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Akuroku ~ Chance 6

"This is Vincent, Sora."

Sora stood there, frozen.  Was Vincent that scary at first glance?

"...H-hi," Sora choked out.

Sora stared around not sure what to do.  I sighed, "Go eat something before you go crazy on me."

He immediately busied himself with breakfast.  I repeated a sigh.  He was probably going to make a mess.

A grumbled came from behind me.  It was Cid looking rather frustated.  Vincent dashed over to his side and started to rub his shoulders.

"What happened?" I asked.

Cid folded his arms,"Looks like I'm going to have to wait awhile."

"You're welcome to stay as long as you like-" I watched Sora drop a towel near the stove's flame, "...unless you want to get blown up."

Sora turned red and fumbled with things even more.

"Let's go into the other room.  You be careful, Sora."

I walked into the living room with Vincent and Cid to find Axel and Riku having some sort of staring contest.  I slapped a hand to my face,"What are you two doing?"

Axel gave a snort, "Trying to cure Riku.  After Sora got to him-"

Riku slapped Axel, lightly, "Shuttup...Sora didn't do nothing to me.  What are you talking about?"

Axel whipped out a photo.

"Then, what's this?"

Cid leaned over to get a good look as Riku took the picture and the young boy's face turned red.

"What the hell are you doing in our bedroom at night?!"

I felt the need to intervene, "Will you guys stop it!"

Riku glared at me,"But, he-"

"No 'buts'.  Axel, stop being a pedo and Riku, get a fuckin' lock on your door."

Axel's eyes watered, "I'm sorry I made you upset," he held me around the waist,"Please forgive me!"

"You're such a sissy."

Vincent giggled, cutely from the other side of the room.  I looked over to see Cid eyeing the darker man.

Axel kissed my forehead, "I love you, too!"

I gave him a weird look, but then held back my first answer to that, "We're going out shopping, Axel.  Go get some money."

"Okay,"  Axel quickly left.  I guess he thought I was better after last night.  Did this boy even know me?

I snapped out of my thoughts to see a now shy looking Riku gazing up at me.

"Go help, Sora."

Riku shuffled off to the kitchen.  

I turned my attention next to my new friends, only to see they were in their own little conversation.  Cid held Vincent's upper waist and they seemed to whispering either sweet nothings or something completely obscene to anyone else hearing.  I watched as their faces got closer ( along with the rest of their bodies ).

I let out a spastic yell and they turned.  A blush set on Vincent's face and Cid sheepishly grinned.

"Umm...We're planning on going shopping, would you like to join us? ...or stay here with the klutz and  the stuffed animal cuddlier?"

Cid chuckled nervously, "You..."
Yummy ^^ More CidxVincent and yes Riku cuddles with children toys. ( Sora gets him one for him b-day evey year :D ) ....Poor Roxy, they're stretching him thin! O_O

Pic is from here ~ [link]

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Kakashi gently rocked the newborn baby his sensei had left, Naruto Uzumaki, in his arms. It was still pouring down outside, but now it flashed lightning and roared thunder. Little Naruto was squirming in Kakashi's arms, crying loudly while his small fists waved a bit around him. Kakashi smiled and very gently laid Naruto in the crib that Yodamie had made for Naruto before he passed away. Baby Naruto whimpered and began crying more with his little fists against his eyes. Kakashi sat down on his bed beside Naruto's crib and pulled out his classic country guitar. He made sure it was tuned before after a few minutes he closed his eyes and began to softly sing, but loud enough for his voice to rise over the thunderstorm.....

"little child, be not afraid
though rain pounds harshly against the glass
like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger
I am here tonight

little child, be not afraid
though thunder explodes and lightning flash
illuminates your tear-stained face
I am here tonight

and someday you'll know
that nature is so
the same rain that draws you near me
falls on rivers and land
on forests and sand
makes the beautiful world that you'll see
in the morning

little child, be not afraid
though storm clouds mask your beloved moon
and its candlelight beams, still keep pleasant dreams
I am here tonight"

Kakashi played out another soft tune as he heard little Naruto go silent and opened his eyes to see if he was asleep yet. Naruto had his deep, big sky-blue eyes staring up at him. Kakashi chuckled slightly glad Naruto had at least stopped crying and closed his eyes once more, continuing.....

"little child, be not afraid
though wind makes creatures of our trees
and their branches to hands, they're not real, understand
and I am here tonight

for you know, once even I was a
little child, and I was afraid
but a gentle someone always came
to dry all my tears, trade sweet sleep for fears
and to give a kiss goodnight

well now I am grown
and these years have shown
that rain's a part of how life goes
but it's dark and it's late
so I'll hold you and wait
'til your frightened eyes do close

and I hope that you'll know...
everything's fine in the morning
the rain'll be gone in the morning
but I'll still be here in the morning
.....My Little Naruto-Kun....."

Kakashi finished the song with a sentence of his own as he put a hand over his guitar strings to stop the music completely and once again glanced back at Naruto, who this time was curled up asleep as he gently sucked at his thumb. Kakashi smiled and put his guitar back underneath his bed before standing up and placing a small blanket around Naruto and kissing the top of his head.

"Goodnight my Baby....I will watch over you from now on, Naruto-kun....Sensei would have wanted that....even though I'm still a kid myself right now....oh well, I bet you'll be just like your Father.....sleep tight," he muttered to himself and the sleeping Naruto before slowly slipping into his bed and drifting off into a peaceful sleep thinking on how his Mother used to sing him that song all the time.....
i...i think i did good on this, but thats for you people to decide!!
i really wanted to write a song-fic with this song, which is called "Lullaby for a Stormy Night"
here's a YouTube link for good~ [link]
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Disclaimer: Naruto is not mine. This is merely a fanfic by yours truly.

It didn't take Kakashi longer than 2 seconds to get a firm grip on reality and twist his lazy posture into place.

"Wait, Kakashi-san, they're not allowing visitors yet!!" Izumo called after him, but Kakashi didn't really care what the Chuunin had to say. His whole world was vibed and sprung into panic. His mind was one big swirl of confusion, frustration and even anger. Anger directed toward himself. How could he let something like this happen?! Why wasn't he there?! And then the most hurtful question of all; did he just break his promise?

"God fucking damnit!" he cursed under his breath, disappearing and reappearing in and out of sight, trying to move faster than his legs or jutsu could take him. Half a minute later he was barging up the stairs in Konoha's hospital, knowing for a fact that he couldn't bare to take the elevator. Just standing around waiting for the darn thing would get him hyper and might end up leaving him with a nervous tick. No, the 20 flights of stairs would do just fine.

For some reason, Naruto had always been given one of the highest rooms in the whole hospital. Probably because many people complained that being on the same floor with him might cause some kind of disease to break out. Some even claimed to feel the demon's evil chakra making them sicker. An utterly disgusting accusation, Kakashi had refferred to it. But he wouldn't waste time nor energy on any of those sickening people. He vowed to himself to just keep away from them and make sure he didn't kill them. He was quite proud of himself when achieving this goal.

"What's wrong with him?!" the usually bored-looking Kakashi demanded, not even realising he was in the wrong room since the words were out before the door was actually thrusted open.

"Uhm, who?" the nurse asked, standing next to an old lady's bed.

"Naruto! Uzumaki Naruto!" Kakashi's visible eye now gleamed with even more stress than before.

"Oh, Uzum-" the nurse tried to say, but Kakashi didn't even let her finish her sentance. Young girls like her should just answer instead of staring out into space and recalling upon patients' names.

"Yeah! That one! Where is he?!" the silver-haired man demanded.

"Uhm, I believe he's downstairs on the second floor. You know, the ICU floor."

"Intensive care?! Why?!"

"I'm sorry sir, I don't know, I'm not allowed in that department yet. I only studied-"

But before the girl could tell him all about how many years of which school and where she studied, Kakashi had flung open the door again and stormed downstairs oncemore. Alright, 18 flights of stairs, not that bad at all.

"Nice man.." the old lady said with a toothless smile, looking at the nurse whose loose streaks of hair that had missed her ponytail blew in the gust of wind the man left her with.


"I'm sorry sir, you're not allowed in here." a male nurse told Kakashi, holding his hand against his chest, pushing him further away from the room Naruto was currently in. Through the long horizontal window Kakashi could see the blonde with tubes in his mouth, needles in his arms, and people standing all around him in white attire, operating on his open and bleeding chest.

Kakashi couldn't say anything. His eyes were fixed upon the unconscious teen as his legs just kept moving forward, trying to close the distance between him and the broken boy. He promised... he promised... he PROMISED! Why couldn't these people get that?! Why couldn't these morons understand that he promised he wouldn't let any harm come to his teammates?!! Especially... the lythe whiskered male whose smile may soon be no more. He couldn't bare the thought of losing him. He couldn't bare the thought of no longer seeing that beautiful happiness in gleaming riverblue orbs. That kid was his last hope. He'd pushed away everybody for so many years, putting up walls and setting up defences so he would no longer have to bare the pain of losing someone important. And then he finally let someone in, who was going to die. No! He couldn't think these things! He was wrong! It's not because he's in the ICU that he's going to die! It's not true. Not Naruto. Naruto fights. Naruto's got the Kyuubi, and the Kyuubi will constantly heal him. Naruto will live.

"Sir, please, don't make this any harder on us." the nurse appeared to be saying things the whole time as he pushed Kakashi backwards. But the fazed man only snapped out of his thoughts when he heard a certain pink-haired kunoichi's voice.

"Kakashi-sensei!" she noticed.
"Hmm?" his head turned to face an expressionless Sakura. Her hair was tied up into a ponytail just like the other nurse and there was a little white hat placed on her head, symbolising that she was a doctor here.

"It's alright, let him in." Sakura instructed the male nurse who had been restraining Kakashi the entire time.

"But, m'am, we can't let anyone-"

"Let.Him.In.!" Sakura repeated through grit teeth.

"..Yes m'am." and the male held the door open for Kakashi, who was immediatly at Naruto's side, happy he could finally close the gap.

But Naruto's eyes were shut and he wasn't aware of the silverhaired man's presence. The people who were operating the boy were obviously frustrated that the masked jounin had entered the room and was now standing in the way, but Kakashi couldn't care less.

"He's broken several ribs and he's suffered lots of blood-loss. He's also had a concussion and he's been severely poisoned. His right arm is broken, probably beyond repair, and a Genjutsu attack has messed with his mind. A fire technique has also scarily burnt his whole right half and his right eye is possibly blinded. His chakra-channel has been cut off around the area of his lungs and the Kyuubi's dome. We believe the Kyuubi will no longer heal Naruto and he may never be able to call upon the Kyuubi again. Nevertheless, I believe we can still save him."

Sakura's facial expression hadn't changed at all and was completely serious throughout her whole explanation. Kakashi's, on the other hand, appeared grim and sorrowful. He sunk down onto his knees and placed three of his ungloved fingers on Naruto's right cheek, which was terribly burnt. The feeling of the scrappy skin was terrifying and horrible. It hurt Kakashi so much to see his son this damaged.

Just one glance at the broken and possibly mendless body scarred him so deeply that all kinds of visions started blurring his mind...

That first day, when those big blue eyes looked up at him expectantly, waiting for a reason to have to get out of the kitchen cupboard... A goofy smile on a blue-eyed boy when he realises he's caught ditching school... A determined grin and self-certain blue eyes on an 11-year-old's face when he hears Kakashi will train him... Or the time the boy realised medicinal alcohol didn't hurt at all and scared blue eyes were calm oncemore... Perhaps even that night the blue-eyed boy was so ill he clung to Kakashi for warmth... Or the night scared blue eyes looked at him for reassurance and turned grateful when his apology was accepted and he was able to smile oncemore...

Stupid things entered his mind aswell, pretty much everything that happened in his life, spending time with the blond boy. Like receiving a decorated empty cereal-box for christmas from a 4-year-old, or having to go the the teacher-parent night and feeling embarressed for being the parent of an 8-year-old who constantly ditches class or causes trouble in the cafeteria. Even the petty things like teaching a 6-year-old how to tie his shoelaces and then a 10-year-old how to tie a tie and put on a tux. Or telling an 10-year-old no ramen for a week and receiving evil looks and pouts. Even teaching an 11-year-old the most affective way to clean the blood off of his weapons was a bonding moment to Kakashi. Whiping away the tears of a scared 12-year-old during a lightningstorm, or just whiping dry blood off a 13-year-old's cheek. Checking a 14-year-old for injuries or checking if a 15-year-old's mission went well.

In any case, everything, all those days, all those normal moments, would soon be different. They may be lost and gone forever, or change and fade slowly. Either way, they would no longer be the same. Nothing would be. All because Kakashi broke his promise.

"But, Kakashi-sensei, you really need to get out of our way now." the pinkhaired medic-nin told her sensei, smiling seriously.

"Yes. Alright." Kakashi mumbled, leaving the room.

Once he was outside, he got tackled against the wall. Trembling fists had moulded their grips on Kakashi's black jounin sweater and shook him agressively.

"How bad is it?!" a stressed-out Iruka demanded of him. Streaks of the Chuunin's hair had missed his ponytail and hung down clumsily. The tanned man didn't care in the slightest though.
"How bad is it!?" he repeated, now frustrated aswell.

"He... he's..." Kakashi's eyes raised to the ceiling as he tried to collect his vocabulary.

"Will he get better again?!" Iruka demanded of the older man. Tears stung the Chuunin's eyes as he shook Kakashi oncemore. "WILL HE GET BETTER AGAIN?!" he nearly yelled.

"I.. I don't know..." Kakashi's visible onyx eye was drained of all emotion. It wasn't filled with tears like Iruka's, nor was it serious like Sakura's. It was just emotionless. Empty. Scared, perhaps? Unknowing. Yes, that's the word. 'Cos it's true. He had no idea how bad it was or would be. All he knew was that it was his fault.

Iruka shut his eyes and leaned his forehead against Kakashi's chest, allowing the tears to stream down his face freely. He didn't have the strength to hold them in. Naruto was like a little brother to him, if not a son like the boy was to Kakashi. For some reason, Iruka felt like he was one of the blonde's parents. Only not legally. That was Kakashi's job. They were both Naruto's parents, only not from the same family. They both cared for Naruto, just not the way others did. They had their own way of doing things. And it was fine this way. Which is why he found strength in the silverhaired man who was, just like him, the hurt boy's guardian. Kakashi knew how he felt. And he knew how Kakashi felt. They had to help eachother through this, no matter how hard or shitty it may be.

"Iruka-san." Sakura greeted. "I'll fill you in on his situation if you want, but you have to stay outside, alright?"

"Yes. Yes, please do."

Iruka sat with Sakura on the bench outside of Naruto's room as they went over Naruto's case. There weren't many people here, so Naruto was being given superior treatment.

Kakashi drained out their conversation, occasionally catching several bits and pieces of the terrible sentances. Everything that came out of her mouth was like poison to Kakashi's heart. It throbbed and ached with every little misfortune Naruto was going through.

Broken... Concussion... Poisoned... Genjutsu... Blinded... Blood-loss... Burnt... Kyuubi... Chakra-channel... Beyond repair... Save him...

"Sakura-sama, he spoke!" someone in the operation room called for his mentor.
"I'm there, Kuyuza." Sakura replied, up on her feet within the second, plastic gloves around her hands swiftly and quickly.

Kakashi followed her, ignoring the woman who reminded him of the fact that Sakura told him to get out of their way. Iruka entered the room aswell, infuriating the female doctor. Soon after she realised she wasn't getting a reaction out of either of the two and gave up hopelessly.

Naruto tried to talk but no sound came out of his mouth. His lips barely moved aswell, making the sight itself heartbreaking. He tried oncemore, but only a cracked high-pitched gust of breath was audible.

"Don't speak, Naruto." Sakura told him as she worked on something in his ribcage. Her hands were whizzing a glowy green light as she went over his bloodied body.

Kakashi uncovered his sharingan eye and both Naruto and Sakura got it immediatly. It took Iruka a few seconds before he caught on aswell. Kakashi could read Naruto's lips with his Sharingan.

"Uchi..ha... Ita..chi..." he read. Kakashi's hands balled into fists instantly as the sight of the blackhaired Uchiha missing-nin came to his mind. But before he could take his anger out on anybody, Naruto's eyes appeared content and actually happy when his lips moved oncemore.
"Sa...suke.." his mouth shut and crept up into a tiny smile. He shut his eyes contently, welcoming the warm memory of his blackhaired teammate.

But Kakashi wasn't as happy with Sasuke as Naruto was. Even if the ravenhaired boy had hurt Naruto this much, the blonde still smiled at the thought of having seen his friend again. It was only when Iruka's hand had stilled his shaking arm that Kakashi realised he balled his hands oncemore and his fists were glowing white bony pale flesh as they trembled furiously.

The jounin's usually laid-back and uncaring expression was now filled with anger and disgust. He resented those Uchiha brothers. The hate he felt for them was undescribable, really. They hurt, broke, burnt, scarred, tormented, tortured, and nearly-killed the only person he really cared for. They made all those happy memories painful and disturbing. They ruined everything!! This wasn't supposed to happen! Not to Naruto! It anybody, it should've happened to him! But not his dear son. Not his great sensei's son. Not the happy ray of sunlight that constantly illuminated the village and gifted the villagers with newfound hope. In every painful moment or dangerous situation, the blonde had always been there to protect his village. To protect the people that had hated him all his life. And he did it with a smile. Constantly.

This child was honest, loving, caring, smiling, giving, innocent, overly-friendly, forgiving, promising, believing, hopeful, relieving, soothing, but above all, kind. He was too kind for his own good. He had his goofy moments, even cranky moments, but he also had kindness Kakashi had never seen in anybody else before. People could scold him, beat him, hurt him, insult him, ignore him, detest him, accuse him, assault him, etc, and he would still protect them from danger.

And those two fuckhead Uchiha's RUINED that. They RUINED this promising teen's future. And he FORGAVE them. Because he's so overly fucking kind, he actually forgave them for messing up every chance he had of becoming the Hokage and fulfilling his dream. And Kakashi hated Itachi and Sasuke for it. He hated them with everything he had.
"Kakashi?" Iruka asked.

Kakashi looked at Iruka sideways, noticing the shock in the chuunin's eyes.

Apparently, nobody had ever seen him this enraged before. But that wasn't what confused him or irritated him. What really prickled his senses was that they weren't outraged themselves! Why weren't they going out of their minds with bottled-up emotions?! Why weren't they freaking out?! Why weren't they smacking their fists into walls?! Why weren't they at least ANGRY?!

The jounin fixed his gaze back toward the pinkhaired kunoichi. "Fix him." he told her gravely, his voice meaningful, strict, and rough.

"I'll do what I can, sens-" she told him seriously, but he bit her off.

"FIX HIM." he repeated.

"I can't promise anyth-"

"Fix him! Heal him! You know medical ninjutsu! You know the problem! Now do something about it!"

Sakura sighed. "Iruka-san, can you please guide Kakashi-sensei out of here?"

"Sure. Come on, Kakashi." Iruka pryed him kindly, tugging at his arm. Kakashi shook it off agressively, though.

"I want you to tell me you'll fix him." he told his former student seriously. This is the first time Sakura has heard such desperateness in the strong man's voice before. She shut her eyes and nodded.

"I'll do everything in my power to do so."

"Alright." Kakashi replied and left the room like she wanted. Iruka followed soon after, staring at Kakashi's back as the man walked outside.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ 14 hours later ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

Kakashi and Iruka had spent the last 14 hours on the bench and at the coffee-machine. Sadly, Kakashi had worked up an old habit. He was now standing at the sigarette-machine, absently staring at the names of all the brands. In the end, he didn't buy any and just turned to the coffee-machine. He didn't really like smoking, actually. The last time he did it was the day his sensei died, leaving him utterly alone in the world. And that only lasted for a week.
Coffee, on the other hand, was undeniable. It sort of became routine over the past few hours. He got a cup, then 15 minutes later Iruka got one. Another 15 minutes later it was his turn, the next quarter of an hour it was Iruka's again. This went on and on until now, when Iruka came running downstairs, panting with a red face.

"What? What is it?" Kakashi asked quickly, not leaving the Chuunin any time to answer.

"What's going on?! Tell me!"

Iruka tried to catch his breath what with Kakashi hurrying him and all. He collected his words, trying to find the right way to say this.

"Spit it out, Iruka!"

"His ribs are mended, they did what they could with his chakra channel but it'll take time before he can breathe normally again, and.."

"And? What?!"

"The Genjutsu's effect has stilled and it's almost worked-out. The poison in his blood isn't completely removed yet and it may never completely go away, but he's no longer life-threatened by it." Iruka took some more deep breaths after telling the jounin this.


"And what?"

"And is he going to see again? Can he speak? Can he move his arm? Is the Kyuubi healing him? What about the blood-loss? Are all the after-effects of the concussion taken care of? And there was something with his foot, what's wrong with his foot? Is it fixed yet? Spit it out, Iruka!"

Iruka's eyes went left and right at all the questions as he thought of all the answers.
"Uhhh..." was all he could bring out.

Kakashi sighed with a slight groan and decided to leave the adult Chuunin standing there as he ran upstairs himself. Sakura was standing there, waiting for him with Tsunade by her side.

"Well, well, Kakashi, it appears your son has worked himself into some serious trouble." the blonde Hokage told him seriously.

Kakashi didn't feel the need to react to that. "Where were you? You weren't there these past 14 hours." he scolded.

"Yeah, well, I'm the Hokage Kakashi, I can't fulfill EVERYONE's wishes!" she snapped back, "You should be grateful I canceled an important meeting for this."

"Yes, I'm sorry. Thank you. Now could anyone tell me his situation?" Kakashi tried to collect his serious and uncaring composure but failed horribly.

"His chakra channel has been repaired as best as we could. It appears the chidori has gotten even stronger. This is a new form of the jutsu. Sasuke's lightning has cut certain string-areas in the connection network. He can mold his chakra oncemore, but we couldn't fix the area around his lungs as well as the one around the Kyuubi's dome. We believe that's the Kyuubi's doing, though. He probably tried to fix Naruto's chakra channel himself. He won't be able to breathe easily for a few months, though. Now, his arm has been numbed, but it's no longer broken. He won't be able to use it for about half a year or so, though."

Kakashi sighed in relief. Half a year wasn't so long at all once you thought about it. It would annoy the crap out of Naruto, though, that he was sure of.

"We've treated all the after-effects of his concussion and the Genjutsu won't affect him anymore. But some things have left Naruto with bad... memories. I think some vision's will be repeating themselves in his mind when he's asleep and sometimes even during the day uncontrollably and repeatedly. Now, about the blood-loss, we've found a match for him, so you don't have to worry about that anymore. His ribs have been mended aswell, but only as good as we could. Remember that we're only medical nin, we can't save his lungs and heart whilst operating on his ribs aswell. And his chakra-channel was fragile aswell, we couldn't go near its broken areas. Now about his eye... it's still blinded, but we're guessing it's because of the Genjutsu. It depends on his own strength when the Genjutsu's effects wear off. It could range from 2 months to 2 years, or even more. It's his call. And our medics are doing the best they can about his burn, but we fear it'll leave a lot of scars. Especially around his neck- and chest-area. That's all we can tell you for now."

"And... and his foot?"

"His foot?"

"Yes, sensei, it was immobile 'cos of something in his nerves, but we repaired it with medical ninjutsu."

"Alright, so that's mended. I'd suggest you go home and get some rest, Kakashi, you look awfully worn."

"I want to see him." Kakashi declined.

"I'm afraid I'm not allowing anyone to see him until morning."

"It's 1 A.M. , just let me see him."

"1 am is not 10 am. Come back at 9, I'll see what I can do."

"Seven." Kakashi refused.

"Eight-thirty." Tsunade accepted the challenge.


"Eight. That's my last offer."


"Eight, Kakashi."


Tsunade sighed. "Fine. 7:45. Just make sure he comes at 9 then." Tsunade replied, nodding at Iruka who had only now reached the top of the stairs. Not because he might've gotten tired, but because he probably wanted to give Kakashi some time with the medics. And also... he appeared to have tear-stains on his cheeks.
"Alright." and with that, Kakashi disappeared into a puff of smoke.

~*~*~*~*~*~ The next morning at 7:30 ~*~*~*~*~*~

Kakashi stood, waiting outside of Naruto's operation room, peeking in through the window.

"Well, well, impressive."

Kakashi spun around, noticing Tsunade who had walked up on him, holding a cup of tea in left hand and a clipboard with papers attached to it in her right.

"The man who's known to come late all the time shows up early." she sipped at her tea.

"Can I see him now?"

"Our deal was 7:45. You still have 15 more minutes to wait."

"Please, Hokage-sama."

Tsunade sighed. "Alright, fine, you can see him. But only 'cos I like the kid."

"Thank you." he followed her in quickly.

"Naruto, you have a guest."

Naruto's bright blue eyes fluttered open. "Ka..Kashi.." he whispered with a hoarse voice.

"Yeah, it's me." the silverhaired jounin replied, already on his knees with a hand clenched around the boy's blonde locks. "How are you feeling?" he asked, though he already knew the answer was 'horrible'.

"Meh.. you kn..ow.. the..usual.." Naruto had to swallow absurdly much to keep his throat moisturized.

Kakashi faintly smiled half-heartedly, running a finger across the blonde's burnt cheek.

"It l..looks..worse than... it is." he told his guardian with a small smile.

"Nah, you barely see it." Kakashi tried to sound reassuring, but he was positive his voice was damp and unconvincing.

"H.. How's.. Iruka...sensei?"

"He's doing as best as he can right now... he hasn't closed an eye this whole time. I'm pretty sure he called in sick at the academy."

" he sh.. shouldn..'t.."

"You know how Iruka is, Naruto. He wouldn't be pursuaded."

Naruto tried to nod, but shut his eyes in pain as he did so.

"Baka!" Tsunade scolded, fixing one of the needles that had unconnected itself off Naruto's neck.

"Gomen.." Naruto smiled warmly. His eyes turned back to Kakashi's. "S..Sasuke... he looks... good." there was actual happiness in the boy's voice.

"Yes, well, I hope he looks as good as he can right now so I can beat him and hurt him so much you won't be able to recognize him anymore." Kakashi growled.

"No... please don't... sensei..."

"Why not?!"

"Because.." Naruto swallowed painstakingly a few times before continuing. "If it... were me... who did.. this.. to him... you wouldn't.. be as... angry..." the blonde reasoned. And Kakashi had to admit; he had a valid point there.

"But Sasuke's a missing-nin, Naruto. You never abandoned your village and you never backstabbed any of your friends."

"Exactly... friends..." Naruto's look raised to the ceiling. "He's my... friend... and I'll protect... my friends.."

It really pained Kakashi to have to hear this. Sasuke hurt Naruto so badly and yet still the boy wanted to protect him. Wasn't this deed good enough for God to help him? Save him? Fix him? Mend him? Where was God in times like these? And why did such a horrible thing have to happen to such a good person?
"You.. should've seen... me.. though.. sensei..." Naruto smiled at Kakashi. "I was... awesome..."

For the first time in a very long time, Kakashi's eye watered. He didn't cry, but his vision blurred as he  ran a hand through the blond mess of spiky hair atop the boy's head.

"I bet you were..." he said softly. "And I'm sorry.. Naruto, I'm so terribly sorry I wasn't there to protect you. I promised you I'd never let any harm come to my teammates... and I failed you... I broke my promise.. and I can't find any way to make it up to you..."

"What?" Naruto's eyes were shocked. "Please, sensei... don't.. apologise.. it wasn't.. your fault... it was... my ch..oice.."

"I'm sorry, Naruto.!" Kakashi rested his head on the side of the teen's bed. "I'm so, so sorry.."

"Sensei.. come on... I didn't.. die or.. anything.."

"I'm so terribly sorry... If there's any way I can make it up to you-"

"You can.. by not.. apologising.. anymore."

Kakashi grabbed one of his son's hands gingerly, absent-mindedly drawing on them with his fingertips. ' I'm sorry ' he wrote on the boy's hand. Then he raised the hand up to his forehead and cupped it in his both hands as he leaned against it.

"Visiting time's over." Tsunade interrupted the brief moment of safety.

"What?" Kakashi head shot up. "I've only been in here for 5 minutes!"

"You've been here for 2 hours, Kakashi. You stole all of Iruka's time."

"What? I did?" he turned around to find Iruka looking through the window, tired stress expressed all across his face.

"Yes. Now we're going to try and see if we can detach him from the machines, so if you'd please get out of our way."

"Yeah, I understand." he turned around one last time, "I'll be back soon, Naruto. I'm right out here, okay?"
Next part: [link]

So this is the first part of chapter 7, and I must say, it's been a hell of a pain for me to have to come up with new ideas XD I keep trying over and over again, but I hate it when they get older. Once they start to grow up, you have to make their injuries more painful and their problems more serious. Seriously, like I said, it's been a big blob or painful writer's block XD

But, for my loving fans, I sucked it in and pulled through with a nice hospital theme xD

I know it's kinda' boring, sorry.

AND OH YES!! This is good/bad news, depends on how you look at it... But I'm gonna' start over with the ages again. So my point is that I'm not gonna' go any higher than this and Naruto won't get any older than this in my stories. Instead, I'm gonna' start from 3 again. Ain't that just marvelous ? :D :3

Tell me what you think! ;D ;)
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Chapter 5 A suddenly date

Karin's Point of View, At School

"Hitsugaya-kun, there is still a seat free left of Kurosaki-san." Our Math teacher said and Toushiro went to sit left from me, when he sat the teacher started the lesson.

"Oi, Toushiro why the hell are you here?" I whispered carefully that nobody saw them whispering.

"Our head-captain(Taicho) told us that we shouldn't attract attention so I have to pretend to be a high school student and Matsumoto pretends to be my older sister." He whispered to me.

"I thought you said weren't a student." I teased him, but actually the high school uniform suits him pretty well.

"Shut up." He said annoyed and begin working on the homework our teacher had assigned us.

After Math we had 3 other classes before the lunch break and it seemed Toushiro was now already ranked at number One of the Hottest-Boys-List. The girls just couldn't stay away from him, so annoying.

I really had a stupid kind of feeling in my chest when those girls were around him and asked him all kind of questions, like if he had a girlfriend, if was living alone or not and a lot more liked that questions. Yuzu told be before about this feeling, it has been called " Jealousy ". I guess I just had to admit it, I was in love with Hitsugaya Toushiro Captain of the 10th Squid.

To avoid those girls I went to the place where I had me lunches alone when Yuzu was too busy with her own friends, when the boys where going somewhere else then the soccer field and when I needed to think. This time it was because I needed some place to think without being disturbed.

The roof

On the roof I really felt like hitting something and since I had forgotten to bring my soccer ball to school I hit the down pip{A/N: A Iron thing where rain falls in} as hard as I could.

"You shouldn't hit things." A voice said from behind me, I turned around and saw Toushiro standing next to me.

"What are you doing at the roof?" I asked grumpy, he was the last person I wanted to see for the moment.

"I could ask you the same, I'm just trying to get rid of those annoying girls, really Matsumoto is almost nothing compared to them." He said at the same grumpy tune as me.

"Yeah, I know they can be really annoying sometimes." I said less grumpy then before. At least he finds those girls also annoying and I went sitting down.

Toushiro went to sit next to me and took out a lunchbox out of his bag. When he opend the lunchbox I was amazed how much food could fit in one box.

"Wow, that is a lot of food you know, where the hell did you get this much food?" I asked curious and surprised at the same time.

"Matsumoto went to Inoue's house, stole all the food she could find, put it in a box and gave it to me, horrible." He said frightened looking at the box.

So what Rangiku said about Toushiro horror for Orihime Inoue's food was true, I couldn't understand what was so horrible about it because it looked really heavenly. " If you want I will eat the half of it but in return you have to something for me, deal?" I said with a big smile and I totally forgot about my jealously.

"Fine, deal but what do I have to do in return?" He said stiffly, he was probably thinking of all the terrible things I could let him done.

What he didn't know, I wasn't having a frightful task for him, just a really easy one. "You have to go with me for a whole afternoon to a really awesome place I know , that's all." I said mysterious.

"What kind of place?" he asked likely wondering what for a place it could possibly be.

"I wouldn't tell you anything, just wait and see." I said and took a bite of the food. " This is delicious, maybe I should convince Ichi-nii to marry Orihime instead of Rukia-chan before next Sunday." I said dreaming of all the wonderful food we could have then.

"What do you mean before next Sunday?" Toushiro asked surprised and took really small bites of Orihime 's food.

"Well, next Sunday is the wedding, that's why Ichi-nii is on vacation with Dad and his friends, you could see it as a last trip because he told me and Dad that he was going together with Rukia to her town, but I know that it isn't a town but this Soul Society place." I said and felt a little of sad because every day that was passing was a day closer to the day Ichi-nii was leaving.

"Aha, I didn't know they were going to marry so soon, I heard Matsumoto gossiping about it but I also know it isn't really allowed for a human to marry a Shinigami, perhaps because it's Kurosaki they will make an exception for it." He said and seemed deep in thought.

"Karin, do I really have to come this afternoon with you because they're still a lot of Hollows and.." He said but I interrupted him and said "You have to because otherwise I going to tell how you and -box short did spend the night together to Rangiku." I teased him.

"How…How did you know?" He said angry and at the same time surprised.

"When I pushed you aside last night so I would fit in the bed, the cover felt and I saw the boxer." I said and I blushed a little bit when I said that.

"You know that is actually blackmailing, but fine this time I will come." He said sighing.

After School

"Yuzu, Toushiro and I are going somewhere in the centrum of the village, is that all right with you?" I asked Yuzu when we were outside school.

"That's great because Rangiku and I were planning to go shopping and I just wanted to ask you if that was all right?" Yuzu asked me, even thought I had a bad feeling about this, Yuzu and Rangiku together, I said it was okay and I left. I'm going to regret that but that was something for later.

"Let's Go Toushiro." I said happy that Toushiro was still waiting for me at a bench and didn't sneak out.

"Good, so now tell me what kind of place had in mind?" He asked me for the 10th time today.

"Just have a little more patience." I respond and pulled him with me, not noticing that Yuzu and Rangiku were watching them from below a tree.

Yuzu 's Point of View, A few minutes after Karin and Toushiro left the school grounds

"Rangiku have you bought it already?" I said throw my cellphone impatient .

"I just bought it, quite expensive you now for just 2, do you really think it will work?" Rangiku said to me. "I'm now for this place you told me to go to, when are they coming?"

"I think they will be there in a few minutes, don't let them notice you. I'm also coming now." I said and closed my cellphone.

"Let's begin plan ' Date ' " I whispered to myself.

Toushiro's Point of View

When we walked throw the village Karin suddenly stopped for a Hugh building and I asked Karin "why do we stop for this building?"

"Because we're at the place I wanted to show you, but don't you know what this is?" Karin said very surprised, pointing at the big words on top of the building "Arcade" .

"Well in Soul Society we don't have all those things Human's do have, I think this is one of these things." I said trying to say it in a casual- I-don't-care-way.

"Fine, Fine, just let's go inside and I will tell you all about it." Karin said with such a nice smile it made me blush a little.

She took me inside and I saw an amazingly big room filled with computer-looking-like things, all kind of different tables and a lot for snack machines. "Wow." I said admiring looking all around me. Karin and I walked through the whole place and explained me what the machine things did and played on a few of those machines.

Rangiku Matsumoto 's Point of View

"I've got them in view, it looks that they have a good time." I said to Yuzu, how was just like me hiding behind a snack machine and looking at Hitsugaya-Taicho and Karin.

"That's great, now the plan will a truly success." Yuzu said with a big smile.

"Good, plan " Date " is now official started." I said and looked smiling at Taicho and Karin. 'Please Taicho. don't kill me for doing this but this girl might save you from all your sadness.' I thought.

Toushiro 's Point of View

"Oi, Karin what is this piece of paper?" I asked her, pointing at a piece of paper that was lying on the floor and gripped the paper so Karin good have a good look at it.

"This are 2 tickets for a movie in the cinema close by here, I feel a kind of sad for the person how lost it because it is an awesome movie." Karin said with the same admiring look at the so called 'movie tickets' as I had when I walked in the Arcade.

"Well, I guess looking at the dirt on the tickets, they have been lying on the floor for quite a while so the owner of the tickets probably already left ages ago. If you want you could use them." I said to Karin how's face brighten up.

"But wouldn't that be stealing?" She said with a troubled look at me.

"Not if we are quick, let's go!" I said and pulled her with me out the Arcade. Outside the Arcade I look around and finally after a few seconds I said " All right, You lead us to this 'Cinema' and I will pay for the food and drinks." I said and felt that the money that Rangiku also gave me this morning in my trousers.

"Fine." She said and leaded us to the Cinema and I asked which movie we were going to see Twilight.

Yuzu 's Point of View

"The plan worked, all we have to do now is following them and make sure everything goes perfect." I said really excited when we heard that Toushiro and Karin decided to use the 'lost movie tickets'. Of Course I and Rangiku knew the Movie tickets weren't lost at all, I just bought them, made them look dirty and laid them down in the floor nearby Toushiro and Karin.

This was the perfect plan to let Karin and Toushiro go on a romantic date without that they even know it or suspected me or Rangiku.

Karin 's Point of View

"That was the best movie I've seen this year!" I said while Toushiro and I walked home.

"You see, it wasn't such a bad idea from me to use them." He said kind.

I thought ' I guess this situation is just the same as the that Movie, unreachable love.' And Sighed. 'Should I tell him how I feel but what if he doesn't feel anything for me, Oh man this is really hard, how I'm I suppose to tell him I kind of love him.'

"You should be so uncertain, you never know he might like you too in the same way." The same womanly voice that I heard a few times ago said.

'Well this is new for me, you said for the first time something nice to me.' I thought grumpy back but the voice didn't respond back. 'Fine, I will tell him but if this turns out into something bad, I'm really going to kill you even though you're just a weird voice I hear in my head what actually makes me crazy but whatever.'

"He, Toushiro theirs something I wanted to tell you, I'm…" I started my sentence when I heard suddenly a Hugh horrible screams. A second later was standing in front of me a enormously ugly monster, or like Toushiro calls it, a Hollow.

"KARIN!" Toushiro yelled but it was already too late the Hollow swung his left arm and aimed on me, I closed my eyes in hope it would be gone any second but I felt that it didn't disappeared.

A few moments later I felt a cold arm holding me tight and like I was lifted up. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw that the Hollow was gone and Toushiro was holding my tight in his arms, in his Shinigami form.

"Don't let me worry so much." He whispered to me. He saved me, again. His face was close by , so close our faces almost touched. I gripped his Haori so I was even closer by Toushiro and then I did it.

I kissed him soft at his lips, when I pulled my lips back Toushiro kissed me passionate back.

"You know, I wanted to do that already a long time ago." I whispered to him.

"Me too." He said and putted me back at the ground, when I looked at his face I saw a smile, a really smile was on his face.

When he was about to kiss me again, we were interrupted by a voice how yelled " Get the Fucking hell away from my sister!"

I turn around and I saw Ichigo standing a few meter from with Yuzu and Rangiku how were trying to hold Ichigo back from coming even closer. I also saw a few of likely some of Ichigo's Shinigami friends; A baldy, A good-looking bob-haired boy and a guy with red hair that look like a pineapple.

"Crap." Toushiro and I said at the same time.
:bulletred:About This Chapter:bulletred:
Thanks a lot for Reading a other Chapter of my Fanfiction story :iconloveyouplz:
When I did write this chapter, I really though, OMG Ichigo you are so annoying to interrupted such a lovely Couple >.< , but for all the Ichigo Lovers(inclusive Me) Don't worry later in the story Ichigo is going to be quite a nice guy again :iconiloveitmoreplz:

If you have maybe any suggestions, questions or anything else, I would love to answer them :iconilickitplz:

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I don't own Bleach, but if I would Toushiro and Karin would be the main Characters and of course a Couple :iconiheartitplz:
The Image :icontower-of-peace: <-- Thanks a lot for making such a awesome Image of Toushiro and Karin :tighthug:

Chapter 4:[link]
Chapter 6: [link]
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I flopped the ending and my flow is a little off. Also i couldn't find a suitable cover but i did find an awesome pick by ~Hiilda . alright i got no new ideas so somebody please give me somethin and tell me if u can think of a better ending to this poem. Hope everyone enjoys :D.
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It was a nice sunny day in the sand village. You were playing kick ball with some kids. You kicked the ball and it goes over to a boy with red hair who is on the swing. The boy picks up the ball and was walking toward you and the others kids. A girl yells out “run!” They all start to run and you just stand there. He walks to you and gives you the ball. “Here is your bal.” said the red head boyl with a sad face. “Thank what is your name?” you say smiling at him. “My name is Gaara” Says the boy smiling at you. You Giggle and say “My name is Michiko. Nice to meet you Garra.” You Both look at each other smiling. You play with Gaara until it is time for him to go home. Gaara leaves and you are alone. You walk over to  a swing and start swing slowly with yeah head hanging down.
Then you see a shadow figure. You look up and its Gaara. You smile at him warmly. He walks over to you and asks “why are you out by yourself?” you look down to the ground and reply “I have no home.”Gaara looks at you and smiles and says “You can live with me. Ok, Michiko?” You nod ans say Thank you to Gaara. Gaara takes your right hand “come on Michiko. Lets go home.” Gaara says. You walk hand to hand towith Gaara until you reach Gaara's house.

You Now live with Gaara and Yashamaru. You and Gaara are the best of friends. Until Gaara’s dad (Also the Kazekage) tells you to leave or he will have you killed. You kiss Gaara on the cheek and hug him really tight. You whisper in his ear “Maybe we will meet again some day.” You stop hugging Gaara and reach in your pocket to get a Necklace. The Necklace was in a Emerald in  a shape of a star. “Please take very care of this.” You say giving it to Gaara. Gaara nods as tears fall down his face. Gaara’s dad with two Elite Ninjas at his side smiles at you evilly. Gaara’s dad bends down and looks you straight in the eyes and says “Run!” You start running with two elite Ninjas right behind you.

You keep on running and you don’t look back. All of the sudden you run into a little blonde hair kid with orange suit.  “I am sorry. Are you Hurt?” you say helping him up. You have tears in your eyes. He looks up at you and say “Hey, whatch were yah going.” He looks  at you and sees that you are crying. “Whats wrong?” he says to you with a frown on his face.  You wipe your tears away and say “ I got pulled away from my best friend and I have no where to go anymore.” “Oh, well you can always live with me I suppose. I have no one either. “My name is Naruto what is yours?” He says to you. “You stop crying and smile. “That would be very nice. My name is Michiko.” Naruto grabs your hand and says “Nice to meet you Michiko. Why don’t we go over to my house.” You walk together to his house. (btw your only 7)

Five years have pass. You live with Naruto. Who you call your older brother.  You have advance skills and make it to a Genin very fast. You got  put in group 7 with Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, and Kakashi the leader of group 7. When you are training Naruto Always watching you to make sure you are alright. Sasuke Likes to check out your moves. He is jealous but denies it. When the day is over you always go out to eat ramun with Naruto You usually spend the night at his place. Well this time was different. You found a old house with no one living there and you decide that you and everybody else are going to have a sleepover in the old house. That night when every one was a sleep you get up and go to your window and open it up. You climb out of the window. You climb up to the roof. You lay on your back and look up at the stars. “I hope that you are looking up at the sky too.....Gaara.” you say as you close your eyes and smiled. “Who is  Gaara?” says a voice. “Heis old lost friend of mine.” You say with your eyes still shut and smiling. All the sudden you feel someone lay next to you. “Sasuke?” you say. “Yeah?” Sasuke says as he turns to you. “ I knew it was you just from the sound of your voice.” You say opening your eyes looking at Sasuke.”so why are you out here?” you ask. Sasuke blushes a deep red and says in a soft voice “I was making sure you were ok.” AH, That is so sweet.” You say getting up slowly. “you know I can take care myself right?”  Sasuke just blushes even more and says “We need to go back in and get some sleep.” You nod And you both go inside. The next day, you are the first one up you just sit waiting for everyone lse to wake up. Everyone wakes up and you all head out to breakfast. Everyone finish eating and goes off to start training for the Chuunin Exam.

While you are training you can’t help but over hear some Ninjas talking. “Hey, Have you seen those Genins from the sand village?” one ninja says.” Yeah they are really strange especially that one red head one with the gourd.” Says another Ninja You stopTraining to go figure out what Genins they are talking about. You start running really fast around the village trying to find The 3 Sand Genins. You Jump on the roof and start jumping roof to roof. Then you spot your friends along with 3 other people you have never seen in the village before. You see a guy with red hair. Then you jump down landing right next to Naruto. “hey Michiko. Hows is it going?” ask Naruto smiling. You just ignore him and yell out “Gaara?” The red head guy turn around with the other two people. You see his mouth move saying “Mich…… “

To be continued…….
Gaara and You Part 1. This is story about you the reader having a relationship with the young Gaara when you were a little girl. Soon his father (Kazekage) chaces you away from the village with his elite ninjas. You end up in the Village Hidden in the leafs. You become like a sister to Naruto and live with him. You are Training for the Chuunin exams and over hear som people talking about three sand Ninjas. This quickly sparks your attention and you try to figure out who it might be. Could it be your long lost friend Gaara???

This is the First part to the series. Maybe if I get a good enough feedback I will write some more.

Ok I am re- writing this story because it is awful and I am add some stuff. I am also writing the second part of this. It should be done at the earliest at the end the summer. I do promise to have it up before 2009. I would also like to know what kind of things you would like to see in part 2?

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Because it has to be said, I do not own Avatar: the Last Airbender, or any of the names or characters of the show. I merely control them for my own twisted pleasure from this point in my story on.


Chapter 01:

Plans for the Future


Her brother’s voice echoed through her skull over and over. It felt like Appa had sat on her head in her sleep, and the fog that surrounded her brain gave way to enormous pain. She moaned slightly but didn’t try to move.

“Is she all right?” Aang’s voice was full of concern and he sounded farther way than her brother. Also, it didn’t echo quite as many times.

“I don’t know,” was Sokka’s answer. “It looks like she’s waking up but I don’t think she can hear us yet. That’s a really bad bump.”

“Her breathing sounds labored,” came the familiar female voice. Toph’s tone was also worried, but she was a little calmer then the two guys. “I think she might be hurt somewhere other than her head.”

Sokka made a noise halfway between a grunt and a hiss. “I can’t exactly move to check it out, you know!” There was the rattling of chains after he finished.

Katara managed to gain enough control over her bodily functions to open her eyes. She was laid out on her back and the first thing she saw was the ceiling of a metal room.

“Don’t be such a bonehead!” the blind girl yelled, her voice taking on a tilt of anger. “I was just saying-”

“Guys, cut it out.” Aang sounded tried, and Katara tried to follow the echo of his voice but moving her head made the world around her spin. “We don’t have time to start fighting between ourselves.”

“Katara?” Sokka’s voice came from beside her and she slowly looked over to see her brother chained tightly to the wall. He was only about four feet away and he was staring at her with the happiest look on his face.

Katara took him in, noticing quickly that he had numerous smaller wounds on his face, including a bruise that colored his lower jaw on the left side. He was also chained to the wall behind him, his arms held taunt above him by the wrists.

“Are you okay? She asked, trying to sit up but failing when her head spun again.

“Yeah, hey don’t worry about me;” come Sokka’s overconfident reply “Are you doing alright? You’ve been out the longest.”

She nodded, but stopped quickly. “What happened?” Katara asked with a groan, moving an unusually heavy arm to hold her head. She was chained too, but that didn’t really surprise her.

“Fire Nation,” Aang’s voice drew her attention to the other side of the rather large room. The bars around him made it look like he was an animal, but she knew he’d been caged instead of chained to a wall. Airbending couldn’t affect strong metal bars like it could chains, and as long as he was inside them and out of reach of any of the other elements, he’d be as helpless as a the child he was as long as you didn’t get too close.

“Are you okay?” she asked him, and the bald boy just smiled weakly and nodded.

Her head still pounding, Katara looked around for Toph, but didn’t see her. She looked at Sokka questioningly, and he pointed up. It was there Katara saw the younger girl suspended in the air in a cage much smaller than the one Aang occupied. By the looks of it she could barely sit up in it, let alone move around much.

“Toph? You okay?” Katara asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” The blind girl punched the bars around her and they rattled loudly. “At least I can see.”

Katara nodded and shifted into a sitting position. She inspected her chains and found they were extremely tight, and she was sure they wouldn’t reach standing height. Sighing, she looked around for a door out, but didn’t find anything on the walls.

After a closer look at the floor around her, Katara spotted it in the very middle of the room. A trapdoor in and out. Clever.

“Do we know where we are?” she asked.

“We’re on a boat,” Toph said resignedly, “in the middle of the freaking ocean. No earth around anywhere.”

Ocean… that’s was good. Katara reached inside to see if she could bend.

“We’re in the middle of the boat, Katara,” Aang said as if reading her mind. “So you can’t waterbend. We’re too far up off the water.”

Sokka’s chains rattle as he tried to rub his nose. “Does anyone else think that this was, I don’t know, planned?”

“Yeah.” There was a loud bang as Toph hit her cage again. “This room seems to be designed to hold all of us, not just Aang.”

“Meaning?” Katara asked feeling a little too much out of the loop.

Aang sighed, and she looked his way. “It means that they captured you guys too, and not just for getting in the way.” The Avatar glanced around the room as if looking for something. “If I’d been awake when they took us here…” he trailed off. It was too late for that now.

Sokka’s stomach rumbled and Katara gave him a heated look. He hung his head. “’Are they planning on feeding us,’ that’s my next question,” He said it half joking, but it still earned him a scoff from Toph’s direction.

Then, as if on que, a metal clatter from the underside of the trap door signaled the arrival of a visitor. The man that climbed up through the hole was someone that Katara didn’t recognize, but it was obviously he wasn’t just a foot soldier.

From what she could make out of his uniform, he was dressed more formally than a soldier. The colors were in the typical dark red and gold that all of the fire nation people Katara had seen preferred, but the uniform was different.

“Ah,” the man said as he hefted himself out of the hole, “it seems that our little group is finally awake.” He didn’t move from the spot he was standing, but rather turned to look at Aang.

“Who are you?” Sokka asked angrily, voicing what Katara had just thought to herself. The man was obviously from the Fire Nation, but what rank or how far up the chain of command he really was, was something she would never be able to guess on her own.

“I am Admiral Sho and this is my flagship,” the man’s voice was hard sounding and gravelly, which didn’t really surprise Katara much. “I have been dispatched by the Fire Lord himself to hunt for you.” His face darkened with a wide smile, and he chuckled softly. “After all, Zuko failed so miserably at the task.”

There was a hard silence, but then Toph voice echoed out. “Zuko? Don’t you mean ‘Prince’ Zuko?” she asked, once again reminding Katara that the girl hadn’t been with them for very long.

Admiral Sho didn’t even turn to look at her when he replied, “Not anymore.”


It was getting dark by the time they made camp. After eating a sparse dinner of fish, Uncle had set out their sleeping mats and Zuko had gone to feed their only mode of transportation.

“Uncle,” Zuko said, digging deeply into the feed bag to scoop out another cup. “We’re almost out of feed for the ostrich-horse again.”

Iroh glance over from his seat by the fire. “Well, can’t have the poor thing running out of food,” he said tiredly, yawning as he settled down on his elbow. “I think we’re near a small port, we could stop there tomorrow and buy some more.”

Buy? Zuko thought, with what money? He’d stolen the last bag, and now his uncle was acting senile again. He nodded at his uncle anyway and drew the bag’s strings up and wrapped them around a few times to keep it closed.

Zuko wanted to say that he hated living like a common beggar, but his uncle had heard that enough. It still amazed him how the old man, once a Crowned Prince, had so easily adjusted to this way of life. It was disgusting, but at the same time, Zuko envied his uncle the ability.

In each town they begged for money and food, getting further and further away from the place they’d once called home. Each day brought them further and further away from the palace and the navy, which Zuko had come to think of his second home.

All in all, being in exile had been much much better than being a fugitive. But they didn’t have a choice anymore. Azula had made that obvious.

Zuko looked over at his uncle again and wondered if the old man was really as happy as he always seemed. He’d never forget that had his uncle not come at just the right moment, Zuko’s exile may have very well killed him.

Zuko was sure that it was his uncle’s influence that had gotten him this far: the old man was the most important person in his life right now. Zuko turned away when Uncle began snoring under the darkening sky.

He walked over to the fire and lazily lowered himself on his own mat, glancing through the flames at the older man. Tomorrow, Zuko thought, he would steal some tea for the old man, as thanks for something that could never be repaid.

He lay back, staring up at the endless sky. Absentmindedly, he bended some of the fire over his head, shooting it towards the stars.

Even after all that he’d lost, he could still be one thing; a firebender. Even with his honor in shambles, he could still be proud of this. His uncle had taught him this.
Chapter Picture by :icondarknature5000:

Look! It’s ZUKO! Being…thoughtful?

Is that a little bit too much OOC?

And I just made a randomly new character, which may or may not be the bad guy for the rest of the chapters.

Tell me what you think.

Next chapter, they meet; my unsuspecting fandom couple. Muhahahaha.

This is gonna be fun…

[link] WTMCO Prologue
[link] WTMCO Chapter 2
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She hides behind its plaster and paint,
The truth lost in her horrible fate.
Nightmares of her cold dark past,
Drawn to the surface of the horrifying mask.
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it’s like cultivating a greenhouse
with broken fingers.

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Chapter / Part I

Her eyes ventured back...but she didn't. She couldn't look back. Not yet.

But-- She would miss him.

As she got into the blue car it was filled with dust, leaves, and undergrowth. Her parents did not understand. It had been such a long period of time since they had been in their car. "Yes, must be. But what a heartless joke," her mother said. But Chihiro just took a deep breath through her nostrils, sighing. "What's wrong, Chihiro?" her father asked in his gruff voice. "Nothing," she replied. "You still can't get over moving?" asked her mother sweetly. "Of course not," she replied, still a bit dazed by the happenings. She gingerly touched the hair-band made by her friends. Granny, No-face....all of them. But especially Haku. "Haku..." she whispered, not audible for one of her parents to hear.

The car came to a halt  in front of a blue house with nice white trim. "Isn't it lovely?" asked Chihiro's mother, Yuuko. "It's a fine home," said the father. "What do you think Chihiro?" asked her father, Akio. "It's..." she had no idea what to reply. Her mind was no longer on moving. It was on the world. Not the one of now-- but the one of which Haku lived. Her eyes glazed over for a split second-- from thinking of him. "-It's...wonderful," she replied, a weak smile upon her face. Both her parents smiled and entered "home". Chihiro sighed and exited the mossy vehicle. She then sat herself in the shade of a large oak tree in the green grass.


After a while Chihiro had settled into her community comfortably. Surprisingly, she had made friends easily-- and became quite a leader for her small group. But she had two best friends: Hanako & Katsu. Both girls admired her strength and disposition. She now walked to school. This morning was particularly bright and sunny. As Chihiro walked she soon met up with Hanako and Katsu. Both very excited to see their friend. As she walked along the sidewalk she could help but let her eyes wander back... But she did not look back. She felt like she was being watched. But she ignored it as best she could, focusing on her chattering friends. Her red and yellow uniform looked nice upon her form. But her mind was not on her clothing, friends, but Haku. She had often forgotten Haku, but not for long. He always seemed to be in her thoughts. Finally Chihiro couldn't take it any longer.. She turned her over her shoulder for a moment. She saw a glimpse of olive green eyes. She wanted to run after them... "Haku!" she whispered as she turned around. "What?" asked Hanako. "N-Nothing... Never mind," Chihiro answered softly. "Alright...Whatever," shrugged Hanako.


"Rain?!" Chihiro thought aloud as sprinkles hit her brown-haired head. She had taken a quick jog in the local park, when it seemed the clouds had gotten darker. Soon they were too heavy to hold in their gathering of water-- and poured onto the land. She sighed, her hooded sweater was not water-proof. Her umbrella useless as it couldn't open. The rain came down harder...Soon the girl was in a frantic rush, the rain making it hard to see. She now waited underneath a large oak tree to rest from the rain. Her ears admired the nice rain sound. But as she looked around the park she spotted the heavy flow in the small man-made river. River Spirit-- Haku. Chihiro tried not to think of the one she loved. She had kept her heart from some boys at her school, afraid of letting go of Haku. The river spirit who had charmed her-- who she fell in love with. "Haku.." she said, in a low mourning voice. "I miss you. If you can hear me... I...I still love you," she said sadly. It had been almost five months since her departure from the other world. As the rain settled she slowly got up, her legs asleep. After going through stretching her legs and getting the "pins & needle" pains out, she saw only the sprinkles continued she picked up the umbrella and went from under the oak tree. As she slowly made her way out of the park she gasped. Perched on a boulder was-- Haku! "Haku!" she said in a shocked voice, dropping the umbrella in the process. "No. This is my imagination!" she thought to herself. But as she touched the "imagination"s arm...she felt his warmth, love. "Yes, Chihiro. It's me," he said with a smile graced upon his face. "Haku!" she said happily again. Chihiro watched as he hopped from upon the boulder. Chihiro smiled lightly. Chihiro wrapped her arms around him. The river spirit was at first very shocked at the gesture.. But soon warmed up to it and wrapped his arms around her, too. "Chihiro?" asked Haku lightly. "Yeah, Haku?" asked the girl. "We need you back at the bathhouse..." said Haku. Chihiro pushed away to speak with him... Somewhat eye-to-eye. "What's happened?" she asked, but her voice firm now. She now found herself a part of the other world. The boy sighed deeply. "It's not good news," he warned, but Chihiro only nodded slightly for him to continue. "A fire spirit... Is seeking you. She has even raided the bathhouse. Causing trouble. Yubaba has been using her most powerful magic. But the fire spirit demands to see the chosen one. We offered them to talk to the greatest in the bathhouse. But I was sure that you are the cho-" Haku was cut off by Chihiro. "Are you sure?" she asked. "I think so... If you do not go, the fire spirit is threatening to burn down the bathhouse.. Not that it isn't already damaged. I no longer work for Yubaba.... But the fire spirit is holding many innocent spirits and creatures at hostage," the river spirit continued. "It needs you... For some reason," he added slowly. Chihiro agreed. "But-- How am I supposed to be gone for so long...without my parents' noticing?" she asked. "I'm sure Yubaba could put a spell on this world for a few hours. The fire spirit should only need you for a moment. Spirits can't stay in one place for too long," the boy suggested with a grin.
Author: Cassie [ confuzzling ]
Genre: Fantasy / Fan Novel
Title: Spirited Away 2.
Series: From the original Movie.
Warning: No more than PG13.
Credits / Acknowledgements: Thanks Hayo Miyazaki for your wonderful inspiration... Thank you Deviants who made art that encouraged me to write the following events in my story.

Notes: I'm sorta just going with it. This story might not turn out... I'll try. This is my first submission and my writing isn't all too pretty. But feel free to lurk if you must.
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