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I have finally found a great set of skin tones.
This is for white/pale skin because all of my OC's are pale lol.
I hope you all like it
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Suffice it to say that you don't want to meet him...ever...
Heh heh, well, too late now :meow:

For more detailed information about J's background before he came to Stratum City, check out his Train of Consequences OCT ref here.
His outfit has obviously changed a bit...

Oh, and obviously I had to give him a theme song :XD:

Edit: one last thing I forgot to mention which I think is essential to J's character. His favorite word is 'excellent.' It's usual connotation means nothing good for whoever happens to be in earshot...or under the knife...
The other word he uses often is 'intriguing.'
Oh, and he likes eyeballs...they're his favorite snack... O_O


:bulletred: How did J get to be a judge?
Ryan did his best to try and keep the tournament a secret from J before it started but...well...J likes to get his sticky little fingers into everything - seeing how he views himself as the city's guardian, considering that he's been there the longest. And he wasn't at all happy that he was left out of the loop.
Seemingly for compensation, Ryan and the other judges agreed to allow J to become their final judge, but this was really so that they could keep an eye (and hopefully a tight leash) on J's activities.

:bulletred: The Good Doctor's territory:
J controls the main hospital at the top of the city as well as an abandoned graveyard towards the lower levels of Stratum. This graveyard, coincidentally, was the downfall of the Gravediggers.
Speaking of which...

:bulletred: The Gravediggers and how J came to be in the city:
Here, let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time - a very long time ago, back before the city was called Stratum, back before there was even a city - there was a little nameless village, a hamlet, in the swamp. And the village had a doctor, who was not what he appeared to be. But the villagers all loved him, and treated him with the deepest respect.
Well, they did until some of his secrets...uh...'got out.' Then they gathered a mob and tried to pitchfork him to death...
It would've worked too, if the good doctor wasn't already dead...
So the villagers sealed up the demon doctor in a crypt at the old abandoned cemetery on the hill - at least it used to be a hill... But not before J cursed them. That's what happens when you trust a demon (granted, at the time, they didn't know he was a demon) to be the entire town's family doctor.
Fast forward a few...centuries...and deep below an ever growing city, a filthy rag-tag gang of men calling themselves the Gravediggers sneak into a forgotten graveyard, laden with lanterns and shovels. They've come for the jewelry of the dead, to steal and sell on the market.
They try an old crypt first, but try as they might they can't open the stone casket to get at the body inside. All they manage to do is crack the strange symbol carved on its lid with a shovel...
Out they go, back among the tombstones, oblivious to the thing that crawls from its disturbed slumber. And the men began to dig at a random grave, stopping only when a tittering voice says behind them, "I'm afraid you can't dig there. If you do I'll have to dismember you." It's not the threat that frightens the men, but the complete apathy with which it is said and the smile that accompanies it from the creature perched above them in a tree.
It's not smart to disturb the rest of one of the doctor's ghouls, awaiting his call from underground. No, the good doctor doesn't like that at all, and on those rare occasions when he is angered, his wrath is deadly and severe.
The Gravediggers' only hope is to make a deal, binding them to the demon doctor. Now they, nor their immediate families, will ever die unless the good doctor wishes it. Each one carries the mark of a white bone somewhere on their skin, and the larger and more obvious the mark, the stronger J's power is over them.
On that night, the Gravediggers helplessly watched the good doctor shake off the bonds of the seal tying him to his crypt, and when the last chain had fallen away he gave his silent call, and the cursed villagers rose from their own graves, enslaved and groveling at his feet...

So if you want to blame anyone for setting J loose in the city after years of being sealed in a crypt, blame the Gravediggers.

:bulletred: Weapons and Abilities:
The Hoodie
It's J's most important accessory. He rarely takes it off, and when he does he hides it - it's that valuable to him.
The hoodie is actually a symbiotic demon (affectionately named Loid by J as a kind of joke). It's essentially...well...a void, hence J's nickname, and he uses it to store various interesting and sharp pointy things for easy access and later use. Its sleeves can also extend to wrap around a target and hold them in place. I suggest you donít get caught in them because the openings of the sleeves are rimmed with shark-like teeth.
It get's its power from blood so, yes, the thing drinks blood - which is what the teeth are for. So I repeat, don't get caught in them! When it feeds, you'll see red 'veins' tracking through the sleeves up into the shoulders. Also, this act of feeding for some reason makes the wearer of the hoodie feel an intense sensation of, orgasm pleasure...Obviously, putting two and two together, if the hoodie hasn't eaten in a while it is significantly weakened...too bad J likes to keep it fed...
The hoodie can talk to people telepathically, but only if itís touching them. So yes, sometimes it does look like J is talking to himself when heís actually speaking with the hoodie. J also uses this ability as a weapon to psychologically torment people.
If a host applies their soul to it, the hoodie can use their barrowed power to change shape Ė wings, color, bullet-proof, black hole surface (if there is enough will power), etc. However, the more it is used, the less human the host becomes and the hoodie will eventually take over their souls and bodies, leaving a soulless shell. As long as the hood is drawn over the head, the hoodie will be able to remotely control the hostís entire body. Otherwise, it can only control the areas of the body it is touching, so mostly the torso and hands. In the dark, a controlled bodyís eyes will glow red (fun fact). The hoodie is lifeless and cannot talk or move on its own.
However, this little ability doesnít work on J because heís already dead, and his soul isnít technically in his body anymore. This infuriates the hoodie to no end and its constantly lamenting its inability to be in control. Thus, itís constantly trying to get other (living) people to steal it from J and put it on. Every time it tries to pull some trick on J he puts it through the wash cycle as punishment. It doesnít like the wash cycleÖ

in general...
J may be light and small - hell, you could probably easily throw the bastard - but he makes up for it in speed and agility. He can easily keep up with a freight train or even a taking off jet-plane. So good luck outrunning him. Good luck outgunning him too, because he'll just get right back up after he's healed. The more serious the injury, by the way, the faster J heals. So if you blow his head off with a shotgun he'll be right as rain in about a minute. Run him over with a train, and the regeneration is almost instantaneous.
In life, J was quiet skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and he still is. He prefers knives to guns nowadays, especially his scalpels, so be prepared to die by a thousand cuts instead of a bullet hole.
He's a master at creatively killing and torturing people too, so it would probably be in your best interests to do yourself in if you find yourself on the losing end of the stick. Somehow get rid of your body too, or he just might bring you back for fun.

:bulletred: Other "helpers" you should know about:
Ghoul Child: a little ghoul girl that acts as J's primary assistant, and the creepiest little shit to walk in the good doctor's considerably dark shadow

Marco: head of the Gravediggers

Jeremy: a fellow demon who works as J's head of security at the hospital
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Update April 11th 2012: Added white color version

Nokia finally introduced its new Windows Phones at Nokia World last October, and they're pretty much what people were expecting: The Lumia 800 is essentially the beautiful hardware of the N9 combined with the latest Mango update, Windows Phone 7.5.

As always, this PSD is completely vector-based and thus scalable. If you want to use it for promotional purposes, please give me credit by linking to this page.

Note: This PSD includes all four colors in which this model is available - black, cyan, magenta and white. Toggle the appropriate layers to switch between them.


If you like my work and want to support me, please add a favourite :+fav: and comment. To stay updated you can follow me on Twitter.

Thank you!
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Poser Pro 2012 render

House of Mog Ruith
DM Kay's Lair
BRC Cloister
Desolation Gothic backgrouns

see journal for stock rules…
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Samsung Galaxy Nexus .PSD

File info
- 3462x2460 Resolution
- 44 Layers
- 10 Groups
- 27.6 Mb .psd
- 12.1 Mb .zip

Wallpaper [link]

License CC-BY (Creative Commons)
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31 striped textures, by me! elasticknights @ Livejournal and arapax @ deviantART.

Resources I used for the textures came from

Credit not required, but thank yous are lovely 8D

P to the S, thanks to everyone who's downloaded and favorited my textures! It gives me encouragement XD
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When I was learning how to do this, it took me a really long time to get started because it just seemed like a whole lot of effort for nothing. So, I just colored using only the one tone, and black and white for shading. It took me absolutely forever to see how big of a difference it made, because I barely noticed it, and then of course I was doing it WAY TOO MUCH.

Also, it doesn't have to be yellow and blue. Any warm and cool tones can be used. However, unless your OC has some other color of blood, always use various shades of red for blush.

So basically, here you go, I'll save you the trouble. Also, be sure you use very very low opacity brushes to add skin tones, make sure the brush is not too small, and make sure it's very soft. These techniques can be replicated with traditional media, using very transparent supplies such as watercolor with a lot of water in it, or colored pencil with barely ANY pressure at all.
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Feel free to use as stock so long as you:
-link me to the deviation
-note me that you have used it
-DO NOT use my stock for commercial or published purposes (other than dA prints) without first requesting and receiving a signed written document with my permission.
-Permission is already given for use in dA prints, so long as the image is reasonably different from the original.
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Hardly a tutorial but it's the best I can do at the moment. It does not go into specifics, I could write a book if that was the case.

After hearing requests from many people, here is what I can provide.

Download if the text appears too small.

Edit: deleted other... I seemed to have uploaded two
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