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You stood there at the edge of the camp with him and just tried to hold it in. They had just hanged a child for stealing bread. You couldn't blame him. The kid was nothing but a living skeleton.

“What’s wrong?” You looked up at your brother, Ludwig and it all just exploded.

“Everything.” He stopped staring then and you just punched him hard in the jaw. He fell back on the building and you grabbed the front of his uniform.

“You’re messed up! They just killed a child Ludwig and yet you don’t care!? Gott who the hell are you!?” He just stared at you and soon you hit him again. You were so upset. Ever since you two had gotten a new leader, everything had gone to hell. It was time to stop it before the others came wanting you dead.

“Swestcher.... He’s making us strong again!”

“By killing our people!? Just because they have a different religion! Just because they don't look like us!” Right then you ripped off his hat and threw it in the mud. He just looked at you and soon you just slugged him again. You both had short blond hair and blue eyes, the very image of the perfect being.

“You’re being stupid Ludwig! Gott I can’t even stand to look at you anymore. This isn't my bruder! You’re not the one who taught me honor and integrity just like Gilbert did Julchen!” You soon just threw him back and turned away letting the tears fall. You had watched them kill so many people and everyone had caused a deep pain to grow in your heart. You refused to even drink beer like normal because of it.

“Schwester.... Oh Gott.... You’re right...” You stopped then and soon you heard him get up and just hug you. He was crying too. You could feel them soaking into your uniform.

“Ludwig.... It’s OK... Mistakes are made so we can learn. We can learn how to prevent and how to fix them. This one will take a while but we can fix it.” He looked up then and you turned smiling.

“What? What would Vatti and Gilbert say if i left you to deal with this alone?” He smiled as tears fell and soon hugged you close.

“Es tut mir leid Schwester...... bitte verzeih mir.” You just smiled and soon nodded.

“I’ll forgive you bruder... After all family has to stick together.” He laughed and soon you two went off to try and see if you could fix this before it was too late.
So you're Fem!Germany. In my little things, i always make them as brother and sister. but this is from her pov ok?

Translation!! (sorry if it's wrong, blame google!)

Es tut mir leid Schwester...... bitte verzeih mir - I'm sorry sister ...... please forgive me
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   "It’s an easy A this weekend, everyone. Remember to read five of William Shakespeare’s tragedies this weekend! Thank you! And have a great Valentine’s Day everybody. Class dismissed!!" (Name) snatched up her books, flying out of her chair and into the gaggle of her classmates. Her lips were stretched into a straight line, bright, sparkling (E/C) eyes oddly dull.
        Her mind was a million light years away, focused only on getting away from her college, Mr. Arthur Kirkland, she had so mistakenly fallen for. She replayed his voice inside her head; his beautiful English accent, pronouncing every word so clearly that the fog of confusion lifted in AP English.
        But those eyes, oh those emerald eyes. She could look into them all day. She practically fainted whenever he looked her way. They pierced her heart and soul, consuming every day of her life. Well, every day of her four year college life. She couldn't tell him that she was hopelessly in love with him. But she thought about it all the time. How he might, perhaps, whisper those words breathlessly in her ear or maybe, through a Shakespearean quote written in beautiful cursive (His cursive was quite exquisite).
        He always wore either a midnight blue or evergreen suit that fit him so well, it left almost nothing to (Name)'s imagination. Mr. Kirkland was definitely in shape, with that thin, but toned body. Despite his thick, black eyebrows that detracted from the attractive face, his blonde, shaggy hair that drifted across his forehead so beautifully, (Name) wanted to just reach out and run her hands through it-
        "Ms.(L/N). I'd like to have a word with you, dear." She froze, rigidly turning around. Mr. Kirkland had his eyes locked on hers, and  a small whimper escaped her lips. Her best friend shot her a look of pity, then skittered out of the room with the rest of the students, leaving (Name) alone with the handsome professor.
        "D-Do you need anything, Mr. Kirkland, sir?" He rose from his desk, flashing a small grin.
        "(Name), I know you like me." (Name) turned bright red.
        "O-Of course I like you! You're m-my prof-f-fessor," she fibbed, hiding behind her icy blonde, waist length hair. "How c-could I n-not? You p-practically taught me e-everything there is to k-know about b-being an author." He walked up to her, taking her hands gently.
        "You don't have to lie," he murmured, running his thumbs over her knuckles, bringing them to his lips and kissing them. "I can see it in your eyes, love." Her heart skipped a beat.
        "H-How do you-"
        "Call it intuition," he whispered. He brought her closer to him, winding his arms around her waist. She suddenly gasped, remembering something.
        "L-Last week… Was it you…”
        "Yes. I sent you a rose. Just one, I'm thinking. Dark red, too." (Name) almost melted at the feeling of his breath on her skin. "Do you know what it means, love?"
        "The dark r-red means u-unconscious beauty and t-the single r-rose means u-utmost dev-v-votion," she said, staring at the floor. But something caught her eye. It was- No, it can't be!
        It was a bouquet of red rose roses sitting on his desk. Her eyes scanned the bunch counting each one.  Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven. Her eyes widened, her hand flying up to cover her mouth in utter disbelief. Her eyes began to water as she looked from the flowers to her professor.  I'm his treasured one? I'm the one he loves most in his life?
        "Mr. Kirkland-"
        "Please, call me Arthur."
        "A-Arthur, d-do you really m-mean it?" He chuckled, grazing her forehead with his lips.
        "Ah, so you figured it out then?" Tears slid down her cheeks.
        "I love you," she murmured, “I just didn’t know how to say it.” Arthur held her close, stroking her hair lovingly.
        "I will always be here for you, love, no matter what," he murmured, tipping her chin up and placing a careful kiss on her quivering lips. “I love you…” Her tears slowly disappeared as he broke from her, kissing the tears from her cheeks.
        "Thank you, Arthur..." He contently sighed but moved away from her to grab the bouquet of flowers.
        "You are my only love, (Name). And you always will be. Now, hurry along before your classmates get suspicious." He set the bouquet of flowers in her arms, kissed both cheeks, and then her forehead. "Happy Valentine’s day, love. May this be the first of many happy days, for us, to come." She practically glowed.
        "Yeah. The first of many."
Yeah. Reader stutters a lot. (:

Happy Valentine's day everybody!

Just some fluff.
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    (Name) was so tired from the week. There was so much to do and no time. She had to complete homework, go to her part-time job, handle bills and rent....and that was only her top priorities.

    Being a freshman in college wasn't the easiest thing.

    Pulling out her phone, she checked her to-do-list:

    Cash Paycheck    

    Finish Essay         

    Do groceries

    Ugh. She hadn't done her groceries. Let me just check the fridge and if I don't need anything, I won't go out. She thought.

    The girl went over to her fridge and pulled it open. Her (e/c) eyes scanned the fridge.

    It was empty.

    She had said the same thing last week and had been eating leftovers of whatever she could find all week. She didn't need a repeat of that.

    Slamming the fridge close as if it was the appliance's fault for not supplying food for her, (Name) grabbed her keys and trudged out of her flat.

    She arrived at the grocery store five minutes later. Picking up her usual list of groceries while making sure it was in her budget (Money was always needed) the (h/c) haired girl got out of there in record time.

    Pushing her cart, a colorful poster caught her eye. Stopping, (Name) turned to get better look.

Attention all dancers

The annual competition, 1, 2, 3, DANCE!, is on June 8.

Come to the dance studio, Shake That!, to enter.

First Place wins $5,000 cash

Second Place: $3,500 cash

Third Place: 1,000 cash

All other contestants receive $500

Take a Chance,

Just Dance!

    (Name) had always loved dancing. Any type. All the parties she went to, she dragged her friends to the dance floor. Clubs too. She had even done a few performances, they weren't big, for school and such, but they were fun.

    The freshman had already to much on her plate, but the extra cash was enticing. Plus it was something she loved. Why not?

    She typed the address and date into her phone, making a note to remind her. Putting her phone away she proceeded to her car. Now (Name) couldn't wait until next week. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip to next week~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    (Name) ran into the flat, going straight to her room. Changing into yoga pants and a comfy (f/c) top, she ran back out. Her work had made her lose track of time and now she was going to be late.

    Driving a teensy bit above the speed limit, she got to Shake That! three minutes before the designated time. Walking into the clean airconditioned building, she went up to the front desk.

    "Hi, I'm here to sign up for the competition."

    The lady at the front desk was eating a candy bar and reading a magazine. She waved her hand to side, not making eye contact. 

    "The sign up sheet's there. Go to Studio 3* when you're done. Leave your $60 dollars on the desk."

    Writing her information down she placed the money reluctantly. The lady snatched it up and put it in an envelope before settling back into her former position. That was the most she had moved since (Name) had came.

     Finding her way to Studio 3 she opened the door. It was huge and there was at least 30 people in there. A lady in front of the room quieted everybody down.

    "Hello, everyone! Welcome to the practice hall for 1,2,3 Dance! I'm Cassia and I will be your instructor for the rest of this program." Her brown hair switched back and forth with each animated movement.

    "You will all be split up into pairs and then assigned a dance. Instructors will be given for each different dance. At the competition, you will be graded on how well you did for your area. Any questions?"

     "Do we choose who we are paired with?" shouted someone.

    "No, you will each be given a number. The people with the same number are a pair."

    "Dammit," she heard him mutter.

    No more questions were asked and the instructors began passing out numbers. (Name) looked down at the number she had recieved.


She hoped she didn't get someone who was bad at dancing. Looking around, someone tapped on her shoulder. Spinning around she was face to face with a tall, muscular man. He had slicked back blonde hair and baby blue eyes.


    "We have the same numbers." (Name) looked down at his card, and there it was, a big 180.

    "Oh, ok. Well, I'm (Name)."


    "Do you like--" She was cut off by an instructor.

    "Hello, my name is Nia, and I will be your instuctor." She had a slight accent, a Spanish one, guessed (Name). After everyone exchanged names she told them their assigned dance.

    "I will be teaching you the Tango. My favourite."

    The Tango was fun. Fast-paced and exciting. The freshman looked over to Ludwig.

    He had the same expression on his face.

    Nia started showing the first steps for the tango.

    "It's not slow and smooth. It's fast and you have to glide." she explained.

    "Ludwig, hold (Name) like this."

    Ludwig came up to her holding one hand and trying to get his position on her shoulder right. It was feeling very awkward. Her hand was so small compared to his. Nia was trying to fix it while they stood there staring at each other.

    "Perfecto! Now do the first step I showed you." she directed. 

    (Name) started to do the first step, but her partner was so stiff and immobile. What the hell? She thought.

    She looked around at the other pairs. The were doing fine except the occasional stepping on each other's foot.

    And out of all these people, she had gotten the stiff and awkward one.

    Wonderful. Just so fucking wonderful.

I have started another story with parts. What am I getting myself into? Anyway, tell me what you think and if I should continue it. I'm still writing the next part of Not your ordinary lady. (I feel so bad for keeping you guys waiting. :()

Whoever guess's where I got Studio 3 from will be included in the next installation. :)

I don't own Hetalia or you.
The plot is mine.
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Prussia x Tsundere!Reader

Better Than you

Her hand swiftly moved left to right,filling all the spaces with incredible speed.
His hand made circles,rapidly yet sure.Scanning the questions with his red eyes.
The teacher went in,two pairs of eyes met another and made a short glare within the span of one second
They stood up,grabbed their papers and raced to the teacher.

The teacher sighed as she looked at both of the papers infront of her,
Not wanting to take sides she grabbed both of the papers at the same time and placed it on her table.
Nope she wasn't mad at their attitude or constant fighting,it was natural.It was annoying at first but it soon became a habit and natural sight.

After Class
"(Name)!Mein score is higher zhan yours in zhat quiz for sure!" the albino mocked
"Who says so?I bet you got a zero in that quiz!" the (h/c) haired girl retorted
"Vhatever (name),but I'm awesomer zhan you." Gilbert smirked while (name) just rolled her eyes, "As if...,I'm more awesome!"
"VHAS?Didn't hear you clearly!"
"Nein you're not!"
"Yes I am~"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Will both of you just shut up!Both of you are awesome enough to take away the silence in the halls!"
A young girl with a bunny hat covering half of her face shouted.
The albino and the (h/c) hair colored girl looked at her,
There was some silence until....
"Vhatever,I'm still awesomer zhan (name)"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
The little girl looked at both of them and face palmed.
"Race to the cafeteria to see who's more awesome?"
"Your on (Name)"
and with that they sped off with the speed of lightning...

Leaving poor choco-chan alone,she sighed
"Just give up Ma Cherie,you'll never get those two stop competing with each other~"
Francis magicallyappearedfromtheceiling said getting out of the classroom
"I know but..." Choco bit her lip
"If only they'd realize their feelings for one another and stop they're fighting?" Francis raised an eyebrow at Choco,
"Wow you've read my mind,creepy but cool..." just then something sparked in Choco's mind
"Hey Francis,wanna play cupid for awhile with me?" the girl grinned evilly
Then Francis realized what she was thinking and smiled sadistically, "Oui~"
Choco,on her tiptoes whispered something on the frenchman's ear.
:iconfrancesparklesplz: and :iconchoclate-dreams::iconsaysplz:ohnhonhonhon
A random england passes by
:iconwthenglandplz::iconsaysplz:Did francis just influenced Choco?

Plot (c) me
Hetalia(c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
You (c) :iconsexyprussiaplz:
I don't own the image,I just found it on google.

Best Friends=[link]
Mini Contest=[link]
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Lightning sliced through the rumbling darkness behind your curtains, and you curled tighter into a ball, eyes clamped shut and lip quivering.

It's not scary, it's not scary, it's not scary.

The reassuring chant in your head did little to help, the fear grasping your heart and whimpered and the thunder continued to roar outside. Of all the times for your ditsy Italian friend to be away - the pair of you always got through these wretched thunder storms together. There were four of you living together, but with Kiku and Feliciano away at a conference, that left you with only the more rough and standoffish Axis to go to for help - and you honestly didn't want to disturb Ludwig's sleep. Not after what happened to poor Feli last time.

It's not scary, not scary, not sc-


Your resistance all but crumbled as you cried out, bursting out of your room with hands clamped tightly over your ears, your entire frame trembling so violently you almost fell. Too frightened to be hesitant any longer, you scurried into the German's room and launched yourself at the empty side of the bed, just opposite the ruffled blonde hair that poked out of the covers next to you. In any other situation, you would've stopped to wonder at seeing Ludwig with his guard down, and how odd it seemed for his hair to not stay permanently slicked into place. At that moment, as he stirred with a groan at the disturbance, you couldn't help but think he looked very, well, human. And hot.

Heavy lidded cerulean eyes glared sleepily at the quivering ball that was you, clutching the covers over his corded chest with tiny hands. A string of curses momentarily blocked out the subdued storm, and you looked up at your only comfort source with glassy [e/c] eyes.

"Verdammt, vhat do you vant, [name], at this hour of the night?" Ludwig groaned, almost choking when he saw you clinging so close to him, wearing nothing but a far too big shirt that was bunched up so high he accidentally got an eyeful of your underwear. You were about to question why the German had flushed and turned away, before another flash from behind the curtains illuminated your terrified expression again and sent you wailing and burying your head further into the Axis' chest.

"I-It's *hic* S-s-scary. C-can't *hic* sleep...!" you stuttered through tears and sobs that racked your body in tremors. Ludwig rolled his eyes and grumbled in his home tongue, still not looking directly at you. "Mein Got. Have you no sense of self preservation, you are a voman!" he scolded gruffly, voice groggy from sleep still. You simply tilted your head, [e/c] eyes clouded with puzzlement and tears. The blonde sighed and brushed it off. "Never mind - just go to sleep!"

"I can't." You told him simply. Now, he turned to you in frustration, and you slunk back slightly, still not letting go of him though, ever aware of the low rumbling outside. "VHY NOT?!" he demanded, his mountainous build blocking out any light from the single window as you frowned, steeling yourself against his bad mood and refusing to let him make you cry in a single moment of bravery.

"You haven't given me a goodnight kiss."


"Brother Feli always gives me a goodnight kiss, right here!" You told him, poking the centre of your forehead for emphasis. Ludwig swallowed, blushing furiously at how childishly adorable you were acting. He opened his mouth to protest, but no valid excuse came to mind to rationalize the situation or his feelings, so with a quiet string of a few more cusses, he pressed his lips firmly against your forehead, and cherished the feeling for a moment before pulling back to assess your reaction. You were redder than Spain's beloved tomatoes, a huge grin on your face. You giggled, [h/c] locks falling over your shoulder as you stretched upward and pecked the German's nose, before snuggling down next to him like a cat.

"Nunight Luddy. Ich liebe dich~"

"Liebe dich auch, [name]," came the bashful reply, throaty and gentle. "Now go to sleep."
Bit short, but had the idea in my head since we had some AWESOME thunder and lightning storms in England recently. I love the summer storms, always makes me think of some really good music. Cry every time. T.T anyways, let me know if you like it, and if I should do more of these Reader inserts.
thankyouverymuch! :iconteyuplz:
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A Man Like You (Germany x Reader-Chan)
Song: Waka Waka - Shakira
(reader POV)

Your a good soldier,
Choosing your battles.

I looked deep into Germany's eyes, "You think I'm WEAK don't you, you look at me with pity I'll show you what I can do!"

Pick yourself up and dust yourself off,
And back in the saddle,

I stood up and looked at all the bullet holes in my body each one leaking blood, "I-I won't give up, not to a man like you, someone who looks down me!"

You're on the frontline
Everyone's watching
You know it's serious, we're getting closer
This isn't over

I ran up to Germany with my sword held tight, as he braced himself, I jumped over him, turned around, and stabbed him in the stomach.
"_______ w-why."
"Because of you, that's why."
Idk but it prob sucks im not good at writting fanfictions
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A little gift for :iconsilver-kitsuneneko: :heart: a scene from her story silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.…
Little Tom and Lutz having a father son moment!
Not exactly how I wanted it to come out but im pleased. I know little Tom's meant to hav the same colour of hair as the reader but I made it so he is more like Lutz, coz lets be honest Lutz babies are gorgeous!! :blush:

but anywhoo! I hope :iconsilver-kitsuneneko: likes this! I think with all the requests she does for all her friends and watchers she deserved a little something as a thank you!!


i see this images anywhere other than DA i will hunt you down and cut you up and stuff you in a blender

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    That evening (Name) came home worn out. Dancing was fun, but with an unmotivated partner it was hell.

    Why did he join a dance competition it he clearly didn't want to be there?

    Her rumbling stomach snapped her out of her thoughts.

"There's a reason I bought groceries and it sure as hell wasn't for letting it sit in the fridge," she said to herself, changing out of her clothes.


    Ludwig entered his house frustrated and angry.

    Frustrated because he did a horrible job at practice and in front of a cute frau. Not that he'd tell anyone that.

    Angry because his bruder signed him up for a dance competition he never wanted to go to in the first place. He should have known right away something was up when:

    1) His car wasn't working.

    2) Gilbert wanted to take him somewhere.

    3) He drove to an unfamiliar area and pushed him onto the sidewalk in front of a dance studio.

    4) His bruder's friend, Antonio, dragged him inside.

    He didn't want to cause a scene so he went to the class, but now his bruder was going to get a piece of his mind.


"Hallo, bruder. How vas dance class?" His older brother smirked, leaning against the door.

"Vhy vould you sign me up for a dance class? It vas ridiculous!"

"Now, now, Ludwig, I have a few reasons vhy I signed you up."

"Zhen zell me zhose reasons."

"Eins: It helps you get out more," started the older Beilschmidt, "Zwei: It increases confidence--"

"I'm already confident---"

"You don't act it. Not like zhe Awesome Me. As the eldest it is my job to make you awesome like me."

    Ludwig glared.

"Drei: It vill help you get used to interacting vith ze vomen! Und vier, zhe most important," Gilbert drummed the door for effect,

"Dancing makes you sexy und awesome!"

"Nein. All your reasons are idiotic," responded Ludwig.

"But it's zrue! Zhere's a study zhat's about how vomen find something attraczive in your knee or vhatever."

"I'm not going to that dance class again."

"Bruder, I'm zrying to help you!"

    Ludwig turned to leave.

"If you don't go I'll zell your partner about your secret stash!"

    He stopped.

"You don't even know who mein partner is," he said, relaxing.

"I have mein ways. Toni can tell me."



    He could feel the smirk on his brother's face.

"Fine. I'll do it."

"Awesome! Kesesesese! I'm awesome!"

    Now he felt like wringing his beloved brother's neck.

    Letting out a sigh of defeat he slowly walked to his room.


    (Name) woke up feeling quite relaxed. It was Saturday and there wasn't much to do except homework and housework. Lifting her head to see the clock; it said 9:43.

    Pulling the covers off she got out of bed. After doing her usual morning routine she got down to cleaning.

    By lunch she was almost finished.

 "All I have to do now is laundry," she muttered to herself, "Then homework--"

    Her phone cut her off.

"Hello," she greeted.

"Hi, (Name)," came a voice from the other end. "It's Anna. I was wondering if you could fill in for me at two. I have to go somewhere and I know it's your day off, but please can you come."

    Anna had filled in for her once or twice. Guess it was time to return the favor.

"Ok," she glanced at the clock;1:24, "I can come."

"Thank you so much, (Name)! Bye!"

"You're welcome. Bye."

    Eating a light lunch, she changed into her uniform, and left. When she arrived Anna ran up to her, hugging her, and repeating her gratitude. Reading the clock it said, 2:01. She paled, immediately regretting her decision.

    Damn it. Anna had given her the busiest time of day. 3-6

    Snack time. Tea time. Whatever. She was going to be busy.

    She regretted it even more when she saw who came through the cafe doors at four.

It's been a long while since I updated this story. Thank you all for being so patient. I'm going to put more dancing in there soon, so stay tuned!

Or you can just leave me here.

Part two: You're here, babes.
Part three: I don't know when that's coming. :( JK

I don't own Hetalia or you.
The plot is mine.
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~1/24 of "Artblock Series" Requested by Happycandyx~

The tapping of your fingernails on one of the many plastic tables are lost in the sound of the music. Sitting at one of the many plastic tables set up randomly in one of the many plastic chairs, you want to leave. Your early fantasies of high school prom are shattered with harsh reality. You used to think it was a great dance with happy couples spread out in the gymnasium, dancing to music all night long. Most of that thought is correct, with the couples, gymnasium, and all night long parts, but the rest... The rest is just too much for words.

Taking a look around the dark gym- with only the spinning disco ball as light- you see a huge mass of grinding couples and the few single people jumping up and down to the pumping beats of the music. In the center, a short lived, impromptu dance-off starts and ends with no clear winner. Your friends are off somewhere with their dates, probably in the midst of the grind-fest, while your brother is with his friends.

Taking out your phone, you tilt it towards the light to make it act like a mirror. You analyze yourself in the tiny screen, taking in the makeup you applied with the help of your friends, your hair, and the dress you're wearing. Since you don't have a date, you don't really see why you did all this in the first place. The phrase 'dressed up to go nowhere'-or something like that- leaps into your mind. Tugging slightly at the silky (f/c) fabric of your dress, you realize how true the phrase is, in this situation.

Pressing a button to make your phone light up, you make your way to the refreshment stand, dress fluttering lightly around your ankles. After choosing your drink, you lean against the wall and kick off your shoes, sighing. Twisting the bottle cap, you raise your drink and lift it up in a silent toast. "Welcome to high school..." Somehow, in the darkness, your brother finds you, followed by his friends.

"_____! Why aren't you having fun? This is a party!" Alfred yells over the music as he pokes your cheek repeatedly.

"Don't you have a date? You look really nice!" His Danish friend Matthias compliments you with a smile.

"Kesesesese! I have to agree with what Matthias said, _____!" Another voice chimes in.

"Thanks Gilbert and Matthias, but I don't have a date and I don't really want to be here anymore. And no, I'm not having fun, Alfie." You say as you swat at your brother's hand to make him stop poking you. "Where are your dates, you guys?"

The three look at each other and say in unison, "The Awesome Trio don't do dates! We're too awesome for that! We stick together in everything!"

"More like you guys are too scared to ask and get rejected..." You say under your breath.

"What was that, _____?" Your brother asks.

"Ah, nothing, nothing!" You say quickly.

"You should go dance out there, _____." Gilbert suggests.

"No way! The music that's playing is not fit for dancing! Plus, everyone's already heard the same songs over and over again anyway." You complain. "What everyone's doing is just indescribable and when they start playing real music, maybe I'll do it."

As if on cue, the next song that plays is more of a swing style, very different from all the pop songs that were continuously playing since you've been here. Your foot taps along to the music, and you bask in the glory of non-grinding and jumping music. Alfred looks over at you with a twinkle in his blue eyes.

"You going to dance now, ______?" He says nonchalantly, adjusting his glasses slightly. His two friends look over at you too with interest.

"You're really bad at subtle hints, but why not?" You bend down and put your shoes back on, then brace yourself.

The four of you walk to the dance floor, unnoticed by other couples already there. Your brother bows slightly and holds out his hands, waiting for you to accept them. Locking eyes with him, you hold his hands and nod. Your steps are in sync with his as he leads you in the pretzel; bodies close together and then separated in the fast-paced dance. He holds his arm up as you twirl, your dress flowing with your movements. He turns, offering his other hand which you hold, and then the two of you spin together in a barrel roll. Holding you close, he dips you and straightens back up, whipping his arm out as you twirl. The clicking of your heels on the floor punctuate your steps with each turn. 

You repeat the whole process from beginning to end until the song is over, and you collapse into a chair, breathing hard. Matthias and Gilbert stare in admiration and demand your brother to teach them the dance. The sound of whistling and clapping make its way to your ears, and you look beside and behind you at the crowd that gathered while you were dancing.

"Now, that was real dancing." You smirk in satisfaction.
One of my oneshot requests, part of a somewhat series that I will hereby title "Artblock Series". Somehow, I feel that my writing has gone downhill. poop. :iconsulkplz:
The 'dressed up to go nowhere' is kind of paraphrased from the idiom 'be all dressed up and nowhere to go'. No, it's not the song.
I hope that I described everything enough so that it seems pretty vivid XD It's bits and pieces from last night's prom. And yes, I did dance the pretzel with my friend and people had the same reactions haha
From what I read and saw about the pretzel, it's pretty different from the version we use at school XD If you don't know what the dance is, I highly suggest you look it up because it's really fun and I can't explain more than what I wrote in the story..XD
(c)Hidekaz Himuraya owns the characters of Hetalia, I own this story, and you own yourself.
Enjoy and comment how you liked it~
Thanks to Happycandyx for requesting! Now onto the other 23 stories :iconimdeadplz:
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a little fanart for :iconsilver-kitsuneneko: I so love her stories!! and I love little Tom so I made a gift! I wanted to draw little Tom being so very innocent, looking up to his daddy lutz and wanting to be just like him but not really understanding the significance of Lutz SS uniform :T so heres Tom posing infront of the mirror too much to notice Lutz is right behind him ^3^

here's :iconsilver-kitsuneneko: stories with Lutz and Tom





i see this images anywhere other than DA i will hunt you down and cut you up and stuff you in a blender

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