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This Basic Brush Set includes 76 different Brushes. There were 3 Aspects i had on my mind when i created the Bruhes: Concept Design, Simulating Real Paint Dynamics, Effect-Presets for a faster workflow.
The Set is optimized for Graphic Tablets. Without a pressure sensitive device you will not get the full Effect! The Brush Tips used were made from scanned Strokes with different Pencils, Markers, Charcoal etc.

- made with CS2
- Basic Pencils, Sketching Brushes
- Inking Brushes
- Wet- and Dry Markers for Concept Design/Coloring
- Effect-Brushes: Foliage, Clouds, Smoke, Grass, Fur, Fibers/Hair and much more
- Smudge Brushes
- A wide Range of Brushes for textures

If you use or like this work it would be nice if you let me know about.
(Credits are are welcome but not obligatory)

The content is free to use commercial and non-commercial.



- Added Smudge Brushes (also avaible as standalone pack -> see link above)
- Added Pencil Shader, 1 additional Details Brush
- Small Adjustments
- Additional Round Brushes
- Renamed and Sorted

:new: [23.09.2013]


- Included Fiber Brushset
- Added "Extended" Smudge Set
- Deleted 3 Brushes of minor usage
- Additional Brushfiles splitted into categories

Thx for all the Favīs, comments and Feedback!

Happy Painting :)
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I made a video to go with these here where I explain what I use each for, how I made them, etc, so I'm not going to explain that all over. Here's the video:

Brush Presets Panel and My Brushes - Photoshop for Digital Painters

As I explained in the video I made all of these myself or they're variations of Photoshop's basic brushes. The soft brushes are in white because I use those to erase. If the brushes have a light blue box around them that means those are different strokes made by the same brush. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

* These brushes only work and are only included for CS6 users. If you have CS5 and below or Elements install the corresponding brush pack which I have fixed and tested in CS2 with other people confirming they work with other CS versions AND Elements (all the way down to 5.0 is confirmed). I used abrMate, for anyone else who was as mystified by compatibility issues as I was.

I licensed them under CC, non-commercial, share-alike. CC licenses always require crediting/attribution, but I’m adding an exception:

You don’t need to credit me if you’re using them in a painting, whether you sell it or not (the non-commercial refers to repackaging them and selling them). You only need to credit me if you share the brushes, you modify the brushes and create your own pack, or you include them in a pack of your own. I’m talking about the complex brushes I made, the ones where the image tips was mine, you obviously don’t have to credit me for modifying the basic brushes or any made from stuff included with photoshop. I think it’s obvious which are which.


- Will be re-uploading or uploading another without a set size to the brushes which is what I now prefer. Also I have made the watercolor brushes faster. If you want to do it real quickly yourself. Just fiddle with the size and spacing of the dual brush. You'll get rougher edges but almost 2-4 times the speed depending on how far you go.

And now I think I deserve some shameless self-promotion for this...

This was done mostly with basic brushes actually, just to show you, they're not that important. The music notes were a temporary brush and I textured the background, but otherwise all pretty basic:

Sherlock at the Window by AlanTheRobot

1st Below, Sherlock: I used the Real Media Wet to Dry and quite a few others as I wanted a rougher feel. If you saw the video you can see me use quite a variety especially for the floor. 2nd, Kidneys: Round brush for the face with a touch of the wet paintbrush. Some textures for the coat, toothpaste for the hair (not very satisfied with it though on this one). 3rd, Dr.Horrible: Wet to Dry for the face, toothpaste for the hair (seems to work better for hair like this), and all sorts to give some live to the background.

Blood on the Concrete - Part 1 by AlanTheRobot Kidneys by AlanTheRobot Dr. Horrible by AlanTheRobot

More Packs:

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A collection of all the brushes I find myself dabbling with when doing environment artwork. Typically a select few are used much more than the others but they all certainly have their uses. The image in the background is made entirely using the brushes found in this set, with every brush being used at least once. I normally don't use them so extensively or so exclusively when painting and I certainly don't encourage it, but in the very least it shows what they can achieve. Please remember folks that good art is not all about the brushes you use. They are as much a tool as photoshop itself and should be viewed as such when you're still learning.

Some of the brushes have been made by myself and the rest have been tweaked from others that are freely available on the internet.

They should all work in Photoshop CS3 and above but I cannot vouch for older versions, sorry :(

Hopefully some of you will find them as useful as I have over the years :D

NOTE: These brushes are free to use and may be used to produce commercial work, but please DO NOT redistribute the brush set itself for profit. They have always been and always should be free for everyone. If you should ever see a website selling this set for money please kindly re-direct people here.

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By popular demand, here are five brushes I've been using recently. None of these are meant for any specific purpose, so I use any of these brushes to do any part of any painting.
By mixing them throughout a project, I get a less smooth, less digital and more cohesive look.

Here's a dropbox link to the file, since some have reported having problems with the dA download :)

These are meant to be used with a pressure sensitive tablet. They're created in PS CS6, but I think they're compatible with earlier versions!

Enjoy :)
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Enjoy kiddies ! These brushes are mostly good for decorative and texture application to imitate some traditional media and otherwise make your artwork prettier.

These brushes come with preset settings, but you may change settings according to your taste. Most brushes will work wither older PS versions, but some brush settings may be unavailable. Hit download to get the .zip pack.

Credit is appreciated ;)

Zummerfish's dragon scales brushes by zummerfish Zummerfish's Floral and Foliage brushes vol.1 by zummerfish Zummerfish's animal fur and print brushes by zummerfish  Zummerfish's Blending Brushes by zummerfish Night Town Psd-Tutorial by zummerfish


For those experiencing format trouble with CS3/CS4, try downloading this version
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some of the brushes i paint with, apart from default hard/air brushes. very few of them are mine, they’re mostly what i’ve collected throughout a year from many different sites; but some of you were curious so here you go!

how i use them:
#2 for facial hair (stubble)
#3 for freckles
#7 #13 #16 for sketching
#15 for snow/flying specks etc.
#17 is for the smudge tool if you use it
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Here is another brush set !
(I'm sure they are supposed to work fine for PS CS3+)
Happy New Year 2013 !

I actually organized these brush set today that I have made them all since a few months ago ( I think I kept adjusting them about the time I made the chalk one) Honestly, I wanted to share these before, but...... my tablet disliked me so he committed suicide and left me alone with pencil and paper lol. Anyway I decided to share them to you now. ^^ I hope you like them too.

Also I have done all traditional commissions and I will post them soon as well!!!

Happy Holiday to you !
I hope you enjoy celebration ! ^_^
Have fun and eat alots <3

PS. Please tell me if you have tried the brushes, let me know if you like them
( ^____________^)
( Especially, "Real Pencil"/ "Lovely Bristle"/ " Paint II"/ "Water Colour"/"Brush easy blend" )

Updated information [ How to use ? / For Paint tool Sai ?]

1. How to use (save your current brushes first) : At the top right of [Brush Present] window >> Present Manager >> Load or append brushes (.abr) file

2. Can use only for Adobe Photoshop
I plan to make Sai brushes like these in the future when I have time. Please look forward to it :)

Another one here : )
2014 Brush Set by Feohria Basic Painting Brushes - Photoshop by Feohria About Digital Painting Brushes ( Photoshop ) by Feohria

:star: :twitter: :facebook: Site Blog Tumblr :star:
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All the brushes that I have on my panel at this time ^^
The first 3 brushes my main. Actually it's just a variation of one standard round brush. I often paint a picture using only this brush.
7 -13 multipoint brush, typically used to detail the skin, hair, and they are more easy to mix colors.
Brush number 14 I like to use instead of the standard round, it has a special effect.
other brushes I do not use often, only for some texture effects.
Brush at number 17 is not mine, it's very old I do not know the author, but it's one of my favorite brushes, and it is very cool and fast to paint clouds. I'm insecure, that number 22 is my brush.... hmm ... if you know who the author tell me please.
Brush number 32 was used in this picture [link]
hmm I think I have nothing more to say about this

Click on the download to get the ABR file

Brushes for Photoshop CS3.
Installation: right-click on the canvas -> Loade/Replace Brushes -> select the file.

Brush-Making Procedures by JB Casacop [link]

If you use it is not necessary to specify me as the author or something else, it's free!

I make a new brushes from time to time, so maybe later I'll do another brushes pack.

p.s. sorry if my English is bad.
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Here are my brushes. The top half are just variants of basic brushes, the
bottom half were made from ink blots that I scanned.

I'll be doing a livestream tutorial tomorrow night (Tuesday) at 7:00 PM EST,
showing how I use these brushes. I'll also try to demonstrate how to make
things look "painterly" without looking messy. Or at least, that's what I'm
going to TRY to do. We'll see how well it goes.

Terms of Use:
If you want these brushes... take them. You don't have to pay me, you don't
have to credit me, you don't even have to thank me. I made them in about
five minutes, and I hate when people try to charge for things like this.

Here's my live stream page: [link]
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After so many people requested it, I finally found the time to go through my gigantic pile of brushes and clean them from duplicates and presets I've never really used. The set is built on brushes found all over the internet. You may or not find in it brushes made by ~DanHowardArt, `DanLuVisiArt, *CoyoteMange, *algenpfleger and many many more. I picked and chose what I liked from them and that's how this big-ass set came to life.

The set contains 174 brushes that I use on an everyday basis. For your convenience it's divided into 9 categories:

  • Basic - brushes I use the most. Most of my paintings are made using those particular brushes and often I use only those alone. Brushes from the following categories are just an addition and are used depending on the subject and stylization I work in.
  • Clouds - a few dynamic brushes to paint skies, mist and smoke.
  • Rock - perfect for rocks, ground and other rough surfaces.
  • Water - splashes and brushes with wet edges - best if used with light paint on dark surfaces.
  • Hair & Feathers - Well, ain't I a douchebag. I completely forgot to check the release document for most of the fur and feather brushes and now had to remove them from the set. To download the brushes I use for painting fur, feathers and scales, please visit this brush set --> [link] made by *CoyoteMange
  • Plants - a very big set of dynamic brushes for painting foliage. Most of them are hand-painted giving pictures a very nice and unified look.
  • Details - all sorts of little things that add to the final image - seams, light effects, laces and trinkets.
  • Textures - yummy grunge and garbage that will make those flat surfaces look interesting. Scratches, wrinkles, rust, pores, stains - all you'll ever need.
  • Smudge - special brushes for blending. They give very interesting blur and displacement effects.

Why lazy? Because there are plenty of brushes that make your life easier.

The set works best with Photoshop CS5 and CS6. It should work with versions from 2 to 4 too but some of the brushes might not give the same effects.

Feel free to download and pick whatever you like. Have fun!
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