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Video Response on YouTube…

Animated in Flash:

This one was tough, but it was tons of fun. Took a little longer than I had hoped, but hey it happens.

My first animation using premade puppets. This was made using the amazing puppet rigs provided by :iconflamingorich: If you haven't had the pleasure of using them just yet, go give it a shot.

I heard this song while driving a couple weeks ago and immediately Fluttershy started dancing in my head. One thing led to another, and well here we are.

I hope you like it =)


Also check out:

Derpy Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-PonyPinkie Screensaver (With Sound) by The-Paper-Pony
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Turns out I can't import videos to Flash correctly, so I really recommend clicking the YouTube button. Otherwise you get to see what the video looks like before I adjust everything, which I guess might be interesting if you want to figure out all of my animation secrets.

(Hint: there aren't any.)

Music: Gentleman by Psy
Programs: Flash CS4 and After Effects CS6
Time: ~30 hours
Moral Fabric of the Universe: Destroyed
EQD: [link]

Twitter: @Cyn_Wolf [link]
YouTube: [link]
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So after about a week I finally got this into a fairly showable state.
There's actually a whole lot of work left, but I need to get working on some overdue projects now.

The video that basically jumpstarted the thing…
Music courtesy of DJ SOZ3…

*EDIT* removed a fairly game breaking bug where the game just stopped counting points.
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Oh lyra, you so silly.
Based off this comic by MyMiniatureEquine.
I wub you Myminiature equine! :iconrdsoawesomeplz:

The epic piece of artwork that you can see in the background is inspired by Happy Holidays by Br0ny
And all the voice work is done by TheRobotButterfly! Who happened to also do voicework for a previous animation, Lyra's secret.
Also, I seemed to have picked up a helper! Kaig3n has generously offered to help with vectoring, and he vectored all the furniture and walls! : D This wouldn't have gotten done without Kaig3n's help, it would have just sat on the backburner for the rest of eternity. :3

I wub you all!
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.....I know right.....?

What is wrong with me???


I've been enormously busy! In case you couldn't tell. I hope to put together a journal entry soon about my crazy animation school antics but for now, you get this. Pinkie Pie. Talking in Cyborg's voice. Creepin' you out. xD

I made this as a puppet test for my friend *Flamingo1986 's epic fan project, Double Rainboom ([link]). I'm not only an animator, but also background supervisor and preproduction artist. I kinda do all the things.

I hope to start updating Deviantart again at some point... I miss you guys! ;____;

Pinkie Pie is ©Hasbro
Cyborg dialogue is ©WarnerBros

(And I know, it repeats. I need to learn how to put a play button in that only lets it play once. I'll find out and update it soon!)
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Who loves Tank? Rainbow Dash does!!! D'awwwww...

Click (and hold, if you'd like) anywhere to show Tank how much RD loves him.

Jeez, this took me FOREVER to make! Instead of using a series of bitmaps for the animation, it's all vectors. Feel free to zoom in as much as you want, because now it won't get all pixelly. Hooray!

Holy crap, no way!!! Featured on Equestria Daily! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! [link]
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:iconbalddumborat: is holding a month-long raffle to help fund his team's trip to Bronycon this summer!  This model will be turned into a 3D printed figure, and given as a prize to one lucky winner.  The winner can even specify what pose they want the model to be in!

Check it out here!

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*** Now for Android ***
Mihasik :iconmihasik: ported the game to Android! Grab it here: [link]

Version 1.1 changes:
* Fixed bug where crystal hearts spawned inside black crystals
* Increased volume

So you liked Spike Toss, huh? Time to throw Cadance!

You can download the music here: [link]

As usual: Feel free to use this on your personal website if you want to.

I wonder if the game has a 'secret cheat code' :iconcadence-eye-roll-plz:
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EDIT: Puppet tutorial for Double Rainboom here if you're interested: [link]

Forgot I made this over a month ago. I am in no way an animator, but after spending so much time working on our fan film, Double Rainboom, as a background artist and then seeing my director and awesome friend Zach's puppet tutorial, I just had to give puppets a try. Honestly once you figure out what the hell you're doing they're quite fun to play around with. I don't think I did too badly for a first try. I definitely want to learn more about animation and I think this was a fun starting point. c:

Anyway have some Rarity being a silly filly. :)

Rarity Filly Puppet c) :iconjordo76:
All Double Rainboom related things c) :iconflamingo1986:
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Part of applying for being on the Double Rainboom animation crew was making two animation tests, and showing you know how to use not only Flash but also the (very awesome and intricate) animation puppets designed for the episode.

This is one of the animation tests I made. I took a random sound file from my computer and used it as a base for learning how to animate the Twilight puppet.

Also, Twilight apparently doesn't like bees. Who knew?

Many grand thank you's to :iconflamingo1986: for his incredible help with critiquing this during production and also teaching me some other interesting tidbits of animation.

If you want to learn more about the Double Rainboom project, or even download and use the exact same puppet I used here, head over to the Double Rainboom website: [link]

MLP:FiM © Hasbro, The Hub. Twilight puppet made by Flamingo1986 Studios.
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