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By clicking on the "wrench" icon on the bottom of the player, you can choose 720p. PLEASE WATCH IN HD xD

TBH he looks a bit like mako lol
Okay folks... What you see before you is friggin 112 layers of hardwork and 12 hrs of extreme research and scratching away at the Wacom Create! And voila, my favorite animation I have ever done, if thats not gloating I dunno wat is xDDD

The specs (READ CAREFULLY!!)

--Referenced a lot of bboying videos, and tbh these are the two I most heavily relied on: [link] [link]

--The music is COMPLETELY ROYATLY FREE and can be listened to here: I think its an awesome song.... [link]

--Yes, the scratch at the start of the video is made by my mouth xD I am a rookie beatboxer myself, and I plan on adding my own routine to my next bboying animation xDDD

--Softwares Used:
------------:iconadobepsplz: for drawin and animating;
------------Adobe Premiere and After effects for adding music and exporting

A lot of effort put into this one, please temme how you like it! xD

©Izanagi Aadi | ARTworks 2012
Please dont steal, BROFISSSSSSSSSSSSST!!!

Snapshot of working process:

My animation and Film:

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For english version, look at the end...

Alors, voice le résultat de mon bac en animation 3D. Une session de travail pour en arriver là! Au depart, le projet devait s'appeler "Opération Cupcakes", mais j'ai tellement eu de problèmes de corruption dans ce projet que j,ai decide de le rebaptiser! Lol!

Ici, j'ai tout fait de A à Z, y compris la voix!

Qu'en pensez-vous?

Pour la version sans sous-titres, c'est par ici! :…

Logiciels utilisée : XSI Softimage, Photoshop et Nuke


So, here is the result of my bachelor degree in 3D animation! On semester of work to get this result. At beginning, the project was supposed to be named "Operation Cupcakes", but I had so much corruption problems I decided to change it! Lol!

Here, I did everything, form modeling to animation, even the voices!

So, what do you think?

Software used : XSI Softimage, Photoshop and Nuke
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Finally i can upload this in my gallery too =)

Programs used :
3ds max for the basic 3d animations
After Effects for 2d effects and cutting
Reason for the audio/music
Sony Vegas for cutting and placing audio effects/music

[link] <--- look forward to the third pack!


full version here: [link]
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If you enjoyed this, please subscribe to me on youtube as I upload my animations there days in advance ^^ [link]

Gotta harl'em all! :D

WATCH IN HD! Can't watch this here? Watch is on youtube! [link]

I had to do it.. haha! This was so fun to make :3
I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks for watching!


Other places you can stalk me:

Stalk me on Tumblr! [link]
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Reference used. Credit goes to ~ChuuStar :3
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Animated in After Effects using Maya, Photoshop and Illustrator

A short film about a little dude who goes on a long journey

Dedicated to my father, a little dude that likes to travel

The Hobbit + Lebowski = Most Concise Summary Ever!
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Time: 4 hours.
Drawing program: Photoshop
Video editing: Movie maker
Music: The Legend of Zelda Theme Remix (Zedd Remix) - AsteriXX

Toon Link by Fratellanza
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This is my pencil animation created for university.
It was done using nothing but pencil and paper and old bolex cameras that use film.
I had to plan it out completely traditionally and I didn't get to watch any of it until the film was developed. It taught me a lot about animation and planning

Animation: Me
Music: "bossa nova loop" - by hjcrbass
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My previous animation. eager to work on new one to show improvement from this one haha..
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Final project from my Intro to 2D Animation class last semester--yeah, way back in May. Took me that long just to build up the courage/get enough distance from my own embarrassment to put this up here. In a way I'm still kind of proud of it: just seeing what I managed to do in, oh, 6 weeks or so? in a class I "took" just because I wanted to learn animation... but obviously, I bit off way more than I could chew, and realized just how far I still am from becoming anything close to an animator.

Please don't critique this for the animation or concept or composition; I know it's poor, rushed, cheesy and disconcerting. Most of it makes me wince. I know I really, really need to practice depth.
But, well... I guess, I just really wanted to show you this roughest version of the animation I WANTED to make. I did this for my final project because this is what I dreamed of every time I listened to this song. This is Ian's song, and Ian's beginning. I'm not even sure if I want to keep this idea--it's cheesy as hell, I know, but for now it's what I'm running with until I can come up with something better. The concept's gonna stay the same either way, because this has always been a story of the fall. For those of you who've been following Angel Dust (bless you guys, seriously), maybe this'll help illuminate something? I hope it adds a little to the story.

The song is "One Day You Will Teach Me To Let Go Of My Fears," by sleepmakeswaves, used with their permission in this animation. You can listen to the unedited version here, and even download it if you like! Thanks again to this band for letting me use their music; it's the whole reason this animation even exists.

For anyone who spotted the cameos, they are: ~shark-bomb's Tudor, =theblackbutterfly's Obizuth, and of course a Cris from AD. And yes, I did look up Treasure Planet's intro scene a million times, but no, this was not actually inspired by it. This is the beginning to my own story, Angel Dust: [link]

Put together with Photoshop CS5 and Toon Boom Animate Pro. Also available on Vimeo, here

Thank you everyone for the support, you guys are the best!!! ♥
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Model, Makeup, and Styling - I-Got-Shot :hug:
Music - JaimeIbarra and Emma Härdelin

Footage filmed with an iPhone 6, and edited in Premiere Pro and After Effects

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