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Whilst Eternity                     
        When the well
            fall sick,
                                                 and the ill
                                                      fall dead...
We shall tread
                          W h i l s t  E t e r n i t y
                                                                       passes on.
For it isn't a gift
as to why we tread.
                                                          It is a c u r s e
                                                             in which we suffer.
For while the necromancer
                                   waltzed through
                                                        our once common lives,
                        w e  j u s t  w a n t e d
                                   t o  b e  h a p p y.
                                                               Amidst our f o r e v e r,
                                    we desperately fought
for our hearts to stop beating.
Whilst Eternity2 years ago in Free Verse More Like This