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Preview of my Guest piece in *Squ-chan's Vocaloid Fanbook: Mirai no Uta

information journal: [link]

This was drawn back in July 2012,
I chose to draw the Worlds End Dancehall PV outfits on Hatsune Miku Diva Project. They are beautifulll.
Congrats to Squ-chan for finishing the book!
I'm looking forward to it ^^ Such beautiful arts and amazing guests!, Im honoured to have been invited as a guest artist in it.
Thank you Squuu!!

I hope you enjoy the full version in the book if you get your hands on a copy !
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My application form for :iconodd-jobs:.

Ohey ohey~ Shizu here in my new account.

Yoooo I finally updated her app with a much more recent picture. Ahaha.
Regarding the name written in Japanese, I don't know if thats right or wrong ahaha. //slapped

Also, I removed the relationships part of her info. o/

Old desc. here here:

:bulletpink: Name: Shizu Kishinuma ( Kishinuma Shizu in terms of Japanese Names arrangement )
:bulletpink: Age: 16
:bulletpink: Height: 153 cm.
:bulletpink: Weight: 102 lbs.
:bulletpink: Team: Captain of the Orange Team
:bulletpink: Abilities:
>> fast and agile due to her petite body.
>> has a high-sense of sight.
:bulletpink: Item of Choice:
>> Her trusty dagger and her green scarf

:bulletpink: Personality:
Shizu's kind, helpful and caring to people who shows a positive attitude. She's also friendly and very hospitable, thus making her a perfect fit for the Orange Team. Shizu, despite being mute, is cheerful and happy-go-lucky. She may also be childish but she can be very mature and responsible, and she does all her task in time and both organized.

The downside of Shizu is that she's short-tempered and mysterious. She often hides information to people and will not show them even if they ask for it. Also, if people really pushed her limits, theres a high tendency that she will use her dagger and murder them with her weapon. ( Cases noted are those of Shi Sakurai and Alisdair Tadashi //shot )

:bulletpink: Likes:
>> The colour red, yellow and pink.
>> onigiri and milk.
>> reading books.
>> friendly people.
>> musics.
>> accessories.
>> nature.

:bulletpink: Dislikes:
>> people who knows her secrets. ( except for Hotaru )
>> litters and pollution.
>> bugs and insects.
>> annoying people mostly people from either purple or black

:bulletpink: History:
A little much information is known about Shizu. Her real parents, her real birthday, and her real name, all of them are hidden to the public. Only Shizu and her "guardian" knows the correct information.

Shizu knew about Odd-Jobs when she transferred to the school GakuGakuen. She heard many people talking about the said club, about how they help resolve people's problems. Curious, Shizu went there and the next thing she knows is that she got forced and joined Odd-Jobs. However, even if she was forced, she liked the concept of the club thus making sure that she will do anything to help people, like what the club does.

When Shizu joined Odd-Jobs, she showed to the Club President, Inoue Hikari, that she has the potential to be an Orange Captain. After informing Shizu about the said position, she became interested. So she threatened Hikari to give her the spot. Shizu worked hard, then in a short while, Hikari then promoted her into the Orange Team Captain.

:bulletpink: Additional Information:
>> she eats onigiri almost everyday.
>> due to her recent change, Shizu now uses her real voice and almost never uses her whiteboard and marker anymore.
>> she always bring her trusty dagger around.
>> she's a yangire.
>> her hair is dyed. ( it's original colour is black. )
>> her real name is Rei Shinozuka.
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watercolor, and a little bit of pencil crayon

okay it was supposed to be a practice drawing but I ended up having too much fun with the hair and spent a few hours on it.

I'm going through a purple eyes phase .______.
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Pencil, coloured pencil and ink! Sweet, glorious ink! Colour saturation rescued from my scanner by CS2.
My reference: [link]

I have to admit. I had apprehensions as to how this one would turn out. Miku didn't have a ton on her. Poor thing doesn't even have a name! But as Miku and I talked about her I came to see her as the Yin to my own devil character's yang. Which made this whole thing certainly more fun than I had expected. She's a sweet natured angel, born cursed to look like a demon and constantly judged by her appearance. On the other hand, I have my Xabat, who looks the part of the angel but has a dark little heart. Of course she's depressed! :D

Hope you all enjoy!

Art Trade Party hosted by :iconpaper-anime-masters:

My partner this time around was ~missMiku-chanX. Her portion of the trade can be found at [link].
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This was done as a birthday piece.. to myself , I have no idea, that sounds so self conceited but I really wanted to make a post to thank everyone for making life so much more lively for me.

Before I move on, however, I would like to thank God for being of the pillar of strength whenever I needed help or faced any kind of dilemma. It's really Him who has made this all possible by giving this me this life I'll forever treasure!

Now I would like to thank each and everyone I've met online, whether I talk to you often or not, I really appreciate all the support you've all given me thus far.. For example, this year's Pixiv Fantasia was really memorable for me and meeting everyone was something I'll never forget..
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Birthday gift I did for my sis about a week ago;;

Her character Yvette from a game project she's currently working on:



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It's finally done! :faint:

Fan art of the game Mother 3! (Would be Earthbound 2 if it was released here :( )

Anyway, I recently really got into the Mother/Earthbound series and Mother 3 is my favorite. It may be my favorite game of all time. Sure, the graphics aren't great... But the gameplay is fun and the story is phenomonal.

The ending also made me cry. Alot.

Yes, that is Lucas who appears in Brawl. You probably know him as, "Isn't he in the same game as Ness...?" That's what I thought for a long time. If you want to know more about Mother 3, look it up! It's a great game but you can only play it in English with the Fan Translation.

All characters (c) Nintendo
Art (c) Me
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I'm just having conversations
With the thoughts in my head
All I hear are angels crying
Oh, won't they just sing instead
It would be wrong for me to say

I don't need that girl by my side
I don't need that girl in my life
I don't want to talk it out
Or hold her when she cries

I don't want to say she's my kind
I don't want to say that she's mine
I don't want to tell her that
I love her more than life
More than life, Yeah
Love her more than life

-David Choi - "That Girl"

Newest Wong Fu and Davod Choi collaboration had me crying. Ah.

Just a quick doodle based on the video. Go check it out!

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