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I've been asked this question many times, and it frustrates me how people
don't see the difference between religion and a spiritual relationship with

So, I decided to come up with this:

John: Hey, I heard you accepted this Jesus guy into your life, haha! is this true

Daniel: Yup! Not gonna lie man! It was the best decision I've ever made!

John: Wow... So you're Religious now? wow man, just wow....

Daniel: Actually no, I'm not religious at all.

John: Wait, what? didn't you just say you accepted Jesus in your life man?

Daniel: Yes, but that's no religion, I have a spiritual relationship with him. and
God as well!

John: I don't understand man, isn't that Religion?

Daniel: Nope, not at all.

John: ok man, you're gonna have to explain the differences to me 'cause I see
no difference.

Daniel: Easy, Being religious is doing the same thing over and over again,
expecting the same results. While, a spiritual relationship with God is when
you love him with all your heart and when you actually make meaningful
prayers to him, you know what I'm saying?

John: naw man, I'm still confused bro.

Daniel: Well, to make it simple... A Religious person will tell you you're going to
hell and there's no hope for you and that you're a terrible person no matter
what you do. While, a Spirtual person as myself will tell you that God loves you,
Jesus Loves you and there is hope for you! You just gotta accept him in your
life and he will forgive you for anything you did!

John: wow, really? I gotta get to know this Jesus you speak of! He sounds like
a guy I can hagn with!

Daniel: haha! yeah! you should go to church with me some time!

John: You got it man!
It can't get any simpler than this!

Share this with everyone you know!

God bless and may you get to know Christ!
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Shame befalls me, for what the muses inspire.
Is such the magnet of my psyche? Such dreadful words from pen to paper?

I question not my sanity, only the purposes for which
such written things flow from me, as to what message is to be sent...

Though dedication fills me to the brink, so does a constant curiosity...
overflowing to the shores of embarrassment.

Shame befalls me, but I write as a messenger, and my muses come from Above,
where even dreaded words are sometimes called for.
I often find myself writing some rather disturbing things, but I know there are much deeper, brighter reasons behind them.

Picture citation: [link]
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Cry's POV

I was at the airport waiting for Felix to arrive. I waited outside where the cars and buses were parked. I drove a grey Toyota and it was parked right next to me. I was anxious and excited to meet him at the same time. Felix and I both had iPhones so we texted each other through an app called 'Kik' where it doesn't matter where in the world you are when you text.
I texted him, 'Meet me outside of the airport, exit A3.'
It wasn't until a few minutes later when he replied with, 'Ok, I just got of the plane, I'll be there.' followed by a smiling emoticon.
I waited for about 20 minutes and still no sign of him. I was getting worried if something happened to him, so I texted, 'Where are you? Is everything alright?'
He replied 'I'm right behind you.'
I got goosebumps, but the good kind of goosebumps. As I turn around I saw Felix's chestnut hair and hazel eyes, his furry goatee, and his warm, giant smile.
"Hey, Ryan!" he called out. That was the first time he ever said my real name. For months he's been calling me 'Cry' because he said it feels like it's more playful and it's what he's used to calling me from all the co-ops we did. It feels like I'm closer to him now.
"Hey!" I called back. The plan was that Felix was going to stay at my apartment for 2 weeks. "Here, give me your suitcase, I'll put it in the trunk." He gave me his black suitcase which was really heavy. "Jeez, what'd you put in this thing? Bowling Balls?"
Felix giggled, "Sorry, I put most of my equipment in there."
"You're only staying for two weeks you know."
"I know," he looked at the ground, "but uh, you never know what might happen. Might have to stay here a little while longer."
I chuckled and lifted the heavy suitcase into my car. I climbed into the car and started the engine.
It was a one and a half hour drive from the airport to my apartment. On the way there Felix and I talked about gaming, YouTube, Florida, and this one particular game that we were both excited about. There was a silence after we talked.
"I'm really glad that you broke up with Marzia." I blurted out, then I realized that sounded extremely selfish, "n-no I didn't mean it like that, it's just that I'm glad your confusion with your sexuality has cleared up, that's all."
Felix laughed, "Ryan, it's fine. I'm glad that it cleared up, too! Now I get to date someone who's perfect for me." He laid his palm on my thigh. Bright red colors came to my cheeks I looked at Felix, he was smiling and pointing at the window which I guess he was gesturing me to keep my eyes on the road. I quickly turn my face forward. I was gratified and uplifted by the comment that he made, it distracted me a bit from driving. Felix's hand slowly moved from my thigh to my crotch. My eyes popped wide open.
I turned to him with my voice shook as I said, "Woah, um, Felix." I looked into his trusting eyes, "Y-you okay with all this?"
He smirked, "Yeah, what about you?"
"Yeah, sure I am."
I knew he could tell that I had something on my mind. "Hey, what's wrong?"
"No, I know there is. Just tell me."
"I don't know, I just wasn't really expecting you to do that to me."
"Ryan, it's okay. If you think we're moving too fast then you don't have to do this with me."
He moved his hand away from my pants. I looked at him again, he had the same promising eyes he had as he did a few minutes ago. We drove for a few more minutes, and it got me thinking that maybe we weren't moving so fast. I knew Felix for more than 2 years now but I just haven't met him in real life. This might be my only chance to do this before he changes his mind within two weeks and before you know it, he's back in Sweden. We were on an almost deserted highway, just a few cars driving by; I pulled over.
"Why'd you do that?" he asked, flustered.
"Because," I stopped at mid-sentence and I leaned over to take what I have wanted for years. I kissed him with passion; we were exchanging saliva and mixing our tongues. I put both of my legs on the other side of the car and reclined the chair. Soon, I was on top of him, and making out with him. I felt his crotch hot on mine. I unbuttoned his skinny jeans as he unbuttons mine.
We made out for a couple of minutes and we decided we can't stay on the road forever. I was started the engine while I was buttoning my shirt. I felt an unusual feeling of pain in my arms and legs. Was it from the making out? I don't know. It was quiet in the car for a while but it didn't take too long for Felix to notice that I wasn't normal.
"Is something wrong, Ryan?"
"Uh, no, no nothing." I turned to him, and he gave me a look. I smiled at him to assure Felix that everything was fine.
Yeah it's been a month alright, sorry I've been really busy!
Well, I hope you guys enjoy a little smut hehe ;)
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It was a nice sunny day in the sand village. You were playing kick ball with some kids. You kicked the ball and it goes over to a boy with red hair who is on the swing. The boy picks up the ball and was walking toward you and the others kids. A girl yells out “run!” They all start to run and you just stand there. He walks to you and gives you the ball. “Here is your bal.” said the red head boyl with a sad face. “Thank what is your name?” you say smiling at him. “My name is Gaara” Says the boy smiling at you. You Giggle and say “My name is Michiko. Nice to meet you Garra.” You Both look at each other smiling. You play with Gaara until it is time for him to go home. Gaara leaves and you are alone. You walk over to  a swing and start swing slowly with yeah head hanging down.
Then you see a shadow figure. You look up and its Gaara. You smile at him warmly. He walks over to you and asks “why are you out by yourself?” you look down to the ground and reply “I have no home.”Gaara looks at you and smiles and says “You can live with me. Ok, Michiko?” You nod ans say Thank you to Gaara. Gaara takes your right hand “come on Michiko. Lets go home.” Gaara says. You walk hand to hand towith Gaara until you reach Gaara's house.

You Now live with Gaara and Yashamaru. You and Gaara are the best of friends. Until Gaara’s dad (Also the Kazekage) tells you to leave or he will have you killed. You kiss Gaara on the cheek and hug him really tight. You whisper in his ear “Maybe we will meet again some day.” You stop hugging Gaara and reach in your pocket to get a Necklace. The Necklace was in a Emerald in  a shape of a star. “Please take very care of this.” You say giving it to Gaara. Gaara nods as tears fall down his face. Gaara’s dad with two Elite Ninjas at his side smiles at you evilly. Gaara’s dad bends down and looks you straight in the eyes and says “Run!” You start running with two elite Ninjas right behind you.

You keep on running and you don’t look back. All of the sudden you run into a little blonde hair kid with orange suit.  “I am sorry. Are you Hurt?” you say helping him up. You have tears in your eyes. He looks up at you and say “Hey, whatch were yah going.” He looks  at you and sees that you are crying. “Whats wrong?” he says to you with a frown on his face.  You wipe your tears away and say “ I got pulled away from my best friend and I have no where to go anymore.” “Oh, well you can always live with me I suppose. I have no one either. “My name is Naruto what is yours?” He says to you. “You stop crying and smile. “That would be very nice. My name is Michiko.” Naruto grabs your hand and says “Nice to meet you Michiko. Why don’t we go over to my house.” You walk together to his house. (btw your only 7)

Five years have pass. You live with Naruto. Who you call your older brother.  You have advance skills and make it to a Genin very fast. You got  put in group 7 with Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi the leader of group 7. When you are training Naruto Always watching you to make sure you are alright. Sasuke Likes to check out your moves. He is jealous but denies it. When the day is over you always go out to eat ramun with Naruto You usually spend the night at his place. Well this time was different. You found a old house with no one living there and you decide that you and everybody else are going to have a sleepover in the old house. That night when every one was a sleep you get up and go to your window and open it up. You climb out of the window. You climb up to the roof. You lay on your back and look up at the stars. “I hope that you are looking up at the sky too.....Gaara.” you say as you close your eyes and smiled. “Who is  Gaara?” says a voice. “Heis old lost friend of mine.” You say with your eyes still shut and smiling. All the sudden you feel someone lay next to you. “Sasuke?” you say. “Yeah?” Sasuke says as he turns to you. “ I knew it was you just from the sound of your voice.” You say opening your eyes looking at Sasuke.”so why are you out here?” you ask. Sasuke blushes a deep red and says in a soft voice “I was making sure you were ok.” AH, That is so sweet.” You say getting up slowly. “you know I can take care myself right?”  Sasuke just blushes even more and says “We need to go back in and get some sleep.” You nod And you both go inside. The next day, you are the first one up you just sit waiting for everyone lse to wake up. Everyone wakes up and you all head out to breakfast. Everyone finish eating and goes off to start training for the Chuunin Exam.

While you are training you can’t help but over hear some Ninjas talking. “Hey, Have you seen those Genins from the sand village?” one ninja says.” Yeah they are really strange especially that one red head one with the gourd.” Says another Ninja You stopTraining to go figure out what Genins they are talking about. You start running really fast around the village trying to find The 3 Sand Genins. You Jump on the roof and start jumping roof to roof. Then you spot your friends along with 3 other people you have never seen in the village before. You see a guy with red hair. Then you jump down landing right next to Naruto. “hey Michiko. Hows is it going?” ask Naruto smiling. You just ignore him and yell out “Gaara?” The red head guy turn around with the other two people. You see his mouth move saying “Mich…… “

To be continued…….
Gaara and You Part 1. This is story about you the reader having a relationship with the young Gaara when you were a little girl. Soon his father (Kazekage) chaces you away from the village with his elite ninjas. You end up in the Village Hidden in the leafs. You become like a sister to Naruto and live with him. You are Training for the Chuunin exams and over hear som people talking about three sand Ninjas. This quickly sparks your attention and you try to figure out who it might be. Could it be your long lost friend Gaara???

This is the First part to the series. Maybe if I get a good enough feedback I will write some more.

Ok I am re- writing this story because it is awful and I am add some stuff. I am also writing the second part of this. It should be done at the earliest at the end the summer. I do promise to have it up before 2009. I would also like to know what kind of things you would like to see in part 2?

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and tongues that wag like the tail of a dog,
shit-stained teeth that glare in the suffocating light,
bouncing off lips that crack with each move,
canyons of dry skin as if fingers peeled it
like a sickly brown banana, pus slithering,
a melted snake, with a melted red tongue,
flowing between its lips.
lashes like whips that slap at the cheek,
worms burying into thin ducts, curling upwards,
away from the white swamp with mold in the center,
a vile stench stinging their nostrils.

they lick the pus from the canyons,
inserting their tongue in between cracked skin,
gazing into swamps, fluttering the worms,
and wagging their tongue like a dog.
they call it romantic.
aren't humans just disgusting?
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This is actually part of a chorus for a song I'm writing, but I'm so fond of it I decided to make
it into something more. Also, I'm completing this at nine in the morning after a sleepless night.
I feel that my best work stems from my insomnia.

Blood Texture:
Background Texture:…

Tools: SAI & Wacom Tablet
Hours: 5

Hell Hound by SIRE-N Outcast by SIRE-N Punishment by SIRE-N Liar, Liar by SIRE-N Priest by SIRE-N Tainted by SIRE-N

Art: ©SIRE-N

Do not redistribute, claim, copy,
edit or use it any way. Thank you~
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Chapter 5 A suddenly date

Karin's Point of View, At School

"Hitsugaya-kun, there is still a seat free left of Kurosaki-san." Our Math teacher said and Toushiro went to sit left from me, when he sat the teacher started the lesson.

"Oi, Toushiro why the hell are you here?" I whispered carefully that nobody saw them whispering.

"Our head-captain(Taicho) told us that we shouldn't attract attention so I have to pretend to be a high school student and Matsumoto pretends to be my older sister." He whispered to me.

"I thought you said weren't a student." I teased him, but actually the high school uniform suits him pretty well.

"Shut up." He said annoyed and begin working on the homework our teacher had assigned us.

After Math we had 3 other classes before the lunch break and it seemed Toushiro was now already ranked at number One of the Hottest-Boys-List. The girls just couldn't stay away from him, so annoying.

I really had a stupid kind of feeling in my chest when those girls were around him and asked him all kind of questions, like if he had a girlfriend, if was living alone or not and a lot more liked that questions. Yuzu told be before about this feeling, it has been called " Jealousy ". I guess I just had to admit it, I was in love with Hitsugaya Toushiro Captain of the 10th Squid.

To avoid those girls I went to the place where I had me lunches alone when Yuzu was too busy with her own friends, when the boys where going somewhere else then the soccer field and when I needed to think. This time it was because I needed some place to think without being disturbed.

The roof

On the roof I really felt like hitting something and since I had forgotten to bring my soccer ball to school I hit the down pip{A/N: A Iron thing where rain falls in} as hard as I could.

"You shouldn't hit things." A voice said from behind me, I turned around and saw Toushiro standing next to me.

"What are you doing at the roof?" I asked grumpy, he was the last person I wanted to see for the moment.

"I could ask you the same, I'm just trying to get rid of those annoying girls, really Matsumoto is almost nothing compared to them." He said at the same grumpy tune as me.

"Yeah, I know they can be really annoying sometimes." I said less grumpy then before. At least he finds those girls also annoying and I went sitting down.

Toushiro went to sit next to me and took out a lunchbox out of his bag. When he opend the lunchbox I was amazed how much food could fit in one box.

"Wow, that is a lot of food you know, where the hell did you get this much food?" I asked curious and surprised at the same time.

"Matsumoto went to Inoue's house, stole all the food she could find, put it in a box and gave it to me, horrible." He said frightened looking at the box.

So what Rangiku said about Toushiro horror for Orihime Inoue's food was true, I couldn't understand what was so horrible about it because it looked really heavenly. " If you want I will eat the half of it but in return you have to something for me, deal?" I said with a big smile and I totally forgot about my jealously.

"Fine, deal but what do I have to do in return?" He said stiffly, he was probably thinking of all the terrible things I could let him done.

What he didn't know, I wasn't having a frightful task for him, just a really easy one. "You have to go with me for a whole afternoon to a really awesome place I know , that's all." I said mysterious.

"What kind of place?" he asked likely wondering what for a place it could possibly be.

"I wouldn't tell you anything, just wait and see." I said and took a bite of the food. " This is delicious, maybe I should convince Ichi-nii to marry Orihime instead of Rukia-chan before next Sunday." I said dreaming of all the wonderful food we could have then.

"What do you mean before next Sunday?" Toushiro asked surprised and took really small bites of Orihime 's food.

"Well, next Sunday is the wedding, that's why Ichi-nii is on vacation with Dad and his friends, you could see it as a last trip because he told me and Dad that he was going together with Rukia to her town, but I know that it isn't a town but this Soul Society place." I said and felt a little of sad because every day that was passing was a day closer to the day Ichi-nii was leaving.

"Aha, I didn't know they were going to marry so soon, I heard Matsumoto gossiping about it but I also know it isn't really allowed for a human to marry a Shinigami, perhaps because it's Kurosaki they will make an exception for it." He said and seemed deep in thought.

"Karin, do I really have to come this afternoon with you because they're still a lot of Hollows and.." He said but I interrupted him and said "You have to because otherwise I going to tell how you and -box short did spend the night together to Rangiku." I teased him.

"How…How did you know?" He said angry and at the same time surprised.

"When I pushed you aside last night so I would fit in the bed, the cover felt and I saw the boxer." I said and I blushed a little bit when I said that.

"You know that is actually blackmailing, but fine this time I will come." He said sighing.

After School

"Yuzu, Toushiro and I are going somewhere in the centrum of the village, is that all right with you?" I asked Yuzu when we were outside school.

"That's great because Rangiku and I were planning to go shopping and I just wanted to ask you if that was all right?" Yuzu asked me, even thought I had a bad feeling about this, Yuzu and Rangiku together, I said it was okay and I left. I'm going to regret that but that was something for later.

"Let's Go Toushiro." I said happy that Toushiro was still waiting for me at a bench and didn't sneak out.

"Good, so now tell me what kind of place had in mind?" He asked me for the 10th time today.

"Just have a little more patience." I respond and pulled him with me, not noticing that Yuzu and Rangiku were watching them from below a tree.

Yuzu 's Point of View, A few minutes after Karin and Toushiro left the school grounds

"Rangiku have you bought it already?" I said throw my cellphone impatient .

"I just bought it, quite expensive you now for just 2, do you really think it will work?" Rangiku said to me. "I'm now for this place you told me to go to, when are they coming?"

"I think they will be there in a few minutes, don't let them notice you. I'm also coming now." I said and closed my cellphone.

"Let's begin plan ' Date ' " I whispered to myself.

Toushiro's Point of View

When we walked throw the village Karin suddenly stopped for a Hugh building and I asked Karin "why do we stop for this building?"

"Because we're at the place I wanted to show you, but don't you know what this is?" Karin said very surprised, pointing at the big words on top of the building "Arcade" .

"Well in Soul Society we don't have all those things Human's do have, I think this is one of these things." I said trying to say it in a casual- I-don't-care-way.

"Fine, Fine, just let's go inside and I will tell you all about it." Karin said with such a nice smile it made me blush a little.

She took me inside and I saw an amazingly big room filled with computer-looking-like things, all kind of different tables and a lot for snack machines. "Wow." I said admiring looking all around me. Karin and I walked through the whole place and explained me what the machine things did and played on a few of those machines.

Rangiku Matsumoto 's Point of View

"I've got them in view, it looks that they have a good time." I said to Yuzu, how was just like me hiding behind a snack machine and looking at Hitsugaya-Taicho and Karin.

"That's great, now the plan will a truly success." Yuzu said with a big smile.

"Good, plan " Date " is now official started." I said and looked smiling at Taicho and Karin. 'Please Taicho. don't kill me for doing this but this girl might save you from all your sadness.' I thought.

Toushiro 's Point of View

"Oi, Karin what is this piece of paper?" I asked her, pointing at a piece of paper that was lying on the floor and gripped the paper so Karin good have a good look at it.

"This are 2 tickets for a movie in the cinema close by here, I feel a kind of sad for the person how lost it because it is an awesome movie." Karin said with the same admiring look at the so called 'movie tickets' as I had when I walked in the Arcade.

"Well, I guess looking at the dirt on the tickets, they have been lying on the floor for quite a while so the owner of the tickets probably already left ages ago. If you want you could use them." I said to Karin how's face brighten up.

"But wouldn't that be stealing?" She said with a troubled look at me.

"Not if we are quick, let's go!" I said and pulled her with me out the Arcade. Outside the Arcade I look around and finally after a few seconds I said " All right, You lead us to this 'Cinema' and I will pay for the food and drinks." I said and felt that the money that Rangiku also gave me this morning in my trousers.

"Fine." She said and leaded us to the Cinema and I asked which movie we were going to see Twilight.

Yuzu 's Point of View

"The plan worked, all we have to do now is following them and make sure everything goes perfect." I said really excited when we heard that Toushiro and Karin decided to use the 'lost movie tickets'. Of Course I and Rangiku knew the Movie tickets weren't lost at all, I just bought them, made them look dirty and laid them down in the floor nearby Toushiro and Karin.

This was the perfect plan to let Karin and Toushiro go on a romantic date without that they even know it or suspected me or Rangiku.

Karin 's Point of View

"That was the best movie I've seen this year!" I said while Toushiro and I walked home.

"You see, it wasn't such a bad idea from me to use them." He said kind.

I thought ' I guess this situation is just the same as the that Movie, unreachable love.' And Sighed. 'Should I tell him how I feel but what if he doesn't feel anything for me, Oh man this is really hard, how I'm I suppose to tell him I kind of love him.'

"You should be so uncertain, you never know he might like you too in the same way." The same womanly voice that I heard a few times ago said.

'Well this is new for me, you said for the first time something nice to me.' I thought grumpy back but the voice didn't respond back. 'Fine, I will tell him but if this turns out into something bad, I'm really going to kill you even though you're just a weird voice I hear in my head what actually makes me crazy but whatever.'

"He, Toushiro theirs something I wanted to tell you, I'm…" I started my sentence when I heard suddenly a Hugh horrible screams. A second later was standing in front of me a enormously ugly monster, or like Toushiro calls it, a Hollow.

"KARIN!" Toushiro yelled but it was already too late the Hollow swung his left arm and aimed on me, I closed my eyes in hope it would be gone any second but I felt that it didn't disappeared.

A few moments later I felt a cold arm holding me tight and like I was lifted up. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw that the Hollow was gone and Toushiro was holding my tight in his arms, in his Shinigami form.

"Don't let me worry so much." He whispered to me. He saved me, again. His face was close by , so close our faces almost touched. I gripped his Haori so I was even closer by Toushiro and then I did it.

I kissed him soft at his lips, when I pulled my lips back Toushiro kissed me passionate back.

"You know, I wanted to do that already a long time ago." I whispered to him.

"Me too." He said and putted me back at the ground, when I looked at his face I saw a smile, a really smile was on his face.

When he was about to kiss me again, we were interrupted by a voice how yelled " Get the Fucking hell away from my sister!"

I turn around and I saw Ichigo standing a few meter from with Yuzu and Rangiku how were trying to hold Ichigo back from coming even closer. I also saw a few of likely some of Ichigo's Shinigami friends; A baldy, A good-looking bob-haired boy and a guy with red hair that look like a pineapple.

"Crap." Toushiro and I said at the same time.
:bulletred:About This Chapter:bulletred:
Thanks a lot for Reading a other Chapter of my Fanfiction story :iconloveyouplz:
When I did write this chapter, I really though, OMG Ichigo you are so annoying to interrupted such a lovely Couple >.< , but for all the Ichigo Lovers(inclusive Me) Don't worry later in the story Ichigo is going to be quite a nice guy again :iconiloveitmoreplz:

If you have maybe any suggestions, questions or anything else, I would love to answer them :iconilickitplz:

:bulletblue: Disclaim :bulletblue:
I don't own Bleach, but if I would Toushiro and Karin would be the main Characters and of course a Couple :iconiheartitplz:
The Image :icontower-of-peace: <-- Thanks a lot for making such a awesome Image of Toushiro and Karin :tighthug:

Chapter 4:[link]
Chapter 6: [link]
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I met a man today...
his eyes were tired,
and he seemed lost.

How I wanted to help him,
How his eyes stared off into space,
How his affliction shouted to me...

He spoke out, and the words tore at me,
and as he spoke, so we began,
repeating his words, of the why & how.

Our eyes met, and silence became us.
my heart pounded, as he breathed heavily,
tears fell...out of anger...out of fear...

I met a man today,
his voice was low and solemn...
this man in the mirror.
Picture credit: [link]
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would he pull a maiden's hands,
white, adorned with veins and cooling blood
from swamps and running rivers
had he been Poseidon's son?
perhaps his grip would run through her fingers
and escape like eels into her lungs,
coiling like wet string dipped into mucus,
and sleeping to the breaths, which ran faster than Atlanta,
firm breasted, and golden-haired
tangled in a rose-bed Poseidon laid to grow
absorbing sunshine curls
of a maiden plunged below.
i haven't written in a while :(
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it’s like cultivating a greenhouse
with broken fingers.

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