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Preview of my Guest piece in *Squ-chan's Vocaloid Fanbook: Mirai no Uta

information journal: [link]

This was drawn back in July 2012,
I chose to draw the Worlds End Dancehall PV outfits on Hatsune Miku Diva Project. They are beautifulll.
Congrats to Squ-chan for finishing the book!
I'm looking forward to it ^^ Such beautiful arts and amazing guests!, Im honoured to have been invited as a guest artist in it.
Thank you Squuu!!

I hope you enjoy the full version in the book if you get your hands on a copy !
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Fanart of Sword Art Online.
been pretty busy running around with uni and other work, nothing new new much to update with ///ee///
TvT i hope things will settle down towards later December.

This was drawn to be a print for MCM alongside the last shingeki one. 
 I still have a couple of this print left with me, 

They can be bought on my Storenvy!! theres also some other stuff in the store:
If you're interested do check it out~ ^v^

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The Full has been uploaded:

Preview of my piece as Guest Artist in :iconblizz-mii:'s Artbook!
Blizz, Thank you for the invite !! It's an honour to be a part of your artbook!!!!

For Purchase Information and content information etc;

Its theme is "original", so we were given the freedom to draw anything we wanted.
I guess I can't ramble on about the piece itself but it was very fun to do! and Im just happy I could pull in something space related since ahhh space is beautiful!!

This is just a crop of the full, so I hope that if you are picking up a copy, that you enjoy the full drawing as well C:

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"Even though all people want to try to fly
They're tricked by gravity
The truth is, everyone can fly"

- lyric from Jellyfish no Kokuhaku

>>>scrapped ;w;
something that gives off the simple vibe- :3

;-; never really had much chance to sit still nowadays.
(i spent most of the small chances watching asian dramas <*A* they were good> lol. well worth it.)
once these few days blow over, it should be better >_<

oh. btw happy valentines~
whether you celebrate or not, :3
im spending mine with friends tommorow LOLL xD
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sorry i dont have anything new new to upload;;; still swamping around in uni deadlines.
^v^ This is a older kuroko no basuke drawing that was drawn for my and *Eternal-S's kurobasu fanbook.
kiseki suits///

*Pre-order ends after today, if you're interested in getting a copy, do check out the storenvy ^^:  

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I was invited to be a guest artist in the DanRon Antho by *toumin.
Thank you Touuu, it's such an honour!!

Dangan Ronpa Anthology: 希望理論-HOPE THEORY-
☆Content from both Dangan Ronpa and Super Dangan Ronpa 2!
☆4 Main artists and 24 great guests! A4/letter size, full color with 45 pages+!
☆For more information please go here: [link]
Preorder your copy today!: [link]
I chose to draw Junko! I hope you enjoy the full drawing, if you get your hands on a copy (psstYOUREALLYSHOULD). //w// now ill go back to sinking in textbooks.
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dsalfkjakjfa// I'm so excited for it to come out * 77777 *
i mean, their names are just perfect. and just everything adslfldjfsajfkda -dies-

ok ok pakku, back to work back to work :iconpapmingplz:
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how does one do the cheeb :3c

Since Robin doesn't know many people, I thought maybe I should RP a bit more! ;O;

I made an for him! Ask him as many questions as you like, about any topic~ I'll also accept RPs here too!

You can RP with me via skype or while I'm in the kalos chatroom; the latter is probably more likely since I'm only in the chatroom whenever I feel like it |:3c

LOL maybe it's not clear enough, but the RP invitation is ONLY to members of KalosCity.

;v; I'm sorry to everyone else, but I'm not interested in RPing unless you're a member of the group.

Robin is a blaziken gijinka for the group KalosCity 

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UPDATE: scroll down for links~ *3*

I just want to share these peeps, what I feel and my experiences about them and how I stalk them sdkjfhskdj joke. //will move to scraps latur

I always say "I have a very random style" to those who're telling me that I have a great/unique or whatsoever style .... because most of it were influenced by some of these artists aaand From my entire life I thought creative block will only take 3 days.. but I'm very surprised that I almost got more than 3 months of creative block. >:I //rants about creative block last year (2012) Anyways, I have more than 300 (estimated) artists that I really look at that includes YOU to my list :) (I sometimes forgot who are they, but my mind always tell me that I know them)

Here are my 7 major and recent art inspirations from le amezeng artists! ;w; my eyes always cry when I stalk them :iconweepplz: //my eyes have an eyes too LOL.

1. Rei (零) - First work I saw from her was a fanart of Ib game in pixiv // (Ib is a popular rpg game made by Kouri and it hit our rocky hearts because the storyline was unique as well as the characters *our hearts turned into marshmallows) I exploded :iconmushroomcloudplz: when I saw all of her works... ;_; seriously she's the most sick artist *cries* in MY world (sick = perfectly insane creature with milky way hands)... I died a thousand times you know... and I also do love that she put tutorials and progresses of her works even if it's in chinese language (some had a translation but It doesn't matter). and I wanna buy her artbooks... some had BL or yaoi. ;-;

on my recent work //it was inspired by rei especially the use of colors.. dang she's so pro in colors ;_; and someday I want to be like her..

2. Mingzhu Yang
3. Ephemera

- I love these two. ;_; When I'm about to start a portrait, I look at their works first and imagines that they're cheering me like "you can do it"... and ended up on not continuing the work ... found these two on diff. sites, Mingzhu in CGHub while Ephemera in weibo... I love their proness... pfft. I wish I can draw hotties like these two laydees~ I love ephemera's sims.. ;_;

4. Lin Ran - he's an awesome troll for me because I thought his works as photographs but I was wrong.... :iconamgplz: all of them are paintings //then I went to the corners to vent out my self embarrassment.. first saw his works on facebook then I stalked him in CGHub... he is absolutely beyond professional for me. ;-; His works are very clean and the details on skin/hair was wow. He inspires me a lot. ;_;
I'm pumped..

5. Elna - tried to imitate her style but fails in the end. I adore her DMC and AC fanarts because they're so cool.. so manry so so.. want to raep them.. :iconmad2plz:

6. Kidchan - my long time fave artist. I love her so bad. Her art taught me more about the real meaning of life, heart, enjoying the colors, details and everything.. same as Rei. ;_; they can be a good art style combo.

7. lastly a drawing from kids or other ppl - honestly before, I hated kids so much because they're very naughty but when I began to taught 2-3 kids on how to draw and saw their works.. i was like... aweee so cuteee ;w;.. then I realised that kids are fun to be with. ;w; seriously... I changed... i met stickman again... my long lost best friend forever and ever.

thank you art. without you my life will become a booger.

///brah sorry my grammars are bad but confidence makes you improve more. *-*)/ hope confidence is real so I can hug her irl and oh man this is so long ;-;

ewps sorry forgot to put their links~ here
*in weibo, you have to register first. you cannot view their albums blerp...

rei: [link]
mingzhu yang: [link]
ephemera: [link] | [link]
Lin ran: [link]
Elna: [link]
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