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"You can call me the distinguished Dr Robotnik" props if you know what episode that's from ;) Here it is the glorious Dr Robotnik plush that origins from SEGA World Sydney Australia. There were 4 characters in the set. Sonic, Tails, Sally and of cause Robotnik. There are also 3 sizes to each of them being small medium and large, all of which are mega rare especially the large versions and even more so tagged This is in fact the large version of Dr Robotnik (He's huge, just look at him!) and as you can see he is tagged. He is pretty much brand new which is amazing considering the age. Its been a mission of mine for many years to obtain this item being the only plush form of AoStH Robotnik (even if the plush set is based of SatAM, its still the AoStH Robotnik form) being one of my favorite characters I'm very happy (and also lucky) to finally own one.
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He responds when you talk to him!
As a question to our deviants, has anyone seen this talking Pokemon plush toy?
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Because my latest upload inspired me to do this...xD

So, this is my current Lion King plushie collection as of now. c: It's not rather large, but I've spent a fair amount of money and time to get a bunch of these. xD


Disney Store Nala- From the Disney Store- Got September '10
Disney Store Shenzi- From the Disney Store- Got July '11
Applause Adult Simba- From eBay- Got late '09...?
Applause Adult Nala- From eBay- Got Summer '09
Disney Parks Cub Simba- From Disneyland- Got September '08
Disney Store Simba- From the Disney Store- got September '10
Disney Parks Timone and Pumbaa- From Walt Disney World- Got September '09
Disney Parks Baby Simba- From Disneyland- Got April '10
Disney Parks Small Cub Simba- From Walt Disney World- Got September '09
Disney Parks Small Cub Nala- From Walt Disney World- Got September '09
Applause Cub Simba- From eBay- Got Summer '09
Broadway Simba Beanie- From TLK on Broadway- Got June '10
Broadway Nala Beanie- From TLK on Broadway- Got June '10
Broadway Scar Beanie- From TLK on Broadway- Got June '10
Disney Parks Baby Simba Keychain- From Disneyland- Got August '10

Will be moved to Scraps later. c:
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Alright! Lets get to it!

I have a room that is literally filled with items I don’t really need. Because of these items, my room is trashed! Like, bad it’s not good. All money that I earn from these plushies I am selling will be going to buying my internet pal a plane ticket so that we can finally hang out!

:bulletgreen: Item-->Condition-->Extra Photo-->Price (Does not include shipping!) :bulletgreen:

1. 22"Disney World Sarabi Plush #1 (NO CUB, Great Condition, Eyes Scuffed, Tail tuft needs to be sewn back on)--……… ---PRICE $40

2. 22" Disney World Sarabi Plush #2 (NO CUB, Great Condition, Eyes Scuffed)--…… ---PRICE $40

3. 13" Thinkway Toys LARGE Talking Kiara Plush ( DAMAGED. The plush looks fine overall, but there are big chunks of fur missing on the chest. Might have been super glue on her, fur is hard on one leg SEE PICTURES)…… ---PRICE MAKE AN OFFER. Due to the damage I don't know how to price her

4. 14"-12"? Disney Store Young Cub Simba Plush (EXCELLENT condition. No visible damage) --- PRICE $20

5. 22" Disney Store Adult Simba Plush (Great Condition. Might need a light cleaning) ---PRICE $30

6. 11" Disney World Baby Simba Plush (DOES NOT COME WITH BLANKET--Great Condition) --- PRICE $5

7. 7" Roaring Simba Plush Puppet (Mane looks to be cut in back, Small marker spot on paw, roar is very quiet may need new batteries )…… --- PRICE $5

8. Cub Simba (SITTING ON SARABI'S HEAD--Nice condition, might be a little "loved" no damage) --- PRICE $5

9. Small Pumba Plush (Nose has a small scuff, has tear in a seam on leg that will need to be sewed back together)… --- PRICE: $2

I am willing to take offers for these guys because I really have no idea if I am pricing these right! :XD:

If you would like additional pictures of the item you are interested in, feel free to message me!

If these don't end up selling, I am going to send them to the thrift store~

I take any form of payment, but tend to prefer paypal.

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I think they really love each other!! :D
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Here are my Fox and the Hound plush! the larger ones are the brand new ones i got today. more info here [link]
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FINALLY i made an update fo them all >8D
Here i have made up a nice key for you all
So you can see who is who :) since i named some of them 8D

1. Poonie plush made by =GlacideaDay
2. A birthday present i got from ~JZtyle 2 years ago <3
3. A little keychain fox i edited to bec9ome a mini Diffy 8D
4. WWF Fox plush, Penda :heart: which i adopted from (dutch Ebay)
5. WWF plush i got myself for my birthday Pinda :heart:
6. Mommah Fox i got from ~Night-Lioness this year's birthday
7. Kiddo fox who came with Mommah Fox
8. Cheap fox plush i got 2 years ago :)
9. Pinky the Frankenstein Fox i made myself
10. Self made Noopie wbble plush
11. Silver fox Thalia who was made by *goiku
12. A Me-To-You bear in a Fox suit <3 which i traded! :D
13. A pretty Ninetails plush *Seoul-Dew made for me in a trade <3
14. Self made Diffy plush
15. Official Pokecenter vulpix plush with tags which i cannot read :B <3
16. WWF Fox Aisu, which i still love dearly, as does Dennis :B she is his favorite!
17. Little WWF acrtic Fox, does not have a name XD
18. My oldest Poonie plush, made for me by *Astrocat :heart: was my very first commission to someone else aswell.
19. WWF Fox plush which is not named XD
20. Little Fox keychain :B
21. Fox keychain i used to have on my bag XD
22. Kiko the Fox! 8D i made a little photobook about him for school :B
23. Pippin the Cross Fox! made by *goiku
24. WWF Fox name Lucky who was given to me by ~Night-Lioness :heart:
25. oldold foxie which i found in a second hand store <3
26. My oldest Fox plush whichi named Wolf for some odd reason <3
27. Poonie plush made for me by my gheyfwend ~CrystalMewtwo :heart:
28. Little Nici Fox with magnet paws! 8D
29. Self made Poonie VooDoo doll! 8D
30. Little odd Foxie which does not have a name
31. Huge Poonie Plush which was commissioned by *goiku last year :heart:
32. Little bean Bag Foxie :)
33. FLUFFY the Fox, he was a birthday present from ~CrystalMewtwo last year :heart:
34. My oldest WWF Fox plush. Aint she just a beaut? <3

and Still counting lol XD i realized i forgot two fox keychains, and i'll get an another WWF fox in a few days, just like Pinda and Penda :) i guess i'll name her Panda XD
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This pic's very VERY outdated, I've gotten nearly 70 more Sonic plushies since this pic was taken!!

None of my Sonic items are for sale, I'm afraid ^^
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This is an update on my Lion King plush collection. It's definitely grown a LOT since my last pic. Thanks to Dunkin ( :iconwolfgurly666: ), flea markets, and e-bay my collection exploded :faint:. Mostly from Dunkin XD
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YayYayYay, FINALLY i have all oshawott's evos as plush! That cute little darling Samurott came almost week ago n__n I LOVE THESE :heart:

Oshawott is best starter :heart:U:heart:

Gotta love :iconebayplz:!
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