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You stand there by the door as you put on Ludwig's jacket, leading him out of the bar. Though he is used to drinking large amounts of beer, you felt the need to just take him home safely. You had been staying at his home for a while to escape from France. Yet you are not a maid nor a worker at his home, you still clean around the house and such.

"The car is waiting outside, we should probably go.." You quietly say.

"Alright alright.. I'm coming." Ludwig turned to glance at his older brother Gilbert. "Can we go drop off my brother first?" He sighs as Gilbert falls into the table from goofing off.

"That's fine with me... I mean it is your car..." Gently scratching the back of your head, walking over to Gilbert, Ludwig following beside you.

"We're going to give you a ride home." Ludwig states giving his older brother no other options in this, he helps him up. "________, let's go."

You nod. "Okay." The thing that was once again getting at you was your height. 'God.. I'm so short.....' you think to yourself as you gaze at the two tall men in front of you. Heading into the car with Gilbert in the front seat, you and Ludwig in the back seat. The driver started to drive to Gilbert's house.

"Hey West! You want to come to my place and have some more beer??" Gilbert laughed though he was completely serious. You sat quietly in the back seat and glanced to Ludwig before glancing to the window, sighing a bit. You began to think again. Were you slowly falling for the tall muscular blond haired man?

"I was going to go home with _______ though." Ludwig looked to you for a moment and looked back to his older brother.

"It's fine, I can just go home by myself..." You turn quickly thinking its your fault he's saying no.

"Well I want to go home." Ludwig has a very faint smile growing on his face. The driver pulls up to Gilbert's house as Gilbert gets out of the car. Then driving back to Ludwig's home. The car was filled with silence for a few moments. You hold your head with your hand as you lean a bit on the door,since you are a little tired.

"Why are you so tall Ludwig....?" You mumble.

"Are you that tired? That question seemed a bit random." He turned his head towards you and looked a bit confused.

You didn't realize that statement came out of your mouth, you jumped a bit. "I'm not tired.." You scratch the back of your head still leaning on the door, and after a while you ended up falling asleep. It was a bit of distance between Gilbert and Ludwig's house after all. You wake up in Ludwig's arms as he is carring you upstairs to your room. In a bit of a shock you jitter and move around. "W-Wow.. Hey..!"

"It's not my fault you fell asleep.." Ludwig muttered.

"Can you at least set me down..?" You didn't want him to actually set you down because it was nice to see at his eye level for once, since you were so short you would of had a chance to actually kiss him. Wait.. why were you thinking that?! Ludwig nods and sets you to the ground. You open your bedroom door and head in.

"Good Night..." Ludwig says and that stops you from going in your room, you turn around as he was going to his room.

"Wait..." You grab his sleeve and look up at him.

"What is it, ________?" He turned to you.

"You make things difficult..." You mutter and softly blush.

"You are confusing me..." He blinks.

You blushed harder and crossed your arms. "You're too tall and I'm short so I can't kiss you..." You get quieter as you speak.

"W-What was that...?" Ludwig's face goes bright red.

You get on your toes and try to reach his level. "J-Just a few more...." It ended up failing and you crossed your arms again. "Just one little kiss, please...?" You look up at him.

He was quiet for a bit, he was blushing as he nods. "Fine... Just one.." He leans down and softly kisses you. But after that it wasn't just one little kiss, it turned into a bunch of kisses and your night ended up lovely. ^w^
Felt the need to write a thing since I haven't since finishing up America's... :I and for the moment germany is in my forever changing its mind favorite country list so why not XD
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You are cordially invited to

the seventy-fifth annual

Beilschmidt Ball

You stared at the fancy invitation in your hand, making Ludwig, the one so kind enough to deliver it personally to you and only you, almost anxious enough to dance back and forth, from foot to foot in anticipation. He prompted after your long, deafening silence, “So? Vill you come?” Almost as soon as he said it, he wanted to continue to babble on, to tell you you didn’t need to come, he didn’t care if you were there, but his voice was caught in his throat just looking at you.

Ludwig Beilschmidt had the biggest crush on you, and he couldn’t manage to express his feelings whatsoever. He was practically terrified that someone would steal you away before he ever got a chance to speak his mind, but would never have been the man to take away your happiness in trying to fulfill his.

And you were oblivious. There was no way this gorgeous, ripped, sexy, not to mention wealthy and sophisticated man would be into you, right? He was far out of your reach, and you were quite happy being friends. Not that you didn’t think about being more, who wouldn’t? You weren’t too keen on revealing that you had no idea how to dance, or that you had no fancy dresses, or anything fancy at all, really. But you kept your pride in saying, “I really wish I could...”

“But?” he asked, a tad too eagerly.

Deciding to only reveal the first of your problems you told him, “I can’t dance to save my life.” A goofy grin spread across your face to attempt to get him to smile back. “I’d only make a fool of myself.”

“Vell... I could teach you.” he said, rather brightly, when taking into consideration his usually somber mood. In fact he always brightened up around you. To him, you were like no other...

Your (e/c) eyes widened in surprise, and Ludwig couldn’t help but to admire the late afternoon sun setting off in the distance that filled them with a warm glow. As thoughts filled your mind of Ludwig and you spinning around alone in a ballroom, his hair falling out of place, his little smile at your faults, a little blush crossed your cheeks and you said with a smile, “That sounds great.” Then you remembered, “I still don’t have anything to wear.”

Ludwig smiled back at you, “If zhat’s all, I’m sure ve can vork somezhing out.” He really wanted you at this affair. These balls were usually dreadfully boring without someone to chat with. And he was sure you would be a wonderful dancer if you put in the effort.

“Then I’d love to come.” you told him, holding the invitation to your chest as you turned to leave. “But I really have to be headed home. See you soon!”

He watched you run off for a moment, then recalled something else. “Vait! _____!”

Turning back you looked at him curiously. He went on shouting after you, “Vould you like to come over to my house tomorrow for a dance lesson?”

“Sure!” you yelled back, always exuberant to make plans with the lovely German.

The next day you stood  shifting from foot to foot awkwardly at the foot of the massive Beilschmidt mansion, unsure of what exactly to do. Until of course you were bombarded with the happiest, most hyper Italian the world had ever seen. “_____!” Feliciano bounded out of the house to see you, catching you in a strong hug that near knocked you off your feet.

“Hi, Feli!” you said with a grin, lightly hugging him back.

“Ah!” he said with a wide smile, kissing both your cheeks and bringing a blush to each, “It’s-a wonderful to see you, bella!”

Feliciano released you and took a step back, both of you entirely unaware of the German glowering at his back. “It’s great to see you too!” you exclaimed, smiling at him brightly. It really was a surprise; you had no idea he was back from his trip to Italy.

Ludwig hated the animosity he was feeling towards your mutual friend at the moment, but couldn’t seem to help it. Of course he didn’t hear Feli say, “So, you-a got him to give you dance lessons?” while he raised his eyebrows scandalously. He might have winked, if his eyes weren’t inexplicably, perpetually closed.

“Yeah,” you said, “hopefully I don’t step on his feet too hard.” Both of you laughed, and Feli bade his farewells to you two little lovebirds, sincerely happy for you.

Ludwig turned to you, now elated to have you to himself. You smiled back at him, and asked politely, “Where should we go?”

“Come with me.” he said, leading you into his large home. Once he got to a large set of two doors he stopped, turning back to you and giving a little mock bow. Extending his hand out to you he asked, “May I have zhis dance?”

Giggling softly you took his hand with a little false curtsy, “Of course, kind sir.”

He smiled at you warmly and pushed open the double doors to reveal a gigantic ball room. The walls were ornate and had intricate designs, with little beams of light dashed over them from the large chandelier hanging down from the ceiling and catching the light. After leading you to the center of the room he asked, “Shall ve begin?”

“Of course.” you said, smiling back.

Ludwig delicately took your left hand and placed it on his shoulder. Then he took your right hand in his, and set his other hand on your shoulder blade. It was all very gentlemanly, nothing like the vulgar activities now seen at most dances, and you didn’t think there could have been a more chivalrous person alive at that particular moment.

He taught you the box step very slowly, giving you very calm directions until you got it right. Ludwig made sure you understood each step completely before moving on to try it a bit faster. When he thought you had gotten the hang of the basics, Ludwig went over and turned on the sound system. Instantaneously you were surrounded with gorgeous music.

Dancing wasn’t as hard as you had first imagined, and you never even stepped on his feet like they do in bad movies. Every second with him made you smile, and the ballroom was soon filled with swelling beautiful music as well as laughter.

Ludwig seemed to be enjoying himself, taking it upon himself to lead you and make sure he never let you go. Spinning you around and around he showed you more complicated moves. He stayed in the lead and made sure you knew what you were doing. Certainly, it was rather difficult for him to focus with you so close to him, practically up against him, laughing cutely with your shining (h/c) hair swaying with every twist and turn. Somehow, however, he managed and soon lost track of time completely, drinking in your presence.

But all too soon the sun started to set once again, prompting your mind to stray to those awaiting your arrival back at your own humble abode. “Ludwig?” you asked.

“Ja?” he almost hummed, so lost in the dancing and the music.

You smiled as he spun you around once again, “It’s getting rather late.”

He nodded, “Oh, of course.” Ludwig set you upright and released you, allowing you to take into full view how his hair had indeed fallen out of place. It was probably the sexiest thing you had ever seen. After he turned off the music, he led you out of his home again. It wasn’t all pleasantries; in such a massive place you might have actually gotten lost.

You turned back to give him a tight hug as you were about to leave. “Thank you so much for teaching me, Luddy. I had a lot of fun today.”

A warm blush crossed his cheeks at the contact and the nickname and he hugged you back. “It vas no problem, liebe.” he told you. You broke the hug and smiled up at him, pecking him quickly on the cheek before you left for good.

“I’ll see you at the ball, Luddy!” you said with a wave, giggling at how he stood there, awestruck, with a hand on his cheek. He really was too cute.

You and Ludwig arranged to meet up a couple hours or so before the ball so he could get you something nice for you to wear.

You thought he was just going to ask for your size and get one of his friends to loan him something, but in actuality he went out and got something especially tailored for you. It was a sleek black number that hung off you just right and would make even the toughest have a bloody nose.

The night of the ball you got all dressed up in a spare room in the Beilschmidt’s home. You had on the dress, some heels just low enough for you to be comfortable and dance in, and a light dusting of makeup to accentuate your features.

As you were fitting a golden chain with a single rose hanging off it around your neck, there was a light knock on your door. “Come in!” you welcomed, almost ready to go down and join the beginnings of the party.

Ludwig cracked the door open and saw you first in the vanity. In the reflection he saw you smile warmly at him, so he came in further. “How are you doing?” he asked, almost breathless at your, well, breathtaking appearance.

“I’m almost done.” you said, having trouble with the clasp of the necklace. He strode over to you and took the delicate gold in his hands, recalling that he was the one who gave you that rose necklace for your birthday many years ago. After fastening it correctly, he moved to the side and you faced him fully a smile still on your face. “Thank you.”

“It’s not a problem, liebe.” he said, smiling back at you. Ludwig then asked, “Vould you like to accompany me downstairs? It vill be awfully boring vizhout you.”

You took his arm, saying, “Oh, you’re too sweet.”

He led you downstairs and out into the middle of the dance floor. When the music started up again, you felt like you were back in the same room a few days ago, without all the people and food, twirling around alone with Ludwig. Everything else melted away, and you became lost in his gaze.

People around you stepped aside to watch the two of you dance together. The both of you were a stunning couple, and there was passion in every step. The energy you two gave off was infectious and it seemed like everyone was just in a brilliant, exhilarated mood.

After a long while of dancing, Ludwig pulled you off to the side while the other guests were busy clapping at the end of a song.

He led you out onto a balcony, the stars glimmering in the sky as you were illuminated by the crescent moon. You looked up at him, a bit confused as to why he brought you out here. “Is something wrong, Ludwig?”

“No,” he shook his head, “everything is perfect. You look stunning.” He still hadn’t let go of your hand, and squeezed it tightly in an attempt to show you he really meant it.

A little blush crossed your cheeks and you gave him a small true and genuine smile, “You look great too, Luddy.”

“_____, I-I think ich liebe dich.” he stammered, a blush on his cheeks.

But his confidence grew as you said, “I love you too, Luddy.”

And with that he kissed you, sending your mind into extreme shock.

You never thought this would happen, while you felt his soft lips caressing yours in what seemed like the most perfect, everlasting moment.

Back in the ball room you could hear Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture, and over the balcony you could hear actual fireworks.

He broke away from you with a grin and you let out a quick pant. The fireworks still went on behind you, the finale to the annual ball, and you were absolutely stunned.


Go wish :iconsylphwriter24: a wonderful, happy birthday!

She really deserves it. ^^ She’s an amazing reader insert writer, and I’m sure you’d love her work. So, go say hi, wish her a happy birthday, and maybe take a peek at here stories. Honestly, I love them. ^^

Okay, pieces like this are so good for me! Even if they're kind of cheesy and fluffy. Oh well. It got me back into Tchaikovsky and classical music altogether for some reason, and since I’m reading things other than fanfiction again it allowed me to actually seem eloquent for once (I hope).


Hetalia and all its characters belong to Himaruya Hidekaz.

You belong to 2p!America. For no real reason whatsoever.
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You sighed as you mentally slapped yourself for forgetting your bag in the meeting room. Not that it was completely your own fault of course, you’d been trying to make sure that Arthur and Francis didn’t kill each other on their way to their hotel room which they had to share to the Englishman’s great distaste.

Everyone must’ve left... you cursed as you wondered if the room had been locked up yet. A cheer of success left your mouth as you pressed the door handle down and it went down all the way, not catching on the lock. With a grin from ear to ear you sidled into the room, quickly finding your seat; your bag sitting underneath it with a nonchalant air about it.

“Bad bag! You were supposed to follow me!” You chastised the bag, chuckling at your own silliness until you froze when you heard someone clearing their throat. Spinning around, you clasped your bag to your chest as you stared at your unknown assailant with wide eyes and a red face.

Ludwig bit his lip, an amused expression on his face as he shook his head at you. “Vhat vere you doing? Talking to your....bag?”

You kicked the ground, your eyes averted from the German. I should really stop talking to objects and made a mental note of that and smiled sheepishly at him. “Yeah I guess. So you forget something too?” You diverted his attention away from your weirdness with a question, to which he shook his head.

“Just finishing up zhe papervork.” God, he really was a hard worker. “Hey Luddy.” He winced at his pet name, but at least you had his attention. “Don’t overwork yourself okay? I don’t want you to get sick.” You told him, a sweet smile on your face as you awkwardly patted his arm.

His heart beat faster at the simple but affectionate gesture and he reached for you as you turned to leave.

“Vait-“ The fabric of his jacket brushed against the table and managed to snag the metal case he used to keep his stationery in. The case tumbled to the floor with a loud crash and Ludwig halted abruptly.

The resounding metal rattle echoed in his mind, drawing visions of his time during the war. Doubling over, he held his hands to his ears as the repetitive string of machine-gun fire pounded in his head. The bombshells racked his body and he trembled violently, muttering to himself as he ‘saw’ people dropping like flies around him.

“Ludwig?!” You shook him hard, gasping as you saw the terrified look he had. “Nei-nein! Geh weg! Lass mich in Ruhe!”

“Ludwig!” Pulling his face up to look at you, you stared deep into his cerulean eyes. His pupils were almost completely dilated, two large black discs as he shook under your hands. After a strangled whimper, he collapsed on the floor with his head in your lap.

Holding back your urge to cry, you bit your lip. One of your hands rubbed soothing circles on his back whilst the other gently stroked his hair. You could feel his body quivering against yours, soft whimpers escaping him now and then.

You sat there for quite a long time, waiting until he’d quietened down completely until you asked him about it. “I-Is it because of the-“

“Zhe war? Ja.”  His voice cracked on the last note and he sniffed, using his hand to wipe away the moisture from his eyes. “I-I didn’t realise that you-you were this bad. This hasn’t happened before has it?”

You could feel the line of his nose against your leg as he shook his head, paused and then nodded curtly. “Never zhis bad zhough.” He commented quietly, the fingers that had clenched around the fabric of your trousers relaxing due to his taking deeper breaths.

He sat up suddenly, realising his display of what he would call weakness. Stammering, he apologised with a red face, his hands out in apology. You took them gently. “Ludwig, I want you to tell me when they’ve been happening. These-, well you know what happened just then.”

He looked to the side, his eyes half-closed in thought. “Z-zhey’ve just been happening recently. Vhenever somezhing drops like zhat,” he nodded at the metal case,” or makes a loud noise or somezhing.”

“Anything else?” He didn’t meet your eyes, so you roughly tugged his chin back. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“Nightmares.” His soft whisper was so uncharacteristic of him, it was a broken weak side of him you’d never witnessed before. “Zhey’ve been getting worse lately but because Feliciano sleeps with me, zhe dreams often go away. Zhough, today he’s sleeping vizh his brozher. So I don’t knov...”  

Before you voiced your proposal you weighed your options.

A)Let him sleep by himself and let those nightmares assail him.
B)Fine Feliciano and get him to sleep with him.
C)Be bold and offer to sleep with him.

Now before you chose you remembered the very present feelings of heart-flutteriness you had when you were around said German, how his rare smile lit up the rest of your week and how you tried to spend every available moment with him.

With that in mind, you chose C.

“Y-you know, y-you could al-always sleep w-with me?” He stared at you with wide eyes, a blush started from his cheeks and ending on his ears.

“No-not in the pervy kind of way of course! But if it helps you, then....” Trailing off, you made eyecontact with him. “If you can avoid having those dreams by doing something as simple as that, then I don’t see why I shouldn’t help you.”

“Danke.” That one word held so much warmth, tenderness you’d never expected the German to have or at least aim it at you. “Danke.”

You stepped out of the bathroom, one of the hotel’s fluffy towels adoring your damp hair like a crown. “I’m done.” You told Ludwig, wherever he was hiding at the moment. After a couple of curious seconds, you recognised his shape in the armchair that stood against the far wall.

He had a red hoodie on, the hood pulled up so that his face was shadowed. He probably couldn’t see you and seeing as he hadn’t stirred when you’d talked you figured he was asleep or
something. Suddenly your ear picked a light sound up, a quiet drone in the background amidst the buzzing and whirring of the lights and various other technological contraptions.

Music, you now identified the sound as music and slowly you came to sit in front of Ludwig, raising a hand on front of his face. He jumped spectacularly, clutching his heart as he caught his breath. “Don’t do zhat!”

“Whaaat? You mean jump you?” You grinned maliciously, chuckling as his reaction. “Ja.” He replied bluntly, taking off the headphones. A blast of music came free and you smiled as you recognised Bach’s cello suites.

It was strange to see him in such a casual get-up, you didn’t even know he owned loosefitting clothes like the hoodie and the slacks he was now wearing. “Why so loud?” You inquired, you’d thought that he of all people would know not to blast music like that; it had a bad effect on your eardrums after all.

“Blocking out existence for a vhile.” He muttered as an answer, turning the music off and placing the MP3 back in his orderly bag.

“So... to bed zhen?”

The question inflamed your cheeks even though you knew it wouldn’t be like that at all. Mind you Ludwig was looking pretty flushed as well. He slicked back his damp hair from the shower he’d taken before you and waited for you to get into bed first.

After clicking off the light, he slid into the double bed with you, somewhat awkward. The two of you were just lying on your backs, not knowing what to do or what to say. “If-if I notice you’ve got a bad dream, I’ll wake you up okay?”

“Zhat vould be good, ja.” He answered stiffly, his jaw set as he reigned in his desire to hug you to sleep. Feeling similar to him, you gingerly reached out and wrapped your arms around him, blushing terribly.

Tensing for a split second he radiated heat  then he placed his hand on your back, bringing you closer. “That better?”

He nodded at your question, his tired eyes already drooping. The racing of your heart slowed to a normal one and whilst his head rested against your shoulder, he could feel the beat against his own.

The soft rhythm was succeeding in lulling to a horror-less dream, warmth and love being the two foremost elements in it.

Languidly, you brushed some hair from his forehead. Even though he was big and strong, with more than enough power to protect himself from bodily harm, he still looked so vulnerable with his eyes closed.

Something swelled up in your chest at that moment. Something warm, something glowing and something you wanted to keep and nurture, direct the feeling at the man that lay in your arms and let him bask in it.

It was the feeling you called love.
Noooow I'd like to say a couple of things about this;

1. What Germany is suffering from is shellshock, though of course in real life people where much, much more affected by it than him. (This is what happens when you make me watch history documentaries.... *currently learning about the First World War*)

2. "Blocking out existence" is a quote by me.... Yes I have used it frequently these past few days.

3. I can't believe how cold it is outside. (this has absolutely nothing to do with this)

4. Was orginally going to make Reader-tan count sheep for him in German. But well I believe this works as well ^^


Please enjoy and tell me what you think, feedback is as always appreciated!
And if you want to have a hand in deciding which character and plot is used, please vote in the poll!
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"Hey, Germany." You cracked a smile, peering over at the blond german and away from the bright, blinding computer screen you had been staring at for so long.

Italy and you had been scouring the internet for hours, looking for nothing in particular. Just a few moments ago the two of you had found something called ''. It had caught your intrest, so you clicked on it to see what it was about. Just like the name implied, it was a websight with nothing but baby names. At the top of the screen you could look up any name you wanted and see what it stould for, and what gender the name was supposed to belong to. At the bottom, you could look up names under French, Japanese, Indian, Spanish, and so on. The moment you spotted names you could look up in German, a wide, evil smile spread across your face.

"Ja?" Germany asked, looking up from the newspaper he had been so interested in.

"Germany, Devi vedere questo~!" Italy laughed, pointing at the screen.

The german let out a heavy sigh, getting up from his recliner and setting his newspaper down on the table beside him. He walked over to your chair, setting his hands on your shoulders and peering over at the screen.

"German baby names?" He asked, squinting an eye as he looked down to your bright face.

You smiled, and scrolled down the screen. "That's not the weird part."

Stopping at a name, you pointed a a single finger to it so he could see what had caught your attention. The germans eyes grew as Italy and you burst out in happylaughter. "Ja. Vhat's so funny about zhat?" He asked hesitently, looking away from the screen as pink lightly dusted his pale cheeks.

"Come on, Germany. It's a german baby name called America." You snickered, scrolling over the name. "I thought this was the funniest part, though."

The blond folded his arms across his chest, keeping his distance from the two of you and the computer. After about a minute or two of silence, you knudged Germany in the ribs, hinting at him to come look at the thing you were trying to show him. With a roll of his eyes, his gaze settled back at the computer. He stould there for a moment, trying to pick up on the thing you were so eager to show him. You could hear the man give a slight grunting sound, shrivling back from the computer. This made a smile come to your face, your gaze looking back to settle on the embarrased blond.

"Home Ruler?" He asked, confusion and embarresment mixing in with his tone.

"There's also a name called Berger~" Italy sang in his usual happy tone, pointing to the name. You looked back over to the computer in surprise, not seeing the word before. Just as the italian had said, there was indead a name labled 'Berger' highlighted in bright blue letters. Looking back over to Germany to see the expression on his face, he scowled.

"Did you lose another bet to America?" You asked, leaning back in your chair and peering up at Germany with your cheerful, (e/c) colored orbs, setting your arms behind your head. The german just looked down, the pink that colored his cheeks now turning as red as one of Romano's tomato's. You gave him a satisfied smile, patted him on the head, and turned back to the computer that sat infront of you. Germany just stould there, dumbfounded as to what he just read. Maybe it was just one of those times he went out for a drink and got sucked into something he wouldn't likely remember in the morning. As the gears turned in his head, he started to wonder why the two of you started looking at german names in the first place. Why hadn't they looked at any embarrasing italian baby names? It would have been much more fun to look at those and make fun of Italy, no matter how much the german knew he shouldn't do that to the happy-go-lucky italian. He looked over to Italy, the brown haired man leaning forward in his chair as his overly happy smile grew on his face, a slight 'Ve~' illuminating from his mouth. The man looked over to you, your figure also hunched over as your grip on the wireless computer mouse seemed to get tighter, your finger scrolling down the page you were on. Tipping his head, a wide, persed smile spread across his lips. He leaned forward, snaking his arms around your waist abd bringing you closer to him and the back of the chair. Adjusting his chin comfortably on your shoulder, he moved his mouth close to your now warming ear.

"Vhat vere you doing on that vebsight anyvay, liebe." He whispered slowly, making you stiffen with surprise, a small shiver running up your spine. "Vere you hinting at somezing?"

You blushed, your face reddening only the slightest. Looking up to the man's baby blue eyes, a playful glint seemed to reflect in them. You couldn't help but smirk, no matter how serious he seemed to be acting. Lifting your hand of the computer mouse, you set it against his fourhead, pushing him away from your face.

"You wish."
Really short, choppy oneshot that came to my mind XD I was searching for a name to give my OC, I saw the 'America' and 'Berger' name, and cracked up laughing. :iconus-xdplz: I'm thinking Germany lost some sort of bet to America..or something XD Anywho, enjoy~

You (c) :iconsexygermanyplz:
Story (c) :icongoingmadhatter354:
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You sat on your light brown couch, a fuzzy, multicolored blanket draped over your shoulders as you read through the stack of books you had gotten earlier that day.

What else better to do on a dragging Saterday night than read a crap-load of manga in your favorite pajamas, curled up in your living room and watching CSI? At the moment, nothing had seemed greater than what you were doing at that moment.

You lightly licked your thumb, turning a rather long page in your book as you continued to skim the next one. Even though you had started the book not thirty minutes ago, it didn't stop you from being two pages from the end. That's what you loved about manga- no matter what the plot, it always seemed to catch you attention enough to where you couldn't stop reading until you were done.

As soon as you were on the last page of the thirteenth book in your series, your (f/c) cell phone gave off a buzzing sound as it rattled profusely against the table. The little green mint bunny keychain England had given you as a decoration for your electronic danced against the wood, giving off the impression it was trying to take flight. Smirking, you took the phone in your hand, flipping it open as it made a light click noise.

"What's up?" You asked, not completely sure who was on the other line.

"Ciao, bella~!" A happy tone sang through the phone, making a smile instantly bloom across your face.

Who other than your happy-go-lucky italian friend, Feliciano, to call you so late on a Saterday night. Whenever he called, you could always feel his smile radiate through the phone. Shifting the phone so it was under your ear, your shoulder pushing it up against your head so you didn't have to hold it, you went back to your novel.

"Hey, Feli!" You said, skimming down the page. "What does my special italian have to talk to me about?"

He gave a small chuckle, answering almost imediatly. "Well, to celebrate Japan lowering his blood pressure from Germany's dieting and exercise plan, we all decided to go out for drinks, and we were wondering if you wanted to come?!"

You looked down to your (Favorite Cartoon) tanktop, and down to your rather baggy pajama pants, then over to the half-finished pile of books scattered next to you. "Sure." You replied, setting your book down ontop of the others. "I don't have anything better to do."
"That's great!" He beamed happily. "Just meet us at the usual spot around ten!"

You nodded. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

And with that, you pressed the red button on your cellphone, the screen getting ungulfed by darkness, only to be replaced seconds later by your screensaver of Ludwig, Kiku, Feli, and you all holding up mugs, cheery smiles planted across your faces. And then there was Gilbert poking his head out from behind you, two small fingers coming up from behind your head with his usual evil smile on. One of Germany's old drinking buddies, you remember, had taken the picture, part of his thumb showing the tiniest bit in the corner.

Smiling, you shut your phone with another click, dragging your lazy, unwilling body off the couch. You knew that it was just your friends you were meeting, but you felt the sudden need to change into something practical. After a minute or two on debating what to wear, you just decided on a simple sweatshirt and jeans. You walked over to the laundry room by the garage door, shuffling through a pile of clothes you had been reluctent to fold and put in your droors the day before. You pulled out a red, white and blue sweatshirt you had 'borrowed' from Alfred a few weeks back, and a pair of dark blue holey jeans. Changing, you threw your pajamas into the washing machine and grabbed your keys by the door. You went into the garage, hopped into your (car type), and backed out of the now opening garage door.

You sighed, gripping the steering wheel handle.

Let's see how this turns out. You thought, backing out of the driveway and into the empty, dark world that surrounded you.


It had been around three hours since you had gotten to the bar, and in all honesty, you should have left as soon as you got there. The longest you had ever been there was an hour or so, just for the simple fact you didn't really care for beer. But now as you sat at the table in the back of the room, Gilbert and Ludwig now singing some random song in full german and toasting to whatever they could think of just for an excuse to drink another frothy mug, you understould why you really decided to leave so early each time. Your eyes settled on your half-empty cup sitting infront of you, watching the bubbles and foam in the middle slowly die down. Pushing it farther infront of you so you wouldn't have to look at it anymore, you heard a slight 'Ve' come from beside you. To your surprise, Feli was sound asleep, his pale cheek laying in a puddle of the yellow concoction.

Kiku had left you to be with the three men about a half hour ago, stating he had 'Important buisness to take care of', which in his case was preparing oniguri or some sort of food for tomorrow. Personally, you had thought he had went home just to get away from the drinking and german singing that never quite seemed to end. If you could, you would have left as soon as he had. But you knew that the two sitting next to you could have passed out any minute, and you didn't just want to leave them there to sleep away, only to wake up in the morning with serious hangovers. That was just the sacrafice a friend like you had to make.

After about ten minutes more of glasses clashing against each other, droplets of the foul smelling substance spilling across the table, the slurred singing died down to small murmers. You looked over to Ludwig and Gilbert, know the two had more than likely fallen asleep. Just as you had predicted, the white-haired albino had passed out, his fourhead resting on the edge of the table as Gilbird flapped happily in the puddle of the wet substance. You winced, picking up the soaked bird off the table and into the palm of your hands. That was a good way for the little yellow bird to get drunk, though you were sure it wouldn't have been its first time on the matter. You took a half-dry napkin off the table and started to wype the fluid off Gilbird.

"Poor little guy." You murmered, the bird cheeping and flapping his wings as you patted his little head dry.

That was, until you heard a small laughter come from beside you. Turning to the side so you could see who was making the noise, you relized it was just Ludwig, his cheek resting against his hand as he smirked at you. Cocking an eyebrow at him, you looked down to Gilbird for a brief moment, then back up to the german.

"What's so funny?" You asked, not taking your eyes off of him as you finished cleaning the yellow blob in your hand, a small smile forming on your face. You didn't quite know what he thought was so funny about cleaning a bird, but the drunken smirk he gave you was too sweet not to smile at.

He grinned wide enough so you could see his teeth, and answered with a small laugh. "Did zhe sun come out, or did you just smile at me?"

Your somewhat-happy expression slowly faded, a feeling of confusion washing over you. You set Gilbird back on the albino's full head of white hair, glancing over at Ludwig. You set your arms on the table, looking into his glossed, baby blue eyes.

"Have you been hanging out with Alfred?" You asked, tilting your head to the right, smirking. "Because only he could come up with a pick up line that cheesey."

He shook his head, his hand still resting against his rosey-red cheek.

"Then it's the beer." You said, your eyelids closing the slightest, leaning forward. "You're drunk."

Once again, he gave a shake of his head, his prominent smirk matching the one now shown on you. "I'm not drunk. I'm simply intoxicated by you."

Your eyes widened, the same confused feeling beginning to knaw on your insides. Ludwig chuckled, closing his blue eyes. A long stretch of silence passed between the two of you, the only sounds in the room being the loud conversations of the people around you. Why was he suddenly acting like this? You had seen him drunk before- that was nothing new. But the sudden cheesey pick up lines? You had heard better ones from Alfred. In fact, that was exactally how you had met the American. You knew every single one by heart, and each one was funnier than the last. But sitting here now, the german you had known for so long starting to use them on you, was a bit of a surprise. Yet you couldn't help but feel different, the words he so easily spoke to you crawling under your skin and slowly hitting you like a sharp slap in the face.

He's just drunk. You told yourself, shifting your head so it was fixated to the warn-in mug ring on the table. But even so..

"______, do you know what I did last night?" The german finally spoke, his voice sounding a little more serious than it had before. You looked up, your (e/c) staring into his blue orbs.

Sighing, you braced yourself for the next line that was likely to come your way.

"What did you do last night, Ludwig?" You asked, going along with his question.

He paused, leaning forward so his face was a few inches away from yours. The sudden stench of the beer you hated so much wafted into your nose, bringing tears to your eyes. None the less, your cheeks started getting a little hotter as you backed up slightly in the red booth.

"I looked up at zhe stars, and matched each one vith a reason vhy Ich liebe dich." He said, his gaze still locked with yours.

At that moment, you swore your heart had skipped a beat, the light pink in your cheeks turning to a red color. Normally, words like this wouldn't have even fazed you. But coming from the german you had liked for so long, it had a different effect.

You folded your arms across your chest, looking back down to the table so Ludwig couldn't see your easily noticable blush. Contimplating on what you should reply to the blond, you felt a hand cup under your chin, bringing your head up to meet the gaze of the drunken german.

"Vhen I look into your eyes, it's like a gatevay into zhe vorld of vhich I vant to be apart." He whispered, getting closer with each word.

You stould there, dumbstruck, staring into his blue orbs.

"Ludwig, I..." You started, tears prickling at the edges of your eyes. The bombarded pick up lines struck your heartstrings like a bomb in a war zone, consuming everything in it's path. But a little part of you, deep inside you, knew that he didn't mean any of it. A little voice mocked you, nipping at you, trying to get you to snap.

It's sad, really. He's too sweet to mock you when he's sober, so he had to get intoxicated just to do it.

You mentally cringed at the words, knowing that they were all too true. You had been friends for the man for as long as you could remember, and you knew that he thought of you as nothing more than a friend. The closest he probably thought of you was as a sibling, if that. You put your hands to the germans chest, gently pushing him away. The instant everything around you started getting blurry, the feeling of wet, hot tears traveling down your cheeks, you regretted answering your phone to speak to the italian. You regretted getting up off your perfectly comfortable couch, excited to come and hang out with your country friends. And it wasn't that you didn't want to return the german's feelings. In truth, you loved Ludwig more than anything in the world, and you had ever since you first met him. His slicked back blond hair that seemed to have too much gel in it, the baby blue eyes he sported that gleamed everytime he smiled at you, and his overall personality had wanted to make you wrap your arms around the man. You wanted to be able to call him yours.

It was just the fact that when Ludwig went to sleep that night, oblivious to everything that he had done, he wouldn't remember a lick of it when he woke up the next morning.

"I-I should probably go." You murmered through tears, wyping your cheek off with the wrist of your sweatshirt sleeve.

With that, you slid out of the booth, carefull not to wake Gilbert or Feli, and fast walked over to the wooden doors that seperated you and the outside world. Out of all the laughter and faint, upbeat music echoeing throughout the building, you heart a faint 'Vait!', followed by heavy footsteps a good ways away from you. Ignoring the plee, you slowly opened the doors, trudging out into the now rainy night.

Throwing your hood on, you looked both ways, forgetting where the small parking lot was for a moment until you spotted it not too far away from the building. Hands stuffed deep inside your multi-colored sweatshirt, you made your way over to your vehicle, which was parked next to the warn out 2003 Toyota Camry. When you started hearing the same heavy boot-against-ground sound as you did inside, you picked up pace. You didn't really have any sudden urge to talk to the drunken german, but for whatever reason, he wanted to talk to you.

You'd think that through all the time that you've known Ludwig, he would know not to bug you when you were trying to cool off.

Letting out an angry huff, you started to jog to your car, which was now a few feet away from you. The hurried footsteps behind you started to pick up speed, the sloshing of rain on the pavement heard with the movements of his run. You knew that your friend was much faster than you, due to the fact he made Kiku and Feli run with him everyday while you stayed home and did the exact opposite of exercise.

You gripped the handle of your car door, forcefully pulling it open. When it didn't budge, you attempted to pull it even harder, your vision getting blurred by both the blubbery tears rolling down your cheeks and the rain pouring down heavily and drenching your clothes.

"Open up, darnit!" You hissed at your car, pounding on the slippery glass window.

You set your fourhead against the numbing cold of the metal car, arms hanging droopily at your sides, knowing you wouldn't have time to get your keys out of your pocket before Ludwig could get to you. Just as you had thought, the footsteps that you had heard stopped behind you, Ludwigs heavy breathing barely heard through the pouding of the rain droplets against your car.

"______." He said, putting both hands firmly on your shoulders and forcing you to turn and face him.

You looked up to him, the rain slicking down his blone hair so it was no longer pushed back, small pieces of bangs hanging down on his fourhead. His eyes revealed a look of pity and confusion as he looked down to your drenched figure covered in a sweatshirt and hood, your (h/c) hair sticking to your cold cheeks. You looked to the ground, the converse you had slipped on before you left now standing in a puddle formed on the concrete parking lot ground. Fists clenched, you closed your eyes as the mixed emotions inside you bubbled and rose to your surface the longer you stould in the silence that surrounded you.

"Vhy did you run?" Ludwig finally spoke up, the firm grip on your shoulders softening.

You cringed at his words, biting the bottom of your lip. To be honest, you wern't quite sure you knew the answer to his question. You knew why you had gotten upset. But you didn't quite know why you ran away from him instead of telling him what was on your mind.

"______," He repeated, his hands sliding off your shoulders, making their way towards sides. The germans arms wrapped around your waste, bringing you closer than you had ever been to him. You felt your star designed hood get pulled from your head, your semi-dry hair now getting soaked by the rain. He tucked a stubborn strand of hair that stuck on your face behind your ear, nuzzling his face gently into your sweatshirt. "Vas it vhat I said?"

Instantly stiffening, you didn't return his sudden embrace. Instead, you stould there, arms planted at your sides, feeling the cool rain wash over you and the german.

"You don't mean it." You murmered, not budging an inch as you stared up at the gray night sky.

"Vhat?" He asked, lifting his head up off your neck as he looked into your saddened face.

"What you said to me." You said, peering up at the german. "You don't mean it."

You felt Ludwig flinch at your words, relization as to why you left flooding through him. All was silent for a moment, neither one of you daring to speak another word.

"Vhy vould I say something I didn't mean?" He asked, his voice a slight monatone.

"Because you're drunk. Complete and utterly drunk." You said the taddest bit angry, your words coming out a little harsher than you meant them to. "People say things when they've had one too many. Things that they don't mean. And i'm pretty sure that you didn't mean a word you said back there, considering you'd never utter something like that to me when you're sober"

You turned your head away, not completely sure why you had told him all that. What made the situation even worse was that you barked it to him, making you sound bitter and harsh.
Just when you thought the world was going to end on the spot, the hardy laughter of your friend began to slowly echoe through the rainy parking lot. You whipped your head over to Ludwig who was happily laughing, the light grip around you he had tightening. You gave him a confused look, and tipped your head the slightest.

"W-What's so...funny?" You murmered, a little hurt that he would laugh at the honest words you had just spoken. The words you found so hard to even tell him.

His laughter died down as he looked down at you, his cheeks now a light pink color. You wern't sure if it was from the cold bight of the rain, or from embarresment of some sort, but he looked down at you with them, his glossed blue eyes giving off the happy glint you had loved all too much.

"______, just because i'm drunk doesn't mean that vhat I said vasn't true." He said, giving you a sad smirk. "I just needed a little motivation."

The pounding in your heart picked up once more, your face getting warmer against the cold. " like me?"

"Nein." He said, shaking his head.

The one word struck you hard, even though you knew perfectly well he wouldn't return your feelings in the first place. You planted a fake smile on your face, nodding. "I thought just as mu-" You started, only to get cut off by Ludwig's raised finger.

"I don't like you." He said, his voice barely a above a whisper. "Iche liebe dich."

Before you could even react to his words, even blush, you were once again pulled into his grasp, a warm and soft sensation press against your cold lips. Your eyes widened in surprise, only to find Ludwig's lips against yours, his hand making its way up and entwining carefully in your (h/l), (h/c) hair. It took you a moment to relize that it wouldn't be the best idea to just stand there, arms planted at your sides in frozen shock. Your arms gradually moved around his neck, your hands gripping the back of his green army jacket as you moved into the kiss, a sickingly sweet feeling overcoming you.

After a few more moments Ludwig and you pulled away from each other, the sweet, rainy air filling your lungs. You gave the german a warm smile, moving a piece of his blond, wet bang from his fourhead, lightly kissing it.

"I love you too, Ludwig."
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“Yeah. . .Okay. . .Sure, I’ll see what I can do. . .Okay. . .Thanks. . .Love you, too. Bye.”

_____ hung up and placed the phone on the desk in front of her. She had just had a conversation with her mother in America that she would rather have not had. Her grandmother, her mother’s mother, had passed away that morning. When her mother broke the news to her, she didn’t respond. She was silent for a few moments before calmly asking the date of the funeral. She then learned that it was to take place in two days in America. _____, of course, was not so thrilled about this. She had lived in Berlin ever since she had married Ludwig, which was almost two years now. She had visited her family back in America, but only during Christmas. And now, she was being asked to travel halfway across the globe to attend one of the very things she dreaded most.

She sighed and propped her arms up on the desk, holding her head in her hands. She rubbed her eyes tiredly with the bottoms of her palms, then lowered her head and rested it on her forearms on the desk. She closed her eyes for a moment, but opened them to look at the wall clock.

Luddy will be home in less than an hour, she thought. She bit her lip. I should probably prepare how I’m going to break the news to him. . .

_____ stood up from the desk and left the home office, murmuring to herself as she made her way down the hall.

“Let’s see. . . ‘Ludwig, sweetheart, my grandmother passed away this morning and I’m going to the funeral in America in two days.’” She stopped and blinked as she realized how incredibly insensitive she just sounded. She sighed and walked into the kitchen. “I gotta go to the funeral,” she continued to herself. “She was my grandma. . .”

She thought a moment as to what to make for dinner, then just settled on making homemade pizza. After gathering all the ingredients, she began to work, all the while still contemplating how she was going to talk to her husband.


Forty-five minutes later, _____ washed her hands and slung the dish towel over her shoulder. “There,” she said as she looked at the fully cooked pizza. “It’s all done.” She smiled at the masterpiece, but felt a small ache in her heart, causing the smile to morph into a frown.

She jumped when she heard the front door suddenly open. Footsteps followed, and a familiar voice rang out, “_____, I’m home!”

_____ blinked at the uncharacteristic happiness in the man’s voice, confused as to why of all days he was so happy. She cleared her throat and took a few deep breaths before replying giddily, “I’m in the kitchen!”

Ludwig then appeared in the doorway, smiling at his wife. He stepped toward her and kissed her on the mouth. “Hallo, liebe.”

_____ smiled as happily as she could. “Hi, Luddy. Good day at work?”

He nodded emphatically. “Ja. I managed to get all mein work done, und no one interrupted me.”

“That’s good.” She tossed the dish towel on the counter.

“Und how was your day, liebe?”

“Hm?” She blinked, then turned her head to look at the floor. After a moment, she beamed at him. “It was good. Any day off work is good for me.”

Ludwig smiled at her, leaning down slightly to plant a kiss on her forehead. “Gut.” He glanced at the stove. “Pizza, hm?”

“Uh, yeah.” She looked at the wall clock. “It’ll get cold if we don’t eat it. What do you say you go change while I cut up the pizza?”

He chuckled, then nodded and turned to leave the kitchen. As he left to go change, _____ immediately let her fake smile dissolve. She sighed heavily and leaned on the kitchen counter, rubbing her eyelids. She then turned around, let out another sigh, and grabbed a pizza cutter.

When Ludwig had finished changing into his leisurely clothes––a simple collared shirt and old dress pants––he made his way back downstairs to the kitchen, but stopped when something in the living room caught his eye. He stepped into the room and smiled. “What are you doing in here, liebe?”

_____ smiled at her husband, holding out a plate with two slices of pizza. “I just wanted to eat in here, is all.”

Ludwig smiled and sat down on the love seat beside her, taking the plate. He relaxed and sat back in his seat, taking a bite of the warm pizza. He swallowed and smiled once again. “Ist gut.

She smiled back. “Danke schön,” she said before biting into her slice.

Ludwig stared at his wife, mesmerized. He had no idea why, but he was always captivated by _____’s omnipresent grace. She was able to capture such grace in everything she did, he observed, and he had fallen in love with it. He had fallen in love with everything about her. He was so grateful that his feelings for her were reciprocated.

He was also grateful for the plate in his lap, and the fact that it was able to obscure the embarrassingly obvious bulge in his pants.

He cleared his throat in an attempt to purify his thoughts. “S-So. . .anything big happen today?”

_____ froze mid-chew. She looked down at the floor, then swallowed hard. “U-Uh. . .n-not really, no. . .” She pursed her lips. “W-What about you?” she asked, desperate to push the spotlight off of her. “Anything big happen for you today?”

Ludwig made a half-smile. “Well, everything went the way it was supposed to.”

She giggled. “That’s always good.”

The two soon finished the slices of pizza on their plates, eating in a silence that was comfortable for Ludwig, but utterly nerve-racking for _____. The whole time she was pondering over how to tell her husband about her grandmother’s death and upcoming funeral halfway across the planet. She wasn’t quite sure how much longer she could keep up this whole charade and pretend that everything was wonderful. She knew eventually she would crack.

Ludwig, on the other hand, was much at ease, sitting on the couch next to his lovely wife. As he looked at her, he couldn’t shake the feeling of how much he wanted her at this moment. He set his empty plate on the coffee table and gently took _____’s, laying it next to his. He then leaned over and planted a long kiss on her lips. He pulled away only long enough to draw her into his lap. His arms wrapped around her waist, and one abandoned her body to hold her face.

_____ panicked internally through her husband’s sudden show of affection, and although she would have loved to participate, she still couldn’t clear her mind of the phone call she had had with her mother. Her fingernails dug into Ludwig’s shoulders as she attempted to quickly sort out her feelings, unintentionally driving Ludwig crazy. He grunted and suddenly stood up, holding _____ like a small child with his hands on her rear and theirs faces toward one another. He carried her upstairs to their room, all the while kissing his wife madly.

_____ pulled away and rested her chin on Ludwig’s shoulders as he began to cover her neck with kisses. She let out a quiet moan, which Ludwig assumed was a sign that she was enjoying it. _____ tightened her arms around him and buried her face in the crook of his neck, using all of her will power to hold back her bottled-up emotions.

The two finally reached the bedroom, and Ludwig quickly closed the door with his foot and set _____ down on the bed. He then leaned over her, their faces not even inches apart, and they both seemed to tilt back until _____ was lying down on the bed, her feet still hanging off the edge. Ludwig lowered his head and kissed her once again, this time more passionately. After a brief moment of hesitation, _____ allowed her lips to move with his, her hands accidentally finding their way to his shirt buttons. Ludwig smirked through the kiss and proceeded to unbutton his shirt, revealing his almost skin-tight tank-top. He tossed the article of clothing onto the floor and returned to the heated kiss, moving his hand down to the hem of _____’s shirt. Just as his cool hand made contact with her skin, _____ yelped and pushed him away with a bit more force then she had intended. Ludwig stared at her in shock.

“_____,” he said, panting slightly. “What––”

He stopped himself when he noticed the now obvious look of fear on his wife’s face.

“_____?” he repeated in a softer tone, stepping back over to the bed and kneeling in front of her. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

_____ breathed deeply for a moment, forcing herself to keep her composure long enough for her to explain. “U-Um. . .I got a phone call from my mom today. . .”

Ludwig paused, taking one of her hands in his and letting the other run across her arm. “Und what did she say?”

She tightened her grip on Ludwig’s hand until her knuckles were white. “My. . .My grandma. . .passed away this morning. . .”

Ludwig remained silent, still kneeling on the floor and staring at his wife. He had met her grandmother before, and it didn't take long for him to realize that she was slipping away, physically and mentally. But, despite all that she had been through, she had still been a bright and happy woman, and _____ loved her deeply. He lifted his hand to cup her cheek and asked her gently, “Are you alright?”

_____ pursed her lips, but nodded. “Yeah. I’m okay.”

Ludwig sat back on the bed and wrapped his arms around her. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

She pressed herself into him. “Well. . .you were having such a good day, and. . .I didn’t want to ruin that. . .not yet, anyway. . .”

Ludwig felt a pang of guilt. He had been so happy with his own feelings that he was completely oblivious to _____’s. He ran his lips lightly across her hair. “Are you sure you're alright, liebe?”

She sighed. “Yeah,” she said tiredly. “I just. . .I knew this was coming. Before I even met you, I knew she was slipping. . .slowly. . .So I just kind of accepted it way back then that she wasn’t going to be the same. She was dead to me long before this. . .”

_____ blinked as she felt something touch her cheek. She lifted her hand, and froze when her fingertips skimmed across a tear. Her breath started to shake, and her shoulders spasmed from her quiet sobs. She clutched a fistful of Ludwig’s tank-top in one hand while the other held onto one of his arms. “Lu-Ludwig. . .I don’t understand. . .I accepted it––I accepted that she was gone before she even left. . .So why am I crying now. . . ?!”

Ludwig pressed his cheek to the side of her head, catching the scent of her hair. “Liebe,” he whispered, stroking her hair. “It’s alright. Just because you accepted her leaving doesn’t mean you were fully prepared for her departure.” He kissed the crown of her head. “It’s alright to feel sad.”

_____ turned her head and buried her face in his chest, wrapping her arms tightly around his torso. She continued to sob weakly for a few more minutes, then slowly looked back up at her husband.

Ludwig leaned down and kissed her forehead. “When is the funeral?” he asked softly.

_____ sniffled. “The day after tomorrow.” She wiped her eyes and looked back at him with an almost pleading expression. “Will you come with me?”

He smiled sadly. “Ja.”


Ludwig and _____ walked out of the church hand-in-hand, clad in black apparel like everyone else. _____ looked around the front of the church until she spotted a familiar figure. She tugged her husband’s hand and went over to the woman. “Mom,” she called.

The woman turned, her reddened eyes widening slightly at the sight of her daughter. She smiled and hugged her daughter. “_____! How have you been?”

“Pretty good,” she replied, mirroring the smile.

_____’s mother looked at Ludwig. “And you, Ludwig?”

Ludwig half-smiled. “Ja. I’m alright.”

She nodded. “I got worried you couldn’t make it when I didn’t see you before the funeral.”

“Yeah, our plane landed late last night,” said _____. “And we overslept. . .”

_____’s mother grinned.

“Where’s Daddy?” asked _____.

She pointed to a spot not far from them. “Over there, talking to Granddaddy.”

_____ glanced over toward her father and grandfather, pursing her lips as she thought of whether to interrupt them or not. She smiled and hugged her mother one more time before going over to the two men, Ludwig following.

“Hey!” said her grandfather instinctively when he saw her. He wrapped his arms around her in a bear-hug.

_____ let out a squeak and wiggled her legs as she was lifted off the ground momentarily. “Uh, Granddaddy. . . ! You’re crushing me!”

He laughed and set her back down. “Good to see you, baby!”

She smiled back, then looked at the other man. “Hi, Dad.”

_____’s father smiled and hugged her briefly. “Hey, Missy.” He glanced to the side. “And Ludwig.”

Ludwig nodded. “Good to see both of you again.”

_____’s father looked back in the direction of his wife, and said, “I’m gonna go and check on your mom. Sit tight, okay?” He kissed his daughter lightly on the crown of the head and walked off.

_____ smiled as she glanced back at her father for a moment, then froze when she heard her grandfather say to Ludwig, “So, when should I expect to have great-grandkids?”

Her head snapped back toward him, her face turning beet red. She looked at Ludwig, seeing that he was blushing furiously as well. She slapped her grandfather’s arm. “Granddaddy!”

He laughed, and _____’s jaw almost dropped at how hearty it was. After losing his wife, he could still smile? Still laugh as happily as he did? That just seemed impossible to her. She imagined what it would be like if Ludwig died. When she did, her heart ached so much that she couldn’t stand it. She wondered if, one day, she could be as strong as her grandfather. She hoped so.


_____ leaned her head on Ludwig’s shoulder, closing her eyes. She let out an exhausted sigh.

Ludwig looked away from his book and at his wife. “Tired?”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

He kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry. We’ll be home in a few hours.”



“Thank you.”

“For what?”

_____ nuzzled his neck. “For being there for me. . .For everything.”

He smiled. “No need to thank me, liebe.”



“I love you.”

Ludwig smiled warmly at her, planting a sweet kiss on the corner of her mouth. “Ich liebe dich auch, schatz. Angenehme Träume.
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"Just go and ask her! She's not going to wait for you forever, Ludwig!" Feliciano whispered to Ludwig, who had a conflicted look on his face. He had been trying to get the German man to ask you out for a while now and today was probably the best time, seeing as Valentine's Day was right around the corner. Unfortunately, Ludwig had other plans.

"But what if she rejects me?"

"She won't, I promise. And if you don't go now, you'll never know."

"I-I can't! What should I say to her?"

"Ask her if she wants to do anything with you today. Come on, you made a whole list of things you would do to get her to go out with you!"

"But you and Francis helped me with most of them," Ludwig pointed out.

"That doesn't matter, what matters is that you still wanted to make the list. Go! I have faith in you!" The Italian chimed, before giving the blond man a slight nudge towards your direction. Sighing deeply, he took a few strides towards you and tapped your shoulder. Turning around, you smiled at who it was.

"Hi, Ludwig. What's up?"

"Guten Tag, (Name). I have something I wanted to do today, and I wanted to know if you would, er, come with me?"

You beamed at him. "Sure! What is it you want to do, and what do you want me to help you with?"

"Oh, I-I just wanted to visit a florist's to get some flowers, that's all. I just don't know what type to get, and I know you quite like flowers, so I thought bringing you along would be a good idea."

"Oh, yeah! I love flowers! I can totally help you with that. Let's go!" You grabbed his arm and led him down the hallway, excitedly talking his ear off about flowers and how beautiful they were.

Feliciano grinned and said to himself, "Thank me later, you two."


"This one?" Ludwig asked, holding up a pot with geraniums in them. You looked over at the pot he was holding and frowned slightly.

"Um, are these flowers for you or for someone else?"

"Someone else... why do you ask?" He peered at you, looking surprised when you gasped.

"Ludwig, you can't give these to someone else, especially not if they know the language of flowers!"

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Why not? And what's the language of flowers?"

"Flowers have a language of their own. A few hundred years ago, you could send a bouquet of flowers to someone instead of a letter, and it would have its own meaning. These, for a start," you stated, grabbing the pot from Ludwig's hands and putting back down on the table, "signify stupidity. So obviously you don't really want to be giving these to somebody, unless of course it's someone you don't like. Is it someone you don't like?"

"No! No, no, it's for a... close friend of mine."

"Right. So then, you'd want something that's a bit friendlier, like a crocus or maybe some irises." Moving along the rows, you went to look for those particular flowers, while Ludwig moved towards the counter, trying to get attention from the florist in the shop.

"Excuse me." He started.

"Yes, dear?" The florist was a kind-looking middle aged woman. She stopped watering a plant to look at the German, an inquiring look on her face.

"I'm here to collect a bouquet."

"And may I ask what your name is?"

"Beilshmidt. Ludwig Beilshmidt."

"Oh! So you're the lovely young man over the phone who asked for the bouquet! I'm sure your girlfriend will really appreciate them, especially if she gets their meaning." The lady smiled, handing over the bouquet in a bag. He blushed a bit.

"Actually, they're not for my girlfriend. They're just for a- a friend."

The lady looked at him knowingly. "Ah, I see. Don't worry, son; whoever it is you're giving these to will definitely want to be more than friends. You don't just receive a bouquet from someone a few days before Valentine's Day and think they just want to be your friend."

Just then, you ran up to Ludwig, a potted plant in your hands. "Hey, Lud! Give your friend these! They're chrysanthemums, and if you're really close with your friend, I'm sure they'll really appreciate them!"

"Oh, i-it's fine. I found another bunch of flowers to give to my friend. Thanks for helping me, though."

"Really? What did you choose in the end? Can I see? What type of flower is it?" You asked, trying to look in the bag.

"I bought, uh... some, er..."

"He bought some azaleas for his friend. They aren't well, you see." The florist behind the counter helpfully put in.

You pursed your lips. "You didn't tell me your friend was sick, Luddy."

"I didn't think it would matter."

"Oh, okay. Well, I want to buy some flowers for my friend, too. Could you wait for me outside, I'll only be a minute."

"Ja, okay."

Two minutes later you came out holding a large bag and walked to Ludwig, who was waiting outside like he had said.

"What flowers did you get?" Ludwig asked.

You grinned at him slyly before answering, "Oh, just some honeysuckle plants."

"And what do they symbolise?"


He furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you happy about?"

"Um, you know, stuff." Your noncommittal response bothered the German, but he decided to let it slide.

"(Name), I wanted to ask you, since I don't have anything else to do in town, do you want to come over?"

"Sure! It'll be fun hanging out with you!" You grinned. Just then, you felt a drop of water on your cheek. Looking up, you saw the sky was a dark grey. Not a promising sight. "We'd better hurry though, or else we'll get trapped in the rain." Taking his arm, you started to walk down the street, your bag clutched tightly to your chest.


"This rain just ruins everything!" Ludwig muttered angrily under his breath, nursing a cup of coffee in his hands. The skies had decided to really chuck it down before the two of you had even gotten halfway to Ludwig's, resulting in the two of you getting soaked and having to take shelter in a nearby café.

"Hm? Did you say something?" You asked as you lifted your gaze from your hot chocolate to the tall German man sitting in front of you. He quickly turned away and you thought you saw his cheeks turn red.

"Oh, I-I was just wondering when the rain would stop. As nice as this café is, I don't exactly want to spend the rest of today in here. I had a list of things I wanted to do today, and this rain is going to ruin all of that."

You smiled. Ludwig always made plans daily, so naturally he wouldn't be prepared for something like this to happen and throw all of those plans out of the window. Putting down your mug, you gently laid a hand on his. He turned back towards you, surprised at the contact. "Forget the list, Luddy. You don't have to order your life all the time. Go with the flow for once. Anyway, you can always put off what you were going to do on that list for another day!"

"J-Ja, I suppose you're right. Um... since it looks like we'll be here for a while, I might as well give you these now. I wanted to wait until you were at my house and there weren't so many people around, but these are for you." Pulling the bouquet of flowers out of the bag, he handed them over to you.

Your eyes widened as you took the bouquet from him. "Ludwig, do you know what these mean?" He looked down, nodding. Squealing, you grabbed his hands and leaned over. "That's so sweet! In fact, I have flowers for you, too! Here!" Still grinning madly, you picked the flowers out of your bag and thrust them at him.

"They're very beautiful, what are they?"

"Gardenias. They signify a secret love. You see, I really wanted to tell you how I felt, but I didn't want to tell you outright, so I got you these instead. If I knew you were going to get me a bouquet of gloxinia, I wold have bought some ambrosia instead! That would be to say your-"

Ludwig cut you off by pressing his lips to yours. When you finally pulled away, you saw he was smirking.

"That was rude, cutting me off like that. Don't you want to know what ambrosia stands for?" You pouted.

He squeezed your hands. "Sorry. I'm sure they have a really great meaning. What do they stand for?"

"They mean 'your love is returned'. And it is! I do love you, Luddy."

"I really do love you too, (Name). You make me feel so happy whenever I'm with you. I've been dying to ask you something, too. Will you be my girlfriend?"

"I was waiting for you to ask me that! Yes, I will be your girlfriend." And you pulled him in for another kiss.
Title is because flowers are great and I actually got some this Valentine's Day!
This was actually supposed to be uploaded like 3 days ago oops

PS: There is a second part to this. Except it's not really a second part, as in you don't have to read this to understand the other part. Just getting it out there. That will probably be uploaded tomorrow. lol who am I kidding you're probably never going to get that it's actually right here.

PPS: Gloxinia symbolises love at first sight, and I think I already mentioned any other flower meanings in the story.

Happy late Valentine's Day, everyone! :heart:
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You pulled your knees to your chin and hugged them. The late night clouds moved away from the moon, letting the beams dance on your cheeks and reflect off your hair.  

You glanced a pile of letters on a small table. They were all from your beloved from distance places that seemed to far away. Why did he have to join the army? Sadness washed over your head and you slowly put your head on your knees.

“Bonk” You looked up. “Bonk”. There it was again. Squinting you stood and walked to the glass doors that led to the balcony. “Bonk” A small pebble bounced off the windowpane. You stared at it and then slowly pushed the doors open. The cool winds made the curtains fly and your hair spin around your face. You looked out across the dark landscape and saw nothing, but the shadows of the trees. Hesitatively you stepped out onto the balcony, pulling your clothes around you.


You jumped so badly and nearly fell over. You heard a sweet and familiar laugh. You heart stopped in your chest and you scrambled to the edge of the stone railing. You looked down and there he was. He blond hair was wind tousled and looked like he just got off the plane in his uniform. In one hand he held an army hat and the other was in pocket. He looked exactly how you remembered him, perfect. Tears flowed down your cheeks.

He smiled up at you and whispered, “I’m home (y/n).”

Though your salty tears you managed a smile, “Welcome home Germany.”

He looked kindly at you, “I have something for you,” he said. Before you could protest, he knelt to the dew damp grass and from his pocket pulled a dark box. He opened it and a simple ring glinted inside. “(Y/n)?” you stared at him, “Will you marry me?”

You at him and you looked down. “You’re a jerk you know that?”


“You left me here…there were times when I thought you’d never come home…and if you did…it would be in a box.”

“I know…I’m sorry.”

You shook your head, the tears kept coming, “But…I-I still love you?” you looked at him, “How is that?”

“I’ll never leave you again.” He promised. You nodded, “Will you marry me?” You nodded silently. “I’ll come up.” He said.

“No, wait.” You said. You were already over the railing and making your down.

“(Y/n)!” Germany cried and rushed forward and caught you as your fell.

You both went tumbling down the lawn. You groaned and looked up, “Germany! Are you alright?!” he was still under you. “Germany?” you whimpered.

Suddenly he leaned up and kissed you. He opened his eyes and grinned, “I’m right here.” You stared at him, not sure if you were angry or happy. You opened your mouth, but he took you hand and slipped a cool metal band around you finger. You glanced at it and then he pulled you into his strong arms, his safe arms. “I want you to be mine forever.”

You anger slipped away and you spoke into his soft hair, “I already was.”
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        “Liebe! I’m home,” Ludwig called as he shut the front door behind him. I walked out of the kitchen, wiping my hands on my apron. He grinned and walked over to me. He wrapped him around my waist and kissed me deeply. I giggled against his mouth and wrapped my arms around his neck.
        “Hi,” I breathed, trailing my fingers along his neck. He shivered lightly and his arms tightened around my waist. As he did so, his eyebrows scrunched together slightly and his blue eyes looked at me, confused. “I made wurst,” I said quickly, noticing his expression and pulling away.
        “Schatz (Sweetheart),” the large German mumbled, following me into the kitchen. I looked over my shoulder and saw him looking me up and down. I knew he wasn’t checking me out; he was noticing how skinny I was.
        “Yes dear?” I asked as I set the table. He sighed heavily and came up behind me.
        “Aren’t you going to eat?” inquired, eyeing the single place setting. I shook my head and racked my brain for a quick answer.
        “N-no. Feli came over earlier and insisted he make pasta,” I made up hurriedly. I knew Ludwig could tell something was up, but he let it go.
        “Alvight liebe,” he replied, sitting down at the table. I fixed his plate and walked back to him. I kissed his cheek and set the food down. We talked as he ate. He told me about work, all the paperwork his boss was making him do. I told him about my day; cleaning and cooking supper mostly.
        “So vhat did Feliciano vant?” the tall blonde asked as he set his dished in the sink. My eyes widened and my heart sped up. I hadn’t expected him to ask that.
        “H-he um... he came looking for you but I told him you were at work, like usual. I don’t know why he didn’t go there first,” I stammered quickly. I sounded too nervous. Drat! He grunted quietly and I came up behind him. “I’m gonna go change, m’kay?” I murmured, kissing the back of his neck lightly. I had to stand on my tip toes to reach. He shivered and nodded.
        “Alvight, he said quietly, turning to kiss my forehead. I smiled and hurried to our room. I shut the door and leaned against it heavily. That was close, I thought. I walked to my chest of drawers and pulled out a long sleeved shirt and a pair of shorts. I sighed tiredly as I slipped tiredly out of my jeans and T-shirt.
        I was so ugly. That all there was to say. I didn’t know why Ludwig chose to stay with me. I was overweight and fat and I was trying to lose weight, but I just couldn’t. I glimpsed my reflection in the mirror and felt tears in my eyes. Why couldn’t I be pretty. I wasn’t overweight at all. I was thin and pale. I’d stopped eating about a week ago and it was starting to take its toll.
        I was much thinner than I was supposed to be and I kept having near blackout. It was a good thing Ludwig was at work most of the time. I was just unable to see how sick I really was. I changed into the more comfortable clothes and grabbed a blanket from our bed and trudged back to the living room. Ludwig was sitting on the sofa reading a thick book his older brother had lent him. I sat down on the other end, covered everything but my feet with the blankets and carefully slid the cold appendages into the German’s lap.
        “Liebling?” Ludwig asked looking up from his book. I shrugged, closed my eyes and snuggled into the couch cushions. I heard him shut the heavy book and then I giggled as he ran a finger along the bottom of my foot.
        “Luuud~” I giggled, curling up slightly. He laughed softly, a sound I absolutely adored, and pulled my feet back into his lap. He rubbed the soft skin, making the small ache in the instep of my foot fade. “Mmm, that feels good,” I mumbled, wiggling my toes. He slowly worked his way up along my heels and ankle, he massaged my calves, his large fingers kneading into my skin. I sighed contented and was just about to fall asleep while he started rubbing my knees.
        “I called Feliciano.” I opened my eyes and saw Ludwig watching my feet. “He said he never came over. _______, vhy did you tell me he came over if he didn’t?” I started shaking ever so slightly as he rubbed up around my thigh. I bit my bottom lip as his fingers stopped there ministrations abruptly. I tried opening my mouth, but I caught myself as he ran his hands over my legs. I realized what he was doing and tried pulling my legs away. He held them in place and yanked my blanket off my body. I cringed into the sofa as his baby blue eyes widened ever so slightly. “_______...” he whispered, looking at me. I swallowed and turned my head into a pillow. “_______, vhy are you so skinny?” My mouth quivered slightly, tears stinging my eyes and I tried to sit up.
        “‘Cause,” I muttered, throwing a leg off the couch. He held my shoulder and grabbed my chin and made me look at him.
        “Because vhy liebling?” he questioned, holding my gaze firmly. His blue eyes were hard and determined. I’d seen that look a few times before, but not many. I gulped again and felt the hot tears fall one by one.
        “I… I haven’t…” I choked, knowing he would get the message. He sighed heavily and cupped the side of my face with his large, calloused hand. “I-I… I didn’t… I’m… I’m s-sorry…” I managed, reaching up to wipe my eyes. He pulled me into his lap and rocked me gently.
        “Liebe, vhy do you zink it’s okay to stop eating? You’re obviously not healzy. Vill you tell me, bitte?” he asked, pressing his lips into my hair. I took a shaky breath and clutched at his arm.
        “I’m not p-pretty and I-I’m overweight and ugly,” I told him, burying my face in his chest. He rubbed my trembling back before wrapping his large arms around my malnourish waist; grimacing slightly.
        “Shatz, do you truly believe zat? You are perfection _______. Sie sind reizend und schön, und ich kann mir nicht vorstellen, eine weitere erstaunliche Mädchen in meinem Leben.(You are lovely and beautiful and i can't imagine a more amazing girl in my life) Bitte liebe, tell me next time. Ich liebe dich. You know I do und I love you ze vay you are.” I cried silently into his shirt front, letting his words sink in. as I settled down a little, Ludwig pulled back and looked at me. “I know somezing zat might help,” he said, smiling gently.
        “Hm?” I looked up at him, my eyebrows scrunched together slightly. He hauled me to my feet and walked me to our bedroom. I sat down on our bed as he dug through his bedside table.
        “Gil sent me zis. He said it’s some of ze best German chocolate he’s ever found. It’s somezing sweet and chocolate can cure almost anyzing,” he said, pulling out a prettily wrapped chocolate bar and unwrapping it. “Here,” he said, breaking off a piece and handing it to me. I took it and nibbled on it. I was about to take a bite out of it when a thought struck me.
        “Open up,” I instructed, crawling in front of him and sitting back on my heels, holding the piece of chocolate in front of his mouth. He looked at me with wide, confused eyes for a moment before opening his mouth slightly. I stuck the chocolate in between his teeth and told him to bite down gently. He held the sweet in between his teeth and I grinned. “Much better.” I leaned forward so our noses were touching and I saw his face go red. I chuckled and kissed him, taking the other half of the chocolate into my mouth.
        We sat there for a moment, neither of us moving at the chocolate slowly melted against our lips. Ludwig started moving his lips carefully against my mouth. I grinned and kissed back deeply. We fought over the chocolate a few minutes before Ludwig pushed it into my mouth with his tongue and let it coat the inside of my mouth.
        “You’re vight,” he gasped softly, “much better.” I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Promise you von’t do it again liebling,” he pleaded softly, kissing my cheek tenderly. I nodded, resting my forehead against his.
        “I promise.” I looked into his blue eyes and smiled at the warmth and love reflected in them. “I love you.”
        “Ich liebe dich auch.”

***Extended Ending***

        I walked out of the kitchen, popping another marshmallow into my mouth. I sat down on the sofa, fidgeting for a moment before standing back up again. I made my way down the hall to Ludwig’s study. I peeked in and saw him leaning back in his chair, rubbing his eyes from underneath his glasses. I snuck in quietly and walked behind him. I gently began massaging his shoulders, making him jump slightly.
        “Oh, liebe. Don’t sneak up on me like zat,” he muttered, setting his glasses on his desk and leaning back farther in his chair. I smiled and kissed his temple.
        “You’re tense honey,” I murmured, kneading my fingers into his broad shoulders. He sighed and rolled his shoulders back, silently asking me to rub under his shoulder blades. I complied, trailing my fingers down his back. “They’re working you too hard. I oughta go down there and talk to them.” The German snorted softly and leaned his head back slightly and I roved back up to his neck and shoulders.
        “Vould you mind? Zat, or maybe you could just come viz me und rub mein shoulders like zis all day,” he mumbled. I chuckled softly as I continued massaging his back. I could feel all the tight, knotted muscles in my boyfriend’s shoulders loosening under my touch. “Liebling,” he whispered, “you have no idea how good zis feels.” I smiled and paused slightly, making a small whining sound leave his throat.
        “You know,” I breathed, blowing ever so slightly on his ear, “I can do a lot more than just rub your shoulders.” I felt him stiffen and I had to stifle a giggle. He turned his chair to face me with an almost challenging look.
        “Is zat vight?” he asked, standing up so he could tower over me. I nodded confidently and jumped up onto his desk, careful not to disturb his papers. I crossed my ankles and swung them innocently.
        “Mhm!” I hummed, watching him stalk closer and then place his large hands on either side of me. “I can relax you entirely, Mr. Beilschmidt.” He laughed and kissed me roughly on the mouth. I followed suit, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. I slid my knee slowly up his leg, making him groan above me. He wrapped a muscled arm around my back and pressed me flush against his broad chest.
        “I don’t know how velaxing zis is going to be, liebling,” he said breathily. I smirked and running my hand down the front his chest to the waistband of his work pants.
        “It’s only as relaxing as you let it be,” I replied, moving fluidly so I was standing on his desk. I jumped so my legs wrapped around his waist. “C’mon you, you need a break from all that hard work you do.” I could feel his heart pounding as he hurried as fast as he could to our room.
        “You’ve got zat vight,” he muttered, shutting our bedroom door and tossing me onto the bed. I giggled, thinking about what I could do to relax my strong, stoic German.
I'm sorry the ending sucks!! *hides* Alright! I hope ya'll like this, I think I did okay on everything expect for the very end! I hope it's alright!! Enjoy
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        I opened my door quietly, hoping not to notify anyone in the house that I was home. I’d just come back from the doctor’s and my stomach was in knots. I stepped inside and set my purse down on an in table. I sighed and brought a hand to rest on my forehead. I was happy, thrilled even, but I didn’t know how Ludwig would take it.
        I’d been sick for the past few days and decided to go make sure everything was alright. They told me that I was fine and perfectly healthy... and so was my baby. I was excited about a having a baby. I’d been thinking about talking to Ludwig about it, but I just wasn’t sure yet. I’d wanted to make sure he was ready, but I guess it was a little late for that.
        “_______?” I froze and my eyes widened. He’d heard me come in. Thoughts rushed through my head about what he might say or how he might act. None of them were very good. What if he didn’t want the child? What if... what if... “_______, are you home?” the German asked, sticking his head out of the kitchen. He saw me and smiled. It disappeared, however, when he saw my terror stricken appearance. “_______, liebeling! Vhat’s vrong?” He hurried to me and lifted my face so I was looking at him.
        “L-Ludwig,” I stammered, tears bubbling in my eyes. I was so frightened about what he would say. I was probably just getting myself worked up for nothing, but I just couldn’t help it. Stupid hormones! I rested my head on his broad chest and cried softly. I completely missed the looked of utter shock and distress on the blondes face.
        “Liebe,” he said quietly, stroking my back. He was at a loss for words. I wasn’t one to act very emotional and to start crying out of the blue was probably starting to freak him out. I felt his arms go around me and lift me up. I squeaked lightly, but didn’t protest. He walked down the hall and into out bedroom. “_______,” he said, sitting down on the large bed, “vhat is it zat’s got you so upset, hm?” He sat me down and placed me in his lap. I sniffled a little, finally starting to calm down.
        “L-Luddy, c-can I tell you s-something?” I asked, my eyes darting between his bright blue orbs and my fingers.
        “Of course liebeling, anyzing,” he replied, running his large, calloused fingers through my hair. I swallowed, trying to calm my racing heart and get up the courage to spill. “I... I’m pregnant, Ludwig,” I said, just loud enough for him to hear. I waited, holding my breath as I listened to the deafening silence. I looked up eventually and saw his eyes frozen, staring ahead but not really seeing anything.
        “Ludwig?” I pulled away from him and snapped my fingers in front of his face. He didn’t move a muscle. Oh no. I crawled out of his lap and over to my bedside table. I’d never seen the man act like this before, but I’d heard stories of past instances when the personification of Germany went into terrible states of shock and it had been almost impossible to bring him back. I grabbed my cell phone and punched a few numbers. I looked over my shoulder at my husband. I guess maybe he wasn’t going to say anything at all.

        “Ve!! _______ How-a are you?” Feliciano asked as he bounced into my house. I blinked and shook my head.
        “I’m fine Feli, but I’m not too sure Ludwig,” I replied, looking worriedly down the hall at my bedroom. He was still sitting on our bed, as unmoving as a statue.
        “Doitsu? What’s-a wrong with him?” the energetic Italian asked, deflating just a little. I explained to him had happened, he congratulated me on the baby, and that I couldn’t get a response from him. Feliciano quirked an eyebrow, but started for my bedroom and motioned for me to follow. I leaned against the door frame and watched as Italy approached Ludwig.
        “Doitsu. Doitsu what’s-s wrong?” he asked softly. Ludwig blinked and actually looked up at the auburn haired Italian. He murmured something under his breath and went back to being a statue. Feliciano turned back and gently tugged me out of the room.
        “What’s wrong with him?” I asked as the tall man pulled out his phone. He shrugged and dialed a number.
        “I’m-a not sure, but there’s-a someone who will,” he mumbled as his phone rang. He listened as someone answered the phone. “Si! Would you-a mind coming to _______’s house?” he asked. I scrunched my eyebrows together. “Ve! Thank you Prussia!”
“Gil?” I asked, watching as he shut his phone and put it up.
        “Si. He’ll-a know what to do,” the Italian replied. I sighed as started for the kitchen.
        “I sure hope so.”

        “Yo! Ze awesome me is here!” I looked up from my book towards the door as the Prussian strutted in. I stood up and greeted my brother-in-law. Feliciano had left a little while ago because he stuff to attend to, apparently. He was never very specific when it came to anything.
        “Hey Gil,” I said tiredly. He gave me a look and I smiled weakly at him. I explained what had happened and ended up crying into his shoulder.\
        “Don’t vorry _______. I’ll get to ze bottom of it,” Gilbert said, kissing the top of my head. I nodded, sniffling slightly and watched him walked down the hall to my bedroom. I thought a moment before getting up and following him.
        “Vest!” Gilbert said, smacking his brother in the back of the head. “Was zum Teufel ist los mit dir?!” (What the heck is wrong with you?!) I sighed, leaning against the door frame and peering in. I wasn’t going to be able to understand a word. “Was machst du gerade hier sitzin, dummkopf!?” (What are you doing just sitting here, dummkopf?!)
        “Gil… sie… sie ist schwanger,” (Gil… she… she’s pregnant.) Ludwig mumbled. I was relieved to hear him say something, even if it was in another language.
        “Ich weiß das! Sie erzählte mir, und sie ist krank vor Sorge, weil du hier sitzt anstatt mit ihr. Warum sind Sie gerade hier sitzin?!” (I know that! She told me and she's worried sick because you're sitting here instead of being with her. Why are you just sitting here?) the Prussian yelled. Ludwig blinked a few times and looked up at his older brother.
        “Bruder… was, wenn ich nicht ein gutar Vater? Nach allem, was ich getan habe… was, wenn…” (Brother… what if I’m not a good father? After all that I’ve done… what if…) The German couldn’t continue. He sounded so distressed. Gilbert’s ruby eyes glittered with understanding. I watched as he sighed heavily and sat in front of his younger brother.
        “Vest. Ihre Vergangenheit nicht definieren Sie oder was Sie kid werde an Sie denken. _______ Sicher nichtm ich kann Ihnen sagen, dass, aber sie ist ausgeflippt Jetzt, weil sie Sie nicht wollen, das Kind denkt,” (Your past doesn't define you or what you kid will think of you. _______ sure doesn't, I can tell you that, but she is freaking out right now because she thinks you don't want the child) the albino chastised. “Sie braucht dich jetzt. Beweg deinen Arsch raus und rede mit ihr.” (She needs you right now. Get your ass out there and talk to her.) Ludwig blinked and let a small smile cross his face.
        “Danke Gilbert,” he said, standing up from the bed. The Prussian smirked.
        “Ja, ja, oh and Vest,” the German turned his head, “you make a great vati.” They both chuckled and Ludwig walked out. He nearly ran into me and I stumbled back a little.
        “_-______,” he stammered. I looked down, trying to wipe tears from my eyes. I felt strong arms wrap around me and pull me into a large, warm chest. I fell into the embrace crying and hiccupping in relief. “I’m sorry liebe. I am so so sorry. I just had so many zoughts running zrough my head und-” I cut him off, knowing that he would start rambling if I didn’t.
        I pressed my lips to his, gently cupping his face in my hands. I stood on my tip toes, trying to stay up as long as possible. I pulled away just as he was wrapping his arms around my waist.
        “It’s okay Ludwig. You just… you really scared me…” I whispered, placing a hand lightly on my stomach. The German looked down at my hand and smiled.
        “So zat’s vhat all ze sickness vas about?” he asked, laying a hand on top of mine. I looked up in surprise but nodded.
        “You’re not… you’re not upset?” I asked timidly. His blue eyes widened with surprise.
        “Upset? Vhy vould I be upset?” he asked. I shrugged my shoulders, not meeting his gaze. “_______.” I sighed and looked up at him. “I could never be upset viz you, especially over somezing like zis. Besides, zis is wunderbar!” I swallowed, feeling tears prick at my eyes and a weight lifting off my shoulders.
        “Really?” I asked carefully, wiping at my eyes. He wrapped an arm around my waist and spun me around.
        “Ja! Ve’re having a baby!” he said happily. I grinned and wrapped my arms around his neck. He was excited and happy. I let a relieved giggle escape my lips.
        “Yea, we are!” I said, leaning up and kissing his cheek. “I love you Ludwig.”
        “Ice liebe dich auch _______.”
        “Dudes!! I’m going to make ze most awesome Onkel ever!!”
One of the many one shot ideas I've running through my head! I hope you enjoy!!
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