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More final concept illustrations for a current project. I dig this kind of technical work, lots of fun.
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Just an Old art of mine 2 years ago...

It's a Monster Hunter 2 inspired I think, because right now
I almost didn't remember this when I look back again.

Originally what I remember, this cat I planned was supposed to be a cat's head with the limbs attached into it, (think of it like a Mamemon from Digimon)..but then I realize it could be disgusting.

=D that's for today's episode

P.S. I already see mistakes from this work >=3
but for you people about to see this one so it would be fair, you may comment on it hehe
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Role: The Ascendant Justice is designed to rule the waves in the name of Velkya and her allies, and is currently the largest Velkyan ship afloat and the fifth largest class in the world.

Cost (USD): $730 billion
Cost (VZ): V$586.9 billion
Classification: BBCN

Dimensions and Displacement
Displacement Empty: 17.9 million tons
Displacement Normal: 18.3 million tons
Length Overall: 1,832 meters
Length @Waterline: 1,767 meters
Beam @ Central: 280 meters
Draught: 43 meters

Armour and Protection

Armor is comprised of layered HSLA steel with titanium and tungesten reinforcements. Median armor thickness is between 2 and 3 meters.

Flooding: Pumps and flooding chamber are semi-automated and will activate once sensors have detected a hull breach. Pumps run effectively though 73% of the ship, and will allow the ship to recover from 26 degree list to either side. If the commanding officer wills it, the automated pumping system may be turned off and set to manual control.

NBC Protection: Ship is completely sealed down for NBC protection and all crew are supplied with NBC suits, with additonal spares located at key points throughout the vessel. Buttondown takes approximently 10 minutes and is controlled from the bridge and/or secondary navigation position.

Lifeboats: 34 boats with 230 max passanger capacity, along with 120 collaspable boats with 40 max passanger capacity.

Safety Procedures: Magazines fully protected by wet and dry systems and 300mm armor, and all magazines can be flooded within 10 minutes from various points.

Main and Secondary Armament

Main Guns located at ABCD/VWXYZ positions, 45x 27" ETC naval guns mounted in nine quintuple turret configurations. Range estimated to be 100 to 130 km, depending on conditions and ammunition. Secondary batteries consist of 48 5" ETC naval guns, with range estimated at 30km for single gun turrets and 40km for triple gun turrets, depending upon conditions and ammunition.

Missile Armament:

128x RAM Mounts (25 missiles each, 3200 total, 6400 in reserve)
16x Standalone RAM Mounts (36 missiles each, 576 total, 1160 in reserve)
5600x VLS Tubes
160x Strategic VLS Tubes
40x Torpedo Tubes (40 torpedoes, 80 in reserve)
180x Praetorian IV SAM Tubes (180 missiles, 360 in reserve)
8x Sledgehammer Anti-SDN Launch TUbes (8 missiles, 16 in reserve)

10x MR-6 Black Mariah
5x Helicopters (Varied)
4x High Altitude RADAR Zepplins
2x EW-4 Sauron

Primary Powerplant: 14 Pebbled Nuclear Reactors
Secondary Powerplant: Steam, 14 turbines and 6 boilers
Propulsion: 8 waterjets (Primary)
Smokestacks + Boilers 3 smokestacks
Sprint Speed: 26 knots
Range: 24,000 KM
Maximum: 26,000
Minimum: 2,000
AUNDF Marines: Three platoons
Naval Air Force Crews: 210

Electronics and Systems

ASR-934 Air Search RADAR
TLLA-2 Tandam LI/ADAR Array
SSR-912 Sea Seach RADAR
SBMD-91 Missile Detection System
Collective Anti-Missile Engagement System (Tandem IR, LI/ADAR, RADAR system, one node per six RAM/CIWS mount)
SBJ-12 RADAR Jamming Array
SRA-22 Sensory Security Array
CC-01 Shipboard Command and Control Systems
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After a terrorist dirty bomb went off in the city of Volgograd (formerly known as Stalingrad) it was found it was no ordinary dirty bomb but it in fact carried a very infectious side and the Russian military vowed that they would put an end to the living dead plague.... this is just my illustration of a zombie attack in the city of Volgograd taking place at the statue of mother Russia the monument to honor the battle of Stalingrad and ww2.... hope you enjoy and if you want me to do more crazy stuff like this just comment below.... pen and ink style as always also i started this in 2012 and found it recently and finished it.... please tell me what you think!
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You cannot run. You cannot escape. You cannot defeat the Ultimatum. Submit.
Ultimatum Broadcast, Third Conflict 16th September MC 351, Leadaless III Campaign


Hur hur. This one might be too large to display effectively.

I still remember creating a whole lineup of original (they weren't ORIGINAL at all back then, trust me) mecha back when I thought the Gundam SEED series were the best thing since the invention of the wheel (and when I had just learned about the original Gundam). It isn't, of course, but it was by no means the worst. It could have been better, but that's another story.

Anyways, after a whooping seven years of concepting, I finally started on this piece almost a year ago, and then threw in the weapons (they're scaled 1:1 to the Stormtrooper). Everthing DID turn out the way I wanted after a few tweaks for personal flavour, so here it goes. The data I put here for fun is subject to change, though the Stormtrooper as an antagonist redshirt is more or less done. Take a guess; which unit from the Gundam series did you think had the largest part to play in inspiring this design?

Also, say hello to an epic fail at producing laser effects in Fireworks.

Next drawing project, the Stormtrooper's big bro: The commander-type Stormtrooper Savage!


UAF-01[MP]-A Stormtrooper
Height: Max. 14.02 meters
Weight: Max. 81.22 metric tons
Engine Type: G-33D1 Conduit Fusion Core
First Deployment: Ghost Records Conflict 19th November M.C. 347, Battle of Regalia HQ
Pilot(s): Ability-Assisted-Combat-Clones [Mind System]
Battle Rating (Original/As of present): ---/****
Production Type: Mass-Production Third Generation Aggressor Unit
*Special Equipment: VBW-01G Antigravity Surface Repulsion Engine Type-Mass

Summary: Mainstay unit of the Ultimatum Order, these high-performance machines are mostly piloted by A.A.C2. Clones; artificially-created humans made for combat and imbued with D.N.A. and knowledge from the best T.I.T.A.N. pilots in the human habitat sphere, and occasionally a native from the Ultimatum Sphere. Well-armored and armed with a single “Big Wall” ablative-coated shield, one “ST-01” [L-4] plasma assault rifle, two “ST-02” laser blades, 8-shot reload-capable (ST-07) missile packs and an arm-mounted rocket anchor. The Stormtroopers can also carry either a “ST-03” [L-6] heavy plasma cannon, “ST-04” 55mm autocannon, “ST-05” anti-structure laser sword with an attached rocket anchor at the hilt, or “ST-06” 105mm coilgun rifle. At the onset of their deployment, the Stormtroopers gained ground quickly because of its high performance and a lack of defensive equipment that could stand up against energy weapons. Its Antigravity Engine allows it full combat capabilities in any environment, the tradeoff being that it is slower than specialized units. Unfortunately for the defenders, the Stormtrooper comes equipped with extra thrusters that give it a speed boost, turning it into the most powerful mass-production unit known to man at that time.
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character design
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The Hi-Dux is the TOTALLY ORIGINAL AND NOT AT ALL A RIPOFF machine of the ace pilot Warsaw Mallard. This robot is capable of quacCRACKING... cracking the sound barrier on a whim.
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For my US History II class, I have to do a PowerPoint on the rise of dictators in Europe and the lead-in to the war. That said, I've decided to have a little fun with it.

I've drawn everything except the background, which was taken from Wikipedia. #noremorse
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Chibi ChoRyuJin.

'nuff said?

Yeah, I think so =P


Pic now updated with higher quality JPG.
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