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For [link] *rainylake Friendship Contest

While we wore the same smiles,
We passed through the years together.
The sceneries kept changing,
And we struggled to accept it.

I throw away my useless pride.
May kindness come to this world.

I Gotta Say
Even if I show off my bravery and my strength,
I can't survive alone.
Our promise from that day,
It remains firmly in my heart, even now.

New encounters come after each farewell.
I find light down a new path, and move on.
Since the day I was born,
That has been the way my life is molded.

Before we realized it,
We have both found our own futures.

I Gotta Say
Even if you are far away where I can't meet you,
There's a resilient bond between us.
"May my dreams come true."
I am praying from the bottom of my heart.
We're friends forever.
We pledged to meet again someday,
Crossed our little fingers,
And set out that day,
For unseen destinations,
And though we may be lost,
We are making progress,

Through the changing seasons,
And this fleeting moment,
I listen to these nostalgic melodies.
Even when I become an adult,
Some things won't fade,
Like our precious memories.

"lyric of Friends by Stephanie ~ 2nd Ending Song of Gundam 00"

Okay, so this is Danbo (Danboard) and little cube angel made from paper.
I made Danbo to be poseable, so he can do many poses.

Trying to do something different, so I set a few scenes for both of them. ^^;
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100% handmade and painted resin green french macaroon phone strap. hand painted lace ribbon (both sides). yummy realistic fruits filling and a hanging kiwi slice dipped in choco sauce and sprinkled with colorful sugar!
if you are a rococo queen then it is a must have!!…

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And this is another Poro!
This one is 20cm x 35 cm x 20 cm (counting the horns :) )

You can check my other works here:…

Want a Poro like this one? :) Get one here on my Etsy Shop:…
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Handmade miniature Easter eggs in a little basket. The eggs, cards and bunting is handmade with polymer clay and paper. The basket and chick were bought. 
The eggs are around 4 to 5 mm each. 
I've made some Easter (food!) items recently, so there will be more Easter items soon :aww: 

Miniature Easter 2014 by EmisBakery Miniature Easter chocolate eggs by EmisBakery (Real) Easter cupcake by EmisBakery 
Blog: Link 
Facebook:  Link
Pinterest: Link 
Interested in a handmade miniature or other commission? Just send me a Note :) (Smile)
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Happiny ... I have no idea what this Pokémon is! Anything after Generation 1 and I'm like "huh?". It's a baby and kind of fat! And why is there and egg in it's pants?!

But ~xDCosmo loves it so! So We're dedicating this model to him for his birthday, which was early on this month.

Many thanks go to ~Jyxxie for editing this model at record speed. Fatty and cupcake will be available from Paperpokés soon, with four different expression textures ... for fatty, not the cupcake!
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mermaid pink butterfly

entirely handmade with polymer clay, no painting :)

I hope you like it! this creation will be available on my fan page on faceboook yet to be decided, unfortunately I have to change the date but do not know yet what: P follow me to keep you updated!
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Yup, this is indeed a minecraft cake papercraft. :D :squee:
I love how it turned out.
Just used regular printer paper, and tacky glue. :)

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Clay set of Totoro
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"Taming the Garden" was originally for the 2006 Hoffman Challenge but I wasn't able to complete it on time. I think if you look real close you'll see why. I entered it in both the Alaska Fiber Festival 2010 (did not win), and the Bernina University fashion show, (first place in Category) New sewing machine. "Love Bernina"

The gown is almost all cotton. The colors were chosen from the challenge fabric which the main part of it is the skirt and one shoulder. The bodice is all individually cut and sewn Bias strips that were sewn into tubes and turned right side out and ironed flat. Then woven together. Each color is a different size. They start out at the shoulder at 1/4" wide and go to 1" wide and then back down in size again. The reason for this is because a single size of bias would not form to the body the way I wanted it to. When I was originally done weaving the bodice it stood up practically on its own. At each cross point where four pieces of fabric connect there is a seed bead of matching color. Sorry the picture does not show the shine very well. It looks great in the lights on the runway but a still shot just doesn't do it justice. What was fun about this gown was teaching myself the old Millinery style of making silk flowers. Circa 1930's-40's and a bit beyond those dates. Instead of using the stamens you can buy I used crystals and beads so the dress is matchine washable but I would be very careful doing that. Needs to be in a washing garment bag and then gone over with a fine tooth comb to make sure nothing has come loose in the wash. I top stitched the challenge fabric with an iridescent metallic green thread to make it sparkle just a little more and the shoulder and the skirt are hand cut so the leaf work will pop a little bit more. ( I damaged a nerve in my thumb doing this). I am selling this gown but haven't decided on a price yet. It's about a size 14 women's. I had a larger bust then so as far as measurements go, it fits a bust 39-40" and waist 30" give or take an inch or two. Longer torso too. There is only one of these as I don't think I will be ever making another. Any thoughts on how much I should ask for it would be welcome.
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Christmas season starts now on October the 1st according to... me :D

Plenty of gingerbread houses and cute cookies. Oh I just cannot wait to bake them in real and get a pine tree and decorate the houuuuse and make more gingerbread houses because they make me so happy!

website : [link]
FB : [link]
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