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Brushed In magazine :D PDF file, downlaod is to the right.
I wanted to make a mini magazine type tutorial. I like the format of the pages heh heh.
I'm planning on making a troubleshooting issue with redlines and critique. If you would like your work featured please send me a note with your art!
:+fav: Please fave if you find helpful!

art blog:
other tutorials:…
Suscribe: I plan to do more "issues" so you can follow my art blog or watch me here on deviantart for updates.
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For optional use with the Tac Nayn Doodle Skin!

Here's the code you need to use:

<div class="popup2-moremenu"><div class="floaty-boat">
<img src=""/></div></div><div class="gr-box gr-genericbox">

Ignore the bold spots, that's just so the code would show up correctly. You can just copy and paste this into your custom box. :)

Please credit me inside your custom box!



If you have any questions, just ask me!

Find me on:
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i need money for some stuff i made these adops 5evr ago and forgot about em lmao. saves me havin to open a chibi com slot
soz i'm only accepting paypal for these becasue your points are useless 2 me snort

pls just make a offer i'll probably accept since i just need mone ayy but not like 0 0 0 0.1 money yea?
1- Taken
2-  Taken
2 comes with an extra courtacy of Kuruoshi
Gage Adopt Xtra by Kuruoshi
paypal only i dont want your crummy points
base by pixsu-adopts
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nuckchorris0 Made a really nice script some time ago and I was asked to take a look into it:
AMALL by nuckchorris0

And now it's done!

For any of you who don't know about it:
Installing this script will add a little button within your activitiy-List of your message-board.
Pressing this button will give the respective user a Llama-badge!

A Yellow button means you already gave a Llama.
A Green means success in giving a Llama while a Red means Error.

 I changed a few things, which accidentally made it now compatible with
  • Firefox + Greasemonkey
  • Chrome (native)
  • Chrome + Tampermonkey
  • Opera (native + Workaround)
  • Opera + Violentmonkey
  • Safari + Ninjakit.

In case you are wondering how to install, just follow my guid!
Using GM-scripts with other BrowserGreasemonkey-Scripts are to use with Firefox and Firefox-Addon Greasemonkey.
However, it is possible to use them in other browsers as well (now with videos!):
For firefox, just install greasemonkey-addon here:
Everything is now set well, just visit the intall-link within the userscripts-description, press install on the targeted site and refresh deviantart to use it!
Brand new Way:
Just install the extension "Violent Monkey":
And suddenly everything is as easy as in Firefox!
Just follow the userscript's install link and press the "install" button. A little prompt will show up and suddenly the script is working!
Oldschool (more work for less features):
See the video:
If the userscripts aren't using GM_functions, they will work in Opera just fine with copying

Thanks again for nuckchorris0 for adding me as a contributor to the github-repository so I can update the script there in case of an error.

If you notice bugs or the script is not working for you, feel free to contact me!

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How to draw eyes (Yuki style~)

Sorry for the color quality being cut, if you want to see the original, look here: [link] The color quality should be fine.

I made this because a friend asked. :XD: I hope it is helpful. If you liked this, I will be making a tutorial on how to color soon...
That one will be even huger @w@;

Also, this was put into the wrong category because deviantart doesn't allow .GIFs in the tutorial/resources gallery...??
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Offer anything (besides points or currency!!) and I will pick a winner in a couple of days, or when there are a sufficient number of participants ^-^

I will send the winner an unwatermarked version.

Things I am interested in
-Adoptables (If you offer me adoptables, I will most likely consider your offer before others <3)
-Outfit designs
-Chibi Art
...Pretty much anything! Again, these are supposed to be fun ^-^

Things I am NOT interested in
-Animal Adopts
-Anthro (Ears/tails are fine though)

Please only claim the adoptable AFTER I have accepted your offer, thank you!
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:points: Commission Me | Journal Skins | Gallery Skins

:eager: Make Your Own Skins!

how to use

In order to use this gallery skin, please purchase it using the widget on the right.
Premium membership is required!

zip file includes
  • Gallery CSS (Red Version)
  • Gallery CSS (Blue Version)
  • Detailed instructions for adding CSS to folders and for using all the customizable features listed below

  • Thumb Width: All thumbs are the same exact width, and this width can easily be customized. The preview image shows how the thumbs look at 150px (default), 100px, and 200px wide.
  • Colors: The skin comes in two default colors, red and blue, but customizing the color is extremely simple.
  • Six Image Options: Pick and choose which of the following you want to display: title, artist, and comments.

    1. Nothing: Default setting
    2. Title only: Delete 1st line in code
    3. Artist only: Delete 2nd line in code
    4. Artist + Comments: Delete 2nd and 3rd lines in code
    5. Title + Artist: Delete 1st and 2nd lines in code
    6. Title + Artists + Comments: Delete the first 3 lines in code

  • Description Headings: Use the h1 tag
  • Hidden Stuff: Print icons, feed buttons, and the "More Like This" link are hidden.
  • Lit/Journal Thumbs: Also styled to match the art thumbs.

- Version 3.0 (Jan 11, 2014) -- Removed thumb shadows for more flat design, description floating fixed :new:
- Version 2.0 (Aug 22, 2013) -- Now compatible with dA's new updates
- Version 1.2 (July 25, 2013) -- Centered thumbs
- Version 1.0 (Jun 27, 2013) -- Added space to make lit thumbs look better

more skins

Petite Gallery Skin by SimplySilent
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My Fanpage on facebook:

Thanks to everyone who really helped me in 2013, I am eternally grateful, I'm leaving available download my first volume "How to Draw Cartoons" to really help anyone learn to draw, I hope I can help.
Were countless emails I tried to answer all and I'm still responding, unfortunately I produced 500 numbered copies only, which sold out! thanks to good allies that I will always carry in my heart forever! a happy new year to all! her and always Celãoxxx skater! Big hug to all of you guys see in 2014
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Blank meme [link]

:bulletyellow:January- I just learned photoshop
:bulletwhite:February- Try to use more BGs
:bulletyellow:March- Practiced on lighting
:bulletwhite:April- I bought drawing pen and traced the lineart manually, It's more detailed that way OAO
:bulletyellow:June- Exam week !!! I broke my lappie, too... so, I did lots of manual drawing
:bulletwhite:October- Trying to draw many peoples in one pic
:bulletyellow:December- There it is...

Have I improved yet ? :|

Btw, Mia is my nickname :iconheplz:/so? /slapp
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Meh, This Looks Terrible >.<
Anyway This Is My SpeedPaint Tutorial, And Hope Ya Find It HelpFul !

If You Didn't Understand Anything, Just Tell Me ! ^3^

The SpeedPaint :

Part 2 : SpeedPaint Tutorial -Part 2- by MalleryTheAdventurer

Artwork And Tutorial (c) MalleryTheAdventurer 
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