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Was going to use :iconcall-me-konnie:'s stamp but her account doesn't exist anymore but yet you can see her Deviation when you search for it, but can't VIEW the actual deviation.

Inspired by :iconcall-me-konnie:'s stamp
Rainbows :pointr: [link] :pointl: And YES, they are free.

As a lot of people are trying to interpret my art, I do not appreciate the hatred, keep your interpretations to yourself. This does not insinuate sex, or lust, but DATING! I love women, I am attracted to women, that is how I am wired in the womb! And I am also a woman, so get used to it and do your research because there is going to be an evolutionary break through to even out the human race because we are getting way to crowded there is not even enough jobs or food to go around! So do hate it is to hate God, and His plan for society. Good day. :)

Edited by me like CRAZY on PhotoImpact I can rest.

YES, you can use this stamp.
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This adopt now belongs to :iconzerro:

Thanks for participating guys.

This is my first offer to adopt character. She was originally made for a contest but I didn't get into the final. Since I don't need a new OC at the moment, so I'm opening this for everyone to offer me. I will choose the best offer.


You can offer the following:
cash payment in USD, points, free commissions etc....which is acceptable. Don't offer me any new characters/custom adopt because I don't need new characters at the moment.

Rules to follow:
1. This offer will be up for a week. Counting from now.
2. Respond/Reply to my offer comment. [link]
3. You can change your offer from time to time, just reply and I'll hide your previous offer. Remember not to reply to your own reply box coz it won't appear in my inbox.
4. No hating, no complaining. Please respect each other.
5. Winner will get the unwatermarked version of this pic, and a full resolution of this pic: and also a free custom adopt in adult version .
6. Happy Offering~~~:D

I'm really excited bout this~~~:D
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For the past month I've been doing a lot of shows with Riddler, and he's done nothing but winning back to back best of breeds over champions from the classes <3 I Love showing my love bug haha......but it's also been really stressful lately..might be going to Georgia to work for a handler who apprenticed under Riddler's Breeder. (it's actually an opportunity of a life time for me) and I really want to take it...hoping it works out.

Been having issues with working with the handler I have been currently helping out....I know when I'm being treated like dirt...:/ Anyways, I have another show this weekend! close to home and I love the grounds...can't wait :heart:

Photo (C) Train
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For emperpep
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A meme by :iconn0-ob213: with the original [link] thing right here, due to my lack of uploading artworks im just gonna throw up some meme's for abit~ Hope you enjoy them and well look forward to seeing some actual artwork in zee very close future. Read Artist Comments.

Leader:Starscream(Armada).His spirit is as strong as his sword's and while he is somewhat young to being Team Leader his decisions are clear and concise with the kind of speed a group of survivors need's to stay on the move. Due to being depraved of Energon he has resorted to drinking any of the fuel's or energy that the humans had created when they were alive in order to sustain himself but because of this he dare's not to use his energy weapons or transform into Vehicle mode unless it absolutely has to be done which explains his use of just using his swords.

Brawler:Deadpool(as and in Wild Card body armor).A psychotic sociopath merc with a group of weirdo's what's not to love? Deadpool's healing factor is an odd one at that and while he could become a zombie with this suit he can destroy legions of the undead and then jump out of the armor to go melee-melee or simply....CUT THEM TO F**KING PIECES AND THEN BLOW EM SKY FREAKING HIGH!. Able to fight up close and at a distance with superior merciless skill.

Weapon's Expert:Raiden(Also know as Jack The Ripper/White Devil/Mr Lightning Bolt.)Being a trained soldier since childhood his odds of survival are great againsnt hrode's of these flesh eating inhuman parasites that plague the planet; his skills in swordsmanship and as well as an arsenal of projectile weapons make him the team's expert in handling the guns as well as able to make do with makeshift method's of defence not to mention when his rage is unleashed and his pain is above all reckoning his killer instincts take full control to slaughter and massacre in the thousands. Only use's his sword and any weapon's nearby to deal with the Walkers and uses Ripper Mode and Blade Mode very sparingly.

Brains:Spiderman/Peter Parker(Last Stand).A result of a radioactive arachnid biting him with it's radition contaminated body forever transformed the highschool nerd into the peak of physical human/spider strength, endurance and survival rates. Spiderman is a gifted genius in a variety of different fields and is quick on his feet when it come's to combat upclose and from long range which is further emphasized with his variety of gadget's and how he uses his powers effectively; his will to go on is as vast as the Web Of Life itself with him being the only costumed hero left alive.

Medic:Audino.This species of Pokemon are versatile due to them being able to learn many different kind's and type's of moves that increases the rate of their continued survival. The one that accompanies the team is just full of trick's to destroy many zombies and deter them away while it uses Heal Pulse and other techniques to heal any injured team member to full fighting health again.

Sonic The Hedgehog: The cobalt blue champion of speed can do the fight or flight instinct well and sometimes commit to doing both to save comrades as well as wiping out a great deal of enemies coming in close. Although he is cut off from any external power or trump card's to amp up his chances of living that will not stop him from continuing his story to protect those who stick by his side and vice versa. A user of the very wind itself with the addition of being a swordsman of great skill when armed with the right weapon plus with his speed mowing down brain dead monsters will be a cake walk.

Mascot:Commandramon. A Digimon that can fight back and still seem both cute while providing hope to the other's in times of hopelessness. A genuine warrior of gun and explosives that while may not be able to Digivolve can still destroy all undead resistance with the furious power of a dragon and the accuracy of a machine with plenty of potential.

Guy Who Dies First:Lea. While he would surely be able to kill and put down many of the dead he ultimate loses his life by self destructing to incincerate a vast number of the undead in an enclosed space. A friend and warrior that died with honour who while being no pushover can easily be overwhelmed by many, many of the undead monsters that plague the world yet his skill with charkram's and the keyblade were superb sadly his destruction took a heavy toll on everyone and yet....three of them has access to Keyblade that embodies his Nobody, the Charkrams that were by his side through it all and the Keyblade he attained when whole.

All characters belong to their respective owners which is Bandai/Nintendo/SEGA/Kojima Games/Marvel/Square Enix/Hasbro
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I don't know why, but I made it a tradition to redraw the same character with the same heart pillow every year for my Valentine's Day image haha. I find it almost difficult to believe it's only been two years between the first image and the third? Like wow. While it's amazing so much time has passed, at the same time, it feels like only a few minutes have gone by since then. Anyways. Yeah. Luna/Roomie from Harvest Moon c: Enjoy <3

Harvest Moon (c) Marvelous Entertainment
Paint Tool SAI, Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet
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I really am addicted to cosplaying... and i really like angel beats
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I've been on a stamp roll today, so I'm afraid I might spam you a little bit :ashamed:

Stamp template ~ :iconzilla774:

Background ~ :iconmissesglass:

I'm jealous of the people who can display stamps... so I just make them :D
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Some surprise adoptables cause I need a break from art trades for a sec. ;p

Also cause I am forever saving up to buy things I need. This time we're focusing on saving to get a newer car so.... yeah.. @_@ I have a lot of saving to do now. So sorry it's an auction

I had a lot of fun with these! I hope you guys like them! >w<

:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:- INFO-:bulletpink::bulletpink::bulletpink:
:bulletyellow: PAYPAL ONLY
:bulletyellow: The bidding starts at $7 EACH
:bulletyellow: Bidding will last until 24 hours after last bid. (Last bid per adoptable, not for the whole sheet)
:bulletyellow: Minimum bid increase is $1
:bulletyellow: Autobuy is $25
:bulletyellow: To bid, reply to the comment 'BID HERE #_' (there will be one for each number).

:bulletwhite: PAYPAL ONLY
:bulletwhite: You can change anything you want about your character once you buy them, just please credit me for the original design. (you will get the full transparent version)
:bulletwhite: Upon winning you get the rights to the character. (make into OC, use for rp's, mascot, ect. They're all yours.)
:bulletwhite: Do not claim original artwork as your own.
:bulletwhite: Do not resell.

I will also reply to your bid once you've been outbid. I will try to update the high bids in this description, but keep an eye on the actual bids cause I can't be on all the time.

:bulletpurple: #1: SOLD: :iconberryiis:
:bulletpink: #2: SOLD: :iconberryiis:
:bulletblue: #3: SOLD: :iconkyandii-chi:
:bulletgreen: #4: SOLD: :iconlilchaoskitten:
:bulletblack: #5: SOLD: :iconlilchaoskitten:
:bulletyellow: #6: SOLD: :iconmira-lamai:

Art and designs (c) =RaineSeryn
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i love love love love love my new ID!! :iconyayzplz:

and, i am tha chibi plushie! :D
yari is my OC, really super xD

i hope you like it, dears! °w°
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