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Still Picking Flowers for You

Sat Jul 13, 2013, 9:54 AM

:heart: Here is my first really big feature :heart:
:heart: There is a lot of great art in here so hopefully everyone can find something they like! Enjoy :heart:

*** by Daizy-M

The Photographer by Daizy-M Piggy by Kara-a 2 Minutes Alone by Daizy-M
Time for Miracles by kyokosphotos Chocolate Strawberries Day 202 by escaped-emotions 497 by Nigrita
Afternoon by popoks Girl with Peaches by Daizy-M Incantation by MarsiaMS

The corkscrew by Verdenwelt

Stormborn by incolor16 Dream Ride. by magnesina evening story by Megson
Brought to fantasy by HKoub Vintage by Kezzi-Rose oo.oo.oo by zeenon
Sweet dreams ... by aoao2 Cotton Candy Colours by P0RG pure magic by Megson

Just a Dream by incolor16

red balloon.... by addy-ack Red dreams by Menoevil Candy Crash by Kameolynn
Touch of Red by Sortvind Sparkling in red by LadyCarnal Red by Kameolynn
Fairy tale Wonders by BlackJack0919 red and blue - drop . . .. by light-from-Emirates Candy flowers by juanfox94

love drugs by Orwald

Red Magic by xTive Bright red by ShadowinLight Reminder of Red by nathanieljc
Red And Blazing by ifsantag RED by K-E-I-T Red... by AgataSwat
red by augenweide i see red by xMissTake Red Rose 2007 by Finvara

Untitled by banabicayverin

Red again by Nonatwilight Red. by alina0 Red Beauty by Kara-a
Red Lace by pauline-greefhorst red sun by meyrembulucek Red by notursweetie
Red Drop by girlmarvel Beautiful red by Ambyon ::Crystal Clear:: by onixa

Beauty in red by m-vladimir

red leaves. by simoendli Red riding hood by silvestru Red .... by sametimenxtyr
red passion by Grinch7 Red Summer... by WhiteBook Paint it red by ScorpionEntity
red by zvzmng Red by Jez92 red wind by prismes

Inside Outside by PixyandTacobeans

yellow flower by SvitakovaEva Orange's by YukiHX Orange Rain by dandelion-field
Orange by illusionality The Future is Orange by Kancano Orange Shift by Ales-Coffeez
orange dances by Orwald Little Bubbles by Kara-a DOMO ORANGE by michellis13

fire by michellis13

Orange by Balakov orange by forgottenx dreamy orange by vi-ol-et
orange by IsacGoulart orange. by schelmin Orange by Pamba
frozen orange by Orwald Orange by merwize <da:thumb id="272113440"/>

ORANGE RULES by dejanrushdate

Orange by Nelleke ORANGE STATION by cetrobo Orange by lieveheersbeestje
Yellow flower III by sa-cool Orange. by NurNurIch Yellow by EliseEnchanted
Yellow flower IV by sa-cool yellow by AlicjaRodzik yellow by miezeTatze

Rain of Yellow by poraschaudhary

Yellow by Balakov Orange by EliseEnchanted <da:thumb id="125363894"/>
Yellow Rays by AljoschaThielen Yellow Primrose by CecilyAndreuArtwork yellow lake by veftenie
And it was called yellow by PawelMatys Yellow Wall by sporknfoon YELLOW by MarcosRodriguez

lemonade splash by hayzy

Yellow me by PawelMatys <da:thumb id="348511239"/> Yellow by BlueColoursOfNature
Good Luck by KayHulbert Sweet Dreams by Sarah-BK Constant by KayHulbert
Carry on by lieveheersbeestje Yellow green. by 0paline Summer feelings by lieveheersbeestje

Tatliakove by myusernameistaken2

Green is the colour by Karine-Despeaux red on green by YaraKlaproos green by nakedlady
Green Drop. by NurNurIch A glint in his eye - Red-backed Shrike by Jamie-MacArthur Green by dandelgrosso
The crack of Dawn - Woodchat Shrike by Jamie-MacArthur green snake by XSini First Day's Journey by MariaDeinert

.:: Little ray of sunshine ::. by Whimsical-Dreams

it takes an ocean not to break. by HarlequinFever bII by indojo green leafs by leelloor
The little Mermaid by AnitaAnti Sunworshipper by parallel-pam Sleeping beauty by AnitaAnti
A book by AnitaAnti Cherry tree by AnitaAnti White swing by AnitaAnti

Fast and furious by chaoticfireflies

Falling Down by Dax2610 Sparks by AlvisHamilton L is for Lost Time by Nilanja
welcome home by aimeelikestotakepics <da:thumb id="208964641"/> dream about the freedom. by Yvonnne92
bric-a-brac by SuzyTheButcher Colorfull day by sternenfern hollow herds of molten berms by Phixotography

Games 1 by 1eqinfinity

rabbit by StopScreamGraphy Strawberries. by andokadesbois Booktime by sternenfern
Rain Lights by Kateey Appleseed by P0RG A Silent Cry by WishmasterAlchemist
Bigfoot by BlackJack0919 :milk explosion: by candymax The Chair Project by uglybug

Dreaming summer. by Lileinaya

colors of our life by StopScreamGraphy Paranoia by Julie-de-Waroquier Adding color.. by Lilith1995
uva. by Senju-HiMe Sweden 13 by lonelywolf2 Reality and imagination by jup3nep
the spirit of the forest by beyzayildirim77 <da:thumb id="195147924"/> The interrupted kiss by AmandineVanRay

Cruel Intentions by Amanda-Diaz

Lost by PawelMatys wait until midnight. by simoendli Brooch 12 by yychanson
Green Polar by albertopoloianez green kiwi down by klinter green by huhahohi
Lush Green by WishmasterAlchemist ..:: Blue Bird ::.. by Whimsical-Dreams The blue by JakezDaniel

You Can Look Back... But Can't Go Back by perigunawan

Thinking about going for a dip by Jamie-MacArthur Funny guys. by Vitaly-Sokol The crack of Dawn - Woodchat Shrike by Jamie-MacArthur
726 by Nigrita On the Lookout by MattOodles Cupcakes by YukiHatsuki
heavenly by impatienss Proof of Divinity by clippercarrillo .: New heights :. by VictorianPrincess

Lonely day by Heartz0mbie

the blue room by quadratiges blue by blue-a blue by nayein
Blue Monday by Nelleke Blue by fitusia baby Blue by ninazdesign
into the blue. by Lisa-Schneider blue drop by nomkcalb In blue by claraXY

Tanzen auf Wellen aus Licht by DanielHeydecke

into the blue. by magnesina Old Times by Healzo Purple by x-a-e
shine II. by tjasa Green dreams by 6Artificial6 gorgeous little bug by onixa
Purple by SuzySilence Purple by uglybug In Blue by ShadowinLight

Flowers Trees Plants by Cvet04ek

Purple by Jules1983 Purple Love by Annimouse Purple Sunset by hrvojemihajlic
purple rain by lpdragonfly purple 2 by nomkcalb ... purple by BaxiaArt
Flash of Purple by JeanFan  purple by LuizaLazarPurple. .. by addy-ack

Imagined dreams... by Yvonnne92

purple by UrbanDawn .: moments :. by all17 Autumn bouquet by BlueColoursOfNature
It's not only green by popoks Prelude by deadlychris Bottled Dreams by Sarah-BK
Constant by KayHulbert Photo Love by Blueberryblack Cold Heart by Sarah-BK

Untitled by BlackCocktail

Skin by SimplySilent
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Beauty Feature

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 22, 2013, 1:07 PM
Some of the beautiful works i discovered within the last weeks :heart:
Please :+fav: if you like the journal.
Now enjoy :

Without You Here by MyLifeThroughTheLens

Tarucus balkanicus by lisans   Sping picnic 2 by mitazu08   * by Pete1987

Johanna Sunrise no.3 by JacquelineBarkla

A nanosecond before.... by hoschie   Ready. . . by mitazu08   Pamuk by hoschie

Zero Wind by erezmarom

Common Kestrel I by OrangeRoom   Just give me a reason... by dragonfly-oli   Frosty Brightday Mars Landscape In Arcipelago  by eskile

Elements by mibreit

Water Bubbles by xLindarielx   Snowy III by Fr34kZ  

Fun Time In Our Secret Neverland 2 by perigunawan

I am sailing stormy waters by iNeedChemicalX   Emotion by mo-ten   Pastel Succulent by FauxHead

.:Little Sparrow:. by RHCheng

Fireworks peacock by Jona25   icy beach by mescamesh   RF oren - pic by kamal by kamal87malst3n

Field by MariannaInsomnia

Small Loophole by Roguellgreen   Colorful moment I by Karisca   Img08776 by tigerelune

This world is on Fire! by Trichardsen

Spring talking by JunJun510   Short-Tailed Weasel 3 by Les-Piccolo   Stand out in all the green by lieveheersbeestje

Tit by pepapigo

Soft love by xOronar   They Saw Angels (From a Balance Beam) by goRillA-iNK   Wish Lake by helios-spada

Untitled by lisans

Eternal Sunshine by incolor16     Arctic Symphony by Lupinicious

Leaf-cutting Bee - Megachile albitarsis by ColinHuttonPhoto

afraid of heights by ersatz-moon      winter by hayzy

Cutest animal ever again! by Seb-Photos

Day 10 by cloduy   kropka by szczwanylisek   Water drop on a leaf 1920x1080 by vinumathew

Church From the Frozen Beach by steverankin

Firework by MD-Arts   New Era. by dragonfly-oli   Gluttonous. by andokadesbois

Short-eared Owl Relaxing by ClaudeG

NATUREL DEGRADE by lisans   .:: Spring Time ::. by Whimsical-Dreams   Slurp by Sblourg

Eyes of Fire by erezmarom

This Journal Skin was designed by Night-Beast
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Feature #017 - Best of January 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 31, 2013, 6:47 AM

-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar
Song of Ice by champivet
The kiss of light by emmanueldautriche
frosted mushrooms by michellis13too cold to sit by LarsVanDeGoor
Sligachan Sunrise by pestilence
Gallows Sunrise by Traniel23Shine through the clouds by aoao2A Wash Of Color by kkart
last winter by arbebuk
Morning Sun by BokehLight
Road to Thicket Portage! by JosephTimburyyes by KariLiimatainen
Solace by KrisVlad
Day 11 - Precious by EliseEnchantedInto the blue by Svenimal
Blue Universe by Kara-aMirkwood by AphantopusBelgium - Nature's Frontier by lux69aeterna
Salish Sea treasure by taslishaw
gloomy silence by RonnyEngelmann
The Bay Lights by StevenDavisPhoto
Talisker Bay by TobiasRichterPatience by VerticalDubai
Night Dreamer by FedericoMeuli
The day of raining birds.. by tuminka
Rialto Twilight by LAlightThe Four Horsemen by AquarianPhotography
You're One and Only by LUCILALEYLAinfinito.. by kriakao
Speicherstadt by Matthias-Haker
^V^ by vabserkReflections of Autumn by alexgphoto
I loved these colors ... by MustafaSEZERDuo by simonebyrneWhen you go... by MustafaSEZER
Painting with Light by hateomThe Bay Lights by StevenDavisPhoto
Seagulls by MustafaSEZER
Frozen Morning by Atinaj
Hope by cloduyspring by Fwirll
Winterscape by Pyr0skyCanyon Light by PeterJCoskun
Switzerland by RobinHalioua
Monument Valley, drive-through by alierturkWhite Winter by Goes-Right-ThroughThe Lion's Den by Kendra-Paige
Fairy Path by RobinHaliouaForest Symmetry by DrewHopper
-Secrecy of transformation- by Janek-SedlarPeacock by ADancerInTheDark
Ancient Forest by RobinHalioua
January by incolor16Small, Fragile and Blue by AnnimouseMoonlighting... by RadekDemjan
Hazy mountains by romainjlStarDust. by ZEUS1001
Fly away by ZoranPhoto
Dunstanburgh Castle by TobiasRichterThe clouds are not the same by ElenaHelfrecht
Odi et amo by TwiggyTeeluck
Netherlands 12 by lonelywolf2acceptance by jyoujoliberal arts by jyoujo
I live in a pink pink world by Allerlei
Autumn haze by LukasSowadadirty little secrets by jyoujo
Invincible by MyLifeThroughTheLensHostile take-over by LinRuPhotography
Torridon by TobiasRichter
Vitamin Sea by Oer-WoutCuckmere Bay by TobiasRichter
Twilight by LuizaLazar
Obsessions by NellekeDay 6 - Magic Bubble by EliseEnchanted
Cuckmere Bay by TobiasRichter
littoral by NWunseen
Between two worlds by MikkoLagerstedt
Salt by klapouchBig Ben at Sunset by AlexGutkin
As The Sun Goes Down... by Cluke111
A place in this world by aoao2Times Square by Matthias-HakerLondon Tower Bridge by xMEGALOPOLISx
cold winter by BaxiaArtIn her memory. by incredi
Undiscovered land by m-eralp.13.01.30. by dasTOKBaltic Sea... _18_ by my-shots
Railway station by jericho1405
sLEEPING bETWEEN pISTILS by NENE00Escape by RawPoetry
Gold by feanutriPremiere by woxys
Cute Hamster's 2 by CanchupottericaLu 05 by davesten
Peace by DawnFire84
Time by PerzikhoofdMagical worlds by Dipliner

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Feature #020 - Best of April 2013

Journal Entry: Wed May 1, 2013, 4:54 AM
Fallen Angel by Kara-a
Piled up with water. by dragonfly-oli

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Feature #021 - Best of May 2013

Journal Entry: Fri May 31, 2013, 4:22 AM
Wonderful spring by sternenfern

R is for Reading by Nilanja

Youthful heart by iNeedChemicalX

Sorcerous by IvanAndreevich

I see you by Eltasia

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Note: Due to a Site Update, these symbols are no longer in use. I will keep this article online to remind us of our history, and to allow newer deviants to get a peek at what the site was like in the past.


Every user on deviantART has a certain symbol in front of their name, and their symbol represents what "type" of account they have, or what "role" they play in the community.
In FAQ #106: What are the symbol next to each deviant's username?, you can read who has what symbol, but I don't think that FAQ does a very good job as far as educating people on what the symbols actually mean.
So I hope to be able to write good definitions for the most common user symbols in this article! :)

Symbols available to anybody:

There are four symbols which can be obtained by anyone who has a deviantART account. This doesn't mean you can choose which of these symbols you want to have, but means that it's possible for anybody can to meet the criteria to have the symbol if they desire.

!username - Closed Account
Accounts get an ! before their name under the following circumstances:
:bulletpink: The user voluntarily deactivated their account.
:bulletpink: The user was banned from deviantART by an administrator.

A user may voluntarily deactivate their account for whatever reason they see fit. This may be because they no longer wish to use deviantART, or sometimes it's because they just want to take a more serious break from the site. Once deactivated from this page, a user's page is wiped completely clean. After 48 hours since their deactivation, a user may reactivate their account up to 30 days after they deactivated and continue using the site. Until they reactivate their account, none of their submitted content is easily accessible. Once 30 days has passed since their deactivation, they cannot reactivate their account and all their content is deleted forever. Please note that accounts can't truly be "deleted" - upon deactivation, a user's comments will still remain visible all over the site.

If an administrator sees fit, a deviant's account may also be removed through a ban. This happens when a user doesn't follow the rules of deviantART. A banned user is able to submit a Ban Appeal to the Help Desk if they think their ban was unjustified or if they'd like to try and regain access to their account.

Deactivated and banned users can still log into deviantART and browse the site, mainly so that they can view their purchase history or submit a Ban Appeal. They can't however, make comments or interact with any other users in any way.

~username - Free deviantART Account
A regular user who doesn't have paid access to deviantART will have a ~ displayed next to their username. Anyone is free to set up a new deviantART account. All new accounts start with a ~.

People with free access to deviantART are able to use all the necessary features. They are able to submit deviations, write journals, customise their profile, administrate up to three groups, post in the forums, use the chat, and much more. Free accounts, however, will have advertisements displayed around the site and embedded into their profile pages.

*username - Premium Member
Premium Members pay a small amount of money to subscribe to deviantART - these people will receive extra "premium" features for use. Some of the benefits of Premium Membership are a wider range of profile customisation options, ability to use journal skins, ability to request critique on their deviations, and ability to administrate up to ten groups. Premium Members can also opt into becoming beta testers - which you can read about next. You can read about the full benefits of Premium Membership here.

=username - Official Beta Tester
People with an = beside their name are people who test new features of deviantART before they're released to the public. Beta Testers test the new features and spot any bugs they can find until the feature goes live for everyone. Beta Testers who find bugs can report them to devBUG. Any Premium Member can opt into becoming a Beta Tester at this page.

Symbols not available to anybody:

The next symbols are not available to anybody. It isn't possible to pay money or enable in option in your settings to obtain one of these symbols. As a result, these symbols are a bit more special and reserved, they are not as common as the ones above.

`username - Senior Member
Senior Members are generally members of the community who have a special symbol as a token of their contribution to deviantART and it's community. These people aren't administrators, and they don't have any special features that the rest of the community don't. There isn't really any set criteria for someone to become a Senior Member, but you can read some details here: FAQ #29: How do I become a Senior Member?

People may become Senior Members for the following reasons:
:bulletpink:They were selected by the Director of Community Operations, fourteenthstar, to receive a Senior status.
This is how people most commonly receive Seniority. Quarterly, fourteenthstar selects a group of deviants she thinks deserve to receive Senior Membership. She makes an announcement in her journal on who these new people are. In addition to this, an award called the "Deviousness Award" is given out monthly. This is also selected by fourteenthstar, and the recipient is someone who really stands out in the community and deserves special recognition for their dedication.

:bulletpink: They are a former staff member or Community Volunteer.
You can read more about these people later.

^username - Community Volunteer
Community Volunteers are selected by the Director of Community Relations, Moonbeam13. These people are responsible for special tasks in the community; such as selecting Daily Deviations, moderating the chats and forums, and acting as a bridge between the community and administrators. You can read more on volunteering here: FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on deviantART?
If you feel a certain piece of artwork deserves recognition as a Daily Deviation, you can suggest it to a Community Volunteer. If you come across a forum thread which you feel violates deviantART's rules or the rules of the forums, you can report it to an appropriate Community Volunteer, and they'll review the situation. You can view a full list of Community Volunteers and their assigned roles here.

Some fairly common misconceptions surrounding Community Volunteers is that they can carry out administrative actions such as banning an account. This is not true. Community Volunteers are not staff. They are not responsible for banning accounts, so they're not the correct people to see if someone is harassing you or if you think your friend's ban was unjustified. If you want to report someone, the correct place to do this is at the Help Desk. And now that I've mentioned it.. if your friend gets banned, there is nothing you can do about it. They need to login themselves and submit a Ban Appeal, like I mentioned when I went over banned accounts.

$username - deviantART Employee
People with a $ display next to their username are people who are employed by deviantART. These people come to a physical office and work on deviantART in areas such as advertising, community, development, marketing, and retailing; as their job to earn money. You can view a list of employees and their user accounts here.


I hope this article has provided you with some useful information regarding the user symbols on dA. :) I didn't mention all symbols in this article, just the most commonly found ones.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment on send me a note!

- miontre

Every deviant has a symbol before their username - the most common being ! ~ * + ` ^ and $. Read this article, written as a part of #projecteducate's Community Week, to find out just what those symbols represent.
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Feature #018 - Best of February 2013

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 28, 2013, 8:05 AM
ray is cycling to work by LarsVanDeGoor

Imaginarium by Obsessed-by

-Sacred shivers- by Janek-Sedlar

UNDER WATER by kevinguichard

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We often believe things that are unusual are bad
But usually it's the opposite
Just because it's different
Doesn't mean it's wrong

Just because it's trendy
Doesn't make it right
Just because "oh well everyone else does it"
doesn't make it right

It's up to YOU to decide
It's up to US
To decide what is right and wrong
God already knows what those things are
It's up to Us to figure the puzzle out

So don't point and say
"You're different!"
Don't scowl and say
"You're wrong!"
Open you're arms and say
"You're with me!"
Smile with understanding and say
"That's a good way to look at it"


Otherwise you're going no where in this world
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Color Feature + Thank you !

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 6, 2013, 10:09 AM
Profil - Gallery - Facebook

I got my second Daily Deviation :happybounce:
The 6 months, that have to lie between 2 DDs, just passed and there is already a new one :squee:
To be honest i have photos i like more, but of course i am still really happy !
Thank you lapis-lazuri for suggesting it and Kaz-D for featuring it :huggle:

Different Point of View by Kara-a

Oh and i have exactly 2500 watchers :happybounce:
( and i will do the watchers Feature (… ) next weekend, sorry for being so lazy :saddummy: )
Thank you so much ! This really means much to me :aww:

And now a little color Feature :
( if you do one too you can win 50 points and a feature : Little Feature Contest )
Enjoy :heart:

    Black Tree by Menoevil    Serenity by YOSHIMETAL

Top Of The World by MichaelMagin    Universe by Fra-Emer    Supersonic by MichaelMagin

Stillness V by Jules1983    Hush by incolor16    purple... by BaxiaArt

H u n t e r P i p p a by Anark8    Water Drops 41 by ovidiupop    Taking a stroll by Healzo

Citrus Sunshine by kayaksailor    Reflections of a blossom by Pamba    Signs of Spring by charliesmyangel

...Before You Leave VI... by JoannaRzeznikowska    day 7 by hayzy    Shiny rainbow ... by aoao2

Phoenix of Autumn by Teakster    Colorwaves by Fra-Emer    Ephemeral by ScorpionEntity

Smokey rose.. . by addy-ack    Mosque II by IsacGoulart    sweet flower times by kyokosphotos

Let it snow.. by ShadowinLight    Thinking Of You by incolor16    World Of Sleepers by MaaykeKlaver

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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Feature #016 - Photography III

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 9, 2013, 5:40 AM

Olivia told me that I should create more features, so I made one for her. :heart:

10.52 - Fragile. by dragonfly-oli
12.52 - Bathing in vividness. by dragonfly-oli

when i need you the most by Shadows-in-Twilight
morning after by i-see-facesGlow of an incoming wave by isotophoto
Sligachan Sunrise by pestilence
day 12 by hayzyOur Last Day As Chlidren by MissHooligan2To my Wonderland by Silvermoonswan
Chocobo by FurImmerUndEwig
Those Winter Blues by AnnimouseDreams come true by LolaArtlandEvergreen by Burning-Liquid
The Thrill by IsacGoulart
twist black II by AnimalerrantElectric Tsunami II by FramedByNatureLook Away by IvanAndreevich
Evening over Cologne by ChrisK-photo
Raafs Beach Sunrise by DanielleMinerFire Bloom by Draken413opeaceful balance by arbebuk
Hong Kong by alierturk
Point of intimacy by AnnaKirstenSisters by MariKummerHawaii, powering by alierturk

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