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I find rococo relaxing, okay? And look at those rows...of lights...and shiny things.... Also, clocks are awesome and make this lovely ticking sound. I just realized what great steampunk stock this would make. (Sorry about the tiny skew, but if you know anything about photomanipulation you should be able to fix it.)

:lol: It wasn't really taken at 3.30 in the morning, more like 9.30 or 10.30am...exif data are silly.

Stock rules: tell me when you use this, comment or note--whatever, and also make sure there's a link back to me. Also, no commercial use without permission. (Favoriting it is up to you.)
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Unrestricted Stock - Please See Deviant ID for Rules - Eve
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Tutorial : Falling Waterdrops

Journal Entry: Thu May 2, 2013, 10:01 AM

Time for another Tutorial :la:

Sorry for uploading it as a journal and not as a deviation, but it is easier and faster for me :aww:

The tutorial is about this kind of photos :
( it's actually quite easy :meow: )

Our Universe by Kara-a  Different Point of View by Kara-a  Colourful Hearts by Kara-a

1. What you need : :D

Bullet; Black a DSLR camera
( maybe Bridge cameras will work too )
Bullet; Black your normal 18-55mm lens or something similar
Bullet; Black a paper with the subject you want to reflect
Bullet; Black a faucet

2. The Setup
I know that it is totally unprofessional, but who cares? It works :D

Img 8584-1 by Kara-a

Img 8726-1 by Kara-a   Img 8725-1 by Kara-a

Img 8629-1 by Kara-a

Bullet; Black just use your bathroom or your kitchen
Bullet; Blackturn the faucet on a little bit, so that there are single drops and no "water column"
Bullet; Black place the paper in the background of the faucet, either right behinde it or laterally, that depends on your preferences and how your faucet is build
Bullet; Black you can either stand, sit or kneel right in front of the sink
Bullet; Black now get as close to the drops as you can ( your camera still has to be able to focus ! )
Bullet; Black focus manually
Bullet; Black if you take photos now it should look similar to the last photo above
( of course you have to get the right timing, but you will get a feeling for that after taking a few photos )

3. The camera settings

Flash : on
Flash Power : - 2/3
Shutter Speed: 1/200 seconds
Aperature : 14-18
Focal Length : 55 mm
ISO : 100

Bullet; Black use a high shutter speed to "freeze" the drops
Bullet; Black the flash has to be on !
Bullet; Black i lower the flash power a little bit, but that's my own preverence and it isn't important
Bullet; Black don't use a too high aperature or the drop with his reflection won't be in focus completely

Img 8665-1 by Kara-a  Img 8707-1 by Kara-a  Img 8722-1 by Kara-a
Aperature : 5,0                                  Aperature : 14,0                                      Aperature : 26

Just look at the sharpness of these 3 photos ( ignore the highered contrast in the middle )
Aperature 5,0 : a lot too blurry
Aperature 14,0 : the whole drop is in focus and sharp, the reflection could be a bit sharper but that's okay
Aperature 26,0 : the drop may be sharp and easy to focus, but the background won't be blurry anymore

4. Some important things

Bullet; Black watch out for your camera, some little splashes on the lens won't hurt it, but of course a lot of water is bad
Bullet; Black take a lot of photo ! there will be some good ones :D
Bullet; Black as a tip, hold your camera vertically, that might sound stupid but if you use your inbuild flash
taking photos horizontally will creat ugly shadows if your faucet is built like mine ( picture 1. )
Bullet; Black subjects where the direction matters have to be upside down
Bullet; Black don't put the paper to far away or the drop will have white areas ( picture 2. )
Bullet; Black don't hold it too close to the faucet either, or shadows will be visible ( picture 3. )
Bullet; Black of course you can use a tripod
Bullet; Black Any questions? Just ask ! :heart:

Img 8727-1 by Kara-a  Colourful by Kara-a  Img 8732-1 by Kara-a

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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I found this candle holder for $7.00 at a junk store. I think it's beautiful

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