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WOW! Can't believe this made a DD! Thank you so much :iconkingmancheng: for recommending me!!!! I can't thank you enough!

Here we are. My final year project and first animated short film. This is "Synthetic Eden". I am now officially a 3D animator and generalist. I've got a bachelor of arts degree.... how about that?
I am so proud of myself and can't believe it is true. This final year has been hard work but when I stood there in my final presentation and watched all the work I'd done, I felt so happy. In the end it was worth all the stress and late nights.

Now the rest of my life is waiting ahead, and as scarry it might be to step out into the real world again, it is just as exciting. I have no idea where the road leads from here, all I know is that I can't wait for the rest of my life.

Hope you enjoy this little short film of mine :happybounce: :squee:

***A few edits will be made later on. I had to leave a few scenes out since I had a time limit of 2 minutes and could not fit it in. Also the ending will be a bit different. Right now getting a job is priority one though and the final edit of the film might take a couple of months.

The music is royalty free and comes from [link]
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Filmed at Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios, late 2011. The artificial music intelligence C:Lux and audio prodigy Module jam out a live version of "The Pieces Fit".

C:Lux often mentions in interviews how she can perceive the underlying structures of space-time, and how their tenuous multi-dimensional beauty inspire her in many of her musical projects. I only hope I've managed to interpret some of that beauty here.

I know some of you have been waiting a long time to see this one - so have I ha ha! There were a few hiccups, delays and stressful moments, but here it is!

"The Pieces Fit" comes from Module's album "Imagineering" which you can find on iTunes and Bandcamp.
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Thanks a lot to :iconkingmancheng: for the DD!!! <3

Ozo chases Néné the crazy ostrich to get his egg back.

'Ozo' was my final project movie at Supinfocom (3D/2D CG school) with Martin Brunet, Leslie Martin, and Mathieu Garcia.
I created the project, wrote the scenario, gag ideas, did the visual development/concept art, and animated some shots (the two owl shots and most of the tiny creatures ones)

The movie is in full 3D (3dsmax), all the textures were painted by hand and post production was done with After Effects.

Music was made by Julien Begault, and sound design by Neal Williams.

If you're interested in my work, you can email me: and dont forget to check out my portfolio: [link]

Here are some animated GIFS from the movie:

By the way, do you have a story writing talent?

I'm looking for writers for my next movie and you don't even need to be a professional. I'd like to give people who want to see their ideas animated a chance.

So if you think you have an idea, you may either reply my journal [link] or simply send me an email/note :)
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I worked for Fatkat animation for a year. An animation studio that since went out of business. While I was there, they had a flash animation contest for the animators, which was cool. One of the categories was to make a commercial for them, so I made this. No sound, since I finished it just in time, and didn't have time.
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Made in blender.

Decided to make a small animation with it too.
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I think... I'm going to call him Barry.
He looks like a Barry, don't you think?

Crit always most welcome.
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And its my gift to you too! ^_^ Thank you for the amazing 700 watchers... the amazing 9600 pageviews, and the amazing supprt that you have always given me. This if for you.
A belated Christmas present, and an early New Year's Gift!

Made in Photoshop from scratch.
NaruSasu ˘ Masashi sensei
Art © Izanagi Aadi

Okay before you ask me, let me tell ya!
:bulletblue: The floor seems to dissapear in the last few frames; IMHO thats a tech error; will fix it xP
:bulletgreen: Its just my opinion that NaruSasu should be friends for life; if you have any agruments related to that, please dont fight here... Its a cheerful gift and I want it to remain that way xDDD

peace, love and animate!! ^_^

Other Animations:
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This is my senior thesis film from Ringling College of Art and Design, that I co-created with my partners, Lindsey St.Pierre :iconwegs: , and Ashley Graham (Blog: )!

The film won the 2013 gold Student Academy Award for animation! We are so honored!!
The reception of the film has been wonderful and we are all really grateful to everyone who helped us to be able to create it!!

Our musical score was composed by Corey Wallace, and the sound by Mauricio D'Orey

We used Autodesk Maya, Nuke, Photoshop, and Pixar's Renderman to create it

The film centers around the Mexican Holiday Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead.
Hope you enjoy!


Thank you so much for all the comments and for the Daily Deviation!!!
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A pencil test with a week worth animation.
I make pencil tests to see possible mistakes before I move onto colouring the frames.

If anyone is interested in learning about my film, please follow my tumblr: [link]
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Character belongs to ~Izzu-shi

Prize artwork for

Contest info:

Other prize artworks:

Software used:
-Adobe Photoshop (Animation)
-Adobe After Effects (Composition)
-3ds Max (Reference)
-FL Studio (Music)
-Audacity (Sound)
-Designer Sound FX (SFX library from Video Copilot)

Project Files:

Thank you ^kingmancheng for the DD!
And thank you everyone for watching, liking, and faving!
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