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For a few nights, you didn't sleep a wink. You were so busy trying to decode the papers, while anger flowed through your brain. How could Grandpa do that to you?! He didn't even know you but as a baby at the time, yet there was his signature, so proudly written like he won a deal. You threw all of the papers on the floor, standing on your feet. You wore comfortable sweat pants and a large baggy t-shirt that belonged to Lovino. It had cartoon-drawing tomatoes all over it, with the Italian words for flower bud on it. You had a similar shirt with little tomato instead of flower bud.

You sighed and ran your fingers through your hair, turning towards the door. You needed to get out, that was a definite. Your head hurt from so many codes. You slipped on your large coat, Ivan's scarf, and winter boots. Ivan's scarf still smelled like him, despite the fact you washed it. Another smile lit your features as you left the apartment, making sure the place was locked before you headed out for the cafe near the park.

The streets weren't nearly as busy as you thought they would be on a Saturday. The chills of a promised winter kissed your body without mercy. You made sure you had your pocket knife in your coat pocket, then tugged Ivan's scarf to cover your mouth. "Wow, way too cold nowadays," you commented, letting yourself into the cafe that welcomed people with warmth and excellent food. The bell on the door chimed in happiness, glad one more person joined the establishment for something to drink or eat. You rubbed your hands together, noticing that they added a new drink to the menu. An excited gasp left your lips, and your eyes sparkled. You loved trying new things, and a caramel-choco-chunk blast coffee with expresso shots and image foam gave you a bang for your buck.

The cashier behind the register was one you saw often. Her red hair was twisted into a bun and her green eyes shone bright with her pale skin. It came to your mind that her eyes looked like contacts, but you never questioned her as she was so nice. Today, she was as bubbly as ever, her petite figure bouncing around. You giggled as you came up front, earning a large smile from her. "Hello, _________!"

"Hi, Kyristal! I want to try that new drink."

"You along with a few other dare-devils, haha~ I'll give you a deal, just because you look so tired today."

"Oh you have no idea. I've been pulling all nighters trying to do some work put on me," you sighed, getting out your wallet. You were about to hand her the amount when an arm extended around you, placing a large bill on the counter. Kyristal stood still, starring at the figure behind you.

"I'll take what she's having. It's on me," a deep voice rumbled, so close to your ear. A scent so familiar washed over you, intoxicating at first.

"Ivan?" You turned your head slightly, meeting the Russian's stare head on. His violet eyes screamed joy when he smiled. Kyristal gave a skeptical look towards him, but took the bill anyways, ringing two drinks up.

"It'll be ready in a moment. Please sit anywhere," Krystal said, turning away to fix the drinks. Ivan grasped your hand, kissing your knuckles before leading you to a table for two. Your face was coated in a ferrous blush as you followed him to the chairs. He pulled your chair out for you, causing onlookers to make soft cooing sounds. You ignored them and took your seat, smiling slightly as you watched him settle across from you.

"I knew I'd see you again, Sunflower," he breathed, giving an affectionate smile. You knitted your fingers into Ivan's scarf around your throat, peeking at him through your eyelashes. "How have you been?"

"A bit tired," you admitted, not seeing the harm in speaking so freely. Kyristal observed you two from the counter, tilting her head at the Russian man. A thoughtful look crossed her face, but she was in no position to question him. "I've been working on a project."

"Oh? A girl like you seems like you'd have no problem completing a project," he mused, flirting with you openly. Another blush painted across your cheeks. You shifted in your seat, embarrassed by his compliments. You promised yourself you were going to be nice to him, but you didn't expect him to do the same. After all, you did act kind of mean the first time you both met.

"It's a bit of a challenge, but I think I'll be able to get it done," you responded, noticing Kyristal as she stepped over. She set the drinks down, offering a smile.

"Here you go, you two. Enjoy!" She hopped away happily, while you and Ivan took up your drinks and blew on the surface, cooling it down a bit.

"Oh how cute," you cooed at your image on the foam. It was an elaborate rose with many petals. You wanted to see Ivan's, but he was already chugging down his drink. You got out your phone and snapped a picture of the drink, giggling when Ivan gave her a skeptical look. He had gotten a bit of foam on his nose. You grasped a napkin on the table and wiped the tip of his nose, earning an embarrassed smile.

"Ah, thank you."

"No problem, Ivan." You both chatted idly and sipped on your drinks, warming up at the delicious flavor. Ivan mentioned a few things about his job being a community thing, while you soothed through your daily "project" details, not telling him too much. You both were interrupted by Ivan's cell, which buzzed loudly despite being in his coat. He sighed and fished out the piece of technology, answering it in English. Though, as the conversation went on, his language started showing until it was nothing but Russian. You tried to look at your own phone like you were focused on something else--however your ears kept on those foreign words. He sounded disappointed, but didn't raise his voice once. He eventually hung up, his face showing sleepiness. "Are you alright, Ivan?"

"Da. However; I'll have to cut this nice chat short. My work just called and somebody screwed up a delivery."

"Oh, that's too bad. I really like talking to you, Ivan." You gave him a large smile, in result, his cheeks stained with a light blush. A sheepish smile followed.

"I really like talking to you too, Sunflower. . ." He hesitated a bit, then stood up, smoothing out the front of his shirt. "I was hoping that maybe we could do it again sometime, da? Maybe . . . This Thursday? It's my day off."

"Really?" You smiled, feeling butterflies in your stomach. He was asking you out! How exciting. Though you knew he was a Russian and was so cold to him earlier, you thought he was actually very attractive. I mean, common, how could ANYONE ignore that adorable face? You nodded eagerly. "Sure, Ivan. It sounds amazing!" He grinned back, pulling a slip of paper from his pocket, it was scribbled with a number.

"Call me sometime tonight and we'll figure out details."

"Sure!" You grabbed the slip of paper, seeing him chuckle and ruffle up your hair.

"Dasvidaniya~" With that, he was gone. You glanced towards his empty cup, then remembered something. His scarf!

Well . . . You could hold on to it for a little longer. Just until Thursday. Yeah. Thursday.
So I finally decided to finish the 9th chapter so people would be happy xD. I guess it's also to celebrate my doctor's visit. Everything went OK, but I do have a chest cartilage inflation. This made me feel better so whatever haha.

I do not own Hetalia!
Russia belongs to --> Hetalia
You belong to :iconsexyrussiaplz:

Image is not mine, either.
I got it from here:

NOTE: PLEASE CORRECT ME if I got something wrong. I'm SO sorry Lovino is out of character, but this is how I think he'd act around his prezioso sorella!
I also apologize also for how I've been spelling Italy's Human Name. I easily get confused with letters and didn't notice the mistake until someone had messaged me it. Thank you so much for correcting me.


Ch. 8:

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Anything For Love

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or the characters from Pokemon in this story or the following songs, 'Hey Mickey' By Toni Basil and/or 'The Scene Is Dead; Long Live The Scene' by Cobra Starship

Warning: Minor swearwords

Main Characters Ages:

Misty/Mickey- 18
Gary- 18
Ash- 18
Richie- 18

"…" Talking

'Italic' Thinking/Texting

(Italic) – Song Playing

Chapter 31: What An Abnormal Week

**Meanwhile – Dorm Room #310**

Burning a hole in the ceiling by his intense stare from his bed, petting Pikachu lying on top of his stomach, Ash twiddled on his mixed feelings of what had happen during his meal with Mickey. He couldn't shake the feeling that he got from Mickey's genuine smile after had asked permission to date Misty. Not positive if it was due to the 'rebound' affect; Richie had mention long ago, but he was drawn to the smile since it was almost an exact match of May's smile. This is one of the many reasons why and how he fell in love with her when growing up and the idea of liking another never ran across his mind. Now had been rejected by the love of his life and actually moving onwards due to encouragement or the rebound phase, never in a million years he thought he would question his sexuality. And it's all thanks to Mickey's behavior he has witness as of lately.

'I knew my fixation with May blinded me from acknowledging girls, but guys too? Or maybe it's just Mickey because I know his secret of him liking me and he also gives out the same aura as May. But Misty also gives out the same aura too.' Ash deep in conversation with the ceiling, he didn't hear Richie had entered back into the room from his meal. That is until he heard him calling out his name.

"—Dude, how long have you been like this? What's wrong?"

Ash didn't budge, as he still continued staring upwards at the ceiling and petting Pikachu. "Since I got back and how can you tell if something is wrong?"

"How can I not tell by that rigorous stare of yours and alongside your lifelessness aura you're giving out? Sooo you've been like this for a half an hour. Mmm, if I remember correctly, you behaved like this right after seeing Gary at our First Years' opening ceremony. You want to talk about it or shall I let you be and burn a deep hole into the ceiling like last time?" Richie and Sparky eyed down at Ash and Pikachu from their side of the room.

"I'll take hole in ceiling for two-hundred." Ash turned his head to face Richie. "Don't worry about it. It's something I need to figure out by myself right now. But if I need someone to talk to, you'll be the one. So thanks."

"Alright man, whenever you're ready."

**Meanwhile in Dorm Room #320**

In bed, flat on his back with his right forearm over his eyes and Umbreon curled beside him. Gary was deep in thought that he didn't sense Misty's presence until he felt a hand on his forehead.

"It doesn't seem like you have a fever. Are you feeling ok Gary?" Misty asked and pulled her hand away when Gary revealed his eyes.

"What made you think I had a fever in the first place?"

Misty forced her way down at the edge the bed. "It was the only logic? You've been acting weird since the auction, so I assumed you've been overwhelmed by all the stress and coming down with something."

Gary rolled over to his side with his back against Misty's back. "Not coming down with anything. Don't worry about it. I just have a lot on my mind and need some alone time."

"Again? Fiiiine, take all the alone time you need. Buuut," Misty fell backwards, resting her head on Gary's side. "Don't take too long to get out of that funk of yours. Starting tomorrow morning we're back on our regular routine!" Misty pushed herself off of Gary and the bed. "Alright, game face needs to be on when I see Ash tomorrow! Weeee!"

Gary turned to face Misty for a brief second and returned back staring at the wall. After seeing the big smile on her while twirling towards her bed, a quiet sigh escaped. 'Back on our regular routine is an understatement.'

**Monday Morning 6 0' Clock – Open Field**<

Misty grabbed a hold of her bag; that held Togepi and pulled the one earphone in her ear out and motioned Poliwhirl to head towards Gary and Umbreon; on the opposite end of the field. Semi-covered by Poliwhirl's Mud Bombs, Gary was busy trying to remove as much as he could off of Umbreon, as didn't sense Misty's presences once again. Until she squatted down in front of him with an intense stare. Sensing that she wanted to ask him something, Gary gave her a 'what' stare.

"I don't know if it's because I'm wide awake and pumped by my MP3 this morning, but I noticed you're not up to par this morning's training. Are you sure you're not coming down with something after that crazy training with Richie yesterday?"

"Don't worry about it. It's nothing. I am not coming down with anything, I'm perfectly fine."

"Yeeeah you sound like a broken record and besides you said something like that last time and you ended up collapsing in the middle of our room."

"I'm sure of it this time, my body and health is fine," Gary paused to think of another reasonable excuse to cover the fact he couldn't fully considerate. "I'm just easing back into our usual morning trainings. Even though we still trained the last two weeks, all we did was exercise routines just to keep in shape."

"Mmm, you're right about that. Sooo I'm assuming by the end of the week you and Umbreon will be back to normal for me and Poliwhirl to kick your butts?" Misty asked with a grin, as she stood up onto her feet with her hand out for Gary to grab.

Gary had already been in the motion of getting up from his squat position, as he was looking into the distance at a couple of classmates that caught his eyes. "In your dreams Goober."

"It's not like I haven't done it before, Lone Wolf." Misty stared at Gary with a smirk but then noticed a glob of mud on his cheek. With her free hand and only the use of her thumb, she wiped the mud of his face, as she didn't think it would have been a big deal. Until Gary jerked at her touch, causing her to pulled away quickly in defense mode. "I'm sorry! I forgot about your personal space. It's just, there was a glob of mud on your cheek and I had to wipe it away—"

"Are you done freaking out?" Gary asked solemnly; wiping the rest of the mud off his. After he got a silent nod from Misty, he stared down at her. "Go take your shower first and then continue your merrily little ways. I got to take care of some business with Derek and Luke over there. Let's go Umbreon." Gary casually walked away with Umbreon. 'Has she always been the touchy-feely type?'

**After School - Third Years' Classroom**

The final bell of the day rang for the dismissal, as everyone but two people got up from their desk. Ash; who has been quiet and somewhat avoiding Mickey all day, stayed in his seat to be the last to leave. While doing so, he noticed Mickey glanced over in Gary's direction but then fully turned around and faced him. Caught by surprise by Mickey's distress expression, he was about to ask what was wrong but Mickey beat him to it first.

"Ok, I can understand Gary ignoring me but what's up with you? You've been distance all day."

"You've noticed and you didn't say anything?" Ash asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well I was worried if I butted in like usual you would ignore me like Gary all of sudden." Misty desperately rested her chin in her palm.

"Why would you think I'll ignore you?"

"I don't know, maybe the fact that you might be acting weird too? But it's not like it matters, you ended up giving me the cold shoulders anyways," Misty straighten up her position and questioningly stared hard at Ash. "And why is that?"

Ash froze like a Deerling caught in a pair of headlights at Mickey's question, but managed to think of an excuse. "Uhhh, isn't it obvious? You've been listening to your MP3 player since morning, so I didn't want to bother you.

"Sure it's my long lost MP3 player and is still so excited that my best friend found it. But it's not like I wouldn't have stopped listening to it if you, Richie, Gary or anybody else wanted to talk or needed something from me."

"True but that would have just been rude. How about I make it up to you? Let's go to the market and then to the park with our pokemons in a bit?"

"I would love to but since the fundraiser is over, I got to get back on my after class routine. You know, pick up Togepi from Brock and do my personal workout with Poliwhirl. We can do it later afterwards if you're still free?"

Ash debated about it for a bit and decided it'll be best to stay away. "Let's just reschedule another time. I should get back into my routine too."

"Alrighty. Don't be a stranger, I'll catch you later man." Misty turned to the side and plugged in her earphone and grabbed her belongings and headed out leaving Ash by himself.

'Damn, I thought with him being occupied with his MP3 he wouldn't have noticed me distancing myself.' Ash scratched the back of his head in frustration and slumped deeper in his seat.

**Tuesday – Lunch Time – Cafeteria**

Within the hour and fifteen minutes of their two hour lunch period, Ash had caught Mickey; for the twentieth time, looking over in two directions before returning his attention back towards the table to chimed in Richie's conversation. Ash looked over in the first direction of Derek's and Luke's lunch table; happily chatting among their mixed years group. He then looked over in the other direction where his eyes fell upon Gary and Umbreon sitting at their windowsill. About to ask Mickey what's the reason of looking over at the three, but he lost his chance when Mickey suddenly got up from his seat, excusing himself and mentioned that he'll be right back.

Misty made her way across the cafeteria towards Derek's and Luke's table and politely interrupted the group. She managed to get Derek and Luke to step off to the side in order to ask if the two noticed anything strange with Gary. Since he's been spending a lot more time with the two compared with her in the last two days. After had gotten her answer of nothing out of the ordinary but just more training and studying, she thanked Derek and Luke and looked over in Gary's direction. Turning on her MP3 and holding both earphones in her right hand, she stealthy made her way over to Gary's windowsill.

Comfortable with his whole body on the spacious ledge and deep in his studies, Gary was startled out of it when he suddenly heard music in his left ear. Knowing who it was beside him, he let out a solemn 'what' and glared over at Misty. After have seen the goofy grin turned into a hesitant expression in a spit second, he soften his stare and waited for her to speak up. But nothing came out while eyeing her fidget movements, a calm 'what' escaped. Expecting a verbal response from Misty, he got a different response that did not surprise him at all. Misty had crawled over his legs and Umbreon to settle down on the opposite end of the window ledge, as he just stared at her. Thanks to his unreadable stare, it had caused Misty to lose all her confidences to ask him why he had ended the morning training early. About to return back to his book, he saw Misty open her mouth but quickly closed it with a content smile, as she plugged her earphones into her ears and leaned against the side ledge wall. Still uncertain with his current situation, Gary would have preferred to be away from Misty as much as possible. But the moment he saw her peacefully staring out the window; with Umbreon in her lap, he was content with her being there.

Across the cafeteria Ash and Richie wondered at whatever happen to being 'right back'. Richie shrugged and continued on his conversation among the remaining group, while Ash still stared in Gary's and Mickey's direction. But suddenly looked away all perplexed when he saw a very faint and split second long, smile on Gary's face before he had returned back to his book.

**Wednesday – Afternoon – Third Years' Homeroom**

Richie stayed in his seat and watched each one of his classmate getting up from their desk when the final bell rang. But his main focuses were on the three that surrounded his desk. Never would have put much thought into it, but ever since yesterday's lunch period incident, he had noticed the unusual behaviors. Especially in his roommate, Ash had burned another hole in the ceiling yesterday night. After had seen Mickey's gaze followed Gary's quick disappearance with Derek and Luke out of the room, he wondered what he missed between the three. Mickey was the next to leave, as Richie slyly looked over at Ash; who seemly wanted to call out Mickey's name but couldn't. And within seconds after Ash's dismally departure, Richie was left by himself, as a quiet snort escaped.

"I definitely missed something," Richie got up from his seat when Leo and Lex called out for their meeting from the doorway. "Looks like I'm going to be paying Mickey a personal visit if I want answers."

**A Quarter Till 4 P.M. – Third Years' Dormitory – Top Level**

Gary and Umbreon had cut their afternoon training short, due to an accident dealing with Luke's and Lola's new learned technique; Ice Beam. No one was to blame, Gary just happened to be in the spot where bits of Lola's Ice Beam had ricochet off from Umbreon's counter attack. A sudden sharp pain hit Gary's left side, as looked down at his arm and tattered up tank top. The back of his arm had minor cuts, since he had turned and shielded his face, but his abdominal side took the worst damage. Almost receiving first degree frostbite; also known as frostnip, he had to attend it right away. Finally had gotten the door unlocked, he slowly opened it to loud music blaring throughout the room. Not surprised by that but what caught him off guard was Misty in a blue hoody and bent over in a pair of spandex shorts, doing alternative toe touches with Poliwhirl. Definitely did not expect to see a set of long legs exposed in the middle of the room, he body motioned Umbreon to head towards the bathroom. As the two stealthy made their way towards the bathroom, Gary dropped his bag in front of the closet.

Music playing and busy counting out loud; finally reaching a hundred, Misty pushed her hood off her head and looked over at Togepi; peacefully sitting on Gary's desk but then looked around the room. She wasn't sure if she had heard some extra noises near the end of her toe touches cool-down count. But quickly ignored the thought when Poliwhirl had cheered for completing their intense workout routine, she then pointed at the bathroom to freshen up. Misty turned the doorknob to notices it was locked, confused by that factor she quickly turned around to see the time. While doing so she saw Gary's bag on the floor.

"That's strange, it's only three-fifty-five. Usually Gary and Umbreon don't return back until four-thirty. Something must have happened, but damn it, it's supposed to be my shower time. Blaaah, I'm so completely drenched in my own sweat." Misty puffed and walked towards her side of the closet. "I guess I should change into something dry for the time being." After had grab a new set of bandage wrap, a built in bra cami tank and longer shorts, she made her way towards Gary's desk to attend Togepi.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, Gary was having tough time cleaning up his wounds. One has to be careful when it comes to treatment for a near case of frostnip to avoid any further damage. With it being his fifth time applying the damp, warm washcloth to his bare side, he decided it was time to bandage it up. But after opening the sink cabinet to see the first aid kit missing, he remembered it got left out on the mini fridge. Gary slowly cracked open the bathroom door only to quickly shut it. With the view of Misty just in a pair of shorts and exposed bare back and fully aware of her curvy body lines, as he never took in consideration how dangerous it could be sharing a room of the opposite sex. Gary had thought he escaped an awkward freak out from Misty but when he heard the loud knock on the door, he froze.

"Yeah?" Gary startlingly shouted at the door and took notices the music's been turned off.

"Sorry for this awkward moment buuut when can I use the bathroom?" Misty asked.

Realizing he wasn't caught walking in on her changing, he slowly opened the door. "You can use it now—"

"Holy crap Gary, how did you get those frostnips on you?" Misty eyed Gary's wounds worryingly.

"You can tell?" Gary questioned but was surprised at Misty's quick glance.

"Of course, I've been a victim to frostbite way too many times in my life, especially during training." Misty paused when she put two and two together. "You got it from Lola's Ice Beam right?"

"Yeah, how did you know?"

"Call it a woman's instinct? Anyways, what have you done for treatments?"

"Just been damping the frostnips with a washcloth to warm it back up and I'm about to bandage it up."

"In that case than come, I'm going to bandage you up. We'll use my bandage wrap, with it being cloth material, it'll warm up and heal a bit quicker."

Gary was dragged by his right arm by Misty, as she led him to his bed and forced him down at the edge. Grabbing the new bandage wrap and duct-tape off of Gary's desk, she made her way to his bed and sat on his left injured side. While wrapping his abdominal first and taken more notices of Gary's upper body, Misty wondered why she felt strange all of a sudden for being so close to his bare skin. She was always aware of being touchy-feely with Gary and was fine with it. But then within seconds she had convinced herself it was probably because she was worried about his wounds and not bandaging up Gary right. After had gotten the last wrap around his stomach, Misty had Gary hold the bandage down, as she cut a piece of duct-tape to hold down the bandage tight; for that's what she does when she bind her chest flat. Lightly pressing down at his navel to secure the duct-tape, Misty pulled away with a smile and commented they have one more to go. She then quickly got up and to grab another wrap from the closet. When she turned back around, she saw Gary touching the duct-tape portion with a faint smile. Witnessing a scene like that, made her really happy inside, as she twirled back to the bed. Happily wrapping up Gary's arm, never in a million years Misty would have realizes underneath Gary's poke face, he was confusingly fighting with his inner hormones.

**Thursday – Physical Training Period; Before Lunch Break**

Gary got up from his seat from the bench when his name was called for his training course. Waiting for his classmate to finish his course run on the other end, he got into starting position with Umbreon but was suddenly pulled away. He turned his head to see Misty at his right arm and apologizing to Professor Cid while pulling him off to the side.


"You can't do today's training course. Your wounds have barely started to heal! Have you forgotten that you got injured just yesterday? Like, about nineteen hours ago to be exact." Misty gave Gary a stern look.

"I'm fine. It doesn't hurt as much."

Misty blinked a few times and shook her head at Gary. "Sorry what was that? Your macho pride was talking and I tend to tune it out when it speaks up. Now could shut that pride of yours up and take today off!"

Gary glared down at Misty. "Could you shut that big trout mouth of yours and let me be? If I said I'm fine, then I'm fine, why does it matter to you?"

Misty alarmed by the sudden raised tone by Gary; she backed up a bit, clutching her hands to her chest. "It's only natural for me to be worry about your well-being."

A heavy sigh escaped when he saw the vulnerable expression on Misty's face, as he unconsciously ruffled her hair. "Stop giving me that look like you're about to cry idiot."

Misty didn't care she was called an idiot. She was far too busy to keep her blush under control, due to Gary's ruffling of her hair. "I—"

"Before my ears start bleeding again due to your nagging, I'm tagging you in. Run the course with Umbreon and I'll sit back and rest." Gary said firmly to prove he was serious, as he walked over to Professor Cid to let him know about the substitution situation.

From the top view of the bleachers, Ash and Richie sneakily eyed Mickey the moment he had excused himself when Gary's name was called, as they took notice of his odd behavior. After had seen the interaction between Gary and Mickey, Ash's brain was loaded with certain questions he wanted to ask Mickey. And he decided tonight was the night to ask, since Richie managed to convince Mickey to do a round of basketball lessons after dinner.

**Later that Evening - Gym**

Even though Richie had convinced Misty to come to the gym for some basketball lesson, she managed to sit it out. Basketball is one of the sports she disliked, mainly because she was horrible at it. But she didn't mind watching others play the sport and that's what she, Ash and their pokemon partners did. They all watched Richie played along with the other students; that were already in the gym beforehand, in an intense game. After seeing how rough the guys were with each other, Misty was glad she sat at the sidelines with one ear filled with music and the other free to hear Ash's conversation or Poliwhirl's and/or Togepi's calls. When she heard Ash asked if he could ask a personal question, she turned to face him.

"Do you like Gary and what is he to you?"

Misty misunderstood the meaning behind of 'personal question', as she let out a big smile. "Of course I like Gary! Can't you tell we've been getting along? He's like my best friend that I would never trade for."

A sharp pain went through his body; as if he was hit by Pikachu's Thundershock. "Then what about me? Where do I fall under?"

Misty eyes widen at Ash's question, for she wasn't sure how to answer it. The whole time they have been together she has never considered of having him fall in the 'best friend' field, mainly because he was her love life interest. "Uhh of course I like you Ash. You're just," Misty started feeling uneasy to the point she looked down at Togepi in her lap. "Umm, you're a different case. We're totally good friends—"

"Different case?"

"Yeaaah, trust me on this. My relationship with you, Gary and Richie are all on different levels." Misty could tell Ash was about to ask 'how different' but she was saved by Richie when he called out 'his' name. "Yeah Richie?"

"My game's over with the guys. So give Ash your Togepi, MP3 and all your other junk and come out here for some basketball lessons!" Richie shouted from half court, with his own basketball in hand.

"Do I have to? Can't I just pass on this?"

"Sure, only if you can answer a couple of questions of mine?"

"What kind of questions?" Misty asked and thanks to her curiosity, she handed Togepi and her other belongings over to Ash. "Sorry and thanks. I want to know his questions and feel free to listen to my MP3. There are about two thousand-ish songs on there that I've collected over the years and it's on shuffle. But you can listen by artist album, etc-etc. It's not hard to figure out. Anyways be back in a flash, hopefully."

Stuck with baby-sitting Togepi, Pikachu, Sparky and Poliwhirl, Ash eyed the two; now on the other side of the gym court, he took up Mickey's offer and plugged in one earphone in his ear. Still miffed at the fact of Mickey had labeled him only as a 'good friend', he pondered about his aware jealousy. Was it the fact that he'll never have the same friendship like what Mickey and Gary has or the fact he's been noticing Mickey's behavior has drastically changed and kind of been left in the dark. It was something he wasn't sure about. Or maybe it was a cover up for an issue that he been avoiding as he wasn't ready to fully acknowledge it. His thoughts were interrupted by an upbeat song, as he looked at the MP3 screen to see it flashed, 'Hey Mickey' for the song title.

(Oh, Mickey, you're so fine - You're so fine, you blow my mind - Hey, Mickey, hey, Mickey - Oh, Mickey, you're so fine - You're so fine, you blow my mind - Hey, Mickey, hey, Mickey…)

Speechless at the interesting song on the playlist, Ash directly looked up across the gym and at the same time Mickey and Richie looked over at him. But then quickly faced right back at each other and from what he could see from his spot, he saw Mickey hesitantly shrugged and Richie cocking his head questioningly.

(…Hey, Mickey - You've been around all night and that's a little long - You think you got the right - but I think you got it wrong - Oh, can't you say goodnight so you can take me home, Mickey? - 'Cause when you say you will, it always means you won't - You're givin' me the chills, baby, please, baby, don't - Every night you still leave me all alone, Mickey…)

Already curious at Mickey's deep in thought expression, followed by a slow head-shake, Ash got more curious at the reaction Mickey gave to Richie's shoulder pats of comfort. There were absolutely no reactions at all, especially when compared to earlier with Gary. No sudden jerk away, no awkward expression or any odd behaviors towards Richie's touch. Being vigilant, he started pondering how different his friendship status was when it came to him.

(…Hey, Mickey - Now if you take me by the hooves, who's ever gonna know - Every time you move, I let a little more show - There's something you can use so don't say no, Mickey - So come on and give it to me anyway you can - Anyway you wanna do it, I'll take it like a man - Oh, please, baby, please, don't leave me in the damn, Mickey…)

After have gotten an honest answer from Mickey of him not knowing what he had done to cause Ash's and Gary's abnormal behaviors, Richie decided not to push it and continue covertly observe the three. But he did hassled Mickey to play one on one with him again. Receiving a hysterical head-shake from Mickey, he started dribbling the ball and started antagonizing him. It worked like a charm for Richie's case, as he saw the glare from Misty's eyes. About to pull away for the dribble, Richie ended up falling for the oldest trick in the book. Mickey pulled the 'look a distraction' card on him. Anyone would have fallen for it after seeing such a believable expression. Next thing he knew, his ball was stolen right from underneath.

(…Oh, Mickey, what a pity you don't understand - You take me by the heart and you take me by the hand - Oh, Mickey, you're so pretty, can't you understand? - It's guys like you, Mickey - And what you do, Mickey, do, Mickey - Don't break my heart, Mickey…)

Ash laughed at Mickey's trick 'he' had pulled on Richie, as he watched him quickly dribbling away from Richie; who was not too far behind. What he did not expect the next move, Mickey suddenly stopped in his track, quickly turned around and threw the ball right passed Richie's head and turned back around and ran towards him. Within seconds, it was a body slide collision. In between the laughing and breathing in and out heavily, Ash received an apology from Mickey. Replying it was 'alright' and worth it because Richie was now chasing after the ball way further down the gym, he decided to find out his suspicion theory. With his free hand, he lightly ruffled up Mickey's hair.

Looking in Richie's direction and still amused at his misfortune, Misty was taken aback by Ash's touch; but played it cool by playfully slapping Ash's hand away. But she completely lost it when he grabbed a hold of her hand all of a sudden. Eyes widen and being speechless one could be she didn't know what to think of it. Finally snapping out of it within seconds and yanking her hand away from Ash, a nervous laugh barely escaped and quickly excused herself to join back up with Richie.

(…Oh, Mickey, you're so fine - You're so fine, you blow my mind - Hey, Mickey, hey, Mickey - Oh, Mickey, what a pity you don't understand - You take me by the heart and you take me by the hand - Oh, Mickey, you're so pretty, can't you understand? - It's guys like you, Mickey…)

Ash just stared at the back Mickey and let out a faint sigh. Deep down he wasn't quite ready to confirm the suspicion he had about Mickey's sexual orientation. But with the look, all the hints and signs in the last couple of months and till this very moment, he came to terms that Mickey was either bisexual or homosexual. Thanks to their last conversation about relationships, he definitely had no problem with same gender relationships. It's just he has never personally known or had friends that swung that way. Gazing upon Mickey and Richie, he wondered if he was bicurious. Knowing he has been avoiding his signs of being emotionally attracted to Mickey, but he didn't get the physical attraction when he touched him. He would know that feeling personally only because he had finally admitted it; he has felt the physical attraction with Misty. Stuck in his confused little world; with 'Hey Mickey' chorus finishing up in one ear, Ash just laughed pitifully. Not sure if was because he had lost it or the fact Mickey was failing horribly with his one on one basketball game against Richie.

**Friday Morning – Outside Battlefield**

After had announced the Third Years as the winners for the auction event and revealing their bonus prize trip to the Safari Zone for three nights and four days, Principal Dean decided to reward the whole academy the rest of the day off for an excellent turn out event. The entire earning fundraiser fund will go towards the academy's education, activities, maintenance and any other importance for the students and pokemons. Cheering for the extra day off, most of the First and Second years showed their respect towards the Third years by congratulating them before taking off for their own business. Once all underclassmen had left, all the Third Years were still together and all eyes fell upon Matt and his friends, Travis, Clark and Bruce. Matt manned up; with his group and walked over to Gary, face to face; glaring at each other. Gary however broke the glaring contest when a smirked appeared on his face.

"I told you that I'll win it for the class."

"Yeah, yeah, now what's the first thing you want done when tomorrow comes around?"

Gary snickered. "Who said we're starting tomorrow? I was thinking more like next weekend when we're in the Safari Zone campsite. That way you'll be a total bitch when fetching all the wood for the fire pit." Gary could tell Matt wanted to wipe the smirk off his face by the pissed off expression. "What can't handle the truth? Tsk and I bet you want to punch my face don't you? Feel free to, but you know I'll knock you right down to the ground."

"You know it's not over between us. I'll get you back." Matt spit back.

"Oh what fun being back on this cycle," Gary said sarcastically and turned around being the first to walk away. "I'm done here. See ya."

With no more important business to take care of, the rest of the gathered group started leaving. Misty, Ash and Richie were the last ones standing in front of the bleacher stands. Richie spoke up first by asking what they wanted to do for the rest of the day. Misty was in a thinking process and setting up her MP3, while Ash pondered to himself. Misty let out a gasp when an idea hit her, which caused all eyes on her.

"Sorry, I'm going to pass today on hanging out with you guys. There's something I need to do and today might be the best day that I can finish it. But I'll meet you guys for lunch and dinner break?" Misty asked.

"Yeah sure, so we'll just catch you later than." Richie said, looking over at Ash. "I just remembered myself that there are a couple of places I want to check out today. So come with me."

"Sure. Well see you later Mickey." Ash waved bye to Mickey and followed Richie and disappeared around the corner of the bleachers.

Misty had taken a seat back down on the lowest bleachers when Ash and Richie left, as she was trying to get a hold of Gary. No pick up on his end. Decided to wait a bit longer for the return call, she turned on her MP3 and it started playing one of her many favorite songs. Looking around and saw absolutely no one else in sight, Misty started singing along out loud.

"—You think you understand but you don't - You've got no idea at all - And in between the sentence - There's still assemblance - Intelligently screwed. - Oh yeah, it's all right - 'Cause I got a pretty face - I guess that I can sing all right - Oh yeah, it's all right - I can love you like a sailor - I can make you dance all night. - Maybe you'll understand when I'm gone - That you had no idea at all - That in this very second - I'll never mention the dreams I keep from you. - Oh yeah, it's all right - 'Cause I got a pretty face - I guess that I can sing all right - Oh yeah, it's all right - I can love you like a sailor - I can make you dance all night - Oh yeah, it's all right - 'Cause I got a pretty face - I guess that I can sing all right - I can be your favorite maaan—" Misty stopped singing and paused the song with a big smile on her face when her phone rang. She popped out one of the earphones and answered her cell. "Gaaary. Are you going to be gone all day? Really? Oh no, that works out perfectly fine for me. I'll see you later. Bye!" Misty happily resumed back to her song and started a text message to send to Duplica. "—Don't mean to sound like a rotten boy - For all my blessings, I'm surely grateful - 'Cause I'm the dream you've been waiting for - I always dreamt that I would be your faaavorite…"

Ash had hid behind on the opposite end of the bleachers at the beginning of Mickey singing. He had only returned back to ask Mickey if he wanted something from the market, since that was one of the places he and Richie were headed to. But after had discovered a new fact about Mickey ability to sing, Ash was brooding over why Mickey just didn't tell them the truth that he wanted to hang out with Gary. Ash decided to confront him later about it when all three of them meet up for lunch break. He then ran away from the bleachers in order to catch up with Richie, as he tried to clear his mind. But the smile he saw Mickey gave out towards his phone, really annoyed him.

**Later that Evening – Dinner Time – Bottom Floor**

"What are you talking about?!" Gary retaliated back at Ash's sudden third degree tone. Not pleased with this random encounter with Ash, for he and Umbreon just returned back from the park since morning dismissal.

"Isn't it obvious? I just asked you where's Mickey, didn't he meet up with you for lunch?"

"How the hell should I know where he is? I'm not that guy's baby sitter."

Ash raised an eyebrow at Gary. "He wasn't with you today?"

"What gave you that idea? Just because we had today off doesn't mean we were going to hang out together. I live with the freaking guy. So any space away from him is a blessing. Now if you're done being an annoying Beedrill, buzz off. I'll like to return to my room now if that's alright with you." Gary said annoyingly and only managed one step forward when Ash and Pikachu stepped off to the side. "Speak of the devil, there's your little friend there."

Ash turned towards the stairway case; where Gary had pointed, to see Mickey and Poliwhirl entered the downstairs' open hallway. He stood still, while Gary made his way towards the staircase and returned Mickey's greets before taking their separate ways. Misty greeted Ash, Pikachu, Richie and Spark and apologized for being late. She then proceeds to explained 'he' was caught up on the project she had just finished and that was the main reason for missing out on their lunch meet up. Calling herself 'Starvin Marvin', Misty and Poliwhirl went towards the kitchen first, followed by Richie and Sparky, leaving Ash and Pikachu behind. A quiet chuckle escaped, as Ash couldn't believe he was irritated all day for jumping to conclusion with a misunderstanding.

Meanwhile upstairs, Gary just finished the note Misty had left on his desk about him needing to call Lili as soon as possible. Grabbing a hold of his cell, he dialed Lili's number and waited. After the fourth ring, the other side finally picked up with a questionable 'hello'.

"Misty told me to call you as soon as possible?" Gary asked, taking a seat at the edge of his bed.

"Waaaaah! Gary! Ok, so let's get down to business. I got to return back to my skype group call with," Lili cleared her throat to change her tone. "Ms. BananaMilk04 and Ms. Art-Game-Lover. Haha anyways, are you free tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"Sweet, you know that favor you owe me from White Day? Weeeell I need you to fulfill it tomorrow."

"Ok. What am I doing?"

"Umm it's hard to say at the moment? Most of all my male employees have requested the day off for a game event. Soo I need—"

"You need me to be a busybody at your work place, correct?"

Lili let out a grinned over the phone. "Correct. So I'll see you tomorrow whenever you can make it and we'll go over things that need to be done. Thankies so muchies, byeee!"

Gary bid goodbye and fell backwards onto his back. "Ugh, I can sense tomorrow is going to be a long day."

**Meanwhile – Cerulean City – Duplica's Room**

"Mmm, I think I got everything packed," Duplica looked down when Ditto tapped her knee with her flashing cell phone in hand. "Oh why thank you Ditto." Duplica opened the picture text Misty had sent fifteen minutes ago.

'LOOK, I'm finally done with Gary's gift! Gaaah, took longer than I expected. I even missed lunch for it too TT ^ TT Buuut I made it in time for dinner with Ash and Richie. OMG, speaking of Ash, tomorrow is the big day! It can't get any better than that can it?'

Duplica let out a big smile towards the picture text before closing it. "Oh it cans Misty, because your B.F.F. is coming for a surprise visit. If Ashy-Boy is going to date you, he'll have to get use to us Double-Trouble girls."
Here's Ch.31 of AFL

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I Want You to Want Me

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or the characters from Pokemon in this story.

Warning: Some minor swear words

Main Characters Ages:

Misty- 17
Gary- 18
Ash- 18
Tracey- 18

"...” Talking

‘...‘ Thinking

Chapter 4: Everybody Has a Shady Side

**Beginning of 3rd Period Passing Time**</u>

Misty made some last adjustment to her light blue blouse and denim lace skirt before stepping out through the girl's locker room door that lead into the hallways. Misty lost in her train of thoughts due to the bet; Misty did not realize that Gary and Ash were waiting against the wall. Misty finally noticed Gary and Ash when she heard few of the girls in front of her squealing and giggling.

"Like oh my gawd its Gary! And Ash is with him too! I wonder who they are waiting for this time. I hope Gary's waiting for me." One girl said to her friend.

'This time? Geez is this like a daily thing for them? And what's with these girls drooling over that playboy jerk!' Misty still walked behind the girls trying to hide from Gary and Ash.

"I don't know it's been awhile since the last time Gary talked to you isn't it? Maybe you should like move on and find another guy." The other girl replied.

"Yeah, but look at Gary and Ash today. Gary is in those cargo pants and that black shirt of his and Ash in his green shirt and black jeans, they're both so hot!”

As Misty and the few girls were getting closer to Gary and Ash they heard a girl with light brown hair called out for Gary. "Oh Gary Hun, you came to walk me to my class didn't you? How sweet of you. It's been a while too." Misty knew it was Tiffany when she heard ‘Hun’ and tried to walk pass them quickly.

"No, I'm waiting for her." Gary lightly grabbed a hold of Misty's arm when he saw Misty trying to pass them without saying anything. "What's the rush Misty? We're going to the same class, isn't that right Ash?" Gary let go of his grip on Misty's arm.

"Yeah." Ash caught Misty's not so happy face. "Don't worry Misty, just one more class with dumb and dumber." Ash said quietly trying to lighten up Misty's mood.

"Well Tiff, catch you later!"

"But Gary Hun, aren't you going to walk me to class? You did say all three of you have the same class. Why can't Ash just take her?"

"Because your class is the opposite of my class and I don't have the time to take you there and beside I think you know where your class is anyways." Gary turned around and grabbed Misty's arm and dragged her up the stairs leaving Tiffany behind. "Come on lets get going."

Misty pulled her arm away from Gary's grip. "I don't need you to hold on to me. I can follow you just fine!"

Tiffany stood at her spot being pissed off and was about to take off her class until Ash said something. "Tiffany you can get mad real easily, you know? You of all people should know how Gary is with the girls. Once he bangs her he's going to leave her, so just give it some time, she's a hard one to crack. And when the time comes Gary will start giving all his attentions to you like always." Ash then patted Tiffany's head and took off to stairs catching up with Gary and Misty.

**Beginning of English Class**</u>

Gary and Ash sat in the last row like usual in many of their classes. But there wasn't an empty seat in the back for Misty. Misty took the only seat that was open, 2 rows ahead of Gary and Ash.

'Woo...Finally I get a break from those two!' Misty started to pull out her stuff from her bag but stopped when she heard the boy next to her spoke up.

"Hey there cutie, you must be the new transferred student everyone is talking about huh?" A guy said who's looking at Misty. He has black eyes and straight black hair that parted down the middle and wearing a red headband.

"Um, yeah I'm the new student."

"Cool, I’m Tracey Sketchit." Tracey held out his hand towards Misty.

"I'm Misty Waterflower, please to meet you." Misty took Tracey's hand.

"Oh but the pleasure is all mine." Tracey still had Misty's hand, turned it upwards and kissed the top of her hand. Tracey smiled at Misty when he looked up.

Misty took her hand back quickly and stared at Tracey. "Thanks for the flattery kiss but please restrain yourself. I don't need any guys start kissing any part of me."

"Oh I am so sorry to make you feel uncomfortable. As an apology, how about I treat you to lun—“

"Hey Misty! Can I borrow some papers?” Gary yelled from the back row interrupting Tracey. "And don't forget that you're having lunch with us after class."

Misty turned around to Gary and Ash. "Gary couldn't you ask Ash for some paper? He's sitting right next to you and I never said that I was going to have lunch with you guys!”

Gary smiled when he held up his pinky. Misty saw his pinky and gave into Gary. "Fine, I'll be with you guys for lunch. But if you want some papers come up here and get it." Misty pulled out some papers and handed to Gary when he got to where Misty's sitting. Misty didn't catch the glare exchange between Gary and Tracey before Gary turned around to go back to his seat.

"Thanks for the papers Misty and I’ll talk to you after class. Oh and I also need this too." Gary took the pencil out of Misty hand that she was about to use and headed back to his seat.

"So Gary and Ash are your friends already?" Tracey asked Misty.

"Err, um...Yes and no...I'm not to sure what we all are...Yet." Misty trailed off.

"But you agreed to have lunch with them and you just let Gary have some paper and your pencil."

"Yeah...It's kind of a long and complicated story with those guys and I just don't want to talk about it."

"Ha, well if it involves Gary and Ash, I don't blame you..." Tracey trying to comfort Misty with words as Misty let out a small giggle.

**About less then 5 minutes left of English Class**</u>

Gary and Ash watched Misty and Tracey from the back row talking about random stuff and getting along with each other. Ash looked over at Gary for a second and caught a twitch in his eye when Gary was still eying Misty and Tracey. "Ha-ha feeling a little jealous?"

"What! You know I'm not jealous of that guy. We both know how Tracey is and I'm just watching out for Misty."

"Uh huh, you just don't want Tracey to take her and ruin her before you do. Aren’t I right?”

Gary looked at Ash and the corner of his mouth curled. “You know me to well my friend. Were talking about Tracey here and you know I haven’t like him since we were little. He’s my rival enemy when it comes to girls but I’m still ahead, not that I’m keeping count or anything.”

Gary got up as followed by Ash; both of them walked up to Misty and interrupted their conversation. “Let’s get going Misty; it’s time to go to lunch.”

“The bell hasn’t rung yet.” Misty looked up at Gary.

Gary lean down towards Misty’s level and pointed up. Right when Gary pointed up the bell rang. “It did now, so let’s go.”

“Geez what’s the rush? I still need to stop by my locker to get my lunch. So how about I meet you guys there?” Misty pushed Gary away from her.

“Fine, see you there.” Gary walked out of the classroom.

“Do you remember where I showed you the North and South cafeteria is?” Ash asked.

“Yeah I remember how to get there. But which one do you guys eat at?”

“We’re always at the South cafeteria along the back wall is where our table is at. So we’ll see you there, bye.” Ash said waving bye to Misty.

“Well I got to get going now, but it was nice talking to you Tracey.” Misty then got up and left the room.

‘Yeah, like wise Misty. And so the game begins…’ Tracey smiled to himself.

**South Cafeteria**</u>

Misty entered into the South cafeteria looking for Gary and Ash along the back wall. Finally Misty spotted them near the corner with a couple of girl at the table. Misty made her way through the cafeteria and made it to the table. Misty then took the empty seat next to Ash and noticed the couple of girls that were on each side of Gary talking and hanging all over him but they mange to glare at Misty when she sat down.

“Hey there Misty, I guess you found us. You didn’t have any trouble did you?” Ash asked.

“Hi Ash and no I didn’t have any trouble but this place is sure big for a cafe—“

“Awww, no ‘Hi’ for me?” Gary interrupted.

“Well you know I didn’t want to interrupt you. Since you’re so busy talking to those girls whose been hanging all over you.” Misty answered back.

“You’re just jealous.” One of the girls said.

“Ha! Me, jealous of you two airheads? Unlikely, I’m not like you girls, who are helpless that needs a guy around to please them.” Misty then looked at Gary. “You know Gary; I agreed to have lunch with you and Ash not with these bimbos. So if they don’t leave, I’m going to leave.”

“Well sweetheart, I guess you’ll be the one leaving than because Gary isn’t going to listen to you and beside we all share Gary. So if you aren’t going to agree to share Gary than you can leave, isn’t that right Gary?” One of the girls said to Misty and then looked at Gary for his answered.

“Sorry girls, I’m going to pick Pigtails over you ‘Airheads’. But don’t worry; there will be plenty of Gary Oak later.” Gary winked and smiled at the girls.

“Fine! You do whatever you want but don’t expect us to come back to see you again later!” the other the girl said.

“Didn’t you say the exact same thing like last time when I was done with you two? Remember it’s you girls that are coming back to me, so just go run along now and maybe I’ll consider of seeing you again.”

“Arg! Whatever!” Both girls screamed as Gary watched the two of them stormed off.

“Ha ha those girls are funny…Anyways are you happy now that you can have Gary Oak all to yourself?”

Ash interrupted Misty before she could have said anything. “Well no, Misty is still here…You know I can’t do anything when people are still around us...” Ash said quietly as he fluttered his eyes at Gary.

“Oh Ash, you know how it gets me excited when it’s all forbidden like this. But can’t you feel it? It feels right doesn’t it?” Gary said a low husky voice and giving him a seductive look.

“Please, don’t give me that look; you know it gets me weak in the knees.” Ash tried to look away but was stop when Gary had his hand holding his chin.

“Oh please, you know you love it and want more of it…” As Gary lean in forward a little closer to Ash’s face, eye to eye.

Ash turned his head slightly to avoid eye contact with Gary. “Stop it, not now, Misty is still arou—“

Misty at this point could no longer hold on to her poker face and bust out laughing and holding onto her sides. “Ha ha ha! Oh my gawd, you guys are such dorks! Like I don’t know if that was hot or not but it was sure hilarious seeing you guys like that!”

“Whoa! We finally got to see Misty smiled and laughed. And you know Misty you have a cute smile and laugh.” Ash commented Misty.

“Yeah but too bad we can’t see that too often.” Gary threw in his comment.

“Yeah whatever you say Gary. Like how am I suppose to be smiling all the time knowing that fact I have to see and deal with your face everyday?” Misty wrinkled her nose when she stuck out her tongue at Gary.

“Oh just you wait, you’ll ended up missing this face when it’s not around.” Gary smirked but then got serious all of a sudden. “And Misty by the way I want you to stay away from Tracey; he’s a real creep and a sleaze ball.”

“Ha—that’s funny, hearing that out from of Mr. Sleazy himself. Beside we were just talking, I wasn’t planning to hang out with him anytime soon. I already have my hands full with you guys. Beside I’m a big girl; I can take care of myself so you don’t need to worry about me. And for your information I thought Tracey was less than a sleaze ball when he was introducing himself, unlike someone this morning.” Misty eyed Gary after she was done talking.

“Well for YOUR information, it’s all an act he’s doing just to get you to like him and to get close to you. Next thing you know he’ll show you his true creepy side. So trust me on this if you want less trouble in your life.”

“Yeah, trust you is the last thing I want to do right now, especially coming from you when I didn’t want a thing to do with you in the first place.”

Ash noticed the conversation was getting a little too tense, so Ash tried to change the subject. “So Misty how’s that ankle of yours?”

Misty looked over to Ash and replied. “Oh, it’s a lot better besides it was a light sprain anyways nothing much.”

“Ok whatever you say. But do you have a ride home after school? Because it’s best if you not walk too much on it.” Ash told Misty.

“Err…Well kind of…Or I did but I’m planning to walk home for today.”

“Well why don’t I just give you a ride home?” Gary asked Misty.

“Um that’s ok; it doesn’t look like a far walk home anyways.”

“You know your ankle isn’t going to get any better if you keep on walking it when you don’t need to. I’ll give you a ride home and beside if you’re worry about you being alone in the car with me, you don’t need to be. Because Ash lives not to far away from me so I’ll be giving him a ride home too.”

“It’s not that it’s just…” Misty couldn’t think of anything to say “…Let’s just drop it ok? Come on its lunch time, I want to eat.” Misty then pulled out her lunch out of her sack.

“Fine, you win for now…”

**Meanwhile in the North Cafeteria**</u>

“Hey Cuz, it’s a rare sight to see you here on this side of the cafeteria. Aren’t you always on the South side where Gary is at? Tracey asked.

“Well yeah, but right when I was about to go over to the table I saw the girl I didn’t want to see. She’s been pissing me off since 1st and 2nd period now.”

“Let me guess, she has glasses, side braid pigtails and a pair of nice long legs. Am I right, Tiffany?”

“Um yeah, like how did you know?” Tiffany took an empty seat next to Tracey.

“Well she’s in my 3rd period class and Gary made her have lunch with him and Ash. I was planning to get to know her better by treating her to lunch but Gary beat me to it. You know she’s pretty cute with the look she has going on.”

“Blah! Like Eww-whatever!” Tiffany’s face started to get angry.

Tracey started to laugh. “Ha ha, you can’t blame me who I think is cute or not, I’m a guy you know. Or is it that fact that you’re mad at her because of Gary is giving his attention to her the way he used to do to you?”

“What the hell! Am I that easy to read?”

“Yeah and you’re so predictable too. Like how can I assist you? I know you didn’t come over here so you can have lunch with me, what’s on your mind?”

“How about you help me to try and get that girl away from Gary. I know you’re pretty good at charming and stealing girls from Gary so how about working your magic on her?”

“Funny how you mention something like that. I’m already ahead of you on that plan…You know I don’t know what you see in Gary when he has already hurt you and treat you like a piece of meat like all the other girls. And yet you keep on chasing him.”

“I don’t know it’s something about him that I’m attracted to him, I just can’t help it. And I can pretty much ask you the same thing about why most of the girls like you. And you do pretty much the same thing as he does; it’s like a competition between you two.”

“Heh, it’s something I don’t like about him the first time I laid eyes on him around a bunch of girls. One day he took the girl that I like, so I ended up kissing his crush in front of him and the look on his face just made me want to keep messing with him. But of course I got punch by him and we got into a big fight, so ever since then it’s been war between us. Anyway enough of memory lane, is there anything else you want me to do to help you?”

“No, just keep doing your thing to get Misty to like you or hang around you more often, then I’ll think of a plan to get Misty mad at Gary to the point where she doesn’t want a thing to do with him. I don’t know how long this is going to take but in the end I want them separated!” Tiffany raised her voice.

“Ok I got it. So how about having lunch with your favorite cousin? Remember it’s not too often you are over on this side with me…”

**Back on the South Cafeteria**</u>

“You guys are such troublemakers! I can’t believe you guys could even think of doing so much mischief.”

“Hey that was back then we had nothing to do in this town. But now we’re…Well I guess we aren’t as much better but we’ve tone down a bit.” Gary tried defending him and Ash. “What about you Misty? How was your life back at Cerulean?”

“Um nothing outrageous likes you troublemakers. I had a reputation to hold up while growing up. I couldn’t do much crazy stuff; I’m one of the top A students at Cerulean High. I had lots of stuff going on, sports to attend to, study, and help out around the house and homework. Really nothing special, I just did the same thing over and over everyday with my best friend.”

Gary leaned in a little forward towards Misty. “Ok, this year is going to be different. You’re going to have fun and have a pleasing end result when you’re around us and beside I know how to please a woman.” Gary smirked.

Misty rolled her eyes at Gary and leaned in a little forward. “Then PLEASE leave me alone for starters and let me do my thing.”

“Oooh shot down!” Ash started cracking up and pointed at Gary. Gary glared at Ash and was about to say something but the bell rang.

“Well you guys I guess this is where we go our separate ways for the rest of the day, bye-bye!” Misty got up grabbing her stuff and waved ‘bye’ to Gary and Ash.

“Bye Misty! Don’t get lost; just remember where I showed your classes were!” Ash yelled.

“Yeah, ok thanks Ash.”

“See you later Pigtails.”

“Bye-Hedgehog!” Misty then turned around and walked towards the doors.

“Ha-ha! She called you a hedgehog, what a beautiful friendship blooming…Now that I think about it; sometimes your hair does look like a hedgehog’s.”

“Man, shut up! I love my hair.” As Gary ran his hand through his hair. “And what do you mean a beautiful friendship blooming? It’s not beautiful but it’s slowly blooming with thorns that is. From the looks of this rate, it’s going to be awhile before I can crack her down.”

“Ha yeah, but you know doing nice stuff for a certain girl usually gives you brownie points. Maybe you just need to step into her life and do something that will change her mind about you. Because you need it Gary, as of right now you are Mr. Egotistic Sleazy Jerk to her and I’m Mr. Nice Guy to her. Hell, if we both asked her out right now, I have a better chance then you my friend.”

“Geez…Never thought I have to work so hard for a lay!”

“Hey you brought it on yourself! Anyways we better get going I’ll see you in 7th period, if you show up that is.”

“Heh, yeah see you later.”

**5 Minutes after School**</u>

‘Hmmm, I got my math book and Soc. Studies book…I think that’s about it for homework’. Misty shoved her books into her bag, then shut her locker and headed towards the east side entrance.

“Well at least it’s a nice day for walking.” Misty said to herself when she stepped out through the doors. Before going down the stairs Misty stood at the top of the steps and looked over at the track field. “Maybe I should do track and field this year.”

“Maybe you should.”

Misty turned around to find out it was Tracey that was the one talking. “Oh it's you Tracey and what's the reason why I should join?”

“Hah, well I heard that you beat Tiffany and got one of the best times for the mile run. And beside yours truly will be on the track team.” Tracey smiled and pointed at him.

“I don’t know…”

“How about you think about it? You still have awhile before track starts. Hey how about walking to me to my car? It’s just down and around the stairs.”

“Sure why not, I have time to kill anyways and how did you found out that I beat Tiffany? I didn’t tell you in 3rd period.”

“Girl, it’s been going around school since 2nd period. It’s not everyday a new chick goes and beat one of our top athletic girls by a long shot.” Tracey and Misty made it to a black Mustang and stood by the trunk of the car. “So do you have a car or are you waiting for a ride?”

“Oh I don’t have a car and I’m going to walk today.”

“Well how about I give you a ride today then?”

“Um no that’s ok, I was planning to walk today anyways and I don’t want you to drive me if it’s out of the way. But thank you though.”

“It’s alright, where do you live anyways?”

“Err…Over in that direction but it’s really ok, I don’t mind walking to—“Misty was interrupted by a loud honk by a red convertible with the top down. Misty turned around to see Gary in the driver side and Ash in the passenger side seat.

“Gary you’re like right behind me, did you really need to honk? You could have just called out my name.”

“Well it was quicker to your attention this way. Anyways get in the car.”

“What? Why should I?”

“Because we’re taking you home, you’re not going to walk on that sprain ankle. Now get in!”

“No, I told you at lunch that I was going to walk home. And beside my ankle is just fine.”

Gary put his car in park and got out of his car and walk towards Misty and Tracey. Gary and Tracey exchanged glares at each other.


“Tracey. Now if you excuse us we’ll be taking off now.” Gary said while still glaring at Tracey.

“Gary, I never said I was going with you.”

“Oh yes you are, like it or not. I told you I’m not letting you walk on that ankle, so we can either do this the easy way or the hard way.”

“How about neither?”

“Oooh, you leave me no choice to do this the hard way.” Gary quickly snatched Misty’s bag out of her hand and tossed it to Ash to catch. Then Gary grabbed Misty by her waist, tossing her over his right shoulder.

“Gary! Put me down now!” Misty hangings over Gary’s shoulder, as she repeated swing her arms and legs.

“Sorry but I asked you nicely but you refused, you lead me to do this. And would you quit moving around so much or I’ll end up dropping you!” Gary tightens his grip and held Misty’s legs together with his other free arm. “Later.” Gary said to Tracey with a glare before heading towards his car. All Tracey did was smiled and entered into his car.

Gary tossed Misty into the back seat of his convertible. Ash turned around to look at Misty. “Hey Misty, it’s nice of you to drop in.”

“Tossed in is more like it!” Misty said out loud and glared at Gary as he went around his car to get to the driver side.

“Yeah-yeah, now be a good girl and buckle up. You’re so stubborn; I don’t see what’s wrong on giving you a ride home?” Gary put his car in drive and drove out of the school parking lot.

“Maybe it’s just the fact that I don’t want either of you guys know where I live!”

“Well then do you want to go to my place?” Gary said looking in his rearview mirror, raising an eyebrow at Misty.

“Well, I don’t know. Will we all fit under a rock?” Misty snapped back.

Ash started laughing. “She got you again! Haha man Misty, you’re great.”

“Shut up! Just because she hasn’t burn you, you don’t have to rub it my face, Ashy-boy.”

“Just because Ash isn’t a grease ball like you, you don’t need to be rude.”

“Yeah whatever. And you Misty, I thought I told you to stay away from that guy!”

“Oh, don’t you be yelling at me! I wasn’t the one who walked up to him, he walked up to me. And beside DAD, I can talk to who ever I want.”

Gary then pulled his car over to the side of the road, put it in park and then turned around to look at Misty. “Misty…Seriously, watch out for that guy whenever he’s around you, which is all I ask...”

“Ok, ok, can we go now?” Misty said in a low tone.

“Yeah. So where exactly do you want to go?”

“Um, can you just take me home? I have quite a few things I need to get done by tonight.” ‘Like clean up the mess at the house that my sisters made…’

“Sure but I need to know where you live before we start driving.”

“Do you know where Cherry Blossom is at?”

“Hey we live on the same street!” Ash interrupted.

“By meaning ‘we’, do you mean me and you Ash? Or meaning the three of us?” Misty gave Ash a questioning expression.

“By ‘we’ I mean the three of us.”

“Oh and depending on where your house is, we might pass by our house and you can see where we both live too.” Gary said.

“Oh yes because I’m so dying to know where your house is! Anyways can you just take me home now?”

“Not just yet, I decided that we’re going to kidnap you and give you a tour of Pallet town. What do you say? We’ll treat you to dinner too.” Gary offered Misty.

‘Hmmm I really don’t want to be alone at home…’ “Alright, sounds good to me. Come on, let’s get going, we’re not getting any younger.”

“Whoa Ash, did I just hear what I think I heard? Misty agreed willingly! And I didn’t have to put up a fight about either?” As Gary put the car into drive again and started driving onto the road.

“Ha-ha yeah that's a first and you didn’t get smacked in the process either!” Ash said to Gary and gave Misty a thumb up. Misty just smiled at Ash.

“Ha...Ha...Well then how about we get the show on the road!” Gary yelled out as he hit the gas pedal.
Here's Chappie 4 of IWYTWM !

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And you already got the warning about the sexual reference-adult-theme ordeal. This is me with my pervy mind goes wild. No big surprise ;p

Also I know there's quite a lot of grammar mistakes but meh, too lazy to fix them, so just ignore "errors" :D

I Want You to Want Me Cover [link]

Beginning Chappie [link]

Chapter 5 - [link]

Pokemon - Satoshi Tajiri
FanFic "IWYTWM" [link] - Me
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Anything For Love

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or the characters from Pokemon in this story

Warning: Minor swearwords

Main Characters Ages:

Misty/Mickey- 18
Gary- 18
Ash- 18
Richie- 18

"…" Talking

'Italic' Thinking/Texting

Chapter 25: The Promised Date

**Third Years' Classroom**

Matt smiled at Gary's serious expression. Even though he could have ended their feud by accepting the proposal, he wanted to make things a bit more interesting. "Seeing you dressed up as a girl would be awesome. But I want to win and you being the class girl won't win us first place."

"What, you don't think I can win it for our class?" Gary raised an eyebrow.

A bigger smile appeared on Matt's face. "Look at you, your body is no where slim or slender like Mickey's or even a quarter of the classmates in here. Your body frame is all muscular. Do you really think you can win? I don't know how you can pull it off, especially going against Georgio."

"At this point it doesn't matter if I win it or not. All that matters is that I volunteered to be the class girl. And if I remember correctly in the past two years, if someone volunteers for it willingly they are automatically it." Gary replied back.

Matt slouched in his chair and acted like he didn't give a damn. "It's true that you're automatically the class girl now. But you're avoiding the question, so that means you already know you won't win it for us," Matt caught the glare from Gary, as he knew he was very close on getting Gary to take the bait. "Let's do a side wager, if you're man enough that is—"

Pride took over instantly before he could let Matt explain the wager proposals. "Have you forgotten who you're talking to? I know I'll win so I accept the wager before hearing it."

'Got him,' Matt thought to himself. "Since you agreed before hearing the proposals you have no say it in. So if you win I'll be your personal lackey for a weekend. But if you lose, I get to torment Mickey for a day. Annnnd I think I'll strip him down in front of everyone and dress him up as a girl."

Ash's curious stare became more of a confused one at Matt. "Why are you dragging Mickey in this? Isn't this between you and Gary? Shouldn't the tormenting be towards Gary?"

Matt smiled at Ash. "Yes and no, but if I torment Mickey, not only it'll tick Gary off, but you and Richie as well. I've notices you guys have been defending him like he's hiding something."

"There's nothing to hide, Mickey's a good guy that we don't want douche bags like you to mess with," Ash hissed back. "Besides none of us will agre—" Ash stopped midway when Mickey had called out his name.

"It's alright. I know Gary will win." Misty said in a confident tone. But deep down she also couldn't help feel a bit worry of the 'what if' possibility. She quickly looked over at Gary with a smirk. "Crush him."

Gary gave Misty a quick understanding nod and looks straight back at Matt. "About three weeks from now prepare to be my lackey." Gary got up grabbing his belongings and headed towards the front of the classroom. He stopped in front of Richie. "I'm leaving now, give all my list duties and whatever info to Mickey." Gary then made his way towards the door.

President Leo called out for Gary's attention. "Wait we're not done yet. We still—"

Richie held his hand up in Leo's face to stop him. "Don't even bother. He's the type that doesn't like to sit around and waste time on things when he knows there's stuff to do. Anyways let's get the remaining show on the road so we can get out of here and have an early start on our weekend. Lex, please take it away with the list of duties everyone will be assigned to."

**An Hour Later – Dorm Room #320**

With Togepi in one of her arms, Misty opened the door with her other and quickly entered into the bedroom. Seeing Gary straight ahead of her at his study desk, she let out a sigh after closing the door behind her. With Umbreon's alertness of being excited, Gary turned around as the two just stared at each other. Misty made the first move by clearing her throat.

"Thank you so much for covering for me Gary. I didn't expect it, you would have been the last person who would want to be dressed up and display like that." Misty took a seat at the edge of her bed and placed Togepi toward the middle with Umbreon.

"With the look you had on her face in the classroom, it's kind of hard to ignore. So you owe me big time." Gary replied in a serious tone.

"Gotcha, what do I have to do this time to be in the clear with you?"

"The day of the auction fundraiser, you're buying me."

"Wait what? That means we'll be on a date!"

Gary gave Misty a glare. "You idiot, just because you bid on us for a date, it doesn't mean we HAVE to go on the date. Once the bidder wins the person, it's the winner's choice on how and where they want to go throughout the whole day. So I don't care how much it takes, you better be the winner when they auction me. Because I am not going out on a date with one of those crazy fan girls, you're more than enough to turn my life upside down already."

"Oh Gary you're such a genius! I'll make sure I have enough cash on me. So for the past two years, what were the average winning bids?"

"It really depends on the person, the most I remember was a thousand and something."

"Holy crap, a thousand just for a freaking date?" Misty yelled out loud; close to throwing hers and Gary's paper sheet that had the duties on it into the air.

"Yeah tell me about it…" Gary grabbed both sheets of paper out of Misty's hand and turned away to check them out. "…That's the crazy power of a fan girl and that is why I'm making you buy me. After you win, you'll be escort to the back to meet the one you bid on and after they change back into their regular clothes, the 'date' starts…" Gary pause a bit to grab a pen so he could write on both paper sheets. "…So we'll walk around for a bit inside the school and when we think its all clear, we'll split up. I'll be in the bedroom for the remaining day." Gary turned back around and handed Misty her sheet.

Misty grabbed the paper but didn't bother looking at it just yet. "Alright, that sounds like a good plan. But can I ask, besides the obviously of Matt being a douche-bag, why do you and him hate each other so much?"

"Hah, I guess you haven't heard about it, besides me beating his ass in front of everyone during First Year, we were rivals for a couple of years when traveling."

"You guys traveled together?"

"Hell no, we just happen to always run paths with each other and joined in the same tournaments and let just say he was always second runner up. And at this rate he'll always will." Gary turned away with a smirk on his face.

"That explains the feud between you two. Anyways Gary thanks a lot. You don't know how much you saved me from being exposed."

"I guess I'm not ready to see your goober ass gone yet. I still want to see how many more ways you can mess up when trying to grab a hold of Ashy's heart."

"Oh hah-hah, very funny! For your information, it's improving."

"How so?"

"Not going to tell you! You're just going to have to wait until it happens. But anyways back to business. Since I am part of the wager and I definitely cannot afford of losing, I told Richie that I'll be the one who's going to help you get ready before you're out on stage. You know since I do know a few tricks of disguises myself." Misty stuck out her tongue playfully and then finally looked down at her sheet. After glancing at it, she raised an eyebrow towards Gary. "Why are most of my duties crossed out and some are written in?"

"Since you couldn't tell by just looking at it, I gave you the easy and light duties while I took the heavier load ones, it'll be a lot easier and quicker if we did it this way. Don't worry, I left the groups one that has Ashy in it. We have about two weeks to get ready, but we need to have everything all set up and done the day before the academy's annual auction fundraiser. Just like you, I can't afford you throwing out your back or having heavy stuff drop on you for you to be out cold and not being there for the auction."

"Oooh, thanks I guess. So speaking of me being at the auction, how am I supposed to pull it off being there without being caught or have the classmates notice that Mickey's gone?"

"I don't know and I don't care. That's usually more of your department isn't it? You always seems be a head of the game of yours," Gary got up from his chair, grabbing his personal belongings and his duties list. "You might want to keep an eye on Togepi because Umbreon and I are leaving now. You know how much he loves running after us when he's on the bed."

Umbreon jumped off Misty's bed and walked along side with his master, as Gary waved goodbye. Misty's 'bye' reached Gary before he disappeared through the door, as she then grabbed a hold of Togepi and twirled him around.

"Gary is an awesome friend isn't he? Thanks to him, I got to say a bit longer to be close with 'daddy', as Richie puts it. Hehehe!" She then fell backwards onto her bed with Togepi held upwards in the air. "But I've notices that you've been really rowdy with Ash but pretty calm with Gary, I wonder why? Oh well, in a way it'll works towards my advantage."

**Later that Evening – Dorm Room #320**

"Welcome back Gar—Geez, you're a total mess! It looks like you fell through a big hole that a Dugtrio dug."

Gary glared at Misty as he closed the door behind him. "Close enough to that scenario. Derek, Luke and I were patching up some holes on the main battlefield. When we told Umbreon, Espeon and Vaporeon that they could take their breaks first, they decided to mess with us. So Umbreon and Espeon tackled us in a hole and Vaporeon drenched us." Gary stripped his shirt before grabbing a set of cleans clothes to take to the bathroom.

"Hahaha! I wish I was there to see it. I guess there's always next time—" Misty stopped when she felt the vibration from her phone, as she quickly pulled it out from her pocket in excitement. She didn't notice the raised eyebrow from Gary when he had noticed that it wasn't her usual phone. Misty let it vibrate one more time since she had to clear her throat to her regular girl tone. "Hello Ash, it's a surprise to receive a call from you. Is there something wrong with Mickey?"

Gary caught the big goofy smile on Misty's face which got him curious where the phone call was heading. He was about to just stand by and watch in peace with Umbreon, but Togepi walked over to him and called out to him. He had no choice but to pick up the little egg pokemon while listening in Misty's conversation.

"—So nothing is wrong with Mickey you say? Then what's with the call?" Misty asked.

Ash on the other side of the cell phone let out a tiny chuckle when he rested his back against his bedroom wall. "I'm calling to ask you if you were available tomorrow for that date of ours I promised you."

"A date with you tomorrow?" Misty asks uncertainly towards Ash but in front of Gary she was smiling like crazy.

Ash couldn't help to let out another chuckle at Misty's reply. "Yes a date with me tomorrow. Or do we need to reschedule?"

"Oh no! Tomorrow will be good! Umm you don't mind if we meet at Lil' Pandas' first do you?"

"Nope, I don't mind at all. And I hope you don't mind that we're going to wing the date."

Misty let out a smile because of Ash's comment since she knew it's been tough on him. "We'll just go with the flow. I'm just happy that I get to be with you."

"Heh, that's what Mickey said a few days ago. You two do think alike. Well when do you want to meet?"

"Can I get back to you on that? I have to figure some stuff out and I'll send you a text?"

"Sure not a problem, I'll talk to you later than. Bye Misty."

"Bye-bye Ash." Misty pressed the 'end call' and looked over at Gary with a big smile. "Guess who finally got a date tomorrow!"

"Mmmmm, is it the dorky goober in front of me?" Gary asked sarcastically and beside the fact his pants we're dirty he decided to take a seat on his bed. As he then placed Togepi down next to him. "So that's the improvement you were talking about earlier, well congrats on finally getting that date."

Misty sat down on her bed facing right across of Gary. "Well it was kind of thanks to you in a way. I was told that you went up to him told him to man-up on his date. So thanks. Even if it was a debt, you got him to do it."

"It was nothing. If you don't push him, he'll forget it or just won't do it. Trust me, I've dealt with it many times when we were kids."

"I see, well thanks for the push. Buuuuuuut."

"But what?" Gary gave Misty an unpleasant stare.

"There's an issue for tomorrow's date. I can't take Togepi…" Misty pointed at Togepi; who's playfully head butting Gary's arm. "…Since he belongs to Mickey. So I need a BIG favor from you, could you watch him for me?"

"No. Haven't I done a lot for you already? Now you want me to babysit? I do have my own things to do."

"But Gaaary! Pretty pleeeease? I can't take him and he's just not ready to go in his pokeball yet. Besides he's so well behaved with you!"

"You're just saying that."

"No I'm not, he's semi-well behaved with Ash but mostly rowdy with him. The next closest person he'll behave for is Brock. But he's way to busy taking care of the students' pokemon with Nurse Joy. Pretty please Gary? Look how happy and playful he is with you right now." Misty couldn't help but smile at the fact Togepi cheering in joy while hugging Gary's hand.

Gary looked down at Togepi and over at Umbreon; who nudged his head against his knee. Gary rubbed Umbreon's head with his other hand and let a smile. "You have been taking her side way too much lately. But if you're willing to use your free day to watch Togepi with me then Mickey owes you big." Gary eyed Misty as a hint.

Misty didn't say anything when she pushed herself off her bed and tackled Gary with a hug. Causing the two to lose balance and lead her being on top of him. "Thank you so much Gary! You are a life saver again!" Misty didn't think too much of the current position the two were in, as she pulled away from Gary to give Umbreon her thanks with a tight hug. "Thank you so-so much Umbreon! You're the best for giving up your free day for me. You are going to get a very special treat tomorrow night! But first I sooo giving you another strawberry bath after you're oh-so awesome master of yours takes his shower." Misty looked up at Gary and tugged at his dirty pants. "Hurry it up and take your shower."

"Now you're throwing out demands?" Gary handed Togepi to Misty and got onto his feet. He then noticed Misty placed Togepi down next to Umbreon as she too got onto her feet to see her stripping the top covers of his bed. "What are you doing?"

Bundling the cover into a ball in her arms, Misty let out a cheerful smile. "Well if you haven't noticed, you got your covers dirty and so I'm taking it down the laundry room to get it wash. And since those pants of yours are dirty too, I need you to take them off."

Gary let out a smirk at Misty's good mood, as he couldn't help but to tease her. "Next time if you want to see me pants less, all you need to ask. You don't need an excuse."

Misty who was keeping an eye on Togepi and Umbreon, quickly looked at Gary all flustered. "That's not what I meant Gary! I mean I want your pants off is becaus—Gary take your pants off in the bathroom!" Misty shouted when she turned her head away, pointing at the bathroom door.

Gary only had his pants button undone when he stopped, as he let out a laugh. He ruffled up Misty's hair when he walked pass her. "It's not like you haven't seen me in my boxers from time to time anyways. But the pants will be on the other side of the door in a few minutes when I get in there."

"Gosh whatever! I know it's nothing new of your being in your boxers but when you say or pull stunts like that, I just don't know if you're being serious or just messing with me! You have a weird and hard sense of humor to understand most of the time F.Y.I."

"Yeeeah, yeaaah, and that is why it's so easy to mess with you."

"Bleeeh!" Misty stuck out her tongue but quickly pulled it back in her mouth. "Oh! So will you be able to take Togepi in the morning like eight or nine-ish until whenever I return?"

"Yeah sure, just let me have my peace and quiet after I get out of the shower and we got a deal."

"Yes Sir Lone Wolf!" Misty playfully saluted at Gary. "Oh and before I forget, I'm going to text you my other cell phone that belongs to 'Cousin Misty'. That way if you need to contact me, use that number if you have to call since I'm turning off my main one."

"Kay, just make me a list of instructions. Because the moment I step out of the bathroom, you're not to bother me, got it." Gary then closed the bathroom door behind him.

Misty didn't even get a chance to reply back, as she just turned her attention to Togepi and Umbreon. She let out a long sigh because she realized every single time when Gary disappears into the bathroom, the two and sometime three; Poliwhirl, becomes really rowdy. But that didn't bother her as much since her mind was elsewhere about her date. While waiting for Gary's remaining dirty clothes to be toss out, Misty decided to send a text to Ash so they could discuss the time of their date for tomorrow.

**Next Day – Saturday Morning 9 o' Clock**

When Misty reached the backdoor of Lil' Pandas', she entered in the code and quietly made her way towards Lili's and Lonnie's office. Out of respect of one's room or office, she knocked on the door first to make sure if anyone was in there or not. When she heard no reply from the other side, she made her way into the office and head straight to the bathroom to change into her 'Misty' disguise. When she finally stepped out of the bathroom, she walked into a frantic Lili and a few of her other co-workers; Tashie Shadow, Caffenineninja and Elizabeth Aaron-Rihu.

"Hey what's wrong?" Misty asked out loud to get their attention.

Lili turned to finally realize Misty was in the office. "Misty? Oh my gosh MISTY! I need your help! I know you're not working but the fact that you're here at this very moment is a sign that Lady-Lucky is on my side. Would you please help a chicka out?"

"Uhh-I'm here because Ash finally asked me out on a date. And he's probably out in the café lounge already since I ran here late."

Lili grabbed a hold of Misty's hands in excitement. "Oh wow! I'm so happy for you that Ashy has finally asked you out on a date! Even though I think Gary would be a better match." Lili said the sentence quietly but Misty still heard.

"Lili, you're just saying that because you're being bias and you like Gary more than Ash huh?"

"You know your boss pretty well don't you? Hahaha anyways, I'll only take a tiny bit of your time? I'll go talk to Ashy and bribe him or something to make up for the lateness. It'll be a win-win situation, as the reason why you were late was because of me. I really need you. Lily Lighting suddenly came down with a cold and cannot be here this morning to model."

"Wait, hold on, I'm just modeling?"

"Yes, you'll be wearing Lily's outfit since you two are about the same size. Anyways you'll be modeling in front of two old friends of mine and your oldest sister Daisy. First one will be an artist; who'll draw quick chibi portraits of all the models, she goes by Chuu Oneluckystar and the other is Dafne Crackingvoices, who's a fashion critique for one of the top known foreign magazines. So she's the one that we need to impress—"

"Lili, no need to explain anymore, I'll do it."

"Reeally? You are such a lifesaver!" Lili bear-hugged Misty.

"You've helped me out in a lot of situations. So this is the least I could do to return the favor. So who's all modeling and where am I supposed to get ready at?"

"Oh right, give me a minute," Lili pressed down on her headset microphone. "Silveeer, oh Silver-Hedgehooog. I need you to come to my office and take Misty to the changing room, she's replacing Lily and we should be able to start our fashion show in thirty minutes. Got it?"

From the other end of one of the many microphones. "Got it Lili. I'll be there in less than a minute."

"Thanks," Lili turned to her three other employees and handed them each a piece of paper. On each one of their papers had a list of duties what needed to get done before and during backstage with the other co-workers that were in the mini fashion show. She then looked over at Misty. "Thanks again and I'll head out to the café lounge and tell Ash the situation.

Misty nodded, as she watched everyone slowly made their way out of Lili's and Lonnie's office, while she waited for Silver to get her.

**Sometime Later – In the Banquet Room**

Ten minutes into the mini fashion show, Misty watched Jaymie; dressed up as a Vaporeon, in a pair of jeans and a blue hoodie with a tail attached to it, walk passed Ayo Kitty the Skitty returning backstage. Jaymie flashed his dashing smile at Misty encouraging her she'll do fine. Misty mouthed 'thank you' to him before was completely off the backstage, heading towards the changing stalls. A dreadful sigh escaped from her mouth as she watches on Ayo, twirled in a tan skirt and then slyly dusty her pink jacket during her pose. It wasn't the fact she was nervous in front of Dafne and Chuu, it was more embarrassing when knowing a lot of the morning regulars we're watching the show and one of them is Ash. But after telling herself that she has dressed up as a mermaid in front of thousands of fans back at her family's gym, her current outfit was nothing compared to that. When she heard Amira Tima called out her name, she stepped out into the spotlight with confidences to show off the Goldeen outfit. A green gem; placed at the middle of her chest, went nicely against the solid white bodysuit, as it sparkled in the light. But it was no match to the white and red-orange ballroom dress like tail that sparkled like a diamond mine at every step Misty took. When passing Ayo, Misty was fine and dandy until she reached at the end of the runway when she noticed Ash eyeing her intensely.

"That's a pretty cute outfit Misty!" Ash let out a smile, as he could see the blush on Misty's cheek.

Misty just smiled and quickly tossed her hair behind her shoulders as her signature pose. Quickly turning around and heading back down the runway. She took a quick look at Zoraidaz, when passing her and couldn't help but smile at her Shiny Umbreon outfit with a pair of capri pants and a fitted black tank that had blue circles rings in the right places.

Finally off the stage and changed back into a fitted top and a pair of shorts, Misty quietly made her way where Ash sat during the fashion show. Before getting the chance to tap his shoulders to get his attention, Ash had already turned around with a tiny smile. For he had already saw her coming out the corner of his eyes, as he got up from his seat and pointed towards the main exit entrance. Misty nodded as she followed right behind Ash, where he then took her towards the café lounge to his and Richie's regular table. The two took a seat across of each other and stared at one another for a good ten second until Crissytje one of the waitresses showed up.

"Hi, what would the two cute couple like to order?" Crissytje said with a big smile when eyeing Misty; who was trying to hide her giddiness.

Ash held out a voucher for Crissytje to take. "We'll just go with this lunch for two combo package that is offered on this voucher."

"Alright then, but what would you like to drink?"

"I'll take a lemonade and Misty what would you like to drink?"

Misty didn't answer right away for she was wondering what vouchers Lili ended up giving away. "I guess I'll have a strawberry lemonade please." Misty replied and then looked over at Ash when their waitress left the table. "You had a voucher lunch for two combo?"

"Oh yeah, hah, Lili gave me a bunch of free vouchers to make up stealing you for her fashion show. I told her I was fine with receiving nothing but she insisted to take something as a reward…" Ash pulled out all the voucher coupons from his jacket pocket and placed it on the table. "…But the vouchers are only usable for couples."

Misty couldn't help herself and let out a tiny giggle to herself at what her boss did for her. The package that was given to Ash was what the first place couple would have received during Lili's and Lonnie's random couple events. "I guess you don't have to worry what to do now for our date huh?"

"Hah, I guess so. There are a lot of different events vouchers we can do. It might take us 'til night time to do all of these."

"Well if you're up to it, I am perfectly fine staying out with you until you have to return back to the dorms."

"Might as well, I can't use these vouchers by myself and I do owe you a date to remember…" Ash paused when one of the Buster girls; Yupil Cingliaq came by with the drinks and placed it in front of them. "…Thanks."

"Well it's already a good start—" Misty's cell went off with a beep, indicating a text just went through. A big smile appeared on her face when she read the text and she had to quickly reply back. "Sorry Ash, I have to reply back if you don't mind."

"Not a problem at all. Go ahead." Ash took a slip of his lemonade and just stared at Misty who's smiling like crazy replying back to her text. He was real curious who could it be that is making her smile like that. Right when Misty placed away her cell back into her bag, Ash took the chance to find his answer. "So was that Mickey that you replied back to?"

"Nope. That was my BFF back at home who texted me. She was teasing me about how our date was going."

"Heh, so you have another person that isn't Mickey that you tell and do everything with? Does anybody know about her?"

"Yeah, Gary does."

"Gary does?"

"Umm yeaaah, only because Mickey talks to her on the phone during the time when he's in his dorm room. She's also Mickey's friend after I had introduced the two to each other. But anyways, I do have a photo of us two together by my favorite photographer, Shiki Tenken…" Misty pulled her wallet out of her bag and pulled out a picture of her hair down in a yellow spaghetti strap top over a light blue spaghetti top, smiling next to a playful; tongue sticking out, Duplica in a red off the shoulders top with yellow star patterns. She then handed the picture to Ash. "…That's Duplica. She's my best and only girlfriend I have."

Ash stared at the picture hard for a couple of reasons. One being that he couldn't help but have the feeling he had met her sometime in his life, but just couldn't put his fingers on it. And two, he couldn't help but stare at Misty's cuteness. "After getting to know you a bit more and putting the beginning hatred aside, you really are cute."

Misty wasn't sure how to response to Ash's complement, as there were about every feeling one can name of went through her mind. But her face did it for her, as a big smile appeared. "Thanks, you don't know how much that means to me." And she quickly pulled out her cell and started texting to Duplica about what happened.

"Are you texting Duplica about me calling you cute?" Ash asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeees?" Misty replied back and hit the send button to Duplica.

Ash couldn't help but let out a chuckle at the cute expression Misty let out towards him. "You are indeed adorably cute." He handed back the picture and just stared at Misty; who all of a sudden became bashful when taking her picture back. "So after lunch what do you want to do?"

"Let me check out the vouchers." Misty smiled and started searching through what to do next.

**Lil' Pandas' Fortress Maze Area**

Ash hid behind a tall haystack wall, holding onto his paintball gun tightly as he peek his head around the corner. He spotted Misty about twenty feet ahead of him, shooting what's in front of her. The moment he stepped out from his spot, Misty had turned around and shot a paintball right passed him. There was a loud buzzed noise at the target she had hit on the wall behind him.

"Ash, come on! If we want the bonus prizes, quit missing the bonus targets. And move your butt! We do have a time record to beat too." Misty then disappeared around the corner before she let Ash replied back.

"Heh, this is a whole new side I didn't expect from you. No wonder Gary got a long with you." Ash reloaded his paintball gun and ran right after Misty.

Ash finally caught up with Misty, only because Misty stood still at her spot staring at the fork in the road. More like a fork in the maze they were in. As the debating which trail to go down on the haystack trails, Ash made the decision for the both of them and went to down the right side.

"Let me take the lead, you've been hit way more then you need too."

"What you don't think I can take the hit?"

"I'm not saying you can't take the hit, you're a lot tougher than most girls here in this city, but you're still a girl. I would feel bad if you keep on getting hit in general. Besides, what kind of guy would I be to let my date taking the hits?"

Misty let out a smile at Ash. "Wow, you're much different and a lot nicer on dates."

Ash turned his head to look at Misty. "Ouch, that was bluntly said. But I guess I did deserve that. Let me apologized. I'm sorry that I was quick to judge and disliked you in the beginning. You're really not bad and actually fun to hang with. And just so we're clear, I don't go on dates. I just don't have the time and also there isn't really any other girl I would have wanted to go on a date with besides you know who."

"I see, well apology accepted and I'm just happy to know that we can start anew. And even though this date is due to a bet we had, I'm happy that you're having a good time."

"Yeah and lets continue out fun date. But first let's get the hell out of this maze so we can claim our title and prizes. There are three paintball machines ahead of us. I'll disable them to stop shooting at us while you get the targets since you're better at that, sounds good?"

"Roger that."

**Outside in Front of Lil' Pandas' Prize Shack**

"I thought you would have gotten the Mystic Water item. That item is pretty rare to be in the Kanto and only available for the couples bonus prizes." Ash asked Misty while he placed his Light Ball in his bag.

"Yeah I would have gotten that but what I picked out is also a rare item too. And it's for someone who I consider as a best friend." Misty replied with a smile while texting back to Duplica.

"Aww, thinking about others before you. You two are alike in a way."

Misty looked over at Ash when she tossed in her cell phone in her bag. "You two? If you mean me and Mickey of course we are. We've gone through this haven't we?"

"Yeah true, but I'm not talking about Mickey. I mean you and May are so a like the more I hang out with you lately."

"Oh, well is that a good thing?"

"To be honest, I'm not too sure. But I can tell you it's not a bad thing. Why don't we just go with the flow with us? Anyways what event do you want to do next? Or do you want to borrow the gym's shower room first to wash the paint out of your hair?"

"Please, what's the point of getting clean and possibly getting dirty again? I'm totally fine walking around like this, it's just a little bit of paint anyways. Oh, oh, let's do the double bike challenge!"

"Ok, which challenge do you want to do for it?"

"Let's aim for the hardest challenge, level three." Misty grabbed a hold of Ash's hand and dragged him along towards the bike trails. "I hope you'll be able to keep up with me Ash."

"Really? I should be saying that to you."

Misty stopped in her track and turned towards Ash. "Pleeease, I bet you I can out bike you any day. I use to bike all the time back at home and even cities to cities. So after the double bike challenge you and I are going to race on our own bikes."

"Hahah alright, alright, you win. I believe you. How about let us work together and scatter another time record first?"

"Heh, sounds good to me, onwards!"

**Some Hours Later – Inside Lil' Pandas' Café Lounge**

Misty had just finished her last bite of her Triple Delight dessert; consist of a giant chocolate cookie, a slice of chocolate cake and a scoop of chocolate ice cream. "That totally hit the spot! Alrighty, what's all left to do from the vouchers?"

"Shouldn't we just sit for a bit? We just got done eating dinner."

"There's no time to waste, we are on like Cinderella's schedule. You'll have to be back at the dorms and I have to catch my bus tonight to go back to Cerulean."

"I guess you're right. So now I'm curious, you only work here on the weekends. Do you like catch a bus or taxi all the time back and forth?"

"Umm kind of complicated as it's a yes and no answer? Like I'll catch a bus or taxi into Viridian City for the weekend for the day I work. But if I work both Saturday and Sunday, I'll stay at a hotel for Saturday night and then go back home to Cerulean Sunday night after work or my hang out with Mickey."

"Doesn't that get tiring traveling back and forth?"

"Yeah, but if I want to see Mickey, this is the best way to do it. And also I love my co-workers here, so the commute is totally worth it. Anyways, we have about three hours left to do the rest of the activities."

"Actually we have about four hours." Ash replied, as he looked through the remaining vouchers.

"Well I got to shower and then my bus actually comes around eleven thirty. And also I'm meeting up with Mickey for a tiny bit."

"Gotcha, I guess that works out in a way. The less Pikachu in his pokeball the more merrily he'll be."

"Speaking of Pikachu being in his pokeball, isn't he usually always out of it?"

"Yeah only once in awhile depending on the situation I'll have him in his pokeball, normally I'll ask Richie to watch him but when Richie can't, that's when he's in his pokeball. In the beginning when I got him, for some reason he was so terrified of being inside it, but after so many years of convincing it'll be alright and only for a short amount of time, he finally accepted. It's a cute trait of his, as we're all afraid of something right?"

"Yup, pokemon are like us too, we all have likes, dislikes, fears and whatnot. Anyways, we can continue chit chatting on our next event." Misty said, as she got up from her seat.

"Alright, I got the hint…" Ash got up from his seat with the vouchers in his hand. "…But we haven't decided what we're going to do next."

Misty grabbed a random voucher from Ash's hand. "We'll be doing this one next…" Misty took a look at it and squealed. "…Sweet, the photo booth!"

"What is it with girls and photo booth?"

"I don't know? But it's so much fun! And according to this voucher, we got lots of credit to do the photo booth!" Misty said excitedly, as she led the way towards the photo booth located in the arcade section.

**A Couple of Hours Later - Outside at the Ice Rink**

"Hehehe, look Ash! Look how fast at Lili's and Lonnie's Prinplup, Empoleon are skating. Waaaah and look at all the cute little Piplups following them with their bubbles!" Misty shouted when she started skating backwards to face Ash. "Ooooo let's follow them like those two couples are!"

Ash looked at the middle of the ice rink where all the pokemon were and looked back at Misty. "Misty I don't think it'll be a good idea. It might be a bit crowded." Ash then picked up his pace to catch up with Misty. "It's not like we can't wait until those two are done."

"Fiiiine. Then do you want to race around the ring for the time being?"

"Is that a challenge I hear?"

"Wouldn't have it any other way, so on the count of three."

Misty and Ash started off at the same pace but Ash soon took the lead, but not by much. Ash let out a smile when they hit the half way mark, as he was still in the lead. But his smile disappeared when they reached three-fourth mark of the ice rink when Misty suddenly passed him. Close to the finish point, one of Misty's laces came loose and one of the laces went under her skates, causing her to stubble forward. Luckily at the same time Ash had caught up with her and went in forward to catch her. As the two went crashing down on ice rink floor, but Misty got a softer landing for she had Ash as her cushion.

"Are you alright?" Ash asked out loud when he prop himself on his elbows looking at Misty; who's still on top of him.

Misty noticed her position on top of Ash and how close their faces were. As she just naturally cupped Ash's cheeks and gave him a quick kiss. When she pulled away blushing, she saw Ash's stunned expression. "Thank you for saving me."

"Umm yeah, no problem…" Ash wasn't sure what to think of the kiss. Last time when Misty forced a kissed on him, he was a bit upset. But this time around, he wasn't sure. "…So do you kiss any guy that saves you?" Ash asked out loud not realizing it could be taken in a whole misunderstanding manner.

"What? Do you really think I'm the type of girl who is going to kiss any guy that saves me?" Misty asked in a hurtful tone and pulled away off of Ash.

"No that's not what I meant! I mean, I don't know. It's just all of a sudden you just kissed me and—"

"Hahaha, oh my gosh, who's the girl on this date? I'm sorry that I startled you with the kiss. But I'm not sorry for kissing you though. You know that I like you a lot and the fact that you dived to rescue me to keep me from harm's way, the moment was just perfect for a kiss. You know, like in the movies with those cliché moments?" Misty finally got up onto her feet as she held out her hand towards Ash. "Since it seems like I'm playing the guy role, I might as well help you up."

Ash pretty much glared up at Misty; who has a smirk on her face and he wasn't going to lose his male pride. "Just wipe that smirk off your face. You're sounding and looking just like Mickey," Ash didn't grab Misty's hand or get onto his feet by myself. But instead he kneed down towards Misty's feet and started tying her loose shoe laces. "…Now who's the one being the silly girl? You were about to skate off again without tying up your loose laces huh?" Ash stood up to see Misty had puffed up her cheeks for the fact he was right.

"Oh whatever!" Misty crossed her arms in a pouting manner but quickly disappeared when she realized the couples were no longer playing with the penguin pokemons. As she then skated over to them. "Yaaay, it's our turn to play with them!"

Ash let out a smile towards Misty and skated towards her and the pokemons. 'Funny how just one date can change my perspective of you.'

**About a Quarter 'til Eleven – Inside the Gym Area**

"Are you sure you'll be fine going to the bus station? I can wait until you get out of the shower and walk you there."

"Oh it's fine. Mickey will be here anytime soon and he'll walk me there. You don't have to worry. Thank you though. As it's best for you to start heading back yourself, you know because of the midnight curfew and plus Pikachu would probably want out of his pokeball. But I should hit the showers now before I end up running late myself. Thank you for today, I had a wonderful time. Even though we weren't actual couples, it was pretty fun beating some of the record times…" Misty held out her hand for a handshake for she didn't really know how to end the date. "…So I guess this is good night."

Ash stared down at her hand, as he finally understood why Gary calls her a tomboy most of the time. She acts and plays the guy's role from time to time, but he figure he'll end the night being the guy and her being the girl. As he grabbed her hand and pulled her in for a hug. "I surprisingly had a fun time with you too. You take care and have a save bus ride home."

When Ash pulled away, he smiled at the blushing and speechless Misty, as he waved goodbye and picked up his bags off the floor and walked away. The fact that Ash willingly hugged her, Misty was on cloud nine again and pretty much floated towards the lady's locker room to wash up and change into her boy-self.

**About a Little Pass Eleven-Thirty – Out on Viridian's Street**

Misty and Poliwhirl were about a block away from the academy's entrance, when she turned on her main cell phone. When her phone was completely loaded, her texts alarms went off. Ash's name appeared on the screen, as there were two texts from him. One being sent during the middle of the date and the other sent after he had left the date. She then looked down at her bodyguard with a big smile.

"Heheheh, I know you're pretty tired of me talking about my date today but want to hear what Ash said?"

"Poooli." Poliwhirl shook his head at first to indicate he wasn't tired or bored at his master's excitement, as he encouraged her by pointed at her cell. "Poli-poliii!"

"Hehe ok, here's what he said. Hey, you're probably busy whatnot and going to meet up with your cousin pretty soon but I just wanted to say I had a fun time with her today. She's a pretty cool chick. Well when she isn't around you that is. Hah. We'll talk more tomorrow during our group duties, but you probably know about the date already."

"Poliwhirl!" Poliwhirl threw a thumb up.

"I know right? He's willing to talk about the date. So that means we're on the right track between us! Well we should probably pick up the pace now, as Gary, Umbreon and Togepi are waiting for our return."

Jogging back to the Third Year's dormitory building, Misty and Poliwhirl were in front of their dorm room in no time, as Misty wasted no item unlocking the door. She opened the door to notice the night lamp was the only light on, which indicate that Gary, Umbreon and Togepi have gone to bed. The two entered the room quietly, as Misty placed down her bag full of goodies and her personal belongings onto her bed. Misty then turned around to see Gary sleeping on his side; without any covers on, holding Togepi tightly in his arms. While Umbreon curled up in a ball right at his master's legs. Misty whispered to Poliwhirl and comment how cute the scene looked, as she couldn't help and took a snap shot of it. The flash woke Umbreon up but luckily not Togepi, Misty placed her index finger at her lips to indicate not to wake up Gary or Togepi. Umbreon let out a stretch and lightly jumped off the bed to welcome Misty back home.

"I'm back. Thank you so much for being an awesome baby sitter with your master today. But since it's getting late and I can't give you your treat. So we'll talk more tomorrow alright? I'll make sure to make some time for you in the morning."

After had petted Umbreon's head one last time, Misty quietly walked over to Gary's bed. Not wanting to wake up Gary, she slowly and carefully lifted up his arm upwards enough to pull Togepi out from his arms. But the moment Misty touched Togepi; he instantly woke up and cheered happily at the slight seeing his 'mother'. Quickly grabbing a hold of Togepi with the free arm, Misty thought she was in the clear but she was wrong when Gary pulled her into his arms.

"Togepi, I told you to stop and sleep until your mom gets back…" Gary mumbled in his sleep and tightened his hold around Misty and Togepi.
Here's Ch.25 of AFL

A/N: (3/3/11) Wow, so sorry for the late update… ^^; ...I tried my best to get work on it as much as I could in between jobs, recovering from being 'under the weather' and taking notes and studies to improve my writing and grammars. But long behold the long wait for a chapter I wasn't really looking forward to write XD There was way more Poke and barely any Ego-goodness D; But hopefully maybe next chappie there will be more Ego-goodness ;3

Thank you to all those who left reviews for the support and the tips to help push me to improve my writing and grammars and as well for an update :3 Much lovies ya all!

Umm I really don't know when the next update will be as I'll be pretty busy with life again. But I'm gonna try my best to ch26 updated sooner than this one. Yeah, that's about it, so take care and ta-ta for now!

Bigger view of Misty and Duplica [link] - by ~Shiki-Tenken

Anything For Love Cover - [link]

Other Sketches/Pics For AFL search in this folder - [link]

Chapter 26 - [link]

Previous Chapter 24 - [link]

First Chapter - [link]

Pokemon - Satoshi Tajiri
FanFic "AFL" - Me
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After Twilight Princess

Chapter 1:

The End of one Story

The Start of a New one


"I… See you later…"

Something about those words sent a chill down the Princess Zelda's back as she looked at the broken shards. Is this really it? Is she really gone for good? she asked herself, taking a step closer to the broken mirror. The longer she stared at the shards, she felt her friend slip from her fingers.

The Princess bent down, picking up a piece, feeling the power drain from it. A tear began to slip from her eye as she examined it, seeing her reflection in the glass. Another tear made a trail down her face as she stood up, dropping the piece. She slowly dabbed her eyes dry with the wrist of her gloves as she turned around, spotting the emotionless hero standing still ahead of her.

Link blinked back a few tears and looked up at the Princess Zelda, instantly noticing that she, too, was upset, "We… need to get out of here... Your Highness" he spoke weakly, walking up to her and kneeling, his right hand over his heart.

"Please, young hero, stand; I am fine with you treating me like a normal Hylian… Please," the princess smiled down at him as he looked up at her. Her eyes quickly meet with his deep blue ones as he stood, nodding. They kept their gaze a few moments until Link sighed, turning around.

Princess Zelda walked up next to him, studying him carefully, "If you wish for a moment alone, Hero, I will leave you alone, I am sure I can make it through the Arbiters Grounds safely on my own."

"No, Princess, I'm… I'm fine, there's no need for you to go on, alone…" the Hero of Twilight spoke up, shaking his head.

The Princess nodded and sighed, looking down, "You do not have to call me Princess… I would much rather you not use my title, but my name, like friends…"

The Hero laughed slightly, looking over to her, causing her to look up as well, "As you wish, but only if you call me 'Link,' and not 'Hero.'"

The Princess and Hero's eyes locked, the two standing still and silent a few moments, neither of them daring to move. Zelda quickly took notice of the look she knew all to well; the look deep in his eyes. The same look her father had after her mother passed, the same look Impa, her nanny, gave her when they'd talk about her father…

The same look she had after her fiancé died…

It pained her to see his gaze, after all, it brought back the worst of memories that lodged in the back of her head. She slowly walked in front of the confused hero and wrapped her arms around his neck, laying her head on his shoulder, bringing him in closer for a hug.

Link stiffened in her grip as she stepped closer to him, hugging him tight to her. The awkward silence lived on until Link took his arms and wrapped them around Zelda's, resting his head on hers. They stayed in that slightly awkward, but comfortable position in each others arms for a few moments, Zelda finally breaking the silence.

"I am so terribly sorry about Midna…" she whispered into his neck, sending a chill down his back.

Quickly, his mind came to one realization, I'm hugging the Princess of Hyrule…

… Take that, Rusl…

His mind slowly came back to focus on the reason they were there, and why the Princess had suddenly hugged him. Much to his dismay, he felt the Princess lifting her head off his shoulder, looking at him, her face only inches from his.

Quickly after her eyes locked on his once again, her cheeks began to redden at how much closer the two were.

Link, obviously not disturbed or flushed by the proximity of her, smiled softly, removing his arms from around her waist. "We should probably head out soon; we want to get you back before dark."

Zelda frowned, taking a step back, "But, Link… the Castle-"

"I know, I know…" Link interrupted her, holding up his hands for her to stop, "But don't you think it should all clear up?"

"I do not understand…"

"Shouldn't the goddesses have restored the Castle?" he asked, folding his arms across his chest.

"Yes, but something's not right here," she stopped, looking up at the sky. "It feels like they would, but I have high doubts that they did…"

Link frowned slightly, sighing as he sat down, tired from the evens of today.

"I can feel something… I can sense that something's not right, therefore the Castle is still of non-existence," she explained, sitting down next to him.

Link sighed, picking up a shard of the mirror and looking at it with a displeased look, "I have no right to argue with you, but even if there isn't anything left of the castle, shouldn't we at least go check and see if everyone is alright?"

Zelda slightly nodded and sighed, looking over at the shard in his hand. She studied it carefully, seeing a pattern on it, like it just needed to be pieced together and it'd work again. If only it was that simple… but it's much more complicated, maybe even impossible to restore the mirror.

Link finally got sick of looking at it and flung the piece across the area, standing up, "We gotta get out of here soon, cause I still have to get the kids in Kakariko…"

Zelda stood up as well and dusted herself off, speaking as she did so, "What do you mean? Why are they in Kakariko?"

Link slightly laughed and smirked, walking toward the boss room of Arbiter's Grounds, "If you really want to know, I'll tell you on the way through Arbiter's Grounds, cause it's a long story…"

This NEEDED to be rewritten bad.
I think this version is SO much better than the original version that I might even trash the old one, cause there's really no point in keeping it in my gallery; it puts shame to me.

I'm VERY happy with how this turned out, and be watching for the last chapter soon ;P
I'm getting close to the end, but I think I'll add the epilogue WITH the end chapter, just cause ^^
I hope you liked this one better than the original, the original was...

And btw: if ANYONE says the original was better I will be greatly offended, and our conversation will not end well.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I DO NOT own the most awesome game franchise in the world. If I DID then I'd be making a Zelink game, not writing FANfictions :aww: ;P :)
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Love is like the ocean;
one moment a calm, liquid plain,
the next a torrent of mountains
that crashes down
and tears itself apart.
Feeling inspired again. So yeah..... WHAT IS LOVE??!! BABY DON'T HURT MEEEEEEEE!!! DON'T HURT MEEEE!!! NO MORE!!
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Fly away
Fly away to this peace of mind.
Break away for just a moment
Break away

Fly away
Fly away to this peace of mind.
Break away for just a moment
Break away

Escape reality
And let your soul unfold.
Arrive at wit's end and
Feel yourself consoled.

Look away.
Reach out and let go.

As this track is mostly instrumental on the album, there isn't a lot of lyric content...
But here you have it, No One Sleeps! Listen/Download it --> [link]

Easter egg:
The third stanza's melodic content is a direct quote from Giacomo Puccini's "Nessun Dorma" - hence the title of the song.

Since this is a short one, I'll pair its upload with another track on the album :)
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Germany x Italy - Intoxicated

Germany was once again annoyed to find that he could not concentrate on his work. Normally, he would give his workload his full attention and finish it in quick succession, and then he would concentrate on even more work. He liked being productive; it made him feel useful when he managed to complete his paperwork on time and get praised for it. Lately though, he wasn't being very productive. No, this one thought had been swimming around in his mind for a while, washing away any other thoughts. This thought was Italy. Of course he'd thought of Italy before; he usually wondered such things as whether or not he was safe, and what way was the best way to teach him to tie his laces; but he'd never thought about him this much before, and it was driving him insane. He ended up getting worried out of his mind for Italy's safety, and concerned as to whether Italy would ever tie his laces by himself, thus becoming independent (Though Germany didn't really mind Italy being dependant on him). He tapped his black pen on the blank sheet of paper in front of him, unsure of what to do about anything. Just at the moment, Prussia entered his office.

"Yo, West! Whatcha doin'?"
Germany ceased his tapping and cringed at the sound of his brother's voice. He did love his brother, but sometimes he found his unbelievable arrogance to be irritating as well as astounding. He was stressed, and the last thing he needed was his brother around him.
"Paperwork." Replied Germany, looking up at Prussia's crimson red eyes with his deep blue ones, and then turning his gaze to Gilbird, whom was resting on his brother's grey mess of hair.
"Eh, really?!" Exclaimed Prussia, "Boring! Hey, want to get a beer with the awesome me later?"
Now with the word "Beer", Germany's ears perked up, as did his spirits. It was as if Italy had just been told the word "Pasta". Ah, wait. There he went thinking about Italy again. He seriously had to stop doing that – it was starting to become unhealthy.
"I guess so."
"Hey, let's bring Italy along!"
Germany's ears perked up again when he heard Italy's name. He liked the idea of seeing Italy again; it made him feel fluttery for some unknown reason. Ah, but he shouldn't be feeling fluttery. He was a soldier – a hard brute that could head into battle without regret or consideration. But the fluttery feeling didn't feel really bad. Actually, it felt rather nice as it tingled throughout his tummy and chest and numbed his mind. Wait, no! This feeling was bad for sure, so he should avoid Italy. Shouldn't he? Or perhaps what he should do is meet with Italy. Maybe then these weird thoughts and feelings would fade. He hadn't seen Italy in a while, so maybe, just maybe, this was all a sign that he had to see his friend again, or else he might lose him due to lack of contact.
"Yeah, good idea." Said Germany, smiling mildly.
"Awesome, West!" Whooped Prussia. He began to drivel on about the potential events that they would meet that evening, but Germany wasn't listening. He was far too busy thinking about Italy.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Thought Germany, taking a long sip of beer, watching as Prussia and Italy danced around his living room in a wobbly, drunken way. Prussia had drunk far too many beers at the pub, and had made Italy follow his lead. This had been bad for Germany as he was too busy thinking about Italy's health to savour his beer, and he had been left alone to struggle with the ultimate task of escorting them both home. When Prussia was drunk, he was quite violent, and he relented against Germany's good intentions again and again and again. As for Italy, he was just merry, and he had had to stop and gaze at everything they passed for a moment in curiosity, swaying where he stood. Germany was feeling a little light-headed, but he hadn't gone berserk with the beer because, as well as being unable to taste it, he had decided that someone needed to keep a level head, and it certainly wasn't going to be Prussia or Italy.
Prussia finally stopped dancing and collapsed onto the couch beside Germany in fits of laughter. Italy collapsed on the floor saying "Ve~ VeVe~", hiccupping every now and again. Germany found Italy's hiccupping to be rather adorable, as was his dazed face. After a few moments, Italy fell asleep.

"Cute, ey?" Slurred Prussia, watching as Italy slept.
Germany just grunted. He didn't want to say "Yeah" in case Prussia started calling him gay, and he didn't want to say "No" because then Prussia might tell Italy and Italy would get offended. Of course, Germany knew that the right answer was yes. He looked out of the window, even though he could not see through the darkness. It looked like Italy certainly wasn't heading home tonight – not under Germany's watch. He got up from the couch and headed into the other room.
"Oi, West! Where are ya going?!" He heard Prussia exclaim from behind him, but he just ignored him.
In the other room, he picked up the phone and dialled the number to Italy's house. The phone buzzed in his ear as the other side of the line rang. It rang for quite a while, annoying the impatient Germany, before Romano finally picked up.
"Eh, who is it?" Grunted Romano. It sounded like he was chewing a Tomato whilst talking.
"Hmph…Friendly…" Thought Germany, sarcastically.
"Hey, it's Germany." He heard Romano growl at his introduction, "I'm just calling to tell you that Italy got a bit too drunk, and he'll be spending the night at my place tonight."
He heard Romano tsk, "You damn Potato loving bastard, I bet you forced him to get drunk. Planning to screw around with him, ey? Well, keep your dirty kraut ass away from him!"
"Oi, oi!" Replied Germany, irritated by Romano's unnecessary outburst and assumption, "I plan to do no such thing to him!"
"Yeah, right!" Spat Romano, "I'm outa here! Remember, hands off my brother!" He hung up abruptly before Germany could say another word. Germany sighed and put the phone down with a clunk. Why did Romano have such a dislike for him? What had he done to him? Germany stood there pondering for a while, but he soon gave up when he couldn't reach a suitable conclusion and headed back to where Prussia and Italy were.

Germany froze at the sight before him. Italy was sprawled on the ground, still deeply asleep, and Prussia was on top of him, running his hand up the Italian's torso, staring into him with his crimson eyes. Germany continued to stand there, too shocked to stop the developments of the scenario. He wanted to stop them though, but he just couldn't wrap his head around what exactly was going on. It seemed like Prussia was taking advantage of Italy. But he'd never do that…Would he? His brother wasn't gay or anything…Was he?…Or perhaps bisexual?
Prussia began to lower his head closer to Italy's so that he could feel his low breathing as he slept. He smiled at the tingle of the Italian's breath on his face and leaned in even closer, preparing for what appeared to be a kiss. This flipped a switch in Germany for some reason, causing his nerves to shock his brain like lightning and make his blood boil with rage. The heat of his anger unfroze him, and he strode towards his brother like a riled Spanish bull.
"WEST, WHAT ARE YOU-"Prussia tried to yelp, but he was interrupted as he had the air knocked out of his lungs by a powerful blow from his brother. He was flung away from where he had been hanging over Italy, crashing into the table. The beers on the table shook around violently on the wooden surface before falling onto the floor below, soaking the carpet. A soaked carpet was the least of Germany's worries at that moment though.
He looked down at Italy. He was still asleep, much to Germany's surprise. But should it really have been a surprise? He had expected him to awaken after all that clamour, but he hadn't even stirred. Germany brushed off his shock and knelt down beside him. Now he too could feel the Italian's breath caressing his face as it rose, but he did not become intoxicated by the nice feeling like his brother had. He used his brute strength to pick up the short man, making sure he was comfortable once he had him securely in his arms. He blushed slightly as he turned to the stairway and waltzed towards it. Prussia hurled insults at Germany's back, but he simply looked back and gave him his serious stare that could send a set of quivers throughout the spine of a lion. Prussia backed down under the force of the powerful stare, lowering closer and closer to the surface of the wet carpet all the time. Feeling content with his dominance in the situation, Germany turned away and carried Italy upstairs.

"Ve~" Italy sighed in his sleep as Germany set him down on his bed. Germany exhaled in dismay as he covered Italy's small form with the soft duvet. Italy shouldn't have let his guard down when Prussia was in the room, it was his own fault that…'that' almost happened to him. Well, he was pretty drunk, so…But he shouldn't have gotten drunk anyway…Actually, Prussia kind of forced him. Wait! Had Prussia been planning this assault the whole time? Germany scowled at the thought of his devious brother. How dare he! Well, if Germany had been in the room the whole time, he wouldn't have had a bloody chance in hell! Ha!...If he had been in the room the whole time…Which he hadn't…What if he didn't return as fast as he did?...Would the virginity of Italy's lips already be gone? Germany shook his blonde head. He wasn't really concerned about Italy's virginity or anything. For all he knew, Italy could have been with loads of women already. It was nothing important, really. But if his lips were virgin, then at least he'd have saved them from the clutches of Prussia. But why did he? It wasn't like he wanted to take his virginity for himself…Was it? Germany blushed a deep red; as red as the Tomatoes that Italy loved. Of course not! He wasn't gay or bi or anything along those lines….As far as he knew. Then again, why was Italy always on his mind, and why did he find him to be so precious? Again, he failed to find a conclusion. He was beginning to annoy himself. He could usually come up with sensible deductions with a click of his fingers, but lately, he had had no answers for anything. He sat on the bed in defeat, continuing to gaze at Italy.

"Hey, you're going to have a huge hangover tomorrow." He breathed, but Italy could not hear him, and so, could not heed his warning. Poor Italy, unaware of the pain he would feel when he awoke; damned Prussia! Germany found himself reaching out and stroking Italy's soft, warm cheek with his large index finger. It was a nice feeling, for some reason, and Germany wanted to continue making circling motions on Italy's cheeks forever, but he stopped when Italy mumbled in his sleep, "Mmm…Pasta…" before changing his position, still asleep.
Germany breathed a sigh of relief and lightly punched himself in the head. What had he been doing? Idiot! He looked back at the door to see if Prussia was there; luckily, he wasn't. Well, nobody else had seen him being soft. In fact, never had anyone ever seen him so gentle; not even his brother. No one but Italy; and he wanted only Italy to see that side of him.
Germany decided to leave Italy to sleep undisturbed, and so, ruffled Italy's chocolate brown hair before proceeding to head out of the room, closing the door quietly behind him.
WARNING: Contains Yaoi (BOY X BOY)
This is my second attempt at a Hetalia Gerita Yaoi FanFic. Again, not much Yaoi, but in this one Germany is close to realising his feelings. The build-up to smex shall be gradual, but when it arrives it shall be satisfying. >:3
Hey, do you think I got Prussia just right? It's hard to write about him when his ego is huge and his actions are unpredicatable (and awesome).
Critique is welcomed, comments are appreciated!
Thank you and enjoy!

Germany, Italy and Prussia belong to Hidekaz Himaruya.

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