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anyway, I was flipping through my book called "manga moods", and I thought HEY LET'S TRY IT!
so PART ONE. energetic.

Character (c) Me
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It'll always exist.. With you..
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For the amazing and wonderful :iconpixiecold:=PixieCold.

Some of her artwork:
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my fanart of goku and chichi
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Not sure why, but Michael's outfit in this video reminds me of a Blu Medic. And you can't tell me that I'm the only one that can see him doing this randomly. C'mon. Dancing and singing and everything:

"So zhey came into ze outvay, it vas Sunday - vhat a black day; mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, sounding heartbeats, intimidations..."

It has become apparent that I have no shame.

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Well this started as a rant doodle xD" I found the sketch of Farren after the emotions behind it passed and decided to turn it around and draw this. The grass just kinda happened >>' Looks pretty awful but it was fun to do at least.
Just to clarify, Farren is not gigantic, he's pretty small for a wolf, Scritch is just tiny xD
Scritch is just one of those happy things who want to see everyone smile. Unfortunately for him Farren is kind of a lost cause, but he's a determined little puff ball xD

Farren and Scritch are (c) to me
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you know I never seen these couple gender swap before well I'll be the first to do it

this is our favorite couple only gender swaped

so Chichi would be called Chiro

and Goku would be Goka

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★ Character Description ★
:bulletpink:: Name: Monty Python
:bulletblue:: Gender: Male
:bulletpink:: Appears: Twenty-two
:bulletblue:: Actual Age: Thirty-one
:bulletpink:: Personality: Monty is primarily laid back. He has quirks that most find to be strange and possesses an unorthodox way of doing things. The part of your brain that alarms you when something you might be getting ready to do could be a bad thing does not exist for him. He will do anything at any given time without consideration; he acts completely on impulse. Monty has an uncanny ability to make simple tasks harder, or completely changing the way one would do them. While he usually appears happy and free spirited the shark has been known to get a little dark when the situation strikes. Contrasting this further Monty has the ability to get angry though it takes more provoking to get him there than it does most others. When this occurs he becomes cold hearted and cruel.

:bulletpink: Hobbies::
~Whale rolling
~Going where he doesn't belong.

:bulletblue: History:: When Monty was in his teens he and his love interest Echo found themselves in a place they didn't belong with things they didn't understand. Here an accident occurred and Monty lost Echo as well as his eye. His torso and legs lay littered with scars distorting its blue hues. Though some would live in angst finding their scares to be a constant reminder of their stupidity that caused them and lost their love, Monty seems to ignore it. In most causes he does not think about it anymore. After spending years searching for any sign of were his beloved might have gone he had given up. A couple Tibumeru questioned him about his scars and the weight that pulled on his heart told him he had never truly given up. After a short conversation with Versai Monty gave her his hat, the last treasure of his past love. At last in his heart and in his mind he was able to let go.

While many things have happened Monty finds himself no more less alone than he was in the beginning. Being ordered by a short colorful male who made no sense to him to join the Peace Keepers was just the beginning. When he thinks back to this he often wonders what happened to make him act so cruelly toward the younger Tibumeru. This he can not explain, and this also for some reason makes him feel bad. He promises himself if he ran into the man again he would keep control of himself. It wasn't long after this when Monty was searching for the leader of these Peace Keepers, that he found Noel. Whether it be Monty's lack of knowledge or not the shark was used by the glow-fish, and the most peculiar thing happened; for a day they switched bodies.

Monty met several others during the course of his travels and yet only one he has seen more than once; Versai. He calls everyone his friend as long as a good standing was between them. However, he doesn't know what Versai is to him. A best friend feels fictional to him for no one stuck around that long. As of late in his freedom from a torment he put upon himself he drifts about alone.

:bulletpink:Bad Habits, or Specific Traits::
~Unable to sit still.
~Tendency to over look things.
~Uses mundane items as toys (e.g. bottle caps, straws, chopsticks).
~Cannot drink anything with ice in it, because he is strongly susceptible to “brain freeze.”
~Monty does not fight, unless forced. Due to this he has developed a resistance allowing him to charge in and last longer than others.

:bulletblue: Legend:: He has no opinion on the matter
:bulletpink:Theme Song::
~Why Wont You Smile- ChesterSee (from him to you)
~Dear My Friend- Miyavi
Extra ;; Monty is terrible with names, usually resulting in your name being absolutely butchered or never used.

★ Status ★
:bulletpink:Level:: 20
:bulletblue: HP:: 13 (130)
:bulletpink: Attack:: 5
:bulletblue: Defence:: 8 (4)
:bulletpink: Speed:: 10
Intelligence:: 1

Weakest Stat:: Intelligence
:bulletpink: Strongest Stat:: Health Points

★ RP Style ★
:bulletpink: Preferred RP Style:: Paragraph
:bulletblue: Method Of RP :: Notes or Skype
:bulletpink: Other RP Style:: Script; really bad at it.
:bulletblue:Do you mind starting the RP ?:: If I have an idea, of course, I will. (May result in very random scenarios)
:bulletpink:What are you not comfortable with ?:: Nothing! Bring it on.
:bulletblue: Language:: English
:bulletpink: Extra:: It's merely a flesh wound.
Post size and detail is effected by my partner, it can possibly be bigger than the sample, or smaller depending on you.

★ RP Sample ★
Monty had always been fairly non-aggressive. Sure he liked to fuck with humans, normally the ones out on the sea upon their monsters. Though he never showed any sort of hostility toward them until things got serious. One pink eye flicked back toward the city for a brief moment. "Yus, though I aint sure how." He had tried to figure this out when they somehow switched bodies. He gnawed at the appendages and got in frequent fights with land monsters. While Noel yelled at him and struggled with Monty's weak lungs. The obvious multiple injuries to his torso left his lungs rather weak, making land life extremely hard for him. The rich air forced his lungs to work harder than normal causing a burning sensation when he did strenuous exercise.

The shark held his hand behind his back and took a couple steps away from the man as if he was starting to follow the coast line again though he wasn't going anywhere. When Cadence spoke again Monty looked back at him and smiled with a nod causing his hair to bounce lightly. "If it comes to that." He blinked to focus when he looked at the shell for when he had smiled he closed his eyes. He took it and looked it over. "What do I do with it?" He said this in almost a panic, his cave better yet his chest of 'precious things' was so far away. After a delay whether Cadence answered that or not he continued. "What if it breaks?!" That idea saddened him and it showed along with his panic.

(reposted cuz dA ate it)
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My second MMD download for you all :D

This time it's Son Pan from Dragonball as she look in one of my fanart: [link]

I used the jacket by :iconmikolorful:, the tube top by :iconakatsukisjewel: shorts and a edited version of glossy hair by :iconchibi-baka-san:, sneakers by :iconimmaaweshumbanana: and gloves by :iconmmdfakewings18:

The base is :iconmmdfakewing18:'s clean LAT base.

I hope you like her :hug: I am also going to make the GT versions of both her and Bura very soon ;[

Please comment when :+fave:/:+favelove:

Pan Akira Toriyama
Model me
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Yo...aqu...TIENEN FANSERVICE >:U (?) de Kai ewe ya...

se que estan...mirando..el sexy...y super sensual..


:iconsiclaroplz: pieercing (???)

XD okno es la primera vez que amo este dibujo :I de kai es tan e.e no me salia los brazos y bueno asi quedo X'D

aksjkas se que quierne limpiarte la pancita XD(??)

bueno no le pongo filtro solo muestra al sexy abdomen .w.UU

y ya ahi tienen un reglaito x'D :dummy:

espero que les guste uvu

Kai, dibujo :iconariadragneel:

(como ven mi firma sexy esta en el abodmen de kai..muahah e.e(?(
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