “It’s another Boarbatusk, isn’t it,” I grumble. I look up at the rows of students who are all watching me with a tint of malice in their eyes. Except Blake. Her stare is intense...but I think it’s more intrigued than anything else. I hope I can do something cool...if only to intrigue her more.

    “You just know everything, don’t you,” Port tells me bitterly. “I swear...if your father didn’t contribute as much as he did to this school--”

    “I would have been kicked out of here a long time ago,” I finish for him with a slight smirk as I take out my weapon. “That’s what people keep telling me.”

    Port pulls a cloth off of some random cage. There is the little Boarbatusk I was waiting for. They’re really not that hard to kill. One strike on it’s stomach--where there isn’t even any armor--and it’s gone. “Hold on, (y/n),” Port call to me. “Hand me your weapon.”  

    “What?” I ask him in complete shock. “How the hell am I supposed to kill Grimm without a weapon?”

    “Do you expect to always have your weapon on you?” he asks me, his eyes squinting a bit.

    “Uh...yeah, just a little bit. We’re kind of trained to have our weapons on us at all times,” I reply, trying to make my sarcasm less potent than usual.

    “What do you intend to do if you lose your weapon?”

    “I don’t plan on losing it,” I tell him.

    Port just holds his hand out. I hesitate, but I hand the old man my weapon anyway. He just wants to humiliate me. I guess I had this coming. So what? Right? I’ll get beat up by a Boarbatusk in front of my entire class before someone decides to save me. At least I know that I could kill this thing easily if I wasn’t sabotaged by my own teacher. Yeah really show me how to succeed.

    Once I hand my weapon over, I stand in front of the cage. Port rattles the Grimm’s cage just to get it riled up. Thanks teacher. It’s like he wants me to get hurt. And these people wonder why I don’t respect them or their rules.

    “Let’s see how the spoiled brat can handle (him/her)self on (his/her) own,” Port announces to the class. I can hear their snickers echo throughout the room.

    The cage opens and the Boarbatusk lets out a grunt before charging at me. I must have perfect timing because I slide right underneath it, tripping the monster with a swipe of my leg on my way. That doesn’t really do anything but let me show off. I know that there is no way I can kill this thing with no weapon. I just hope someone will decide to help me. It sucks being at the mercy of others. It’s kind of why I distance myself from everyone.

    The Boarbatusk gets up quickly and turns toward me. I could keep running circles around it...but I’m pretty sure Port will end this as soon as I get hurt. So I just stay in my spot on the floor and look up at the monster. There really was no point in playing this game. I’m guaranteed to fail.

    Suddenly, someone stand in front of me, preventing the Boarbatusk from attacking me a second time. Blake stands in between the Boarbatusk and myself, quickly unsheathing her Gambol Shroud. I watch in silence as she quickly attacks the monster, slicing in half with ease. She’s definitely my favorite person in the room right now.

    Blake turns to me, her amber eyes void of any emotion. I look away quickly and get up. “Thanks,” I mumble.

    “I don’t get what the point forcing you to be mauled by a monster is,” she tells me as she begins to head back to her seat. But she knows what the point of that was. Everyone here wants to knock me down a few pegs. They just don’t seem to understand that I’m not that high up. I think Blake is starting to get it.

    I catch her walking to her next class with the rest of her team. I want to chase her down and ask her why she was so merciful towards me during our last class. But I don’t want her to have to talk to me in front those other girls. I’ll probably make her uncomfortable. Maybe I can just sneak her away from them. Or I could just...not talk to her. That might be a better plan. She probably doesn’t like me anyway. I know that she’s 100% pro-Faunus--which is why she hates my entire family (myself included). It’s rare to find a human so insistent on Faunus rights and shit like that. It’s rather comical that she would come to my rescue like she had. People like her should hate me far more than everyone else. I guess Blake is just...something special.

    Saturday morning I head straight for the city. I need to get away from Beacon and all the phonies inside it. A day out on the town will do me some good. I just make my lonely way through the streets as I observe the people whom I walk by. There are a lot more Faunus out and about than I would expect. It’s rather risky since the White Fang is stirring up a bunch of trouble for all Faunus with the shit they’re doing. It’s getting some pretty powerful humans pretty fired up against all Faunus. And yes, my father is one of those powerful humans.

    I feel something tug slightly at my back pocket as some random guy walks by me. It’s not until he’s ahead of me that I can tell he’s Faunus. And he has my wallet. They aren’t even trying to work with the rest of society are they. “Hey kid!” I call to the blonde monkey-boy. “If I were you, I would just give me back my wallet.”

    The kid smirks at me and holds my wallet up with his tail. “Make me,” he says. Then he runs off.
It really pisses me off when people steal from me. Doesn’t this kid know what kind of trouble he’s gonna get in? Even if he’s faster than I am, I can hunt him down easily. He’s already heading straight for the docks. I don’t even need to rush. I know where he’ll be when I get there. Some Faunus are just as stupid as some humans. I guess it’s a good thing I can figure out most of them.

    I get to the docks at around noon. There aren’t too many people out here, not even that many ships. But I see a banana peel on the ground as I approach one of the sheds by the water. This guy really isn’t that bright. “You shouldn’t be stealing from people,” a feminine voice calls out from the roof of the shed. I can’t see anyone and I know that I won’t until I get up there too. But that voice sounds so familiar. It can’t be…

    “It was too easy, Blake,” a male voice replies. Damnit. I knew it was Blake. This sucks. If I freak out at the Faunus who stole my wallet, she’ll report me or something. But if I don’t...then she’s going to think that I’m a good person.

    Oh well...story of my life.

    I hop up on the roof and walk over to the two. “(y-y/n)--” Blake starts.

    I hold my hand up before I hold it out to the monkey-boy. “I just want my wallet back.”

    “That’s who you stole it from?” Blake asks the kid. “Of all the people in the world, you do realize that you stole from a (l/n).”

    “He doesn’t look too bright, Blake. He still hasn’t given me my wallet,” I grumble. “I won’t tell anyone about this if you just give it back.”

    “R-really?” the blonde monkey-boy looks up at me in shock. “You’re not gonna try to get me arrested or anything?” I shake my head and continue to hold my hand out. The kid slowly places my wallet in my hand and looks up at me. “You’re somethin’ else (y/n (l/n)--”

    I place my foot on his face and shut him up. “I’m nothing special, vermin,” I spit as I kick him off the roof. I turn to Blake who looks up at me with more shock in her pretty eyes than I would have thought possible. “I didn’t think I would find you with this kind of swine, but I guess it makes sense.” It does make sense, actually. I’m kind of stupid for taking so long to figure it out. She’s so pro-Faunus and agile. The only thing I don’t think I can figure out is what kind of Faunus she is.

    “(y-y/n)...” she mumbles as I jump off the roof. “I can explain. It’s not like he’s part of the White Fang or anything.”

    “I never said anything about the White Fang,” I tell her. “Why are you being so defensive?”

    “You can figure it out,” she calls to me as she follows me off the dock. It’s kind of nice how quickly she forgot about her little friend. I don’t want her to see me jealous. “Even if you were too stupid to figure it out, one of your father’s employees could figure it out for you,” she adds.

    “Oh~” I coo as though I’ve just now caught on to what she’s talking about. “Does it bother you, now that I’ve figured it out?”

    “Not in the slightest,” she murmurs.

    “Don’t you think you should be afraid to have yourself exposed to me?” I ask her as we make our way back to Beacon. “My father will be more than willing to have you killed if I asked.”

    “That’s the thing,” Blake mumbles as she looks at me. “You wouldn’t have your father hire a hitman--not even to off someone you don’t like.”

    That’s not fair. She can’t have me figured out so easily… “What makes you say that? You think you have me figured out?”

    “You’re not cruel,” Blake tells me. She’s not even making eye contact. Is it that hard for her to acknowledge my good qualities? That’s almost worse than her actually being able to figure out my good qualities. “You don’t agree with your father. That much is obvious.”

    “How is it obvious?”

    “You don’t want to follow in his footsteps. That’s why you enrolled in Beacon,” she adds. “You don’t care whether a person is human or Faunus. That’s why you thought picking on that girl at breakfast the other day was stupid. But you don’t want people to get close to you, that’s why you mask your sensitivity with arrogance. You really do try hard at Beacon. You’re brilliant. You just...don’t want people to know who you really are.”

    “Well, would you?” I ask her. We sit down together on a bench by the street. “Everyone already has this notion of how I’m supposed to behave, what my objectives are, and who I am. There’s no point in convincing them otherwise.”

    “That’s what every Faunus has to go through everyday, no matter where they are,” Blake tells me. “You don’t know what it’s really like…”

    “I think I do,” I mumble in reply. “Isn’t that why you’ve decided to relate to me? I mean really...I’m just a spoiled rich kid. But face it, you’re just as intrigued by me as I am by you.”

    “Th-that’s not--”

    “Are they under your bow?” I suddenly ask her.


    “Why are you getting so flustered?” I laugh quietly and reach for her bow. “I already know you’re Faunus. Nothing beyond this point will be any big surprise.”


    “They probably make you look cuter, whatever they are,” I mumble as I pull the bow off her head. I was totally right. Her cute black, kitten ears poke out perfectly from her black hair. I let myself smile at her for one of the first times. Blake blushes a bit when I rub the soft fur of her ears. I don’t know why my father hates these people. Some of them are so cute. “Why did you kill that Boarbatusk for me?” I ask her softly.

    “It would have been pointless to let it kill you,” she replies quietly.

    “It wouldn’t have killed me, you know that,” I tell her with a smirk. “Face it, Blake. Even if you don’t like me, you don’t want to see me get hurt.”

    “Who said I didn’t like you?” she asks me bluntly. “I don’t remember saying it.”

    “I guess I just assume that nobody likes me,” I reply as I lean back in the bench a bit. “Was I wrong?”

    “You tell me,” Blake says as she turns to me. I let her pull me closer to her, preparing myself to be closer to anyone than I have before. Her lips collide with my own in a sweet sensation that I have never felt before. It’s marvelous, so unique. I want to savor such a feeling forever, but I can’t let Blake to be the one to end this. I slowly pull away, breaking the kiss, and look into her amber eyes. They are very similar to cats’ eyes.

    “You’re cute,” I tell her with a smirk. “I like you too.”
This was the other request from :iconmrdak3000:
I tried hard to make things ambiguous so you can be whatever gender you choose :)
I'm sorry it took so long! But I hope you like it~

I don't own RWBY
I don't own this picture
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Credits for models: :iconkazuki9484:

Credits for stage: :iconkazuki9484:

Effects: Me :iconneku-sai-sakuraba:
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"There's always a way."

After viewing the KH3 trailer, I couldn't figure out how Sora could have the Master Keeper, since it now belonged to Aqua.I think I've fainted. 
This is my attempt to show an idea, that maybe Aqua gave up the Master Keeper. 
Perhaps she, giving up hope of ever being able to leave on her own, gave that hope to Sora, so that He could awaken Ventus.

This leads to Kingdom Hearts 3


Models of Aqua, and the stage all by :iconkazuki9484:
Keyblade model by :iconlexakiness:

Idea/ art/ posing done my myself, :iconmasteroathkeeper:
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this sucks bye
I have to go so I made this really quickly, maybe I'll update it later

Sora and stage by Kazu, Donald and Goofy by Zido
KH (c) SE, Disney
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Here's my Terra edit with a Terranort as a little bonus! 
If they look familiar, it's because I changes the textures of Terra's Halloween model. ^^

:bulletblue:Credit :iconmadamemidnightrose:
:bulletyellow:Credit Square Enix
:bulletblue:You can edit as long as you credit me
:bulletyellow:Redistribute edits only

skydome ~kazuki9484
(c) Square Enix & Disney</sub>

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