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Sorry for the long tutorial.
I tried to explain in shortest I can, but I think I sucks at explaining things...
And sorry for my bad english too... :iconlazycryplz:

The original work of my drawing can be found here >> [link]
You can get sea ripple pattern from here >> [link]

credits :

I Gede Suryanatha (OC) :iconclassicnightmare:
Photoshop Sea Pattern >> [link] :iconsed-rah-stock:
Tribal Tattoos Brushes Mega Pack >> [link] :iconfxsanyi:


OMG, I got a Daily Deviation for this...
This is my first DD. I'm so happy... :iconpandarunplz:

Thank you for :iconspring-sky: for suggesting my work for DD and :iconpiratelotus-stock: for featuring this tutorial. Of course thanks for all of you who have been favoriting and featuring my work too. Love you all... :love:
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A gazillion years ago someone requested this tut... Sorry it took so long. You probably don't need it anymore. orz;; (And I was too lazy to make one for sea/water too, sorry ||orz)

Just a quick and easy way of painting clouds, to slap on as a background on your art to fill up space 8D;

This was done in PS, but can be easily used for SAI or whatever, as long as you can switch between a hard edge and a soft edge brush. You will however, need a tablet with pen pressure.


This is in no way what clouds even look like so don't try this tut if you wanna paint some real shiz 'kay.

Stop telling me it's not realistic. =.= I ALREADY SAID SO MYSELF. Look now I blew the size up for all you blind folks out there.


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as has been requested by many :dummy::heart:

I'm not confident about my english guys, sorry if I did mistakes~
This is just an example of a night sky. you can find a better, greater night skies in photographs. so I recommend you to browse a lot of photos for inspiration ;) for example, the shape of the milky way, I did a very funny one in this tutorial :lol: but there are many ways to create them. let your imagination runs wild <3
and before you ask, yes, I only use Paint tool SAI. no other programs :'D

good luck, and I hope this tutorial helps~

update 1:
:bulletwhite: you can also copy and paste instead of using dulipcate layer option.
:bulletwhite: if you dont have addition blend mode on your SAI I recommend you to try luminosity ;) I think they're the same.
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EDIT: Changed the colour of the lower writing to black so it's more visible since it's on a paler background than the top writing.
Changed it so there's a version with just a grey sky and no light.

Part 1 --->

THERE, as promised since May xDD

I was going to put trees and leaves in this one as well but rocks and clouds were selfish and took up the whole tutorial :I
So there's going to have to be a part 3 xD

Anyway i say thank you to *pettyartist for the awesome brush i use for backgrounds [link] <3
i can't tell from that image which one i use but you should be able to find it from the image in the tutorial (;

Also does anyone know how to upload just one brush from your photoshop? i can only save the .abr file for all my brushes xD
i want to upload my blendy cloud brush.

Cloud and other brushes --->

Enjoy! i hope it helps some people! <3

I use Photoshop CS4.
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I mis-remembered the poll results and made the cloud tutorial...:stare: I'm sorry, colour effects will be the next one...!! :iconstaredanceplz:


:happybounce: check out this tutorial for SAI TOOLS if you are a beginner with the program >>
:happybounce: feel free to ask, I'd be glad to clarify something :hug:
:happybounce: feel free to share on websites/etc
:happybounce: crediting if you reference isn't obligatory but much appreciated :heart: :tighthug:
:happybounce: you're not obligated to follow this strictly, do experiment with your way as well :love: :heart:
:happybounce: please don't modify, remove credit and / or crop this tutorial :aww:

I must write this here too : amazing thanks to my friend who stayed with me and made me laugh like a retard while I drew the clouds. :glomp:
more clouds >>

other tutorials >>

wish you a great weekend everyone! :tighthug:
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Please check out the new and improved Cloud Tutorial version 2! 




Hey guys I hope you like the tutorial. This is my first flash tutorial so bear with me please! I will be making a more detailed version as soon as I can.

Please leave feedback and also pictures you made using this tutorial! I would like to see what you make!!!

The clouds in this tutorial were actually made with a custom brush in CSP (clip studio paint pro).
However the steps I've showed will work in any program that has a smudge or blur tool and the option to make custom brushes. If you would like to download CSP but have trouble, please note or comment and I would be glad to help you out!!


Where is the smudge tool in PS?…

How to add more colors on a gradient in PS?…

Where can I find/make a custom smudge brush?
Here are some good smudge brushes here on dA:…

How can I smudge in SAI?
"I'm a complete novice to custom brushes. As a user of SAI, however, a similar method to smudging which I have trialed is to reduce the opacity of the eraser (I experimented with 77%, which seems to be perfect for me ). You will have to create a new layer to show the light source c:" - Pokemoke

A tutorial on how to use one of the default brushes for smudging clouds:

Some smudge brushes for PS:…
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This is how I make stormy sea waves in Photoshop. :)
I hope this is helpful, if you have any questions just ask! ;)
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A remake of my older tutorial - because I just don't draw that way anymore!

The reference photo is by :iconblair-w: and can be found here…
The skin texture brushes are by :iconnathies-stock: and can be found here…


:omg: !Daily Deviation! :faint:
I think I squealed a bit when I saw this! :aww:
Thank you so much to the people who featured and suggested this - and also for all the lovely comments left here.

I'm so glad this is helpful :heart:
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So as requested by many, I've finally made a cloud tutorial~

Just to be clear, this tutorial's not really meant for beginners. I mean, you have to know the basics of whichever program you're using for it to be helpful. And yes, you can probably do the same thing on a different program like Sai or whatever because I used basic tools, and when you get down to the basics, it's pretty much the same.

It might've been more helpful for me to make a blue sky and
go from there, but I want people to experiment on their own with different colour combinations and such. Also, I think I should mention here that I only used 2 layers for the picture. A sky layer, and a cloud layer over top.

I don't think I'm very good at making tutorials so I'm not sure how clear I made everything, but feel free to ask questions!

Enjoy, and good luck on your cloud making!

Gintoshiro02 has kindly translated this tutorial in Vietnamese so if anyone is interested, the link is Here 

Art xPureSnow

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I'm so sorry for my Engurishuuu really omg :iconomgcryplz:
I'm definitely not good at explaining things :iconcryforeverplz: but still I hope it helps somehow....:iconoelplz:
- Feel free to ask questions! :happybounce: I'll do my best in answering what I know.
- It's not a tutorial suited for beginners with SAI, but if you still want to try, I suggest to search first a tutorial that explains the SAI TOOLS well such as :
- I'm just showing the way I draw stars in SAI, there sure are more ways, and you're not obligated to follow it strictly! *U*
- I'd appreciate linking back something you drew using this tutorial, but it's not obligatory. :thanks::heart:

I'm sorry for that ugly star appearing there and there, I had to draw it. I HAD TO. :iconpapmingplz:

thanks so much for looking! :hug::love:

my starry skies :dummy:
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