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:iconlovecoffeeplz: Coffee Addict Vol.1.5Quick Install Journal! :iconlovecoffeeplz:

:iconfreeperm1::iconfreeperm2::iconfreeperm3::iconfreeperm4::iconfreeperm5::iconfreeperm6:     :iconfficonplz: :iconchromeiconplz:

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: User Level Absolute Beginner
:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Compatibility Firefox , Chrome, Safari (should work w/o problems)

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Features  :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
September 2014: Fixing broken stuff, adding embedded/literature deviations
  • Compatible with dA's recent changes!
    Contains all the latest fixes due to dA changes
  • Compatible with dA's Rich Editing Mode
    For use with writer

Attention: You need to re-install in order to get the update!!!

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Extra Code :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
You can use the journal without any additional code in the Journal Text / Content area. But if you like, use the following tags for more features.

  • Headlines
    <h1>Lorem ipsum</h1> ► see image
    <h2>Lorem ipsum</h2> ► see image
    <h3>Lorem ipsum</h3> ► see image
    <h4>Lorem ipsum</h4> ► see image
    <h5>Lorem ipsum</h5> ► see image
    <h6>Lorem ipsum</h6> ► see image
  • Divider
    <hr> ► see image
  • Blockquote
    <blockquote>Lorem ipsum</blockquote> ► see image
  • Formatted Tags
    <b>Bold</b> ► see image
    <u>Underline</u> ► see image
    <tt>Teletype</tt> ► see image
    <small>Small</small> ► see image
    <i>Italics</i> ► see image
    <code>Code</code> ► see image
    <strong>Strong</strong> ► see image
    <sup>SuperScript</sup> ► see image
    <sub>SubScript</sub> ► see image
  • Thumbnails with blank/clear background
    <em>:thumb####:</em> ► see image
  • Embedded Deviations
    <da:deviation id="deviation id">
    <da:embed profile="your video type" id="######">

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Social Media Icons:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
Looking for the Social Media Icons as seen in the preview? Look no further.....
Instagram Icon by poserfan Tumblr Icon by poserfan Pinterest Icon by poserfan

Social Media Icons by poserfan

Need other ones? Have a look into my ► gallery!
Missing one? Leave a comment under that gallery! I may pixel it....

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Mood Box:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
:pointr: Mood Box is disabled aka not available

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: Live Journal :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
Dummy Journal

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:  Matching Gallery Skin / New Journal Skin  :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
Coffee Addict Gallery CSS Vol.1.5 by poserfan Coffee Addict Journal Vol.2  - Easy.Install by poserfan

:bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :helpdesk: :bulletblack: :bulletblack: :bulletblack:
If you need any help, please feel free to ask. I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

Coffee by KaminekoCat Enjoy this template!Coffee by kandree

Happy Installing!! coffee plz 

T H E    J O U R N A L    L O O K S    B E S T    I N    F I R E F O X    B R O W S E R    A N D    G O O G L E    C H R O M E    B R O W S E R !! Coffee Dance - Updated 

Many thanks in advance if you're installing this skin, add it to your :+fav:s and/or leave a comment!! -- I really appreciate your support! :cuddle:
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Important—Please read

In order to install this into Chrome, you must go here and save that script to your computer. Then drag that script onto the extensions page (the wrench->tools->extensions) and it should install like normal. This still works the same for Firefox users. See the bottom for installation instructions.

The idea for this script came from this suggestion [link] and I thought it was a cool idea. And now after using it, it's really grown on me and I find it pretty handy :giggle:

This script lets you preview a forum thread's original post quickly before clicking on the thread and viewing the whole page. It's meant to let you get a sneak peak at the thread in case the thread title isn't very clear as to the thread's content.

You'll see eyes to the right of each thread on the main forum page, along with threads on each sub forum. If you hover over the eyes, you'll get a box with the post in it, along with who created the thread, how many direct replies to the thread creator, and how long ago the thread was made (not how long ago the last reply was).

You can unhover the eyes to make the box go away, or you can quickly move your mouse over the preview box in order to scroll down if the thread is longer than can be shown (may have to scroll with the scrollbar directly, depending on how your scrolling is set up, because of how small the box is). If you hover over the timestamp on the right, you'll get the exact time the thread was created, rather than how many hours/minutes/seconds ago it was made (by the way, there's some time discrepancies on very old threads - it will say it was created however long ago, and it's not always accurate. JavaScript and dates is a bitch to work with, and I didn't think it was worth getting right for threads older than a year or so :B).

You can also hover over the "says: " text after the username to get a link to the thread, just in case you want to click into the thread from there. You can click on the timestamp to get the direct comment link. This is useful in cases where a thread was moved. As you probably know, moved threads result in an annoying 404 when clicked, making it a pain in the ass to find the thread from the main page. But you can open the preview, click on the timestamp, and get to the comment of that thread. From there, you can click on the top link describing what the comment is on, and that will get you to wherever the thread was moved to.

There's not much else to explain with this - should be pretty easy to use and understand. And before anyone asks (=P), I tried to add some other useful information, like icons if the thread was locked or moved, but due to how I'm getting the original post, I can only do so much. I've tried to add as much useful information as I have access to.

To Install

You'll need either Firefox with Greasemonkey, or Chrome. This may work in other browsers that support third party scripts, but I haven't tested that. You can install it here: [link]

If you have any questions, complaints, or ideas for improvements, let me know :)

(And a huge thank you to everyone who has helped test this for me and gave me feedback while making this script).
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deviantTHUMBS:TINY – A style that makes the new huge thumbnails small (like they used to)


This Style makes the new huge thumbnails small again and less "schizophrenic": It removes the light background on all thumbs, and tweaks a few other things (Verdana instead of Trebuchet, hover effects, margins and paddings, and the like).

  • Special feature:
    Switch to Wall View and have everything left aligned.
    Switch to Grid View and have everything centered.
  • Film thumbs and Collection/Gallery thumbs are still not perfectly styled, but 100% usable.
  • This style might interfere somewhat with custom Gallery skins, since it changes the deviation title and links.

  • v0.1 (August 25, 2012): Initial release of the new huge thumbnails.
  • v0.1-1 (August 25, 2012): Fix for Lit and Film thumbs.
  • v0.2 (August 25, 2012): Lit thumbs bugfixes again. (Did dA change something?)
  • v0.3 (September 1, 2012): dA just updated the new huge thumbs (that light background is even lighter; but more importantly: panorama thumbs are fixed), so this update takes this into account.
    Also: Proper support for deviations in Storage and Mature Content.
  • v0.4 (September 7, 2012): Bugfix for recent code-update. Thanks for all your reports!
  • v0.4-1 (September 7, 2012): Lit tags are back.
  • v0.4-2 (September 7, 2012): Bugfixes for Grid and Wall views, and panorama thumbs.
  • v0.4-3 (September 7, 2012): Bugfix for panorama/portrait thumbs again. (Really, dA? Again? This is getting tiresome.)
  • v0.4-4 (September 14, 2012): Bugfix for collection/gallery thumbs.
  • v0.5 (October 23, 2012): Bugfix for group galleries' "more" link; small bugfix to lit/journal thumbs.
  • v0.5-1 (March 16, 2013): Bugfix for group galleries' main pages. (Thanks again Kitsunechann for the heads-up!)
  • v0.6 (May 17, 2013): Better way of dealing with shadow-overflow of book-ends. (Which means: better compatibility with Gallery CSS.)
  • v0.7 (August 13, 2013): Bugfix for some MLT pages. (Thanks Arisu-Ami-Chan for the heads-up.)
  • v0.7-1 (December 13, 2013): Bugfix for wide deviation titles. (Thanks FuryTigresse for the heads-up.)
  • v0.7-2 (June 24, 2014): Removed Mozilla-specific values.

Attention: use either this style OR deviantTHUMBS:HUGE OR deviantTHUMBS:GRID!

:pointr: Install here: :pointl:

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No comments have been added yet. is a userscript for the dAmn chatrooms. This userscript gives the official chat client the ability to use WebSockets instead of Flash, Java, and other alternatives.

Why this is a good idea?
Using WebSockets means that no additional browser extensions, aside from this userscript, have to be loaded into the chatrooms in order to connect. This makes connecting faster, and often, more reliable. Using WebSockets for the chatrooms is also faster than using Flash or Java! Install this userscript and you should get a noticeable speed boost when using dAmn.

Installing in FireFox
:bulletgreen: Install Greasemonkey
:bulletgreen: Click to install

Installing in Chrome
:bulletgreen: Download
:bulletgreen: Open the extension manager in Chrome (chrome://extensions)
:bulletgreen: Drag and drop onto the page

Thanks to the following people for helping make this userscript a reality:
- plaguethenet created and runs the proxy server that is used by the userscript to connect to dAmn.
- KnightAR fixed the userscript to make it work in FireFox, and provided code to make it fit in with the rest of dAmn properly.
- deviant-garde fixed some encoding issues.

Known Bugs
:bulletred: In FireFox, pressing the "escape" button causes the WebSocket connection to be closed. This is a bug in FireFox, I do not know when it will be fixed.
:bulletred: This userscript currently does not work thanks to changes in the chat client. Check this journal for details:…
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Encontre una base que tenia en mi pc,y pues YOLO :iconimsotiredplz:
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Notice 1: If your dAmnGotMail script has stopped working and you're using Firefox, this is due to a bug in version 32+ which breaks a vital part of the script's code. This will not harm your use of deviantART in any way, it just won't update your inbox for the time being.
Notice 2:  After the recent update to deviantART, I am currently working on a new version to make it more aesthetically and structurally pleasing (such as replacing older style classes and object layouts for the newer ones), but I cannot continue until Firefox fixes the bug mentioned in the above notice.

Thank you for the Daily Deviation, everyone! :D

6/06/2014 - Update:

:bulletblack: Due to recent changes with Google Chrome, user scripts and apps which aren't in the Google Web Store will no longer work. To solve this, please use Tampermonkey as instructed below.

6/08/2013 - Current Version: 1.7

:bulletblack: Fixed a bug receiving notifications due to the deviantART store news being removed from the feed. Changes have been made to fix this in version 1.7. My apologies for the delay of this fix. It was presumed to be the previous Google Chrome glitch due to the Chromium project; however, when the bug was fixed, the script then failed again due to the deviantART store closing for good.


This is dAmnGotMail, an automatic inbox refresh script..
The purpose of this script is to automatically notify you of new messages in your inbox without having to reload the page; this is especially helpful when on the chat network.

The inspiration to make this script came from Dediggefedde. He gave some extremely helpful advice; the script is also modeled on two of the functions used in his script Devsidebar which is an amazing piece of work. I have since released multiple changes to the original script and have further refined it, fixing any bugs and improving the design both in its code as well as aesthetically.

This script for Firefox (Greasemonkey) or Google Chrome, will automatically update your deviantART inbox located on your menu bar.

It does not interfere with the user menus, however, and is very simple.

How to install...

for Firefox:
:bulletred: First make sure you have Firefox with the Greasemonkey plugin.

:bulletyellow: If you do not have Greasemonkey, click here to get it now.

:bulletgreen: Once you have Greasemonkey, download the script:
    ► Click here to go to the script home page!

:bulletblue: Then just install the script, restart Firefox, and enjoy!

for Chrome:
:bulletred: First make sure you have Google Chrome with the Tampermonkey plugin (required since May 2014).

:bulletyellow: If you do not have Tampermonkey, click here to get it now.

:bulletgreen: Once you have Tampermonkey, download the script:
    ► Click here to go to the script home page!

:bulletblue: Then just install the script in Tampermonkey, restart Google Chrome, and enjoy!

for Opera:
:bulletred: First make sure you have Opera with the Violentmonkey plugin.

:bulletyellow: If you do not have Violentmonkey, click here to get it now.

:bulletgreen: Once you have Violentmonkey, download the script:
    ► Click here to go to the script home page!

:bulletblue: Then just install the script in Violentmonkey, restart Opera, and enjoy!

Important Notice:

Make sure you have the Splinter Menu turned off before using this script. It was not designed for the Splinter Menu and will most likely cause undesired effects.

Change Log:

Verison 1.7: Fixed bug after the closing of the deviantART store.
Version 1.6: Fixed login issues, Improved design, fixed Activity Stack and fixed Journal Stack.
Version 1.5: Fixed the 1 (1 Note) glitch and now it will only display 1 Note, 2 Notes, etc whenever you have notes and no other messages.
Version 1.4: Fixed a minor visual formatting error. Script will no longer miss a "bar" between certain items and the notes item.
Version 1.3: Separated Correspondence messages from the Feedback messages; this makes the script seem closer to the original inbox's look.
Version 1.2: Cleaned up the script a bit. Slightly increased stability.
Version 1.1: Fixed for Google Chrome. Runs better on both browsers.

Known Bugs:

Does not work with Group Messages
Does not work with the splinter menu
Does not work with Mentions

If you like my script and would like to show your appreciation, please add it to your Favorites. Doing so will help spread the word of this script so can slowly spread and help deviantART more! :)

You may also Donate if you feel inclined to do so.. :meow:
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new ID 'jestę farmerę'
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These progress bars are a very useful and easy way to show the statuses of your art commissions, requests, gifts, etc. :dummy: Design was based off of the bars that DeviantART uses for donations and polls.

Live Version

To use, copy the thumb codes below into your journal or profile:

:bulletblue: 0% Complete :thumb322046442:

:bulletblue: 25% Complete :thumb357385736:

:bulletblue: 50% Complete :thumb357386076:

:bulletblue: 75% Complete :thumb357386167:

:bulletblue: 100% Complete! :thumb357386238:

More versions:
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Winter-night themed skin. If you install, please also kindly :+fav:! Thank you!

There are more features than those shown in the preview picture, check out the
:pointr: live demo :pointl:
Frosty Night Journal Skin DemoHi! This is a journal skin demo. Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet applicake chocolate bar chupa chups. Brownie topping tiramisu oat cake liquorice croissant. Halvah I love I love sweet roll croissant pastry lemon drops sesame snaps gummies. This is a list: Item one Item two Item three with a link What icons and thumbnails looks like outside the boxes: :iconHanafae: This is a link. This is a quote: Pudding jelly beans jujubes danish carrot cake chocolate cake toffee sugar plum. Topping cake sweet roll caramels I love apple pie croissant. Marshmallow carrot cake I love. Ice cream I love icing pudding faworki. I love sesame snaps I love pudding topping I love topping. Cotton candy gummi bears bonbon dessert. Bear claw tart caramels cupcake I love cookie caramels pudding. Brownie carrot cake tiramisu faworki. Sweet biscuit co

:pointr: Code:

(you can access those at any time when writing a journal skin; just click Edit Skin, then at the bottom click Artist's Comments)

For the bigger title:

<div class="title">Here's a big title</div>

For the smaller title:

<div class="stitle">Here's a smaller title</div>

For a scroll box:

<div class="scroll">Put whatever you want in here!</div>

For a non-scroll box:

<div class="fbox">Put whatever you want in here!</div>

To center images:

<div class="thumbs">All centered</div>

:pointr: Brush set I used: [link]
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Coso rapido y feo para: :iconmembrillita: xDDD es que wenu, es que los haters la llaman asi y yo digo que mas que un insulto me parece un apodo rudo y por eso la imagine con chaqueta de cuero, la moto y esas cosas(?) Toda una busca pleitos(?)

Haters todos son un fail :icondealwithittrollplz:

Artwork :iconrumay-chian:
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