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Nothing shown brighter than the moon that night. Werewolves howled loudly, their noise echoing throughout the forest and graveyard.
Dracula stood outside by the pool, his head rested on his hands and eyes pinpointed towards the mountains ahead. He turned around as he heard the loud ruckus. He sighed, knowing that he needed to go inside before all of his Hotel T. residents woke up and began to swarm every inch of the castle-like refuge.
Summoning all of his speed, Drac dashed through the door, making a sharp turn around the pool and dashed down the hotel halls, rolling his eyes at the many shrunken heads that dangled on the doorknobs of the room doors. After about a minute or so, he finally reached his room, stopping at a halt. He hesitated before opening his door, but he shuts his eyes and took a deep breath before opening it, dashing inside, then closing it, all of this done in under a second.

All was quiet... besides the sound of the Count's breathing. He slowly turned around, and stared up at the large, maroon-coloured curtain by his coffin. Without taking his eyes off of it, Drac slowly approached it, reaching out with one of his long arms and gently pulling the curtain away, revealing the beautiful face of his deceased wife, Martha.
Drac put his arm down and stepped back a little, admiring the portrait. He felt his hands begin to shake with emotion, shutting his eyes tight and hanging his head down, the collar of his cape hiding his head from anyone who might have entered.

"I... I tried, Martha..." he mumbled in the silence, clenching his fists. "I was just- Trying to protect... our little girl..." His eyes shot open and he looked up into the face of Martha's portrait, his eyes wide and shining with emotion. "Was it... the right thing to do..? After all- You do only zing once..." Slowly, he reached up his hand and ran his long fingertips along the painting, almost in a longing manner. The image of his daughter and the human Jonathan appeared in his mind, remembering the moment when they went to kiss, and he shut his eyes again and made his hand into a fist, gently and slowly sliding it down the portrait in grief. "Our Mavis has grown up... I'm just- Not sure if I can let her go just yet..."

Drac suddenly turned around, hearing the first couple alarms go off in his residents' rooms, so he quickly pulled the curtain back over his wife's picture and rushed for the door, about to open it when he turned back around to glance at it. He smiled, tiny fangs showing, and rushed out of the room, closing the door (And locking it) behind him, running like lightning into the main lobby.
At this point, he knew that it was time to let go. Mavis wasn't so much of his "little girl" anymore; she was all grown up, ready to explore the world like she truly wanted to. She trusted Jonathan with her whole life...

...And a father cannot argue with that logic. He just gets too overprotective~

Hotel Transylvania was amazing.
I loved it SO MUCH, I HAD to make some fanart.
And you barely see me draw fanart for movies eue

Dracula is my favourite character from the movie- He's your typical loving father, who tries to prove his love for his daughter and ends up making everything worse, but makes everything up in the end.

I'm truly a DraculaXMartha shipper, I think they're so amazing together ;w; <3 I honestly don't think that you could find a better pairing in a movie, but hey, that's just me XD

Yes yes, I know, the shading sucks 8I Don't judge me on that please.


Hotel Transylvania (c) Sony Animation Pictures

Do NOT steal!
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'Arthur stared at the eyes he had always known to be a deep blue. This new colour looked as though someone had taken the sun out of the sky and replaced the oceans in Merlin's eyes with it. A sheen of molten gold that radiated power with such profound subtlety that they had Arthur's knees twitching to drop into a bow.

"...Arthur?" Merlin's voice wobbed, contrasting harshly with the force of his eyes.

A smile pulled at Arthur's mouth. Although this new colour shocked him... there was something natural about them. Even as he looked at them now, they looked like they were simply reflecting specks of light like crushed diamonds rather than glowing eerily.

"You've got golden eyes" He stated with a small giggle. He would curse himself later for sounding so dumb.

Merlin flushed "All Drax do"

"They used to be blue" Arthur pointed out, thinking back to all the times Merlin's blue orbs had lit up mischievously.

"That was a glamour, Arthur- how would Camelot's people have reacted if a Drac came wandering in with gold eyes?" There was a spark of amusement in Merlin's voice as those incredible eyes rolled playfully.

Arthur frowned at Merlin's jibe. His hand that had been clutching the table tightly for support slackened. It lifted ifself and swatted Merlin upside the head.

"Shut up, Mer~lin!"


Arthur grew up knowing nothing of a humanoid magical race called the Drax (singular is Drac): Dragons in Human form, because of his father's Purge.
After crowning, Arthur recieves news that Morgana is forming an army and is seeking the aid of the Drac people.
From Gaius, Arthur learns about the Drac race and how they are a formidable ally and a dangerous enemy. In order to stop them from forming an alliance with Morgana, Arthur must meet with the Twelve Drac Kings and try to reason with them all while ignoring his own prejudices drilled into him since birth.

Little does he know that one of those Kings is recently (think series 2-3 area) crowned after his father's death at the hands of Cendred's men, and that that King is his own manservant- Merlin.

So, a little AU there for you since I'm spinning various AU ideas around xD

Basically the Dragonlords don't exist, instead a race called the Drax, or Drac for singular, are the spiritual brothers to Dragons.
Drac/Drax are somewhere between Men (Humans) and Dragons. They all have golden eyes like Dragons but look otherwise like Men.

There is also no such thing as a female Drac. Drax are entirely male and mate with humans or fae- it makes very little difference, if the child is female she is the same species as her mother but if the child is male he is a Drac like his father.

There are Twelve Kingdoms of Drac:
Æledléoman (Fire)
Hrúsan (Soil/Earth)
Wuduweald (Forest)
Lagufæsten (Ocean)
Dúnsæte (Mountains)
Lyffc (Air)
Friþcandel (Sun)
Mónaþfylen (Moon)

They all can be distinguished by appearance. Our Merlin is the King of the Mónaþfylen Drax or in simpler terms, the Moon King. Moon Drax have pitch black hair like the night sky and pale skin like the moon.

It is Arthur's destiny to govern the non-magical side of Albion while it is Merlin's destiny to govern the magical side. Only by working together will Albion be truly united. Two Sides of the Same Coin and all that.

Arthur is the High King of Albion. The Once of Future King.
Merlin is the Héah Bregu of Albion (Héah Bregu means High King in Old English). The Immortal One.

Merlin and Arthur belong to the legends, BBC and Colin Morgan and Bradley James respectively.
Concept is mine x x
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Edited: Jeremy de Jesus
Torchwood typography season 2 episode 2.
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This was a result of the beginning of school when I was thinking of a certain person who broke my heart, as you might remember from my thousands of obnoxiously indulgent comics/pictures. Poor Ino, I always take my emotions out on you.

I remembered seeing an AMV with this song as the theme for SasuIno, but I changed it at the last minute. It just didn't fit...

P.S. I SWEAR I did not mean to upload so many song-inspired pieces.

Yamanaka Ino © Masashi Kishimoto
"T-shirt" © Shontelle

Made using graphite and Prismacolor markers
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As you see, the World Expo 2010 is coming next summer, in Shanghai, China.
I wanna go over the summer and I recommend you go there cuz there's a lot of crazy buildings from all around the world you should check out!

References to the actual pavilions:
China's Pavillion [link]
Finland's Pavilion [link]
Italy's Pavilion in this picture is NOT the official. The real thing looks completely different [link]
Russia's Pavilion I got from this [link]
Britain's Pavilion [link]
Canada's Pavillion [link]

Should be doing my assignment but while in the middle of it I got distracted by this idea DX
But regardless, enjoy the comic! (:

Axis Powers Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
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Music of the Piece: [link]

The evening set in across the plain. Rays of sun now slipping away as the clouds began to sweep across the sky, roars of thunder heard in the distance. I'll be waiting for you. The words, spoken without hesitation, now imprinted into the wind of the open field. It was time to go. Droplets of cold water began to descend from the sky, now battered against the stretched fabric of the umbrella. He pulled the ebony haired woman in close, her fingers grasped at the loose hangings of his jacket. Warmth still radiating from her cheeks through the icy wind. They reenter the forest, following an old trail, now cover with leaves and branches that crunched under their feet as they moved along.

A shallow outline of a person appeared off the edge of the worn path, slowly fading into recognition. The girl, sixteen at present, peered off into the distance of the forest, lingering slightly as the leaves of the trees danced behind her. She was unaffected by the rain, as it pierced through the dark umbrella she held, not a single rivulet of water strained upon its surface. The figure looks over at the shivering woman in his grasp. A familiar smirk painting its way across her ghostly face. She nods once, her eyes meeting his in a sign of approval, before fading away into the fog.

This was my submission into :icongamingloveinterests: "Caught In The Rain" Contest.

As always, enjoy. :)

Miranda Lawson by o0Crofty0o (Textures by JeanLuc [link], edited to remove white shirt)
Shepard (N7 Hoodie) by Me
Umbrella by Decan
Name Redacted by Me (Pieces from FemShep and TheRaiderInside's Leo (retextured))
Background by KB-Fotografie (found through Google)
Reference to Miranda's EC Romance Slide [link]
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She chose to walk alone.
Though others wondered why.
Refused to look before her,
Kept eyes cast upwards,
Towards the sky.

She didn't have companions.
No need for earthly things.
Only wanted freedom,
From what she felt were puppet strings.

She longed to be a bird.
That she might fly away.
She pitied every blade of grass
For planted they would stay.

She longed to be a flame.
That brightly danced alone.
Felt jealous of the steam
That made the air its only home.

Some say she wished too hard.
Some say she wished too long.
But we awoke one autumn day
To find that she was gone.

The trees, they say, stood witness.
The sky refused to tell.
But someone who had seen it
Said the story played out well.

She spread her arms out wide.
Breathed in the break of dawn.
She just let go of all she held...

And then she was gone.

And She Was Gone from As Told By Ginger

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I really like her design a lot, but her dungeon was just :/

Estia belongs to :icongumiasiaofficial:
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Little Starly was quite sassy, a touch too stern, and very proud. He was clearly Ra, named for the Egyptian God of the Sun. His Trainer was delighted, however she decided that he was in of need a Bast. Therefore they went on a journey, searching for the perfect little Shinx.

Countless Shinx, all level three, were fought and easily defeated; Ra seemed to be quite prone to critical hits. His Trainer grew worried that they would never find a proper Bast for her dear Ra. Then the grasses parted, and out pounced a beautiful female Shinx. An epic battle ensued...where the energetic level four Shinx promptly proceeded to beat the startled level eight Starly quite impressively.

Ra gave a weary sigh - with he holding only three hit points let, and the Shinx just barely in the red...he knew they only had one chance; his Trainer threw the pokeball, and was delighted when it easily captured the purring Shinx. Her personality was Naughty, which suited a Bast just fine, and she continued to hold a fascination for Ra. It truly was perfect. And thus began the wonderful relationship of Ra and Bast.

TRUE STORY!!! I'm enjoying Diamond a lot! You should see these two in a double battle. They kick butt!! :heart:

Pokemons © Pokemon peoples.
Artwork © me!!
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*hysterical laughter in background*
Hiccup: “I can’t believe I even made a bet with Frost bite!”
Merida: “I unno, Hiccup, ye kinda cute as eh draggun!”
Hiccup: “…”

So many, *splutter* feelz. I bet Rapunzel made the costumes too!

Find me on


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