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Autodesk maya, Mental ray
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A while ago I was watching some of my old animations. Gosh I was so enthousiastic when I just started! Then I realised it has been years since I made a complete animation. And I never really made a complete animation with complete backgrounds! So here it is. It took me weeks and weeks and weeks, but I'm glad with the result. Even with the many mistakes (like I didn't research about animating backgrounds XD)
This animation is full of my world! My imagination, my dreams! So I appreciate it if you keep negative things to yourself, since this is personal. :)
This could be some kind of intro of a whole animated series, haha.

If you're interested, here is my biggest animation from the year I started animating: [link]

Tools used:
Paper, pencil and fineliner.
Adobe Premiere
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Cool news! I was accepted to be part of DA Film, so I'll be able to upload our animation work here as well as YouTube.

I'm reposting the BG animatic video here.

Project Info: We've been working on a fully 2D animated promo for Battlegate that we'll be using to pitch our show with. This is the animatic we created from our storyboards for animation production. Written and Directed by Chris & Leila, Voices: Marcko (Michael Mauro), Hugo (Michael Kristoph), Banistero (Richard Dodwell), Diego (Gary Forbes).
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Scenes from the planned Traun trilogy. Hand drawn animation and painted backgrounds.

Visuals by Colby Bluth

Music by Dave Murray
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The Context

This was done for my 2D Animation class midterm last year. This was strictly speaking an After Effects assignment, and though most of it is just individual frames imported from PhotoShop, I did need a lot of After Effects skills to sew it together.

The Behind-the-Scenes

Frames were "hand drawn" in Photoshop CS5.5 using a Wacom Intuos3 tablet and brought into After Effects CS5.5, except for the carnosaur which was a puppet with pieces drawn in Photoshop and rigged in After Effects. Sounds are from

The original storyboards started at primordial soup and ended at a pair of cockatiels, but after I realized this was a MIDTERM project and not a TERM project I had to cut out acts 1 and 3. O.o Animation takes... a while....

I didn't really do much paleontology research for this but I used to be into dinosaurs like ten years ago and this is based on what I remember.

EDIT: original storyboards available here: [link]

The Ranting

There are mistakes all over the place and I didn't have time to properly synch the sound or add touches like eye blinks during the walk cycles, but I do like the way it looks overall. I also would've liked the running up the tree bit to be a new cycle, but there wasn't time to do it.

The Rejoicing

I was so glad when this was done! And there are bits of it I really, really like, like the running dino animation (after our hero gets startled by the carnosaur).

EDIT: Holy cow a DD?!
Wow, thank you so much ^kingmancheng! I'm delighted by everyone's enjoyment of this little short. :3
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WOW! Can't believe this made a DD! Thank you so much :iconkingmancheng: for recommending me!!!! I can't thank you enough!

Here we are. My final year project and first animated short film. This is "Synthetic Eden". I am now officially a 3D animator and generalist. I've got a bachelor of arts degree.... how about that?
I am so proud of myself and can't believe it is true. This final year has been hard work but when I stood there in my final presentation and watched all the work I'd done, I felt so happy. In the end it was worth all the stress and late nights.

Now the rest of my life is waiting ahead, and as scarry it might be to step out into the real world again, it is just as exciting. I have no idea where the road leads from here, all I know is that I can't wait for the rest of my life.

Hope you enjoy this little short film of mine :happybounce: :squee:

***A few edits will be made later on. I had to leave a few scenes out since I had a time limit of 2 minutes and could not fit it in. Also the ending will be a bit different. Right now getting a job is priority one though and the final edit of the film might take a couple of months.

The music is royalty free and comes from [link]
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Filmed at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios, late 2011. The artificial music intelligence C:Lux and audio prodigy Module jam out a live version of "The Pieces Fit".

C:Lux often mentions in interviews how she can perceive the underlying structures of space-time, and how their tenuous multi-dimensional beauty inspire her in many of her musical projects. I only hope I've managed to interpret some of that beauty here.

I know some of you have been waiting a long time to see this one - so have I ha ha! There were a few hiccups, delays and stressful moments, but here it is!

"The Pieces Fit" comes from Module's album "Imagineering" which you can find on iTunes and Bandcamp.
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finally got film posting privileges haha

my freshman calarts film

sounds by cami brewster
also on vimeo and youtube
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A few words about the movie:
This is the story about a thrown kitten, that was left in the trash at one cold Christmas night...
He was attracted by something ringing not far away.
He's following the sound to find out who was calling him...
At first the yard seemed to be quiet, but if fact it was hiding big danger for the small weak kitten.
* * *
This is my diploma project, that I made this few month! Now WE finally done it!
I sad "WE" because some people helped me with it!
Generally without them :iconer-reanimator::iconanisis: :iconalsaresnolynx:I couldn't have cope with it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH guys!!!
And other people, who helped with small part of this cartoon:
:iconsapfear::hug: scene with crow, :iconhangmoon::hug: with colors in the final, :icondoragonryu::iconnight-muffin::hug:with coloring one scene.
Видео вконтакте можно посмотреть здесь [link]
На ютубе [link]
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