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Recent additions:
*Drawing with Sweetie Belle game
*Rarity's gem chest
*multiple letter replies from Celestia (20 total)

Welcome to Ponyville!
Twilight Sparkle has just returned from Canterlot on royal business, and now has time to relax and play with her pony friends. Play games with Applejack, hang out with Rainbow Dash, visit Rarity, see what Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are up to, or just spend a relaxing afternoon in Twilight's library.
What do YOU want to do?

**On some computers there seems to be a problem with slow movement in Fluttershy's and AJ's "2d scroller" scenes, making their walk cycles appear off. It works fine on all the PCs I've tested it on(with firefox and IE). This might be a computer or browser issue, since the code dictates the scroll movement by pixel.
**I'm aware that in Twilight's book game a small book can get stuck behind a larger book. I haven't found a way around this. you'll just have to start over, sorry.

People seem to have explored everything there is to explore! If you can't seem to find one of the hidden "easter eggs," look through the comments because others have pointed them out. =)

WOW. Finally done! I learned so much about animation while doing this project, and I feel like I improved my skills a lot in the process. It was a lot of work and the code got really frustrating at times, but it was also a lot of fun. I learned a ton about actionscript, because I started this project knowing basically none!

Made in Macromedia Flash 8 Professional(actionscript 2)

Thanks EqD for the post!
Thanks everyone who's vectors/backgrounds I used.
See "credits" on the main menu for list of contributors and links.

~My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro. I claim no ownership of anything here.
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Video Response on YouTube…

Animated in Flash:

This one was tough, but it was tons of fun. Took a little longer than I had hoped, but hey it happens.

My first animation using premade puppets. This was made using the amazing puppet rigs provided by :iconflamingorich: If you haven't had the pleasure of using them just yet, go give it a shot.

I heard this song while driving a couple weeks ago and immediately Fluttershy started dancing in my head. One thing led to another, and well here we are.

I hope you like it =)


Also check out:

Derpy Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-PonyPinkie Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-Pony
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WARNING: You might want to turn down your volume just a notch.

Enjoy this little collaboration between me and =Tim015 :icontim015:, who did the animation. Perhaps you'll get the chance to commission him for something? ;)

The music tends to be a little buggy, but that's about the best we managed.

Music used:

:bulletgreen: First part:… It's a modified "Cerebrawl IN-GAME" tune by Laura Shigihara, used as a Puzzle tune in Plants vs. Zombies game.

:bulletgreen: Second part: "Running in the 90s" by Max Coveri.

(Originally intended for April Fools, but the initial idea couldn't be done on time, and the replacement doesn't seem this specific for the holiday, so here you go.)


Based on "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" by Lauren Faust.
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Don't worry squirt, Sandy will repair it in no time..
Come on! You're too tough to cry!

Ha, my first proper animation, though it's still just a static image with a few animated bits. Still, I'm learning! :D

Flash 7 hours
Feel free to use as long as you link it to me.

Copyright: :iconhasbroplz: and :iconfyre-flye: and me :3
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Who loves Tank? Rainbow Dash does!!! D'awwwww...

Click (and hold, if you'd like) anywhere to show Tank how much RD loves him.

Jeez, this took me FOREVER to make! Instead of using a series of bitmaps for the animation, it's all vectors. Feel free to zoom in as much as you want, because now it won't get all pixelly. Hooray!

Holy crap, no way!!! Featured on Equestria Daily! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! [link]
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Weddings equal shenanigans. Or something.

Not as good or long as I wanted it to be and took far too long to make due to various reasons, but here it is.

YouTube: [link]


Derpy and Chrysalis voiced by Meredith Sims.

Celestia build from gbeaudette's cleaned up version of My Little Pony Kit's one


True Love Ways - Buddy Holly
Shake Your Booty - KC & The Sunshine Band
Various SFX sources
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Weddings!)


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is property of Hasbro Inc.
Animation by MrPoniator, the ponifying mister.
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On Youtube [link]

Something :iconmanateemckenzie: asked me to make a while back, and I finally got around to. Once I imagined Derpy prnacing like Homer, I couldn't rest until I figured out how to do it.

Well, actually, I rested quite a bit. But tonight, I haven't rested. Well, I mean I'm going to in a bit here. But that's only cause' it's done now.

Song is The Captain of Indistry by Joe jackson, as seen and also the scene as seen in the Simpson's bit "The Land of Chocolate" :) Hasbro, Faust, Joe and Groening all mixed in there somehow, this is a not-for-profit homage so I hope that's coool guyyys
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For my reaching 2000 followers! Thank you all who watch, favorite and comment on my art. It means a lot me.
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Princess Woona is back, but this time, inside a videogame!
Help her navigate around the moon and figure out how to eventually get back home!


Please read!

I added the WASD keys as controls.
I also removed clicking on Woona as a way of accessing the menu, just to avoid the classic 'I was in attack mode and wanted the menu again' situation.
Zombies should be easier. Just don't expect to get the big guy in one go. Be patient!

If you haven't read the comic yet, you probably should, so you can understand this game. I know that's usually a bad thing to do, but I have to generally keep with the story... sorry!

This is part one of many. This part only covers up until the observatory (about page 40).

Cover image by :iconennervateindustries:

Original Moonstuck by :iconegophiliac:
The comic here: [link]

Every time I update the original file with a fix or some sort of change, your saves will be deleted. Sorry, but that's nothing I can help, it's just the nature of the flash player. New swf, new save. If you want to protect yourself against this, download the file and play it off your own hard drive. Peace!
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Part of applying for being on the Double Rainboom animation crew was making two animation tests, and showing you know how to use not only Flash but also the (very awesome and intricate) animation puppets designed for the episode.

This is one of the animation tests I made. I took a random sound file from my computer and used it as a base for learning how to animate the Twilight puppet.

Also, Twilight apparently doesn't like bees. Who knew?

Many grand thank you's to :iconflamingo1986: for his incredible help with critiquing this during production and also teaching me some other interesting tidbits of animation.

If you want to learn more about the Double Rainboom project, or even download and use the exact same puppet I used here, head over to the Double Rainboom website: [link]

MLP:FiM Hasbro, The Hub. Twilight puppet made by Flamingo1986 Studios.
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