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***Anyone who has not played through Sequence 5, memory 3, will be exposed to minor spoilers***

    "What are you playing with, Kenway?" says Mary, causing me to look up. I'm sitting around the bonfire at Pirate's Cove, toying with a trinket. Mary's back in her James Kidd disguise, but now that I know her secret I can't help but let my eyes trace the curves she's trying to hide. I'd like to say she's failing, but she's spent years wearing it and those curves are barely visible. Damn it. She takes a seat next to me at the now deserted fire. I wonder how long I've been here, staring into nothing. I toss her the locket I've been playing with. She catches and opens it, looking at the picture of me inside.

    "It belonged to my wife," I say. She clears her throat.

    "Aye, I recall you saying you had one."

    "Then you'll also be remembering I told you she left me long ago."

    "I seem to recall that as well," she says, handing back the locket. 

    "The last time I saw her she threw this back at me, told me she never wanted to see me again. I had gone to her parent's house, trying to win her back. When she finally come to the door she said there was nothing left in her that wanted me. All these years I've been trying to make my fortune, trying to make myself good enough for her. Do you think she'd want me now, Kidd? Do you think she'd take a pirate king?" Mary scoffs.

    "I think the woman doesn't sound like much fun," she says, taking a swig of her rum and passing the bottle to me. I hold it, but don't drink.

    "She wasn't. We fought a lot, too. She was from a wealthy merchant's family, didn't understand why I always wanted more, always needed more than a peasant's wage. But you know what I've decided?" Mary shakes her head no.

    "I've no idea, but I bet you're going to tell me."

    "And in that you are correct. I've decided I don't want to be good enough for her. I'm not going back to England. I think I'll stay here and continue being a pirate king."

    "Cheers to that," she says, swiping the bottle back and taking a drink. I study her features in profile as she watches the fire. She really is quite beautiful. I guess no one noticed because no one wanted to be found studying the face of a teenage boy. Speaking of which...

    "And what of you, Mary?" She has a dagger at my throat before I can blink.

    "Don't call me that, Kenway. Anyone could overhear."

    "Relax, Kidd, we're the only ones left on the beach." She turns her head to look around and I use that moment of distraction to roll her underneath my body and pin her to the sand.

    "What do you think you're doing, Edward? Anyone could walk by and think you've spent too many months at sea. There's a whorehouse not a mile from here, go get one of them to wet your whistle," she says, but her dagger stays in its sheathe. 

    "Aye, but I don't want another whore. What I want is you." I cut off her laugh by covering her mouth with mine. She doesn't respond for a few seconds, but then slowly, almost lazily, rolls her tongue against mine. She tastes of spice and rum and fire. A heady combination. "Mary, I find you utterly bewitching," I say, breaking from her lips.

    "Ah Kenway, you'll regret this in the morning," she says on a sigh. I grin at her.

    "Why don't you let me be the judge of that?" I say, moving to unfasten her leather vest. She stops me.

    "Think this through Edward. Someone, somewhere, will hear or see something and think you're screwing a boy barely out of his teens, if that." I shrug my shoulders.

    "You know as well as I that half the pirates in Nassau use each other for companionship on the sea."

    "That's different, we're on the land." I roll my eyes.

    "Okay, it's been thought through. Moving on," I say, moving for her vest again. Once again, she stops me.

    "And what of your wife, hmm? What of Caroline?" she asks.

    "Were you listening to me not five minutes past? I just told you I'm done with her."

    "A decision made on a beach in the middle of the night, when you've had too much rum." 

    "Mary, look at me," I say, catching her eyes with mine. "I haven't had a drink all night." She narrows her eyes.

    "Why not?" I sigh and roll to the side.

    "Because I had some thinking to do and I thought, for once, I'd do it sober." I lay on my back with my arms behind my head, staring up at the stars. "You're always telling me that I need to do better, that I need to be better, but that's not the same thing as not being me at all. The truth is, Mary, ever since our paths crossed in Kingston I haven't been able to stop thinking about you. How you fight, how you kill... how you look when you're not pretending to be a boy..." She scoffs and I grin. "And how you're here, living your life as a pirate, doing what you wish, but with a purpose, with something guiding your actions beyond the next ship full of gold. 

    "I'm done with Caroline because I'm done being something I'm not, but I'm not done with trying to be a better man. And thus far in my 27 years of life, you're the first person to make me feel like that. Like I want to be better not just for you, but for myself." Mary is silent for a moment before getting to her feet and pulling me up next to her. She keeps hold of my hand and starts to walk, dragging me along. "Where are we going?"

    "To your manor to find a proper bed. After the speech you just gave, one is required for all the things I plan to do to you," she says without turning around. I grin. Somehow, I think this is just the start of something beautiful. 
My first alternate universe story! It's from Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, and contains minor spoilers. 
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"Ve, when is________  going to wake up Ludwig?"

"I don't know Feli"

You struggled to wake up. Finally having the strength you open your eyes to see Feliciano and Ludwig standing on opposite sides of your bed.

You moan "My head hurts. Where am I you guys?"

"Ve!, ________ you're awake" says Feliciano jumping onto you and hugging you.

"You are at the hospital ________. Feli stop hugging her so hard.

"You are going to hurt her" said Ludwig prying Feliciano off of you.

"Hospital?" you ask confused. The last thing you remember was you hugging Gilbert with all your strength.

"Yes, the hospital. You crashed with the motorcycle" says Ludwig with his voice cracking a bit.

"Where is Gilbert then?' you ask

Ludwig's eyes start to tear up. He excuses himself and nearly runs out of the room.
Feli looks at the door with sad eyes.

"Feli?" you whisper worried that if you talked louder he would start crying.

"________, Gilbert died when you guys were riding on the motorcycle. You guys crashed. That's why Gilbert gave you the helmet. I'm so--"

Feli was interrupted by a bloodcurdling scream.

You wondered who was screaming when you realized the screaming was coming from you. You started crying. It felt like your heart was breaking to a million pieces. Feli left you to go to Ludwig. He knew that you wanted to be alone with your thoughts. You sobbed into your pillow.

'Why? Why did he have to die? Why couldn't have I died with him' you think as you try to muffle your crying and screaming into your pillow. So the doctors wouldn't come in to check up on you.

You cry yourself to sleep.

When you wake up. Ludwig is sitting in a chair by your bed. Feli is nowhere to be seen.

"Where's Feli?" you ask. Your eyes were all puffy and your throat was sore.

"Feliciano went home." Ludwig answers you.

"I'm so sorry Ludwig" you say.

"Sorry? Sorry for what ________?" Ludwig asks.

"If Gilbert hadn't driven me home that night then maybe--"

"Stop! You apologizing won't bring him back. He is dead. So don't bother apologizing" yells Ludwig. Hot angry tears run down his face.

You open your arms to him. He gets up and wipes his eyes, but the tears still keep falling. He goes to your awaiting arms and hugs you. Resting his head on your shoulder while he cries for the loss of his brother.
You cry along with him. Ludwig never cried and here he was crying. It broke your heart to see him cry. You apologize again, but he says

"________, he gave you the helmet so you could survive. He had no regrets. Probably the only regret he had was that he can't be here with you. So don't apologize. You have nothing you apologize about."

-2 weeks later-

"________, are you ready to go" asks Ludwig knocking on the bathroom door.

You were finally getting out of the hospital. The doctors determined that you were healthy enough to get out.

"Will be ready in a minute." you say putting your long (h/c) hair into a pony tail.

You look at the iron cross on the sink. It was cold to touch. You remembered the day
Gilbert gave it to you.


"________! Yells Gilbert smiling.

"What?" you ask.

As usual your boyfriend had invited himself to your house and was yelling your name out
for no reason you knew of.

"Close your eyes, _______" says Gilbert

"Why?" you ask him walking into the kitchen

Gilbert follows you

"come on, ________! Don't be so…so…"

Gilbert stops to think.

He sighs giving up "Just close your eyes. Pretty please?"

You raise an eyebrow. Gilbert rarely said please. Sighing you close your eyes. You felt something cold go around your neck.

"Open up your eyes now ______" says Gilbert.

You opened your eyes and look at the necklace around your neck. It was Gilbert's most prized possession. His iron cross.

"Gilbert,I can't have this. This is important to you" you say trying to get the necklace off, but Gilbert stops you and takes your hands into his.

"_______, I want you to have it. I would only give my iron cross to the most important person to me. I love you _______. You are the most important person to me" he says.

"________ are you crying?" he asks seeing tears making wet trails on your cheek.

"I'm so happy that I'm the most important person to you" you hiccup.

He laughs and pulls you into a hug.

-end of flashback-

You were so happy that day.

Now though, the necklace was just a reminder of someone you love you can't get back. You felt a wave of tears coming. Blinking back the tears you put the cross around your neck. You walk out of the bathroom. Ludwig and Feli were waiting for you.

Feli smiled at you "Ready to go ________?"

You nod. Ludwig picks up your bag. You checked out of the hospital and went to Ludwig's car.

You stared out the window as Ludwig drove you home. Everything was passing by in a blur. You wanted to get yourself lost in the blur. To not feel the pain and empty feeling of
living without Gilbert.

"________, we are at your house" said Ludwig parking on your driveway.

Feli had told you earlier that Ludwig and he took care of your house while you were away.
You got inside your house and were walking up the stairs to your bedroom when Feli called out to you

"________, do you want something to eat?"

"No, thank you. I'm going to bed" you call back.

"Ok then, Ludwig will bring your bag upstairs" said Italy as he exited your house.

You opened your bedroom door and flopped onto your bed. You were so tired. You hear a knock on your open door.

"________. I'm leaving your bag here" says Ludwig placing your bag near your dresser.


"Yes, ________?"

"Could you. Could ….. Could you take me to Gilbert's grave tomorrow?" you whisper.

To scared to talk louder or you might burst into tears. You bury your head into your pillow thinking that might stop your tears.

"I'm sorry. I can't" said Ludwig

Your eyes were starting to feel hot and watery.

"But maybe Francis and Antonio can take you. Since they wanted to visit you tomorrow" said Ludwig walking to the door.

"OK" you say not moving from your spot.

"Well then. See you soon ________" said Ludwig going back to his car where Feli was waiting.

You hear him drive out of your driveway and drive down the road.

"What now?"  You think as you feel yourself fall asleep.

You heard your doorbell ringing. You sigh not wanting to get up. Sighing you walk
downstairs to the door. When you open the door you see Francis and Antonio smiling at you.

"Hey, ________. How are you?" asks Francis coming inside

"I'm alright. How about you guys?" you ask closing the door behind them.

"I'm ok" says Francis"

"So am I" says Antonio.

Your stomach growls. Francis and Antonio laugh. You blush embarrassed

"Hey, ________. I'm going to go make you breakfast. You go get dressed" says Francis walking into the kitchen.

You forgot that you were also in your pajamas. You changed in the middle of the night and forgot about it.

You went upstairs and chose a black long sleeved shirt and black pants. Putting it on you walk back downstairs.
You smell French toast, scrambled eggs and bacon cooking in the kitchen. You sit down at the kitchen table with Antonio.

"Hey ________, Mind if we eat with you? We wanted to get here as fast as we could and forgot to eat breakfast" Francis asks.

"No, not at all. Please do. I would feel awkward if you didn't" you say.

"__________, you are awfully calm and nice. For a person who just lost someone important to them. When we went to Gilbert's funeral we were bawling our eyes out." says Francis placing the toast on the plate.

"I kind of cried myself out for now" you say.

Antonio pats your back as Francis places the plates in front of you and Antonio.

"Bon Appétit" says Francis sitting down.

You ate even though you weren't that hungry. Your stomach said otherwise though. Francis smiled at you when you had finished your plate.

"Would you like more ________?"

"No, thanks" you say as you put your plate in the sink and get up to grab your coat so you could go to the graveyard.

Francis and Antonio put their plates in the sink and grab their coats as they lead you to
their car. After a half hour drive you make it to the graveyard. Gilbert's grave was located on a hill by a weeping willow.

Antonio stays in the car while you and Francis go up to Gilbert's grave. He wouldn't be able to pull himself together if he went so he stays. You walk side by side with Francis. Walking around the graves that led up Gilbert's grave. Finally you and Francis make it to the grave. It is a simple grave stone. The branches of the willow sway in the wind as you read what is written on the grave:
                                       Gilbert Beilschmidt
                                     "A man made of awesome"
                            Loving brother, friend, cousin, and fiancé.

"________, I'll leave you here. Do what you have to do" says Francis leaving you and walks back to the car to wait with Antonio for you.

You play around with your engagement ring that Gilbert gave you. It was a beautiful ring. Made of white gold, but yours and his have different colored gems. You had a ruby for Gilbert's color eyes. This gem was (you e/c) for the color of your eyes.

A tear fell onto your ring. More came to follow. Your heart felt like it was breaking. You bend over with physical pain forcing you to kneel in front of the grave. The loss of Gilbert to you was too great for you to handle. Your sobs echo throughout your body.

You couldn't stand not being with him. When you had found out that the only reason he gave you the helmet was not because it was bugging him. It was because he wanted to save you. Now you blamed yourself for his death. You missed being safe and warm in his arms. You would give anything to be with him again. There was a way for you to be with him. You take out a small blade from your pocket. You had placed it on your wrist when you hear a voice behind you.

"ello miss"

You turned around to see a boy of 7 or 8 with blond hair and violet eyes. You put the blade in your sleeve so the boy wouldn't see it.

"Hello?" you say warily.

"Mon dieu, Matthew I told you to not go up here" said Francis walking to the boy.

"Who is this Francis?" you ask.

"This is Matthew. He was my sister's child" he says putting his hand on Matthew's shoulder.


"My sister died in a plane crash about a half a year ago. Matthew actually has a twin Alfred. Arthur had adopted Alfred"

"Why hadn't Arthur adopted Matthew too?"

"Arthur does well with children, but he lives alone in that mansion of his. He isn't able to take of two small children. Also, he might kill them with his horrendous cooking" says Francis with a laugh.

Matthew smiles. You hated to be mean, but even you knew that Arthur's cooking was inedible.

"Except that boy, Alfred, must have a stomach of steel. For he thinks Arthur's food is delicious"Francis says.

Your mouth drops open. Francis and Matthew laugh at your expression.

"I'll be waiting by the car again" says Francis walking back to the car. He tries to take Matthew with him, but Matthew stays in his spot. Francis leaves thinking that you would take Matthew done when you were done.

You face Gilbert's grave again

"Miss?" Matthew whispers.


"Don't do it"

Shock registers on your face, but you don't turn around instead with a shaky voice you reply

"What do you mean?"

"Miss, death isn't the answer"

"WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW!?" you yell at him. Spinning around to face him with angry tears falling down. Then you realized what you said

"I'm so sorry. I didn't…… I'm so sorry" was all you could say.

"I do know. When my papa and mama died. I didn't want to be alone. I stuck by Alfred, but then Mr.Kirkland took him. I know he…he can't take care of-f  both of us" cries Matthew.

You kneel in front of him and hug him. Letting him cry on your chest.

"I'm so sorry, Matthew. I'm so sorry. I didn't want to make you cry" you say as your own tears fall down.

"I-I have been going house to house for this half year. None of my cousins, aunts, or uncles, can t-take me in. They all have families of their own. I want my mama. I want papa!" sobs Matthew.

You wanted to comfort Matthew, but you were crying too hard to even form any words. After a while both of you had calmed down.

'Poor Matthew to lose his parents so young. Alfred too, but Alfred now has a parent again. While no one will take Poor Mathew" you think.

Then you smile to yourself.

"Matthew would you like to live with me?" you ask.

Matthew looks up at you his eyes still wet.

"But, miss I don't want to be trouble for you I-I don't know if I-"

"Matthew, I want you to come with me. I am going through a tough time and so are you. We could help heal each other" you say liking the idea more and more. Matthew looks at you and starts crying again.

"Did I do something wrong?' you ask worried.

"N-No . I'm j-just so h-happy that someone can finally t-take care of m-me" says Matthew crying.

You smile hugging him close. When he finished crying you send him to the car so you could say goodbye. You walk back to Gilbert's grave stone and say

"Gilbert looks like I'm going to live for a bit longer. I miss you so much, but Matthew needs someone to love him and heal him. I love you so much that it hurts for me for you to be gone"

A tear slides down your face and you wipe it away.

"I hope that we could meet up again when I die. Though now I hope it will be a long time before I die. Please watch over me and Matthew."

You take the knife you had been hiding and go up to the weeping willow tree. You touched its trunk. It was cool to touch. You take the knife and carve a heart. Then you put inside the heart G.B. and your (initials) when you had finished you put the knife away. You walk down the hill. You felt like someone was smiling at you. You turn around to look back at the grave. You swore that you saw Gilbert laughing and grinning at you while sitting on top of his grave. You only shake your head smiling and walked down to the car.

-70 years later-
You were sitting in a rocking chair reading your latest letter from your grandson. You had adopted Mathieu. He had married Katyusha and had many kids. The oldest son went to a university in France. You were so proud of Matthew. Both of you healed each other by time. You both still had scars, but those were there for life. You think that Gilbert would have loved Matthew. Matthew would have liked him too.

Whenever you talked about Gilbert he would listen intently. Even now when he had a wife and kids he would be like a little boy again. Listening to each and every word you said. Folding the letter you put it in the drawer filled with letters. You grab your cane and walk into your bedroom. Changing into your pajamas you climbed into bed. You fell into a deep sleep.

It was white. A blinding white. You wondered where you were

"Welcome home, _______" says a voice behind you.

You turned around to see Gilbert smiling at you.

"Gilbert?" you say not believing your eyes.

"Yes, it's me"

"But b-but you're dead. H-How am I seeing you?'

He sighs

"_________ You died in your sleep. You have lived for a long time it was time for you to rest"

"B-but I don't want to be like this with you"

He laughs
"Look" he says walking to you with a mirror.

You take the mirror and see that the wrinkles of old age were gone. You looked and felt the same way you did before Gilbert died. You look at Gilbert with tears in your eyes.

He smiles

"Time to go ______'' he holds out his hand for you.

You take his hand and knew you were finally home.
I'm so sorry for the long wait. I was done with this for almost 2 weeks now, but I gave it to my teacher to check it over. So far no reply. So I uploaded this anyway.
I am so sorry for the long wait :icononionfailplz:
I can't believe it took me over 2 months to make this. I'm so sorry. I couldn't think of a plot. I had the ending and the end, but I kind of needed the middle, but I couldn't make anything up.
Also Halloween was coming so a lot of stress was on me to finish a lot of stuff. :icononistressplz:

I'm not surprised if your mad at me. So well I did what I said I was going to do. Make a happy ending. Is this even happy?! I don't know.

I have a question though. how do you make things italic and how do you make something in the middle of the page on devinatart. I need to do that on here but I don't know how. Since I need to do it to this story.

Here is the link to the first one

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The scent of the ocean mingled with the odor of gunpowder, the acidic smell of alcohol, and the giggles and mumblings of those on its beach, and for Edward Kenway, that unified scent was that of home, the sounds a mere white noise that calmed him as he sipped at cheap rum. When the sun set, it was like a stupor overcame him, a sense of rightness, though others would say he was just tipsy and exhausted.

A smaller figure sat beside him on the beach, the blonde not needing to raise his head to assign an identity, "Kidd."

"Kenway," James replied, pulling Edward's rum straight from his hands, and tossing it back, then holding onto it, "It seems yer taste in women...doesn't match yer taste in rum. Tell me you're certain Thatch didn't piss in it..."

"I accept cheap things to afford bigger prizes," he paused, turning to James, "If it were Thatch's'd get me drunk faster."

"Aye. Ah'd take it you've tried."

Edward rolled his eyes, reaching for the bottle, though James pulled it out of his reach, the smaller man leaning back and chuckling a bit, "Sure Kidd...we all have our secrets."

"That's a mighty shameful one Kenway."

"Are you to tease me Jim? I'm not complaining exactly, but...I'd like to know what I'm in for tonight. I'm not drunk enough for one of your lectures," Edward sat back, giving up the alcohol and turning his gaze to the purple sky.

James tilted the bottle, pouring its contents into the nearby sand, "No Kenway...not 'ere to lecture you. 'Ere to make sure Ah don't 'ave to make good on mah threat...but seein' as you're drinkin' dirty water 'stead of rum, it seems like yer lips ahre sealed for now."

"My lips don't become looser when I drink. Not that you know, since I've never given away anyone else's've no idea how much I know."

"Perhaps a lot, but nothin' quite so damnin'," Kidd replied sharply, looking Edward over with careful eyes.

Edward shrugged, leaning forward and resting his chin on his fist, still keeping his steel blue eyes on the sea, "Perhaps. Just don't think me naïve. I know I'm a more accepting man than most, but I'm also aware of how other men can be. Ade is a person in my books. A good one at that. I do however, see how men treat him. I'd never keep a slave, and I'd never keep a woman as one." Kidd quirked a brow, his glare strong enough that Edward could feel it on his skin. "You know Kidd...your temper may betray you before I even consider it."

James lowered his eyes, deep browns focused on the sand around his boots, "Ah... Ah just 'ave to think all the time Edward. It isn't you. Ah don't believe you're this big, bad man you like outsiders to see you as. You've already given it away; you're just a big pup."

"I am a small, defenseless hound, aren't I?" Edward asked with sarcasm, his steel blues sneaking to the corners of his eyes to look James up and down.

James looked up quickly, having felt his eyes, a light smirk on his lips as Edward looked away with a fluster, "It's...'ard to talk out 'ere Kenway. Maybe Ah do 'ave some lecturin' for you, but Ah also 'ave some strong stuff in mah quarters."

"Thatch always says I'm a cheap whore..." Edward said softly, rubbing his chin as he falsely pondered the offer, "But you think I should have more self-worth than that...I just...cannot decide!" Wide blue eyes curved at their corners as Edward grinned, pushing on a knee to stand up, and then offering his hand to the pirate beside him.

James shook his head, standing up on his own and rolling his eyes before looking up at him with eyes that made him feel as though he were looking down on Edward somehow, "Unlike you lads, Ah've enough charm that Ah don't need to pay for mah whores."
Chapter 1 of my Kiddway (Edward Kenway x James Kidd/Mary Read) story. I have plans for it, but for now they need to start nearish to the beginning. 

They can't talk much around others now that so many secrets have been shared. 
Keep reading and following my posts to see what else they learn about each other. ;)
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   "Oh Lord!" I say, rolling away from Mary. "If that's what I get for a heart felt speech I think I'm going to have to start composing sonnets." Mary gives a breathless laugh.

    "You start writing sonnets and I'll need a more active imagination."

    "So, tell me Kidd," I say, slowing regaining my wits, "have you a ship to captain at the moment?"

    "Not at the moment, no. Though I am due to meet Anne Bonny and Calico Jack. Jack's got a new ship, the Revenge, that I'm eager to put through her paces."

    "Calico Jack?" I say, sitting up and giving her an incredulous look. "The same Calico Jack Rackham that stole my ship and left me marooned with Vane?"

    "Come now, Edward, he didn't kill you. That's as good as knowing you'd be fine," she responds.

    "I still don't trust him," I say. 

    "Of course you don't. He marooned you," she says with a husky laugh. I look out the window at the sun coming up over the open sea, spotting the Jackdaw in the harbor.

    "What would you say to putting the Jackdaw through her paces instead?" I ask.

    "I'd say you sound crazier than old Thatch. Everyone knows no one but you and your quartermaster touch that ship's helm," she says, lazily drawing circles on my back.

    "Exactly," I say, turning to look at her. The lazy sensuality she exudes begins to fade as she props herself up on her elbows, allowing the sheet to slip below one beautiful breast.

    "And what of Adewale?" she asks, causing my gaze to snap to her face. She gives me an amused look. "See anything you like, Kenway?"

    "I see plenty I like," I say, moving in to kiss her. She puts a hand to my chest and pushes. 

    "Quartermaster. Adewale."

    "Right," I say, sitting back. "It seems Ade has grown tired of following a man whose only care is gold. He's left to join your family of assassins, actually."

    "Has he really?" she says with a smile. "He'll make a fine brother-in-arms."

    "Aye, that he will, and I give him my blessing. However, that leaves me without a quartermaster." She raises an eyebrow at me. 

    "And am I to have his private quarters below deck as well?"

    "Of course not!" I say, leaning over her, framing her torso with my arms. "You'll be staying in the captain's cabin, with me." I lean down to kiss her again, but she ducks beneath my arm and sits up on the other side of the bed. I bury my head in the pillow and groan in frustration before sitting back up to face her.

    "And you don't mind your crew thinking you're bedding down each night with a teenage boy?" she asks, with that same damned eyebrow raised. 

    "Why would they think that? I already know you're a woman, and I've never believed in that foolish superstition, so there's no reason for you to keep up your disguise. And any member of my crew that don't like it can be easily replaced." The eyebrow doesn't budge.

    "You want me to expose myself as a woman to every pirate in the West Indies in exchange for a short run as your quartermaster?" she asks, as if I truly am as mad as Thatch. 

    "Hold on, who said it's to be a short run?" I ask.

    "And who's to say it won't?" she counters. "Edward, I won't be following a man who's heart is set on gold alone any more than Ade."

    "But I'm-"

    "Trying to change," she interrupts. "And that's admirable, but I'm not going to gamble my entire identity on it. If I stay James Kidd I can continue my life as a pirate if we go our separate ways. If I'm Mary Read I'll need to be sleeping with a captain, like Anne, or end up a tavern wench. Neither of those are acceptable to me. So you can take James Kidd on as your quartermaster, or you can keep looking." The look on her face says she won't budge an inch and I grin. I've always liked a stubborn woman.

    "All right, Kidd. Welcome aboard the Jackdaw." She grins.

    "As for my terms," she says.

    "Your terms?" I ask, confused.

    "Honestly Kenway, this can't be the first time you've hired on a quartermaster." Right, hiring a quartermaster here, not luring Mary onto my ship because of that thing she does with her tongue.

    "To business then," I reply. "What are your terms?"

    "I sign on for an initial run of three months as a trial period. As quartermaster, I'll outrank everyone on that ship but you, and I don't need you jumping in to defend me. It undermines my authority. I want an additional five percent cut of the booty above the standard crew rate, and the rule still stands that if you tell anyone I'm not James but Mary I'll unman you. Which would be a shame," she says, turning her gaze to my lap, "because you certainly do know how to use it."

    "You'll have to try harder than that to make me blush, Mary." She gives me a seductive smile.

    "I'm not trying to make ye blush Kenway. I'm trying to wake your little pirate so I can give him another tour below deck." I lunge across the bed for her, trapping her underneath me. When I go to kiss her this time she lets me.

    "I accept all your terms with one condition," I say against her lips. She laughs.

    "Edward, you're going to need to stop kissing me long enough to talk." I pull away slightly, but still close enough that our noses touch.

    "I said I accept your terms with one condition."

    "And what would that be?"

    "That you still share the captain's cabin with me." I can feel her hesitation.

    "Are you sure about that, Edward? It will do quite a bit of damage to your 'ladies man' reputation."

    "Well, I couldn't very well sleep with you only one deck below me, could I? Not now, knowing what you can do with that tongue of yours."

    "Oh Kenway, you don't know the half of it." I kiss her long and hard and deep. One day soon she'll realize she's meant to be on the deck of the Jackdaw, sailing beside me for the rest of our days. Until I can convince her of that my reputation will just have to take the hit. It's a small price to pay for laying claim to Mary Read. 
If you've read part one then there are no spoilers in part 2! I totally ship Kiddway. Send me any art you have of them, they're amazing. 
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    The ship rocks gently beneath us as I study Mary's face in the moonlight. Her hair is down, falling gently around her shoulders, and her breasts are no longer bound. She's taken the leap, revealed herself to the world, her life will never be the same... and she did it all for me. Well, perhaps not all for me. I'm sure some part of her will be glad to no longer be living a lie, but the reasons she gave for keeping her disguise are still valid. It's not like us pirates have suddenly done away with our superstitions. 

    If she were to leave the Jackdaw now she'd have a hard time finding another ship to crew, which must mean she has no plans to leave. The thought splits my face into a grin. That means she trusts me and, whether she'll admit it or not, she loves me too. I brush a tendril of hair off her cheek and she swats at me in her sleep. I chuckle. It seems Mary is Mary, even when unconscious.

    No one left the Jackdaw the morning James Kidd turned into Mary Read, though that's not to say it was a seamless transition. By the time we got to the dock any timidness Mary might have been feeling was long gone. She retrieved her hand from mine and strode aboard the Jackdaw with no visible weakness, only strength. If I hadn't seem her ten minutes earlier you couldn't have convinced me she'd ever been nervous.

    "All right ye tars, get this deck squared away! I expect to be casting off within the half hour." The few that weren't looking at her, that had only heard her voice, went scurrying off to do what they were told, but the ones that saw the person the voice came from... let's just say they weren't as responsive. Shocked and confused would be a more apt description.

    "Kidd?" asked John cautiously. "That you?"
    "Of course it's me, ye bilge rat. Who else would be yelling orders at yer sorry arse?" she demanded. John looked around him in wide eyed surprise, no doubt wondering if he was the only one seeing the woman standing where James Kidd should be. He seemed to find the rest of the crew's mirrored expressions comforting.

    "But... yer a woman," said Mal, trying to get his head around it. Mary raised an eyebrow in sardonic amusement. 

    "What gave it away?" she drawled. "Was it the breasts?"

    "Those are a dead giveaway," I said, moving to stand beside her. I know she wants me to let her fight her own battles, but I figured a show of support in this wouldn't be out of place. John's frozen look of surprise transferred to me.

    "Ye knew, Cap'n?" Mary snorted in derision.

    "No, he's been playing beneath my knickers for months now and never noticed." When the crew just continued to stare she let out a long-suffering sigh. "All right, I'll make this real simple for the lot of ya. As Mal so astutely pointed out, aye, I am a woman. Me name's not James Kidd, it's Mary Read, though if ye'd like to keep calling me Kidd it's fine by me. As of right now ye have two options: ye can go find a new ship to crew or rig the bloody sails." 

    The sails got rigged. Besides a few lewd congratulatory comments to me behind her back nothing else has been said about Kidd changing from a he to a she. Of course, Mary has spent the last week pushing them doubly hard just to prove her being a woman doesn't change a damn thing. 

    I've never been happier in my entire life, not even right after I met Caroline. Of course, it's thoughts of Caroline that are keeping me awake tonight long after Mary has fallen asleep. It seems so obvious to me now that I wonder why my younger self was unable to see it; Caro and I were a bad match, simply not meant to be. The woman I'm meant to be with is currently hogging the bed beside me. I press a kiss to her forehead, dodging her swatting hand, and slip out of bed.

    I head for the desk currently covered in maps and information about my fleet and pull out a quill and parchment. I've made up my mind- I want to marry Mary Read. The problem with that, besides convincing her to agree, is that I'm still married to Caroline. It's time for me to do what I should have done long ago and set us both free.

    I wouldn't be surprised if she's already moved on, filed for divorce in my absence or had me declared dead. My life here has no ties to what my life was there. I could take Mary to a church tomorrow to marry and no one would ever know that in some far away land called England there was another Mrs. Kenway. I won't though. Not only would Mary throw me overboard for the sharks if I tried, but I can't do that to Caroline. I loved her once, though it seems like a lifetime ago, and she deserves to know the truth, perhaps get some closure from me after all. 

    I sigh and brush my hair back from my face. How to start this letter? My former salutation of "My Dearest Caro" certainly doesn't seem appropriate, but "To Mrs. Caroline Kenway" seems far too formal. I finally settle on "Dear Caroline" and am immediately stuck with how to continue. Do I confess all? Admit I was never faithful to her from the time I left England, that the only reason I'm writing now is because I've fallen in love with another and want to marry her? True though it may be, it seems cruel to say.

    Act the noble soul, then? Setting her free for her own good? I smile wryly. I doubt even Ade would believe me of such unselfish goodness, even with all the progress I've made. Mary stirs in her sleep, reminding me that unless I want to explain what I'm writing and why it needs to be done before she wakes. I focus on the letter and the sun is beginning to peak over the horizon by the time I'm finished. I read through the letter once more.

            Dear Caroline-

        I'd wager you never expected to hear from me again, and perhaps you were glad for it. If so, fear not, this will be the last letter you'll receive from me. I'm writing to tell you something you've probably figured out for yourself by now- I'm not returning to England. I've built a new life here, Caroline, one I don't intend to leave. I suppose we were doomed from the start, you and I, but I want you to know that I did love you, once. I've enclosed a purse of gold with this letter to pay for the divorce, anything left over is yours to keep with my blessing. I hope you find someone to make you happy, Caro. I have.

            Yours, Edward

A small hand pulls the quill out of my hand and scribbles something near the bottom of the page. Mary sets down the quill and nods at me.

    "Now you may send it," she says before turning to get dressed. The sounds of the ship coming alive for the day filter into the cabin and I glance at the letter to see what she's changed. I grin. It now reads "Formerly Yours, Edward." Yep. She definitely loves me. 
Kiddway! I know it's been a while since I did one of these, but I hope it lives up to the previous ones. All faves and comments(including constructive criticism) are appreciated!
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   "There must be another route in!" exclaims Mary, slamming her fist against the table and tipping over her mug of ale. I don't blame her for being angry. Anne's been in that dank prison for two weeks now, and we still haven't settled on a plan. Ade and Ah Tabai arrived a few days after us, and we've spent all our time since scouting the prison yard, holding planning meetings, and bribing guards for information. I've spent hours perched on the highest points in Kingston, using what Kidd calls my "eagle vision" to plot out hiding spots, escape routes, guard rotations, basically anything that might assist in this rescue.

    We have our escape planned out; a path that leads from the back of the prison to the water's edge, where a row boat will be waiting. Unfortunately, we can't risk using that as our way in. On the off chance we're spotted, the guards would be able to trace our steps back, overwhelm our sentry, and sink our boat before we returned with Anne. Then we'd all be stuck in prison, if not hanged immediately.  

    "We need more time, Mary," says Ade, sounding frustrated but looking hopeless. 

    "No, what we need to do is get her out of there," she counters, beginning to pace. It's her go to move when she's frustrated. I take her place at the head of the table, looking down at the map, and notice something I haven't before.

    "What about by boat?" I say. Mary stops her pacing and turns to me with a look that calls me an idiot.

    "We can't go in the way we're leaving, Kenway. Jaysus, have you not been listening? I shouldn't have cut your training short, you obviously still need it."

    "Pipe down, Kidd," I tell her with a glare. She returns it with interest. "Look right here along this coast," I say, pointing at the map, "there's room for a row boat to drop us and be gone again before anyone knows the difference." Mary comes over and examines the map.

    "Hmm. That could work. What do you think, Ade?"

    "I think you both mad," says Adewale vehemently. "With Ah Tabai guarding the escape route and a second person manning the entry point, that leaves only two people to handle all the guards, break into the prison, spring Anne, and make it back out again without anyone being the wiser. That's too much for two people, even the two of you." Mary's slow grin spreads across her face.

    "Ade, I think you seriously underestimate the two of us," she says. Ade doesn't take the bait.

    "Have you even looked at the distance between the dop point and the prison? See here," he says, clearing a spot on the table for the map we made of the guard's rotations. "There are at least twenty guards between you and the inner courtyard, a combination of stationary and roving. It'd be nigh on impossible for the three of us, so how exactly do you plan to manage it with two?"

    "What other options do we have?" Mary counters fiercely. "Do you know why Anne is in that prison cell? Because I taught her how to handle a sword. I told her she could hold her own on Rackham's ship. And now I will be rescuing her. We've been at this nearly a month, Ade, and this is the first plan we've come up with."

    "I agree with Mary," say Ah Tabai, breaking his silence.

    "But Mentor," starts Ade, but Ah Tabai silences him with a raised hand.

    "I know you care for Anne, Adewale. I know you wish to free her yourself, but you must think clearly. This is the best chance we have to retrieve her." Ade takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly.

    "Of course, Mentor," he says. I feel like my eyebrows are in my hairline.

    "Ade and Annie?" I ask Mary out of the side of my mouth.

    "First I'm hearing of it," she whispers in reply.

    "There is no 'Ade and Annie,'" says Ade, irritated. "There is only Adewale looking out for Anne."

    "Right. You got it, mate," I tell him. He rolls his eyes, but doesn't respond.

    "Tonight then?" says Mary.

    "Tonight," I agree. We spend the rest of the day planning how to get from the drop off point by the gibbets across the guarded yard without ringing any of the alarm bells. We finally agree to take the long way round, sabotaging all the bells and stealth killing any guards we can't sneak by. Ah Tabai leaves as dusk falls to ready our escape while Ade preps the rowboat.

    "Remember, Edward," says Mary, "this is a mission. Keep your focus on Anne and off of me." I scoff and step past her.

    "Don't flatter yourself Kidd," I say. "My focus is not always on you." I'm pretty sure we can both tell I'm bluffing. It hasn't escaped my attention that if Mary hadn't come aboard the Jackdaw she'd be in the cell beside Anne right now, if not dead already. There was no talk of Ade going in with her because there's no chance I'm letting her out of my sight in that place. 

    Ade slows as we approach the coast and we roll into the nearby shrubs. He doesn't wait to be sure we made it, he simply keeps rolling as if he has no ulterior motive. I look up at the gibbets and shiver. Mary's life isn't the only one that's changed. I might very well be locked in one of these myself if I hadn't changed course. 

    "Kenway?" asks Mary, breaking my train of thought. "You with me?" I shake my head to dispel the shadows.

    "I'm fine, Kidd. Let's move." We make great time. Everything is going according to plan and we encounter little trouble, at least until we hit the inner courtyard. This is the one place we were unable to scout, unable to find any info for, and I for one am sincerely regretting that fact.

    The place is crawling with their best men, elite soldiers and officers both. There's an alarm bell with a dedicated lookout, and snipers on every corner. In short, we're fucked. I glance at Mary to see that calculating gleam in her eye. I don't think I'm going to like her plan.

    "Edward, I'm going to cause a distraction. While their attention is elsewhere, you sneak past and into the prison. I'll meet you at the exit." She starts to move forward but I grab her arm and pull her back.

    "No." She narrows her eyes at me.

    "Come again?"

    "No. I can't let you do that, Mary."

    "Ye said ye could focus on Anne and not me!" she hisses, giving her arm a tug. I don't let go. 

    "I lied."

    "I can handle myself, Kenway," she says, her eyes spitting fire.

    "Agreed, and normally I'd rely on your skills, but not here. Mary, I am not leaving you alone in this prison," I say, trying to keep my voice to a whisper and still get my point across. She sighs.

    "I knew I should have brought Ade. Fine, what's your plan then?"

    "If you go along that side to those officers and I move behind the jagers I can hit the lookout with a sleep dart before he gets to the bell. Then I can take out the jagers before they realize what's happening and you can do the same with the officers." She considers it for a moment.

    "And the snipers?"

    "If you watch, they have a pattern. If we move quickly we can strike while they're looking away and be in the prison before they realize anything's wrong."

    "Hmm. Perhaps your training was complete after all," is all she says before slipping away to the officers. I grin before moving to my own place. The plan works without a hitch and we're inside the prison in no time, searching for Anne. We've gone down two halls, dispatching the guards along the way, when we hear her yelling at the guards.

    "For the love of Jaysus, I need more water!"

    "It seems prison hasn't broken her spirit none," Mary says with a grin. Anne's yelling has the guards watching her cell distracted, and a hidden blade to each of their throats does the trick. We walk around the crates that hide her from view confidently, only to be stopped dead by the sight of a third guard, his musket pointed straight at us. He smiles maliciously. 

    "Arrogant pirates," he says, his finger finding the trigger. Before he can complete the action, however, a blade materializes out the front of his chest. He drops to his knees, revealing Adewale standing behind him with a smile playing at the corner of his lips. 

    "It seems you had need of a third after all," he says, turning to pick the lock to Anne's cell. I clasp him on the shoulder.

    "It seems we did, old friend."

    "Thank the Lord you've arrived," says Anne, her voice strong but her appearance haggard. Ade has her cell opened in a jiffy and is helping her step through it, offering his arm for support.

    "Come now Anne," he says, "we could never leave the best tavern wench in the West Indies in conditions such as these." Anne attempts a laugh.

    "Well, in that case the next round is on me." We've gotten her down the hall and nearly to the exit when a voice from a nearby cell calls out to her.

    "My bonny, bonny, Anne Bonny." The voice makes her stiffen and she turns to face Calico Jack. "Fancy seeing you here, love. How 'bout you pop open this cage door and we sail the seas together again?" he asks, going for charming. It doesn't seem to have the desired effect on Anne.

    "And why would I want that, hmm? So the next time the British come calling you can hide below deck again while I alone defend us from the lot? No. It's sorry I am to see you here, Jack, but if you had fought like a man you'd not need to hang like a dog." She turns from him and continues on her way, not even pausing her step at his cries for her to come back. 

    We get her out of the prison and to Ah Tabai without a problem; it seems Ah Tabai became bored in his role of sentry and cleared the way for us. We're back on the Jackdaw within the hour. Mary is tucking Anne into our bed in the captain's cabin while Ade and I set a course for anywhere but here.

    "We need to find a place for Anne to stay," says Ade, breaking the silence.

    "Not Tulum?" I ask, surprised. "I had thought you'd want to keep her close."

    "She's five months pregnant, breddah. She can't stay at an assassin's compound." I think on this a moment, feeling my ship move through the open ocean before responding.

    "I have a guest cottage behind my manor on Great Inagua that should suit. What do you think?"

    "I think it sounds like my pirated king has finally grown a heart," says Mary, climbing the steps to the helm. Ade nods at us and makes his way below deck, returning to his old quarters for the night. Mary comes to stand beside me, arms crossed and staring out into the night.

    "Aye, well, I had a lot of help," I tell her. A small smile quirks the corner of her mouth.

    "That you did, Kenway. That you did."
Part 5 for my Kiddway shippers!
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Gilbert and you were speeding over 100 mph on his motorcycle.

"Gilbert! Slow down! I'm scared" you yell at him.

He laughs

"No way! It's too much fun" he says.

"It isn't fun Gilbert! Slow down. It's too scary" you say

"Then tell me you love me"

"Fine, I LOVE YOU GILBERT! Slow down!"

"Now give me a Big Hug"

You hug Prussia

"And can you take my helmet off and put it on? It's bugging me" says Gilbert

--The next day in the papers—

A motorcycle crashed into a building because of a break failure.
Two people were on the motorcycle but only one survived.


The truth was that Prussia realized halfway down the road that his breaks
broke, but he didn't want you to know. Instead he made you say you love him,
give him a hug and put his helmet on. So you would survive even if it meant he would die.
A PrussiaxReader story

I read this [link] this is where I got the idea to write this

I pretty much twisted it around so it would make this

I forgot to mention that I might be making a sequel, but Gilbert is still dead though, but it will have an happy ending

Epilogue: [link]

Prussia belongs to :iconhimaruyaplz:
you belongs to you
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     "You can't leave me Mary," I say, unpacking the few belongings from her bag. "It's only been two months, you promised me three." She makes a noise of frustration.

    "For the last time Kenway, I ain't leaving you! One of my targets has surfaced and I need to take him out before he goes to ground. Quit being a baby. I'll only be gone a week, and Adewale has volunteered to fill my place until I get back."

    "Tell Ade not to bother," I sulk. "We'll spend the week in Kingston. Perhaps visit some of the new whorehouses." I'm poking her for a reaction. I'm hoping maybe she'll fly into a rage, or perhaps beg me not to. Or, even better, decide not to go after all. I get none of these.

    "You can do as you like, Edward," she says, rolling her words together in a way that is uniquely Mary, "but if you spend the week trolling for whores the only person you'll get back on this ship is James Kidd. Mary Read will stay ashore." Leave it to Mary to outsmart me yet again. She's proven time and again her cleverness over the past two months.

    She'd been yelling orders at the crew for less than a week the first time she had to put someone in their place. She was walking across the deck, headed for the galley, when John knocked into her with his shoulder. Hard. I think he expected the teen boy to go sprawling across the deck, but though she stumbled she stayed on her feet.

    "Something to say, John?" she asked. She appeared relaxed at first glace, but I could read the tension in her every muscle. John scoffed.

    "I have nothing to say to the captain's pet cabin boy," he spat. My first instinct was to leap over the helm and lay him flat, but I was pretty sure that counted as undermining her authority, so I resisted. Barely. Mary just laughed.

    "Is that jealousy I hear? How long have you been waiting for your invitation to his cabin?" she taunted. John turned red.

    "I would never-"

    "Oh please," she cut him off. "The whole crew knows you find your pleasure with Simon on a regular basis." This was met by chuckles from the rest of the crew, who were watching with rapt attention.

    "All I know is that after the black one left-" John started.

    "Careful what you say here, Johnny boy," she warned, hand resting near her sword. "His name is Adewale." I tried not to grin. It's just like Mary to defend a friend's honor, whether he be present or not.

    "Fine, after Adewale left it should have been me or Malcolm as quartermaster, not some kid who's only talent lies in warming the captain's bed," he said. Mary gave him a crooked grin.

    "Malcolm," she called up to where he was sitting aloft, "do you agree with this lazy excuse for a pirate?"

    "John, if you can't keep your big mouth shut at least leave me out of it!" Malcolm yelled down. John scowled while Mary laughed her low, husky laugh, sending shivers up my spine.

    "It seems Mal has no objections, which just leaves you. Ever think you weren't made quartermaster because you can barely tell port from starboard?" John turned even redder and lunged for her. Before I could order him thrown overboard, Mary had him pinned face first to the deck with his arm wrenched up behind his back.

    "Listen closely John. I'm quartermaster here, and no amount of your bitching is going to change that. The way I see it, you have three options. You can keep running your mouth and get marooned on one of the lovely nearby deserted islands, you can hold your tongue until we get to port and find a new ship to crew, or you can learn your place, shut your mouth, and stay aboard the Jackdaw. Frankly, I don't give a damn which one you choose, but if you come at me again looking for a fight I'll slit your throat and throw you overboard for the sharks. Savvy?"

    "Savvy," John managed to choke out. Mary released his arm and took a step back. 

    "Good," was all she said before continuing below deck. John shaped up and stayed on board, now one of James Kidd's biggest fans.

    "Will you at least tell me who the target is?" I ask Mary as she repacks her bag.

    "Do you remember Laurens Prins?" she asks.

    "Of course, the slaver the Sage was working for."

    "Well, his second in command has taken over his slave trade. He's surfaced in Nassau, looking to take on new crew without scruples. I'll be cutting his plans short," she explains, finishing with her bag.

    "If you're going to Nassau then why are we docked at Pirate's Cove?" I ask, slightly confused. She gives me a look that tells me she thinks me an idiot.

    "Edward, the last time you were in Nassau you blew up the blockade set by the king. Arriving on the Jackdaw would draw a lot of attention I'm trying to avoid." She slings her bag over one shoulder. "Now then, this is your last change for a kiss before I-" She doesn't get to finish her sentence because I already have her in my arms, kissing her passionately. She wraps her arms around my neck and returns it with interest.

    "Please be careful," I whisper against her lips. She takes a step out my embrace and shoots me a grin.
    "Ah, Kenway. I'm not the one you need worry about. I've got to go, there's a schooner waiting for me one dock over. Ade will be waiting for you in the tavern." With that she turns on her heel and leaves the cabin. I was lying about the whorehouse. I doubt I could even feign interest in someone who isn't Mary at this point. I head toward the tavern to find my old quartermaster and closest friend already settled at a table with a drink in hand. He smiles and waves when he sees me, then gestures at the seat across from him. 

    "Kenway! it's good to see your ugly face again Breddah," he says, clasping my arm across the table.

    "And yours as well, Ade," I reply, signaling the tavern wench for a drink. "Though I'm surprised you volunteered to fill Kidd's spot for the week. You were very clear about how you felt when you were leaving."

    "That's true, but, uh, James has sent word that your attempts to care for more than gold are coming along nicely." I smile at that.

    "I have been trying, though gold is still near the top of my list," I say.

    "I won't begrudge you that," replies Ade. "So, what are we doing this week? Taking down a convoy? Diving for shipwrecks? Hunting the white whale that's been spotted not far from here?"

    "Actually, Ade, I thought I'd just take the week off. We'll be staying here at the Cove. I'll be fixing up the manor house if you'd like to stay and join me." Ade looks at me for a moment before he bursts out laughing. 

    "I never thought I'd see the day, Kenway. I believe I know what you now value more than gold." I take a swig of the rum the barmaid's just put down in front of me. His laughter dies out.

    "I see. You wish to be accompanying him on this."

    "What if something happens to he-him," I say, catching myself before saying her, "and I'm not there to help? What if something happens, and Kidd's gone for good?" Ade takes another drink.

    "There is a way for you to be able to accompany Kidd to all his targets," he says. 

    "There is?" I ask, my interest piqued.

    "Of course," responds Ade. "All you have to do is join the Assassins."
More Kiddway! 
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   "Ah, Kenway, you really aren't any good at this, are you?" asks Mary, laughing at me from beside the haystack. I want to groan in frustration. It is impossible to sneak up on this woman! Instead, I hook her around the waist and pull her into the haystack with me, kissing her as soon as she lands beside me. Mary Read has become my obsession. 

    "Of course I'm good at this," I say after releasing her lips. "I have been doing this for years, assassin training or no, and I've not been caught once."

    "And yet I've managed to catch you every time. Why is that?" she asks, her eyes now sparkling with amusement. 

    "Two reasons," I say, pressing a kiss to her neck. "One, because you are better than they were." 

    "Flattery won't get you out of training, Kenway," she tells me, accompanied by a look that tells me I'm an idiot if I think otherwise.

    "And two," I continue as if she hasn't spoken, "you're expecting me. You can't sneak up on anyone if they know when you're coming." Her eyes light up and narrow at the same time, the way they do when she's been issued a challenge. Pair that with the wicked grin on her face and I have a feeling I'm going to regret my last statement.

    "Is that right, Kenway? So if I gave you an area to patrol and told you I'd be coming for ye, I couldn't sneak up on ya?" I pluck up my confidence.

    "No, you couldn't." There's laughter in her eyes.

    "I'll make you a deal, Edward. If you can catch me even once out of five tries I'll agree you don't need more training. We can be back on the Jackdaw today. But if you can't, you quit your bitching and finish your training to my standards. Deal?" My grin matches her. I've studied Mary. I know how she moves, how she fights, how she likes to be touched in the middle of the night. I'll be able to catch her on the first try.

    "Deal," I say, shaking her hand.

    "Good." She pushes me out of the haystack. "Then get going." The area she gives me is smaller than the one I had to hunt her in. This will be a piece of cake. At least, I think so until I feel the tap on my shoulder. I spin to find Mary standing there with her arms crossed, looking unimpressed.

    "That's one," she says.

    "I was getting the lay of the land," I protest. "I don't know this island the way you do." She raises an eyebrow and stalks away without another word. I resume my patrol. Ten minutes later I feel her pressed against my back.

    "That's two," she whispers in my ear. She melts away and I try again. I'm walking by a building when I hear something land in the nearby haystack. I grin. Got her. I head over to the haystack and start to look through it when there's another tap on my shoulder from the clearing behind me.

    "Three," says Mary, trying not to laugh. I glare at her over my shoulder. "Ready to admit defeat, Kenway?"

    "Never." She shrugs and retreats, ready to start again. Number four comes quickly after that and I'm beginning to curse the day I met Mary Read.

    On our fifth go round I hear another sound in the haystack and smile to myself. She can't really think I'd fall for it again, can she? I've got you now, Mary. I approach the haystack, but at the last moment spin around to face the clearing, finding... nothing. Before I realize what's happening I'm falling backwards into the haystack beside a laughing Mary.

    "Well Edward, it seems we're right back to where we began," she says smugly. I try to be mad, but end up laughing along with her. 

    "Ah Mary, I do love you," I say before I realize what I'm saying. I freeze, expecting Mary to stiffen or perhaps even run. She does neither, simply rolling her eyes before giving me a look.

    "Kenway, don't use that word until you know what it means." I'm taken aback. She thinks I don't know what love means? I'm saved having to mount some sort of a defense by the sounds of Adewale looking for her.

    "Mary! Mary Read! Where are you?" She rolls out of our hiding spot, getting to her feet and brushing off the hay. 

    "I'm here, Ade. What's wrong?" He pauses.

    "Where's Kenway?"

    "Right here," I say, making my own appearance. He rolls his eyes.

    "Do the two of you have to play 'hide the pirate' everywhere? Never mind, I don't want to know and this is important. The Revenge has been captured. Anne Bonny is up on charges of pirating." I still haven't gotten used to the speed at which Mary's easy going demeanor can disappear. Her laughing eyes are hard as stone now and there's no smile dancing on the edges of those lips.

    "Where is she?"

    "Kingston. We have four days until she goes before the judge." Mary turns to me without hesitation.

    "It seems your training is done after all, Kenway. The Jackdaw can get us there in time if we leave immediately." I nod.

    "Ade, are you coming with us?" I ask. He shakes his head.

    "No, Breddah. I'll follow with Ah Tabai. We don't have anything as fast as the Jackdaw, but we'll be right behind ye," he says, gesturing towards Mary, who's already halfway down the path leading to the Jackdaw.

    We manage to catch the right winds and dock in Kingston the morning of Anne's trial. The courtyard it's held in is full of people and we blend in on a bench near the back. They bring her out clapped in irons while she looks on in defiance, a look that doesn't change as the charges are read and she's sentenced to death. I feel Mary's muscles tense next to me and I know she's trying to form a plan to kill the entire courtyard and free Anne. Luckily she doesn't have to.

    "I'm pregnant!" yells Anne. The crowd breaks out in whispers. "That's right, you can't hang a woman quick with child, can ye?" As I examine her
more closely I find her stomach is slightly rounded. Seems Anne had an ace up her sleeve.

    "Quiet!" yells the judge. "If what you claim is true, then your execution will be stayed. But only until your term is up!" Anne is led away with a smile on her ever defiant face while Mary and I slink back to the ship. 

    "What now?" I ask once we've reached the cabin.

    "Anne's bought us a bit of time," she says. "We wait for Ade and Ah Tabai. Between the lot of us we'll be able to come up with a plan to spring her." I sit down on the bed, stunned by the day's events, while Mary begins to pace. Death? They sentenced sweet Anne Bonny to death for a bit of
pirating? I study Mary as she walks. Is that what would happen to her if we were caught?

    "Mary, if we ever get caught I want you to plead your belly," I say earnestly. She glances over at me and scoffs. 

    "For that to work there'd need to be a babe in it, wouldn't there?" I grab her hand as she passes me and pull her to stand between my knees.

    "I'm serious, Kidd. It would take them a few weeks to figure out that you're not with child, long enough for me to mount a rescue." She tilts her head to the side.

    "Edward, if I was captured chances are you'd be captured too. A few weeks probably wouldn't be long enough."

    "Then sleep with one of the guards until you actually are!" I say desperately.

    "Are you mad?" she asks, trying to pull her hand away from me. I don't let it go.

    "Mary, do anything to keep yourself alive long enough for me to get to you. Promise me." She pauses to think before replying.

    "And after you rescue me, what then? Am I to rid myself of the babe? Or cast it away once it's born? Or am I truly to believe that you'd raise the child as your own?"

    "I would," I swear passionately.

    "Would ye now?" she says in a tone that proclaims she doesn't believe me.

    "Mary, that babe would be the only reason you still lived, the only reason that I'd have you back here beside me. I would be forever grateful and love that child for it." She studies me for a moment before wrapping her arms around my neck.

    "Okay, Kenway. Perhaps you know what love is after all."
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You woke to the sound of many pairs of feet shuffling over a stone floor. A cacophony of voices echoed under a vaulted ceiling; the clanks and clangs of various metallic objects rang out around you. Groaning and clutching your head, you sat up, the flimsy blanket that had been covering your body pooling around your waist.
You rubbed a hand over your face in an effort to erase the grogginess, and gingerly opened your eyes.
Harsh, unforgiving morning light filtered through the metal grate drilled into the wall of the enormous cavern you and the others in your group currently occupied. It littering the cave floor with dappled shadows; dust motes swam in and out of the scattered sunbeams. People swarmed everywhere. From your bunk in the sleeping area against the far southern wall of the cavern, you could guess that you were the last one to rise. That was unusual – you were usually one of the first to be up and about, making preparations for the coming day.
"You're up late," a husky voice admonished, bringing your attention to the tall figure standing at the foot of your bed. You paused momentarily, scanning the up-swept blonde hair and blue-grey eyes of the person before you, before sighing at Lars' unimpressed expression.
"It was a rough scouting mission last night. Probably took more out of me than I realized," you mumbled, stifling a yawn.
The young Dutchman snorted, tossing you a clean uniform from the stool between your bunk and the next. "Rough scouting trip or not, can't have you lying around all morning. We have things to do."
Before you could reply, a loud, boisterous voice cut you off, echoing across the cavern space. "Hey, Lars! Stop chatting to your girlfriend and help us out over here!"
The pair of you turned your attention to the source of the voice, your eyes landing on the bright red coat of a boy who was in the process of hefting a large wooden crate onto his shoulder.
Directing his scowl towards the younger boy, Lars shouted back, with the addition of a middle finger, "Shut up and focus on your work, Matthias!"
You watched in mild amusement as Matthias pulled a face at his older counterpart and continued with his heavy lifting, his boisterous grin still plastered on his face.
Lars turned his attention back to you, taking a long drag on his pipe and exhaling the sickly-sweet smoke in a steady cloud. "You'd better hurry up and get dressed – we're getting another recon team together to scout the south border, I want you to lead it."
You nodded, grasping your uniform and hopping out of the rickety bunk bed with a renewed sense of urgency. Ever since those damn Lithians – an extra-terrestrial race Earth had been trading with for quite a few years prior – had decided to invade, the world had been turned on its head. Different rebel forces, much like your own, had dedicated themselves to finding a way of liberating the planet and its people - that included scouting mission after scouting mission, intercepting any valuable information possible, attacking key Lithian strong points, blocking trade routes… the lot.
You ducked behind your bed, hurriedly slipping your uniform on over your tank top and shorts, not even bothering to remove them. With all the work the unit had been doing to find a way to topple the Lithians, no one had had a decent night's sleep in months. You were all constantly on the move, never staying still for more than a few moments at a time. You grabbed what little sleep you could, when you could. Your group operating as it did, look-out shifts rotated every two hours.
After you had donned your uniform and helped with the preparations for the scouting party, Lars gathered everyone in the usual meeting place – in a forest clearing near to the mouth of their cave, surrounded by dense forest. The ocean was a constant, dull roar somewhere to the west of their hideout, ensuring that they were protected on all fronts.
He stood on the felled oak tree that served as a make-shift podium, hands clasped behind his back and pipe set firmly between his teeth. With a sweep of his hand, the murmuring crowd fell silent. You looked at him carefully – Lars had always had this commanding aura about him. People respected him; looked up to him. He was the undisputed leader – strong, confident, and dependable. All the certainty they needed in these uncertain times.
"Alright, scouting team Alpha will be patrolling the Western border with me, team Beta will be at the Eastern border with Matthias, team Delta with Vash on the Northern, and team Gamma with __________ on the Southern border," his tone was firm, making sure there was no room for uncertainty. "We will meet back here at exactly noon to report on enemy activity. Remember: radios on second frequency, and always stay in sight of your scouting leader."
Lars swept his gaze over the assembled rebels. The corner of his mouth twitched into a small half-smile - a smile you'd only seen a handful of times before, and very seldom in public. "Alright ladies and gentlemen, let's go over the mission statement one last time before we head out."
A similar smile appeared on your face as you joined in with the chorus of voices around you –
"They will not force us, they will stop degrading us. They will not control us – we will be victorious!"
You returned from your patrol that afternoon exhausted, both mentally and physically – it had been five hours of non-stop sprinting, hiking and marching through dense forest, evading Lithian patrols and keeping an eye out for any useful information that could help your cause. Your team had managed to raid two small supply trucks bound for Lithian headquarters, and were in the process of carrying the spoils back to the base with victorious grins on your faces.
It was only when the cave-mouth to base camp was firmly in sight that you let your expression falter momentarily. While your men had been raiding one of the supply trucks, a Lithian guard had come out of a nearby compound building. In a split-second decision, you had distracted him by running straight into his field of vision and then into the think scrub behind the compound, away from your team. You had managed to lose him after a while in the dense forest, but not before he had caught you in the arm with a stray shot from his plasma rifle.
Nursing your injured arm under your tattered jacket, you bit back a grimace and told your men to go on ahead to the make-shift canteen where they could drop off all the new supplies and take a break before their evening patrol.
Making sure that every last one of them had disappeared into the cave, you finally let a pained hiss slip past your lips. Whether it be out of pride or in the interest of keeping the men's morale up, you refused to appear weak infront of your team. They needed a strong leader, not someone who moaned like a child over the slightest injury. Arm shaking from the intense pain burning from forearm and shoulder, you started towards the cave mouth. Maybe you'd be able to dig up some spare bandages from the trunk under your bed and wrap your arm up without anyone noticing.
"________!" someone called out your name and your grimaced. Turning slowly, you were relieved to find that it was only Lars striding towards you, with his hands stuffed in his pockets and a steady trail of smoke bleeding from his pipe. He took it out of his mouth for a moment as he asked you, "Anything significant to report on the Southern border?"
Trying your best to hide your quivering arm, you pulled your jacket tighter around your shoulders, biting back a moan as more pressure was applied to your injuries. "Nothing all that important – we managed to raid a pair of supply trucks, so we should be good on food and supplies for the next few days. Other than that, it's been pretty quiet."
Lars nodded, looking at you as if something else was going through his mind. You began to feel slightly uncomfortable under his close scrutiny, shifting slightly. His keen eyes picked out the blood seeping through your jacket sleeve, and he frowned.
"What did you do to yourself?" he asked sternly, shoving his pipe in his coat pocket and taking another step towards you.
You cursed mentally and took a hurried step back. "It's nothing, really – I must have just grazed myself on thorn bush or something."
Lars scoffed, giving you a sort of I-know-you-better-than-that look. "Come now, _________. Drop the act and let me have a look at it."
With a defeated sigh, your shoulders dropped and you reluctantly opened your coat. The shredded sleeve fell away to reveal the deep gash running from the middle of your forearm to just below the curve of your shoulder, skin singed and oozing blood from where the plasma ray had torn through your flesh. Frown deepening, Lars grasped your elbow firmly,  gently moving your arm a little to either side to assess the damage.
"And just how long were you planning to let this go unnoticed?" he questioned, a hint of annoyance sharpening his words. You tried focusing on the warmth of his touch rather than the searing pain of the wounds.
"I really don't think it's anything to worry about-"
He cut you off with an impatient tch. "You're only human, there's no need to keep the tough-guy act up all the time. Weakness isn't always a bad thing - especially when not showing it could get you killed."
You cast your eyes downward, avoiding his gaze. "I don't need anyone worrying about me. We have enough things to deal with as it is, I can handle myself."
Lars sighed, giving you a look you couldn't read – it was somewhere between understanding and exasperated - it was a look you'd never seen him give before. "Sometimes it's okay to rely on others."
You took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, mulling his words over. When you remained silent, Lars studied the expression on your face and eventually began leading you towards the mouth of the cave. "You'd better get that patched up before it gets even worse, come on."
"Stop squirming like that, you're only going to make it worse."
A little while later, you and Lars sat on the small hill around the back of base camp as he tended to your arm. He seemed to have sensed your want of not letting any of the others see you in a weakened state – truth be told, he was the only one you actually felt comfortable with seeing your vulnerable side.
You bit back another hiss as he applied more alcohol to your upper arm. The sharp, burning pain made your eyes water, and your screwed them shut tightly. "I can't help it! It burns worse than a plasma ray!"
Lars just snorted and smirked, setting the scratched, faded bottle down and reaching for a clean roll of bandages on the knapsack next to him. He began to wind the material around your arm. "And here I was, thinking that you were nearly invincible."
You rolled your eyes at his sarcastic tone and returned the smirk. "I'm only human, remember?"
He let out a short laugh and ripped the bandage into the appropriate length, taping down the loose end before moving onto the wound on your forearm. "Was that meant to be sarcastic?"
"No," you replied innocently, watching with wary eyes as his picked up the bottle of spirits again.
Seeing your expression and the way you tensed as he gripped the bottle, Lars snorted. "If you're going to be such a baby about it, then here." He pulled his pipe and a tattered box of matches from his pocket, lit it and stuck the end of it in your mouth.
Surprised, you let out a muffled squeak and grabbed the unheated end of the pipe before it could fall from your lips. Lars smirked, continuing, "Just take a few puffs, it'll help with the nerves."
Casting him a skeptical look, you complied with his orders and inhaled a few puffs of the sickly-sweet smoke you had always associated with the Dutchman. Sure enough, after a few moments, you felt decidedly more at ease than before. You watched Lars bandage up your forearm as if through a fluffy haze, limbs almost limp from a mixture of fatigue and whatever the hell Lars had stuffed his pipe with.
When he was finished and was reclining against the grassy embankment beside you, you sniggered and pulled the pipe from your mouth, looking at it carefully.
"You know," you began with a contented smile, "I've always wondered what the hell you put in this thing."
Lars grinned and sat up again, plucking the pipe from your fingers and slipping it back in his mouth. "That's a secret."
A grin of your own forming, you snatched the object from the Dutchman's lips and deftly inserted it back between your own. "I think I like it, though."
Expression flitting from mildly surprised to very amused, Lars smirked. "I've got something that's even better than the pipe."
"Oh?" you lay back against the grass, every closed, swirling the aforementioned object from one side of your mouth to the other. "And what would-"
Before you could finish your question, the pipe was snatched from your mouth and replaced by a pair of warm lips. Eyes snapping open in surprise, it took you a few moments to realize that Lars was actually kissing you.
Soon enough, you relaxed into his touch and kissed him back, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him closer. You forgot all about the pain in your arm as you focused on the sensation of his warm body against yours, the fingers running lazily through your hair, and suddenly the need to breathe.
The two of you broke apart reluctantly. You still had your arms around his neck, fingers lazily playing with his hair. His arm encircled your waist as he laid half ontop of you on the grassy embankment.
Sticking the pipe back in his mouth, Lars smirked down at you when you said, "Yeah, I'd have to say that was definitely better than whatever you have in that pipe of yours."
Returning to my sci-fi/fiction roots :love:
Been too long since I wrote anything of the genre 

Sorry this is so late!! :nuu: I feel bad that I haven't posted anything in a while ^^;

Anyway, this is a request for :iconsavanir:
Hope you like! Sorry if he's OOC, I don't know Netherlands all that well :iconfacedeskforeverplz:

Can you guess what I was listening to when I wrote this

More requests will be uploaded soon, but for now I have a higher-grade English essay on Alfred Lord Tennyson's poems to get back to :faint:

I don't own any Hetalia characters, :iconhimaruyaplz: does
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